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resort areas with 98 runs groomed

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T-bar on the Ameroo run for those

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through the burms, jumps and through the burms, jumps and rolls.

Now the temperates are set to drop

with plenty of snow on the forecast

for and throughout the weekend. in

WIN NEWS perisher this is Luke Kneller for

And that' s WIN News for this

Thursday night. I' m Greg

Thomson..... From the team here, Good night.

This program is captioned live.

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome

to ACA. In a moment the incredible

breakthrough back pain treatment

providing relief within hours. We

begin with the growing number of

families caught up in Australia's

mould epidemic. They have been

forced to move out to protect their forced to move out to protect their

health. Can't keep living like this.

So you've got nothing say? Why

didn't you do this when we were

staying here? It makes me feel sick

and degraded. I want to look after

my kids properly. Mouldy houses

risking family's health and forcing

them onto the street. I'm getting

evicted and made homeless because I

stood my ground. Would like a nice

room. People just don't realise how

serious mould can become. It's a

growing problem with landlords and

tenants doing battle in court. Just

despiccable. You're saying there is

no mould in the house? There is no

mould. There was no mould when they

were there? There was mould when

they were there but it was their

contribution. Housing Commission

tenants say no-one is listening.

You haven't done nothing. You put

my health at risk. And they insist

their fungus covered walls and

ceilings are giving their children health problems. Peter and Stacy

have been fighting the New South

Wales Department of Housing for the

last six years. It's literally

sickening. Heartbreaking. This is

meant to be our home. Doesn't feel

much like a home. More like a

prison. They moved their five kids

out of the bedroom and into the

living room. No amount of clean can

go stop the mould or health

problems. At their wits end they

have stopped paying rent until the

housing department acts. Fix it or

move us. I can't take living like

this. We have lost about 16,000

worth of furniture. Linda claims

she is in the same boat. Reduced to

living in a tent after her rental

house became covered in mould that

then spread to awful her belongings.

Jai can't believe people can get

away with treating people like that.

She is now trying to find a new

home that won't affect her health.

At times I have been so distressed

with my breathing I have almost

collapsed. For former flatmates

Scott and Danielle a along with

their two-year-old son, they are

also looking for a new place to

live. It will be fine, mate.

Despite mould growing all over the

walls and ceiling they claimed they

cleaned it regularly but the mould

was caused by structural problems

with the house. They both knew the

entire time. The real estate agent

would blame the owner, the owner

would blame the real estate agent.

Up to three or four times a week we

hear of these complaints. Fungal

expert David says ultimately it's

the landlord who is responsible for

making sure the house doesn't

become a home full of mould. He

examined samples from the rentals

and found a dangerous spore count.

We definitely thought it was beyond

the limit people should be exposed

to. It's not about the house but

all about the compensation.

Landlord Murray Cooper denies he is

responsible for the mould. He the

matter is heading for the courts

and he says they never ventilated

the property stopped him from

fixing the house. You're saying

it's a money grab? Of course.

That's why they are attempting to

sew us at the moment for

compensation. We made every single

attempt to remedy the property.

Hell. Literally hell. I've been

sick for two years. Jason Price and

his family say the Queensland

housing department ignored his

pleas for help and as a result his

family became sick. Get your finger

out and get me transfered. Then you

will get your money back. We're not

getting sick no more. He went to

the department looking for answers

but says he has been ignored.

You've got nothing say? I've got

nothing to say. Let's go. Even if

Jason gets to move David warns he

will have to throw out all of the

furniture. If they take those

possessions a new place they will

be taking the problem with them.

Linda has already thrown out her

possessions. A magistrate will now

decide if her landlord should pay

for them. We don't have the money.

We will have to start again,

sleeping on a camper mattress until

we can afford to buy a bed. we can afford to buy a bed. The sleeping on a camper mattress until

Queensland and New South Wales

housing departments say the

cleaning of mould is the tenant's

responsibility. Further, housing

Queensland says Jason Price has the

option of installing ventilation at

his own cost. Still to come - the

cruel online dating scams targeting

elderly Australians. Plus Ray's

revenge, how he took on a well-

known hair replacement company and

won. It sends a strong message to

other companies not to make a

promise they can't keep. Those

stories coming upment chronic back

pain is among the most common medical conditions. Jill suffered

for years thinking she had no

choice. But the 75-year-old has

just undergone a high-tech

treatment that got her up and

walking in just four hours. Sarah

Stewart explains. Joil is in

constant pain. It's really tingling

now. The most simple day-to-day

tasks are a real struggle. When

it's bad it's really bad.

Depressing. It really gets you down.

