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(generated from captions) will fall from underneath it, but not a lot of rain of wet weather at Perisher although we have seen a dash will fall as snow tonight. and anything above 1,200 metres the winds swinging to the west The main change will be back down. which will drop temperatures Around the country, in Melbourne, showers and hail and Canberra. also wet in Adelaide On the water: a fairly mild evening, Tonight the city will see dropping to 12 and staying warm tomorrow. at the moment The high cloud hanging around a little warmer tonight will help make it but make the most of the morning - especially in the western suburbs it will start warm south-west winds kick in but once those things will cool off. in temperatures Apart from a slight dip and across the weekend. It will stay fine on Friday will be in full swing by midweek Chris, it looks like spring sitting at 25 degrees on Wednesday. with temperatures for this Wednesday. And that's Seven News Thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath. Ahead on Today Tonight, recalled as fire risks. the appliances blacklisted, That's next. Welcome to Today Tonight. Good evening. I'm Matt White. of Abby and Brittany, First the story a 1-in-30 million chance the conjoined twins who were given of surviving their first day. Well, they've beaten those odds brand new careers and now at 22 they are starting millions of people around the world. they hope will offer inspiration to Laura Sparkes has the story. more than 24 hours... They weren't supposed to live from their uniqueness. ..and they have never shied away was worldwide news, After their birth of television documentaries... they've been the subject grabbing onto the coffee table, One day you'd see them and they'd be walking around it. the next day you'd come home audiences into their lives, ..and now they're inviting launching a reality TV show will promote understanding. they hope My name's Abby Henzel. We are 22 years old. And I'm Brittany Henzel. since we were born. People have been curious about us For obvious reasons. While most sisters are close, of the conjoined twins' lives every moment uncanny synchronicity is a display of don't always agree. but Abigail and Brittany we are totally different people. Believe me, and preppy. Abby is more into pink and girl And Brittany is more not into pink. Although the girls share one body, and pair of lungs. each has their own heart she likes to be with people - She's nice and she likes people - and she's a big talker. and loving and a good sister. She's nice and sweet and caring I was expecting one child When I went into hospital and then with pulling them out that they were conjoined twins. they realised it was love at first sight. For parents Patty and Mike, Abby was crying. They were beautiful. The first time I seen them, to fall in love with them. it just didn't take about a second in a small rural community They've spent all their lives on a farm in Minnesota. last two hours of driver's training. Ab and Britt are going to their them protected from prying eyes... Here, their tight inner circle keep Get it on right! graduate so we might go to Europe. Might do some travelling after we ..but that's about to change. BOTH: We're just like everyone else. We really are normal than Britt. but I'm definitely more normal with a math emphasis. We are studying elementary education We're graduating in May. Trishie and Krishie's fate. That would have been You would have lived with it a part of that journey. and you would have been It's OK, beautiful. It's OK. Moira Kelly is the adopted mother Trishna and Krishna. of once-conjoined twins Abby and Brittany's decision She applauds into their home. to let the cameras breaking down barriers by doing that I imagine they're for them to be able to survive like everyone else and to get on with life but as an inspiration and, "Not see me as alien like everybody else." "and I just want to be If this is going to help them, why they'd do that. I can certainly see separation isn't an option As for Brittany and Abby, but they wouldn't want it anyway. for our latest reality TV stars. Graduation day beckons in two lives without limits. Just one more milestone Time to graduate. This is so sad! 2012! Whoo-hoo! And if you're wondering, and Krishna are both doing well. Moira Kelly tells us Trishna and starts school next year. Trishna is in kindergarten Krishna's progress is slower. and speech therapy She's having physio to get her ready for school. pick up in markets and retailers Now to the hidden dangers you'll once they've been plugged in. that can be a whole lot of trouble and potentially dangerous appliances We're being warned