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(generated from captions) A tense stand-off in Melbourne. face off with angry workers Hundreds of riot police to boil over again. as the building dispute threatens in their car in a Sydney street. Two men die after being shot Support for our soldiers of life in combat since Vietnam. as Australia mourns the worst loss The push to prosecute aimed at Charlotte Dawson. over offensive online posts Our kids have grown up, with our time. we have to do something and still going strong. 50 years of fun in the sun (SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Reach out for the sunrise. # this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, Good morning. I can tell you - their concert in Sydney last night fans of the Beach Boys loved We rocked the All Phones Arena. 50? When they wrote the songs, radio wouldn't accept anything over 2 minutes 30, so they are pretty short. Melbourne's turn tonight. Speaking of Melbourne. at the Grocon site in the CBD Things are getting tense with police on Tuesday. where building unionists clashed beginning right now with Nat. We have live coverage, and the CFMEU looks set to worsen The dispute between Grocon failed to resolve the situation after the industrial umpire at a hearing last night. correspondent Nick Etchells. For more I'm joined by Sunrise outside Grocon's Myer Emporium site Nick, riot police have assembled overnight? Well, Nat, after the confrontation between police ask unionists earlier this week, the police decided on a different tactic overnight. At 3:00 they moved in ipfull riot gear -- in full riot gear at the Grocon site. It was unmanned at the time. The unions off to my right here and the riot police horses and other officers in the background. Those are just the reserves. Behind this crush, what you can't see is a temporary fence the police set up at 3:00 this morning with hundreds of officers standing behind it on their side, the unionists standing on this side. There is a union loud Hayler every 15 minutes or so is firing up and giving a pep talk to the troops. What thaivds they are not here for a brawl, if the police think they are going to have a brawl, thais are mistaken -- they are mistaken. Now it seems the police are here in force they are not so keen for the argy bargey. So everything is static. The police are on high alert, the construction stops in the rain, but not the protests. Thank you, keeping up up to date all morning in Melbourne. in a targeted hit in Sydney's west. Two men have been shot dead in a Toyota Hilux on Boronia street The victims were sitting around 9:00 last night in South Wentworthville by a gunman. when they were approached Police arrived on the scene Both men died in hospital overnight. for the gunman. A manhunt is now underway home to Australia overnight The Prime Minister has returned Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. following the deaths of five to the Cook Islands, Julia Gillard cut short her trip late last night arriving in Canberra to a nation deep in mourning. in a helicopter crash Two soldiers were killed and three were shot dead in an Afghan army uniform. by a man dressed the mission is therefore eroded. If that trust is eroded, questions being asked right now. There will be some very difficult Another two were wounded. of life since the Vietnam War. It's our single biggest loss condolences to the victims' families The Prime Minister has sent her our troops out of Afghanistan. but she's resisting calls to pull on abuse via social media There are calls for tougher laws Twitter attack after a vicious targeted rushed to hospital. saw TV host Charlotte Dawson over 100 hateful messages Dawson received who told her to "go hang herself" after she publicly outed a user a full recovery. She's expected to make Coming up - property prediction. homeowners to buy, buy, buy. Aussie John's call for aspiring But first, here's Kochie. Some pretty ugly figures on Wall Street overnight. It's just closing

1. So it has just kept above the 107 points. To be basically, 13,000 13,000 point mark. It all started in Europe. Decisions to delay Spain's bail-out, the focus back on Europe. And also, a bit of nervousness ahead of Ben Bernanke, the boss of Federal Reserve, who will be talking of Ben Bernanke, the boss of the tonight our time. To our region yesterday, a thumping. Down 31 points each. Why? The fall in the iron ore price that we told about this time yesterday really hit iron ore price that we told you the major miners. BHP and Rio, their prices suffered. crashing yesterday, We talked about iron-ore prices at what impact that will have so let's have a look on our export markets. Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. continue to fall overnight? Did iron-ore prices A bit of a nervy time for investors after the fall in iron ore prices this time yesterday? Certainly, Kochie. We are seeing the iron ore price fall again overnight, down to $ to $88. to $88.70 a tonne. The cost of price fall again overnight, down 2% production here in Australia is $ a tonne, so it's stel wv above the production here in Australia is $50

