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(generated from captions) from your car insurance company? MAN: What do you expect that listens. WOMAN: I'd like a company we get what you expect from us. We listen because at Youi and join the conversation. Go to Building unions plan more protests to other cities. as their dispute spreads done my best for my patients I believe I have always and their family. vows to clear his name. The man once called 'Dr Death' after being mauled off WA. A surfer dragged from the water visit before his Vegas bender? Was the Prince planning an Aussie wearing a hoodie? And is that the Queen stars say when they hit our couch. Just what will the new 'fil-um' (SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Reach out for the sunrise. # this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, Hello. the 'Cardy and Breezers' on ice We're putting want an early start just in case 'Kath & Kim' later this morning. when they drop in It should be a lot of fun. on Melbourne this morning But we're keeping an eye of those violent protests yesterday. as workers return to the scene to meet in Sydney too. Their colleagues are planning in both locations, We have reporters live so let's get underway with Nat. The industrial dispute yesterday that shut down central Melbourne to Sydney. is threatening to spill over Sunrise correspondent Nick Etchells For more I'm joined by in Melbourne. What's expected to happen today? That's the million dollar question. Unions were pouring in from 4am There are hundreds of them. It seem Unions were pouring in from 4am.

as matter of time before the street is closed off. They are standing on the road and only one lane of cars afternoon, the police did block off can get through. Yesterday

the street completely. We are waiting to sigh if it happens. The big question is what are police going to do about this? Yesterday they tried to escort non-union workers on to the site and they came off woefully out numbered with some police on horseback and some on foot. They turned violent and the police were forced to retreat. We don't know what police will do today. We do know if they choose to intervene things could get violent. But you can But you can bet your bottom dollar they won't make the same mistake as yesterday with too few police. unions are being told the blockade yesterday with too few police. The is illegal? It has been going through the Supreme Court again and again and told the blockade is illegal but how do you enforce that? They will either say, no we not moving anywhere, ultimately, that is the answer, the police cameen and said you have got to leave but they weren't able to do it. But where does it end? It is escalating and spreading to other states. More and more unionists are coming in this morning. They are not going away and don't seem willing to back down at any stage. Certainly with their demand on Grocon, the building developer developing the site so it is a case of wait and see. Thank you for that live report. Jayant Patel has revealed Former Queensland surgeon interests at heart. he always had his patients' for the first time Speaking publicly seven years ago, since he was charged the experience had been traumatic he acknowledged for everyone involved. my sincere condolences and sympathy I want to offer families affected by these events. to my former patients and their last week Dr Patel was released from prison his convictions. after the High Court quashed A man has been mauled by a shark off the West Australian Coast. while surfing at a remote beach near Carnarvon The 34-year-old was attacked yesterday afternoon. to his arm and torso. He's being treated for injuries accused of another policy backflip The Gillard Government is being a carbon floor price after it scrapped due to come into effect in 2015 has defended the decision but the Climate Change Minister system with Europe's. to link Australia's carbon pricing This is good move for our economy for our environment. and a very good move put in place The floor price was originally than $15 a tonne. to ensure polluters didn't pay less Coming up, low flying. and Virgin prepare to cut prices. An airfare war looms as Qantas But first, here's Kochie. That is good news for a lot of us! But here's Kochie mism Particularly when you have your Christmas holidays in Perth. Finance news

point. Home values rose in the US Wall Street is closing down about 22 for the first time since 2010. And also, in Europe, markets are down. One of the Spanish regional government has gone to Madrid and said, " said, "We need 5 billion eurooys to get us -- euros to get us out of trouble, if you can kick it in, would be great." would be great.". We were in the trouble, if you can kick it in, it middle of our profit region, good profits out, including our bosses. to near 11-year lows Housing sales have fallen by 5.6% in July. with new home sales dropping Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. That was quite a fall in one month. Why the reversal of fortunes there? Why we heading down again? It comes down to we have a lack of confidence. We need people take out loans to build new homes or apartment. What young people choosing to do is stay home with apartment. What young people are their parents longer, some into 20s, 30s and 40s and longer and some of the seniors are staying at home with their children. We have got housing occupancy which is rising at

present. This is not a sustainable situation, we do need federal, state and local governments to get together withance fifiianceiers and working out the situation. We have the Reserve Bank governor scratching his head and saying why aren't we building homes? We don't want to reach the point of residential vacancies being too low too quickly. It is putting pressure on tradesman and builders in the industry. Yep, too right. Later in the program, we will reveal whether you are better off buying or renting where you live in your part of the country. It is fascinating. But first here is sport. is still a chance of playing Geelong's Travis Varcoe in Saturday's clash with Sydney in his comeback game at the weekend. despite suffering a foot injury of any major damage Scans have cleared Varcoe until later in the week but the Cats will wait before deciding their next move. There's been no major upsets early on day two of the US Tennis Open with Thomas Berdych, Andy Roddick and Jo Wilfred Tsonga all progressing to the second round. Ana Ivanovic and Agnieszka Radwanska cruised through on the women's side of the draw. Australian Bernard Tomic will start his campaign shortly. Australian quick Mitchell Starc has bagged a career best 5/42 to help restrict Pakistan to 198 in their first one dayer. The Aussie batsmen are struggling to back up their bowlers, in trouble at 4/85. Big clash this weekend, the Cats and the Swans, Nat you the Swans, Nat you will be delighted to know Jude Bolton will be back

