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(generated from captions) Empire State shooting - at New York's most iconic building. one killed and nine injured 77 lives, 21 years - bomb and shooting rampage last year. Anders Breivik jailed over Norway's Does the punishment fit the crime?

affairs can be good for a marriage. the expert who says And 'Love Boat' legend - 'The Love Boat' - Bernie Koppel - star of 'Get Smart' and yes, is our special guest as Weekend Sunrise begins now. # Reach out for the sunrise BAND: (SINGS) to the big sky. # # Put your hands in

this is Weekend Sunrise Live from Studio 52, Kylie Gillies and Andrew O'Keefe. with your hosts, The facial features. That is loud. Hi.

Hi. Very beautiful boat. I am awake. Welcome to Phoenix, who was filling in board Darren. A hour you? I am very well. They give that billion. My pleasure. Samantha is off. Someone else's sick. We told her we were going were going to build -- into view Siegfried from Get Smart, she was here in a flash. I love him as Doc from below boat. -- the Love Boat. He could have been. All the key. -- or Vicky.

or Vicky. That is to we're about. I do not want the or Vicky. That is to we're talking

doctor on the ship to be in danger about. I do not want the only

of having a heart attack himself. It is a TV series, though. It's not real. What? Isaak is not a qualified by a man? She has a dreams dealer. dreams dealer. By dreamy James, what is going on with the weather. Good morning, Kylie. Hello, at home. There are so many similarities between you and myself. You are a TV studio, I am on Hamilton between you and myself. You are in

Island. If you look closely, there are probably some stars in a long boat because it is race week on Hamilton Island. A this morning. Hamilton Island. A few sore heads

is the place to be Once again Western Australia across the state. with fine weather across the south Showers and clouds for the rest of the east coast. with mainly fine days ahead I will have your local weather in detail very shortly but first, Jessica. Good morning. Leading the news - eight others have been injured two people are dead and at least

famous Empire State Building. after a shooting outside New York's before randomly opening fire The gunman shot a former colleague during the morning peak-hour rush. Chaos and confusion on the streets of New York as gunfire rocks the height of the busy tourist and business area. It was nine name would a man police identified as Geoffrey Johnson approached Empire State Building. He had Geoffrey Johnson approached the

worked as a women's accessory designer but was laid off last year. At nine o'clock this morning, in front of 10 West 33rd Street, a disgruntled former employee of a company at that address shot and killed a former co-worker, striking him three times. Kelly said Johnson but the scene and stashed begun in a black bag but was spotted construction worker. The work of a black bag but was spotted by a

followed Johnson and tipped off nearby police. As the two officers approached Johnson, he pulled his 45 calibre semi-automatic pistol from his bag and fired on the officers. Who returned fire, killing him. Other people were wounded or grazed during a gun battle between police and Johnson. And some may have been shot accidentally by police responded immediately. Rebecca Fox accidentally by police officers who

was nearby and was at the scene before police arrived. When I walked across Street, I saw a woman and she was in shock sitting here. There was cop cars and ambulances in 30 seconds. The injured bystanders have been sent to two separate hospitals in New York. in sports history, In one of biggest drug scandals has been officially stripped American cyclist Lance Armstrong

and branded a drug cheat. of his seven Tour de France titles for life from cycling The 40-year-old has also been banned by the US Anti-Doping Agency. not to fight against charges It follows his decision performance-enhancing drugs. that he used He released a statement saying: Anders Breivik, Norway's mass killer,

to 21 years in prison. has been sentenced the 33-year-old was sane A panel of five judges found in central Oslo when he set off a car bomb at a youth camp, killing 77 people. before going on a shooting spree when he heard the news. Breivik smiled briefly His sentence could be extended to still be a threat to society if he is considered after the 21-year term is complete. have been wounded in Afghanistan. Four Australian soldiers in the Oruzgan province They were on patrol exploded last night. when a roadside bomb One soldier has serious wounds for treatment. and is being transferred to Germany are under medical observation The remaining three soldiers in Afghanistan. in an horrific car crash Four people have died in New South Wales overnight. to Hurley Street in Cootamundra Emergency services were called and caught fire. after a sedan hit a tree and police are investigating. A crime scene has been set up to come forward. They're appealing for any witnesses Jayant Patel Former Queensland surgeon as a free man has spent his first night over the deaths of three patients. but faces the prospect of a re-trial Correctional Centre last night Patel was released from Wolston had been a miscarriage of justice. after the High Court ruled there changed their case against him It found prosecutors had unfairly of his 2010 trial. in the late stages justice to victims The law doesn't always deliver it failed miserably. and in this case Director of Public Prosecutions It will be up to Queensland's whether to embark on a new trial. British police have been instructed Julian Assange to arrest WikiLeaks founder "under all circumstances" Ecuador's London embassy. should he leave were photographed The confidential orders on an officer's clipboard. to extradite the Australian Sweden wants and sexual assault allegations. to face questioning over rape carried out air strikes Syrian fighter jets have reportedly of Aleppo in and around the northern city as residents were preparing to flee. have now left the country. More than 200,000 refugees It's believed more than 20,000 have been killed since the uprising of President Bashar al-Assad began last March. A cauldron has been lit in London's Trafalgar Square to launch the Paralympics torch relay.

Athlete Claire Lomas - who is paralysed from the chest down - was given the honour. In May, she became the first person to finish the London Marathon in a bionic suit - a journey which took her 16 days. The Paralympics look like being sold out for the first time in their history. In finance news:

Prince Harry's naked photo scandal isn't going away anytime soon. British public relations guru Max Clifford says he's been approached by two American woman, trying to sell more photos and video of the Prince. Pictures of a pant-less Harry partying in his Las Vegas hotel room were leaked last week. London tabloid 'The Sun' has been the only British paper to print them, defying orders from Buckingham Palace.