cost of production but it will weigh on BHP share price today and the likes of Fortescue and Rio Tinto as well. Iron ore accounts for 20% of our goods and services exports. it is not the majority but certainly our goods and services exports. So significant. It is 4% of our economy, our GDP. So it will have an impact and constrain our exports it won't derail our economy, there impact and constrain our exports but is plenty going on. Is the coal price holding up? The coal price is holding up OK, the coking coal price, in terms of making steal, is certainly down -- making steel is certainly down but the thermal price is holding OK. One thing to watch, the wool price is dropping dramatically and again, it is because China is buying less of orwool. Thank you and good look to your boys on the we could. the AFL minor premiership Hawthorn can seal at the MCG tonight. with a win over West Coast Cyril Rioli will play for the Hawks from training yesterday. despite an early exit impressive win over Collingwood The Eagles are on a high after their their spot in the top four. and need to back it up to secure game at Suncorp Stadium tonight Petero Civoniceva will play his last in the NRL's final round. as the Broncos host Penrith a 6-game losing streak Brisbane needs to snap in the top eight to nail their spot while Souths can guarantee themselves a top-4 finish with a win over Newcastle tonight. Fifth seed Jo-Wilfred Tsonga has been knocked out in the second round of the US Open. Slovakian Martin Klizan caused the upset of the tournament, beating the Frenchman in four sets. Been a good night for Australia at the Paralympics. We will wrap it up later but great medal results. Brilliant. Let's go to Grant with the weather today. Good morning. (horn toots) There it is, the P&O just arriving in Sydney Harbour. A very briv morning. Great if you are after the wind to power your vessel or rich mahogany and leather-bound books, or whatever happens. It is too brisk to be out on the bridge or the deck. The nice warm start to the week? We will pay for it because it is always warmest before a front comes through. It has affected Victoria and for last couple of days. It went through Queensland last night with strong wind warnings and isolated thunderstorms. Not too much damage but we will see snow over the Alps for Victoria South Wales and into the southern over the Alps for Victoria into New tableland, such is the freshness in the air this morning. Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne. We'll see you guys with a more exclusive and extensive weather report in just under half an OK, thank you, Grant. Been singing report in just under half an hour. too much Beach Boys. Ahead on Sunrise - more from Melbourne as the building union dispute threatens to escalate. Riot police and workers are facing off so we'll have more live reports. But next, lest we forget. Australia remembers the five brave diggers killed in combat in Afghanistan on one of our darkest days. Find out how Redspot is positivly different to the big rental car companies. Go with the underdog and save. Scenes from Melbourne where riot police are facing off against building workers in an attempt to prevent another boilover. Talks between construction company Grocon and unions broke down last night. Sunrise correspondent Nick Etchells is on the scene. He'll bring us more updates throughout the morning. It's been described as Australia's darkest day - five diggers killed in two separate incidents in Afghanistan. Three of the soliders died in an attack near Tarin Kowt in Southern Afghanistan. The man is still on the run. Prime Minister Julia Gillard says our commitment to the war in Afghanistan hasn't changed. As we absorb this, it is important that Australians understand this is a war with a purpose and it is a war with an end. In a separate incident, two Australian soldiers were killed when their helicopter crashed. It's not believed to be as a result of any attack. Let's bring in Sunrise foreign editor Dr Keith Suter. Good morning. I'm reading they're calling them 'Green-on-blue' where friendly forces attack international forces. Why? 14% of the fufalts on the NATO side, not just Australia generally, butinateo generally, turning the guns on their own trainers if you like, 14% like, 14%. I think that what it is seeing is a number of Afghanys have decided the West will be pulling out at the end of 2014, I might as well reinforce my standing with the Taliban by in effect carrying out an attack to say, " attack to say, "I'm not really with them, I was on your side." them, I was on your side.". So they are showing off? Yes, the Taliban, like Mullah Omar, saying the people are behaving spontaneously. We are not planning this. It is just people behaving in this way. And the psychological impact on our diggers being shot by people who you trusted and who you thought you were helping and being shot in the back. It is very bad for morale. It is a problem you get, of course, within guerilla struggles generally, even back in the Vietnam War days, the people waving at you in the fields during the day would try and blow you up at night. Different to World War I World War II, you had clear front night. Different to World War I and lines but in Afghanistan, the frontline is all around you. explaining it to us. frontline is all around you. For Still to come on Sunrise - now's the time. The property expert pushing for wannabe homeowners to snap up a house now. And the 'bears and the bees'. Sea World's novel way to encourage its polar bears to start a family. 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Today, our great outback adventure takes us to a small town in Queensland's Lockyer Valley. Where guest reporter Adam Brand checks out an important project for men in the community. Gatton is 90km west of Brisbane and the rich, fertile soil around here produces tonnes of veggies. But crops, homes, and lives were lost when the 2011 floods devastated the entire Lockyer Valley and everyone has pitched in to bring the area back from the brink, no matter what their age. Since the floods, the Lockyer Valley community activity shed has been busier than ever. After the flood we thought we should get our shed going and this is what we have today. Great to see what we can do here. I think community seen the advantage of men getting together. I can see what's it doing for the men in this valley. It's also been great for community, getting things fixed? We, had a tractor covered in dirty water - cleaned it up, working. Guy had a very unfortunate situation and we've been able to help him. I think there's a wealth of knowledge in this shed, man - absolutely. What's your fave part of being in here? We all listen to each other and I think we're all learning at the moment. The men are using a borrowed shed but soon they'll have a shed of their own. There's a buzz about the place, everyone's talking about the new shed on behalf of our friends at Toyota LandCruiser they would like to kick in to the kitty $5,000 to help you move in to the new shed. Oh! That is fantastic, thanks very much. You're doing a cracker of job. Thanks, Adam, thanks, Toyota. And Toyota LandCruiser and Sunrise are also giving you the chance to win $10,000. Just head to our website and tell us how the money will benefit your community project. It's good, isn't it it? Yes, and remembering Father's Day this Sunday. Mel and I went shopping. We did a story. You have got time. In the lead-up to Mother's Day we have one a week. So Friday we get our one? Equality, we do it all in one. Keepers at Sea World on the Gold Coast have come up with a novel way to encourage the polar bears to mate. They're hoping 'Fifty Shades of White' will do the trick. The giant paperback was full of hidden aphrodisiac food treats. Leah and Nelson are getting along well but so far they've failed to produce any cubs. The breeding season is here so it's hoped this gimic could be the turning point. We wish them well. Very clever, isn't it? Hope it works for bear. Did you finish the first one? isn't it? Hope it works for polar I did, not going to the second. You're not addicted? No, I just got enough ideas to keep me going for a few years. Ahead for you - today's Cash Cow code word. And a preview of a huge weekend of footy. But first, we'll have all your news after the break. When we're live to Melbourne where riot police are locked in a tense stand-off with building workers. Look what's happening next week on Sunrise. Monday, get the inside word on 'X Factor''s toughest week yet. Tuesday, Australia's favourite, the Wiggles perform a farewell. Wednesday, Miranda Kerr live and exclusive in the studio. Wiggles perform a special Sunrise

Thursday, phone wars, check out the phone giving the iPhone a run for its money. And Friday, who wants to be a millionaire? The secret to getting rich, quick. It all starts next week on Sunrise. The Sunrise Cash Cow. Winning money from the Sunrise Cash Cow is easy. You need today's code word: Now phone 1902 557 707 and follow the directions or SMS today's code word and your name and address to 19 777 077. Lines close at 4:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. We'll call today's winner next hour. They have to answer within five rings, otherwise the cash jackpots. Coming up on Sunrise - the controversial abortion pill that'll soon be available from your GP. Plus, Aussie John's big property prediction. But it's 6:30, here's Nat with the news. Riot police have moved in to Melbourne's Myer construction site overnight after the workplace umpire failed to resolve the dispute between Grocon and the CFMEU last night. Sunrise correspondent Nick Etchells. Nick, are we expecting the protests to escalate? How did these talks break down? What is the sticking point? These went for four hours last night. What happened was the union said they is the sticking point? These talks

were willing to temporarily stop this blockade to get negotiations happen. The head of happen. The head happen. The head Grocon, Daniel Grollo released a statement saying he was disappointed with that because the Supreme Court has ordered it is an illegal plaqueade and there is no way -- blockade and there is no way he can say yes to an illegal blockade in the fist place. That is his argument. The moved in at 3am, in the dead of night with full riot gear, with what That is his argument. The police

