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(generated from captions) Unless he's watching right now, he won't be surprised at all. in which case, Of course. something fabulous to make Dad. And get excited, because I have Yes, I do. Oh, do you? to find out what it is! But you'll have watch 7TWO another two hours of awesome fun. That's right. Switch over for 'So Random!' and 'A.N.T. Farm'. We have 'Zeke and Luther', I have a magical voice...or do I? Plus, I discover that I don't think you do, Candice. magical voice - Jessica Mauboy! Tell you who really does have a And I'm chatting with her. I love her! with two Wallabies players. And I'm playing rugby Oh. It is awesome. Ooh, and you can't forget - and Letter of the Week, we've got Double Dog Dare which you do not want to miss. I'll be there. Will you guys be? I hope so. Switch over right now. ALL: 4, 3. 5. 2. 3 seconds. Switch over! Quick, quick! Whoa! Whoa! , Tough times are ahead. This morning,

advice to save you. Presidential pitch, Mitt Romney makes his case but is he White House material? We are live to the US. Stop playing games. Claims the Paralymipcs encourage discrimination and shouldn't be separate. Plus, honour, love, Schmidt, why brides are putting themselves in second place to the Groom. Here comes Weekend VOICEOVER: Live from Studio 52, this is Weekend Sunrise , Good morning. Morning. It's the first day of spring I just realised. It is too. You look very fresh, Sammy. Sorry, I am adjusting my chair. It keeps going down. You look fresh yourself. Do you need a hand there? Don't you get fresh with me.

I will do staging. Staging to the show I will do staging. Staging welcome with a weather snapshot from Nuala. Let's get things started JT is away. Hello Nuala. , JT away at the moment, thank you for letting me fill in. But I've asked the camera crew to come down to my gym, so I don't have to change my routine. across the east coast A cool day and morning showers ahead. with some early frost while WA is in for a few showers. Here is Jess with the 7 am Good morning. A 7.6 magnitude quake has struck of the Philippines off the eastern coast killing at least one person. around 140km from the Philippines The quake hit in the Pacific Ocean. across the east coast It sparked tsunami warnings as Indonesia and Japan. and as far away , the eastern part of the Philippines. Some small waves came in to

have now been lifted. all tsunami warnings the five Australian soldiers A family friend of one of killed in Afghanistan this week they're going through. says he can't imagine the pain Private Nathanael Gallagher 23-year-old has been named as one of the five. in New South Wales. He was from the town of Wee Waa being killed I knew of the five people was so close to home. but I didn't know that one of them 30-year-old Corporal Mervyn McDonald One of the other soldiers killed was from Carnarvon in Western Australia. at the Grocon site in Melbourne Ongoing protests this weekend. are expected to be scaled back it will wind back its presence The CFMEU says next week. but may resume the blockade are refusing to back down. Both the company and the union I'm not going to stand by As far as I'm concerned, be trashed and let the law in Victoria by a militant union leadership. has already topped $2 million. The bill for policing the site teacher strike. for a record-breaking and support staff Up to 40,000 teachers are expected to walk off the job until Tuesday. but the final number won't be known they will close. 58 schools have confirmed teachers have been joined The strike marks the first time by public support staff. in the US Three people have been killed at a New Jersey shopping plaza. after a gunman opened fire a disgruntled worker. The gunman was apparently early in the morning The 23-year-old entered the store killing two people. and fired around 16 shots, He then turned the gun on himself. The store was closed at the time were working night shift. but around a dozen people along the US Gulf Coast Flood victims are facing a new crisis this morning flooded streets and wiped out homes. after Tropical Storm Isaac to breaking point The storm filled a major dam it could flood thousands of homes. and if it bursts, is People here are trudging through streets who look more like Rivers They are scared. They are leaving Police are hoping the floodwaters their homes.

will drain out by night so crews can start repairing the damage. It's still in the roadway. They are waiting for officialing to breach the the dam. It's under pressure from the storm. The most important thing is protecting people's lives and property. The city was proceed The city was protected from significant damage. This made an Ingvall This made an invaluable This cafe, are already open ld This made an invaluable service. OK. Thank you. Cheers, appreciate it. Customers like chuck say they are coming for more than these warm sugary Tweets There is a seat down here. Still dealing with a bit of discomfort but better of than many and positive about the future from Italy, A woman has been extradited two Sydney brothers three years ago. to face charges over the murder of arrested in July The 53-year-old was originally for her extradition was made. after an application She flew back to Sydney last night. of stabbing Albert and Mario Frisoli The woman is accused in Sydney's inner-west. at a home in Rozelle with two counts of murder She's been charged In finance news - have stepped out in style Fashionistas and celebrities at the launch of Spring Fashion Week in Melbourne overnight. There was plenty of colour on display at the VIP gala. Guests were also showing off some unusual hats and head pieces with the Spring Racing Carnival just around the corner. The festival is now in its 18th year and combines exclusive runway shows with free fashion parades. Local labels and iconic Aussie designers will all be on display. , Are they iconic Aussie designers. They are very strong if they are. Richard nylon always puts on a show. He was the one with the face mask and the hat. He looks like he has been trawling for months attaches. been trawling for months been trawling for

Coming up shortly, Simon's App of the Week takes us to the skies - literally. , Or crash to the floor of the studio more likely. more likely more likely. But next - Del Piero Down Under - The World Cup star is close to signing on with the A-League. The full story's next. And Nuala has your local weather. (HORNS HONK, TRAFFIC BUZZES) (TYRES SCREECH) Ahh... VOICEOVER: Allianz - it's one word Australians think of for travel insurance. Whatever face you're washing off, go deeper. Remove excess oil and make-up with the cleanser that does all three. Your fresh face daily. Look what's happening next week on Sunrise, Melbourne, get the inside ,

word on 'X Factor''s toughest week yet. Tuesday, Australia's favourite, The Wiggles perform a special Sunrise wear well. Wednesday, Miranda Kerr, live in the studio. Phone wars, check out the new mobile giving the iPhone a run for its money. Friday, who wants to be a millionaire? The secret to getting rich quick. It all starts next week on Sunrise. , It makes you want to get out and do something, doesn't it. something, doesn't it.? No oh, not really. I'm happy to sit here and do nothing. You do that while Simon does his

