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(generated from captions) sure many are pleased to know it is resolved. Thank you prch your time. Thank you. -- thank you for your time. A provocative speech Malcolm Turnbull given by Liberal frontbencher is still causing waves this morning. expressed his disappointment The former Opposition leader of Australian politics, at the current state and dishonesty. saying it rewards spin a financial deficit, It seems to me, we don't simply have we have a deficit of trust. his own side Mr Turnbull also criticised over its tactics in Question Time, asylum seekers and the carbon tax. saying there is too much focus on from our Big Guns of Politics - Let's get some reaction now and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Environment Minister Tony Burke Good morning. been disloyal? Joe, has Malcolm Turnbull No. I read the speech. He showed it it to Tony Abbott before he gave it. Anyone who has actually read the speech knows it is heavily laden with criticism of the other mob and praising us for holding the line on a range of different issues. What he was saying is let's go to the British system of having the Prime Minister turn up to one question time a week. I don't think it works in Australia. There OK, what do you think, Tony? Do you think itual work? The Prime Minister only turn up to one session and more ministers used to answer questions? In the first place, I don't think it matters what the structure is, the quat of what is asked will drive the tone of question time. It should be answer time, not question. It is not the question, it is the answer. You don't even know if you can get answers. We answers. We only going ghost for the slings, mate. You perform. (laughs) The actual system that is being slings, mate. You perform. (laughs).

proposed was tried in Australia in the final years of the does he telling government and the argument because -- Keating government and the Prime Minister said he only

works part time. It does work in Britain, but having tried it once, I don't think Australia will go there. Moving on, into the spotlight, Kevin Rudd has stepped back the public sector union fight joining job cuts. against the Queensland Government's to link Tony Abbott Tony, is this about trying to Premier Newman's cuts? Absolutely. That's a link a whole lot of us have been making. So there is no shifting from that. There has been a story of how Campbell Newman has operated that we think Tony Abbott is a very close fit on. No fudging on that, absolutely. Joe, that's pretty reasonable? Well, it is reasonable because the Labor Party in Queensland wracked up $ Party in Queensland wracked up $100 billion in debt. Campbell Newman is showing incredible courage to try to fix up a State Government that has been in complete chaos, an absolute mess in the term of Labor. Campbell is showing the courage and doing the right thing by the people of Queensland that gets it back on the rails. It is a great state and deserves better. A massive number of families without a life line. That is just not right. That many people don't have a livelihood. Julia Gillard said he sacked 26,000 people, in fact, it has been reduced by 4,000 so far. That's still... 4,000. 22,000. Total? Yes, 4,000. it is a spin coming from it is a spin coming from lair. They 4,000. 22,000. Total? Yes, 4,000. So create the debt and -- from lair. They create the -- Labor. They create the debt and problems. We've been talking this morning to punish parents about the radical proposal if their kids are clumsy. up too often at the emergency ward Mums and dads of children who show with child neglect could be accused even if the injuries are minor. Joe, is that a bit harsh? It's ridiculous. 2 it is looks to me, just another bit of the nanny state. I think it is just, put a helmet on the kids, put shin pads on them, they'll be fine. Let them run around. You tried that? I want to be able to climb a tree and muck around. You tried that? I want kid around without thinking they will end up in court. It is way over the top. Way over the top. So the federal government has instituted family studies. Are we going too far? Getting caught up in issues? Surely the current system is working? I don't mind studies coming out and throwing around ideas, but ultimately let kids have a childhood and muck around. Hear, hear, let