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(generated from captions) in Canberra, also set up a frosty start of freezing nights in 15 years. which has had the biggest run in central Australia, Warmer air is pooling into NSW tomorrow which will be drawn down ahead of the front. as north-westerly winds develop One or two showers are expected and Adelaide, in Canberra, Melbourne in Hobart. little rain On the water: most of the day. we'll see moderate northerly winds By tomorrow night those winds will be strong in Sydney Tonight it will remain fine with a warning out.

and a minimum of 10 degrees. with a moderate northerly breeze and partly cloudy. Tomorrow it will be fine bringing a top of 23 degrees. Warmer northerlies than last night Should be a touch warmer developing. due to a light northerly breeze at times tomorrow It will become a little windy become stronger, as the northerly winds at up to 40km/h at times. through Sydney. This will bring a warmer air mass for all locations. Around 5 degrees above average the weekend and into next week. Fine weather continues through Warmer weather expected tomorrow drier and cooler southerly change. Thursday will be followed by a much the high teens on Friday. Temperatures returning to That's Seven News for this Tuesday. thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath, Ahead on 'Today Tonight' - from the age of 12. the plan to teach children to drive That's next. Hello. thanks for joining us. Shortly, the controversial new plan better drivers. to make young Australians as young as 12 It will mean having children getting behind the wheel. in theory You can learn all sorts of stuff just putting it in practice. but it's actually but will it make our roads safer? It's an interesting idea That's coming up shortly. with a chilling story the young women who's come forward But first,

can go horribly wrong. of how quickly an overseas holiday violently sexually assaulted Stevie Bamford claims she was in Phuket's nightclub district, but when she told Thai police, back on her. they turned their investigation staff for help When she went to Australian embassy to change her story she claims they told her of following that advice, and, as a result she was locked up. Her boyfriend who was with her, a former rugby league international, and her father, back up her story. official version is very different. As Laura Sparkes reports the being held down on the floor I just remember and I couldn't move basically uncontrollable. and just screaming, crying her eyes out. She was in hysterics, with 30 police officers, We walked in to this room all of them dealing with this case. They're all laughing at me. They're all laughing. Stevie Bamford is either in the most horrific way a young woman denied justice or she's a very convincing liar. On holiday in a foreign land, and raped. she claims she was attacked embassy officials for help. That she looked to Australian the worst advice possible. Instead, she claims, she was given was justice All Stevie Bamford wanted and sent back to Australia "and you'll get a small fine "and everything will be fine." because I was scared So I just signed it and he had the handcuffs there. They would have took me to jail. she never had a chance. to get justice. She never had a chance Tonight, for the first time, international Peter Tunks the daughter of former rugby league speaks out. her side of the story. Finally allowed to tell in Thailand. A luxury she was never afforded I was punished for making a rape allegation. Stevie and boyfriend, Tim Michael, of young Australians every years, like thousands in Phuket. hit the bar strip along Bangla Road A somehow we've lost each other in a mass of people. He went back to our Hotel, thinking that I would go back there. I went back to the last bar that we were at, thinking he would go back there. That is basically when this whole problem started. Unable to contact Tim, and a little scared, Stevie says drunk, disoriented she walked towards the beach home. looking for a tuk-tuk taxi ride She then claims she was grabbed. there was a roof above me. I remember I was inside the tuk-tuk I just assumed it wasn't grass or anything. because I remember It was a hard floor. There was three men at the time back above my head. and someone was holding my arms Only one man was on top of me. from what I remember It didn't go on for too long and I just bolted. but eventually they let go of me I just ran as fast as I could. of her ordeal. It was just the beginning to Thai police When she reported the attack of where it happened was hazy. her recollection After intensive questioning, for a rape test. she ended up here at Patong Hospital from the shots I had These are receipts and medication they gave me. "You had a pregnancy test." This one says, were inconclusive. The results of the rape test of lying by police. Suddenly, Stevie was being accused "You sign now that you lie. Eventually he said, "we have CCTV footage against you." "Or you go to jail tonight." And he said, He had handcuffs. "You go to jail for up to six months for lying to police "and three years on top of that in Thailand." "and disrespecting the police This is the CCTV footage of Stevie in that night in Phuket. This is the CCTV footage they used against her. But which one is her? She walks into the bottom right of the screen. Then the vision jumps. She is now 20 metres up the road, walking away. We do not know what time decision was taken or what happened. Remember, this was the sole, irrefutable proof that she had made the story The commissioner was standing up and saying, "If you don't sign this, you're going to jail. Stevie was in hysterics, saying, "I'm not signing it." We rang to get the Australian embassy officials back. They had a talk with me and Tim trying to convince us to say we lied.

