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(generated from captions) on the Tablelands, Twelve degrees

the high in all centres Lows the high in all centres Lows rangin

from two to five On the mountains

One to ten in Bombala No change in

minimum and maximum temps in

Thredbo, both minus four Climbing Thredbo, both minus four Climbing t

just zero in Perisher with some

snow Cooma, a few showers and ten For Canberra tomorrow, A partly

cloudy day with patches of fog and frost early in the morning. A frost early in the morning. A chanc

of isolated showers developing during the afternoon. Heading for a

top of twelve after two overnight.

To the five day forecast Cold on

Friday, eleven degrees Warming up

Friday, eleven degrees Warming up o

Saturday and into next week. And

that' s WIN News Hour for this

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Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome

to ACA. Coming up, the chance to

own a mansion or luxury apartment

with spectacular water views for

just $5. If we keep the numbers

down we get a better chance of

winning. Tonight dramatic video of

cops storming into Housing

Commission homes in the war against

drugs. Here is Sarah Stewart's

exclusive report. drugs. Here is Sarah Stewart's

exclusive report. Police! Go away.

What is your problem? Police! Go

the (Beep) away. This is the moment

police arrive at a public housing address to arrest a tenant.

Officers break open the door and

run inside. They're looking for a

45-year-old woman called Melissa

Simms. Police are alleging she was

supplying and selling heroin. The

mother is found and taken into

custody. She is walked outside

where she is instructed to wait

while police search her home. We're

alleging she was selling from the

house. Large quantities, small

quantities? Small quantities but on

an ongoing basis. Police allege the

woman was selling drugss from the

house for quite some time there. Is

a well worn track from the street

up to the front window where it's

alleged the deals were being done.

The drug dog is called in and

searches the house. It can be seen

hovering around the front window.

In the end it doesn't take long

In the end it doesn't take long and

police allege they have found what

they've been looking for sthoofplt

we have found heroin, large calibre

ammunition and several thousand

dollars. Melissa is then walked to

the Paddy wagon and driven away. A

45-year-old female was arrested and

charged in relation to the ongoing

supply of heroin in a residential

address at Raymond Terrace. The

detective says Melissa has been

charged with a total of 14 offences

including 7 counts of supplying a

prohibited drug, drug possession,

supplying a prohibited drug on an

ongoing basis, illegal possession

of ammunition and offences

involving alleged stolen property.

Go away! Nk the working class

suburb has a high number of Housing

Commission properties. When we

returned to the house the police

raided a woman comes to the door

hurling abuse. She is Melissa

Simm's adult aged daughter. But she

is not the only one mouthing off at

the camera crew. Her neighbours are

equally abusive. Turn the camera

around. Don't point it over here.

When you yelled out it implyed you

wanted to talk to us. Does anybody

want to talk. Just get the camera

away from the house. Whilst

Melissa's matter is yet to go

through the courts. Residents told

us drug use was rife in the suburb

and needs to be cleaned up. Drugs

are everywhere. If you know the

people you can get them. I'm not

surprised. Everywhere, love. Meself,

I go to work and come home and

that's me. But it's everywhere. If

you've ever wondered what happens

to a house after a tenant has been charged with a serious offence,

police tell us they report the

incident to the Department of

Housing, who then make a decision

on whether or not the tenant is

allowed to stay or should be

evicted. My oath, they should be

turfed out straightaway ,no second

chance or nothing. You wouldn't

getaway with it in private housing.

They shouldn't is have rights to

live there, not selling drugs. If

they can afford to buy the drugs

they can afford to pay the right

rent. We asked housing New South

Wales what its policy is. A

spokesperson told us tenant who is

receive jail sentences of three

months or more generally lose their

right to retain a Tennessee. In

regards to this house specificaly,

the department said it couldn't

comment because of privacy reasons.

It pointed out when families are

involved the tenancy agreement is

usually transfered to another

family members's name.

Unfortunately it's common for us to

make these types of arrests in

public housing. While police can

make arrests and report the

incidents to the Department of

Housing, they say what happens next

in regard to a possible eviction is

out of their control. Unfortunately

we go back to the same addresses

and the same family is living there.

Does it frustrate you going back to

the same addresses? It does. It's

frustrating and also frustrating

for the community. Next door people

were selling stuff there. And there

was needles getting thrown into my

yard. I have kids playing out here.

Pubbing lick house something one of

the many areas targeted by police

in their war on drugs and they rely

on the community for information.

