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(generated from captions) the target of foreign investment. Farm land But is it necessarily a negative? the call for a new approach. This morning, who conduct exorcisms. the trio of teens They'll explain their craft. out of his cell we let British comedian Bill for an unpredictable chat. to Christmas Island. Sam's search for the other side you'll never see in the news. The amazing people and places Weekend Sunrise begins now. # Reach out to the sunrise # Put your hands into the big sky # Reach out to the sunrise. # VOICEOVER: Live from studio 52, this is Weekend Sunrise with Samantha Armytage and Andrew O'Keefe. Good morning, happy Father's Day Thank you very much. That's lovely boys.

Sam. Happy Father's Day to my dad, Mac. To my beautiful dad. What is your dad as name. I call him Daddo. Another Daddo. What the world needs, another Daddo. Earl. Nice Whammy work in honour of all the fathers out therement the fathers out therement. a special one for Dad, Why not make this Father's Day to us? by sending your personal message throughout the show. We'll be running them on our ticker That's the thing along the bottom of the screen. It's not turned on properly. so they'll fit. Keep them short and specific with a weather snapshot from Nuala. Let's get things started , Good morning, Nuala.

Good morning, Guys. JT is off this morning but I have some good weather news for Father's Day. It will be very user friendly so we are talking a bit warmer, fine, mostly down the east also looking at sunny skies South Australia is in for some patches of cloud. while the west here's Jess with the 7am news. But right now, shortly. I'll have your local weather

Good morning. believe Some leading military experts that killed three Australian diggers the rogue Afghan soldier will probably never be caught. has now released the names The Australian Defence Force of the three soldiers - Sapper James Martin Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevc, and Private Robert Poate. Jim Molan says Retired senior army officer even tougher for our troops. the deadly attack will make things doing is trusting each other. Because what they're fundamentally intelligence officers The ADF has committed patrols, and electronic surveillance to try and track down the soldier. and three others assaulted One man has been shot in New South Wales' south. during a violent night in Huskisson just after 9:00. Police were called to a home A man had been shot in the leg various injuries. while three others were suffering The men were all taken to hospital. Detectives have been told into the home a number of men forced their way and assaulted the group. to an outlaw motorcycle gang. It's believed the home is linked off Indonesia say Survivors of the latest boat tragedy journey to Australia again they'll attempt the dangerous refugee status. unless they're granted for exposure and dehydration. 55 people are being treated they say they aren't giving up. Despite their ordeal, because I cannot go back to my city. Yes, of course I want to go When they recover, to be sent to detention centres. the survivors are expected expected to be announced tomorrow A new funding scheme into struggling Australian schools. will pump cash Prime Minister Julia Gillard the current funding system is planning to scrap for public and private schools. secure assistance under the plan Nearly two million students will one funding system for all schools. which will introduce is likely to go to public schools The greatest share of the cash with extra funds for schools or disadvantaged students. that teach disabled From Australia to the UK is being remembered comedian Max Bygraves as a much-loved entertainer. has died in his sleep The veteran performer on Friday. at his daughter's home in Queensland He was 89. # You need hands to hold someone you care for # He was accord to go his fellow entertainers a one off. His songs, his smooth easy going style and gentle humour, endeared Max Bygraves to families across the UK and later to fans around the world. # Yo-yo, with a craze. He had an exellent singing voice. He had very clean comedy, unlike a lot of comics today. But he had that star quality which a lot of artists these days just don't come out. He Ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell was a star.

you a story. Wally Bygraves as he was known at the start made his name on the Virginia reeurt circuit but he is perhaps known for his television shows and singalong with Max, records. In recent years, he developed Alzheimer's. He died last night at home in Australia, aged 89. Sometimes sentimental, always afterable and fun. He will be remembered with huge affection as an entertainer who appealed to many generations. Oh, he provide add lot of last, didn't he snoonchts that's right. Fans of the Goodies will remember when they set up their pirate radio station. That's right. It was a good old era. Wally, Bygraves. Did you notice his microphone matched his tie at the end. You don't see that enough. You never have a microphone that matches your shirt. I was about to say, I don't have a tie. If anyone has a beginning ham microphone out there, I would love to match. Look at you. Is this what Christmas Island did to you. It's denim. It's very groovy. I am going back to my country heritage. It's J crew denim. I will see you in the ute muster. Michelle Obama.

Sammy is mixing it up a bit. I think you look trendy. Preparing for Summer nats. I don't want any more fashion. You are competing with hard Channel 9 reporter, Denham You are competing with hard hitting Hitchcock. Ignore what they are saying. If Michelle Obama can do it, why can't I? She can't get her microphone to match her handbag. Coming up - about how they influence their kids. the campaign to get fathers thinking Find out about the Man-ifesto soon. But next - a golden haul for our Paralympians overnight. We have all the results next. And Nuala has your local weather. (PLEASANT MUSIC PLAYS) Using shampoo without conditioner or eating cereal without milk is like using ordinary detergent without Vanish NapiSan. For amazing results, add Vanish with your detergent in every wash.

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and with Bupa Budget Family cover, you'll also get kids' gap-free general dental, physio, optical and no hospital excess for kids. Call Bupa on: And find a healthier you. , Pete, that sounded quite sexy today. Pete is sounding very sexy. Having hours sleep and a raging head cold has done wonders for him. Pete is sounding very sexy. Having 2