cheap, inferior are flooding in from overseas. has this investigation. Helen Wellings for comfort and convenience We buy them but electrical and gas appliances of house fires are the most common cause causing injury and death. Heaters, irons, power tools, lamps, power boards, dishwashers, clothes dryers, and set rooms alight. even coffee grinders can blow up suffered serious burns 3-year-old Ava Lyons in her lap. when a portable DVD player exploded and set the product and Ava on fire. The internal battery overheated The DVD player, model 6202, Dick Smith. has been recalled by the retailer, Yes, it did. So, this caught fire? The big danger - flooding in illegally, thousands of cheap Asian imports electric shock, injury and death. multiplying the risk of home fires, Dangerous. Counterfeit. engineer Lynelle Collins says NSW department of fair trading the internet abounds with electrical horrors but safety inspectors regularly uncover illegal goods in markets, bargain-basement outlets and retail stores. This cabinet gas heater running off a barbecue-type gas bottle caused a serious fire. It's very unsafe. You could cross-thread this when you're doing it up. Right. Or you may not do it up tight enough. So, it could leak? Which would then cause gas throughout your home and a possible fire. Cheap and nasty? Cheap and nasty. If the fan stops or another part fails, it will catch fire. So, this caught fire? Yes, it did. This is what happens when a heater catches on fire. Alex Tofaili, technology manager at Sunbeam, the largest manufacturer of appliances for Australian homes, tests products day in, day out. This type of heater has a wire element. When it gets too hot, it could come in contact with the plastic housing and, as a result, catch on fire. At 850 degrees, the Australian standard test temperature for heaters, the wire element gets so hot, the fan stops and the plastic melts. Compare that with a quality heater. We are testing this heater under the same conditions. It's got a flame-retardant plastic and uses a ceramic heater. No flame. Most of these dangers come from China. This is a drill. It feels sturdy. If feels like it's constructed well. Unfortunately, it isn't. This one has fallen apart in my hands. So, it just cracks open. Yes, it does. So, it's not approved for use in Australia and not safe to use. This illegal coffee grinder hasn't passed Australian standards and the dodgy oil burner is, unbelievably, for a child's room. If it hasn't got an Australian plug, don't buy it, don't use it. These power boards and points, selling like hotcakes at markets and bargain stores, are cheap copies of brand names - potentially lethal. But these have not got an approval standard on them so they're a counterfeit power point. The latest electrical recalls - this Fisher & Paykel dish drawer dishwasher. These models manufactured between 2000 and 2007 may give you an electric shock. Abode 3 litre stainless steel deep fryer has been recalled by Big W because the side handles could become loose when the fryer is lifted, causing hot oil to spill. Also, this Evantair Electric Flame Effect Heater, sold in Sam's Warehouse, could overheat and catch fire. Safety is number one. CEO of Sunbeam David Jackson says Sunbeam hasn't had a product recall in 10 years. Over here, we're testing the cord flex on an iron. The standard states a 10,000-cycle requirement but we here at Sunbeam test it for 20,000 cycles. We're filling these kettles and boiling 10,000 times. Basically, we're simulating a kettle being used at home over and over again. We would say steer clear from the cheap appliances. You should stick to a reputable brand. That's your best way of being guaranteed that you're going to get a product that's safe and performs to your expectations. And to be safe, we're advised to check for an Australian Certificate of Approval and a registration number before purchasing any electrical appliance. Still to come, we spy on our love of pies - testing them to see how much meat is really beneath the crust The world of Twitter can be a lot of fun and a great way of communicating but here's the down side - TV Presenter Charlotte Dawson was the victim of a cruel and confronting attack online but, as David Eccleston reports, after Charlotte tracked down the person behind the tweets it got even worse. Somebody called Louis tweeted me and said, "On behalf of all New Zealand, please go hang yourself." It's the vile Twitter attack that pushed outspoken celebrity judge Charlotte Dawson over the edge. "OK. Attack me all you want. "I'm a public figure. I'm not a human being. "You can sling an arrow at me." The straight-shooting model search judge copped a barrage of abuse via Twitter after she was