was at the time an empty Grocon site to prevent the blockade from happening. I say preventing but at the moment, the site is completely surrounded by union workers. You can't see behind me, but the workers stretch for an entire city block. They stretch down to the next street. Something in the order of 2,000. Inside that group of union workers there is a wire fence that police erected this morning. Inside that, there are, perhaps, a couple of hundred police guarding the site. There are also, off to my right, police on horseback and we don't know how many other police in reserve inside the QV building. We know there are many more in case. The real test will be what happens when Grocon tries to bring the workers into the site. The unions say they are not here for a fight and here to lay siege for the site. But having seen these things before, it only takes one person for the powderkeg to ignite. So that will be the real test when the workers come into the site. What time are we expecting? We saw the trouble on Tuesday, when things got rough out here, it happened around 8:30. Grocon can bring its workers in whenever it likes. It whenever it likes. It is under no obligation to stick to that schedule. Thank you, we will keep tupe date with you. Two men are dead after a targeted shooting in Sydney's west. when they were fired upon. They tried to escape but crashed into a second vehicle. Both men were treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to hospital where they later died. Forensic examiners are at the scene as investigations continue. Questions over whether Australian troops should remain in Afghanistan are being raised after the death of five more soldiers in two separate incidents. Two soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash It brings the number of Australians killed in Afghanistan to 38. Hundreds of homes were evacuated after a massive fire ripped through a smash-repair business near Newcastle, north of Sydney. More than 50 firefighters were forced back by the intense heat and an explosive cocktail of chemicals and gas. The blaze caused millions of dollars damage. Fire investigators are now looking into the cause. Police are investigating after so-called Twitter trolls spent eight hours attacking TV host Charlotte Dawson. She is recovering in hospital after being pushed to the brink by the tirade of abuse. Dawson has been a target on social media since criticising New Zealanders in an interview. Finance news now, a dose of nerves on Wall Street, down 106

speech at Jackson Hole, a big speech on the weekend. They are hoping he nervousness ahead of Ben Bernanke's

will announce a big stimulus to the economy. To commodities, iron ore down 2% down 2%. Wool is also down. Time for sport with Beretts. Cyril Rioli will line up for Hawthorn against West Coast tonight, as the Hawks look to wrap up the minor premiership. Rioli has missed the last two games with a shoulder injury and was forced from the training paddock yesterday but club officials insist he'll play. West Coast need to back up last week's win over Collingwood to secure a spot in the top four. Brisbane fans will farewell Petero Civoniceva tonight as the Broncos face Penrith at Suncorp Stadium. The Broncos must win to secure their spot in the finals or they risk losing eighth spot to the Tigers. The Rabbitohs can cement themselves in the top four with a win over Newcastle. Usain Bolt has continued his incredible domination of the sprinting world, winning this mornings 200m at the Diamond League meet in Zurich. leaving the rest of the field to look second-rate as he broke the meet record. Australia's cyclists have led the way on day one of competition at the Paralympics. 40-year-old Susan Powell and Kieran Modra breaking world record on their way to gold medals. An outstanding result and great first day. We will have the medal tally later but we are leading Great Britain at the moment, that is the good news. Now the footy tipping. We are getting down to the crunch end of tipping. It is going to the wire this one. You going Carlton? Yes, I

think it will be emotional and the Blues will get up. Emotional, alright. And you are tipping the Swans? Interesting. It is so boring! How many ahead are you girls? 22. I think. A huge yawn, the end of the home and away, the final round, let's make it a big... Lot of sports they have a mercy rule. They rule. They cut it short. Do not... How about a tipping mercy rule that says you get the week off? You don't tip anything this week. You give Beretts, he's the only one. Your confidence? Smashed. Show some mercy. Sure. OK. mercy. Sure. OK.Ern this is this week's footy Call it whatever you like. We are! Coming back. You can't kick someone when they're down? Can you? We're charitable. I'm shattered. A hand of help. Let's have a look at the weather, Grant, no charity needed for you, is there? No charity for you. No, I'm hard at it, young man. I have got a surprise for you. While you guys are running amok like the larrikins you are, do you want to see a true, secret gem that no-one knows about. What, is rock? Yes, has been around since 1862, built by knows about. What, is rock? Yes, it John Smith, but no, thank use for your contribution, Beretts, you dunce. Go to the back of the class. It is a secret garden with a subtropical kind of rain foresty feel. The classic Sydney sandstone. We are right between Rose Bay and Vaucluse. Some of Australia's most expensive and exclusive real estate. Come down this tiny path, it is free. It is not Lady Fairfax's backyard? No, security? Check out the view. That my friend is a path worth finding. It is called the Hermitage foreshore Walk and this is the great slice of Australiana that no-one knows exists, until I just revealed it. A trough is triggering showers and storms over South-East Queensland. Another trough over Victoria and Tasmania is generating strong winds and showers. A front over eastern New South Wales is causing the odd shower. A strong high-pressure system is keeping the remainder of the nation mostly dry. It is, it looks pretty darn good, doesn't it? You know what? It comes and reveals some of the secret little beaches, these beautiful pristine, sandy white strips that no-one even knows is here. You don't have to spend $ have to spend $20 million, $ have to spend $20 million, $30 million, $ million, $40 million-odd for a view. OK, forget the Sydney Harbour rubbish! Escape to Relax on the pristine beaches, get closer to nature and immerse yourself in the city. Fly one way to Perth from Sydney, Melbourne or the Gold Coast for $129 a person or from Brisbane for $139 a person. Stay three nights at the luxurious Crown Metropol, Perth for the price of two. three nights in a deluxe club twin room Jetstar's Perth Escape Sale is on until Monday September 3 Now you might notice when we do the weather the rest of the day, the rest of the country, terrible, Perth is always beautiful worth, the to be. Swim between the flags. is always beautiful worth, the place After the break - take the plunge. Why aspiring homeowners are being told now's the time to buy. But after the break - approved for use. Doctors given the power to prescribe the abortion drug RU488. What it means, next. MAN: Out here... I'll tell you what it's like out here. Oh, it's got its challenges. (FIRE RUSTLES) Can get a bit warm sometimes. Steady, steady. Back up. Here, here. (NEIGHS) She really loves me, that one. (SNIGGERS) Yeah, sure she does, mate. Oh, some things can get a bit tricky.