Taking off her shoes, walking

around her house or getting into a

car all cause unbearable pain. I

try... Trying to lean both legs in

at the same time. Once I'm in I'm

fine. The 75-year-old has been

battling chronic back pain for 10

years. It is very frustrating

because I have always been very

active, been able to do things. And

when it happens like this and it

slows you down and you begin to

worry about the future and how it

will be. Jill takes daily pain

killers to cope with the agony.

Until now she hadn't considered

surgery because she couldn't handle

the recovery times of six to eight

weeks. My idea of surgery was that

it would take some considerable

time. It would be very invasive.

And living by myself, I didn't

think I could cope. Hi, come in.

But a breakthrough treatment has

changed Jill's mind. It's a

minimaly invasive decompression of

the lumbar spine. The operation

takes just over an hour and has

patients up walking four hours

after surgery. They also leave

hospital much sooner and have less

chance of infection. We're able to

operate in a tube and decompress

the spine, which mean there is is

less damage to the muscle. Jill is

having the operation done in Saint

Luke's hospital at Potts Point..

You're about to go into surgery.

How are you feeling? Quite nervous.

But hopeful. How bad is her spine?

At the top there should be white

fluid surrounding it the whole way

down. You can see how clumped up

the nerve roots have become here.

During the surgery a small

insignificance will be made in the

back. A tube is positioned in the

muscles to the affected area. The

overlying bone is drilled and

removed along with any soft tissue

causing compression. This allows

the spinal canal to be opened up

stopping compression of the nerve

roots. Jill's operation starts just

after 8 am. We're invited into the

theatre to watch as Dr Winder fixs

her back. The main differences

between this procedure and

traditional methods are the size of

the insignificance and the level of

trauma on muscles. In the past the

muscle was stripped from the bone

whereas here the tube is passed

between the muscle fibres, meaning

the muscle is left intact and takes

less time to repair. Jill has two

problem spots but this method

allows both to be fixed through the

same small cut. The advantage is

you can angle the tube down and do

this through the same

insignificance. After being in

theatre and seeing what they have

just done to Jill's back it's hard

to believe in four hours time she

will be up and walking. The surgeon

says not only will she be walking but

but she will be doing it pain free.

Jill is taken to recovery and then

onto the ward, where we soon visit

to check on her progress. Hello.

How are you? I'm really well. I'm

lying flat. She gets out of bed

without a hint of pain and walks up

the corridor straighter than she

has in years. No pain at all if

you're walking? No. No? No. No. My

leg feels terrific. It's not just walking leg feels terrific. It's not just

walking on flat surfaces. Jill can

already climb up and down the

stairs. How did that feel? Just

terrific. I can't get over it. I

feel quite teary, actually.

Marvellous. Marvellous, thank you.

She also sits and stands without

effort and can touch her feet

drought cringing. Look at. This no

problems at all, actually. I could

probably put my foot up and take my

shoe off easily. There you go. It

all bends and all works. Get those

hands through to the target, mate.

The surgery isn't just restricted

to seniors, Chris Malone, a footy

coach at Sydney university, had his

back operated on eight weeks ago

after injuring it at work. Out of

the corner of my eye a ball came

towards me. I literally went to

grab t down low to the right and my

back gave way. Like Jill, the 34- year-old was hesitant about someone

operating that close to his spinal

chord. But in the end the pain was

too much to bear. Jai couldn't bend

over. I couldn't sit down. I spent

three and a half months standing or

kneeling at my desk. Chris also

decided to have the surgery because

of his three boys. Five years old,

three years old and one year old. I

couldn't pick them up. They are

wondering why can't dad give me a

big cuddle. Chris has to wait

another 8 weeks before he is

allowed to run but he is definitely

on the mend. Like Jill he is happy

to have taken the plunge and

encourages others to do the same.

Having felt the way I do and seen

the results I think it would be

worth looking into for other people

to save themselves a lot of pain perhaps. to save themselves a lot of pain

perhaps. What a relief that would

be. For more information on that

story visit our website. They are

the little known road rules that

can cost drivers a small fortune in

fines. Howard Gipps spoke to the

experts about the fine print in the

rule books. You see people on the

phone, waving around, talking,

eating, no seatbelts. It's crazy.

No doubt it's very difficult for

drivers to get their head around

all of the rules. Some Australian

Road Rules will do your head in.

Imagine you have to make that all-

important call. You want to do the

right thing so you pull off the

road, you put it in park. There

shouldn't be a problem, should

there? But in the state of Victoria

you could still cop a $282 fine.

Why? Because you could still cop a $282 fine.