Hawthorn has claimed the AFL's minor premiership for the first time since 1989 with victory over West Coast at the MCG. The Hawks booted 7 goals to 1 in the opening quarter including 4 to key forward 'Buddy' Franklin. The Eagles finished strongly with a 5-goal final quarter but Hawthorn held on for the 25-point win. COMMENTATOR: Finals-type intensity, lots of pressure, great tackling by both sides. A fierce contest. Both the big Essendon-Collingwood and Geelong-Sydney games are on Seven and 7mate today. The great Petro Civoniceva has come away with a fitting win in his last-ever home game at Suncorp Stadium. The big prop guided his beloved Broncos to a 19 to 12 victory over his former club, the 15th-placed Panthers. Man-of-the-match Peter Wallace slotting a 79th minute field goal to all but seal a finals berth. It's such an honour to play in front of you and represent you. Thank you very much. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) And the Rabbitohs have finished their season in the top four for the first time in 23 years following another Inglis-inspired win over Wayne Bennett's Knights in Newcastle. Sydney FC says with Italian superstar Alessandro Del Piero poised to join the club. The Sky Blues believe they're in the box seat ahead of several European sides looking to land the World Cup winner's signature but manager and brother Stefano says the deal isn't done yet. The deal, reportedly worth close to $2 million, would make Del Piero the highest-paid footballer in this country. A rapid-fire 61 from Mike Hussey guided the Aussies to a competitive 9/248 in the second one day international with Pakistan at Abu Dhabi. But in reply, Pakistan's top order have smashed the Australian bowlers. They were at a commanding 167/2 only a short time ago. To tennis, and defending champion Sam Stosur's stellar US Open form has continued, downing American Varvara Lepchenko 7-6, 6-2 in straight sets While reigning men's champ Novak Djokovic dropped just five games in cantering past Brazil's Rogerio Dutra Silva. And Lleyton Hewitt has just taken his round 2 match with Luxembourg's Gilles Muller into the deciding fifth set. , The fighter always fighting. Australia's Paralympic swimmers have dominated on day 2 of the Games in London. Ellie Cole and Matt Cowdrey both won gold in the 100m backstroke while Jacqui Freney took out the 50 backstroke. Maddison Elliott became our youngest ever Paralympic medallist with bronze in the 100 fly. She is just 13 years old. Earlier, cyclists Felicity Johnson and Stephanie Morton won gold in the 1k time trial. , We are second on the medal tally going very nicely. In training already for Brazil in 2016 is Nuala haifener this morning. This is a first for me. Not being on a treadmill. I did do that about five years ago I think but doing weather on a treadmill. Clearly my spring health kick is beginning five years ago I think but doing the

today. This is actually a treadmill athon. It's like a 24 hour treadmill challenge and it's to raise money for the very special kids piggy bank appeal. If you haven't heard of very special kids, they do very important work, caring for children with life threatening illness all these people have gone from noon, just under 5 hours to go, all these people are being sponsored to object these treadmills, including me, I don't think I'm giving them their money

worth. I did plan to do this cross running but it turns out, not that practical for me. I might just slow it down , Is it wrong that when they reach their 24 hour finale, they get a cake? A very special cake. Is it wrong that I was looking at that before I got on the treadmill a little bit. - hey, enough, enough. Enough, that is so mean. Another 20 minutes and I get cake. Cake at the end of the treadmill is the only way to do it. You hang a cake from the roof in the middle of the room so everybody is running towards it. I need to congratulate Nuala on her outfit. It's like a down the bottom but I'm going out. The party is on out. And full make-up at the gym. You can't even see her pantiness. I like I You can't even see her pantiness. I like to congratulate her on inventing a new word " inventing a new word "pantiness" inventing a new word "pantiness". I think pantiness just got the better of me. I was doing very well. Still to come, the call to combine the Olympics and Paralympics to stop discrimination. And why women are vowing to "submit" during their marriage vows. But after the break, what needs to change in Afghanistan, to keep our troops safe. We're back after this. (ENGINE REVS)

SONG: # Ahh ah-ah # Ah-ah ah-ah # Ahh ah-ah # Ah-ah ah-ah # I work the inside and they know what I've got # Transcontinental and they know it's my block # Ahh ah-ah # Ah-ah ah-ah... # At EnergyAustralia, we're changing to help our customers be more energy efficient. It starts with how we look. CHOIR: (SINGS) # Ah! # The more we know, the more we can help with efficient solutions. That's why we're heading out to see how customers use their energy. Fire! Aargh! Whoo-hoo! (GRUNTS) Perfect landing. Red Rooster wants to ask me some questions. Marketing. VOICEOVER: OK. Legends or Hawaiian? Limited time, only at Red Rooster. Five more diggers lost their lives, leaving behind grieving family and friends. But what lies ahead for our soldiers there, before we pull out? Dr Keith Suter is our foreign affairs editor. Morning, Keith. Can we do anything to stop the casualties?

, No. - you've got two types of casualities. One was the helicopter coming down but the other one is causing a lot of concern is the issue of friendly fire, green on coming down but the other one which

blue, the western troops are being seen as the blue. The Afghanis are the people wearing the green what we are seeing are people we are training turning the weapons on the NATO and Australian troops. So 14% of the casualities this year have actual by been inflicted under this so-called friendly fire where they are stunning the guns on the western forces. The American brass seem to be passing this off as possibly an inter-personal issue, an argument that escalated out of control but others aren't so sure. They they are Taliban plants. others aren't so sure. They think You've got three explanations one is the American argument, look, these are all localise the conflicts. are all localise the conflicts after are all localise the conflicts Afghanis don't like being given leader. The leader says no, this is the issue of Pakistan and Iran as well as Taliban causing unrest because it's part of the regional chest game that's going on. And own explanation, I think a lot of chest game that's going on. And my people are saying the westerners are leaving at the end of 2014, I've got to demonstrate to my Taliban colleague that is I was really on their side even though I was wearing a western uniform. In other words, I think we will see an increase in this type of violence. Now, I notice the Prime Minister is saying we are taking additional measures to try to prevent this but this is a real risk for our shoulders, not only our ones but the other NATO forces that are in the country as well. If your explanation is well, it doesn't Bode well, does it The Taliban - it sounds like are ready to flood back in and take off where they left off. They will certainly try to come They will certainly try to come back in but I think obviously you've got a number of after Ghan anies that have lived without the Taliban for a while. We don't want to have you back. When we pull out, we can expect conflict to continue. Gee, it's a terrible situation. OK. The boats of asylum seekers keep arriving, despite the tragedy at sea off Indonesia. What's the latest? , Well, I think what is interesting, an , Well, I think what is interesting, an angle that doesn't get enough attention is a reminder is how large is Australia's air responsibility. We have is Australia's air responsibility. We have got islands when the case of Cocos, for example, that's halfway to Sri Lanka. So, we are actually responsible for about 10% of the earth's surface so you begin at the south Poland move right up to the equator as you can see on that map there. So there is another story here, not only are the asylum seekers trying to get on to any bit of Australian territory, but of course, the concerns of the local people, those on the Cocos, 600 Indigenous Australians, Mal aorigins there, we inherited those from the British empire. We have responsibilities to those people. But their point of view doesn't get much attention. So they are being inundated with asylum seekers. There is also the prospect that the Defence Force might want to use that as a base. Clearly that's a very is also the prospect that the US

