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Tonight - four killed in a

fiery crash in the

Riverina. It's quite horrific,

yes, it is probably one of the

worst incidents I've been to in

my 34 years of policing. Panic

in New York as a gunman opens

fire outside the Empire State

Building. High earners living

in Canberra public housing set

to be given their marching

orders. And the Raiders riding

high after a stunning win

against the ladder-leading


Good evening, Siobhan Heanue

with ABC News. A night out has

ended in tragedy for 4 young

friends in the NSW Riverina

town of Cootamundra. The 3 men

and a woman were in a car which

veered off the road and hit a

tree overnight. Speed is

believed to have been a factor

in the crash which has left the

close-knit community in shock.

Gordon Taylor reports from

Cootamundra. From early

morning the crash scene was

cordoned off and covered by

tarpaulins and for good reason,

as the enormity of the crash

merged. At around 1:15 this

morning the Holden Commodore

sedan veered off the road and

into a tree before exploding in

flames. Inside were 3 young men

and a woman all in their teens

or early 20s burnt beyond

recognition. It's quite

horrific, yes, it is, it's

probably one of the worst

incidents I've been to in my 34

years of policing. It has had

an impact upon my officers so

their welfare is of concern to

me at this point in time. At

this stage investigators can

only guess at the cause.

Excessive speed most likely to

blame. About an hour before

the accident the car was

stopped by a routine traffic

patrol. Police say that at that

point in time they were causing

no concern and that they were

certainly lucid and quite

happy. In this small tight-knit

community the impact was

immediately felt. It st - it

is a very big shock especially

when it's a small, tight community. Everybody knows

everybody and everybody knows

everybody's business. It's bad

enough if you didn't know them

but when you know the families

it it hards. The mayor too was

grieving. It's very sad for our

community will pull together community and I'm sure the

and support the family groups

and give them what they need

and just be there for

them. Detectives and forensics

officers have been at the crash

scene all day. They say the

incineration of the bodies

means that the formal

identification of the victims

may take many days. Meanwhile

the town must come to terms

with its loss. There were

chaotic scenes at the streets

of New York City as shots rang

out alarming tourists and

commuters. A man opened fire

shooting a former colleague

dead and sparking a showdown

with police. He was killed and

9 others were injured in the

gun fight. On Manhattan's

Fifth Avenue outside of New

York's most famous building,

Jeffrey Johnson reaches into

his bag and opens fire. Police

responded with lethal force. I

heard 6 or 7 gun shots, very

crisp and loud. I saw a woman

sitting up against the building

with her foot shot. When I

looked out the window

unfortunately it was a dead

body laying downed a blood

gushing out. A block away the gunman gunned down Steven

Ercolino. In front of 10 West

33rd Street a disgruntled

former employee of a company at

that address shot and killed a

former coworker striking him 3

times. A construction worker

saw the shooting and alerted

two police officers who chased

Johnson through the morning

rush hour stopping him near the

Empire State Building. The

chaos that followed 9 people

were wounded, all injured by

stray bullets fired by the

police. And some may have been

shot accidentally by police

officers who responded

immediately and while

confronting the suspect and

fatally shooting him, unfortunately there may have

been other victims as well. You

might have been shot by police

today, is that OK? I'm 100%

it's a police officer. How do

you feel it was a police

officer's bullet that may have

struck you? Johnson lived

alone in a one-bedroom apartment on New York's upper

east side and neighbours were

stunned he was the gunman

. When I heard the news they

told me this about in the news

I couldn't believe it. This is the third mass shooting in the

US in the past month. Anders

Breivik says he only has one

regret - that he didn't kill

more people. That was his

chilling final statement to the

court after he was jailed for

killing 77 people in bomb and shooting attacks last year. Europe correspondent

Philip Williams reports. Just

over a year after his carefully

planned atrocities, justice

came for a man who had never

denied the murders but saw

himself as defending Norway and

Europe against Islam.