The best I've ever sank. Lots of Father's Day theemed music today this morning. Keep your ears peeled for those. Over to Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide will all host matches in the first week of the AFL finals following a big day and night of clashes in the last round of the season. Collingwood forward Travis Cloke ensured the Pies a fourth place finish kicking five goals in his team's 32-point win over the Bombers at the 'G. The victory setting up a Friday night showdown with minor premiers Hawthorn. , COMMENTATOR: 40, closing, Pies! Fremantle will head east to face off against the Cats in an elimination final next weekend after easily accounting for Melbourne at Patersons Stadium. It follows Geelong's 112-78 point thumping of the Swans in a brutal encounter which saw forward Tom Hawkins kick four. He shares Coleman Medal honours currently with Matthew Pavlich. Sydney will come up against a Crows outfit spurred on by a home crowd following Adelaide's decimation of the Suns at AAMI Stadium to claim second spot. And an unconvincing North Melbourne overcame the Giants by just 28 points in Sydney booking them a date with the Eagles in Perth. To NRL - and the Bulldogs have claimed the minor premiership and spoiled Braith Anasta's last game as a Rooster in their 42-10 demolition of the Bondi boys at ANZ. Dally M favourite Ben Barba was once again brilliant scoring two tries and having a hand in three more including this beauty early in the second half. COMMENTATOR: To Chris Keating. That is one of the tries of the year. Across town at Leichhardt Oval, the second-placed Storm crushed any hopes of a finals appearance for the Tigers with a scrappy 20-point victory landing them a huge home final with the Rabbitohs next weekend. While a spirited defensive assault from Titan Jamal Idris couldn't stop the relentless Sea Eagles from a sixth win in a row and a double chance in the finals. To London, and our star Paralympians have taken more gold on day three. There were four Aussie gold medals, one silver and five bronze to remain second behind China in the medal tally. It was a great day at the velodrome with Aussie Michael Gallagher demoralising the field and smashing the world record to take gold in the men's C5 individual pursuit. And not long ago, Blake Cochrane also won gold and broke the men's SB7 100m breaststroke world record. In the English Premier League, reigning champions Manchester City have celebrated manager Roberto Mancini's 100th EPL match overcoming Queens Park Rangers 3-1. While West Ham were comprehensive victors over Mark Schwarzer's Fulham winning 3-0. At Flushing Meadows, Roger Federer is two sets up and well on his way to victory He has just won his third round clash easily in straight sets. Earlier, Serena Williams advanced through to the fourth round downing her Russian opponent Ekaterina Makarova, 6-4 6-0. And finally, Jenson Button has celebrated his 50th race for McLaren with pole position for the Belgian Grand Prix. Aussie Mark Webber back in 12th after a five-place penalty. , She was all a bit sweety, yesterday,

Nools, things look more benign and lovely this morning. Oh yes. Although I think that was a wake up call. I think a fitness regime is going to start very, very soon. Happy Father's Day by the way and since it is Father's Day, we

thought we would come here to the Adelaide zoo and check out daddies in the animal kingdom. If every there was an animal that deserved breakfast in bed on Father's Day it's these Guys. Here is the all important Father's would they carry them for? For about They karry them around for about 4 to 5 weeks. They have about 1, They have about 1,600. How cool is this, the bigger the pot belly, the more attractive a male pot belly seahorse is to their partners. We are making these Guys we are going to be making these Guys have very big Father's Day partners. We are making these Guys -

breakfast. To make sure their pot bellies are as big as possible so they can get it on in time for next father's days. It's impossible to believe that those tiny little wings can propel them with the pot belly of that size. Their bellies also fills up with air. That's little hole there is where they all pop out. That's where the Mummy puts them in too. It's kind of weird. It's an amazing side. They bend amazing side. They bend almost in half as the Mummy comes and delivers the half. You are like David at inbra. They are amazing. They have real personalities. They have real personalities.. It's lovely that Mummy comes back for the birth. Are you all right there, it's only 2 to 4 weeks. Get over it. Maybe there's a job as a sort of seahorse Nuala or something. Yes. A seahorse Nuala instead of a seahorse Later this morning, is foreign ownership of land such a negative? There's a call for a new approach to investment. But after the break, they're dubbed the fools from the pool. 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Well, the Prime Minister is going to unveil tomorrow what she has told us is that overall, public schools will have more money. It will depend on loading. So each kid will have a base amount and then depending on their socio-economic disadvantage, whether they are in a row mote et cetera, they will get additional whether they are in a row mote area funds. But it will depend on the states signing up to lifting teacher performance, homework, breakfast clubs, just initiatives to improve literature situate. That all sounds terrific. I think measuring those things is traditionally been pretty hard, hasn't it? Teacher performances often measured on student for example. They are greatly often measured on student outcomes affected by socially economic disadvantage. All the governments - this is why the Federal Government and the states are onboard but I think the teachers will arc up and they already have. Right. That's interesting. I mean, how does that sort of differ from the current arrangement? Well, the current arrangement, it's quite a complicated formula but it's more sort of just on socio-economic areas where as this is per student so another complicated formula, but OK. Overall there will be more funding. What is interesting about this new arrangement is, it is a bit of an election pledge because whilst the funding will start rolling out in 2014, it won't be fully implemented until 2020. Right. Way down the track. Boy, forward Next weekend, nearly 5 million New South Wales voters will go to the polls for local government elections. But it's claimed most have no idea who they're voting for if they can be bothered to vote. , This is an issue for local councils. Yeah, we reckon most people don't know what they are voting for. Over in Wollara council, in 2008, one in four people didn't vote. They preferred to cough up the $ preferred to cough up the $55 fine. We have got people like Nick Greiner, the Sydney business claim were, saying let's just merge the council sils. There are 152 out there. We need fewer councils, they will be more effective. And make what, just Giant super councils. That's a bit scary. The Sydney business council wants ten tore Sydney. That was a huge success in Wollongong, having a super council. Yeah, well it's out there for debate. I think when councils - my dad to be on local council. He was Mayor I think when councils - my dad used of our sburp for about ten years. In those days, it really seemed to me that it was people who were motivated by improving their area. And the lot of people in their area. Then there was a flood of property developers on local councils, the only reason they were there was to get their building projects approved. Then they started becoming party political as well. I think people just got disheartened. Yeah, you've got over in ride ride council, it has become so dysfunctional, you've got the premier's department issue the councillors fines for just walking out of meetings and Kuringai council spent $ spent $20,000 investigating the mayor's wife abusing you know, another councillor and so you've got a lot of dysfunctional little fightinging. It's a real shame. They play extremely valuable role. Of all the levels of government, obviously levels of government, obviously they are closest to the community. And our male Olympic relay swim team is in the news again, branded "champs of the fool" in Queensland's 'Sunday Mail'. Why is that? You're not responsible for that headline. No, we just write the stories. What have they done? Apparently they went to see the Batman movie, went back to their hotel room, the mens relay team and got board and decided to play some knock and run. When you are at school camp when you knock on the other Prank calls the girls. Hang on, it's not funny. What did they come in the relay the day after this. This is it. This is the night before the relay. We would all be laughing at this if they had brought home a swag of gold medals. Because they haven't, it has been viewed as a bit how goes it. Maybe they didn't go far enough, maybe they had have won gold if they did a flaming Edgar or something. Enough. I've always loved the flaming Edgar. I don't know what it is. You put the Doggies do You put the Doggies You put the Doggies do in a paper bag and they see something burning on their doorstep. Why Edgar? I presume Edgar was the originalnator of the prank. Linda, could you do some research into that for us? OK. While you are on it, look up hooray Henry as well Later this morning - surprising revelations about the powers of the Queen. The Brits tried to keep it a secret! And up soon, it's been dubbed America's 'redneck resort'. But a warning - you will get muddy. When I'm in training, I need to eat the best to be the best. That's why my Subway personal best is a delicious Six Inch Chicken Teriyaki Sub with only 4.5 grams of fat. Subway - the official training restaurant of Casey Eastham and athletes everywhere. (FLY BUZZES) (THUD!) Ahh! Ah... Ahh... Ahh...Allianz Insurance - that's right. How can I help? VOICEOVER: Allianz - it's one word two million Australians think of for insurance. , # I will be your father figure # I have had enough of time # I will be the one who loves you # Until the end of time # Father's Day, love T That was beautiful. Pete has lost his voice so Simon and Andrew are helping him out Yes, indeed as the only father figures in this place. Met forically speaking. God help the rest of On the way, a reminder of how fathers influence their kids. And a tour of America's so-called 'redneck resort'. But now it's over to Jess for the news. More details have emerged about the Australian diggers killed in Afghanistan as the hunt for the rogue soldier continues. Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Sapper James Martin and Private Robert Poate are being remembered for their loyal leadership and kind nature. trying to track down the soldier that killed them but some military experts believe the task is near impossible. They say most manage to evade capture with Taliban support. One man has been shot and three others severely bashed after a fight at a bikie clubhouse in the south of New South Wales. Police say a man was shot in the leg and three others were injured after a group forced their way onto the property at Huskisson last night. All four men were taken to hospital for treatment. It was initially feared three men had been shot but a 27-year-old was the only one with a gunshot wound. A man has been stabbed multiple times Police believe a fight broke out between the victim and six men