important piece of real estate. The shear size of the royal Australian Navy's area of responsibility that, we just assume it's just a handful of islands but it's actually a huge area that we are having to protect. I went up there last week, my story is tomorrow morning on the show Christmas Island and it took us two days to get there. It's only 300ks is tomorrow morning on the show to

off Indonesia and it's our territory. It's no surprises really that these boats come in there because it's a long way from Australia. Next there will be boat loads of Russian scientistss, showing up Macquarie island. We have as many Russian bases in trarkt, as we have American Here we are down the bottom of the world, nothing was going on, it's all happening. How did you think nothing was going on when Keith shows up. The party has arrived. When I hear his key in the dord, wow! We'll be back shortly with the latest news, sport, and weather. in Afghanistan.

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Australian forces are leading a man-hunt for the rogue Afghan soldier that killed three Aussies and injured two others at an army patrol base. While the names of the three have been withheld the nation is also mourning two commandos - Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald and Private Nathanael Galagher who were killed in a helicopter crash. I can just imagine that the whole family would be coming together and offering support to his mum and dad. The Government says Australia is committed to staying in Afghanistan. A strong undersea quake has rocked the Philippines, triggering tsunami warnings as far away as Japan and Papua New Guinea. At least one person was killed when the 7.6 magnitude quake struck off the coast. It's believed one house collapsed and thousands of people were left without power. All tsunami warnings have now been lifted. There is no risk to Australia or New Zealand. A union blockade at the Grocon site in Melbourne's CBD is costing taxpayers at least $5,000 a day. The CFMEU is planning to wind down its presence this weekend but it may resume the blockade next week. Both the union and the company are refusing to back down. The leadership of the CFMEU should make sure they comply with the law. They are not above the law. The Victorian premier has vowed to intervene if the blockade continues. A woman has been extradited from Italy to face court over the murder of Sydney brothers Albert and Mario Frisoli. The men were found stabbed to death at a home in Rozelle, in Sydney's inner-west, three years ago. Italian authorities arrested a 53-year-old woman in July over their deaths. She was escorted to Sydney by New South Wales police last night. She's been charged with two counts of murder and is due to face court today. A disgruntled worker in the US has opened fire on workers at a shopping complex in New Jersey. The 23-year-old entered the store at around 4:00 in the morning, firing up to 16 shots. Two workers were killed before the man turned the gun on himself. The shop was closed but around a dozen staff were working night shift. A Chinese-led consortium has been given the green light to take over Australia's largest privately owned farm and water user. Treasurer Wayne Swan has approved the sale of Cubbie Farm which lies across the New South Wales border in Queensland. The $320 million station has been under administration for three years with the government unable to find an Australian buyer. Mr Swan says water management would not be affected by the sale. Hollywood heart-throb Zac Efron has walked the red carpet in front of hundreds of screaming girls for the premiere of his new movie 'At Any Price' in Venice. Efron and his co-star posed for photos and signed autographs. And there were tears with some girls unable to cope with seeing the star up close and personal. There is a little bit of James Dean about Zach. Has anyone seen it. Really. In the way he looks. A long bow. He is very cute. If I was 13, I would be... Crying. She will look back one day and go, that was me. What was I A 4-goal haul to 'Buddy' Franklin has helped Hawthorn topple West Coast by 25 points at the MCG. Franklin was in show-stopping form as the Hawks crushed the Eagles with a 7-goal-to-1 opening term. Hawthorn withstood a final quarter fight-back from the Eagles with the win enough to secure the minor premiership. COMMENTATOR: No margin for error for the Eagles and that's the problem. A lovely goal-kicker. The Hawks, though, are likely to be without Brent Guerra for next week's home qualifying final after he limped off with a hamstring injury. The Rabbitohs are re-living days of old after getting over the Knights in Newcastle to finish the season in the top four for the first time since 1989. Souths front rower Roy Asotasi made an emphatic return after 20 rounds on the sidelines and Greg Inglis came up with one of the defensive plays of the season to lay the platform for an 18-6 Bunnies triumph. COMMENTATOR: And he'll get it over the line. John Sutton has scored for Souths! And a crowd of 35,000 turned out to Suncorp Stadium to farewell Broncos great Petro Civoniceva in his last home game. Brisbane accounted for the 15th-placed Panthers with a tight 19-12 win to all but secure a top-8 finish. Over to the US Open, and Lleyton Hewitt is locked in an epic 5-set battle with the 6-foot four giant Gilles Muller. The Australian was up 4-3 in the decider a short time ago. Earlier, defending champion Sam Stosur went through to the fourth round after a convincing straight-sets win over American Varvara Lepchenko which she once again celebrated with a shuffle. And, as expected, Novak Djokovic easily accounted for Brazil's Rogerio Dutra Silva, winning in three. A spectacular day in the pool for our paralympic swimmers with Matt Cowdrey, Ellie Cole and Jacqui Freney all claiming gold. While at the velodrome, Felicity Johnson and Stephanie Morton won gold in the 1km cycling time trial. The Aussies with seven gold medals, second on the table behind China. , I think Sam Stosur has - she last got the Guy who wrote that song, # Everybody shuffling # He is in her entourage, that's why she shufls after the match. Does Sam Stosur have an entourage. That sos cool. I would love one. You just have to be good at something. I just have to be good at something! OK. We are your entourage, Sam. Go and get me a drink. Kind off. Back to Nula, it's like the Chris ill B Dee treadmill. It's a cast of thousands out there. I get a approached on a daily basis with people wanting to be part of your treadmill. Most of them men. - I - part of your entourage, I've got treadmill on the brain. Welcome to the very special kids piggy bank appeal, 24 hour treadmill challenge. You don't see this every day. Every single treadmill in this room has been going been going continuously since noon yesterday. They are going to continue going until noon today. They have got 4 hours and 22 minutes to go. How are you going, everyone? Yes. Every single Yes. Every single person, they have been going through the night. They are being sponsored trying to raise money to help families caring with kids with life threatening illnesses. It's amazing who you run into, Cameron Ling, Scherri-Lee bigs over here, former Miss Universe Australia. Can you just see the difference, he do you remember when I was running on the treadmill, now look at Scherri-Lee. Not even any sweat. Not even I've got the hair up. She told me earlier she has fallen off a treadmill. Before we have a chat, let's have a look at this morning's weather. Brisbane, fine and 22. Sydney, windy and 18. Canberra, 14 and fine with some morning frost. Melbourne, a few morning showers and 16. Hobart, sunny and 15. Adelaide, early fog then sunny and 19. Perth, 20 with a few showers clearing. And a fine 33 for Darwin. , So this is very good of you, it's verier ri of you to get up and get on the treadmill. It's such a great cause. It's their 15 year anniversary so today is kicking off the appeal they are hoping to raise $ they are hoping to raise $1 million, because it's the anniversary. today is kicking off the appeal and