(FLIES BUZZ) But do you know what? You get to work with your mates. And then there's all that fresh air. Yeah, mate. MAN: Here we go. Just another day in paradise! Yeah, too right. Mate, it's the best place on earth. MAN: Lived out here all my life. My dad had the farm... ..and now it's mine. I suppose you could say it's a bit challenging. I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else. He'll perform live on Sunrise on Monday. Property guru Aussie John says property prices have bottomed out and now is the time to buy up. He says there is a large number and variety of properties available. Here with more is the man himself, John Symonds. Good morning. Why do you believe the market has bottomed out? Why? Well, David, you know, buying property is all about getting your timing right. Why it's good is because we've got the largest number of properties on the market, normally, you know, you don't have choice. There is, you compromise, the property is sort of alright, not exactly but nothing else available. We've got lower interest rates, with the prospect of maybe lower interest rates later in the year, people, we've still got very good employment numbers. And you know, my feeling is we are just about at the bottom or already at the bottom. And you know, there is an opportunity now, prices have come off 10% have come off 10%, 20% have come off 10%, 20%, 25%. Big choice. Now, there was some data I saw last night, very interesting. Core data, who researches intention to purchase. Last quarter was at the lowest they've ever recorded they said to me, the intention has significantly increased over the lowest they've ever recorded but

last couple of months. Now, there is a lot of signal there's saying, " a lot of signal there's saying, "You know what? We might just see a gradual increase." So what I'm saying is I don't think prices are going to drop any further. The property's there, they are going to start being sold. Two things, a lot of analysts saying we have a bubble over here, we have the five most residential property priced in the world here in Australia. And then RP Data was on the show during residential property priced cities

the week, they concluded it better to rent than buy? But they also came out, I think it was 238 the week, they concluded it was

suburbs where it is cheaper to purchase than rent. We have just at the balance, we've seen the worst of the housing market. I'm saying there is an opportunity there to have a great selection. I don't believe in this property bubble. We got an acute shortage of property, when you look at it, Sydney alone, 20,000 less houses being built every year to house people. Lower interest rates, pretty well full employment. Yep. And the prospect of interest rates to come. Tipping Yep. And the prospect of lower point for the property is good news. Good to see it. Thanks John. The abortion pill RU486 will be more easily available to Australian women. The controversial drug has been available since 2006 but only under tight controls. Under the new changes, women will able to get it from their GP or gynaecologist instead of having to consult a specialist. With more, I'm joined by Sunrise GP Dr Ginni Mansberg. Good morning. Ginni, how will this change affect women? It will just make it easier to have more options if you want to get a termination of your pregnancy. So at the moment, pretty much what have is a clinic, a termination at a clinic which is lot of women find the moment, pretty much what you

quite unacceptable. The RU486s are available but because it was so difficult to get the licence to prescribe them, only 187 Aussie doctors took up the right. Now you can do an online course, which is going to be available at the end of this year which will see a lot more gynaecologists and GPs prescribe it, which means you can have termination in the comfort of your own home. Six years, why has it taken so long for the TGA to put it on? We are so behind the times. It behind the times. It is inexplicable. We are very conservative. For good reason, it is a very senseive issue, termination of pregnancy. But we have been dinosaurs here and is it is is for it to believe available to dinosaurs here and is it is is time Aussie women as other women in the world. Just before we move on, we world. Just before we move on, want to go back to Melbourne where riot police are facing off against building workers to prevent another boil-over. The talks between Grocon and unions broke down last night. Our Sunrise correspondent, Nick Etchells is there on the scene. Etchells is there on the Scene. He will bring us more enabout 10 minutes from now. -- more in about 10 minutes from now. But here is Beretts. Carlton's Brett Ratten is seeing out this weekend's final round despite being sacked yesterday. Let's welcome The Wilsons. Jim and Rebecca Wilson, good morning. Is it Is next season? Jim, do you think we're going to see Mick Malthouse as Carlton's coach it It is a done deal. I feel sorry for Brett, I think Brett is a favourite son of the Football Club, a wonderful player, a favourite son of the Carlton premiership player but he had five years there and the fact they didn't finish top four and epbgs lost in such circumstances against the Gold Coast his fate was sealed but he handled himself classally. They are a team that demands excellence, particularly the board, they are a take-no-prisons board down there. They said sorry, game's up. As much as they love their favourite son, at Carlton you have got to perform and put the runs on the board. If there is anything that can create a bigger rivalry in sport than to put Malthouse into Carlton, I would love to know what it is? Could be better, Travis Cloke goes there as well. Hello! Round one. I can't wait, buy my ticket now. To the NRL, and the Broncos are up against the Panthers tonight. Darren Lockyer thinks they can do it and make the finals and come out and challenge for a big spot in the second weekf the finals. He dozen think they'll get knocked out, in the first week. He has great faith, Peter Wallace, the half-back think they'll get knocked out, even

who has been out of form can come back into form. If he is the key to that team, I say, start of the season, smashing style because of Wallace. Can I mention Petro? His last game at Suncorp. A big weekend for retirees. Dean Hornby for the dragons. And Peter, at Parramatta stadium with his kids, high 5s, his wife Bonnie. Look Bourke, the highest -- Luke Bourke, the highest try scores for the Eels. And Young, superstar. Look out Brisbane try scores for the Eels. And dean tonight, I think emotion will carry the Broncos through. I am already nominating him for commissioner Prime Minister. Or Prime Prime Minister. Or Prime Minister. Or Prime Minister. nominating him for commissioner or And Wally Lewis and Gene Miles being induct under to the hall of fame? Spoo. Long over due. News is coming up including a live report from Melbourne as building workers face off with riot police yet again. Then, 'iron man' Mike. When you seem pretty scared, shaking man, take it easy, it's OK. Prepare to see a softer side to boxing champ Mike Tyson. Really? And, photographic evidence. Russell Brand caught in a late-night rendezvous with Ginger Spice. SONG # One means somebody's lonely # Company means there are two (MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) # Three means a crowd and it's about to get loud # Four means more than a few (MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) # Five means to take a quick little break # And get back to work... # Sorry, Mum. Hi! Mummy needs a coffee. Thank you. Hey, where's Tina? (MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) At school. BOTH: (READ) "Ed's been cutting hair again." Yuck! (ALL LAUGH) VOICEOVER: Nescafe - gets you together. with half the fat of red meat and a valuable source of iron. Get some pork on your fork. Talk of Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell's new romance has heated up after new pictures of a late night visit were leaked online. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen has all the details. Nelson, what can you tell us? Nothing is like just leaked in Hollywood, is it? Well, or in London. I mean, it cracks me up, a picture is worth a thousand words the British papers are making thousands and thousands of words out picture is worth a thousand words so