This is about a ludicrous situation where a picture can be seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world on the internet but can't be seen in the nation's favourite paper. Questions are now being asked about the competency of Harry's security. I think we're just giving him a bit of a hard time. I think he liked a bit of a hard time. time. Sorry. Oh, No. That came out wrong, didn't it? And we are run. Max Clifford has been approached by the Newt Billiards Association. Let us talk Let us talk about what is coming Let us talk about what is coming up. That bionics suit. 16 days. Amazing. If you had to adjust to do that yourself and walked the course, none of us would be capable of doing that a little and doing what this girl did. How wonderful that it has sold out, Simon. Brilliant. For the first time. Isn't that great? great? Fantastic. Good on them in the UK. Coming up on the show, can affairs be good for a marriage? But next - bombed out - Richmond end the Bombers finals run. The latest in sport is next. And I will have all your weather from Hamilton Island. (SOFT PIANO MUSIC PLAYS) Good boy. See you tonight.


(YAPS) (CLASSICAL PIANO MUSIC) VOICEOVER: New Odour Detect from Air Wick. (DANCE MUSIC BUILDS) A new automatic air freshener so smart it detects and helps overcome odours... (MUSIC STOPS) ..even before you notice them. Odour Detect works on all common household odours to keep your world at its brightest. New Odour Detect - something in the Air Wick. # You're so far away from me # You're so far away from me # You're so far away from me. # Mark Knopfler? I think so. Who was on tour with Brant Snedeker. And Viggo Schnabl. A body knows what we're talking about. AFL, and Richmond has ended the Bombers' finals chase, thumping them at the 'G by their highest margin in 25 years. Tigers Jack Riewoldt and Shane Tuck dominated possession in a contest which saw four Essendon players requiring treatment for injuries. But Richmond's 45-point win was slightly soured - Shane Edwards was reported for striking. Good to get another good win and hopefully we can finish off the season real well. And the buzz is building with the return of Buddy Franklin in today's top-of-the-table clash between the Hawks and the Swans. Sydney coach John Longmire has described Buddy's return as a 'scary proposition' after he smashed them, carrying an injury in last year's finals. Win and the Swans secure the minor premiership, while it's West Coast and Collingwood in Perth this evening. All the action right here on Seven and 7mate. Round 25 of the NRL and the Bulldogs' 12-match winning streak is over, humbled by the Raiders in the nation's capital overnight. A confident Canberra flew out of the blocks, racing to an 18-point lead in the first half and winger Sandor Earl going over for his hat-trick early in the second. Their line was almost impenetrable as well, nullifying Canterbury's famous attacking flair to hold the competition leaders to their lowest score of the year and push the Broncos from seventh place on the ladder. Fernsy and the staff asked us for a big game against the best team in the comp and we showed up. At Brookvale, the Broncos went down to third placed Manly for their sixth straight loss. The Sea Eagles swooped early with fullback Brett Stewart going over for two of his team's three tries in the first 40. Brisbane showed some fight in the second, keeping the hosts scoreless, finally going over for their first on the siren. But it was all too late for the Broncs who are now in danger of missing out on just their second finals series in 21 seasons. The Wallabies are rated the biggest- ever Bledisloe cup outsiders in tonight's clash with the All Blacks. Australia needs to break an incredible 26-year hoodoo at Eden Park to keep alive any chance of breaking the world champs' 10 years of Bledisloe dominance. Quade Cooper is expected to come under intense pressure in his return to the number 10 jersey but the Queenslander wasn't giving much away. I'm ready to go and I'll see everybody at Eden Park. And the V8s return to the resurfaced Eastern Creek, now Sydney Motorsport Park, for the first time in four years this weekend. Championship leader Jamie Whincup will be vying for more than just the points - he has never won a race at the western Sydney track. Catch it all on Seven. Now to JT and today's weather. Beautiful and slightly misty, mysterious Hamilton Island. JT. Good morning. Hamilton Island Good morning. Hamilton Island has been sensational this week. Race Week is the biggest event on their calendar. There is plenty of stuff that happens at night and luxurious meals and massagers but if you are something -- up for something more high octane, jump on the Jet Rider. Abuse in these on a Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane? They do all the crazy stunts? We're about to do If you have just tuned in, we're on the Jet Rider boat on Hamilton Island. We're about to get crazy. Here we go. Hold on! That looks like fun. Where is his seatbelt? Here we go. Hold on to the camera. Oh, no! Good fun. What a great way to start the day after a lovely night out last night. Is that it? I am glad we sent their hairdresser up with him. Now he has that windswept looked. We should have sent the doctor from The Love Boat. On her jet ride a wave boat or wave rider jet boat, one of the two. An academic claims affairs can actually be good for a marriage. You'll hear from her, later this morning. But after the break - the sentence for Norway's bomb and shooting spree. Is 21 years enough for 77 deaths?