after an incident in a shopping centre car park at Burwood just after 9:00 last night. I've worked here nine years and this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this and it's just ridiculous, crazy. Three men, described as Asian in appearance, were spotted running toward Blackburn Road. The other men ran in the opposite direction. Schools across Australia are in for a major shake-up with the Federal Government announcing a new funding scheme tomorrow. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is planning to scrap the current funding system. Nearly two million students will secure assistance under the plan The Government will use a benchmark cash grant for each student but schools could also benefit from special loadings to address disadvantage or disability. The Grocon chief at the centre of a bitter union dispute has been forced to hire private security after allegedly receiving death threats. Daniel Grollo has told the 'Sunday Herald' threats of violence and death had been issued against him in the past week. It follows the ongoing blockade with union staff at the Melbourne Grocon site. The CFMEU says threats had also been made against a union member. As floodwaters begin to recede, families along the US Gulf Coast are assessing the damage left by Hurricane Isaac. 500,000 people remain without power and 5,000 are staying in evacuation centres. I guess it's maybe because I've never been in this situation I can't take it, I can't take too much of this. Engineers have also now drained water from a dam to stop it from bursting. The Duke of Edinburgh has shown no sign of slowing down after his most recent health scare attending Scotland's Highland Games. Prince Philip was sporting a kilt when he joined the Queen for the annual festival. He's been resting at nearby Balmoral Castle since his five-day hospital stay for a bladder infection last month. The annual Games attract visitors from around the world to watch the tug-of-war. , Good to see him back on his feet. Every sensible, wearing the kilt so shortly after your bladder operation, the trouser might be a bit... operation, the trouser might be a bit.... That last button. Indeed. If we turn up wearing a kilt any time, Simon or I, you will know something Things are the old plumbing what it used to be. Things are the old plumbing ain't Oh oh, the dad jokes are coming in What is a merkin. We will tell you in the ad break. Google it in your own time. In the AFL - Freo captain Matthew Pavlich is currently tied at the top on 62 goals in the Coleman Medal race after another two yesterday in his team's easy 101-40 victory over Melbourne at Patersons Stadium overnight. They may not have star defender Luke McPharlin though for the elimination final showdown with the Cats at the 'G next Saturday after Geelong disposed of the Swans in convincing fashion from the man equal with Pavlich, Tom Hawkins. Sydney will now meet the Crows in Adelaide after they smashed the Suns to secure a home final. Collingwood face minor premiers Hawthorn on Friday night in a huge clash at the 'G after downing Essendon by 32 points. And North Melbourne had a lacklustre win over the Giants to put them on collision course with the Eagles in Perth. The Tigers' NRL season is officially over after a 26-6 defeat at the hands of the second-placed Storm at Leichhardt overnight. The win for Melbourne sends them into a mouth-watering finals showdown with the Rabbitohs next weekend but they could be without in-form centre Will Chambers after he was sidelined with a hamstring injury in the second half. In other games - the Bulldogs have clinched the minor premiership after thumping the Roosters by 32 points at ANZ Stadium. But a Brett Stewart-inspired Sea Eagles have kept the mantle as title favourites following their 24-16 win over the Titans at the Gold Coast to claim a top four-finish. And in London, Australian Paracyclist Michael Gallagher has taken gold and smashed the men's C5 individual pursuit on day three of the Paralympics. And success in the pool as well with Blake Cochrane also winning gold and breaking the men's SB7 100m breaststroke world record. And in breaking news from the US Open, world number three Andy Murray has just won his fourth set tiebreaker to go through to the next round. , We had seahorse he before, what have you got now? We have a very pretty Headdress. Talk about a fascinator. Thank very much, it's Father's Day here at Talk about a fascinator. Thank you Adelaide zoo and so we thought we would check out just how different species do the whole daddy thing. We thought we would look at stick insects they are quite interesting. If you were going to guess which was the man and the woman, the smaller one is actually the man. And he flies to the woman, the woman actually can't fly. And we actually - we feel slightly embarrassed here. If you look over here, someone over here is getting an early Father's Day present. Happy Father's Day to the stick insect. Go brush your teeth, kids. It just looks like a tree. It's just a stick. Why don't we look at the weather while they continue their Brisbane, fine and 22. Sydney, a fine and sunny 20. Canberra, 16 with some morning fog and then sunny. Melbourne, mostly sunny and 19. Hobart, partly cloudy and 17. Adelaide, 20 and mostly sunny. Perth, chance of a shower and 21. And a fine 35 for Darwin. , This has nothing to do with Father's Day but I just had to show you little quocker Joey. Only 6 months old. She is being hand reared. When Day but I just had to show you this