of these pictures of Russell leaving Geri's London flat, late at night, carrying a plastic bag of books and among the reporting, they are said to have a deep spiritual connection after bonding over. Their mutual love of yoga. So maybe they were inside doing a little downward dog. They'll take up horizontal folk rr dancing next. Moving on, and the Rolling Stones are planning a comeback? Were they ever really gone? In honour of their 50th anniversary coming up, they will get paid a lot of money, about $ of money, about $25 million for four massive concerts, two in London, two in New York, and not coincidently, a new documentary about their 50 years as a band will be coming out and it will be called 'Crossfire Hurricane'. Fantastic. Martin Scorsese not doing the again, is he? I don't think he's involved with this one, not this Scorsese not doing the documentary

one. Just quickly, and Cheryl Cole in a car accident? Yes, they are OK. His Cadillac struck a parked car, he suffered a bloodied nose and went to the hospital, she was treated at the scene. You know they are fine if they Twitter they are. No damage but to the parked car. Hate it when you prang your Cadillac. A tense stand-off in Melbourne. Hundreds of riot police face off with angry workers as the building dispute threatens to boil over again. Two men die after being shot in their car in a Sydney street. Support for our soldiers as Australia mourns the worst loss of life in combat since Vietnam. The push to prosecute over offensive online posts aimed at Charlotte Dawson. Our kids have grown up, we have to do something with our time. 50 years of fun in the sun and still going strong. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, Kochie and Mel. Good morning again. The Beach Boys are wowing their fans Do yourself a favour. Now in Melbourne, it's a tense morning at the Grocon site in the CBD where building unionists clashed with police on Tuesday. We have live coverage beginning right now with Nat. Riot police are again facing off with construction workers in Melbourne this morning, as the dispute between Groco and the CFMEU continues. Both parties walked away from negotiations unsatisfied last night. Sunrise correspondent Nick Etchells is outside the Grocon site in Melbourne. Nick, there's a huge turnout this morning? This dispoot has escalated ipa big way today. We are seeing more numbers than ever on both sides. The unionists, the crowd stretches all the way to the next block, in the order of 2,000 or 3,000 here. the way to the next block, possibly The riot police moved in at 3:00 this morning and surrounded the Grocon site. We had a development in the last couple of moments, if we pan up to the left, the policehorse line, just up the intersection, they have moved up the road along with the reserves of police. So appears they may be about to move in the Grocon workers and attempt to get them on to the site so they can work today. This was always going to the big test for this stalemate here. We have got a lot today. This was always going to be

unionists, they said over the PA they do not want to fight. They are here. We have got a lot of

here to lay siege to the site and want to be disciplined. All it takes though is one incident to spark off something big. It's obviously, a powder-keg kind of situation. So we will stand by and see what happens when they do try to move the workers in. By way of background, this has come about because talks broke down overnight, after four hours of talks between the union and Grocon Work Australia, the union said they were willing to temporarily between the union and Grocon at Fair

this blockade. Grocon said, " were willing to temporarily stop this blockade. Grocon said, "Look, it is an illegal blockade, Supreme Court said you should move it on and all is no way we are it is an illegal blockade, the

having negotiations on the basis of stopping something stopping something temporarily that is illegal." is illegal.". We will see what happens when they try to bring in the works. Thank you, we will cross to you later. of five Aussie diggers killed in Afghanistan are coming to terms with their loss this morning. The men died in two separate incidents in Australia's darkest day since the Vietnam War. Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper is at the Gallipoli Barracks in Brisbane while Sally Bowrey is at Sydney's Holsworthy base. Michelle, three of the men were based where you are? Yes, that's right, Nat, although their names haven't been released, we know the murdered soldiers include a 41-year-old lance corporal on his second deployment in Afghanistan, as well as a 23-year-old private and a 21-year-old sapper, both on their first deployments. It is just devastating news for all the soldiers here. It now brings the death toll here at Gallipoli Barracks to 12 men lost over the last five years. So everybody is mourning, not just here but the wider community. Because a lot of last five years. So everybody is in

the wider community. Because a lot of the wider community. Because a lot of

soldiers hoar have been involving -- here have been involved in the recovery process after the floods and cyclone Yasi. It is a very sad day for everyone here. Yes, and incredible the two separate incidents happened in one day. Two men killed in the chopper crash and were based in Sydney? Yes, they were based in the Holsworthy base here in Sydney. The two men were killed in a helicopter crash in the Helmand province. One a 30-year-old private, he had been on several tours, and the other a 23-year-old private, his second tour of Afghanistan. Defence Force will be providing support to the families who will be second tour of Afghanistan. The

feeling immense grief but it is a very sad day for the soldiers. It is not the first time, they've unfortunately had to say goodbye to a mate. Thank you for the update there. Two men are dead after a targeted shooting in Sydney's west. Sunrise correspondent Edwina Bartholomew is at the crime scene at South Wentworthville. Eddie, what's the latest? Well, now, just been able to move closer to where this shooting took place around 9:00 last night. A 32-year-old man and a 26-year-old man were sitting in the front seat of a Toyota Hilux ute when they were shot at point-blank range. We know one of the men was shot in the neck. The driver tried to escape at that point but they fell unconscious while driving and ended up crashing into aker that was parked in the driveway of home here in Boronia Street in South Wentworthville. By the time the police and paramedic got here they were in a critical condition. One died on the way to the hospital and the other died in surgery there. It is when it escalated. Dozens of family turned up to the hospital, the riot where there. The police can't give us details why it was the case. They up to the hospital, the riot squad

do know both men were known to the police and they are searching for who is responsible for the shooting. Thank you for the update, Eddy. There are calls for tougher laws on cyber bullying as police investigate an incident on Twitter which saw TV host Charlotte Dawson admitted to hospital. The former model is recovering after being pushed to the brink by the tirade of abuse. Dawson has been a target on social media since criticising her native New Zealande, calling it small, nasty and vindictive. And the Palace has confirmed the itinerary overnight for Prince William and Kate Middleton's official royal tour. Wills and Kate will head to Asia and the South Pacific. First stop will be Singapore on September 11, followed by Kuala Lumpur, Borneo, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. Despite a brief stopover in Brisbane, the couple won't be visiting Australia. Soon on Sunrise - lend me your ears. An insight into the colourful and controversial life of boxing champ Mike Tyson. Our interview is coming up. But first, here's Kochie. Did you, " Did you, "Lend me your ears." Did you, "Lend me your ears."? I maybe did. You can talk to him about that. She's a very game