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they also strengthen the Australian economy. I don't think people have realised the difference that super has made. All from the people who brought you commission-free super. It's really good that my super is contributing to all these things. It's a big story, and it's only just begun. SONG: # From little things, big things grow. # And later, the expert who says affairs can be good for marriages. But now it's time for a news update. Here's Jess. Good morning. Police in New York have shot dead a gunman who killed a former colleague outside the Empire State Building. At least eight other people were injured when a shoot-out between the man and police erupted during morning rush hour. What I want to do is assure everybody this has nothing to do with terrorism. There is clearly a murderer here and a murder victim. The 53-year-old shooter - who lost his job as an accessories designer - is believed to have had a long-standing feud with the victim. Norway's mass killer, Anders Breivik, will spend 21 years in prison. After a 4-month trial, a panel of judges declared the right-wing terrorist was sane when he killed 77 people by setting off a bomb and then going on a shooting rampage in July last year. And as brave it was smiling for the world's cameras as he arrived at the Ostler caught out to be sentenced. And as the five judges appeared, he gave them a far right salute. TRANSLATION: This is a unanimous judgement and it has the following conclusion. Anders Behring Breivik, born February 13th, 1979, is sentenced for violation of the penal code, section 178. As the details were read out, he smirked. He got what he wanted. Guilty of murdering 77 people but not the act of a mad man. The Court has declared him sane and given him the maximum jail sentence. For a term of 21 years and a minimum interment of 10 years. He seemed satisfied with the ruling which paints him as a right-wing political terrorist. So 69 of his victims died when he opened fire on teenagers at a summer youth camp on the island of Utoeya on 22nd July to last year. A further eight people were killed by a fertiliser bomb he had planted outside a government building in Oslo. Breivik had told the Oslo. Breivik had told the court the killings were part of an anti- Muslim crusade. He always admitted responsibility but refused to plead guilty. The prosecution argued that he should be ruled insane. Anders Breivik has already said he will not appeal against a prison term. 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his tour titles and banned from the sport for life by the US Anti-Doping Agency. The American has opted not to contest drugs charges, saying he is tired of fighting the allegations. Armstrong has never tested positive to performance-enhancing drugs and says he's the victim of a witch hunt. He was an inspiration to many after surviving late stage testicular cancer. Former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel has walked free from jail after he was granted bail ahead of an expected re-trial. The High Court yesterday quashed his manslaughter convictions, finding there had been a miscarriage of justice during his trial in 2010. The families of his alleged victims are heartbroken by the decision. You keep going till it's over but if I can keep going again for the next time, I don't know. The Department of Public Prosecutions says A woman abducted at gunpoint from a women's refuge in Darwin has been found safe while her kidnapper is dead. Police stormed a home in north Darwin last night, finding Monique Edmondson. Officers say her accused abductor and ex-partner, Joshua Walsh, was found dead inside the home and two other men have been taken into custody. A search will resume this morning for a small plane missing on Borneo island with an Australian and three other people on board. The flight was being chartered by a Perth surveying company when it failed to return from a mission in Bontang yesterday. It's believed the company's owner, the pilot and two Indonesians were on board. Officials say they lost contact with the aircraft near Samarinda. And Romanian zookeepers got quite a fright when they released a lion into a larger enclosure. The big cat didn't take to his new home and tried to climb out. He even jumped onto the fence and held onto it. His handler managed to calm him down by speaking a few soothing words. A wonder what he was saying. But poor animal. It is horrible. In the AFL, Richmond has continued its late season surge thrashing Essendon by 45 points at the MCG overnight. The Bombers were once again disappointing, outclassed and outplayed by a Tigers outfit who at times struggled with the boot, kicking 13.24. The loss puts any hopes of a finals appearance out of reach for Essendon. In Canberra, the Raiders have produced an extraordinary upset breaking Canterbury's 12-game winning streak with a convincing 34-6 victory. Brilliant winger Sandor Earl managed a hat-trick and the Raiders' defence stood firm against the competition leaders. The team they've leapfrogged, the Broncos, are on the brink of missing out on only their second final series in 21 seasons after losing their sixth consecutive match, going down to Manly 16-6 at Brookvale. The New Zealand media has already gone after Quade Cooper ahead of Australia's do-or-die Bledisloe cup clash with the All Blacks. The Queensland fly-half returns to Eden Park tonight as a Wallaby for the first time Cooper wasn't even born the last time Australia beat New Zealand at the celebrated Auckland stadium, way back in 1986. He may wish that he wasn't born tonight, possibly.. Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke believes his side can regain the world's number one ranking and has elevated himself to number three in the batting order for today's one-day international with Afghanistan. The team, announced last night, also includes Victorian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell, who will make his international debut in Sharjah. Only their second international, which has a great thing for that country. -- which is. All this talk about The Love Boat, I need a cuddle myself. This is builders. He's from the wild white Park. Is one of the biggest stars and the world. There is another famous, while there are that the wildlife park. We have one named Oprah because when Oprah was here, she met one and be named it after Oprah. Elvis is a superstar. Isn't elvers great? We are going to have a in-depth look at the weather. That suits you, James. It does. Fifty Shades of Grey. Oprah's Book Club picked for Oprah's Book Club picked for the week. Spring's almost sprung though it might feel that way where you are already, JT. But what's in store across the country in the new season? Let's bring in Tom Saunders from the Weather Channel. We've lost Tom. And Gina Woodward from Mount Hotham, where the snow looks pretty good. Gina, how's it holding up in our ski fields? As you can see behind me, it is truly amazing. 25 centimetres of fresh snow overnight. 140 centimetres in August and we are almost at two metres, the first time since 2004. It is just awesome here and it all the resorts. We are certainly celebrating and looking forward to an amazing spring. What is the temperature down there? Looking pretty cold. It is a bit. It is currently minus 3.7. Massive wind chill and I'm pretty cold. The wind is at the right direction and we are looking good for all the lifts. It looks so pretty. Tom, we have the back. What is spring looking like? Out of all the seasons, the weather is the most variable. Dramatic changes. Particularly southern parts. A preview of that over the last few days. On Thursday, Sydney was a 29 degrees but it was seven degrees in Adelaide and snow falling on the hills. There is spring, but temperatures across most of what Australia will be Australia will be above average. The rainfall forecast, trickier. Below-average rainfall the south- east and that includes SA and Victoria and Tasmania and sudden NSW but we expect above average rain who south-west doubly way but that follows one of the driest winters on record but for the rest of the country, an even chance Auret of a bath or above Auret of a bath or above average -- above or below average rain. An even chance of a bar of or below average rain? NEWLINE bamboozling us. JT, it must look pretty good up there in Hamilton Island right now. There is more than an above average chance I suggest I do whether from Hamilton Island every weekend. It is up and Queensland where that last so large a stationary high pressure system over the central and northern parts of Australia is affecting Queensland the most. Brisbane has been so dry. 80% of their national rainfall and in the second half of the year, just a very dry. Brisbane has experienced about 40 days without any rain so really, really, Brisbane hoping for a bit of rain. Does that sound right to you? James has taught himself everything he knows about meteorology. He hasn't been through the academy. Brisbane has had 36 days without rain, their longest dry spell in 12 years. The good news is, so much rain, like James said, in the first half of the year, the dam is 100% full. It is not a concern yet. Yes! Thank you, Tom and JT and Gina. Thank you, Tom. Happy days. If there is a better than above-average chance that you will get higher or lower than average rainfall, what does that mean? What are the chances of you making it to the end of the show? Higher or lower? OK. I think that just means their male may not be rain. Yes. And now it's time for... (SINGS) # It's time for App of the Week, App of the Week # It's time for App of the Week App of the Week. # rain. Yes. Yes, it is. This application is for expectant parents. Tell the nation, Carlie. You had your chance. Do tell. When Linda was pregnant back in 1997, there was a book called Baby Love which was like a Bible for midwives. This is the kind of modern day equivalent. It is called Sprout. It will take you through your pregnancy from way back in the get ago with this wonderful interactive image setting. There is three-dimensional stuff that well. Are you making that baby do that? It is a gloriously interactive site. It takes you through the timeline, exactly what you should be experiencing. You have all this information on each page. 75-90% of pregnant women experience stretch marks. We'll have a stretch marks. -- we all have. There is all this wonderful information. It is supplied by doctors at the RPA. It is endorsed by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians so what is really a superb application. That is what these applications are designed for. When the baby is born, will the application wake up for you to feed the baby? Yes, so you and your husband can go out as well, it babysit. Let us go to week 40. You have this great image here of when the baby is about to be born. Does it have a list of names? Can we just go back a bit, that looks like it will hurt. You can customise your child. It is called Seabrook. It is such a great in the advertisement for pregnancy. Varicose veins, stretch marks, tiredness. If you read that first, you may never want to go down that path. Spratt. Week one, there is a picture of a champagne bottle and cigarette butts everywhere. On the way - Bob Katter weighs into the foreign worker debate. Plus, should a mum lose custody of her daughter for putting her through this? Underwear. He We're live to the US. Next up, though why women struggle more with migraines.