you put your hand there, her little tongue comes out. They are only on rot nest island. This is a little population that they are breeding like a bit of safety, just in case anything hapts to the island population. Isn't he sweet. Don't let him near the praying man advertise, they are probably a natural predator. There is a Camille an over there who has his eyes on my hea right now. We will see what other animals we can find. If we come back and your hair is all amess, we will know what is going on. Just another Sunday morning for Nula. You should borrow that thing Melbourne Cup. You should borrow that thing for Brilliant. What is that thing on your head. Nobody would have anything to say about that fashion. Thank you, Now, our very hard working US bureau chief Mike Amor has had a very tough week. What, with Hurricane Isaac and the Republican convention, we thought it only fair that we give him a little break. So he decided to go and visit a redneck resort. Let's join Mike now. Hello, Mike. So, a redneck resort. Can you explain what on earth that is? welcome to the Red Neck Resort. Whoo welcome to the Red Neck Resort. Whoo! Welcome to the Red Neck Resort. Whoo! # This time of year # Singing. Work all week, my weekend. Welcome to the Red Neck Resort right near the smokey mountains of Tennessee where the flag still flies proudly. Lots of fast cars, lots of mud and lots of booze, normally a recipe for disaster but that's why these rednecks love T I am not sure even a bogan from Bendigo is even a bogan from Bendigo is quite ready for this experience. Let's go, Andrea. Oh, baby. Are! Let's go, Andrea. Oh, baby. How much do you love I love it. How much do you love it This is the best free stuff you can do. Wow! Oh. That muddy enough? Oh, man. This is a redneck swing set. In our day and age, it's sometimes you forget how to relax of, how to laugh. Just having fun in the mud, just you know, wanting to have that little kid that's inside of all of us, just play in a mud hole. What do you think of this joint, mate . I love it. First time being up here and I love it. Are you a redneck? Yes, sir. A proud redneck. Yes, sir. What makes a redneck. Everybody loves playing in the mud. This is Heaven for you? This is. Are you a proud redneck I am sure now. What makes a redneck

I guess if you enjoy the outdoors, the mud, all the good stuff, Teeth are optional? Well, this will happen, I am not very good because I still have all mine. The redneck is like the true redneck is like the redneck is like the'True Grit' American, will who change his in the truck to get back in the mud hole overnight. Drink a good beer, American, will who change his engine

have a great laugh, he is right there with the cables if you are in trouble, or ready to pull you out. Redneck. A bit of mud, get the gasolene, a bit of animal husbandry. Very dirty Mike Amor, joins us live from Tennessee. Hello Mike, you look like you are in your element. Yeah, do I look like a redneck? To be honest with me, how do I look. I feel like my hair is like a helmet, it has that much mud in it. It has been a lot of fun. I never thought would be doing a live cross in my board shorts and thongs. My wife been a lot of fun. I never thought I

will be so proud of me. Sam, this would be very familiar to you. The slip and slide made out of a plastic bag. Sitting on a old couch. I love that what is going on? Are you OK? It's just another world, isn't Probably not. It is. You know, but the fun thing about this is that It's just another world, isn't it?

no, in this day and age of computers and kids playing computer games, the fun thing about this is that you

these people are just getting out in the mud and having fun. They do hurt themselves. There was a woman who broke her leg so badly she had to be airlifted out of here yesterday, all the rednecks sat around drinking their beer, cheering as it took off. their beer, cheering the helicopter Terrific. They are a different breed out here. They sure are, Mike. What a week it has been. Thank you for covering it all for us, for covering it all for us kheergs maty. Oh. It could be quite good for your skin. No. That kind of mud? Yeah, where you see people pay lots of money to sit in mud baths like that. A that. A bottle of Jim On the way this morning, the Queen's secret powers revealed. Then Sam's visit to an Aussie paradise. It's Christmas Island - but you never see this side of it on the news. And next, the campaign to get fathers thinking about how they influence their kids. Find out about the MANifesto when we return. MAN AND WOMAN: (SING) # From little things # Big things grow... # VOICEOVER: For anyone in hospitality, tourism and sport, HOSTPLUS is your Industry SuperFund. To find out more, visit are down, down and staying down at just $1 each. SONG: # Down, down, prices are down... # So get down, down to Coles for great $1 prices. # Down, down, prices are down. # MAN: The get-together. It comes in many different forms - the wedding, the farewell... ..the catch-up... ..the knock-off, the celebration, the girls' night out, the Sunday lunch and the reunion. It's magic bringing people together. Your local club. I've had sensitive teeth for about 10 to 12 years now. No, I just avoided all the things that gave me sensitive teeth. There's nothing more enticing than a nice ice block to cool you down, so I'd be sitting there and everyone's having an ice block and I'd be going, "Oh, no, can't, can't do it." I chose Sensodyne over other products. It leaves you confident that your teeth are nice and fresh and clean. But you're proactively doing something for your sensitive teeth. Before I avoided certain products like refrigerated water. Now I'm reaching for the jug in the fridge. I've been converted. I'm a Sensodyne girl. disciplinarians and part-time funsters. On Fathers' Day, the White Ribbon Foundation has released a new report which explores the influence fathers have on their kids. Also, the valuable role they can play in shaping their children's wellbeing and attitudes, particularly with respect to violence. They've also released a very powerful video. Um, the violence really was fairly severe. Quite often, Mum was left bleeding and bruised and battered. Their actions have now had a ripple effect on that girl and could quite possibly have an effect on her for the rest of her life. As children, there wasn't a lot we could do apart from run and hide. But as I got to about 12 or 13, I started to put myself between Mum and Dad when there was violent episodes. We're joined now by White Ribbon ambassador Kevin Maher who you just saw in that clip. You've spoken very power any about your own experiences as a child, living with an abusive dad. I mean, why do you think he was like that? I think basically, he was just a bully and a control freak type of person. No other reason I could put it down to. You've said in the video that you know, you really feel that the violence that your mum suffered, led to her early death. But it must have had far reaching consequences for you as a man and a boy Well, it did set an example you know as bad an exam as it was, it did set an example. I made a promise to myself very early on that if I ever had a family, there was no way not world I was going to treat my family like my mother was treated. Yeah. So your dad used Yeah. So your dad used physical violence but I assume he was always verbally abusive as well. He was very effective. He used the whole lot. Bullying, verbal abuse. I don't think my mother had a skerrick of self esteem when she passed away. Yeah. You know, Kevin as you've grown up and I assume that has sort of shaped your own views about what it means to be a dad. What do you do to try to be a dad. You try and set a good example for your children. Sometimes you don't get it right all the time and set a bad example. So hopefully, you know, the kids can learn from that. get it right all the time and you