We receive intelligence on a weekly

basis about people committing

serious crime, continue drugs or

otherwise in Department of Housing

premisess. We asked Housing New

South Wales how many tenants have

been evicted in the past 12 months

for committing a serious offence. A

spokesman said: locals believe as

long as tenants are allowed to stay their neighbourhood will continue

to be unsafe. Maybe if they kept a

close eye on the people they have

in the houses it wouldn't be such

an issue. They think they can get

away with it. Housing Commission

do something about need to pull their finger out and

need to pull their finger out and

do something about it. For the

record, we did ask for a comment

from the New South Wales Housing

Minister, Pru Goward but she was

unbelievable. Still to come - the

grandmother slugged a fine after

parking her car in the same spot

for 60 years. It's completely

unfair to think they could come

along after all this time and just

pick me out. That story still to

come. Most of us dream of winning

lotto but there is another game in

town that can net you a luxury

apartment or house for better odds,

for just $5.

apartment or house for better odds,

for just $5. For houses you're more

likely to win than lotto or power

ball. It's not often a $5 ticket

will give you the chance to win a

place like this. It doesn't matter

whereabouts in the country you live

now because if you're name is

pulled out you could soon be

enjoying a view like this. 60

storeys up in the prestigious Q1

Tower right in the heart of the

Gold Coast - sunshine, great surf

and beautiful blue skies all year

round. But if for some reason you

have decided you're not a beach

person, you can always choose to

live here, right on the edge of

Sydney harbour. That's the unique

thing about this charity raffle. If

you win it you get to pick your

million-dollar prize. We keep the

numbers down and you get a better

chance of winning. It's a gamble

like no other. Faced with increasing competition in an

already crowded gambling market the

RSL has reinvented their

traditional prize home raffle to

give the winner more choice for

less money. The chief executive

Chris McHugh says it's a bargain.

You're telling me a $5 ticket could

maybe get me this view? It doesn't

just get the view but everything in

it. A three bedroom apartment, in

fact bigger than a lot of normal

homes these days. This Gold Coast

apartment in Q1 is option 1. The

property is worth 1.25 million.

Along with the best views on the

coast, 250,000 in gold gets thrown

in. A great place to see the

sunrise and sunset because it's on

the corner of the building. So you

see front and back. As well as the

furniture, rates, body corporate

fees and water will all be paid for

the first 12 months. Come up here

and stay a couple of times a year.

It's not a bad lifestyle. It's not

a bad outlook either. The view is

so good you can see whales going up

the east coast. Move down the east

coast to Sydney where an investment

g, m awaits, a three-bedroom news

to Balmain worth $175 million. With

views across the harbour and into

the city you also have parkland on

your doorstep. If you chose this

place you would have alot of

options? You could rent it out, get

$90,000 a year, 1.5 times the

average income. Or live in it. What

a great place to live. It's

important to understand how any of

these games work before you spend

your hard earned money on an entry.

We asked this math me tigs from the

University of Queensland the best

investment for $5. If The prize

home - you get bonus tickets and

that gives you a chance for winning

the big prize. A single game of

power ball is 155 million of winning

winning division 1. For a regular

lotto draw your a 1 in 8 million

chance of getting the jackpot. A

prize home raffle is 1.3 million.

The division 1 prize in power ball

or lotto is usually bigger than

what the home is worth but you

might have to share that with other

winners. With the prize home you

know there will be one winner and

you don't have to share it with

anyone else. Prize homes haven't

always brought good luck. One

punter in Brisbane was left down in

the dumps after a recent draw on

the Gold Coast. Sadly it was

someone who cancelled their ticket.

You're a multi-million their,

congratulations. I have won the RSL. congratulations. I have won the

RSL.. 3.3 million worth. Another bonus with

bonus with the current houses is

that both can also be used as an

investment with healthy rental

returns. Or if you want to sell

them it's all tax-free if the house

has been won in a raffle. Here is

your view of Sydney. Would you

choose this one or the Gold Coast?

You take $90,000 income from Sydney,

$60,000 from the Gold Coast or live

in them. That's the bottom line. It

appeals to different people in

different ways. I am glad I don't

have that make that decision. Rest

assured any money you do spend will

be going to charity. This raffle is

about helping people. Aulg of the

money goes to help about helping people. Aulg of the money goes to help people in need.

Those tickets are now on sale. Our

website has more information. Now,

television star Charlotte Dawson

has never been one to hold back. So

when a Twitter troll tried some

fairly ugly bullying tactics she

took it right up to them and their fairly ugly bullying tactics she took it right up to them and their

employer. I get it because of my

appearance, because I'm single,

because I can't bear children. I

get it because of Botox. People say

my career is over and I'm ugly. I

have had plenty of it today.