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(GRUNTS) Perfect landing.

This time a gunman has opened fire outside the Empire State Building. For more, we are joined by Seven News US correspondent Angela Cox and NBC's Chris Pollone, who's in New York. Ange, this is the third high-profile shooting incident in just over a month. Its what can you tell us? He was a disgruntled worker who lost his job one year ago and attacked the 41-year-old former co- worker, shot him dead and proceeded to run away. Construction workers saw him, and he alerted police. He tried to open fire on the police. Eight people were caught in crossfire. Police admit some of them may have actually been injured by police bullets. None of their injuries a life-threatening and they will recover. The last shooting we commented upon was the Colorado cinema shooting, come rather be in a state which has a real love affair with guns but New York, not. You think this might have any impact on the gun-control debate? You would like to think so. At least it has reignited the debate. Local politicians have expressed their condolences but said this made it crystal clear that the current laws are not protecting the public and there needs to be a review in order to stop the gun violence and the bloodshed. The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, has been outspoken about the need to try out stricter gun control. He touched briefly on it in his press conference. New York City is conference. New York City is the safest big city in the country and where one pace to have a record low number of murders this year but we are not immune to the national problem of gun violence. This is going to be a very difficult being. Very politically sensitive and Obama and Mitt Romney, none of them are going to tackle this during an election year. To other news now and Lance Armstrong has been banned for life and stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. It happened after he decided not to fight drug charges brought by the US Anti-Doping Agency. Why do you think Armstrong made this decision? In a statement, he said enough is enough. He said he thought he was going to get a fair hearing, then he would keep fighting to try and keep his titles but he says that is just not possible. He maintains his innocence. He says he knows that he deserved to win most titles legitimately. There will be people the fact that is not continued fighting but -- the fact that he has not continued fighting means he is guilty but he's not go to pursue that. He will continue working with his charity. This will be a big blow to the Lance Armstrong Brand and his foundation. He as always maintain the same story that he is innocent and has not tested positive so, at this stage, he has the backing of sponsors. Finally, a controversial pageant mum could lose custody of her daughter to her ex-husband. It comes after her daughter Maddy appeared on the show Toddlers & Tiaras' What's the latest on that case? She is dressed as Dolly She is dressed as Dolly Parton, complete with the padding. Terrific. That makes it a little controversial. This case is before the courts. The judges said the courts will be closed to the media. He has stopped mum and dad and talking about it and said the little girl can it cannot take part in pageants. He is looking at what that the father should be given custody. Pageant mothers around the US are watching is closely to see how it ends up. Even though the court has been closed, Fox News has got their hands on a leaked report on the psychologist who was appointed by the court and he is very concerned about the sexual nature of how they dress the 6-year-old. They say she was dressed as a sexy policewoman, with an exposed midriff. The mothers are saying it is a bit of harmless fun. We will have to wait until 31st August, to see if the judge agrees. I'm going to keep my children dressed as Kenny Rogers. It is far less overtly sexual but it does have a rugged charm, you will agree.

