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(generated from captions) seem to feel justified to open fire and kill them. Thank you, appreciate your time. The attacks have shocked both sides of politics. Let's check in with our Big Guns - and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Environment Minister Tony Burke. Good morning to you both. Tony, the PM acknowledges questions these deaths will prompt new What's your answer to those? The first instance, Joe and I were talking about this before hand, no-one gets away from the poirs oint of the -- first point of the deepest sympathies to the families of those involved. It is something the whole nation feels. We do need to remember why we are there in the first place. The Taliban had become a hotbed and a home for terrorism networks around the world, including networks that were killing Australians. We need to be able to stay the course so we can leave an Afghanistan capable of defending itself. The transition out, we are already in that phase now. We are in the final phase of the transition and it's important that we don't leze sight of the Australia got involved in the first direct national interest why

place. But if it is not the Taliban, a couple of colleagues shooting in the back. Why don't we speed up a couple of colleagues shooting you that transition and say, " that transition and say, "Hey, the locals don't want us there, let alone the Taliban. Let's get out quicker." quicker."? Well, I totally agree alone the Taliban. Let's get out

with Tony but I just say to you, let's deal the facts. There are 350,000 in the Afghan National Army, 100,000 international troops there, so it has been wound down sig knltly. The aff-- significantly. The Afghan army is copping most of the casualties. They are fighting the Taliban and copping most of the casualties. Not us. That is really sad. That is the way it should be. It is their country. It is the way it should be and we are training them. But you still got Taliban walking into classrooms full of young girls and blowing themselves up because they don't believe should be educated. I had in my own up because they don't believe women electorate, a woman who saw her husband and 9-year-old child beheaded by the Taliban and she came to Australia as a refugee. For my perspective, this is evil. What they did was commit murder. This guy committed murder against three Australians. He needs to be hunted down and brought to justice but whenever a murderer gets away with it, they will do it again. We have got to hunt them down, bring them justice and make sure they control got to hunt them down, bring them to their own country. the building union and police Now to the tense stand-off between in Melbourne. at the Grocon construction site Bill Shorten has been trying Tony, Workplace Relations Minister to this dispute. to help find a solution its union mates to cool it? But can't the government just tell You've got Fair Work in construction with significant powers on this. They have been engaged so far. I can understand when passions run high, when you talk about safety and in an occupation where accidents involve fatalities, but there is no place for the sorts of vien lns we have seen. -- violence, no place. Former PM John Howard saidbri back individual contracts like WorkChoices. No, it is not about individual contracts but the Government abolished the building and construction commission, which we set up, which was a tough cop on the beat with all the resources to stamp out industrial thuggery. This threatening and bullying behaviour is being broadcast around the world, to anyone who wants to invest in Australia, " Australia, "Don't bother. You will have to deal with militant unions." It is a militant act, it is unlawful. The riots are unlawful should be promptly dealt with by the unlawful. The riots are unlawful and Blease. The current Fair Work Australia is as weak as water and they have got to step up to plate. Why did you get rid of it? It they have got to step up to the seemed to be working, the tough cop. We established the Fair Work Australia. Nothing like the resources. You can't say because we have got a different organisation therefore, all the power and authority is gone. You can't argue that. Thank you. You both have your dads around, may you enjoy it, have breakfast in bed and enjoy it. Breakfast in bed? Planning it at Christmas. I don't even get it as Christmas. No Justin Bieber... Alright, maybe you both get whatuous