It was in the best interests of us that we'd get a small fine and be deported, most likely the next day, which was fine. So the Australian embassy was telling you to lie? Basically, she said, "It was for your bests interests." In the statement she signed, it claimed the pair had argued and Tim had stormed home. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade argue the vision shown to their embassy officers details Stevie's movements over the entire period of time she claimed the rape occurred. They deny they advised her to sign the statement to say she lied. And while Today Tonight repeatedly has asked for an interview they've hidden behind off-the-record chats and emails.

They told her what she had to do was drop the charges, say she made it up and she'd get a slap on the wrist and she'd just walk out. They told you that? They told me that. But she didn't just walk away. The next day here at Phuket Court, Stevie was sentenced to 15 days in a detention centre. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't stop crying. Eventually, Tim and the embassy came back. They were in disbelief as well. They kept apologising to me. Stevie's dad, Peter Tunks, backs his daughter's account. When Stevie went to court the Australian woman rang me from court. She apologised to me, "This has never happened before." When they'd done these plea bargain agreements with the courts over there, they'd always gone smoothly. What should they have done? They should have tried to get some justice for her. It was just a small cell. You slept on like a little disgusting mattress on the floor which had blood all over it. If dumb Australians show up here and think that it is the same as getting drunk and wandering around in Sydney, give us a break. It is Thailand, not Australia. Father Michael Kelly is the chief executive officer of UCA News - an Asian Catholic news media company. He lives and works in Bangkok and understands how the Thai police work. If there are complaints or problems to be followed up there's a scale that they operate according to, and quite frankly, the concerns of foreigners are pretty far down their rating list Unfortunately, he believes Stevie made many dangerous decisions. In this particular circumstance, what she should have done was not get drunk, not stumble down the road alone in the middle of the night in a place where she had no experience with or familiarity with I'm still so angry about it and I want to clear my name and let people know I did nothing wrong and if you're going to go over there just be very careful when dealing with the police. Now to the radical plan to get kids behind the wheel and learning to drive at a much younger age. The theory is that they'll be better-equipped to handle the road and won't be as influenced by the bad habits of their parents. But as David Eccleston reports, the critics argue that, if anything, we should be making youngsters wait longer before being allowed to drive. It's like teaching a kid how to bat and bowl in a classroom. You can learn all sorts of stuff in theory, it's actually putting it into practice. And stop. Which foot did you just use? The wrong one. Children as young as 12 behind the wheel. It's a concept that would send shivers up any seasoned drivers' spine yet that is what's exactly what is being pushed by a leading national motoring group. There's no evidence that they improve safety at all. The last thing I want to see The younger the kids are taught, the more experience they have. Confederation of Australian Motor Sport, or CAMS, president Andrew Papadopoulos believes the younger they learn the more respect they'll have on the road. When they do get on the road, they have got the experience, they have got the ability, they have got the attitude to make them good drivers. Research released this week from Adelaide University highlights the need for action. Drivers under the age of 24 are twice as likely to die or be injured due to bad decisions while driving. The first six months of driving by themselves is the highest accident rate, the statistics show. We want to give them experience beforehand so that peak of accidents doesn't happen when they get their P plates. Today was my first time. I was bit nervous. (LAUGHS) On a controlled track at a school in Adelaide, 14- and 15-year-old students are allowed in the driver's seat. Getting a feel of how to turn, what it feels like to be turning the vehicle. A safe braking distance. I feel I did alright. Probably could've gone a little better but no-one died so that's always a good thing. It's an absolute a mistake to lower the licensing age. Motoring expert John Cadogan is well aware the program is currently designed to stay within school hours and off main roads but alarm bells are still ringing. If we start getting 14- and 15-year-olds behind the wheel and that becomes commonplace, it opens the door to crackpot lobby groups advocating for younger drivers to be licensed and that is flat out a mistake. Dr Mathew Buldock from the automotive safety research centre at Adelaide University goes further. If anything, he wants the age limit for driving raised. All the evidence says that you increase the licensing age so you reduce exposure to risk and you very, very gradually lift restrictions on younger drivers so that they become skilled drivers, experienced drivers with reduced opportunity to risk. Put simply, children aged 12 to 15 aren't mature enough or experienced to make the right decisions in life, let