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Live. Schools across the

country set to get a new

funding model. What we're

promising to do is to continue

the substantial reforms to put

education right at the centre

of our national endeavour. The the Federal Government launches

its campaign to stop boat arrivals. ADVERTISEMENT: This

includes people who arrive

alone, family and children.

Australia by boat? There is no

advantage. A street race

becomes a demolition derby in

Melbourne Speeds at 200km an ho

Uhr in a residential area. If

that continues, that is

ridiculous for this kind of

era. And it didn't take long

for the same thing to happen at

the Belgian Grand Prix. I felt

like a train coming - a big,

big hit. Hello and welcome to

ABC News across Australia. I'm

Ros Childs. Weak data from

China manufacturing is weighing

on the local share market:

More finance later in the bulletin. Julia Gillard will

tell Australians to smart enup

as part of her overhaul of

school funding. By 2025, the

Prime Minister wants Australia

to be among the world's leading

nations in reading, maths and

science. More immediate

questions like where the money

will come from are yet to be answered. The Prime Minister

sent her school Education

Minister out with a message:

Better schools by 2025. But she

will be fielding the key

questions of who pays and how much. I'm not going to

second-guess what the Prime

Minister will say today.

I'm sure you know what she

will say, Peter Garrett I will

leave the Prime Minister to

make her remarks when she

speaks at the Press Club. Six

months on from their release of the Gonski Review on school

funding, Julia Gillard is about

to tell the nation she wants

Australia to be in the top five

school systems by 2025. She

will introduce legislation by

the end of the year to enshrine

the promise Let's focus our investments as we've already

begun to do on the things that

we know make a difference.

Let's support those teachers

and students to rise to their

level of capacity. The money

needed will start flowing by

2014 but won't be implemented

until another good five years

after that Clearly we would

have preferred the time-frame

significant moment in the to be shorter but it is a very

history of schools funding. In

2009 dollars Gonski estimated

his plan would cost $5 billion.

Peter Garrett says the job to

get the states to chip in

starts in earns now We will

continue to have good, in-faith

constructive discussions with

the states and territories

because that's the place where

this to be worked through. A task the Government knows won't

be easy. The President of the

New South Wales Teachers

Federation Maurie Mulheron has

welcomed action on the Gonski

Review but says it's time now

to back promises with a much

needed cash injection. Well, it

is an historic day and they will need to commit the

funding. We've had a flawed

funding model to date and of

course Gonski recognised that

the public school system

throughout Australia has been

doing the heavy lifting for too

long without the proper

resources. Obviously we would

agree with the gopb squi

recommendation that the bulk of

the money should go to the

system that educates the bulk

of students. But how should the

Government determine which

schools get most? Because there

have been some concerns about

using NAPLAN results as a

guide. Would you have worries

over that? I think there are

other indicators that can be

used. I think we've got enough

data to know where the disadvantaged communities are,

where the greatest needs are.

We know, for instance, that

there is a huge gap between

those advantaged students and

disadvantaged students and it's

in those communities in the

disadvantaged areas that need

the bulk of funding. The good

thing about gopbcy is that it

is a genuine needs-based

funding model. The Government

says that every disadvantaged

child will see an improvement.

That's a big claim. It's a big

claim, but one as a nation that

we must rise up and try to

meet. Australia underfunds its

education systems. It's below

the OECD average, but in terms

of results, we punch above our

weight, we are above our

average, so the teachers are

doing their lot in educating

our children, but could you

imagine what they can do if

they were given the adequate

resources that have been denied

to them for so long? What about

private schools, though - the

Government says they won't miss

out - how should they fit into

the mix? I think Gonski said no

schools should lose a dollar

and that's within the original

terms of reference and so

that's the case. The bulk of

children in disadvantaged

areas, as well as in the

disadvantaged areas of the big

cities, the bulk of students in

Australia go to public schools

and they therefore need the

bulk of funding. Maurie Mulheron, thank you Thank

you. Police are looking for a car involved in a high-speed

street race along a suburban

Melbourne road that resulted in

a multivehicle collision.

Witnesses told police two cars

were racing at speeds up to

200km an our in as cot vale

last night. One of the cars

collided with a turning vehicle

and rolled several times,

crashing into five more parked

cars. We have partial details

of the other vehicle involved

and we would certainly

encourage the driver of that

vehicle to hand himself into

police and make himself known.