TRANSLATION: Anders Behring

Breivik, born 13 February 1979,

is sentenced to a term of 21

years and a minimum period of

10 years. The smile was in part

a victory for him. Anders

Breivik feared he would be

declared insane. He wanted the

prison sentence because he felt

that would validate his claim

to sanity and clarity. And

justification for the bombing

of government offices and the

systematic shooting of mainly

young people on Utoya

Island. Legitimate targets, he

said. After the massacre he was

taken back to the island by

police tethered on a leash and walked through the scene of his

many crimes. But now he will

spend at least 21 years in jail

and under laws designed to

protect the country against

prisoners deemed a danger to

society, he can be kept locked

away indefinitely. We wanted

dignity, we wanted everything

to be formally right and that

is exactly what has

happened. We have our loss, we

have our processes, we did

survive Breivik and we did

better in integrating more

immigrants, having more

tolerance and more

democracy. In one last public

display of contempt for his

victims, he apologised to his

supporters for not killing even

more people. That before being

cut off by the judge. He

returns to a specially

constructed cell, most

Norwegians never want to see or

hear from him again. The

search for a young woman

abducted at gun point in the

Northern Territory has come to

a dramatic end. Police rescued

25-year-old Monique Edmondson

from a Darwin unit last night.

But the man accused of taking

her from a women's shelter 3

days ago was found dead. A

public tip off led police to a

unit in Millner last night

where 25-year-old Monique

Edmondson was being held. The

street became the site of a

siege with police swarming the

area and warning residents to

stay inside. It was a brief

stand off. Whilst putting the

cordon in place there was a

flurry of activity inside the

residence and at the conclusion

of that activity Ms Edmondson

and two other male persons

exited the residence and a

single gun shot rang

out. Police entered the unit

and found Ms Edmondson's

ex-partner and accused abductor

Joshua Walsh shot dead. His

death is not being treated as

suspicious. Another 2 men were

arrested and taken into

custody. One of those is an

18-year-old who police will

allege was in company with Mr

Walsh at the time of the original offending and the

other person is a 46-year-old

male who police will allege was

aiding and abetting the

offenders after the offence. A

23-year-old woman will also be

charged after allegedly posing

as a domestic violence victim

to enter the shelter where Ms

Edmondson was taken from 3 days

ago. Police are relieved no

officers or members of the

public were injured during the operation. Neighbours say it

was a frightening experience. I

was really scared so I even

close my door, security door

and the main door and even my

front door. Police came, they

said a couple of things and

yeah, they just pulled two

people out and then they went

in, went in and a couple of gun

shots. Monique Edmondson was

taken to the Royal Darwin

Hospital and treated for shock

and trauma. She's since been

released and her parents are on

their way to Darwin. It was

designed as housing for those

most in need but it seems some

Canberra public housing tenants

are far from needy. It's

emerged that a few are earning

as much as $230,000 a year. Now

as it struggles to reduce the

waiting list, the ACT

Government has pledged to take

action with some of the highest

earning tenants set to get

their marching orders.

Charities say while it's a step

in the right direction much

more needs to be done. A job in

Canberra used to mean a

government house. That party's

long been over but it seemeded

there are still a few hanging

on until the last gasp. Recent

workers determined there is

between 6 or 8 with strong,

sustainable, longgoing income

that we believe would be

encouraged or asked to look at

alternative accommodation. Those incomes

range from $165,000 to

$230,000. And there are many

more households in the firing

line with incomes well above

the family income threshold of

$785 a week. We know that there

isn't one easy thing that will

solve all of the issues around

public housing but we'd commend

the Government on taking this

step. There are now more than

1,800 people on Canberra's

housing list. The most critical

cases wait more than 100 days

for accommodation and high need

cases wait more than 500 days.

Wealthy tenants in public

housing don't go down well in

Canberra as former Greens MLA

deb Foskey found out. She made

news in 2005 when it was

revealed she was a public housing tenant. But the

Government says the issue has

to be addressed on a case by

case basis. Circumstances

change from one year to the

next. We could be employed to

unemployed to employed. But the

issue in Canberra is too much

demand for too few houses. We

need to be able to build or buy

more housing. At the same stage

there needs to be a range of

fleckible ways of helping people into affordable

housing. Tenants deemed to be

too rich to live in public

housing will be given 26 weeks

notice. Some expected to move

and others expected to buy the

homes they've occupied for

decades. A vicious storm is

rolling across the Caribbean

and gaining strength as it

heads towards Haiti. Tropical

Storm Isaac has already brought

flooding and high winds to the

Dominican Republic. Some residents haven't heeded

forecast warnings about the

dangers of the storm. Satellite

images show the massive weather

pattern threatening the region.