Don't try and be perfect. Just be yourself. But just show respect the mother of your children. Help yourself. But just show respect for out with the parenting, show your children that there's no difference between a man and a woman. Everyone is equal. There is none of this men are stronger or more powerful or better. There is none of that. Have some sort of place in that women don't you share. Have some sort of place in society We haven't got any special place anywhere. We are just 50% of the planet. And we have got to look after the other 50% of the planet. You have mentioned a few things there that appear as part of the MANifesto that the White Ribbon Foundation has put together. These are some of the tips on being a non-violent father. Valuing your boys as much as you value your girls. Interestingly, after the Interestingly, after the diversity council released a report on very weak. Making the most of your council released a report on this leave entitlements. I think if you've got facilities at work where you can have leave and be able to spend that time with your family and your children, I mean, use it. Don't work yourself to death. I mean, we are all guilty of that from time to time. But most work-places now have minimum four weeks annual leave a year. Take it. Don't save it up. Take it and spend it with your family. Most people want to do that and they feel afraid to ask myself or they are afraid they will fall behind. If you don't ask, you don't get Respecting mum is what it all comes down to, ultimately, valuing her work, being there for the hard stuff as well as the fun stuff and I suppose, most of all, never using violence or abuse. Absolutely. It has been a pleasure having you here. Thank you very much for making that very brave video and powerful video as well. If you want to see that MANifesto again, or get some other tips on make the most of being a dad. Just head to the white ribbon website. It Happy Father's Day everyone. Coming up - who owns the land? Our biggest cotton farm goes into foreign hands. But is it really a negative? And next, the side of the Queen, they tried to keep secret. We'll get the details live from London. (LAUGHS LOUDLY) So are you driving? (MYSTICAL CHIMES) SONG: # Work your body! # (WOLF HOWLS) (FANFARE) (MAN LAUGHS WILDLY) VOICEOVER: Some plan B's are smarter than others. A trip to the city, beach, hinterland or the solitude of the country? has you covered. By using the Accor booking site, all your needs are catered for and you're guaranteed the best rates. Every day this week, Accor is giving away five $500 Accor Hotels gift cards so you can stay wherever you would like when you book your next holiday on For your chance to win a $500 gift card SMS your name and address to: Remember how you were taught that the Queen is just a figurehead with no real power? Well, it turns out that's not the case at all. To find out about Her Majesty's secret royal powers, let's go to our man in London, Martin Frizell. Hi, Martin. So what power does the Queen hold and how has this all come to light? Well, Sam, they are calling them the royal Nuuk deterrent. Basically, if you are a history scholar you will know there was the Bill of rights which was in 1689 which established the supremacy of parliament. It meant that the soverign had no powers. They could do powers. They could do three things, the right to be consulted, the right to encourage and the right to warn but it seems now that if you look deep near what has happened over the years, the Queen and the Prince Charles are consulted on matters that relate to their personal property or their personal interests. So, although they have the royal assent which has never been held since basically the 17th century, with held that is, they can stop thing when they are consulted by a minister on things that apply to them such as for instance, all the sea bed around the UK for 22 kilometres, the territorial waters. That's all owned by the Queen. So anything to do with that, they have to go to her first, quietly and privately to say this is OK. She has never said no but it affects her they have to do that and what has happened there is now a manual, a never said no but it affects her so

guide book on how to consult the royals on this which has been discovered a legal scholar who is demanding what it is released and published, the government doesn't want to. He wants it done. There is two weeks to decide whether he will publish it or not, the Queen's secret powers. Fascinating. I would read We're hearing that Prince Philip made his first major appearance for a while at the Highland Games. Did he enjoy himself? Yes, Sam, no ordinary highland games. This is the royal highland games, decreased by Queen Victoria in 1866 or so. Here is Prince Philip, the second time he has been seen out since that bladder infection. He was out at church but this was much more public, dressed in his full highland kit and they loved it. Absolutely loved it, the highland games is where you get tossing the kaber, lots of highland dancing and bag pipes, it's a real occasion for the royals. They love going there, he seemed to be in good form, they are dancing around swords. These a dangerous thing to do. One kilt was just flying up there. I didn't know what we might see, Martin but we didn't see anything. I was looking very hard. I think she was propose ago highland fling. Martin, love to to see you. Talk soon. In just a few minutes, we'll check out Sam's island holiday video. Sounds like it was a tough time in paradise. , It was hard work. It took you two days to get there. We have got some kids outside. We do. They are from three schools, St Marys, Saint Maria, and Jayant Joseph's, all the way from Queensland, good on you, Queensland, good on you,. They are on their way to Canberra. Check out the nation's capital for the tyres time. There will be plenty of knock and runs in that group. Yes. No flaming Edgars. That's where Gynsynd came from, the great racehorse of the 1980s. I am about to read Jess's news? Excuse me, it's my One man has been shot and several others bashed at a bikie clubhouse on the New South Wales South Coast. A group of men forced their way in to the property at Huskisson last night shooting a man in the leg before attacking three others. All of them suffered head injuries and were taken to hospital. It's believed one is in a serious condition. Detectives are trying to work out what prompted the attack and are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. Witnesses say they've been left in shock after a man was stabbed outside a Kmart store The man was allegedly set upon by a group of men following a possible road rage incident in the car park at Burwood. He was left with a number of stab wounds. I saw a guy on the ground and, at that time, the ambulance had already come round and they were picking him up and put him in. Police are searching for three men who were seen running from the area. Military experts admit patrols and intelligence officers will find it difficult to track down the rogue Afghan soldier that shot and killed three Australian diggers. Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Sapper James Martin and Private Robert Poate. Every time this happens, soldiers and civilians alike, we are reminded of the incredible sacrifice that our nations are making. Despite teams of people trying to track the man down, A massive clean-up operation is under way across two US states in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. Thousands of people are still living in evacuation centres, but others have returned to find everything they own destroyed. Nearly four days after Hurricane Isaac first landed in the Gulf Coast, much of here is still underwater. Glynis Nelson is still overwhelmed. I guess maybe it's because I haven't been in this situation. I can't take it. I can't