Just noise. We got up and we've

just ran to where the noise is

and that's where it was, out

the front here. A number of

people were taken to hospital

with non-life-threatening

injuries. The Defence Minister

Stephen Smith has rejected a

claim by Afghan President Hamid

Karzai that an operation that

claimed the lives of two Afghan

soldiers was not authorised.

Hamid Karzai claims Australian

soldiers acted unilaterally

when they killed the men during

a search for the rogue soldier

who shot dead three Australian

troops last week. We're

disappointed that there is a

misunderstanding, but I don't

put it any higher than that.

From time to time there are

misunderstandings about

operations, but we have made

our view to the palace

crystal-clear, but regrettably

from time to time there are misunderstandings. We're

disappointed by that, but we

are absolutely of the view that

the facts, as I have outlined

them, is a correct account of

the facts, a correct analysis,

and that account is shared by the International Security Assistance Force

leadership. The Government is

launching a video blitz aimed

at discouraging asylum seekers

from boards boats bound for

Australia. It follows

agreements to re-open Manus

Island and Nauru. The 45 second

clip will be distributed on DVD

and is on YouTube. It says

there is no benefit in making a

dangerous journey.

No advantage. Boat arrivals

will not be able to sponsor

family to come to Australia

through the humanitarian

program. The official video and

print campaign will start

tomorrow in seven languages. It will target immigrant

communities in Australia and

overseas. The Governor-General

Quentin Bryce has made an

emotional visit to a Syrian

refugee camp in Jordan. Tens of

thousands of people aweek are

now fleeing Syria's civil war.

Large numbers of children are

among them and Ms Bryce was

moved to tears after talking

with women about their quest

for safety. Middle East

correspondent Matt Brown

reports from Zaatari camp. The

Zaatari camp near Jordan's

border with Syria is a dusty,

wind-blown refuge which offers

an insight into the civil war.

The numbers here tell a story

of increasing attacks on

civilians. The camp's

population has grown in just a

month to 25,000. Half of them

are children and 5,000 are less

than 4 years old. When the

Governor-General arrived, she

was told about families who

have suffered repeated attacks

and she cast the spotlight on

the plight of women and

children. I think it's

enormously distressing for all

of us to reflect on the huge

numbers of little children who

are here, increasingly hundreds

every day who are under foot,

just tiny little children whose

health is very vulnerable in

this dust. Blies Bryce heard

from mothers, including this

woman who is simply desperate

for their children to be safe. TRANSLATION: We tonight take it

anymore. We ran away with our

kids. Our children were getting

killed in the street. This

cannot continue. After

listening to their stories, Ms

Bryce found it impossible to

fight back the tears. The

mothers are and the

grandmothers and the aunties,

they are absolutely exhausted,

they've been through enormous

stresses for such a long

time. As the crisis in Syria

deepens, the refugees are

flooding in to neighbouring

countries, and the cost is

going through the roof. Just a

week ago, the UN refugee agency

and the Jordanian Government

said they would need $429

million to run this camp. By

Friday, their estimate had

climbed to $700 million.

Zaatari camp is being expanded

to house another 55,000 people,

and at this rate it will fill

up fast. In Pakistan, there has

been a new twist in the case of

a teenage girl with learning

difficulties accused of

blasphemy. A Muslim cleric has

been arrested after allegations

he planted pages from the Koran

inside a bag containing burnt

papers taken from the

14-year-old Christian. Efforts

are now under way to secure her

release. Blindfolded and

thronged by police, the imam

was brought to court. An

accuser now himself the

accused. His deputy claims he

planted pages of the Koran

among burnt papers said to have

been carrieded by the girl.

Witnesses claim he said, "This

was how to get Christians out

of the area." Now he, too, is

accused of blasphemy , for

desecrating pages of the Koran.

the imam is now being rushed

away. Rimsha supporters are

hoping that this arrest will be

crucial. They believe that the

case against her could now collapse completely. At the

very least, they hope she will

be released on bail. They

insist she should never have

been in prison in the first

place. Just two days ago,

Rimsha herself was brugt to

court, hidden under a sheet.