from his any from his any injury. Great. And Grant is back, having a bit of fun? You got any room in your garage, at all? I'll find room? You got room? I am just moving stuff out of the storage area and I'm kind of storage area and I'm kind of stuck and got nowhere to put this. Oh! and got nowhere to put this. Oh!! and got nowhere to put this. Oh!!! No! Ohhh! No! Ohhh!! No! Ohhh!!!! Yeah! We are here playing with Australia's newest super factory. Remember we did a tour of Alan's Lollies and it was tasinating how they made lollies but friends, it doesn't get cooler than this, big boy's toys. I am talking big and Westtrack is open their super factory, the largest employer of apprentices outside of the government. They build these things, Caterpillars En masse. Over 23 footy fields. That is the size of this thing. Can we drive this thing, Mel? As Bob the Builder says, " As Bob the Builder says, "Yes, we can." As Bob the Builder says, "Yes, we can.". Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne. Snow Showers for Tractor... As if it's a tractor... Alright kids of Australia. Cephalvery clean. Brand new. Time to play. You're going to love it. Alright, Grant, can't wait. Thank you, very much for that, mate. Coming up on Sunrise - need not apply. Coles embroiled in a racist job ad row. But next, waiting game. Residents along the the US Gulf Coast wait for Tropical Storm Isaac to arrive. A live report from the area when we return. SONG: # Whoa-oh-oh # Whoa-oh-oh # Let's go # Whoa-oh-oh... # VOICEOVER: The natural goodness of oats in Uncle Tobys Oat Slice lets kids be kids. VOICEOVER: This program is proudly brought to you by Toyota. (MELODIOUS WHISTLING) Find out how Redspot is positivly different to the big rental car companies. Go with the underdog and save. New Orleans residents are making final preparations as Hurricane Isaac bears down, seven years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. US President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency Now is not the time to tempt fate, now is not the time to dismiss official warnings. You need to take this seriously. Reporter Jay Gray is in New Orleans. How close is Isaac to landfall? Good morning, Mel, good morning, Yes, I would say landfall with the morning, Mel, good morning, Kochie. current forecast, probably four to five hours away. But this has been a slow-moving storm and has slowed down a bit in the last 24 hours. So we could push that off a bit. I am

standing in the middle of Canal Street, this is a three-lane road with the trolley in the middle, three lanes on the other side, normally packed day or night. Dozen matter what time you drive down this avenue, there are going to be cars and people flooding this tourist area. Right now, as you can see, a few cars but relatively empty at this point. That is the sign of preparation giving way to action. People who have been getting ready for the last couple of days, inside, borded up, battened down and seeing what Isaac has to offer. It will be interesting. They are dealing with a new flood-protection system, for a category three storm, 350 miles of canals and gates. It may eke up to a category 2, still significant but nothing near would test the system. This will be the first real test since Katrina seven years ago, everyone waiting and watching. The mood of the population there, yes, they are very cautious. Are they spookd? Because the anniversary is base spookd? Because the anniversary is basically tomorrow, when it hit, seven years since Katrina? Yes, it's a great question. It's almost like a cruel joke. I mean, this storm has followed pretty much the same path. It is going to do most of the damage on the same exact day, seven years to the day Katrina raked uth across south Louisiana. People saying what are we dealing with? But it is category one. Katrina at one point was a five out in the Gulf, this is are we dealing with? But it is a

a 3 but did a lot of damage. A lot of people here working with through what happened seven years go. You find those are the ones who are saying, " saying, "I'm staying. I'm not going. We worked real hard. I lived through Katrina, I can live through this we can make it." It has given them Katrina, I can live through this and resolve. Don't let me pretend that there weren't people who said, " there weren't people who said, "I lived through Katrina, I'm going to higher ground." But people are in their homes and taking it seriously. For a long time in Louisiana, people got used to hurricanes but now they are taking it seriously. They spent billions on that protection system, let's hope it holds. As always, we love having Jay on the program, he always just summed it up so well. Thank you. Coming up - where to start? The facts and figures on which suburbs are best to buy in, instead of renting. But next on Sunrise, is this the Queen in a hoodie? (MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) Mummy needs a coffee. Thank you. Hey, where's Tina? At school. BOTH: (READ) "Ed's been cutting hair again." Yuck! (ALL LAUGH) VOICEOVER: Nescafe - gets you together. is front page news in Melbourne. The 'Herald Sun' has claims outlaw bikies and organised crime syndicates have infiltrated Victoria's building industry. The Construction Union has dismissed the allegations from the state's industry watchdog. We'll speak later this Sunrise with the builder whose projects are the current target of union protests. We'll go back live to the site in Melbourne where those protests happened. There is a big group forming there once again this morning. Looking to settle in, when we crossed to Nick Etchells, they were bringing their eskies. Remember, the building industry has a new industrial organisation, a lot weaker than the last one. It is high we are seeing, sort of, unions bucking orders from the Supreme Court. Yes, several times. Right. Making news - an airfare war. 'The Daily Telegraph' is predicting they'll be discounted to levels not seen since before Ansett stopped flying. It follows the return to profitability of Virgin Australia thanks, in part, to its aggressive push for business passengers. Kochie, fares are already relatively cheap. How much more can the airlines afford to cut? See, both of these airlines, Qantas' trouble is because of its international division, it bucketloads on domestic routes. international division, it makes Virgin turned in a terrific profit yesterday. Basically, we're all travelling. If they can fill up, there are 10 spare seats on a plane, travelling. If they can fill up, if you might as well flog them for 50% off just to get bums on seats to people on. So we may not be spending at the shops, but we're flying and off just to get bums on seats to get

flying more than ever. It brings the price down. More efficient planes brings the cost of flying down. It seems it's not just handstands and cartwheels which have been banned from schools. The story about kids being stopped from those activities at a Sydney school playground restrictions has prompted parents to highlight at other schools. They include high-fives

What? I don't get that. What about a low-5? The older kids play on the concrete, Nick was saying all those things, running, bulldog, handstand, footy, everything is banned on the concrete. How are you supposed to graze a knee? He graze a knee? Finds a way. Not good. just keeps on giving. The Prince Harry story This morning there are reports might be cancelled a trip to Australia in light of the Vegas nude romp. whether a visit was on the cards Now, we're not sure is checking the news. and our royal reporter It's also been reported on yet-to-be-seen video. the entire affair has been caught Oh! Will it have a theatre release? Smoking gun apparently. Harry's game of strip billiards A partygoer allegedly filmed to sell the footage. and is now trying are sticking up for him. But Harry's military mates their own nude photos on Facebook Soldiers and fans have posted in tribute to the prince. have joined the page Almost 12,000 people with a naked salute!". "Support Prince Harry There are so many of those photos. They are great. Oh! Fabulous. Gets a lot of support. Look at that. Sensational. Attention! Has Harry been giving his grandmother wardrobe advice? driving her Range Rover The Queen was spotted out in what looks like a hoodie. It's not exactly the diamond tiara with the monarch. that we normally associate She's not not very tall with a cushion on the seat. What is she listening to? I think it's a scarf, you put your rollers on and a scarf. Thought a hoody. I can hear Flo Rida, 'Wild One'. A bit of Queen, Freddy Mercury. is next. All your news, sport and weather to get the code word Plus, your first chance today for the $10,000 Cash Cow. And, supermarket scandal. Speak English or don't apply. in hot water, soon. The job ad that has Coles taken from a real conversation. Robyn's switch to Apia, (PHONE RINGS)

what made you switch to Apia? So, Robyn, We got a letter in January in our home insurance premium - to say there'd be an increase it's going up by thousands. and then you find out