Lingy, it's wiwin, you get a work out. It's very good for me. I need the work. 12 months ago I might have been OK but I'm rubbish right now. If it makes you feel any better, I had to walk the whole way. So it up, Guys. We will be back in half an hour. had to walk the whole way. So keep

Thank an hour. Thank you, Nuala. It's a great idea. A good idea. They have been at it for almost 24 hours. Crazy. And now it's time for... (SINGS) # It's time for App of the Week, # App of the Week. # It's time for App of the Week, App of the Week. # , Loi of it when Daryl is away, it becomes a bit more beasty boys. And today, you have something for dads, Simon? , This could be part of your entourage, with the helicopter. I would like a helicopter. I am digging a hole for myself here. This is a free download. It's by a company called Silver Lit. This does not come free. It costs you. This is not going to work. We are going to need Ryan to wrangle here. You have your controls obviously here. Up and away. It's not going to crash in. This could go anywhere. When we get enough power, Oh my God. Keith. It's coming in. This is terrific. You land it on the drums. Look out for the light. Oh! Look out for the light. Oh!. Look out. It's still going. Sorry, I will power down. So it is pretty cool power down. So it is pretty cool and thank you. You did pretty well at that. It's like having a was of in the house that crashes into the curtains. A big dangerous was will. Here is the launch pad Sorry, Pete. Sorry about that. I gave you a very close shave on the head there. Pete is our launch pad. Protective Googles. Here we go. It's up there. It just It just took out the CEO - the new CEO. Is the idea that you can learn to be a helicopter pilot? We don't know where it's gone. Can I hear it but we don't know where it is. Here it comes. Right on to the base drum, beautiful. Sorry. It nearly took out Keith. This is fun, this is the best app yet. It is cost you about $ It is cost you about $60 to $ It is cost you about $60 to $80. They do Ferraris and helicopters and anything that can be control by of the little apps. You get about five minutes of flying time out of anything that can be control by one

it. Half an hour to charge it on a

little Usb. You charge the chopper on a USB. So off your laptop. So many people will love this. So it's like the modern day remote control car. That's your little control panel right there. It's a modern day remote control car except it's a chopper. Silver Lit. I was trying to sort out the applications for it. It's just for fun. You could spy. You put a camera on it, you can see what the neighbours are doing in their pool. They have a larger one which has a camera on top. Follow your husband to the pub. Hope he doesn't notice. Oh well, I am sure. Just sitting Tah bar next to you, buzzing around. he doesn't notice. Oh well, nothing

You must come home now. You must come home now! come home now!. That's right. Starts firing little things at awe. You just send it down to the pub when it is time for you to come home. Off he goes. He can hop on it and ride had home It's the neighbour's kids will love it. It's sort of thing that will disappear over the fence in the first four minutes and never be seen again. I'm scared of that thing. Me too. Ryan, you killed it. Owe dear. In a moment, how to spring into a new season a whole lot happier. Dr Ginni has five easy tips. And later, do the Paralympics encourage discrimination? Coming up, the man who wants them combined with the Olympics. When you're suffering with the aches, pains and congestion of cold and flu, it can be a real struggle. (LABORIOUS TUBA MUSIC) Introducing Nurofen Cold & Flu. It's dual action works with your body to target aches and pains and helps clear nasal congestion. So to get on with your day, trust the dual action of new Nurofen Cold & Flu: so why not escape to beautiful Tasmania with these great low fares? Take off from Melbourne Tullamarine to Hobart from $69, Sydney to Launceston from $79 or Brisbane to Launceston from just $149. Fares are one-way and checked baggage is not included. Not available on all flights and days. Conditions apply. For more details and to book your low fare to Tassie, visit (BAND PLAYS 'RAIN' BY DRAGON) With spring now upon us, it's time to shake those winter blues and get happy! But that could be easier said than done and the problem might be happiness blockers. Our resident GP, Ginni Mansberg, is here to explain. Ginni, do we really have the ability to sabotage our own happiness? I don't think a lot of us realise we are doing it. People are just letting things get them down. We people are not very good at picking at what will make us happy. We always think it will be winning the lottery or getting pregnant finding a man. I think a lot of people tell you to snap out of it lottery or getting pregnant or

and just be happen and just be happy. You can't manage your own emotions. It's not like you can pick and choose you're motions. It's the thoughts that you have that lead the way you feel. You can muck around with your thoughts. You can actually change the way you are thinking and take charge and make yourself happy so there yourself happy so there are quite a few happiness blockers. , I think when you going through something really bad, your friends gather around you and give you support. After a while, you can attract the bad time friends who trap you you are in a victim. You will gravitate to them, because they make you feel like " make you feel like "poor you" but a really good friend would lift you up out of it. It's time to move on now. It can be really difficult to realise that the people I am hanging out with are trapping me in this bad space. There are other bad energy people. A lot of us are in jobs particularly, in the current financial crisis that we wish we didn't have to be in where there are a lot of toxic environments going on. I see this all the time at work. People breaking down. You may need some professional help if you can't quit your job. , The next one is money. We know for sure, being poor and unable to feed your children or yourself or get adequate care, develop situate a path to unhappiness. Once you hit a certain yourself or get adequate health

threshold and research has told that threshold and research has told that's an income of about 95,000. Once you sort of getting about $ Once you sort of getting about $80,000 a year in income for family, beyond that's you don't increase your happiness. Really. Yeah. So a lot of people put - I will be happy when I win the lottery. I will be happy when I get a pay rise. They obsess so much

money. They stop to enjoy the money and research has shown OK, thinking about the past. How does that affect our happiness? and research has shown that.