Charlotte Dawson cops abuse every

day. There isn't much we don't know

about her. She has lived her

lifelike an open book but a couple

of days one tweet set her off from

a man she has never met: On behalf

of New Zealand we would please like

you to hang yourself. Charlotte

retweeted the offensive message so

her 23,000 followers could see it.

One of her fans leapt to her

defence. Bernette Casey then

tweeted: my fiance hung himself.

How dare you say that to another

human being. From which she got a

reply : if I was your fiance I

would hang myself too. Go hang

yourself. As someone in the public

eye I have learnt the mechanisms to

cope with online bullying because I

get it every day. But Bernette was

an innocent bystander who leapt to

my defence. She was very vulnerable.

Tania had published her business

card details on her Twitter account.

Turns out Tania works at Monash

University so Charlotte copyed the

tweets into an email and sent them

to Tania's boss. I orangutana at

work. She was fairly - rang Tania.

She was fairly hostile. Her

response was: you're famous with a

lot of followers. I'm a nobody.

Monash University refused to be

interviewed today but released a

statement that she had been

suspended on full pay pending an

investigation. Imagine if I sent

someone a random message: you're

fat and ugly and can't have

children. I would lose my job.

Charlotte Dawson has never been one

to hold back. You guys are

beautiful. But most of you are

thick. She simply that will in the

judging seat on Australia's next

top model. They can eat their words,

tongue and face. But she has always

stood up for victims of bullying.

Earlier this year we watched her

take on Tania. Aetta in the

'Celebrity Apprentice'. Tania might

be all show and no go. Social media

abuse is something that Charlotte

feels so strongly about she has

dedicated an entire chapter to it

in her new book, Air, kit and tell.

A prolific Twitter user she has a

policy of retweeting negative

comments. I retweet the negative

stuff basis I like my followers to

know what is out there. There is a

lot of vitriol out there.Ly retweet

that. Your content is your

responsibility. If you retweet or

resented a negative comment you're

really per wet waiting the problem.

We recommend thank you delete,

block and report it. Judith Slocom

is the CEO of an at this bullying

group the Alana and Madeleine

foundation. She says it's common

for people in the public eye to be

victims of cyberbullying. I think

celebrities are an easy target. I

don't know why they think a

celebrity is any less human than

anyone else. It happened earlier

this year with Chrissy Swan. It was

her appearance with her boys in

this magazine photo shoot that saw

trolls take aim at the health of

her children. Why do you think

people take aim at people in the

public eye. What is the logic? They

don't like you and they want to

tell you that. They would never

tell you to your face. But they can

on the computer because there are

no consequences. They can't be

identified. They can sit there and

go: you're an ugly botox whore and

go back and do the ironing. For the

online critics watching Charlotte

has this message: If they are

willing to dish it out, you have to

take it back, sweetheart. willing to dish it out, you have to take it back, sweetheart. For

anyone going through difficult

times, who need support, you can

contact Lifeline Australia on

131114. For as long as she can

remember one grandmother has parked

in the same spot outside her home.

Now she has been slapped with a

ticket and she is hopping mad. I

wasn't a very happy little girl. ticket and she is hopping mad. I wasn't a very happy little girl. I

think it's outrageous. Revenue

raising. It's wrong. 86-year-old

Esma has lived in the same street

for more than 60 years. For those 6

decades she has regularly parked on

the grass verge across the road

from her home in order to arrive

driving up her steep driveway. But

recently as she left for church on

a Sunday she found a parking ticket

on her windscreen. Have you ever

had a ticket before? Never had a

ticket, no. Did you expect that

after 60 years you would start

getting tickets for parking here

now? No way did I expect it. With

the help of her son Ian, she twrot

Hunters Hill Council asking why

after so long the council has

decided to fine motorists for

parking on the verge. We have

always parked here and never had a

problem. To think they could come

along after all this time and just

pick me out and say, "You're on

council property, we're finding

you"... The council didn't quite

answer her question but told the

grandmother the 99 fine grandmother the 99 fine would stay

because it claims she was warned

about parking there. It was not a

warning. It was just a comment by

the ranger that I was parked on

council property. She is not the

only resident unhappy about the

recent fine frenzy. You can ill

afford to pay that sort of fine.

She is on a pension. They need to

rethink what they're doing. It's

ridiculous. Councillor Peter Strich

is sympathetic but says it's up to

council management to deal with.

The council recently put on three

rangers. They are after all revenue

they can get. Despite repeated

requests, no-one from Hunters Hill

council was available to comment on

camera. But a spokeswoman said the

ranger who issued the infringement

was away sick and no decision on

whether it would be up held could

be made until they returned to work.