Gee, that's a lot, isn't it? Yes. We needed to find something that we could afford to pay. So I rang around, and found that Apia was the best for us. That's terrific. Thank you for that. It was a pleasure. Oh, that's alright. on 13 50 50 to switch today. If you're over 50, call Apia sports day - MAN: Saturday -

sharks, tigers, dolphins the day we all support and the odd little devil, where success isn't measured in tries but the number of triers... cheering on your team ..and the only thing better than is the sausage sizzle. Your local club. We love supporting local teams too. The Sunrise Cash Cow. from the Sunrise Cash Cow is easy. Winning money You need today's code word: and follow the directions. Now, phone 1902 557 707 and your name and address Or SMS today's codew ord to 19 777 077. We'll call today's winner next hour. Later this morning we've got Later this morning we've got Kath and Kim. for a second potential showdown in Melbourne this morning. Workers have gathered at Grocon's Myer redevelopment site, Sydney CFMEU members will down tools in 30 minutes in support of their Victorian counterparts. Grocon says the action is costing it more than $370,000 a day. And for more now we cross to Sunrise correspondent Nick Etchells who is in Melbourne. Morning, Nick. at the moment? What's the situation there The numbers here have swelled yet further. Half an hour ago, Lonsdale Street was open, now the street has been close would the union members on there. We do have police here on the scene but they are few and far between. Right now, their responsibility is limited to control. We're still waiting to see responsibility is limited to traffic what the police are going to do today. Yesterday, they tried to break this protest and this blockade in accordance with Supreme orders. They failed to do that. in accordance with Supreme Court Their numbers were simply inefficient to get the job done and as we saw, things turned very nasty. The numbers today seem quite similar. We saw them grow yesterday, up until about 9am, and that's when things kicked off. I it's still early days today. We are still waiting to see what the police response is going to be. Run us through why it started? Why they are protesting in the first place? It started from something that sounds trivial. The union wants staff on site to wear their union insignia and decide the shop steward. Right now rb Grocon doesn't allow the staff to display their union emblems and lets staff on site to decide who the shop steward will be. It has been in place for a week now and keeps escalating and escalating. Again and again, the Supreme Court says it is an illegal blockade but the unions here say, " the unions here say, "What if we don't stop st it is." And this is what we are seeing. Thank you. has spoken publicly Former surgeon Jayant Patel he was charged seven years ago. for the first time since Dr Patel revealed as it takes to clear his name. he'll stay in Australia as long as a doctor not only about my competence of my character but also going to the root and my decency as a human being. last week He was released from prison his manslaughter convictions. after the High Court quashed Louisiana coastline today, Hurricane Isaac will hit America's of up to 120km/h. bringing floods and winds for the New Orleans flood levees It will be the first big test a $14.5 billion makeover. which have been given repeat of the 2005 Katrina tragedy. Many residents are fearful of a Now's not the time to tempt fate, official warnings. now's now the time to dismiss You need to take this seriously. Isaac killed dozens of people when it swept through Haiti and the Dominican Republic last week. A man is recovering in hospital after he was attacked by a shark off the West Australian coast. The 34-year-old was mauled on the arm and torso. He was surfing at a remote beach north of Carnarvon yesterday afternoon. when he was attacked could be at risk in Victoria More auto manufacturing jobs Finance news, and Wall Street is down 22 points.

more than predicted. House prizes Consumer confidencep America down surprised though by actually rising for the first time in two years. As we move on to the commodities: Time for sport. will meet with South Sydney today Greg Inglis and his manager a multimillion-dollar deal in a bid to flesh out at the Rabbitohs. to keep the full-back no intention of leaving the club. Inglis has made it clear he has on the ladder Souths can move as high as second with a win over the Knights on Friday. for the home crowd Andy Roddick has put on a show on day two of the US Open, belting 20 aces Rhyne Williams in straight sets. to beat fellow American Australian Bernard Tomic is on court later today. An unbeaten half century to Michael Clarke has rescued Australia's run chase in the first one dayer against Pakistan. Needing 199 for victory the Aussies are 4/103. Quick Mitchell Starc bagged 5/42. Time for a check of your weather. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne. A large high mostly clear and calm. is keeping eastern Australia over the nation's south A trough and low to increase is causing winds and showers in Tasmania and Victoria. in Victoria. These winds are potentially damaging southern Western Australia A front crossing is bringing showers and strong winds. Isn't it magic in Darwin? Grant was doing a bit of a drive maybe? Let's check in with him and see how he's managing. Hey, Mel, Mel, want to see something ridiculous? Check out the size of me golf buggy. Check it out. This is caterpillar's news fuility, a $ This is caterpillar's news fuility, a superfactory, pumping out mining machines that go to locations all around Australia. These are the super trucks that currently pull a lot of the gold out of the ground. $ lot of the gold out of the ground. $4 million will get you one of these bad boys. It takes five guys, 60 days ato assemble one of these. And remember, -- 60 days to assemble one a month. If you want tyres, it's an extra $ extra $40,000, per tyre! Unbelievable. Super cool. Big facility, huge amount of machines, a massive employer in the Newcastle region. It's the Caterpillar factory as we tour one of the best in the country. And Westrac produced as we tour one of the best factories a great profit. They are saying they are not seeing a downturn in Australia in the mining boom, still selling lots of Caterpillars. There you dpo. -- there you go. Coming up - home loan versus landlord. Where are the best suburbs to sink your money in if you choose to buy over renting? But straight ahead - "You must speak English". The job ad that has a supermarket giant under fire. Yeah. Check out this lamb. That's not just any lamb. That's true blue Aussie lamb, sonny Jim. The pride of Australian farmers. So let's have some respect. # Lamb, lamb, lamb, lamb, lamb. # Every Australian deserves a better deal on their home loan. And by asking the bank some tough questions, we've helped thousands of families save money. We offer free advice about hundreds of different loans from different lenders. But the fact is the banks still thrive on people's lack of understanding. Aussie's here to question them, because we reckon, if you want to be better off, it's smart to ask. A partly cloudy day ahead and 23 degrees. And front-page news in Sydney this Sunrise is a plan from Kings Cross businesses to pay for their own police patrols in the troubled nightspot. The New South Wales Government will consider the idea. We're also learning the building that holds that famous Coke sign is up for sale. So expressions of interest, if it takes your fancy. Coles has landed in hot water after a job advertisement caused an angry reaction online. One of the supermarket giant's contractors posted the ad on the website Gumtree calling for new cleaners to apply. But the wording of the ad specified, "No Indians or Asians" and that the applicant, "Must speak English". Coles says the advertisement was placed without the company's knowledge. So what can and can't you write in job ad? For more, we're joined by workplace lawyer Sian Ryan. Good morning, Sian. Is this advertisement legal? I don't understand even write it. Is all of it i ligeal? Like most people I am I don't understand why they would