You know a lot of people get obsessed about the past, what could have been is a big one. Who did want what to me. You are giving your happiness control to something you can't control any more. Here you are, this is what has happened with

your life. How will you move on from here, what has happened in the past, Tour de France put it behind and Tour de France put it behind Tour de France put it Tour de France put Tour de France here, what has happened in the past, here, what has happened in the here, what has happened you have to put it behind you. What about our appearance? Surely, looking good will make you feel better. I know that sounds very shallow but it does help. I think when you look good, you feel good. That definitely works. But then there is a certain point where you end up at the Beau tigs or the plastic surgeon, obsessing about looking better and better and picking holes in yourself. You look in the mirror and nothing is good enough. You are sabotaging your own happiness. We know that catwalk models aren't all that happy. They seem to be less happy than people in wheelchairs, so you can go so far with trying to look perfect and maybe you need to tone it down a bit and be happy with what you've got. We are running out of time, but not being fell being We are running out of time, but not being selfish is the best. Giving giving, being grateful for what you've got. Others are always worse off than you. I feel better already, thank you, Ginni. , I know a lot of people think I obsess about my physical appearance but I'm just naturally this On the way - when the nation's good times might end, plus, how to prepare. Then the marriage vows which have women "submit" to their husbands. But next, Mitt Romney's promises to the American people. What kind of president could he be? We're live to Nashville. It's where asylum seekers are raised , and hopes. With a paradise you won't see on the news. Plus, looks like team spirit. Meet the girls who practice exorcism. They are deadly serious about Demons. Then the funny Brit with the funny hair. Bill Bailey from black Bailey from Bailey black books and xraf hopeful. Weekend Sunrise from 7 am To America now where there's been a big hurricane and a lot of hot air blowing at the Republican convention. , He has packed up his banjo and headed to Nashville. What is the latest on Hurricane Isaac. I thought we would be in the midst of about 2 inches of rain, 5 centimetres of rain right now but it hasn't arrived. It has been springling throughout the day, as