Do you think they picked the wrong

person? I'm sure they picked the

wrong person. I would be happy to

pay if I had done something wrong

but on this occasion I haven't. pay if I had done something wrong

but on this occasion I haven't. And

Hunters Hill Council says it will

review the fine. We will let you

know the outcome. We know councils

can be heavy handed but how about

this story? After a complaint by a

neighbour little Alana's basketball

ring was confiscated and her

parents copped a substantial fine. ring was confiscated and her parents copped a substantial fine.

They took away my birthday present

and now we can't play any more. and now we can't play any more. How

do you feel? Sad. It's the case of

the council verses a kid. The

action the council took in taking

the ring is disgraceful. At the

centre of it all is a simple

basketball ring. Alana started

playing basketball about 8 weeks

ago. As a reward for her good

school work we bought her a

basketball ring. Darryl considered

it a perfect present for his gifted

10-year-old. You're an all star.

You're pretty good at basketball. I

like it. Why was it so important?

Because it was my birthday present.

After a complaint from a neighbour

the council decided to play

hardball. It was on the roadway. It

was an obstruction. In the way of

traffic. The family have been fined

$200 for obstructing the free use

of the road and another $200 for

refusing to remove the basketball

ring. If anything it's adding to

the community. The kids come up and

play and have a great time. It's

not hurting anyone. In a statement

the council says: obstructions left

on public roadways can constitute

safety hazards and council is

required to respond and take

remedial action where required.

More like heavy handed action.

Darryl didn't budge so the council

confiscated the basketball ring.

She was devastated when she came

home from school last Thursday and

discovered that the Ling was - ring

was gone. What would you like to

say to the council? It wasn't

hurting anyone. Darryl had to pay

an impound fee for its release. I

had to get a truck from work, go to

the council depot. It's cost him

$510. And with no ring Alana is

left on the bench. Where does it

live now? In the garage. Raz raze

While Manningham Council refused

our request for an on camera

interview it claims to have taken

appropriate action on the matter

and will continue to monitor the

situation. Last night we asked

should Australia introduce drug

tests for welfare sip gents. An

overwhelming 90% of viewers said

yes. We received more than 10,000

superstar votes. Still to come - why

gets in the way... # SONG: # When the world 5 Stars Box, VOICEOVER: The new KFC Snack Popcorn Chicken, with a delicious BBQ wrap, chicken, a piece of Original Recipe and all your favourite sides. three Wicked Wings, it's an armful. It's not a mouthful,

Welcome back. Superstar Keith you

are spwan hot property - so hot he

is now wanted as a judge on 'American is now wanted as a judge on

'American Idol'. I think I will go

with my gut.? This has everything

to do with Keith Urban being on the

Voice first. I reckon a lot of

people in Hollywood were watching

it. They would have seen that Keith

revealed that he was a fantastic

judge. He hit the perfect pitch all

the way through the series. It was

the biggest show of the year. And

he was one of the most popular

coaches. I'm gonna go with Keith.

Yes! Now the rest of the world

wants a piece of our Keith. This is

huge news that Keith Urban is in

the running to be on 'American

Idol' because it's the biggest TV

show in America. That's right.

Tonight we can reveal that Keith

Urban is on the short list to be

the next judge on 'American Idol'.

Replacing Aerosmith singer Stephen

Tiler. Go you don't have a dream

there is no way to make one come

true. For me what I loved about it,

it was a chance to work with young

artists and artists that are just

looking for some kind of break. To

sit and have one on ones with these

artists and give them guidance,

anything I might offer them was

appealing. Andrew Meccado says

Keith has been considered for the

judging job because of the huge

success of the Voice Australia and

believes the yanks will love him as

much as we do. I have no doubt they

will love Keith Urban as much as

Australia zfplt she will be sitting

on a panel next to Maria Care y.

America will love him. The

producers say they are still

talking to Keith, Delta and Joel

for next year's Voice Australia to

chairs. fill those all important spinning

fill those all important spinning

chairs. After the break, the

pensioner who has

Tomorrow night, imagine living next

door to a junkyard. Home sweet

junkyard. Do you think it's fair?

On ACA, the pensioner who turned

his street in a tip. Don't come

here pot shotting over me. His

neighbours too scared to complain.

Watch what happens when we turn up.

Not so brave now! That report

tomorrow only on ACA. Thanks for

Supertext captions by your company. Goodnight.

This program is captioned live.

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too lovey dovey. Stacey meets the

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. How do I look. And Surly the fish

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Good luck. Thank you.

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BIG BROTHER: This is Big Brother.

Bradley - well done. A beautiful

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You're so pretty. But Ryan and Sara

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BIG BROTHER: Would you like to

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