nervous ahead of Ben Bernanke, Wall Street is down, investors are theode of the Federal Reserve speaking at the Jackson Hole meeting. They are hoping tee he will add more stimulus to the American economy. Happy birthday, 82nd birthday to the world's best investor, warren Buffet. So many great bits of from the Omaha investors, rule No. Buffet. So many great bits of advice from the Omaha investors, rule No.One. It is that simple. The final round of the AFL gets underway tonight with heavyweights Hawthorn and West Coast going head-to-head at the MCG. The Hawks say there's no doubt Cyril Rioli will make his return from a 2-week break due to a shoulder injury. There's plenty on the line for both sides. Hawthorn can seal the minor premiership while the Eagles have their eye on a top-4 finish. The Broncos must beat the Panthers in Brisbane tonight to save themselves from an anxious weekend. A win in Petero Civoniceva's final home game will ensure the Tigers can't leapfrog them into the top eight. The Rabbitohs will be out to seal their spot in the top four, taking on the Knights. Fifth seed Jo Wilfred Tsonga has been knocked out in the second round of the US open. Slovakian Martin Klizan caused the upset of the tournament, beating the Frenchman in four sets. Usain Bolt has put on a show for fans at the Diamond League meet in Zurich, dominating the 200m. The Olympic champion eased across the line and still broke the meet record. Spent lut of time looking at himself up on the scoreboard. Great from the Paralympics, we are sitting second on the tally, behind China. up on the scoreboard. Great news

Let's go to Grant? foreshore Walk is free, it is a quaint tiny pathway and it is Let's go to Grant? Hermitage

spectacular views but you are in Vaucluse, John Niv haveen sold his home for $ home for $21. home for $21.5 million but you can get this for free. He also bought that house in '96 for $ that house in '96 for $4 million so did well out of that sale. But he did well out of the view as well as we take a look at the forecast. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne. , Sitting here like this in such beautiful surrounds, I feel like I'm in a Qantas commercial (sings) # I've been to cities that never close down # That was pretty ordinary. See you in half an hour. Let's go back to the Grocon construction site in Melbourne that is cordoned off by police in riot gear. Dave from the CFMEU joins us. Talks broke down last night, four hours of police in riot gear. Dave Noonan

meeting, where to from here? What are you planning this morning? Last night, Mel, Fair Work Australia, the independent umpire made a 5-point recommendation to effect a sus recommendation to effect a suspension of the issues in relation to this matter. So what was proposed was that the protesting end, it was proposed that the legal action be suspended for a period of two weeks and the parties going into talks, chaired by the independent umpire, Fair Work Australia. So that recommendation was made by President Ross of Fair Work Australia. The union accepted that recommendation without exception. The company, have rejected that out of hand. Daniel Grollo has rejected it. So we say the way forward is to go back to this five-point recommendation made by Fair Work Australia. And try and get the issues that under lie this dispute resolve. Major police presence there this morning. Will you stick it out? Are you staying? Well, Mel, I think people are determined and the rank and file Well, Mel, I think people are very construction workers who are here this morning are very determined to see that we don't see a decline in safety on construction sites around Melbourne and around Australia. That we see workers's rights respected by the company. And that determination is very strong. Now, there is a very large police presence here. The officers of the union are taking a very responsible approach. We are saying to people it is very important that there not be any trouble. That we are not looking for any, um, trouble with the police. They have an important job to do. We respect that. What this is is a peaceful protest in support of the fact that workers have got rights and that the Grocon company need to respect those rights. So, Dave, are you guaranteeing me we will not see a repeat of what we saw on Tuesday? Well, what we saw on Tuesday was not occasioned by workers acting violently. What we saw at was at the betest hest of the Grocon violently. What we saw at Tuesday company -- behest of Grocon and prem the premier putting police on horses. Every step is being taken to ensure the police can do their job properly and workers can continue to protest peacefully over issues that are of great concern to them. Briefly, we understand Grocon works had just about to be moved in to come and come into the site this morning. Will you stand back and let them? What will you do? What we will be doing is protesting peacefully. But you will let them pass? We will be ensuring to the best of our ability, there is no confrontation with the police and everybody's rights are respected in this difficult matter. Well, we are all watching and will see what happens. Thank you for your time. Thank you, Mel. Australia is reeling after five diggers were killed in Afghanistan, our worst day in combat since the Vietnam War. Three were shot dead by a rogue Afghan security member near Tarin Kowt in the country's south. The Defence Force says it will stay the course despite the attack. We do remain committed here to partner with Afghan forces and we're not going to let something like this drive a wedge between us and risk damaging the great progress that we've had with the Afghan forces over the last few years. In a separate incident two Australian soldiers were killed when their helicopter crashed. Joining me now is Michael Ware a former CNN war correspondent in Afghanistan, who's now based in Brisbane, along with Afghanistan correspondent for London's 'Daily Telegraph', Ben Farmer, in Kabul. Good morning to you both. Ben, what's been the reaction over there to the attack? Well, President Hamid Karzai said he is very sad is very saddened by this attack. He has condemned it and said it has been carried out by people who are trying to weaken Afghanistan's security forces. People in orgzgon where it happened are also very saddened. They have identified as Mehektma Fueller. The forcesed saddened. They have identified him they are determined to hunt him down and kill him. Does it raise questions about the training of the Afghan troupes? Not so much about the training of the Afghan troops. The training is pretty solid. I can tell you, I have witnessed much of the training that ISAF is giving, personally over many years. The question here is really security. You know, Australian forces and the other coalition forces and then of course, for the country itself. The province. Now, tensions strained. We've had what? Over 40 something of these killings? The province. Now, tensions are

military calls green-on-blue, this year, across the NATO forces, we just had three more diggers killed by one of the chaps they are training. Now, it is well known it is a rising phenomenon. A great tactic for the Taliban. The Americans now have guardian angels, US soldiers secretly watching the guys they are training, ready to whack them at a moment's notice. Why is it happening? Our foreign affairs editor, Dr Keith Suter said there the Taliban said it is not us, it is just a normal soldier. His view is now the coalition forcevise a date to -- forces have a date to pull ought, there is a laus of people saying, -- there is a lot of people saying, hey we didn't support the West, support us when they pull out. It has left NATO scratching their heads here. The figures are sobering. 45 deaths this year. One in seven of the NATO deaths are at the hands of Afghan allies they are trying to train and help. The Taliban has claimed a lot of the deaths but NATO reject it and say there is no centrally planned conspiracy. Their guess is 1 in four of the attacks are to do with the Taliban. They think it is to do with personal arguments and disputes between the allies. They say clashes over religion and things like that can flare into violence among groups of armed young men. But it is not particularly reassuring, where we reach the stage, after 11 years, the Afghans are so frustrated with their NATO allies, an increasing number seem to feel justified to open fire and kill them. Thank you, appreciate your time. The attacks have shocked both sides of politics. Let's check in with our Big Guns - Environment Minister Tony Burke. and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Good morning to you both. Tony, the PM acknowledges these deaths will prompt new questions What's your answer to those? The first instance, Joe and I were talking about this before hand, no-one gets away from the poirs oint of the -- first point of the deepest sympathies to the families of those involved. It is something the whole nation feels. We do need to remember why we are there in the first place. The Taliban had become a hotbed and a home for terrorism networks around the world, including networks that were killing Australians. We need to be able to stay the course so we can leave an Afghanistan capable of defending itself. The transition out, we are already in that phase now. We are in the final phase of the transition and it's important that we don't leze sight of the direct national interest why Australia got involved in the first place. But if it is not the Taliban, a couple of colleagues shooting in the back. Why don't we speed up that transition and say, " a couple of colleagues shooting you