Doctors say she is just 14 with

a lower mental age. Her family

say she has struggled with learning difficulties all her

life and is now completely

traumatised. And the trauma

extends to other members of Pakistan's small rish Shan

community. They have been

praying for Rimsha and for

themselves, worrying who might

be next. It is very, very sad,

very depressing situation that

suddenly these people are

accused and you being the

separate of the sheep, you

know. Sometimes you feel - I

feel helpless. But their

prayers might be answered.

There is increasing hope that

Rimsha will be freed, though

there are real concerns for her

safety. Democrats are gathering

in North Carolina for their

National Convention this week,

but it may not be the

vote-booster they were hoping

for. A poor economy and planned

protests could Lewin their

ambitions. North America

correspondent Lisa Millar

reports from Charlotte in North

Carolina. When Democrats chose North Carolina for their

convention, they were hoping to

point to an economic success

story, but employment is above

the national average and the

State is struggling. I'm a

victim. Where I live, six

people in my neighbourhood

ended up out of work. It is a

swing state that Barack Obama

will find it hard to hang

onto. I think they're not going

to get any more votes in North

Carolina from having the

convention in Charlotte than if

they had it in Nashville, but

I'm sure somebody had a grand

idea why it would help. With

the polls pointing to a tight

race, the President is dashing

through three other

battleground states before

arriving in North Carolina.

Trying to blunt any momentum

Republicans got from their

convention. We've got more

doors of opportunity than we

have to open for - that we have

to open for every single person

who is willing to work hard and

walk flew them. That's why I'm

asking for a second term. If he

counting on a warm welcome in

Charlotte, he might be

disappointed with protesters

targeting the convention. There

are dozens of groups involved

here but they are united in one

thing - their disdain of both

Republicans and

Democrats. There is really no

choice between Romney and

Obama. Their anger was

unmistakable, but their numbers

were far lower than the 10,000

organisers are hoped for. There

is further evidence of a

weakening economy with the

latest retail and jobs data.

Retail sales have rorded and

unexpected fall after two

months of strong gains. The

latest bur Bauer bur data shows

a drop in July of 0.8% in seasonally adjusted terms. The

result was largely due to department stores where

spending was down 10% for the

month. And the number of job ads has fallen for the fifth

month in a row. The latest ANZ

survey shows positions

advertised online or in

newspapers fell 2.3% in August

and that compares with a July

figure of 0.8%. The bank has

blamed the result on a falling

business and consumer

confidence. One measure has

inflation at its highest level

in nearly year and a half. The

TD Securities-Melbourne

Institute gauge found inflation

rose 0.6% to a new annual rate

of 2.2%. Sp The Queensland

Government says it's facing a

multibill dollar bill to

replace computer systems across

the public sector. The

information Technology Minister

says interim findings from an

audit shows the technology is

out of date. The cost is on top

of the $1 billion needed for

the Government's bundled

payroll system. The Government

says the system left by its

predecessor is a dog's

breakfast We can't afford to

replace what is coming up for

renewal, so we will be going

out to the market looking for

solutions from the market

because we cannot afford what

the Government has left us

with. The Government says it's

already saving up to $40,000 an

hour by dispensing with almost

400 IT contractors who weren't achieving any real

results. Let's take a check of

the markets with Steven

Daghlian from CommSec. The

markets losing some ground in

early trade. What do we

see You're exactly right. The

market is down but only

modestly at the moment. The All

Ords down by a tenth of a percent. Just about an hour

ago, things were a bit worse,

off ass ach as 0.6% and this is

despite the Jackson Hole

symposium taking place last

week with Ben Bernanke keeping

the door open for further

stimulus, but on Thursday, in

China the manufacturing sector

continuing to pull back. We

actually saw it pulling back

for the first time in 9 months.

This is quite negative for

Australia. A number of large

companies also have gone

ex-dividend today which

essentially means if you purchase shares in this company

today onwards, you won't

receive that next dividend.

Some of the biggest companies

including BHP, AMP, QR

National, Seven West and

WorleyParsons, so putting downward pressure on the rest

of the market. The gold

producers dooing quite well.