alone behind the wheel. They looked at young driver accidents from 1998 to 2011 and found that 70% of fatalities occurred due to bad decisions behind the wheel and fatigue is just as big a killer for young people as speeding and drink driving. The sort of decision-making errors that drivers make that are not necessarily risk taking would include, for example, executing a U-turn in an inappropriate situation. Dr Buldok is hoping this story makes parents and their children street smart. His advice is to always ensure there's no more than one young passenger is with a young driver at any one time. Also, girls should focus on handling skills and boys on decision making. A need to drive in different road conditions including heavy rain, heavy traffic and country roads. And finally, good vehicle maintenance is crucial. You need to equip your young driver with the skills to mitigate the risks because ordinary, responsible kids make mistakes that kill them. We feel that it is so important that governments pick it up because there might be 1,200-odd people die on our roads but there's about 39,000 that end up on our hospital beds and we want to stop that. We said it last night and we'll say it again. 'The X Factor' is throwing up plenty of contestants with plenty of talent and great stories to tell. None more so than Bella Hunter, who has big shoes to fill and made a nervous start to her quest. Adene Cassidy explains why expectations are high and why the 23-year-old singer should have the X Factor in her DNA. Singing, it's in my blood and I can't escape it. Well, yeah. Your dad was an absolute legend. So let's hope some of that has paid off on you. Thank you. Let's hope. I was so nervous, I was petrified. I didn't expect to be so nervous but I just think waiting around for 9.5 hours just to audition and then having to talk about my dad all day, I just got emotional and I was a bit of a wreck. When Bella Hunter stepped on to 'The X Factor' stage she was following in the very large footsteps of her famous father. # It's you, it's you, it's all for you. # Everything I do I'll tell you all the time. # I was very young when my dad passed away, so you know, I would sing around the house and I don't think it was kind of something that would ever have been pinned as a career yet but, you know, I'm sure he's watching over me, supporting me every step. The 23-year-old is the daughter of Marc Hunter, lead singer of Dragon - a legendary band which had a string of massive hits in the '70s. Bella, that is definitely 100% your nerves because I've heard you and you can sing, you really can. You've just got to shake those nerves completely - be gone, be gone, nerves - go. If your dad is Marc Hunter, legendary singer, went number one, travelled the world, there's definitely a lot more pressure on her, in a way. 'Daily Telegraph' entertainment writer Jonathon Moran says while Bella Hunter is talented her pedigree means expectations will be huge. Marc Hunter was huge in his day and I think the legacy that he's left were some great songs. A great band like Dragon is still very much real to a lot of people. That's got to be a lot for her to live up to, though, as well? Absolutely. It's going to be a lot for her to live up to and I guess that's the dangerous thing when you're related to someone who's famous. You know, it's a stigma I can't escape and I walk into a room and people have an automatic judgement about me, whether they know me or not, because of who my dad was. The auditions are so high pressure, having a strong musical background doesn't always help. I was lucky enough at 18 years old to get into the musical 'Hairspray'. I was one of the babies of the cast. It was a little overwhelming at first but it was a great first taste and I'm hungry for more. For 20-year-old contestant Bridan Star her experience in musical theatre put a different spin on her performance and had the judges bristling. It all just rubbed me up the wrong way. Ooh! I found it, I found it cheesy. (AUDIENCE BOOS) I didn't feel like you were the X factor coming out here with that oomph, that sass, that, "Look at me." What are you talking about? That's exactly what she had. It felt like a performance and it felt way too goody two-shoes and cheesy for me. Sorry. Mel, do you not think that she has enough raw talent that if you had her you could mentor her? You know what? I think it's really hard if you've only been doing musical theatre and I know people can be diverse but the whole thing was just very cheesy. But despite their stoush Bridan was still voted in and sent to boot camp. I think Mel B was right. I think the other three judges were being too nice. You've got to be ruthless in this business because that's the reality of the world of show business. Adene Cassidy reporting. Bella makes that 'X Factor' debut at 7:30 tonight. You can catch it here on Seven. We'll take a break and be back with more. Coming up - Jamie Oliver's mission was to educate the young about food. Now celebrity chefs are teaching older Australians how to eat better. Recipes for life - a mouth-watering campaign is next. (ALL SING) # Get ready, get set for the Nurdle song # Just grab your brush and sing along # All you need to do is dance with me # Use a little dab of toothpaste the size of a pea # We brush, we rinse, we spit and now we're done # That's why our Nurdle Durdle dance is so much fun. # To help make brush time fun time every day, download the free Macleans brushing app. Available now.