the effects of Isaac, he has been downgraded to a tropical storm now, tropical depression but it is moving inland slowly, cominging to areas like this. It stalled out over New Orleans for the first couple of days and sadly, four people lost their lives, a couple, a man and a woman were found drowned in their house overnight. 50,000 people evacuated when it was feared the dam was about to bust but thankfully that didn't happen. The levees in happen. The levees in New Orleans held up. Now that storm is moving inland. Bringing with it lots of rain, 10 centimetres in some areas. Much of the centre of America has been in the grip of a 40 year drought - a drought that has been the worse in 40 years. They the worse in 40 years. They are hoping that may break it. But time to harvest those crops, but they may have red it. I have a place to go to wait, that's Honourable can I Tonks bar. A lot of music, it's very loud. Sadly we are just passing through. It sounds like a good place to hang around. Did we learn anything new about Mitt Romney during the republic convention? We certainly learned a bit about his wife who was a great hit. Yeah, absolutely, Ann, Romney, a big hit. We have then a bit of a bounce going into the con vehicles, Obama held a very small percentage lead in the national polls. Coming out, that lead now belongs to Romney. It's a bit deceptive. This will be decided in battleground states. This convention was all about seeing the real Mitt. The Democrats have been painting him as agreedy capitalist. They have worked very hard to show the real seeult of Mitt and members of his Mormon Church got up to show how generous he was. There were lots of tears when one couple described how he helped their young dying son write his will. Romney says that Obama has promised to transform America. He will reform America. Let's listen to some of his speech. To the majority of Americans who now believe that the future will not be better than the past, I can guarantee you this. If Obama is re-elected, you will be right. Yes. So, I don't know. Do you think that - has there that - has that - has there been any immediate sign that it has changed people's opinion about what kind of president he might be, Mike? Yeah, that little bounce but I think that will probably be temporary. This is going to go right down to the wire. You know, this is all going to be about the economy, Mitt Romney promised to create 12 million jobs last night. This country certainly needs it. A bizarre appearance ever Clint Eastwood who was the surprise speaker. It was bizarre who gave this monologue next to an empty chair which was meant to represent Obama. Mitt Romney has vowed to take a tougher stance on Russia. Let's hear what he had to say about that. He is eager to give Russia's president Putin the flexibility he desires after the election. Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty and Mr Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone. He is a very flexible man, Vladimir Putin. It's all that Jujitsu, Mike. He is taking a different tone to the election of Obama four years ago. We will have to see where it takes us. That will have to see where it takes us. That Clint Eastwood thing was so hot. It was look patching a play. Thank you, Mike. Have a good time in Nashville. It showed how good his screen writers are. Yeah, good thing. Thank God for screen writers. Enjoy the As the hunt continues for a rogue Afghan soldier who gunned down three Australians, Julia Gillard says leaving Afghanistan would hand back control to the Taliban. Two other soldiers who were killed in a helicopter crash have been named as Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald and Private Nathanael Galagher. I cannot and will not countenance giving a strategic victory to people who have made it their work to kill Australian soldiers. The names of three other soldiers have been withheld. The construction union says it'll wind down its blockade at the Grocon site in Melbourne this weekend but may step things up again from Monday. The industrial stalemate is dragging on as both sides refuse to back away. Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has warned he may be forced to step in. and allow the rule of law in Victoria to be trashed by militant union leadership. The Victorian Supreme Court has already ordered the CFMEU to end the blockade. Two people are in hospital with serious injuries after their car slammed into a tree in Sydney's south-west last night. The car was travelling along Railway Parade at Fairfield just after midnight. It came off the road and hit the tree. The driver was able to be rescued and taken to hospital but the passenger was trapped for around two hours. Two women were left with cuts and bruises last night after a truck hit the awning of a building, causing it to collapse. The truck was travelling along Brunswick Street in Brisbane when it hit the building. Wood and debris crumbled onto the footpath. It is a 1-in-1,000 sort of incident and the weight of the awning that fell, the girls are very, very lucky to get away with it. The women were assessed on the scene and are OK. One person is dead and more than 4,000 others have been evacuated as bushfires threaten tourist resorts in the Spanish resort city of Marbella. Authorities are blaming arsonists for the blaze , As far as you can see, the fire ragees. Repping through mile after mile, destroying everything in its path. And now this huge fire has reached Malbella . Going to bring any more. It was absolutely massive. Horrendous, absolutely horrendous and all the time we are thinking, are people - what can we do and then we realise... we realise.... Until conditions change for the fire crews, this must seem like an impossible task. In just a few hours, there was an 8 mile stretch A lot of people who literally grabbed their bags and run. It's scary, very scary but you know, what can do you? You can just pray and hope that the fire doesn't spread. For the thousands spread out of their homes, sports Halls have been turn food evacuation centres. It's somewhere to sleep but little comfort when everything you own is at risk. There are hundreds of firefighters on the ground while helicopters dump tonnes of water from above. Their best hope is that the wind changes before even more the wind changes before even more is destroyed. Australian authorities have called off the search for more survivors from the latest asylum seeker boat disaster. 55 people have been plucked from the water and taken to Indonesia. But the survivors say around 100 others didn't make it. That includes children, women and children. We screamed but nobody respond. The survivors will be processed in Indonesia. A giant sand sculpture of John Lennon has been unveiled in Lithuania to mark the opening of the country's annual arts festival. It was constructed in the same spot where a statue of the Soviet Union's Vladimir Lenin once stood. It took artists two days and 100 tonnes of sand to build and it will stand for a month dedicated to the 50th anniversary of The Beatles. Hawthorn has secured the AFL's minor premiership with a 25-point win over West Coast at the MCG. The Hawks fired early with 7-goal-to-1 first quarter to lead by 38 at half time but were lucky to hold on after a stirring comeback from the Eagles in the last quarter. COMMENTATOR: They're just a tough side to keep down for four quarters and that's what we're going to find in all the games from this point on. Depending on results, Hawthorn could face either Collingwood or a re-match with West Coast in next week's home qualifying final. Brisbane's Petro Civoniceva has left Suncorp Stadium a winner in his last ever home game against his former club, the Panthers. As usual, the big prop set the platform for the Broncos as they prized a 7-point win from a tough match almost guaranteeing them a finals berth. Just so grateful for all the support over the years and nothing better than playing out here. And in Newcastle, the Rabbitohs dug deep against Wayne Bennett's Knights to win 18-6 and finish in the top four. They're now likely to face off against the Storm in a Melbourne final next weekend. In news just out from the US Open, Lleyton Hewitt has won his second-round match against the big-serving Gilles Muller. He did it in true Hewitt style, coming back from a set down to win in five after 4.5 hours on the court. Earlier, defending champion Sam Stosur disposed of American Varvara Lepchenko a lot quicker in straight sets. The reigning men's champ Novak Djokovic made easy work of Brazil's Rogerio Dutra Silva. And Bernard Tomic is scheduled to take the court against retiring American Andy Roddick this morning. Pakistan is charging towards victory in the second one day match against Australia. Mike Hussey top scored with 61 In reply, Nasir Jamshed blasted his way through Australia's bowling ranks but fell 3 short of his ton. A short time ago, Pakistan was 3/214 after 37 overs. A huge day in the pool for Australia's Paralympic swimmers with Ellie Cole, Matt Cowdrey and Jacqui Freney all winning gold. At the velodrome, Felicity Johnson and Stephanie Morton took out the 1k time trial while some tense moments followed when Great Britain's defending champion Jody Cundy was disqualified from the men's event. I've wasted 4 years of my life on this. Cundy later apologised to the crowd. He stopped riding. He thought the race was going to be recalled. The judges said " judges said "ride on quality quality. You can imagine his disappoint. What was the initial problem. It was basically traction. Then the judges ruled that it was his fault, so he was recalled. Horrible. What a shame. You never want to see that. You can understand his frustration. His absolute His absolute frustration, terrible. I have to say, you changed your on the Aussies. I have to say, you changed your tune Did I first sports cross, you said they have a very competitive, they are calling it always gettable. You are paying attention. I will turn like that. For a first time for a while. He is a fair weather sports caster. Nools, was reporting from behind union lines, it's a bit easier this morning or maybe not. I am in here, hold on, I have just got to - here we go. Hello. Now, I know the collective noun for pig assistance a drove. I am not sure what it is for piggy banks. They will be heading out around Melbourne as part of the very special kids piggy bank appeal. While everyone is inside on the treadmill, buzzy raising money, I thought I would come out here and count the money, all going to an incredibly good cause. Supporting families who are caring for children with life threatening illnesses. While they are busy , And there we go. Another first this morning. Flattering. Exiting out of the rear end of Giant piggy bank as you do. I have been counting. They are hope to go Exiting out of the rear end of a

raise 1 million. They are almost halfway there already. If you see these beautiful little piggies around Melbourne, get out a gold coin and just quietly, would it be cool if you had a biggy bank this big as a child. Things could have been very different for me. The Rinehart children had one a bit like that. Then help had a fight over them. Gina told us that, we know. And John Elliot as the case may be. There was a very John Elliot moment, pig's areas. Don't say that. I said that to privately. I don't use that word. Don't say that. I said that to you So privately. I don't use that word. So I shouldn't mention the stuff about you getting so drunk that you fell off your children. Stop it. I didn't, mum. Someone pushed me On the way, a guide to just about everything - even surviving quicksand! We'll put it to the test. Straight ahead, though, is it time to bring the Olympics and Paralympics together? The radical twist to equality, when we return. VOICEOVER: New from Air Wick - a glowing candle that gently changes colour to create an enchanting mood. Its delicate aroma will captivate you and brighten your world. The new Air Wick Multicolour Candle. As a skin specialist, the products I recommend have to be proven to work. That's why I recommend Head & Shoulders for effective dandruff protection. And now Head & Shoulders lets you prove it for yourself. This is a proof strip, and this is the proof of Head & Shoulders dandruff protection. VOICEOVER: For a limited time, you can see the results yourself with two free proof strips when you buy Head & Shoulders.