Isaac is growing as it heads

west and those most at risk are

survivors of the earthquake

which struck Haiti two years

ago. Many of them are still

sheltering in tents which stand

little chance against a

powerful storm. Ecuador has -

won important support in its

battle with Britain over Julian

Assange. At a meeting of Latin

American foreign ministers in

Washington, Ecuador's

neighbours lined up to back the

decision to grant Assange

asylum and let him stay in the

country's London embassy. They also said Britain shouldn't

remove Mr Assange by force. An

assault on our national

sovereignty, we may be a small

country but we are giants in

terms of dignity. But the

British delegate at the meeting

rejected the criticisms saying

the real issue was Assange

trying to shake off accusations

of serious sexual offences.

The votes have been cast and

counting has begun in the Northern Territory where Labor

is trying to win a 4th

consecutive term in power. The

prospect of Paul Henderson's

last vote as Chief Minister

attracted a lot of attention.

And there was no pork

barrelling from the man who

could be the Territory's new

Chief Minister despite the

attention of a curious

visitor. I am ready to serve in

whatever capacity they give me

and if it be Chief Minister

certainly. If it all falls

right tonight I'm really

relishing another 4 years, if

possible. Candidates were busy

at 2 of Darwin's marginal seats

in the city's inner north

trying to sway every vote. The

result of the poll should be

known later tonight.

Researchers have plumed the

depths of the ocean to find a

new treatment for multiple

sclerosis. A drug based on the

venom of Caribbean sea anemones

is now being trialed in humans.

Doctors say it could help

patients who don't respond to

current medications. Sophie

Scott reports. Emma Giunti was

diagnosed with multiple

sclerosis 3 years ago. I was

diagnosed in 2010 with a mild

form of MS. I'm one of the

lucky ones. She's optimistic

about having new medications on

the horizon. That's really

exciting and it just gives

people hope that in the future that eventually hopefully there

would be a cure for MS. This is

the creature that could hold

the key to helping patients

with MS. Sea anemones use

poison from their tentacles to

capture their prey. Scientists

from Melbourne's Monash University have isolated a

component of the venom. They've

found it can block the nerve

damage in MS patients which can

lead to a myriad of symptoms

including numbness and problems walking. We're optimistic that

it will offer some benefits to

patients over and above what's

been available to date. The compound suppresses the T

cells, these are white blood

cells which are important to

the immune system but can cause

nerve damage in MS

patients. Over time the hope

would be that if the cause of

the damage is taken away the

nerves will start to repair

themselves. Animal trials have

shown the compound works and

didn't compromise the body's

immune system. You don't get

the range of side effects that

you might get with treatments

that essentially bombard the

whole body. After the success

of the animal studies, doctors

are about to start the first

human trials. It's likely to be

a long-acting tablet or a once

a week injection. Taking

control of the management of

your MS is really important and

gives people feel like they've

got a bit of power against MS,

that these kind of new

treatments give you hope for

that. Human trials will be held

in the Netherlands. It will

help researchers work out what

dose works the best and the

optimal time to give the

treatment. Technology giant

Apple has won a major battle in

its patent war with South

Korean rival Samsung. A jury in California ruled that some of

the features of Samsung's

mobile phones copied designs

owned by Apple. The court

ordered Samsung to pay just

over $1 billion in damages.

Apple said the verdict sent a

clear message that stealing

isn't right but Samsung said it

would appeal the ruling which

it described as a loss for the

American consumer. The Prime

Minister has launched the 25th

anniversary of Australia's open

garden scheme in her own garden

at the Lodge. Julia Gillard

quickly discovered it's not

hard to be upstaged in your own

backyard. After a week of

miserable weather Canberra

turned on the sunshine putting

the Lodge gardens in their best

light, if not the Lodge

itself. And yes, you're

right, it's in need of a few

renovations. I've had some

comments on the paint work as

we've moved around. The Prime

Minister is set to move out

soon while millions of dollars

of repairs are carried out on

the ageing building. Open

Gardens Australia promotes the

benefits of gardens and

gardening by open private

gardens to the public. To sport

now and the Canberra Raiders

have caused one of the season's

biggest upsets dismantling the

Bulldogs at Canberra Stadium

last night by 28

points. Tonight the Dragons are

leading the Warriors:

A game the Bulldogs had to

lose or a game the Raiders had

to win. However you look at it

the Raiders were on fire

against the ladder leaders

while the Bulldogs' effort was

nowhere near the levels that

saw the club win 12 straight.