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A lot of time and effort and some brilliant minds are being employed to find ways to get our kids to eat better. But now some well-known local chefs are joining forces to help educate older Australians on how to improve their diets. Clare Brady reports on the Recipes For Life campaign aimed at our senior citizens.

I have breakfast. Sometimes I don't bother with lunch. They are staying at home more quite often using what's in their cupboards and their interest in food is dropping away. Stew is like the best thing ever. Jamie Oliver is trying to change taste buds country by country and it's tougher than he thought. A couple of weeks ago, you'd never picked up a vegetable now you're a specialist. Just chop...chop it up. Now a squadron of Australian celebrity chefs

are stirring the tummies of our older eaters making sure our mature citizens are getting the best they deserve. There should be no excuse as to why they can't get fresh foods. Ian Curley has served it up on Seven's 'Conviction Kitchen'. This is the opportunity to start all over again. The British-born long-time Australian resident is rolling up his sleeves to share some healthy recipes with our elderly.

I've got shallots, basil, some grissini sticks, fetta and the olive oil. His recipe whipped up in one of Melbourne's top restaurants - The European. It's essentially a Greek salad without cucumber. The dish is an alternative to these sorts of foods many older Australians turn to for dinner

to save time and money. Some even opt for cereal as the main course. So, if they sit there and they just have the melted cheese on toast? There's no nutritional value in that at all. May as well have not eaten dinner? No, that's right because they'll be hungry again in 15 minutes' time. But I'm not saying that my recipe is the best in the world for you... But it's easy? ..but it's not as bad as that. 87-year-old Betty West knows her diet may be lacking but thinks it's normal at her stage of life. Very mundane. It could be a toasted sandwich, something on toast, I don't cook a big meal because eating on your own, it's a lonely time so I have something very quick. Betty isn't alone. Many older Australians eat exactly the same. 40% of Australians over the age of 65 live alone and their momentum with cooking has just dropped away and they've lost interest. We've found that when some of our care workers would go into people's homes there wasn't fresh food, there wasn't fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and people seem to be eating a lot of canned products - canned tinned soup and baked beans, tinned spaghetti. They were having toast, cheese on toast, cereal. Trish Noakes is the ringleader of Recipes for Life. The campaign launched today to encourage older people to eat better. I think expense is quite a big concern for older people. For many people in their 80s, they finished work when they were 60 and so they have spent all of their available cash and they're totally reliant upon a pension. They worry about costs, they worry about food costs, they worry about the costs of buying fresh product and often they'll pull back on it. You can get your kitchen buzzing by selecting any of the 16 celebrity chefs recipes on the Just Better Care website. As this chef says, there's no excuse why not. You just look after yourself because you wanna live longer. Clare Brady reporting. Taxpayers forking out for rock art. It's in the middle of nowhere, a 4-day hike. So, is it worth the $700,000 it cost to build? VOICEOVER: Right now, the Toyota you want can turn to gold,