astounded by the content of that ad. That is the exact reason we have the Race Discrimination Act because you can specify you will only take persons of a certain race or sex. There are certain exceptions, which we might get to a in a moment, but to exclude Indians or Asians from even applying for the job in my mind directly offends the Race Race Discrimination Act. Requiring persons to have a certain level of English is slightly different. It is quite proper to require persons to have certain communicationuct for certain jobs. So if you are dealing with members of the public it can be proper to require a certain level of English commune capability. It is astounding. Tell us the areas, the area wheres discrimination for want of a better word can come into place? As a general premise you can't discrimination but there are exceptions. If it is a qualification. If you are casting for the role of Romeo, it is quite proper to exclude women from that. Some other examples, I like to call it the bra-fitters exemption. If you are fitting clothing, dealing with people's anatomy, private parts, can be quite proper to require persons of one sex only. Some other people's anatomy, private parts, it

provisions about accommodation, if you can't organise accommodation for men and women you can exclude people in some circumstances. What is probably the best thing to do is look at applying for an exemption if you are not sure. So if you running a business you think would you are not sure. So if you are benefit members of one sex, so female-only gyms, is a good example, if you are running that kind of business and you are not sure it is going to offend the Sex Discrimination Act, you can put business case together and apply for an exemption. So if I need a male cohost? Gee, you dug yourself out of that. Ahead for you - we're back in Melbourne for more on our breaking news as violent protests erupt on the city streets once again. And, what's best - renting or buying? The definitive answer for picking a suburb in your state - next. VOICEOVER: How much do you crave that feeling of power? How important is better fuel economy, advanced technology and low-cost servicing? And is there a price you can put on the peace of mind that comes with world-class safety? Well, there is, and it's a whole lot less than you could possibly imagine. Australia's own Camry Altise is now just $28,990 driveaway. Searching White Pages now, sir. I'll connect you and text through the details. Boo-yeah! Texted straight through. No need to write the number down. Au revoir, pens! Great work, Sock. Heh-heh. Texting is perfect for Telstra customers on the move. (CRASH!) Oops. For answers on the move, call 1234. Join today for two-for-one coffees every day and your chance to win a brand-new Jeep Compass. If you're in the market for a home it can be difficult to know whether you should rent or buy. New research by RP Data shows there are about 240 suburbs across the country where you're better off paying the bank than a landlord. RP Data compared repaying principal plus interest on a variable loan against paying rent. And all sorts of different loans. It is grit idea, they've done the work for you. So where are these winning suburbs? With more, we're joined by RP Data's national research director, Tim Lawless. Good morning, Tim. Let's start with Queensland. There are 84 suburbs where it's better to buy than rent. What are the best picks in Brisbane? When you go to into Brisbane, and the trends are similar across most of the capital cities, it is generally the mortgage belts where it is more affordable to buy than rent. Logan, out west, towards Ipswich or even a bit outlying areas, the CBD for units, are all areas that are generally more affordable to buy than rent. South Wales, there are 54 suburbs better to buy in. What are the best affordable to buy than rent. In New

in Sydney? Once you get up to the central coast areas, which are still part of Sydney, fairfield and Liverpool, Campbelltown, those sorts of marketplace, rents are relatively high compared to your buy-in price. You might be better off doing the numbers and buy rather than renting. So you say, for example, South Wales, there are 54 better So you say, for example, in New ridgeer -- regions to buy. How many regions did you count? How many, " regions did you count? How many, "It better to rent than buy? We looked at every suburb around Australia, we have a spread sheet you can look at. When we look at the trends, the majority areas are in the regional areas. Outside the of the capital cities. In the cities, it is the unit markets that are more affordable to buy and the outer stringes. Truation -- fringes, traditionally they are the mortgage belts, the more affordable. And the inner city, it is the reverse, Victoria is a different case. Only inner city, it is the reverse,.

ten suburbs state wide and only two in Melbourne. Why is that? It Comes back to the fact that Melbourne property values have increased so much over the past couple of growth cycles. Since 2007, even though Melbourne valueerise down 8% since they peaked they are up by 46% they peaked they are up by 46%. At the same time, the rents haven't gone up by that much. In many case in Melbourne it is still more affordable to look at paying off a landlord. But the inner-city around Melbourne, it is a slightly different story for apartments. South Australia? And Adelaide still the cheapest mainland city? The best

buys are mpts. In Western Australia there are 35 good buying suburbs. Three in Perth, 3 in the regional areas. We are going to put that spread sheet a link to it on our web site. If people want to know about it. As you say, you have got suburb by suburb. It is fascinating reading. Thank It is fascinating reading. Thank you for doing all the work for us. Thanks having us on the show. It is great. I am glad he did all the great. I am glad he did all the work,

work,s you said. vandalism vigilante. Ahead on Sunrise - Then man who went to extreme lengths who smashed his car. to track down the vandals Russell Brand moves on. But after the break - And, we're live to Melbourne and Sydney as building workers gather again after yesterday's violent clashes. What do you expect from your car insurance company? WOMAN: I'd like a tailor-made price. (CAR ALARM BLARES) MAN: At times like this,

I'd like my insurance company to be there for me. WOMAN: I'd like a company that listens. At Youi, we get what you expect from us. Call us on 136 836 or go to and see for yourself. (FIRE RUSTLES) MAN: It can get a bit warm. Love it. Best place on earth. Trust mums to work it out. VOICEOVER: to solve big problems But sometimes the best way is with small changes. and working together Thousands of mums are now united their own family's health to improve and change the shape of Australia. and tasty recipes Join us and get tips, tools Mums United website. at the Heart Foundation the shape of Australia. Together, we're changing and a valuable source of iron. with half the fat of red meat Get some pork on your fork. Russell Brand seems from Katy Perry well behind him. to be putting his divorce has a new high-profile girlfriend. The British bad boy reportedly Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in New York with all the details. Nelson, Russell's dating a spice girl? Oh? Yes, it's not as odd a couple as you may think. When they worked together, preparing the Closing Ceremony. He admit he had a bit of a crush on Gerri Halliwell-. together, preparing the Olympics

They met in 2007 but since the Olympics they escalated things. He looked at her in a new way, said he has a crush on her. They have been spotted out and about all over the place, even with her daughter Bluebell Madonna. Russell's sources say it is getting quick and fast but her sources say she is the more tempt one, baby -- temerate one, baby steps. Building unions plan more protests to other cities. as their dispute spreads done my best for my patients I believe I have always and their family. vows to clear his name. The man once called 'Dr Death' after being mauled off WA. A surfer dragged from the water Was the Prince planning an Aussie visit before his Vegas bender?