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bring on the Subway Club. Turkey, ham and roast beef the good gear. It's only 4.8g of fat. restaurant of James Magnussen and athletes everywhere. Train hard. Eat fresh. It's where asylum seeker hopes are raised and dashed. But there's another side to Christmas Island. Samantha Armytage with a paradise you won't see on the news. Plus, looks like team spirit. Meet the girls who practice exorcism. Their deadly see just about Demons. Then the funny Brit with the funny hair. Bill Bailey from Bill Bailey from black books and xraf hopeful. The London Olympics inspired the world last month. Now, it's the Paralympics' turn. , Some would say they are even more inspirational. The question is, should the two events be separator together in one big celebration of sport? Let's ask Graeme Innes who is Australia's Disability Discrimination Commissioner and former Paralympic swimmer, Karni Liddell. Good morning to both of you. Graeme, do you think the Paralympics being separate from the Olympics creates discrimination? I wouldn't go so far to say it creates discrimination but EU hit creates discrimination but EU creates discrimination but I think it's unfortunate that they are separate. I think it would be good to have them together. And frankly, with our Paralympians, performing more strongly than our Olympians on this occasion, we probably put some more medals in the cupboard. It does seem sort of arbitrary they are separate, doesn't it? But I guess how would it work in - just in It does seem sort of arbitrary that

practical terms, Karni, you've competed in two par competed in two Paralymipc games, what is your view on that. I would not like to see them put together. Simply because I think for those two those two weeks of a Paralymipc's life, it's our chance to feel like the majority and to the majority and to shine and for the first time, especially for the teenagers of the team, it's the first time they feel like part of the crowd. They can feel popular, they can flirt, they can do all those things that they don't do at school for the first time and feel gentlemen and fast and fit. I would like it to remain separate so they do feel like the star for those two weeks. We jokingly call the Olympics the dress rehearsal anyway and we are the main event. I guess you've got an athlete like Usain Bolt, he if they were joined together, he would totally overshadow the Olympic Parks. With swimming classes, we have got 14 classes. There would be have to be 14 raises before Michael Phelps, lodge isly it would be very difficult and I think that people would be most disadvantaged would be the most disabled athletes. Certainly Graeme, many would argue that's a good thing that you would be sitting there watching the Paralympians compete. I think it's a good thing. And look, I take Karni's point to an Ex territory and Kurt fernly tweeted the other day that he was the other day that he was enjoying just being in the dining haul with all the important Olympics and not having the usual stares and look and Karni and I are used to getting every day. I understand that point. But someone week Matt cow dri, in relative terms is an ununknown in Australian swimming but he has probably God more medals than Phelps, has. We have got world class athletes who are not being shown to the greatest extent possible they are in the Paralymipcs rather than the oips. the greatest extent possible because

than the oip Olympics. I would like to see those Guys profiled. What should be celebrating is not the fact, isn't that wonderful people do to see those Guys profiled. What we

that despite their disability, should be celebrating these Guys are incredibly good athletes. Like Karni that despite their disability, we

and like many others. I must say, Graeme, watching the opening ceremony of the Paralymipcs the other day, which was an incredible spectacle and I thought a really beautiful event, the focus was on disability I suppose as just a part of life and a potentially you know, really attractive and empowering part of life and you might not get that focus if you rolled them into one. Well, look, Well, look, I being not sure of that. You are right that that's where the focus needs to be. Disability is part of our life. It's 20% of the Australian population. It's everyone It's 20% of the Australian population. Everywhere. I think if you saw events taking place with people with disability next to people without disability, that that would reinforce that point. I suppose we will never know until we try. The fantastic thing about the Paralymipcs is you know what, I was listening to interviews this morning and the stadiums and places where the events are being held, the tickets are harder to get in London for the Paralymipcs than they were for the Olympics. Do you think we will ever see them merge together. I really hope not. I am all for interest graix, when I was at school, out I could keep up in the magistrates class or the English class, integration works fantastically at school when it comes to mind, with a physical disability, when I am in a assist wheelchair, on sports day, I would feel slow. I would have to get disability, when I am in a power

a able bodied person to push me over the grass but I would come home with the good try ribbons. So I just want those two weeks to be in a person of disability's life when they shine. They are the star, they are the main event. And they feel just like everybody else. And they can walk with their limps without feeling like they are walking with a limp so I would hate to take that way. We have had a lot of emails about this. Mick on wheels, who I assume is par pledgic, and he is in fact a great singer according to our great guitarist, Mick says he was in the Paralymipc squad for two years, we do it purely for passion and in pride in ourselves and in our fap family. There is no money in disabled sport. So our motivations are real and pure" in his words. Sue says personally says I would rather watch the Paralymipc, they look they are having loads more fun and someone is criticising them about watch the Paralymipc, they look like

how many medals they did or didn't win. Just by the way, we are doing very well. That's right, there is not a basis for criticism. Exactly. We will have to leave it there. Great to talk to both both of you, thank you for joining Thank you, thank you for joining us. you, thank you for joining us. Thank Still to come, the push to make Australia the global HQ for kindness. Find out who's already on board. Also, the guide to the skills you always wanted - like rocket science! What can you learn from it? VOICEOVER: Once there was a little girl named Laura, who was busy exploring the world, when nasty Pain and Fever stopped her in her tracks. Luckily, Mum relies on Nurofen for Children. It gets temperature back to normal faster than paracetamol and provides up to 8 hours of fever relief so Laura can get back of being an explorer.