because you qualify for Gold Fleet discounts normally aimed at big business. It's Toyotathon - don't miss your golden opportunity. We all know NIB has great value health cover for young people. With NIB Dental Plus, you get ambulance cover and you can claim up to $2,250 a year on extras, like general and major dental, optical,

physio, remedial massage, all for around $8 a week for singles. So if you're a young Australian, or an Australian from Young, call 13 14 63. NIB - it's worth it. Publicly funded art is a wonderful thing but usually it's in a place where a lot of people would get to see it. Not this one. This piece of rock art, commissioned by the previous Queensland Labor government at a cost of $684,000, is only for the committed art lover. It's a sculpted egg by British artist Andy Goldsworthy. Obviously, finding the place is critical to the success of the work and would have a profound impact on the piece. The place he picked is a clearing left by a fallen tree on what's called the Great Walk, north-west of Brisbane. It's so remote the materials had to be helicoptered in and it's a 4-day hike to get there. Even the artist wasn't sure what people would think. How people will respond to that I don't know and that's the beauty of the work, you know. Eventually, the egg will be consumed by a strangler fig planted on top. That's all we have time for tonight. Thanks for your company. Hope you can join us again tomorrow. Until then, have a great evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

This job is a great opportunity for me and it would be really nice, after everything I've done for you, if you could support me. I forbid you to start up anything with Tim. Do you know? Where are you going? I'm going to pack. I don't want to be late for the city. Someone with an injury like Dex's find it very difficult to concentrate when there are distractions, you know, both emotional and physical. And I'm distracting him on both accounts. Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry. That was my fault. (SHOUTS) Dex, Dex, Dex. Romeo. to the new house? Yeah, good. How are you settling in with my wife? Listen, thank you for being here. I know it would mean so much to Dex. If you need anything, just, um...just call me. I'm still in love with you, Indi. Always have been. Hey. Hey. Is everything alright? Yeah, just thinking about Dex. Hey, I have a table booked at that Japanese place in Yabbie Creek. Do you wanna go? Actually, that's what I came to talk to you about. Do you mind if we do that another time? I kind of wanna spend tonight at the hospital. No, no, that's fine. Hey, let me take you to the hospital 'cause I wouldn't mind saying hi myself. Do you mind if I go by myself? Sure. Course not. Is everything alright? Yeah, I just feel like I need to spend some alone time with him, you know? I'm really - I'm really sorry about dinner. No, that's alright. Um, I'll call you in the morning. Sure. What happened? Nothing. It was my fault. Everything's fine. Is there anything I can do? No, no, we're good. Actually, why don't you take April down to the canteen so she can get some dinner? No, I'm fine. I can stay. April, you need to take care of yourself too. Oh, you know what? I'm pretty hungry. Um, do you want to keep me company? If Dex asks for me, can you please... I will let you know, of course. What happened? I don't know. I thought...I thought he was fine and then he...he just lost it. How? He hit me. No, but he didn't... he didn't mean to. Indi, I'm so scared. I wanted to help but I just... I didn't know what to do. Oh, hey... Yeah, I know. I need... I need to stay strong for Dex. It's OK. You're home! I thought you were out at dinner. Mm. Change of plans. Oh, well, if you're hungry, I can just put a little extra on. No, I'm fine. Don't think VJ's probably ready for me to sit down and have dinner with him. Oh, don't worry about VJ. He'll calm down. So, um, I bumped into Romeo today. Mm. How was he with you? I just think you need to give him a bit of time. Yeah. Gee, things are really messy right now. Well, at least you're there for Indi - that's the main thing. Except she's at the hospital and I'm not. There's something going on with her. She keeps on shutting down on me. Well, she is going through a very tough time.