And is that the Queen wearing a hoodie? Just what will the new 'fil-um' stars say when they hit our couch. (SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Reach out for the sunrise. # Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, Kochie and Mel. Hello again. Thanks for joining us for breakfast. 'Kath & Kim' will be here later this morning. We're ready, we're braced. It is going to be a lot of fun. But we're keeping an eye on two cities this morning. in Melbourne. Their colleagues are planning to meet in Sydney too. We have live coverage planned, so let's get underway with Nat. in Melbourne Crowd numbers are dropping off at the site of a tense stand-off and building giant Grocon. between union members is there Sunrise correspondent Nick Etchells in Sydney. and Edwina Bartholomew joins us what's happening? Nick, bring us up to date - Look, as you say, the crowd numbers have thinned here. What's going on is the union members who are protesting outside and enforcing this blockade work on other building sites. They have now gone off to their other building sites to get back to work. Now, the question remains what will police do today? Yesterday, it all kicked off when police tried to escort dprocon workers, who are non-union workers into the building into the building site. That is when the violence happened. So far, we have no indication whether the police are planning to do that again. What I can say, we don't see any real police presence here other than the police presence managing traffic. The street is still sealed off, although it looks like it has just opened so we are playing a waiting game here. Thank you, Eddy, Sydney CFMEU workers walking off in support of their Victorian counter parts? Yes, there are 450 workers here at the CBA construction site for Grocon. The plan was to hold a stop-work meeting at 7:00 but we are hearing they hearing they have been told by the Grocon office in Melbourne not to do that. They are deciding what to do next. This is a show of solidarity with the members down in Melbourne. None of the scenes of violence we saw today, from yesterday. They say they are appalled by the action yesterday and want to show their support. They have some concerns about their own site and safety and intimidation, they claim from management. They expect to be here for the next couple of hours, Nat. Thank you for the update, Edwina is a nick. Thank you for the update, Edwina and he'll stay in Australia Former surgeon Jayant Patel says to clear his name. for as long as it takes for the first time He's spoken publicly since being charged with manslaughter seven years ago. Dr Patel was released from prison last week after his convictions were quashed. And it was only through the help of others that I was able to appeal my conviction to the Court of Appeal and to the High Court. Dr Patel has denied rumours he's planning to write a book about his case. New Orleans is in a state of emergency approaches the Louisiana coastline. as Category 1 Hurricane Isaac from making landfall on the city, Isaac is just hours away from the 2005 Katrina disaster. which is still recovering has declared a state of emergency. US President Barack Obama We're dealing with a big storm flooding and other damage and there could be significant across a large area. Many residents have fled the city on supplies to weather the storm. while others have stocked up A man's recovering in hospital a terrifying shark attack after surviving north of Carnarvon, at a popular surf spot off the West Australian coast. on the abdomen The 34-year-old was bitten to his right arm and suffered serious wounds as he tried to fend off the animal. There have been five fatal shark attacks off the WA coast in less than a year. Ford has hinted its days of making cars in Australia are numbered. manufacturing is not critical to the company's local survival. the car giant will ditch its production in Victoria when its commitment to the state and federal governments expires. Ford received a $103 million grant in January of two models until 2016. to retain local production will now be linked Australia's carbon price from 2015. to Europe's emissions trading scheme has scrapped its planned floor price The Gillard Government of $15 per tonne the European market price. in favour of matching scheme will be linked That means that the Australian with 500 million people in the EU. The Coalition says the change shows is fundamentally flawed. the government's carbon tax model to be the biggest winners Travellers look set between Virgin Australia and Qantas. in a looming price war more planes in the sky Virgin has announced it will put in a direct response to the decision by Qantas to boost domestic flights over the next four years. The surge in extra flights is expected to drive down fares. The torch relay for the Paralympic Games is underway in the UK. Four nation flames, lit last week, have been brought together at a ceremony in Stoke on Mandeville, the spiritual home of the Paralympics. The flame will be carried in a 24-hour relay to London's Olympic Stadium for the opening ceremony tomorrow Coming up - gotcha. who went to extreme lengths online The vandalism victim to catch the culprits. here's Kochie. Finance news now though, Nat, Wall Street finished down 22 points on the night. Consumer confidence in America down. Housing prices

European markets were weaker. One of up for the first time in two years. the state regions in Spain has asked Madrid for about 5 billion euros to bail them out. To our region yesterday, and continuing good profit reports too, pushed the All Ords up 14. And the ASX up by 15. Ords up

For the global financial crisis have been good. The evidence, this chart from Rate City tracking the For the global financial crisis we

number of credit card transactions. Rising, rising, flattened over the last couple of years and the transactions using your own money has skyrocketed. So there is a massive gap between using your own money in dark blue and credit card in light blue. We are keeping debt under control. Pressure continues to mount on Carlton coach Brett Ratten with a number of fellow coaches backing Mick Malthouse to take over the Blues next season. Ratten has pulled out of today's scheduled media conference, Alan Richardson take the heat letting senior assistant to the Gold Coast. following their loss There's been no major upsets of the US Open tennis early on day two Andy Roddick and Jo Wilfred Tsonga with Thomas Berdych, all progressing to the second round. Venus Williams and Agnieszka Radwanska cruised through on the women's side of the draw. Australia's Bernard Tomic will open his campaign shortly. Australia is 5/133 chasing 199 for victory in the first one dayer against Pakistan. Captain Michael Clarke rescued the Aussies top order before being dismissed for 66. There you go. Beautiful pronunciation. Let's go to today's weather with Grant, who is in the corridors of power? Mel, check out the size of the hallway weather with Grant, who is playing