This is catastrophic. You

cannot do that from a restart. Frequent errors and

penalties handed the Raiders

possession. John O'Wright had a

night to forget whield Sandor

Earl exploited the Bulldogs'

defence on his way to a

hat-trick. The Raiders put one

foot in the finals with a

convincing upset win. At

Brookvale Oval Manly continued their scintillating run of form

with a chance to lock up a top

4 spot. The Sea Eagles put

their stamp on the match early

racing to a 16-point half-time

lead. A 16-6 final score

flattered the Broncos. Brisbane

have stumbled at the wrong end

of the season and are now in

danger of missing the finals

for the second time in 3 years. This afternoon in Sydney's

west the Titans knew a big win

would put them in the top 8.

Scott Prince stepped neatly

through the Panthers defence

and Gold Coast started on top.

But the home side showed that

anything the Titans could do

they could do better. Michael

Jennings put Penrith in front

at half time. The visitors

couldn't rein back the Panthers

after the break. As for the

Titans, the finals are now all

but out of reach. Retiring

Dragons captain Ben Hornby led

his side out at home for the

last time today against the

Warriors. The inspired red and

white jumped in front as Will

Matthews brought down a Jamie

Soward kick. The Warriors

answered against the run of

play. But the Dragons hit back

quickly as Chase Stanley outran

the Warriors' defence to put

the home side in front at half

time. And the final score of

that match, the Dragons have

comfortably defeated the war -

Warriors 38-6. In today's final

round action of the Canberra

Raiders Cup:

The All Blacks lead the

Wallabies late in their Test in

Auckland and are set to hold on

to the Bledisloe Cup for

another year. A short time ago

New Zealand was in front 22-0.

When the Wallabies last beat

New Zealand at Eden Park in

1986 captain Will Genia wasn't

even born and if that statistic

wasn't intimidating enough, the

All Blacks unleashed a fearsome

prematch challenge. Returning

fly half Quade Cooper got the

reception he was expecting. Both teams were

struggling for momentum. Even

Richie McCaw found himself in

trouble. Penalty. My God, a

referee in the world has

finally seen it. New Zealand

started to take control when

Genia was penalised and sent to

the sideline for 10

minutes. How is that a yellow

card? No idea. Dan Carter put

the home team ahead by 6. There

were some promising moves from

the Wallabies but they didn't

result in points. An injury to

the luckless Drew Mitchell gave

a reprieve to Kurtley Beale.

The All Blacks extended their

advantage late in the first

half. In what may be his last

All Blacks appearance, Sonny

Bill Williams was heavily

involved as New Zealand made a

strong start to the second half

and the Wallabies couldn't hold

on any longer. Here we go,

charging on to it. Try. Dale

Dagg - Israel Dagg. The All

Blacks were tightening their

grip on the Bledisloe Cup. And

the final score in that game,

the All Blacks have beaten the

Wallabies 22-0. The

Tuggeranong Vikings have

qualified for their 4th grand

final in a row after wetting

Wests 32-21 in the major semiat

Viking Park today. Tuggeranong

stormed out of the blocks and

showed their title credentials

with some slick skills early in

the match. Wests were content

to take any points on offer as

the Vikings struggled to get

their line out in order. But

that didn't stop them running

right through some tame Lions

defence to take a 23-point lead

into half time. Not even

Brumbies player Jesse Mogg

could pull the Lions out of

trouble as the Vikings proved

too strong. Wests live to fight another day and will play in

the preliminary final next

weekend. In the AFL Sydney and

Hawthorn are locked in a tight

battle which is likely to

decide the 2012 minor premiership. Last night

Richmond ended Essendon's hopes

of a top 8 finish :

The stage was set

magnificently for a big game

with perfect conditions and a

bumper SCG crowd in attendance.