quoted as saying this in Melbourne's 'Herald Sun' newspaper. It was supposed to be an anonymous spray but Charlotte tracked her down to Monash University in Melbourne, outing the cyber troll as Tanya Heti. One of my followers, Bernadette, who's recently lost her partner from suicide, said, "How dare you say that to somebody? "I've lost my fiance from suicide. It is not a joking matter." Then this girl Tanya tweeted at my follower, "No wonder he hung himself. Go hang yourself." It's the sort of cyberbullying that can have a devastating effect and, while Charlotte Dawson says she can handle it, as Community Brave ambassador against bullying, she is well aware many can't. During Year 12, the middle of Year 12, I'd just...had enough of it. Jade was bullied on Facebook at school for three years before harming herself. She's speaking out in the hope that authorities do more to protect those under attack. I want people to realise what they're doing online has a tremendous effect on the victim. But most often, it's the celebrities who are seen as the biggest targets. Gold Logie nominee Chrissie Swan was judged as a bad parent. And then there was 'Australia's Got Talent's Brian McFadden's attack on News Limited veteran gossip columnist Ros Reines. I laugh. (LAUGHS) When people criticise me on Twitter, I do two things - either I make it into a story or I hit the block button. Ros believes if you play on Twitter you're fair game but agrees telling someone to commit suicide is a step too far. What, of course, you're relying on is the veracity, the decency and the honesty of the other users. Cyber expert Susan Mclean is not surprised Tanya Heti's employer, Monash University, has been trying to distance itself from her personal views. In a statement, they said, "Monash University does not condone or endorse Yet they still sent Tanya packing on full pay until they decide what action to take. Just because you can say it online and hide behind the perceived anonymity of Twitter, that's not going to be the case, as this person has found out, because she's been named and shamed now. There are two sides to social media. And we can tell you the Twitter accounts used in that attack on Ms Dawson have been suspended. A pokie insider is spilling the beans on just how hypnotic the machines are designed to be. A computer expert commissioned by Australia's largest poker machine company has come clean on how psychology is used to make them as addictive as possible. Damien Hansen reveals the same psychology is being used on our children. (POKER MACHINE JINGLE PLAYS) People who play poker machines, unfortunately, are guinea pigs. (POKER MACHINE JINGLE PLAYS) I think it just felt like something we didn't want to be involved in. Teasing emotions, manipulating minds into thinking the next win is just around the corner. I said I was just interested in the fact that I'd heard that they had 10 full-time psychologists on board and they said, oh, yes, they did. Dr Ann Moffatt is a computer expert. In the '90s, her company was commissioned by Australia's largest poker machine maker to program their machines as they were rolled out across the country. One of the programmers who was actually writing the code said to me, "I don't like this. "I just don't feel right about what I'm doing." Ann says the programming predetermined how much and how often you'd win or lose, employing tactics to keep you playing longer. He said, "Do you know they've got "10 full-time psychologists on their books "to help people continue their betting more than they might want," and I said, "Come on. That's just a rumour." But she now claims it wasn't. Is this company still around today? Yes, that company is still around - one of the major players in the poker machine market. She says that company was Aristocrat, a business that's just announced a $34.7 million half-yearly profit. Aristocrat denies they employ psychologists. So did Ross Ferrar from the Gaming Technology Association in a senate hearing in May this year. The question, "Do any of our members employ psychologists?" Emphatically no. Dr Moffatt is undeterred. You can show an icon peeping down at the corner of the machine as if, "Oh, if only I was only one icon off on that particular line, "I would have won. "I would have won a lot of money." The machines are wired. They have perfect data. They know what works, they know what doesn't work. Dr Charles Livingstone is Australia's leading poker machine researcher. He says the psychological principals of reinforcement introduced in the 1990s remain today. There is an enormous amount of R&D spent just on developing games. I mean, these are serious amounts of money which is going into making machines - building a better