here in this brand new super factory, Caterpillar, Newcastle, opening tomorrow, 23 hectares. If you ever wondered the size of mining in Australia, this would spell it out in very simple terms. There out in very simple terms. It is the new Caterpillar factory, it is part of the Seven holdings, but we are here because we like cool stuff. We are here because it is cool. Check out this for a tool shed? Yes! this is the small one. This is the service and assembly area. The ned out this for a tool shed? Yes! And

shed over is three times bigger than this one. This is where you find some of the biggest machines in mining or anywhere in the world. In fact, they have apprentices all over the place. In fact, they train them here on spot... G'day, Anthony. How are you? What you doing there? There's one for you, Grant. Look, I've got something here a bit more appropriate. Good, yeah, love your optimism. As you can see the apprentices really get to apprentices really get to know their machines from the ground up. Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne. Make sure you do up the... Wheel nuts before you drive. Just got the manual here for this thing. There's, one, two, 50 wheel nuts on that thing. It is pretty crucial, at 40 grand a tyre. You don't want to get it wrong. Dean, come down, you happen a car mechanic and now you're doing this? Pretty sweet, hey? Sweet... Sweet as. Quite a step up, isn't it? Yes, just a little. Crucial to get it right, your bit, it is $ it is $200,000 an engine. No pressure. Yes, there is quite a bit of pressure enour job but as apprentices we are train said up well. Is there an academy? Yes, there is an institute, the best

academy in the world here, nothing else to say than... Sweet. Sweet. Sums it up. Pretty sweet. A second showdown between Victoria Police and construction union members in Melbourne may have been averted. This is a live shot of Grocon's Myer redevelopment site, the scene of yesterday's ugly clashes. Unionists gathered early although many have left in the last 30 minutes. But there are fears the trouble could spread to other states. Sydney CFMEU members are considering whether they'll support their Victorian counterparts. We asked the CFMEU on the program this morning but they were unable to join us. Grocan's CEO Daniel Grollo is here though. Daniel, the CFMEU says your company is anti-union - are you? No, not at all. We have lots of employees across Australia, some are union, some are not. They make their own choice on that point. We are not anti-union at all. We have in Victoria and spreading across other states is illegal block AIDS. It is the union stopping the getting to work. Those blockades have no Grocon peep on them, -- the union stopping the people

Grocon people on them. They are happy and want to get back to. happy and want to get back to work. How can a union defy Supreme Court rules? There has been a change in the industrial referee, if you like, for the construction industry. that the reason? Um, I don't think that's the reason. Trying to think for the construction industry. Is

about what their attitude is, I'm not sure. But it was very clear in the Supreme Court ruling handed down yesterday, they have extended the order we have, it is illegal activity. They choose to ignore it. But we haven't seen scenes like this for years in Australia, since the bad old days. Is the relaxation of industrial laws under this for a government the reason this can occur? There is constantly changes at the head of the union and that is where they make their decision making, the decisions in Victoria are currently making. The leadership are choosing to look and respect Supreme Court and the police and that is the scenes you have got. are choosing to look and respect the

'Herald Sun' is reporting outlawed that is the scenes you have got. The bikies and crime gangs are being hired by the union as muscle. Do you have evidence of that? I have evidence and know the people on the blockade are not Grocon employees. Who they are, I am not sure. They are organised by the union to come to the site and stop our employees getting safely to work. So what can be done? Are you calling on the police to arrest them? Are you asking for the federal government, for bill short toon slap fines on the union for de-- Bill Shorten to slap fine? Fines work. The court process is ongoing. It is a little slow, it is slow, you can see the jobs need to get back to work. And the court process is not as fast. But really, it is our only avenue. Yesterday's uftempt with Victoria Police was to get the workers back to work safely. It didn't eventuate. Tony Abbott says it is because of the watering down of industrial relations laws under the Gillard government. Is he right? Well, I