Why? Because the engine is still

running. In this legal jungle the

devil is in the detail. They also

differ from state to state. It can

be very confusing but you've got to

know them otherwise it will hurt

you in the hip pocket. Motoring

expert Samantha Stevens loves her

mobile calls but never risks a fine

while she is driving. Some people

think that just because you don't

have the mobile phone up to your

ear it's fine. You can't be holding

a phone and waving it around on

speaker phone while driving. Even

having it on speaker phone and in

your lap is illegal. If that seems

obvious, sorry, but you may not be

aware there is more. If you're

using it while driving through a

school zone add 99 dollars and take

an extra point off your licence. We

have issued over 9,000 mobile phone

offence this is year. But it's not

just mobiles. Anything that

distracts a driver is possibly an

offence. People using laptops,

iPads, their mobile phones, eating

breakfast, shaving, putting make-up

on. Click clak, front and back,

wish it was that simple. Some

people like to move it around or

possibly even people who don't want

it in front of them that. Won't

save you this a crash. So wearing

the belt wrongly is just as illegal

as not wearing it at all. For every

unbelted passenger the driver gets

fined and loses paints. But taxi

drivers in some places are excused,

along with garbage van drivers

going slowly, and anyone who is

reversing. Remember the good old

days, that cheery Aussie greeting.

Inspector Brooks says his blokes

have written 31 tickets for this in

the last three months T breaks two

laws. Excessive use of the horn is

a miss use of the warning device.

You see people holding the doors on

their cars it's having a limb

outside the car, same fine. Is What

about not carrying your drivers

licence while drive something in

this Queensland and New South Wales

it's a fine. But in Victoria you

get 7 days to produce it. Except

for P-platers and learners, who

always have to have their licence

on them. Speaking of which, you

already know there are penalties

for not displaying L and P plates.

In some states it also works in

reverse. P if you're a fully

licensed driver and in a car

displaying L and P plates if you

have jumped in the car to pick up

milk, you can get fined in some

states. 140 in Victoria. What about

car keys? We can understand some of

the rules. This one is strange.

Leaving the keys in the ignition

and walking a few metres away from

the car, you can get fined. Not

sure why. Do you like to take your

entertainment with you. Do it like

this as a DIY accessory and you're

in trouble. DVD players, iPads,

computers, laptops, you're not

supposed to be looking at them if

you're a driver. But road rules

aren't just for drivers, also for

cyclists, even though they don't

need a licence or registration. If

they are going through red lights

when they shouldn't, if they are

riding furiously or irresponsibley

they can also get fined. Let's not

forget animals and road rules. Nor

should we snigger about Rick Hall

maybe the only Aussie in history to

be charged with being DUI in charge

of a camel. He denyed it suggesting

it was the camel swaying, not him.

Lastly, it's time to bust a great

road rule myth about not driving in

their seat. But it is But it is not

illegal. Some people say it's a

good idea and trying not to drive

in six inch heels. good idea and trying not to drive

in six inch heels. Our website has

more details on that story. When

Ray signed up with a leading hair

replacement company he expected

results. When the student didn't

get the result he wanted he took

action against Ashley and Martin and won. action against Ashley and Martin

and won. We're at the forefront of

hair loss technology and can do

what most can't, guarantee results.

The guarantee was the main thing

that made me do it. To treat my

hair loss I'm trusting medical

science. As it went on all that

happened was more hair was falling

out. He is only 20 years old and

has a head of hair many would envy,

but Ray is paranoid he is losing

his locks. I was feeling like I was

losing a bit of hair around the

sides and a little bit on the top

around the crown. He enlisted the

help of Ashley and Martin, signing

an 8-month contract worth more than

$3,000. When I have gone there,

they told me, "You need a

treatment." You're lucky you have

come here early. Better if you came

earlier. Ray's contract contains a

guarantee, no hair growth and you

get your money back. They promised

me that I will grow thousands of

hairs. 3,000 hairs is pretty much a

full head of hair. They pretty much

promised that. But Ray claims three

months into the treatment he was

see nothing results. He stopped

paying his instalments and asked

for a refund. Snie kept going, used

my visits and all of the products.

I didn't stop using everything and

try to get my money back. I went

through it and fulfilled the

guarantee. Fulfilled the contract

so they had nothing get me back on.

Ray took Ashley and Martin to the

consumer, trader and tenancy

tribunal - the company ordered to

give him a refund. I didn't think

he needed to go. He has plenty of

hair. As a young boy I supported

him. His mother supported him

through the tribunal process and

was the first to find out about his

win. I think the neighbourhood

heard me. I was walking down the

street with my little one. I got

the letter, do I, don't I. I opened

the letter. When I read that you

have been successful, I rang him up.

I was very proud of him. How did

you feel when you won? Ecstatic.

Very happy. In this case a legal

decision has been taken by a

tribunal that the company doesn't

agree with. The company says it's

looking at appealing the decision.

They believe the photographs of

Ray's hairdo show a difference but

they have changed their assessment

procedures. The decision taken by

the consumer tribunal hinged on the

fact that the medical director

didn't see the patient personaly

but looked at photographs. And

Ashley and Martin will look at

reviewing that process so that the

prescribing doctor is the first one

to actually see the patient and

then the refund decision will

ultimately rest with the medical

director. They don't believe this

case will affect their money-back

guarantee. The company is more than

happy with the money-back guarantee.