that transition and say, "Hey, the locals don't want us there, let alone the Taliban. Let's get out quicker." alone the Taliban. Let's get out quicker."? Well, I totally agree with Tony but I just say to you, let's deal the facts. There are 350,000 in the Afghan National Army, 100,000 international troops there, so it has been wound down sig knltly. The aff-- significantly. The Afghan army is copping most of the casualties. They are fighting the Taliban and copping most of the casualties. Not us. That is really sad. That is the way it should be. It is their country. It is the way it should be and we are training them. But you still got Taliban walking into classrooms full of young girls and blowing themselves up because they don't believe should be educated. I had in my own up because they don't believe women electorate, a woman who saw her husband and 9-year-old child beheaded by the Taliban and she came to Australia as a refugee. For my perspective, this is evil. What they did was commit murder. This guy committed murder against three Australians. He needs to be hunted down and brought to justice but whenever a murderer gets away with it, they will do it again. We have got to hunt them down, bring them justice and make sure they control their own country. got to hunt them down, bring them to

Now to the tense stand-off between the building union and police at the Grocon construction site in Melbourne. Tony, Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten has been trying to help find a solution to this dispute. But can't the government just tell its union mates to cool it? You've got Fair Work in construction with significant powers on this. They have been engaged so far. I can understand when passions run high, when you talk about safety and in an occupation where accidents involve fatalities, but there is no place for the sorts of vien lns we have seen. -- violence, no place. Former PM John Howard saidbri back individual contracts like WorkChoices. No, it is not about individual contracts but the Government abolished the building and construction commission, which we set up, which was a tough cop on the beat with all the resources to stamp out industrial thuggery. This threatening and bullying behaviour is being broadcast around the world, to anyone who wants to invest in Australia, " Australia, "Don't bother. You will have to deal with militant unions." It is a militant act, it is unlawful. The riots are unlawful should be promptly dealt with by the Blease. The current Fair Work unlawful. The riots are unlawful and

Australia is as weak as water and they have got to step up to plate. Why did you get rid of it? It seemed to be working, the tough cop. they have got to step up to the

We established the Fair Work Australia. Nothing like the resources. You can't say because we have got a different organisation therefore, all the power and authority is gone. You can't argue that. Thank you. You both have your dads around, may you enjoy it, have breakfast in bed and enjoy it. Breakfast in bed? Planning it at Christmas. I don't even get it as Christmas. No Justin Bieber... Alright, maybe you both get whatuous wish. Thank you very much. Mike Tyson is one of the most famous boxers of all time but along with world titles came controversial shocking headlines - drugs, prison, violence and bankruptcy. Now he's sharing all about his life in and out of the ring. US bureau chief Mike Amor sat down with the former fighter. Mike, good morning. I bet you were on your best behaviour. Was he open talking about his past? Both the bad and the Yes, Mel, happy to appear without a black eye and both ears intact. I his past? Both the bad and the good?

have met Mike Tyson three times. The first time he was like a teddy bear, the second time I thought he wanted to rip my arms off and beat me with them. This time a little more mellow and a bit nuts but even he admits would be scared of the old Mike. and a bit nuts but even he admits he I have two kids, my wife and my older kids and that's just basically how I dedicate my life. It's not the Mike Tyson we're used to. There's no more gossip in my life, it's just all about building family and enjoying life. Life for the former fighter was once a rollercoaster ride. At age 20, Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time. At that time in my life I always wanted to be a person like that - a fighter, that kind of magnitude of intensity. Fight after fight he punched his way to the top and became the first boxer to win the three biggest belts in prize-fighting. There's not too many people who've lived the life that I've lived and I lived the awesome life. He seemed to have it all. Success, fame and fortune. But then it all came crumbling down - failed marriages, substance abuse and bankruptcy. That's not a real life. I'm a real person and most real people don't live that life That's why it excites you so much to talk about it. What I've lost could never mount up to what I've accomplished. In 1992 Tyson was convicted of rape and spent three years in prison. When released he returned to the ring in one of the most anticipated comebacks of all time. But then, this. He got bit in the ear. My goodness! He has a bloody right ear! I wasn't angry, that was just me fighting, if I was angry I wouldn't have been so successful. Today, the retired boxer says he's a changed man. No, I'm not the baddest man I'm the worst babysitter in the world. All I do now is change diapers and take my kids to school. He's cleaning up his act in the spotlight. From TV series and documentaries to that cameo in 'The Hangover'. I can feel it # Coming in the air tonight # (DRUM ROLL) # But I been waiting for lis this is moment # For all my life # Oh # Lord # In November, Mike Tyson will visit Australia for a stage show about his life. # Mike Amor with that interview. Mike with Mike. What a career? Plus, stand by your phone. We're about to make a $10,000 call thanks to the Sunrise Cash Cow. Plus, we're back to Melbourne as a tense stand-off between riot police and angry building workers intensifies. Kochie meets The Beach Boys. VOICEOVER: Trust mums to work it out. But sometimes the best way to solve big problems is with small changes. Thousands of mums are now united and working together to improve their own family's health and change the shape of Australia. Join us and get tips, tools and tasty recipes at the Heart Foundation Mums United website. Together, we're changing the shape of Australia. There a heavy police presence in Melbourne's CBD this morning as riot squads and mounted officers face off with striking union members. The construction workers have occupied an entire city block but the CFMEU says it doesn't want any trouble this morning. Sunrise correspondent Nick Etchells is outside the Grocon site in Melbourne. Nick, what's the latest? We're getting a lot of feedback saying the Supreme Court decision says that blockade is illegal. Why are the men not being arrested this morning? If it were you or I, would be arrested. Simple as that. morning? If it were you or I, we But because it is a union, you arrest one, you have to arrest them all. And at other work sites across Melbourne, the workers go out in protest and you have to arrest them and then it goes to Sydney and Perth. The police don't want to escalate it to that degree. It is why the union members are allowed to stay here and not get arrested. This morning, we had a protest has expanded, the blockade has in the last half hour, it has now spill across another street and expanded, the blockade has expanded