mouse trap, if you like. Dr Livingstone says companies have instant access to data to tell what style of machines are popular and which are not. Something like 60% of the money going through the poker machines in Australia is coming out of the pockets of people with a gambling problem. What's even more alarming is the conditioning is beginning earlier. Research out of Canada suggests that computer game manufacturers are utilising the same psychological tactics as poker machine developers. It's raising concerns that kids who play computer games today will become the pokie addicts of tomorrow. There are two basic psychological principles in operation on a poker machine. Both of them are about reinforcement. and that is the pattern of wins. If you have an irregular pattern of wins on a machine, it's much more likely to get people to keep playing it than if you have a predictable pattern. The other is known as random reinforcement. So if you know the machine is eventually going to pay out it is much more likely that you will want to keep playing it to wanting to get those little wins over and over again. The growing number of people conditioned to losing money is prompting calls from a peak lobby group for maximum bets to be limited to $1. GetUp!'s Erin McCallum. The GetUp campaign is calling on businesses and the Government to make their machines safer. I'm actually horrified when I read that people say it will cost billions of dollars to put some of these reforms in because I know it won't. The damage done has been massive. We know how to fix it. It is time we stopped mucking around and fixed it. If you feel that gambling is becoming a problem for you or someone you know, there are government-run hotlines in every state. The number to call is 1800 858 858 and there is more information on our website. We'll be back after the break with more Today Tonight. Next - from frozen to fresh out of the oven. They're an Aussie favourite. But how meaty are your meat pies and what else is swimming in that gravy? People have no idea what's in their pies. Pies of all types tested - which ones come up trumps? Australians love meat pies but not all pies are created equal. Tineka Everaardt has been looking beneath the crust, putting pies of all types to the test to find out those that measure up and those that don't. It doesn't get more Aussie than the meat pie. ADVERTISEMENT: # Oh, what a lovely pie, me boys. # A Four'N Twenty pie. # We eat around 270 million of them each year. The mystery - the meat and the gravy. ADVERTISEMENT: The purest ingredients are used in the making. People have no idea what's in their pies. A range of different meat cuts. Tonight, we'll put the best sellers to the test. Frozen to fresh, name brands to no names, wagyu to mince. The results will surprise you. I don't think all pies are created equal. # A lovely tasty pastry. # The humble Aussie pie has come along way. Dietician Emma Stirling gives me the lowdown. Well, look, I think you really do need to look at the quality of your beef, whether you're choosing something like a wagyu or an Angus steak and I would really look for, I suppose, thick chunks of steak. We commissioned the Federal Government's National Measurement Institute to test a range of meat pies including eight frozen supermarket brands and two fresh pies. Most people don't have any clue what the ingredients are in a pie. So, how much fat was in the pies we tested? Well, the lowest figure came from Four'N Twenty lite meat pie with 9.1%. Following that was Coles Smart Buy. The two with the highest fat percentages were Pie Face, 14.4% and Brumby's, 15.7%. What we found alarming in some of our test results was simply the volume of the fat you're eating. Gary Kennedy is a food scientist from Correct Food Systems. He says beware the higher fat pies. A big eater and you eat two pies for lunch, you've got 80% of your fat for the total day in one meal. And how much fat was in the pie filing? Pie Face had just 3.7% fat. Sargents wagyu was also low. On the higher scale was Coles - 8.6%. And Woolworths - 10.2%. Fat is cheaper than meat. When it comes to salt, the pies were fairly similar. Brumby's and Pie Face had the highest figures - 1.2g of salt in every 100g of pie. Emma recommends we consume just 1-2 grams a day. We know it's the salt that can bump up your blood pressure so we want to keep a check on that. Next in our results is meat content. Brumby's was chock-full at almost 40%, followed by Herbert Adams at 35%. Down the bottom was ALDI with 26%. And gourmet brand Pie Face, just 23%. Meat pies are meant to contain at least 25% meat flesh. That's the law according to Food Standards Australia. But in our tests we found that Pie Face's