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(generated from captions) country NSW. James is out there helping with the milking this morning, it has very nice. missing out on mining jobs The notion of Australians sure struck a chord with viewers. The emails poured in may be given to workers after we reported 2,000 jobs flown in from overseas. saying they want those jobs. Many were from local workers, fielding the same complaints. Independent MP Bob Katter has been Thanks for joining us. made people angry, hasn't it? Bob, this has clearly I come from a town where we lost 1,500 jobs. We were hoping and praying that we would get the jobs in the Galilee base and in Queensland. Gina is one of the major developers there. The to minors - they have said they major developers there. The other

bringing people from overseas. The proposition that they cannot get anyone in Australia insults the intelligence of everyone in this country. We have met with a number of mining companies. One of them said, is turning away 200 a week and he said it breaks his heart that he's got to say to these people, I'm sorry, I've no job for you. There are 289,000 people registered for full-time employment in Queensland. Over 200,000 cannot get any jobs at all. In WA, in Queensland. Over 200,000 who

nearly 100,000 were registered for full-time employment. Gina is saying she cannot get anyone. I would sack her recruiting staff immediately. This is all about undermining our pay and conditions. That is what this is all about. It is not about other stuff. Australians who were looking forward to getting a plum job, they will not get any jobs at all. The fact that both sides of the political spectrum have agreed to this is really angering the people of Australia and rightly so. Indeed. A lot of reaction. As you say, one of the things that the mining companies claim is they cannot get anyone who was qualified. Susan and John in Victoria wrote: If he has just done 14 months, he obviously knows what he's doing. in NSW: And here's another from Karen Your thoughts? For 120 years in Australia we have been bringing in people -- we have had people to do the mining. But suddenly, in 2012, we cannot find anyone. Jana, give us a break. Do not insult our intelligence. Were it is the answer here? Much of the nature of the foreign worker bees are stipulates that it was only in situations of employment shortfalls that people are going to be employed. If that is not operating in practice, how do we make it work? There is no problem out there. The only problem is the problem of greed by the mining companies and the only problem is that the mainstream parties, the LNP and A L P are owned by them. They will agree to it. Everyone and Australia knows that. The big mining corporations tell them to do it, they will do it. Let me pay a very fine tribute to Andrew Forest and Nathan Tinkler. They said to us, we have to smash unionism and flying foreign workers. The vice-president of than the party said, they give for your time, we are on different wavelengths. Making Tinkler, bought up and a small country town and Andrew frost, from a small country time. They both won their own shoots. Both of them said, they didn't say smash unionism. Both of them said, we can make these towns extremely attractive but for 110 years, we have done it this way and suddenly you are saying to us, we cannot. There is no problem out there, the only problem is the greed of a few mining magnates. That is the only problem out there. We're going to have to leave it there that they give for joining us this morning. I'm fascinated to know how we're going to enforce around this. A bit low on specifics. As always, a pleasure. When you see the soapbox inundated with responses, there are people out there were looking for it. Mind you, at some point, how many people do you know? I know about 10 people who have left their jobs in the City to go and seek a mining gold and dollar. At some