think, I won't enter the political debate. Really, we is are a set of laws and -- we have a set of laws and Grocon is doing that the best it can. We have a set oplaws set -- we have a set of laws by have a set of laws have a set of laws Supreme Court and the unions are defying it. Many of you wrote into our soapbox concerned about the treatment of the police horses. Nerida writes: Victoria Police tell us each situation is looked at on an individual basis. So far, no charges have been laid over the protest. Former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel has broken his silence, speaking exclusively to Seven News. Once dubbed 'Doctor Death' over claims he killed patients in his care, he was released from prison last week after the High Court quashed his convictions and his 7-year sentence. He sat down to talk about these events with reporter Kim Skubris, who joins me now from Brisbane. Good morning, Kim. So, was this the first time he's spoken publicly in seven years? That's right, Mel. It is, I mean. Considering the public and media scrutiny surrounding this case. has been a difficult task for Jayant scrutiny surrounding this case. It Patel to keep a low profile, particularly in Queensland but it is what he is trying to do since he was extradited from the US in 2008. He didn't give didn't give evidence enhis trial, which is of course is his right. He was jailed for two years and released last Friday. He Basically decided to sit down and address some untruths he had has been swirling in the media, particularly in the last week, about his plans to go back to the US and write a book Bundaberg Hospital which he says is the US and write a book about untrue. He sat down with his lawyer and was quite composed. He stressed numerous times to me during the interview, about the patients and staff at Bundaberg Base Hospital were all his words and he stressed were from the heart. Let's look he had to say. were from the heart. Let's look what Jayant Patel has never spoken out, in the courtroom or in public, until now. I believe I have always done my best for my patients and their family, despite the attacks on my character at the trial, and much adverse publicity. After two years behind bars he waw ready to answer questions. How are you coping on the outside after spending two years in jail? Life is still in the solitude, and I don't consider myself with complete freedom yet until I'm back with my friends and family. Last Friday, the 62-year-old was released from jail after the High Court found a gross miscarriage of justice occurred during his trial in 2010. In that trial, allegations were made, not only about my competence as a doctor, but also going to the root of my character and my decency as a human being. and one of grievous bodily harm, and overturned Dr Patel's 7-year sentence. He was extradited from the US in 2008 and describes the last four years as traumatic. The trauma was not mine alone. I want to offer my sincere condolences and sympathy to my former patients and their family affected by these events. Want to offer my sincere condolences and sympathy to all those involved. , He wants to thank those who stood by him. It is only with the help others I was able to appeal my conviction to the Court of Appeal and the High Court. Is there any substance to the speculation you will be writing a book? That information is absolutely incorrect. I have no plan to do so and no wish to do so in the future. The Queensland department of public prosecutions is yet to announce if it will go ahead with a refreestyle. He will nut leave Australia until it is resolved. It is important for you to clear your name? Yes. You will stay here as long as it takes? Yes, I will stay here as long as it takes. That full interview went to air last night in Queensland. Has there been much reaction? Yes, especially so in Bundabergbering. Patients of -- families of those patients who passed away in his care have asked why did it take so long for him to express his condolences and if the DPP will announce a retrial in the case. A surfer is recovering this morning after being mauled by a shark off Western Australia's north coast. The man had been surfing a famous break at Quobba Station, about 160km north of Carnarvon. He was flown to Perth overnight for treatment. Seven News reporter Alexis Donkin joins me from Perth. What's the latest on the victim's condition? What's the latest on the victim's condition? Kochie, good morning. I am told the 34-year-old is still in a stable condition in hospital in the city. As you said, he was a stable condition in hospital here flown here overnight. He has extensive injuries to one of his arms and his abdomen. He will undergo surgery today. This is the 6th shark attack, serious one in WA waters in less than 12 month. Is there any momentum in calls for a shark cull? Absolutely. It is a hot topic over here right now. There are survivors of shark attacks who say we must act now and cull sharks before there is an epidemic but of course, then there are activists who say the ocean is the shark's territory and the Government is not making a commitment yet. New Orleans residents are strengthening levee banks and making final preparations for the onslaught of Hurricane Isaac. After moving across the Gulf of Mexico as a tropical storm, the system's gathered strength overnight and has been upgraded to a hurricane. News Reporter Jay Gray is in New Orleans. What's the latest predictions on when Isaac will hit? Well, Nat, the storm has slowed down a bit. It has intensified as well. 80 mile an hour winds but only moving at 8 miles an hour. Initially we thought we would see it at 7 in the evening but it has been pushed back. There are a couple of cars in between me and the camera. I am in one of the busiest streets, Canal Street. Normally, this thing is packed, it doesn't matter if it is day or night. People are down here. It is the beginning of the entertainment district, the French quarter, which is the highest spot in New Orleans. If anything is to be try it is here. You can see a couple of cars and trucks coming by in New Orleans. If anything is going

once in a while. They are starting to take heed of the warnings. Those who decide to ride out the storms in their homes and watching what will happen. Unfortunately, what they seeing is the storm is gathering happen. Unfortunately, what they are momentum and intensity. It is going to drop a lot of rain here, very strong winds and it is going to be a strong ride. We talk about slow moving so they could see the conditions worsen for the next 24 to 36 hours. NR rr area. -- New Orleans area. It is the rain, not the wind that has killed more people in the past, hasn't it? Yes, and the rain is going to be the primary problem here because there is going to be so much of it. It is going to be such a slow-moving system. Look, I have heard predictions from 10 to 20 inches of rain. No matter how many pumps you have, you can't move that much water out that quickly. Look, that is going to be the issue. Thank you for the update. You bet. A Cairns man, who became a victim of a vandalism spree, has taken to Facebook in a bid to catch the criminals responsible. The 23-year-old's remarkable efforts have given police several leads in the case. Seven News reporter Trent Evans has the story. Trent, how did this man track down the culprits? Well, he posed as a hot woman, friended the people he believed was responsible and extracted the information he needed for them to implicate themselves. He is still worried about ramifications so he doesn't want to reveal himself but he has spoken to us. Have a look. This is just one of the cars targeted in a suburban crime spree late last week in Cairns. The vehicle's owner decided to take action to find those responsible. I guess I just wanted to help the police out and catch these kids and keep them off the streets. Facebook is such a huge social networking now, that you get to anyone through it and it was the easiest way to get to these kids. We just spoke to a few people around the streets and everybody seemed to be pointing to the same people. So the 23-year-old decided to lay social-media trap. He created a phony Facebook account, with a female alias, and uploaded some photos of a good-looking girl. Then he friend requested his suspects. I sort of led them to believe that crime was OK, because the girl grew up around it in a bad area of Australia. Nowhere knew her because she was new to town and I sort of empowered them to think that thugs were cool and pretty much confessed everything to me. It was really easy actually. It took me about 24 hours to get everything. Even with the deception of the cars and what complexes at what time, they gave me street addresses. They even told me one night and going to hit a certain area around town. The police have said it's going to be very helpful. When you have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, there's really nothing you can do but getting a confession, which we've got. Queensland's Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the evidence still needs to be assessed by the police. I wouldn't ever advocate for a vigilante society. I think what this gentleman has done is realise there's an issue in Cairns which we all know. But the student in question has no regrets about his methods. With an attractive girl on Facebook, you'd be surprised what you can do. This guy is at JCU, a law student in Cairns. The police said he show good initiative but not something they would encourage. Fans have taken to Facebook and called him a genius. He has made a breakthrough. He should be the new head of Internet policing. News is next. Plus, stand by your phone. We'll be making a $10,000 Cash Cow call and it could be you. Then, hello hornbags. Foxy 'fil-um' stars Kath & Kim join us live on the couch. SONG: # Baby love... # WOMAN: A week ago, we asked these mothers to try the new BabyLove and this is what they had to say. His bum was dry, the nappy was dry. And we didn't wake up once, did we? And happy baby is happy mummy. (LAUGHS) BabyLove's new DriWave layer absorbs liquid instantly time and time again, for a dry night and a dry morning. The BabyLove nappies have been excellent. I'm changing. (CHUCKLES) For drier nights - new BabyLove. VOICEOVER: With an Adaptive Front Lighting System that helps you see around corners and a host of intelligent features, we've crafted our most remarkable Aurion yet. Experience it now at your local Toyota dealer. The accountants have figured out it can be cheaper to have basic health insurance than to pay the tax for not having any. Wow. Those guys are so cool. VOICEOVER: Call 13 19 20 and start saving today.