There are hundreds of thousands of

patients over more than 40 years

who have been through the processes

with Ashley and Martin. If you sign

a contract, look at the terms and conditions specially around

guarantees or money back scenarios.

That is your contract of sale. You

can take that back to the company

and you can show them if you're not

satisfied. Ingred from Choice says

Ray's case is a timely reminder to

always read the fine print. You

will be losing a lot more than just

your hair. You will be losing

dollars out of your back pocket if

you're signing up to one of these

programs and you're not happy. As

for Ray, he reckons is now happy

with his hair the way it is. It's a

strong message to other companies

not to make a promise they can't keep. not to make a promise they can't

keep. We will let you know if that

appeal goes ahead. After the break,

online dating scams and their new

target. He promised everything. And

just took...

nothing. Welcome back. Good to have

you with us. Now the cruel dating

scams taking older Australians for

a very expensive ride. Justin

reports on ways to protect yourself. a very expensive ride. Justin reports on ways to protect yourself.

Where is your diplomatic passport?

Lost 15,000 in the end. It is a big

problem and one that will get worse.

Nigerian conmen are reaching deeper

into the pockets of vulnerable

Australians and they have seniors

and those in the lonely hearts club

firmly in their sights. Australians

are good victims because we're

pretty gullible and honest and trusting.

trusting.. Their favourite con,

love scams. They are reaping an

estimated $22 million a year

because the warning messages aren't

getting through. I had never heard

of anything, any scams. I did not

know what they were. Single mum

Tania was scammed through a dating

website. He said his names was

James Jonathan David, that his

mother was English and his father

was Africana. Most of their

communication was done via email.

He made out that he was interested

in a long term relationship,

children. Everything. You know,

everything that I was looking for.

The scammers invest a lot of time.

Bruce from the New South Wales

fraud squad says Nigerian scammers

are becoming more determined to

take money from our seniors. We

know some of the scammers are using

technology to disguise their voice,

their accent and even their

appearance. That's very

sophisticated. So what are the

warning signs. In most cases the

crooks start asking for money weeks

after making contact. Tania sent

all the money she could raise.

$24,000. All up. When they fall in

love very quickly, if somebody is

professing their love for you after

a couple of weeks, that's a warning

sign. How can somebody fall head

over heels in love with a photograph. Cyber crime

investigator Ken says it's worth

remembering, once you've parted

with your money it vanishs for good.

Unfortunately a lot of people who

lose money in the scams never get

the money recovered. It's not just

scammers working abroad that target

seniors. How much did you end up

handing over? 15,000. Pensioner Joe

Harrington for a man online working

within Australia who started asking

for money after four months. They

think you're old and stupid and

you'll give in to anything. He

promised, promised everything and just

just took. Gave me less than just took. Gave me less than

nothing. If you've been a victim of

an online dating agency send us an

email or give us a call. Still to

come - inside sleep school. How to

give your child the perfect night's

sleep. Going good. I'm anxious.

Macleans helps encourage good habits by making brushing fun. Give your kids a reason to look forward to their twice a day brushing routine. Download the free Macleans brushing app. Available now.

Tomorrow night our special guide to

the best deals money can buy for

Australia's grey army. (VOICEOVER) Pensioner discounts

that will save you thousands. On

ACA, the biggest and best deals for Aussie seniors. There are some

absolutely terrific offers and Ben

if Is out there. Plus, welcome to

sleep school, the advice you need

to get your child to stay asleep

all night. Those reports tomorrow

only on ACA.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight on Big Brother -.

Wow! Really didn't want the day to

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So if you want to have a bit of a

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The winner scores a luxury night

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Angie has spent the night crying

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That was a rough rip.

It was not what I wanted at all. Hopefully today everything calms

down for you, babe.

Yeah. I think that would be nice

but I don't know if it will happen.

Well, I just think maybe that's up

to you. Like, that - what was said

was with love and certainly not an

upsetting thing. It was an

observation for one particular

person that they made. I know. I

just - if you want to have a talk

out. about it later maybe we can talk it

Didn't need to say to Angie last

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made the whole situation worse.

I love you and I'm just going to

let you have today.

She doesn't understand - there's nothing intentional that's ever

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No. I don't see how I'm copping

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If you want to make it about you,

you can but it certainly wasn't -

I really have to stop you touching

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OK, babes. you can. really want to make it about you,

Wow! Really didn't want the day to

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Going to go really pear-shaped and

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I just wanted to make her feel

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Do you want to be driver?

You can be driver if you want.

Cool. A flat tyre on the motorbike

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There we go. Give that a go. Oh,

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And there's a second task today for

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