take too much of this. I hope it never happens again. I hope it never happens again. With the water slowly receding, Bob has seen his share of hurricanes come ashore but this storm packed a punch. He wasn't ready for. In 27 years, we have never seen that much water in the streets. After Isaac dumped up to 20 of rain yesterday in some places After Isaac dumped up to 20 inches along, forcing dramatic rescues where the coast guard lifted a couple and their cat to savey. The damage stretched from Mississippi to Louisana. Half a million residents are still without power. Extra line crews have been called in from out of state to help, working 16 hour shifts. Till Mississippi today, some relief, lower Lake levels eased the pressure. Today, fears have calm along with the storm. I am coping really good. I mean, I've got four right now. Lights are on, mate. So, everything all right for The Syrian Government has released more than 200 prisoners recently arrested in the capital Damascus. State media says the men were involved in anti-government protests but weren't behind any of the violence. Fighting is continuing in other cities with reports of heavy shelling in Homs and Daraa. There are also reports the rebels have captured a military facility in the country's east after attacking an airport manned by Assad forces. The Federal Government is expected to announce a major funding overhaul tomorrow which will pump millions of dollars into struggling public schools. The Government is scrapping the current model in favour of a single funding system for public and private schools. It aims to better allocate funds for disadvantaged students. Schools will get cash grants on a per student basis with special loadings for students in need. They'll also get extra funding for tutors if they improve performance. Police are appealing for help after two young boys from the New South Wales Central Coast went missing. Tristan Carter and Kai Nesbitt, both 13, left Gosford on Friday night. It's believed they caught a train to Sydney for a sleepover. The boys were last seen near Central Station at around 2:00 yesterday morning. Anyone who has seen them is being urged to contact Crime Stoppers. Two Queensland fisherman have a whale of a story to tell their mates after an unexpected encounter off South Stradbroke Island. The men were swimming around 500m off the island when they were approached by four humpback whales. They were circled by the pod and the whales approached them. It was absolutely amazing. We got the fright of our life and sort of hung there and waited to see what was going to happen. By law, swimmers can't enter the water within 300m of a whale. , Isn't that just extraordinary. That would be a lifesaving experience. Incredible. Breath-taking. Imagine, the seeing that. The whale just wanted to have a look at what is going on. Even though you are not allowed to go that close, there is not much you can do about it. I think the pod is collectively fined $ fined $10,000. They are tough up in Queensland. They would have to go to the hump back court. That would be a great show. isn't there a reality show, pump back truth. That would be a great show. Why

Did you understand the language of the judge though does that mean I'm guilty or not guilty. The plaintiff's opening submission. Whoo This is stupid. But we are letting you go with your dad jokes. The court interpreter would be going, " going, "what does that mean? going, "what does that mean?"

, He was a natural born Kriller. Dad

jokes 101. First to the AFL and the Pies have secured fourth spot at season's end following a Travis Cloke-inspired 32-point win over the Bombers at the 'G. The victory setting them up a finals showdown with minor premiers Hawthorn. In other matches - Fremantle made easy work of Melbourne to book an elimination final with the Cats who upset the Swans 112-78. That result means that Sydney must travel to Adelaide to face the Crows after the Crows thumped the Suns by 91 points. And the Kangaroos got over the Giants by just 28 points to book a trip west to play the Eagles in Perth. To the NRL - and title favourites Manly still say there's room for improvement following their 24-16 victory over the Titans to make it six in a row. Kieran Foran and Brett Stewart dazzled the Gold Coast in the first half setting the platform for the win - enough for a top-four finish. While at ANZ Stadium the brilliant Ben Barba, again, captivated his adoring Canterbury fans setting up a try in the first minute against the Roosters then going over for his own to earn the Doggies' the minor premiership. And the Tigers' slim chances of a top-eight finish evaporated after going down to the second-placed Storm at Leichhardt. And Mark Webber has finished seventh in qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix but will start from 12th after a disappointing five-place penalty. Jenson Button celebrated his 50th race for McLaren with pole position - his first in three years. To London - and the medals keep coming for our star Paralympians. Australia is sitting in second place behind China in the tally with 29 medals overall. In a shock equestrian result, 51-year-old Australian Joann Formosa has defeated nine-time gold medallist Lee Pearson from Great Britain in the individual dressage championship test. It's our first equestrian gold since Sydney 2000. , Brilliant stuff, well done. That's

awesome. It's back to Adelaide where we are indeed getting a David Attenborough less and from Nools. Happy Father's Day from the Adelaide zoo where I am about to meet one of the celebrities, not Tim, this is Tim, How are you going But banks here. Talk me through how I meet Banks. He is a red tailed Cockatoo. He was born in Sydney and has been here for some years. He is a Batchelor. He is on his own. There is hope for the ladies the. Always looking. Oh. Hello. Look at him. He likes Toranas and going for long walks along the beach. Any ladies who are interested in a red tailed Cockatoo. I am a bitener I have around most animals, generally. He does animals, generally. He doesn't bite. He doesn't flap his wings in a scary manner, do you, Banks. Does he go cruising for Chicks in his Torana? There is another dad joke for you? Have you seen the plume. He looks a bit like Elvis. Yes, he has a mow Yes, he has a mowhawk. At Yes, he has a mowhawk. At if I couldn't make my own dad breakfast . Thank you for coming in to worng with Georgia. Thank you, Tim. Thank you very much, Nuala. We will meet some more daddies. Thank you Nools. Usually when you see a black cockatoo, it means snow but not be the case in Adelaide if it's not cold enough cockatoo, it means snow but that may

It may be, Nula has got a jack et on. I haven't got round to getting dad a present yet, I might cut out the coupon and say " coupon and say "next time you're there of there coupon and say "next time you're there." The issue of foreign land ownership has come up again this week. That's after the largest water farm in Australia was sold to a Chinese and Japanese consortium. The sale continues a trend of foreign entities buying up Australian farmland. Do we need a rethink of land ownership rules or are foreign companies giving Australian agriculture much-needed investment? To discuss this, we're joined by Independent Senator Nick Xenophon. Good morning, Senator. There is negativity towards foreign land ownership. Why is that? , cr Well, despite my name, I think it is a real issue that here is a real issue that is of issue that is of real concern. We have got a position where more and Moreland is being sold off. Let's look at the look Moreland is being sold off. Let's look cubby station sell off. That holds 450 billion litres of water. That's more than Sydney Harbour. there is a real issue here about foreign investment. I am not against That's more than Sydney Harbour. And

foreign investment but it should be on transparent terms and accountable terms. I can't see how the treasurer said this is in the national interest to flog off such a huge asset. Japan and China will be

largely a Chinese consortium with Japanese investment. If you want to buy land in China or Japan, good luck to you, the rules are you can't. We have a problem in Australia because there because there is a huge amount of incredibly ahable farmland in Australia. We have a relatively small population and a lot of farmers, my father being one of them, it's either get big or get out. A lot of Australians can't afford to get big. Somebody is going to see the value in properties, if the Chinese can afford them, what can we do? to see the value in these