Hi! Noyce! Anything could happen. you can see. Is that them there? Hi! Noyce! Anything could happen. As Yes, it's We'll give your names to security. In the meantime, here is Nat with the news. On to something completely different. The head of the company targetted in a major building site blockade in Melbourne is blaming the construction union for the ongoing dispute. A picket line has prevented Grocon workers from entering the site for a week. And yesterday the blockade turned violent These are the decisions that the union in Victoria are currently making, their leadership are chosing to look beyond - and they're the scenes you've got. The Supreme Court has ruled the blockade is illegal. Let's go live now to Sunrise correspondents Nick Etchells in Melbourne Nick, many workers have left the Melbourne site this morning? As you can see behind me when the bus moves out of the way, the number of workers involved in the blockade has drastically decreased but the blocade is still in place. No sign yet of the violence we yet of the violence we saw yesterday. That all kicked off when police tried to escort Grocon workers past the blockade on to the site. That hasn't happened today. We don't have word if that is going to happen this morning. But certainly, the police have decide not to intervene yesterday the way they did -- not to intervene today like they did yesterday and it has thus been peaceful. Workers in Sydney were going to hold a stop work meeting? All the workers have gathered for this strike action do work at the Grocon construction site in Pitt Street in the middle of the city. They were due to start work at 6:30 and have a stop-work meeting at 7:00. But they have been told not to have it. They don't want to have it on the site because of fear of intimidation by management but they can't have it on the street. The intention is to move and have it at Hyde Park and discuss the concerns they have, both here and in Melbourne. They have safety concerns they have been trying to address with the company for some time. Thank you, we will check in later. Hurricane Isaac is now clocking wind gusts of up to 160km/h as it approaches New Orleans. State and Federal authorities say they've done all they can to prepare for Isaac's arrival and are warning residents to pay close attention to alerts and updates. This will be the first time the city's upgraded flood levees have been put to the test since the 2005 Katrina tragedy. A 15-year-old boy has undergone surgery after presenting at a Sydney Hospital with gunshot wounds yesterday. The teenager is believed to have been shot at the front of a unit complex in the south-western suburb of Auburn. A crime scene has been set up and police officers are investigating. Former Queensland surgeon Jayant Patel has revealed he always had his patients' interests at heart. Speaking publicly for the first time since he was charged seven years ago, he acknowledged the experience had been traumatic for everyone involved. I want to offer my sincere condolences and sympathy to my former patients and their families affected by these events. Dr Patel was released from prison last week after the High Court quashed his convictions. Geelong's Travis Varcoe is still a chance of playing in Saturday's clash with Sydney despite suffering a foot injury in his comeback game at the weekend. Scans have cleared Varcoe of any major damage but the Cats will wait until later in the week before deciding on their next move. Andy Roddick has put on a show for the home crowd on day two of the US Open, belting 20 aces to beat fellow American Rhyne Williams in straight sets. Australia's Bernard Tomic is on court later today. Australia is closing in on victory in the first one dayer against Pakistan. Chasing 199, the Aussies are on top at 5/162 after a crucial 66-run stand from captain Michael Clarke. Earlier, quick Mitchell Starc bagged a career best 5/42. Righto, kids, if you love playing in the sandpit, Grant is in the biggest sandpit in Australia this morning. He has toys to boot. Hello? Little gag we like to play here on the lot, here at Caterpillar's new facility here in Newcastle, opens tomorrow, here in Newcastle, opens tomorrow, a $ here in Newcastle, opens tomorrow, a $163 million, 23 hectare facility, just letting the tyres down, at 40 grand a pop, it will take someone a week to pump up. A classic! It is going to be a massive employer in the local region in Newcastle. Technology? Watch this. You ready, truck? (beeps) truck? (beeps). Clap-activated stairs. In fact. It is a 489er too. They do general construction machinery, down to diggers, road trucks, all at here, the assembly, the maintenance, it's, big engines! Yes, look at that, Beretts. That is a donk. We are talking 16 cylinders. That is a donk. 1800 horsepower, thumping Caterpillar hardware, 200 grand that bad boy is worth because it pumping out so much grunt. Could it be true? There has got to be keys somewhere? Yes! Always under the visor! Always under the visor. I seen it as the movies as well. Should you be doing that? I'll give it a shot. Probably not. (beeping) it a shot. Probably not. (beeping). Hello. Need it for school pick-up Nat. It's kicking over! Yes. Listen to this! (engine revs) to this! (engine revs). Sound like a 15 tonneer to me. Living the dream! Let's look at the forecast.

A large high is keeping eastern Australia mostly clear and calm. A trough and low over the nation's south is causing winds and showers to increase in Tasmania and Victoria.

These winds are potentially damaging in Victoria. A front crossing southern Western Australia is bringing showers and strong winds. Um, (beeping) Um, (beeping). Do you reckon anyone would notice, seriously, if we possibly moved this thing? It is not easy to see. Didn't you let the tyres down? Isn't it dangerous. Do you reckon we could get it on the freeway back to Sydney they won't notice this thing missing. Has it got a cup holder? It's got a cup holder? It's 27 of them, Nat! Hey, Beretts, where did you park your car. No, not telling you! That is just so cool. Fabulous. See how far I can get. Try to park it. Alright, Grant. Thank you for that. Westrac also sell them in how far I can get. Try to reverse

China, have the biggest Caterpillar dealership in China. Time to give away money from the Cash Cow to buy your own Caterpillar. Let's try to give away some money from the Sunrise Cash Cow. We're calling today's winner, who has to answer within five rings to claim their share of the money. Our lucky winner is in Dubbo, New South Wales. Dubbo is an Aboriginal dispronunciation from Tubbo, which means head covering. Is that Tara. Morning. Calling to say, on this Wednesday morning, you have won $ Wednesday morning, you have won $10,000. I've won $ $10,000. I've won $10 thousand? $10,000. I've won $10 thousand?! You have. It is Sunrise, hello. My goodness! (laughs) goodness! (laughs). It's real. Congratulations, Tara. What you going to do with it. Um, um, I have a lot of things we need to do around our house. So... Good on you. Oh my goodness! Tara, congratulations. Isn't that nice. Yes, gee we give people some surprises don't we. To enter the draw, you'll need today's code word: Phone 1902 557 707 and follow the directions. Or SMS today's code word and your name and address to 19 777 077. Lines close at 430pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. I was diblety a bit com-- deliberately was a bit calmer today. I scare people. Still ahead this morning - but wait, there's more. New photos of Prince Harry partying in Vegas emerge. After the break - they're here. Kath and Kim are live on the Sunrise couch, next. Getting a coffee. A coffee now. (HUMMING) (LAUGHS)


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