blocked that off. We understand the police are going to try to police are going to try to bring in the Grocon workers to try to get through to the site. No-one is sure from what angle. The police horses disappeared a little while ago, we assumed for the purposes of in the worker. The union doesn't know which way they will come from assumed for the purposes of bringing

and their are planning to stop them. They say they don't want a fight and don't want a brawl but anything can happen when the police try to make their way through there. We spoke to Bill Olive Bill Oliver from the CFMEU a little while ago. Here is a little of he had to say. We feel that we could have came here, resolveed and sat while ago. Here is a little of what

there and had discussions. We could have moved forward and workers back to work. That is the union's view, we now have David Grollo, Grocon's chief executive on the phone. Why couldn't you accept it? The recommendation was unacceptable because it asked us to agree to allow the unions to reinstate the illegal blockades in two weeks time if they didn't get what they wanted. The CFMEU would only temporarily agree to stop breaking the law. Grocon requires that the union agrees to abide by the courts of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and stop illegal blockading so our employ blockading so our employees is get back to work, safely. But wouldn't it have given a break in all this? There are a pretty big target, there ares 150,000 Victorian workers will join in on this. Are u sure what you did last night was right? We took our negotiations very seriously. We were there for five hours. I were there for five hours. I was deeply disappointed with the outcome and result. It is not in my authority to determine whether blockade are illegal or not. The court has made a determination. The union needs to decide whether it is going to follow the Supreme Court or not. All we want to do is get our employees back safely to work. Whether they are union or non-union, we have both union and non-union member whose just want to go back to work -- members who just want to go back to work, they are not on the blockade. Good luck, thank you for joining us. There are two sides of the dispute, both the unions and Grocon. The Government says Australian troops must stay the course in Afghanistan and finish the job despite the deaths of five Aussie soldiers. Two died in a helicopter crash and three were shot dead by a man dressed in an Afghan army uniform. We do need to remember why we're there in the first place The Taliban had become, had become a hotbed and a home for terrorism networks around the world, including networks that were kill Australians. The deaths have promoted the Prime Minister to cut short her trip to the Cook Islands, with Julia Gillard returning to Canberra overnight. Two men have been killed in Sydney's west overnight after they were shot at point blank while sitting in their Toyota Hilux. just after 9:00 to find their ute had collided into another car in a driveway. It's believed the men were attempting to flee their attackers but the driver fell unconscious and crashed. Paramedics treated the two men at the scene but one died on the way to hospital. The second man died during surgery. There are calls for cyber bullies to be prosecuted after TV personality Charlotte Dawson was taken to hospital early yesterday morning following hours of abuse on Twitter. The former model tweeted, "Hope this ends the misery" and "You win" after she was subjected to hundreds of sickening taunts on the social media site. New South Wales Police Minister Michael Gallacher says the abuse could be considered criminal behaviour. And the world record Hawthorn can seal the AFL minor premiership Cyril Rioli will play for the Hawks despite an early exit from training yesterday. The Eagles are on a high after their impressive win over Collingwood and need to back it up to secure their spot in the top four. Australia's cyclists have led the way on day one of competition at the London 2012 Paralympics, 40-year-old Susan Powell and our men's tandem team of Kieran Modra and Scott McPhee breaking world records on their way to gold medals. Fifth seed Jo-Wilfred Tsonga has been knocked out in the second round of the US Open. Slovakian Martin Klizan caused the upset of the tournament, beating the Frenchman in four sets. Let's go to weather with Grant Denyer. And Grant Denyer. And GD, showing us a gem? Hidden secret? Vaucluse, we are walking along Foreshore Walk. We get to walking along the Hermitage Sydney Harbour without the cost of having to buy a house on Sydney Foreshore Walk. We get to enjoy

harbour but look at this fantastic get away location, which gives you exclusive exposure, your own point to play with in one of the exclusive views in the world but to play with in one of the most look at this sandstone, convict carved, a great access point for them to land. They would have parked a lot of the early settlers in this secluded bay. You can tell by the strikes in the stone, it was convict. You can tell. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne. A trough is triggering showers and storms over South-East Queensland. Another trough over Victoria and Tasmania is generating strong winds and showers. A front over eastern New South Wales is causing the odd shower. A strong high-pressure system is keeping the remainder of the nation mostly dry. So while most of eerp Australia has seen the front come through either the last couple of days, or in Queensland overnight bringing seen the front come through in

storm activity, clear skies at the moment but things are chilly. We have got snow falling on South Wales and Victorian Alps and it makes an icy wind at the moment. have got snow falling on the New

Spring is springing tomorrow. It's coming back, warmth is on the way next week. OK. Let's give away some money with the Sunrise Cash Cow. Let's try to give away some money from the Sunrise Cash Cow. We're calling today's winner who has to answer within five rings to claim their share of the money. Our lucky viewer is in Bulli south of Sydney. In the Wollongong area, used to famous for the red seeder. More for In the Wollongong area, used to be the coal -- red cedar. The coal industry. Five! Jackpot, Monday. Cool. 20 grand on Monday morning. How is that? We have sad first person who didn't pick up. The person on Monday won't be. To enter the draw for Monday, you'll need today's code word: Now phone 1902 557 707 and follow the directions. Or SMS today's code word and your name and address to 19 777 077. Lines close at 4:30pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time. Coming up on Sunrise - the school teachers forced to make sandwiches for their students as more and more kids turn up with empty lunchboxes. But up next, life's a beach. We've gotten together, collectively, to celebrate 50 years. Back on Aussie shores, Kochie catches up with The Beach Boys, after the break. I've been working as a pharmacist for 25 years. There are a lot of silent sufferers of dry mouth out there. Dry mouth can be a side effect from taking medication. People have difficulty swallowing. They can suffer from bad breath. Water only offers a temporary relief. There is an easy solution, and that is Biotene. The enzymes in Biotene are naturally found in our saliva. Biotene helps moisturise the mouth and it's going to give them relief. I always recommend Biotene for dry-mouth symptoms. as riot police try to prevent another violent clash with building workers. Any moment, Grocon is going