The Chinese investors are being smart. They can see the long-term interest in buying this sort of property. We are talking about food security, water security, a population that will be expanding up to 9 billion by population that will be grow, We need some transparency. We need a

expanding up to 9 billion by 2070. national interest test. We are speaking about your dad as a we need to have some decent tax breaks for Australian farmers, speaking about your dad as a farmer,

compared to the subsidies in Europe and the states, we are at a disadvantage. What are the rurnt rules around minister ear yal over seeulingt for what can and can'ting sold to foreign interest. There is a so-called Nat interest test. The key we have got a much better rule. Anything over 5

hectares has to be subject to cruciate any. Here, the threshold is 244 million dollars before a government shows any interest in it and then the Nat interest test is basically a political decision. It's so vague that it's not pinned down. That's why I agree with people Bill Heffernan and Barnaby Joyce. That's why I agree with people like Who say we need a plan that's effective. It's hard to imagine how cubby station which holds so much water, wouldn't fit into the national interest test as it stands - as a nation that is which inskurt of irrigation. Mm. Well, that's it. I agree with Barnaby, it was an alternative for the receivership. It went into receivership during the drought. Would be to split it up, that could have been an alternative for instance. But the big that the treasurerer says it's in the national interest, it's a bit of instance. But the big issue here is

a figure leaf saying Aussies will be involved in the running off it. It will still be 51% overseas owned. I think we need to have a debate work out what the work out what the lorng term think we need to have a debate and national interest is. What should be done right now, do we look at the New Zealanders and they have done There is a growing world population look at the New Zealanders and what

that needs to be fed. We have got space. We have got more water at times than we think we have got. So how do we fix this problem? Well, we need to fix it. Also the point is, is it genuine investment? I spoke to Barnaby yesterday Bill Heffernan, Barnaby made the point that they are just taking over I spoke to Barnaby yesterday and

an existing investment. I think we need to look at the rules for super funds to invest in agricultural properties. I think the treasurer needs to re look at this. The hasn't gone through. I think people power needs to be brought to bear on needs to re look at this. The deal

this. Because once it's gone, it's gone. It's more water than? gone. It's more water than Sydney Harbour. Indeed, all right, senator, thank you for raising this issue with us this morning. It's one we don't think about very often as we should. Thank you very much, Nick? Hugely important. Thank you, senator. Before we go on hugely important, your family would have a lot to say on this. Yeah, I think anyone outside the major cities, thinks about this sort of thing. My father worked for a long time for a Greek long time for a Greek who invested in Australia. He had a sort of pastoral company, the offshore Guy. He was based in Greece but all his profits went back into Australia. It wasn't technically foreign owned, a lot of farmers can't afford to buy the land up. It is going offshore for the one of a better word. It depends what the intent is as far as the usage of the land, I guess. If you are just snapping it up so you've got a strategic advantage over us, well, that's not great. But if you are going to develop the land and employ people. To grow I don't To grow I don't know at cubby what they grow out there, with all that water, they could probably grow anything. There is huge money to be made in feeding the world's population. Indeed. We should be making it. Still to come, an 'X Factor' favourite performs. Plus, we put comedian Bill Bailey's funny bone to the test. He'll join us for a chat. And Sam on assignment. Coming up next on Weekend Sunrise, I'm here in an island paradise. VOICEOVER: The way it moves, the way it cleans, is simply revolutionary - Oral-B power brushes. Our dentist-inspired brush head removes up to 5 times more plaque along the gum line. Get that dentist-clean feeling. The great thing about dogs is watching them grow by your side. As they grow, their dietary needs change, which is why OPTIMUM offers tailored formulas for dogs of all ages, giving them the nutrition they need for life. But would you go there for a holiday? Seriously. , I thought Elvis was running the detention centre. Sam tells me that's not right. I travelled to the place where asylum seekers hope to end up and found there's a lot more to the island than we see in the news. It's a place that's divided so many. Christmas Island is located 2,600km off Perth and just 360km from Indonesia. This is what most Australians know about Christmas Island. It's 1 of 3 huge detention centres, all at maximum capacity. This one houses men and there's about 2,00 people inside and asylum seekers now far outnumber the locals on the island. And this is the infamous jetty. They are offloaded by the navy, they are marched along this jetty and put onto buses to be taken out to the detention centre. Now, this entire area is known as Flying Fish Cove and just around that corner, almost two years ago, was that horrific crash which claimed the lives of 50 asylum seekers. But away from the human tragedy and controversy, there's another side to Christmas Island. In 1956, the UK transferred sovereignty of the island to Australia. Now there are over 1,500 locals. I met a few at the popular Barracks Cafe. Tell me honestly, what do you think of the asylum seekers? Has that changed the vibe around the island? I've been to Europe and they know about us and nobody knew what Christmas Island was. Now everybody knows because of the boat people. I wanted to see the other side of Christmas Island. So, who better to show us than Samantha Flakus from the national park. First stop - the stunning marine life. Sam, this is very protected. With the marine area, not just the national park, we have a great range of species with 600 fish and lots of other critters. Hopefully, we can see some big fish today and giant trevally. Probably getting close to around about a metre. Goodness. Wow. On land, it's a bird watcher's paradise. Now, one of the major reasons tourists come to Christmas Island is the bird watching. It is incredible. Come and take a look at this. This is a nesting colony of brown boobies. There's two little white fluffy babies down there. They are so cute. And the amazing thing is there is so much bird life here because there is so few people here so the birds aren't really scared of people and we can stand right here and not even worry about it. Brendan Piernan is in charge of parks and wildlife. Oh, hey. Look at that. It's enormous. This is actually only a baby. They are only about one or two kilos. They can get into three kilos in weight. Wow. This is just a crab watcher's paradise. I mean, everywhere you look around, this area, the ground moves with the most beautiful coloured crabs. There's 14 species of land crabs. None more prominent than the robber crab. But you can't eat them, can you? No. They are completely protected on Christmas Island. They are one of a few places in the world where these guys are protected. They are just for looking and not for eating but they do look very tasty, I have to say. Well, I don't know. Probably not to you, chuckles. Brendan, this is quite a nice office. Yes. I like working on Christmas Island. There's nothing like coming out into the jungle and walking through places like this. This is beautiful. Look at it. For people who want to experience something different that you can't get anywhere else Christmas Island has it. There is a heavy Malay-chinese influence on the Island. 70% of people who live here are Chinese. Phu, who runs the local temple, is one of them. Hello, Phu. Welcome. Nice to meet you. Come have a look. Look in there. Is this what you do here - walk on the hot coals? The fire walking, the legend is you get all your bad luck left behind. You go towards good luck. I came to the island in 1970 - 42 years now. Wow. It's a long time. I'm old. What do you guys think about the detention centre? The asylum seekers is using money to go on the boat and jump queues. For the locals, asylum seekers are a double-edge sword. They've increased employment and added infrastructure to the island. But brought unwanted attention. It's our last day here on Christmas Island and, inevitably, an asylum seeker boat has turned up. We've been watching for about the last hour or so as the navy has slowly unloaded asylum seekers. There is about 70 of them today. What strikes me is how organized this operation all is. The Customs guy, the AFP say they've had plenty of practice at it. When the politics fades, island life will continue like it always has. Tell me what's the best thing about living on Christmas Island? The weather. , Wow. A very interesting spot. Very different to how I had imagined. Look, it's sort of, the tour Look, it's sort of, the tourists that would go there would be nay tour lovers. David Attenborough called it one of his top ten places on the planet. But But he did say that in 1962. Nonetheless, the jungle there, the forest looks beautiful. If you love nature, it's a great place to go, if you love five star resorts and you know, Pina Colada is on your balcony, maybe Fiji. If you like a bit of fire walking. Go talk to Phu. And soon, we'll show you more fun stuff from the trip that ended up on the cutting room floor! Next up, this morning's news and weather. Then later, the teens tracking down demons. Meet three young exorcists on Weekend Sunrise. Making news this week.. Making news this week.. A man who fired the stray bullet that killed a Canberra A man who fired the stray bullet that killed a Canberra