Just ahead - the expert who says affairs are OK for marriages. Plus, more on the shooting at New York's Empire State Building. And a 'Love Boat' legend, still making waves.

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It found an abnormality in the women's brains with the migraine that wasn't there in the men's brains and they did this functional MRI were they kept the machine going war they did it and it turns out migraine sufferers to a woman, the various pain centres talk better to each other of them may do in the men and that is why the women experience worst migraines and far more pain, there are more intense. What does that mean for treatment? Will we be able to better treat migraines? If anybody calls a woman and migraine sufferer who was suffering from this out malingerer, there is no justification for that. Were have the sides to prove it. There is growing evidence that green tea could be a powerful weapon against cancer. We knew that green tea and a whole heap of ingredients that was potentially NT cancerous but on the ground, it didn't work and we can get those ingredients into the cancer cells and that is the breakthrough. Skin cancer cells and they were able to this green tea element on to these I on receptors which a very prominent in cancer cells. 40% got rid of them altogether, another 50% sure of them significantly and the other 10% got frozen in time. The sizzle and appear priggish. Now the job is to stick it into a drug. -- this was all in a peak three dish. Some studies said that green tea was good. There is some evidence that people who drink green tea are healthier but is not yet a drink that fights cancer. New research suggests more is not necessarily better. 30 minutes might be better than 60 minutes. This was a Danish study. They took men who were overweight. They just said half of them, to 30 minutes a day like cardia exercise, half of them, 60th minutes. Three months later and the 30 Minute men had lost more weight. They lost about the same amount of fat. The men who exercised more put on more muscle and bone. The guys to exercise to full 60 minutes a day had not lost more weight because they get more weight because they get bigger appetite. If you do not change your diet, you're probably better off doing 30 minutes and 60 minutes. I am all for that. You told us foreign mine workers have you worried. Soon, we're following up on your emails with Federal MP Bob Katter. But now it's over to Jess for the news. Two people are dead and at least eight others have been injured after a shooting outside New York's famous Empire State Building. The gunman shot a former colleague before randomly opening fire during the morning peak-hour rush. Witnesses described mass chaos. As shots rang out and one of the busiest parts of midtown Manhattan. I had just walked into the lobby of my building when I had five gunshots. A lone gunman identified as Geoffrey Johnson confronted a former co-worker, shot him three times and walked from the area as a man lay dying on the street. A construction worker followed him. As the two officers approach Johnson, he pulled his 45 calibre semi-automatic pistol on his back and fight on the officers, who returned fire, killing him. To women and seven men were hit by gunfire. Michael Bloomberg says those victims were shot by police as they tried to shot -- stop Johnson. He was fired from his job nearby last year but had an ongoing feud with a colleague which ended with today's killing. Norway's mass killer, Anders Breivik, has been sentenced to 21 years in prison. A panel of five judges found the 33-year-old was sane when he set off a car bomb in central Oslo before going on a shooting spree at a youth camp, killing 77 people. Breivik smiled briefly when he heard the news. His sentence could be extended if he is considered to still be a threat to society after the 21-year term is complete. Cycling hero Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his record seven Tour de France titles after giving up his fight against doping allegations. But lawyers for the 40-year-old are questioning whether the US Anti-Doping Agency has the authority to do so. His motto is live strong but now he is giving up. His refusal to fight doping allegations has become global headline news. Lance Armstrong to be stripped of all his Tour de France titles. A powerful reminder to athletes that cheating at the pace. That is the head at the pace. That is the head of the US Andi-Doping Agency who claims there are up to 10 former team-mates Alderley to testify they saw Armstrong take drugs. Riders like Tyler Hamilton. Last year he claimed he saw Armstrong inject. I saw the drugs in his refrigerator. I saw him injected. More than one time. In an angry statement today, Armstrong said: In the sport wanted by Durbin, Armstrong has always denied rumours, repeating the fact that he never tested positive. All titles since 1998 have been stripped but his lawyers say the group lacks jurisdiction and it could be appealed. Four Australian soldiers have been wounded in Afghanistan. They were on patrol in the Oruzgan province when a roadside bomb exploded last night. One soldier has serious wounds and is being transferred to Germany for treatment. The remaining three soldiers are under medical observation in Afghanistan. Four people have died in an horrific car crash in New South Wales overnight. Emergency services were called to Hurley Street in Cootamundra at around 1am after a sedan hit a tree and caught fire. A crime scene has been set up and police are investigating. They're appealing for any witnesses to come forward. Former Queensland surgeon Jayant Patel has spent his first night as a free man but faces the prospect of a re-trial over the deaths of three patients. Patel was released from Wolston Correctional Centre last night after the High Court ruled there had been a miscarriage of justice. It found prosecutors had unfairly changed their case against him in the late stages of his 2010 trial. The law doesn't always deliver justice to victims and in this case it failed miserably. It will be up to Queensland's Director of Public Prosecutions whether to embark on a new trial. British police have been instructed to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange under all circumstances should he leave Ecuador's London embassy. The confidential orders were photographed on an officer's clipboard. Sweden wants to extradite the Australian to face questioning over rape and sexual assault allegations. A teenage girl missing for more than two years in Illinois in the United States has escaped from a home where she'd been held captive and sexually abused. The girl says she gave birth to a son after being raped by her captor. Police raided the home and found the child. A 24-year-old man has been arrested. A German model who helped organise Silvio Berlusconi's raunchy parties says she's pregnant to the former Italian prime minister. Sabina Began wouldn't say how the 75-year-old father-to-be is taking the news. Mr Berlusconi himself hasn't commented on the claims. He's currently on trial for allegedly having sex with an underage prostitute while he was prime minister. He's going to be a terrific