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say they will increase patrols at

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A controversial call to drug-test

Australians on welfare. If it's

good enough for miners to undergo

mandatory tests it should apply to

those receiving the dole. The

taxpayer isn't there to fund

people's drug habyits. What would

you rather, spend government money

or rob little old ladies in the

street? This idea is not good for

society. It's an invasion of

privacy. We need to survive. Our

dole helps us not to do crime and

that. 90% of people do drugs. You

take drugs. Everybody takes drugs.

The plan is simple - if you are on

the dole you will be forced to

undergo a drug test. If you fail,

you lose your benefit for a year.

It should be a social obligation,

to taxpayers that you undergo a

drug test to receive taxpayer

benefits. The call for dole drug

testing is coming from the Central

Coast of Queensland. And outspoken

MP George Christensen. I don't see

a problem in telling somebody that

in return for a government benefit

you have to undergo a drug test to

ensure that the taxpayer isn't

actually funding your drug habit.

George Christensen believes by

taking money off drug users it will

encourage them to get clean and get

a job. I think it's a win-win

situation if you help people kick

the drug habit and saving taxpayers

funding people who are just going

to want to take drugs no matter

what. Do you think people on

Centrelink benefits should be

tested? I don't think it will make

a difference. Just because they are

out of work you don't belittle them

by drug testing them. This will be

impossible to implement, incredibly

unpopular and fail to achieve any

proper social purpose. Stephen is

from the NSW Civil Liberties

council and believes stopping

welfare payments won't work and

will cost the community in the long

run. If people have no legal means

of obtaining money to fulfil the

basic needs for life, then they

will resort to other means. So, you

know, you can expect an increase in

crime. The argument of if you take

somebody's dole away they will

immediately go and rob a house. To

me, that's waving the white flag.

You are then in effect conceding we

are forever and a day going to fund

this person to go and do drugs.

There are already similar schemes

operating around the world,

including for Da in the US and next

year New Zealand will start drug

testing their dole recipients. One

blood test costs $30. There are a

lot of people I would like to tell

how to spend their money, I would

probably start with the

billionaires like Gina Rinehart.

Unless I have the right to say how

they spent their money, why should

I have the right to tell welfare

recipients how to spend theirs?

That's their money. Welfare

recipients receive government money,

taxpayer's money. No, they receive

money on their welfare benefits and

it's their money from that point on.

Would you like to be drug tested?

Not really. You guys would be happy

to be drug tested? Yeah, mate, I'm

happy. It would be a disgrace for

this idea to be taken up in

Australia. It might take some time

and some convincing and it might

take a lot of arguing with the do-

gooders and civil libertarians out

there. Really, it's all about saving the taxpayers money and

drug habits. saving them from funding people's

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