Early on they witnessed a tense

opening period, both sides

appeared all too aware of the

rewards that would come with

victory. When the time came it

was very much Sydney breaking

the shackles. Four separate

Swans delivered 4 goals to see

Sydney taking an extraordinary

quarter time lead of 27-1. In

his heavily discussed return,

Lance Franklin had the early

look of a player that had spent

6 weeks out. There was

seemingly no stopping the

Swans' forward line. The flow

of red and white goals had been

relentless. Then, Shaun

Burgoyne and a warmed up

Franklin decided they'd seen

enough and in the blink of an

eye they'd kicked 2 goals each.

It proved just a taste of

what was to come. Minutes later

Franklin had his third and the

Hawks were level. Malceski

slotted a settler for Sydney to

see them squeak in front at

half time. Hawthorn hit the

front for the first time not

long into the second half and

the arm wrestle resume ed. It

was Adam Goodes who stood tall

but it was the Hawks just

managing to get themselves back

in front at the final change.

The top spot on the ladder was

still up for grabs. And the

final score in that match, the

Swans have lost by 7 points.

The Sydney Swans reserves

were too strong for Ainslie in

today's North Eastern Football

League qualifying final. The

Swans recorded a 24-17-161 to

13-4-82 victory. The Paralympic

flame has arrived in London

ahead of the opening ceremony

on Thursday morning Australian

time. The London cauldron was

lit by Claire Lomas who won

fame by completing the London

marathon this year with the aid

of a bionic suit following a

spinal injury. The flame also

visited the Houses of

Parliament while the Paralympic

logo replaced the Olympic rings

on the Tower Bridge. The Games

for athletes with a disability

have a significance for London.

The Games was the birth place

for the 1948 Games. It was the

brain child of a Nazi who fled

and set up a unit for war

veterans. Modern paralympians

in training at Stoke Mandeville

Stadium. Members of a global

sports movement which started

here at a makeshift war-time

hospital thanks to the energy

and vision of one man. Come

here. Ludwig Guttman bullied,

cajoled and inspired his

paralysed patients, many of

them originally ex-servicemen,

using sport to transform their

lives. We started with these

soldiers in the war with simple

games first, darts playing in

the ward, and then we had

billiard and snooker and then

we start skittles and then I

saw, of course, how these men

react not only physically but

psychologically. On the

opening day of the London

Olympics in 1948 he organised

the first Stoke Mandeville

Games. By the 1960s disabled

sports had been accepted into

the Olympic movement as the

Paralympics. Philip Lewis

played table tennis as a

paralympian. He was treated by

Ludwig Guttman, known to his

patients as Poppa. He was quite

a severe man with his staff and

with the paraplegics but behind

it all there was that sort of

tremendous kindness. He made

you realise that he wanted to

do the best for you but you got

to pull your weight. Haven't

got much hope? No. Look here,

cut it out, will you. At a time

when lots of people probably

thought he was slightly mad for thinking disabled people could contribute he stood up to

everyone. Sir Ludwig Guttman is

now commemorated by a new

statue at Stoke Mandeville. A

man with a passionate belief in

the power of sport to restore

not just disabled people's

fitness but their self-esteem

and dignity as well. To the

weather now and it was

beautifully sunny but rather

fresh today. A top of only 12

degrees after dropping down to

2 overnight.

A cold front is crossing

Tasmania and Victoria causing

strong winds and showers. A

trough moving off the

Queensland coast is allowing

showers to clear. On the

synoptic chart a large high

pressure system is building

over southern Australia and

that's keeping the nation's

north and west mostly dry. In the capitals:

Before we go, a brief recap

of our top story tonight. Four

people have died in a fiery

crash in Cootamundra south-west

of Canberra. The four were in

the same car which veered off

the road in the early hours

smashing into a tree. And

that's all from the ABC's

Canberra newsroom. We'll leave you with pictures of

Australia's biggest ski event,

the International Kangaroo Hop

at Falls Creek. Enjoy your

evening, goodnight. Closed

Captions by CSI