dad. Congratulations. Very supportive. In the AFL, Essendon's slim finals chances are gone with the wind following a 45-point thrashing from Richmond at the 'G. The Bombers were always playing catch up with the Tigers booting 13.24 in their biggest win over their old rival in 25 years. It continues a solid second half of the season for Richmond but their fans once again have nothing to cheer for come September. I think that's just a sign of where we're at, at the moment. We're just not quite there. And a full house is expected at the SCG today for Buddy's return as the Swans strive to secure the minor premiership when they take on second-placed Hawthorn. While West Coast will be fighting for a top four spot when they square off against the Magpies in Perth this evening. Round 25 of the NRL and the Raiders have sent shockwaves through the competition, smashing the Bulldogs by 28 points in Canberra overnight. Winger Sandor Earl was impressive, going over for his hat-trick While the home side's defence also held strong to break Canterbury's 12-match winning streak in emphatic style. I think we completed about 8 from 16 in the second half so 16%, which isn't good enough. At Brookvale, the Broncos went down to third placed Manly for their sixth straight loss. The Sea Eagles swooped early with full back Brett Stewart going over for two of his team's three tries in the first 40. Brisbane showed some fight in the second, finally going over for their first on the siren. But it was all too late for the Broncs who are now in danger of missing out on just their second finals series in 21 seasons. The Wallabies are rated the biggest- ever Bledisloe cup outsiders in tonight's clash with the All Blacks. Australia needs to break an incredible 26-year hoodoo at Eden Park to keep alive any chance of breaking the world champs' 10 years of Bledisloe dominance. Fly half Quade Cooper is copping it in buckets from the New Zealand media after he was brought back into the team but he was giving away very little this week I'm ready to go and I'll see everybody at Eden Park. That was a funny press conference. And the V8s return to the resurfaced Eastern Creek, now Sydney Motorsport Park, for the first time in four years this weekend. Championship leader Jamie Whincup will be vying for more than just the points - he has never won a race at the western Sydney track. Catch it all on Seven. The Sydney Swans on this afternoon. I'll put it on IQ. I will record the V8s for you. Now it is JT on flawed. Plenty of sport going on. Good times happening on Hamilton Island. If you ever wondered what the Sunrise cash cow does on his weekend, I have worked it out. His siphoning a bit of that cash away. This is his boat. It is one of the traditions here that people dress up their boats in a bit of a fancy- dress costume. This is one of the best. It is like bovine madness. It is like a funny farm. I don't think that's appropriate. I don't think so. It is not Toddlers & Tiaras again On a more serious note, the skipper of the boat is part of the band the Wall the reins. -- the Wolverines. Coli, you might know them. They use the boat for charity. Anna a UN do when many yachts were I grew up in country NSW. James is out there helping with the milking this morning, it has very nice. The notion of Australians missing out on mining jobs sure struck a chord with viewers. The emails poured in after we reported 2,000 jobs may be given to workers flown in from overseas. Many were from local workers, saying they want those jobs. Independent MP Bob Katter has been fielding the same complaints. Thanks for joining us. Bob, this has clearly made people angry, hasn't it? I come from a town where we lost 1,500 jobs. We were hoping and praying that we would get the jobs in the Galilee base and in Queensland. Gina is one of the major developers there. The major developers there. The other to minors - they have said they bringing people from overseas. The proposition that they cannot get anyone in Australia insults the intelligence of everyone in this country. We have met with a number of mining companies. One of them said, is turning away 200 a week and he said it breaks his heart that he's got to say to these people, I'm sorry, I've no job for you. There are 289,000 people registered for full-time employment in Queensland. Over 200,000 in Queensland. Over 200,000 who cannot get any jobs at all. In WA, nearly 100,000 were registered for full-time employment. Gina is saying she cannot get anyone. I would sack her recruiting staff immediately. This is all about undermining our pay and conditions. That is what this is all about. It is not about other stuff. Australians who were looking forward to getting a plum job, they will not get any jobs at all. The fact that both sides of the political spectrum have agreed to this is really angering the people of Australia and rightly so. Indeed. A lot of reaction. As you say, one of the things that the mining companies claim is they cannot get anyone who was qualified. Susan and John in Victoria wrote: If he has just done 14 months, he obviously knows what he's doing. And here's another from Karen in NSW: Your thoughts? For 120 years in Australia we have been bringing in people -- we have had people to do the mining. But suddenly, in 2012, we cannot find anyone. Jana, give us a break. Do not insult our intelligence. Were it is the answer here? Much of the nature of the foreign worker bees are stipulates that it was only in situations of employment shortfalls that people are going to be employed. If that is not operating in practice, how do we make it work? There is no problem out there. The only problem is the problem of greed by the mining companies and the only problem is that the mainstream parties, the LNP and A L P are owned by them. They will agree to it. Everyone and Australia knows that. The big mining corporations tell them to do it, they will do it. Let me pay a very fine tribute to Andrew Forest and Nathan Tinkler. They said to us, we have to smash unionism and flying foreign workers. The vice-president of than the party said, they give for your time, we are on different wavelengths. Making Tinkler, bought up and a small country town and Andrew frost, from a small country time. They both won their own shoots. Both of them said, they didn't say smash unionism. Both of them said, we can make these towns extremely attractive but for 110 years, we have done it this way and suddenly you are saying to us, we cannot. There is no problem out there, the only problem is the greed of a few mining magnates. That is the only problem out there. We're going to have to leave it there that they give for joining us this morning. I'm fascinated to know how we're going to enforce around this. A bit low on specifics. As always, a pleasure. When you see the soapbox inundated with responses, there are people out there were looking for it. Mind you, at some point, how many people do you know? I know about 10 people who have left their jobs in the City to go and seek a mining gold and dollar. At some point, that has to drop off. Straight ahead on the show - could cheaters prosper in marriage? The expert who says affairs are good for relationships.