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price of your export falls price of your export falls relative to price of your export falls relative to the price of your imports as Australia experiencing at the moment. It's very likely to lead to currency weakness. Claus, Australian analysts have said that your report is nothing new and that comparisons to Europe are unfounded. What do you say to that? Well, certainly, what we report in our report it has been in the mainstream for a while. We have been writing about Australia for a while. In terms of the comparison with Europe, Australia is not necessarily Europe. Australia has its own central bank. Australia can act to extend for example, Spain and Ireland can't. But consider this point, before the crisis in Ireland and Spain, everybody talked about the fact that government debt in these two countries were sound. Government debt in in Australia is sound. But when you have a big banking sector that might get into trouble, the government will tend to assume liabilities, that's when you get into trouble and that's with when the central bank is likely to have to provide liquidity to the banks and also reduce interest rates which will lead to a weaker currency. Kochie, a lot of the Australian banking experts were saying this week, when the mining boom does tail off a bit, that the other sectors of the economy, of the two speed economy, will get up to speed and fill the void. Do you think there is fire to this smoke that is being talked about Definitely I actually think we are at a bit of a tipping point. I am pretty nervous about the next couple of months because I think a lot of Australian politicians, a lot of Australian economists are tend to be looking at Australia a bit like Alice through the looking Glass. It's a bit too roes rosy. He is right with commodities with China. We are starting to see it even now. There was one night during the week, where the iron ore price fell 7% where the iron ore price fell 7%. That's our biggest export. It's down over 50% since this time last year. Wool has taken a battering. All of these commodities aimed at China. Now, clause's point, it's the property market that's the big issue. Of our five major capital city, all five are in the top ten most expensive property markets in the world. That's mainly because property across the rest of the world has dropped so much. What is a bit after cushion to those property prices from actually crashing deeply, is the fact there seems to be a shortage of property and also, there is a lack of construction. have just had these new figureness the last week as well saying there is a lack of construction. We

dwelling constructions and finance approvals are really low. So there is not much coming in the pipeline. That will That will probably be good for prices but he makes some good point which we should actually be taking onboard because the boom is not going to be booming to the extent over the next year or two and I am a bit nervous that we're - that we're being lure food a false sense being lure food a false being lure food a being lure food being lure being lure into a false sense of security? What can Australians do in the next couple of years. See, Claus's big point is it's not government debt that's the problem. It's our debts, ourselves as individual, the size of our mortgage. Yes, we are reducing the balances of our credit cards and our credit card transaction, we have to do it more. We have to cut our debt and live within our means. I think that's the big message. It's not grandfinalist debt that's the problem. It's our debt and we can do something about it. Thank you for joining thus morning, do you agree with Kochie that the reduction is in personal debt will be a big part of solving this potential problem. Yes, absolutely. I would also point to the fact that your flexion to the fact that your flexible. You have your own independent central bank and a government sector and you have a fiscal situation which looks sustainable. It's a 67 more flexible situation in Australia than in Europe. Our call is again, that all the policy tools that will be necessary in Australia will lead to a weaker a weaker currency. Thank you so much for that. Thank you for getting up for us this morning, Kochie. Not a problem at all. News time now. Here's Jess. Australian forces are leading a man-hunt for the rogue Afghan soldier that killed three Aussies and injured two others at an army patrol base. While the names of the three have been withheld, the nation is also mourning two commandos, Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald and Private Nathanael Galagher who were killed in a helicopter crash. The Government says Australia is committed to staying in Afghanistan. Tsunami warnings in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Papua New Guinea have been cancelled after a large undersea earthquake. One person was killed when the 7.6 magnitude quake rocked the Philippines. It flattened at least one home and cut power to thousands of locals. Ongoing protests at the Grocon site in Melbourne are expected to be scaled back this weekend. The CFMEU says it will wind back its presence but may resume the blockade next week. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not going to stand by and let the law in Victoria be trashed by a militant union leadership. The bill for policing the site has already topped $2 million. A woman has been extradited from Italy to face charges over the murder of two Sydney brothers three years ago. The 53-year-old was originally arrested in July. She was escorted back to Sydney last night. The woman is accused of stabbing Albert and Mario Frisoli at a home in Rozelle in Sydney's inner-west. And a lonely lion at a Paraguay zoo is getting a chance at love, thanks to a Customs dispute. A circus owner with six lionesses was stopped at the border for having the wrong paperwork. The zoo offered to temporarily take them in. The circus owner was so thankful, he decided to let one stay. , I thought we were going to get through the whole show without a whole love sick Lion story. Is that the same as the smoking orange ewe tan. I would be very surprised if they haven't met? Imagine if we put all these animals together. Don't talk about the smoking monkey. We got a lot of Mon emails about that. # The Lion sleeps tonight # Updating sport, and Hawthorn has locked in the AFL's minor premiership following a 25-point win over West Coast at the MCG. 'Buddy' Franklin set up the Hawks' win, booting four goals of seven in the opening term. The Broncos have all but guaranteed a finals berth and sent inspirational prop Petro Civoniceva out a winner in his last home game against the Panthers. The Rabbitohs have thrilled their very patient fans, outgunning the Knights to finish the season in the top four. And a big day for the Aussies at the US Open - Sam Stosur is through to the fourth round, trumping American Varvara Lepchenko 7-6, 6-2 while the incredible Lleyton Hewitt came from two sets to one down to claim a memorable 5-set victory against Gilles Muller. Bernard Tomic is up against the retiring American Andy Roddick shortly. The Aussies, Pakistan cruising to victory while the medal count in the Paralymipc, Australia is second on the table. They are doing remarkably well. For the final time here, here is Nools. , We are in the final 3 hours of the piggy bank appeal. So they have brought in the big guns. We have got 7-year-old Sam here. How much have you raised $ have you raised 7-year-old Sam here. How much money

$ have you raised $2, have you raised $2,230. Wow, not bad at all. We have got the kids from the 'Amazing Race', Shane, sayer a good to see that you've got your Hummers on. I am struggling with this treadmill. The high heel runners. They take off. While these Guys shrug it out, let's take a look at the The high heel runners. They will

weather for the final time. Brisbane, fine and 22. Sydney, scattered showers and 18. with some morning frost. Melbourne, a few showers and 16. Hobart, sunny and 15. Adelaide, early fog then sunny and 19. Perth, 20 with a few showers clearing. , This is where it's Allworth it. This

is where the Guys have raised all that money get to relax. Have you seen the cake. Look at the cake. That's what I will be enjoying at noon o'clock when we finish. Congratulations to everybody, if you see the piggy banks around the place, please cough up, it's a great course. You can't say you warrant warned with a cake that is shaped like a pig. There is truth in advertising. I I love those high heel runners. Why

do I get me some of those? The world's richest woman sparked a class war this week. In a blunt assault on workers, Gina Rinehart said they should drink and smoke less She won few friends but s