truckie.. was jailed for at least 5 years and 9 months. A mystery lead in the unsolved murder of McKellar woman Irma Palasics.. prompted police to Irma Palasics.. prompted police to hunt for a teen involved in this burglary.. 11 years later. Our local defence community was left in shock.. after 5 Aussie soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.

About 30 workers formed a blockade at the Cotter Dam site.. over safety and job security concerns. Violent drunks could be banned from local bars.. as ACT Labor considers letting venues share information on troublemakers. A 35 year old man was killed after his motorbike hit a tree near Crookwell. A dozen Canberra Tip Top truckies protested over drastic contract changes. Hundreds of fans gave our olympians a heroes welcome home in Canberra. And local cyclist Susan Powell was the first Aussie to win Paralympic gold. What's that all about? It's the accountants. They just figured out that, for lot of people, it's actually cheaper to have basic health insurance than to pay the tax for not having any. Wow, that's incredible. (SCOFFS) They think they're so cool. Ladies. VOICEOVER: Call 13 19 20 and start saving today. I wouldn't, man. They're accountants. Just... Police are hunting for a group of men after a vicious attack at a bikie clubhouse on the New South Wales South Coast. Four men are in hospital after the gang forced their way in to the property shooting one man and bashing three others. A 27-year-old is being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg. The others suffered head injuries. In a separate incident, a man has died in hospital after being attacked in Macquarie Fields in Sydney's south-west. Some leading military experts believe the rogue Afghan soldier that killed three Australian diggers will probably never be caught. The Australian Defence Force has now released the names of the three soldiers - Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Sapper James Martin and Private Robert Poate. Retired senior army officer Jim Molan says the deadly attack will make things even tougher for our troops. Because what they're fundamentally doing is trusting each other. The ADF has committed patrols, intelligence officers and electronic surveillance Survivors of the latest boat tragedy off Indonesia say they'll attempt the dangerous journey to Australia again unless they're granted refugee status. 55 people are being treated for exposure and dehydration. Despite their ordeal, they say they aren't giving up. Yes, of course I want to go because I cannot go back to my city. When they recover, the survivors are expected to be sent to detention centres. A woman was given a rather large fright last night after a car ran off the road and into a home north-east of Melbourne. The car skidded off the road at Diamond Creek and slammed into the front of the house, smashing the window. Neighbours say they were watching TV when they heard a loud bang. I was petrified. I thought someone was trying to break in to the house. The driver of the car was OK. In the AFL - Freo have easily accounted for Melbourne by 61 points at Patersons Stadium overnight to land them an elimination final showdown with the Cats next Saturday. Geelong beat the Swans by 34 points and it was Collingwood over the Bombers last night. In the NRL - the Bulldogs have taken out the minor premiership following a 42-10 demolition of the Roosters at ANZ. The second-placed Storm have booked a finals showdown with the Rabbitohs after they grinded out a 20-point win over the Tigers. And in news just in from Germany - Australia's Daniel Geale has won the WBA Super Middleweight title with a gutsy upset win over Germany's Felix Sturm. , Well done to Daniel. That is big for Australian boxing. Congratulations, mate. It's back to Adelaide where things are a little bit quieter with Nools. Come on, Buddy. Oh, it is so cool here. We are here to help celebrate the first Father's Day of Rhemus the white cheeked Gibb on. He hid from us. Can you see. He is this beautiful little baby called Noo it's birthday is only two days before my birthday It's the coolest thing. When they are born, they are actually born a nice golden colour and then they actually change Dlouhy to black Yes And then the women change back to golden once they are of breeding age. She is just starting to turn black now. She is very athletic. Starting to follow mum and dad around in the tress. They are very vocal. We will try and get them to hush while we get them to hush while we take a look at the weather. Brisbane, fine. Sydney, fine and sunny. Canberra, some morning fog and then sunny. Melbourne, mostly sunny. Hobart, partly cloudy. Adelaide, mostly sunny. Perth, chance of a shower. And fine for Darwin. , Can I see Nick at all? Can I see Nick at Can I see Nick Can I see Can I Can I anything at all? They are having a bit of a sing off. We will see if we can track them down and bring them to you in the next half an hour. Deve as they are. Divas. We know. That's a funky Gibb on. I love them. They are. Those big arms. All the movements. The best dancers in the and The best dancers in the animal kingdom. And very noisy in a weather cross Christmas Island is certainly off the beaten track. But after almost a week there, I felt like one of the locals. Thank you to CI Tourism - that's Christmas Island to the folks at home - for showing us the best on offer. Here are some of the highlights. Ah, there's nothing like being a local. Phu, the temple expert on the island, wanted me to find my Zen. Usually we get the sticks and we burn. We pray outside. First pray to the heaven gods. It's quite smoky. (COUGHS) It's quite smoky, Phu. Yeah, it's like that. A bit dark. Yeah, it is true. This god is quiet dark. I don't think you want to annoy that god. I think you've got to keep on the right side of that one. I was finding my inner peace. There was something eerie in the air. You prepare the spell, the spell paper. (SPOOKY VOICE IN THE TEMPLE