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On tour and on the lookout for illegal steroids. The Australians risking their lives in Thailand to get bigger bodies. An undercover reporter. Plus, suffering petrol pain? Find out what you're really paint or at the pump. Advice to cut your fuel bill. And the Big Bang gets the heave-ho. The new way of looking at the origins of the universe. Weekend Sunrise from 7am tomorrow. We're always hearing about the dangers of cheating but now there's an academic who believes

British sociologist Catherine Hakim says there's nothing morally wrong with occasionally meeting a secret lover. Sorry, it feels like we're sitting in a weird position. In her latest book, 'The New Rules', she likens faithful husbands and wives to "caged animals" who should be free to explore their "wild side". Catherine Hakim joins us now for her first Australian television interview. Why do you think affairs can be good for a marriage? When people hear this line, it does not sit well with them. It is not quite but it is good for marriage. I am simply saying that I have looked into people who are looked into people who are engaging in very discreet, very hidden and secret the first set but the from their main relationship which they want to preserve. These are people who wore were very clear that they wanted, they valued their marriage, they valued their relationships, family relationships and did not want to opt said anything. They found that this was a solution to some of the things that they felt to be a problem as far as they were concerned. Even though it wasn't necessarily an issue in the marriage. The reason I got into this was the surveys in Britain have shown that there is a doubling of people who admit to having an affair. I was a bit baffled as to why this was. I was really trying to explain and understand why this change is happening. He interviewed a whole lot of men and women who were having relationships outside of their marriage. Was the idea that they found their marriages were emotionally sustaining but they needed something else and, if so, what was that? Other than just sex, obviously. A lot of different things. Sex is obviously one of the things that came into it for a lot of people but some of the relationships were actually, they never met anyone. There were relationships that were held entirely online. in other cases, the sex was an important part of it. In some cases, it was something more to do with entertainment, time out for themselves, a bit of free time in a different kind of context with different people. For some people, that was far more important than anything to do with sex at all. If we understand a reasons why people may do what, if they then want to stay in the marriage, they have to get over the betrayal and there is betrayal involved so surely such blatant dishonesty is not hold it for marriage. How do they get over that? The interesting thing was that I discovered there are now dating website which are geared primarily to people who were already married. The people who meet through these dating websites, they are both married, on both sides and therefore they both want to preserve their marriages and a very much more conscious and careful about discretion and about keeping it completely hidden and secret and in that way, they are able to make sure that nothing impinges on their own private family lives at all. Whereas if you meet someone and the work place to read your neighbourhood all through family and friends, the likelihood is that it will leak out sooner or later and by using these websites, the guarantee that this would not happen. Even if they're not getting caught, captain, Bristol a major Liar or betrayal at the height of the relationship. -- Catherine, there is still. That must have an effect on the quality of their relationship. The other thing I discovered is that a great many of the people in these relationships said that their main relationship, the person they were married or living with, some of them were not married, was a seller that relationship. At first, I bought this cannot be true. That so many people are saying they were no sex starved or completely -- celibate marriage. I discovered a high proportion of people who were over 40 in particular have relationships without sex. Then I looked at the sex surveys and other countries. Australia, included. North America and Europe. Across the board, there are quite the marriages that are completely without sex. These are the marriages, it seems, that end up with people resorting to the websites to find solutions to what they see as a private problem. They're not willing to criticise their spouse or losing interest in sex but they feel they have got a problem because they haven't lost interest. Just quickly, from all your research. You're a sociologist. What proportion of married people have affairs? That was the astonishing thing. The statistics are that in a country like Finland, for example, one third of women and half of all men say that they half of all men say that they have had an affair, a major affair, a love affair and addition to their marriage. In France, the statistics suggest that at any one time, 25% of all married people are having an affair. In Spain, for example, up to a quarter of men and slightly lower proportions of women say they have had at least one affair at some point or another. In Britain, it was somewhat lower. It was around 10, 15% but that is a growing percentage and it seems to me that what is happening is that a country like Britain is, in a way, becoming more Continental in the behaviour of people and attitudes are changing. For example, one survey found that two-thirds of people regard sex as not the be-all and end-all of the marriage. Marriage was about other things that were more important. If it were the be all and end all, it would certainly be the end all. They give are joining us. It certainly makes interesting reading. For those who want to follow what further, look up Catherine's further, look up Catherine's book. If those statistics are true, what we say we believe about fidelity is not what we believe about Fidelity. Right, OK. What you said. The chat boxes going on. Most people do not agree with Katharine. Coming up - has the British press gone soft over Prince Harry? Why it took so long for his party pics to be published there. Plus, from a madman in 'Get Smart' to a medic on 'The Love Boat', TV legend Bernie Koppel is our special guest. (ANGELIC MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Discover irresistibly soft hands every time you wash