Newcrest up 2.6%. Plenty of

economic news out locally this

week. You've already mentioned

retail sales. What are some of

the high lights. The beginning

of a Newmont tends to be a

of a Newmont tends to be a very

exciting time for economists.

Job ads also disappointed and

the job ads are important, too,

because they give us an idea of

the health potentially a number

of months down the track of the

jobs market so that was quite

disappointing. Tomorrow will be

important, too. The Reserve Bank's interest rates decision

released and the market is only

expecting about a 10-15% chance

of a rate cut tomorrow. So more

likely than not that rates will

remain on hold for the time

being with the RBA being in

wait-and-see mote. A lot of

uncertainties in Europe and US

still waiting to unfold and on

Thursday, the latest jobs

report out so that will also be

quite key. Steven, thank

you. Global markets will be

looking to the European Central

Bank this week for hints of

further stimulus measures.

In the United States, summer

is over and it's not just the

temperature that's taking a

tumble. On prom night in ibd

yab nah, celebrations - on prom

night in Indiana, celebrations

turned to chaos. Fortunately

they escaped with just a few

bumps and bruises, but they're

not alone. A dodgy deck sent

this birthday party

pear-shaped, and this

demonstration using dummies

shows how decks can crash ib

wards, crushing people between

the rubble and the building.

Experts say strs over 15 years

old should be inspected. In

Russia, the impact of the now

notorious Pussy Riot trial is

being felt by the country's

Orthodox Church. The case has

drawn attention to the Church's

political links with the

Kremlin and it's been too much

for one ordained decon. He has

told the ABC the trial has

inspired him to leave the

Church and face the consequences. Moscow

correspondent Norman Hermant

reports from Tambov in

Russia. In Tambov, like all

over this country, the Russian

Orthodox Church and the

Government are almost one, so

what Sergey Baranov barn did

here after the Pussy Riot made

headlines. He left the Church

telling the world why on his FaceBook page

TRANSLATION: It was the very

last straw when I realised that

concepts such as mercy and

forgiveness had been shredded

to pieces. He also condemns

church scandals such as

numerous fatal accidents

involving priests in luxury

cars and a $30,000 watch photo

shopped off the church patriarch's wrist except for

the reflection on the table. It

all feed feeds the growing

unease says this sociologist

over the deepening ties between

the Church and Vladimir

Putin The Church is now losing

ground because they went too

far. They came too close to the

state, game too corrupt, became

too rich, too wealthy. Sergey Baranov says the Pussy Riot

verdict proved the Church

leadership and the Kremlin are

now one and the same.


Church-state merger is such

that is causes not only mistrust amongst the people,

but the people think very

negatively about it. Despite a

smear campaign and harassment,

Sergey Baranov says he is

determined to rebuild his life.

It won't be easy in a country

where the influence of the

Russian Orthodox Church is

everywhere. Let's have a quick

look at other stories making

news around the world. In China, workers have started

repairing a section of the

Great Wall that collapsed last

month after a torrential

downpour. The wall had been

restored 16 years ago, but a

limited drainage system led to

its collapse when a quarter of

the year's usual rainfall fell

in just a few weeks. 16 pilot

whales have died during a mass

stranding off the coast of Scotland. Rescuers went to the

aid of the rest of the pod

which became caught on a rocky

headland, returning some of

them to the sea. And the

Reverend Sun Myung Moon who

turned South Korea yaes

unification church into a worldwide movement has died at

the age of 92. The Church

gained fame and notoriety in

the '70s and '80s, by staging

mass weddings of thousands of

followers whom Moon matched up

in a bid to build a

multicultural religious

world. The medal rush has

continued for Australia at the

Paralympic Games in London.

It's locked into a battle with

Britain in second place behind

China. The highlight on Day 4

of the competition came at the

swimming pool where Matt

Cowdrey won his 10th gold

medal, equalling runner Tim

Sullivan's all-time Paralympic

record. John Hayes Bell

reports. Matt Cowdrey is

recognised for his individual

feats. He was happy his 10th

Paralympic gold medal came in a

team event Mate, this one is

sweet, special tonight, it

really is. Australia's 4 by

100m freestyle mixed points

classification team was given

an explosive start by Andrew

Pasterfield. The second and

third swimmers Matt Levy and

Blake Cochrane kept Australia

well placed but Cowdrey had

some wok to do to guarantee

gold. He powered home.