beef mince pie came under that, at just 23%. The franchise giant told us: ..adding that, usually, their pies have at least 30% meat content. Pie Face commissioned their own tests on a different sample of mince pie and found that it had 29% meat content and their chunky steak pie had 45%. But even if a pie has more meat, it doesn't mean it's top-quality stuff. According to Food Standards Australia, meat is classified as the carcass of any number of exotic animals. The ingredients list in Australia only has to list meat. That meat could come from any species. And the 25% minimum meat flesh can include animal rind, fat, nerve, blood and skin. Emma says if you want to play it safe... There's nothing wrong with, you know, making a homemade pie, especially if you add vegetables to the pie. # Oh, what a lovely pie, me boys. # A Four'N Twenty pie. Oi! # Coming up on Today Tonight, the singing cowboy's 'X Factor' quest. It's been 12 years. Now the call he never expected and the pressure it brings. Gotta calm myself. (PANTS) Find out what's waiting behind this door. who went on the 'X Factor' not to win but to see if he could find his family. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I have three children and I've been looking for them for a very long time. I want to tell them and reassure them that I've always loved them. Gotta calm myself. (PANTS) Hello. (CRIES) That's tomorrow night. Hope you can join us then. But that's it for now. I'm Matt White. Have a great evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - (SHOUTS) Just do it or I will! (GUNSHOT) I wanna be here. No, you don't, mate. No-one wants to be here. No, I do, I deserve this. Mate, you don't! Heath! Heath! Get off me! I want that little dog out of the house. He didn't have a choice. Of course he had a choice! Yeah, what?! Either shoot Dad or shoot the hostage? You weren't there. So, that's it? It's all about Casey now? You don't give a stuff about what happened to Dad? I've got a witness that says Dad forced you to use a gun. You're setting me up. No, I wanna do this, OK. I want to fight this, please. Yeah, well, you stay strong, Case! Just help me, just help me! Case! She's doing business with the guy, pure and simple. But not all business meetings stay business meetings. I mean, look what happened with me and Roo. But she's told you time and time again you can trust her. Now, a smart bloke might take her at her word. (PHONE RINGS) Are you gonna answer that? I tried to do what you asked me. I... I've tried to keep this professional but I can't keep lying, Roo. Mate, what are you doing? What does it look like I'm doing? I'm packing. Where are you going? Well, if you're going to the city, you'd better throw a helmet in there. What's he doing? He's making a big mistake. I tried it your way, Alf, but she's not answering her phone. That's probably 'cause she's busy working. Or something. Tell him, go on. You can't trust anyone, can ya? Oi, that's my daughter you're talking about. Well, I don't believe with that, actually, Harvey. I mean, if you haven't got trust, then what do you have? Hear, hear. (SIGHS) Ohh, yeah. Maybe you're right. What?! I've been trying to tell you this for the last two days. Marilyn opens her mouth once and you believe her! Yeah, but you're Roo's dad. You're supposed to be on her side. Marilyn's impartial. Good. Then I hope you won't be following me around every five minutes for flamin' advice from now on. I think I'll get dinner started. Good choice, Harvey. I am making the right decision, aren't I, Alf? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, yes, mate, you are. Please, Roo, stay. No. You really don't have to go. Yeah, Tim, I really do. Just stop, please. Don't run away from this. You were with me back there, I know it. You don't know anything. Well, what was that kiss? It was a mistake, that's what it was. Fine. Just say it then. Say you don't still have feelings for me. Ohh... You can't, can ya? I wanted a job, you know, that's all I wanted. Oh, that's all? Come on, Roo. We were a good team once. Anyway, good luck with everything. I hope it all works out. # We have been waiting # Waiting for something # Some kind of miracle. # Yeah, right. Well, I'll be there early. Yep. I'll see you at the courthouse. You want some of this? No, I gotta go to the hospital and meet Bianca. They're almost ready to discharge your nephew. She's starting to stress out anyway so I'd better head down. Casey's bail hearing's tomorrow. It'll be good if you could make it. Maybe. Heath, how long are you gonna keep this up for? Keep what up? How long are you gonna keep blaming him? He is to blame. He pulled the trigger, didn't he? Well, you and me, mate, we're all he's got.