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Apparently he was part of the downsizing about a year ago that had a long-simmering feud going on with the former co- worker and today that feud boiled over. He waited outside the building where his co-worker worked. When he approached the building this morning a little after nine o'clock, he walked straight up to him and shot him three times. He then hit the ground and started walking down the street. A construction worker in the area followed him, appointed him out to police and when police went to engage him, he pulled out his gun and that is when police fired 14 shots at him. Several of those shots apparently hit innocent bystanders, sending nine people to the hospital but the gun man himself, Geoffrey Johnson, was killed in front of the Empire State Building. Does this incident strengthened the case for stricter gun controls in the US? Michael Bloomberg here in New York City has long been a proponent of stricter gun control. It is a very hot political topic here in the States obviously with States obviously with the presidential election going on, just some 77 days from now, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a firm opponent of stricter gun control and he did drop a little bit about, I believe he said, an awful lot of guns out there. New York City and New York State has some of the strongest gun-control laws in the entire United States so how much more strict they can get here is a big question. Police will be looking into whether this gun was obtained legally or illegally. Chris, thank you. 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his tour titles and banned from the sport for life by the US Anti-Doping Agency. The American has opted not to contest drugs charges, saying he is tired of fighting the allegations. Armstrong has never returned a positive test and says he's the victim of a witch hunt. Former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel has walked free from jail after he was granted bail. The High Court yesterday quashed his manslaughter convictions, finding there were serious problems with the prosecution case during his trial in 2010. The Director of Public Prosecutions must now decide whether to put dozens of former patients through a trial for the second time. Norway's mass killer, Anders Breivik, has been found sane and jailed for 21 years. The sentence, which is the maximum allowed in Norway, can be reviewed and extended if Breivik is deemed a continued threat to society. The 33-year-old set off a car bomb in Oslo before going on a shooting rampage at a youth camp, killing 77 people. Updating sport and in the AFL, Essendon is officially out of finals contention after a 45-point thumping from the Tigers at the 'G overnight. In the NRL, the Bulldogs' incredible 12-match winning streak is over after going down 34-6 against the Raiders in Canberra. While at Brookvale competition favourites Manly were too good for the Broncos, taking the match by 10 points to leave Brisbane perilously close to missing out on the finals. And finally, returning fly half Quade Cooper is expected to be public enemy number one at Eden Park tonight when the Wallabies take on the All Blacks in an all-or-nothing Bledisloe Cup clash for the Aussies. V8 Supercars are on seven. Back to JT on Hamilton Island. Res Week is wrapping up today. This is blackjack, which is one of the crew members -- this is Blackjack, one of whose crew members is Tom Slingsby. Hobart light showers increasing Adelaide a shower or two. Perth mostly sunny. And a fine 33 for Darwin. This is Shogun. One of the members is Chris Beretta, Mark's brother. And this is how I am getting back to Sydney. It is very generous of the people from Hamilton Island to give me this beautiful vessel. give me this beautiful vessel. I will see when Sydney tomorrow. We are going back to the 1950s. Berettas, Tobins and Emdurs Berettas, Tobins and Emdurs there. Larry is returning to the Morning Show tomorrow, he probably heard that comment. Britain's 'Sun' newspaper has finally published the controversial photos of Prince Harry naked in his Las Vegas hotel room. But it's three days after the rest of the world's newspapers and websites published them. So are the photos a breach of privacy? Or has the British press finally lost its teeth? Let's ask our Masters of Spin - advertising expert Jane Caro and Joe Hildebrand from 'The Daily Telegraph'. Good morning to you both. Joe - they say "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but not this time, it seems. Why didn't the British papers print the pictures when the rest of the world did? Because they are soft. What a ridiculous decision. Is this what we fought and died for? Is this the sort of outrage the British government has been talking about when it was lashing the media with the cat-o'-nine-tails. Addy publish pictures of naked royals? The city of Las Vegas has taken out a full- page and in USA Today's saying just that being an chastising the person who took that photo. Our reputation as being the sleazy, smutty, seemed capable of the world has been endangered by your reckless actions. The best thing is, so been wise, this is the best thing that could happen. Everybody loves Harry. The royal family just comes off the looking stodgy and missing the point when they try to shut it down. The media looks soft. J in, it is only The Sun which has published it. I like what the newspaper chief said, which is this is not a person who is jealously guarding his privacy. I did like that line. It was about three days. I do not know what is going on with the British press. I do not think they know what is going on. They lost the breaking stories of long ago. Nothing breaks in newspapers any more unless it breaks on the internet newspaper. Sorry, Jo, I know Yours has. I think Prince Harry has inherited his mother's genius for publicity because I'm with you. This does him nothing but good. We made and naughty young royal. That is a role that needs to be filled in the world of publicity and celebrity. Is filling it beautiful. It looks beautiful. I cannot believe he invited a whole bunch of people up to his room to play strip poker, most of whom the have never met before, without thinking that possibly he was dicing with some kind of publicity here. What could possibly go wrong? His father really stupid a really smart? It was billiards. He is a spokesman. It could be dangerous, strip the leaves. I did not see any Balsall queues involved. I'm going to leave that one hanging there. Putting it in the corner pocket at about 4am. The things to say on this show. The Sun did have the best headline. Here it is. I think people in general, like the while family to be quite as stodgy sort of arrangement, don't they, as long as they have your occasional break down. Your bad cop, or any cop routine. You have to have your naughty Prince and your good prince. Before that, it was Prince Andrew. And before, the late, lamented Princess Margaret. She was wild. He forget this back to a discussion about freedom over its back sorry. Is this important for the British tabloids to continue to push byeline not to hack peo