Jacqueline Freney added to the

gold tally with her third in as

many events taking out the

women's 200m SM7 individual

medley in world record

time This has been a domination

by Jacqueline Freney. At the

stadium, world champion Kelly

Cartwright celebrated gold in

her long jump class. After

losing a leg to cancer,

Cartwright has competed since

2007. I'm just so happy. I'm so

glad I could do it for all the

people who helped to get me

here. The men's T 54, 5,000m

wheelchair final featured the

latest instalment of a rivalry

between Kurt Fearnley and

Britain's David Weir Put myself

in a really good space, but

just didn't have it to match

him today. There was an

outburst by South Africa's Oscar Pistorius after the

double amputee was beaten into

silver in the 200m. In a

boilover, Pistorius was

overtaken by Brazil's Alan

Oliveira. Oliveira will run

past Pistorius and beat Oscar.

What an upset. The South

African questioned the size of

the carbon blades worn by the

winner. On the court, the

Rollers won 45-49 over the US.

The women's team the Gliders

poftd a win against the Netherlands. Australia's Sports

Minister Kate Lundy has made

got on a bet by rowing the

length ever the Olympic course.

The minister had lost a wager

with her British counterpart

when the hosts outshone

Australia at the Olympics.

Samantha Stosur is through to

the quarterfinals of the US

Open after a win over Britain's

Laura Robson. Lleyton Hewitt's

run came to an end, but he put

up a fight against David

Ferrer. On ser ter court, men's

No. 2 seed and defending

champion Novak Djokovic was

victorious over Julien

Benneteau. Stosur is the

defending women's Chan and

started well against her

18-year-old opponent, but the

Australian failed to convert no

less than 9 match points. Stosur eventually got the job

done and is still yet to drop a

set in her first four matches

of the tournament. She does

it!. Samantha Stosur is into

the quarterfinals of the US

Open. There were a few crucial

points where she hit a double

fault or made unforced errors

which kept me in a few games,

but she is good. But so far, so

good. Women's No. 1 Victoria

Azarenka looms as Stosur's

quarterfinal opponent. It will

be a race best remembered for a

dramatic pile-up on the very

first corner. Norm la one

Championship leader Fernando

Alonso narrowly missed serious

injury in the accident in the

Belgian grand bring. Britain's

Jenson Button was ahead of the

chaos and took out the

event. Spas has a history of notorious accidents usually in

wet conditions, but with

sunshine bathing the track, few

could have pre dited

this. Hamilton. Alonso is out.

Hamilton is out!. After a

five-week summer break, Romain

Grosjean's enthusiasm to get

ahead in his Lotus saw him push

Hamilton wide with spectacular

and almost dire consequences.

Championship leader Fernando

Alonso department realise just

how close he came to disaster

until he watched replays. I

felt like a train coming, big,

big hit and looking at the

image, we were turning, so you

could have a problem in your

heart or even in your head

because the car was so close. I

think we broke everything on

top of the car, so it was lucky

on that aspect. Starting on

poll for the first time in

three years allowed Jenson

Button to steer clear of any

drama. Poor pit stops let them

down this season, but this one

equalled the record for the fastest. That kept him away

from Sebastien Vettel who

fought his way up from 10th to

finish 2nd, but his first win

since the opening race of the

season puts him back in the

race for the world title. To

the weather. Cloud building

over south-west WA, cloud

crossing southern South

Australia with a weak trough.

Cloud over Tasmania isn't

generating any rain and mostly

clear skies elsewhere. A high

will bring mostly sunny

conditions to New South Wales,

Queensland and Victoria. The

strong cold front and trough

will generate showers and

storms across southern WA and

South Australia. Warm

north-westerly winds ahead of

the trough will flow into South

Australia and Victoria. And the


Let's go back to the Stock

Exchange for a final check of the markets:

That's the news for now on a

day when the Defence Minister

rejected Kabul's account of the

death of two Afghans at the

hands of Australian forces and

the ABS said retail sales fell

back in July. There is

continuous news on ABC News 24

and there is also news online.

Our next full bulletin on ABC1

is at 7 o'clock this evening.

I'm Ros Childs. Have a great

afternoon. See you tomorrow.

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