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(generated from captions) a very windy day. Thredbo not much

tonight before two tomorrow. of a change in temperature, one

Perisher, six degrees. Sixteen

degrees in Cooma. In the Capital

tomorrow, showers expected. A top tomorrow, showers expected. A top o sixteen degrees. The sun will set

at twenty to six . Turning to the

five day forecast, Showers clearing

Friday, twelve . Similar

temperatures at the weekend. Monday

up to fourteen . Before hitting

seventeen degrees on Tuesday.

seventeen degrees on Tuesday. And

that' s WIN News for this Wednesday

night. I' m Danielle Post.....

This program is captioned live.

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome

to ACA. We begin with Australia's

luckyest Housing Commission

residents living in millionaires

row. As you will see, for about $80

a week they enjoy spectacular views and top addresses. a week they enjoy spectacular views

and top addresses. It doesn't get

much better than this and the

residents know it. When I came here

I thought I had died and gone to

heaven. What do you think when you

walk out and see this view? I think

I'm on cloud 9. Talk about a room

or should that be rooms with a view.

Imagine waking up every day to

this... In every state it seems

public house something available on

millionaires row and it has valuers

astounded. How do you rate this

apartment block? It's the best

located building in Australia if

not the world. Not just public

housing ; Housing. Sydney, it's

unbeatable harbour views, in

Melbourne, panoramic views to the

city. In Brisbane it's right on the

river looking towards town. Now

there is a radical call to sell off

these properties. State governments

are broke and they need money. Why

would you have multi-million dollar

properties sitting there that they

could sell off and use the money to

pay for the things they can't

afford currently to pay. But not

surprisingly the residents are

refusing to budge. No, please,

don't sell this place. Leave it to

the people for the chance to look

at the beautiful harbour. This is

the most famous view in Australia.

And you take it all in from public

housing in the famous Sydney suburb

of the Rocks. From the balcony you

can see the Opera House, Sydney

harbour, Circular Quay and

uninterrupted views of the Sydney

CBD. It's worth millions but

residents pay hundred dleds -

hundreds. It's not until you look

at the building from the air that

you can appreciate how lucky the

residents are. You have the best

public housing in Australia Thank

you very much. How good is the

view? Awesome. I have the prime

view of my life. Kerry recently

moved into the building, straight

into a two bedroom apartment on the

top floor with 207 degree views. I

haven't been to a place like this.

I always dreamed of a place like

this. It's come real. Dream come

true! While Kerry pays more, most

residents in the complex pay less

than $100 a week for the best spot

in town. Did you know the apartment

on the other side of Circular Quay

is worth $30 million? Oh, my

goodness! You got this off public

housing. Move over a couple of

neighbourhoods to Woollomoolloo,

you have restaurants and famous

people like Russell Crow and John

Laws over at the exclusive Finger

Wharf. Do you think you get a good

deal here? Pretty much. We deserve

it. Speaking of high profile

neighbours, if you're living in

government housing at kirbily you

will share your suburbs with Prime

Ministers and Governors general.

You used to see John Howard at the

shops? Yeah. You get some handy

views as well. This is a million-

dollar view. So did someone say

million-dollar views? I call it the

penthouse. I have fantastic views

from every window. I'm really happy.

This is nor ma, who lives on the

top floor of the Williamtown

Housing Commission tower in

Melbourne. People around here

living in multi-million dollar

houses don't have the view I have

got. Keep it. I have a fantastic

view. But if stunning views aren't

your thing, maybe you would prefer

to be metres from the shopping

Mecca that is Chappell street in

south Yarra. And sought after

locations in Brisbane have plenty

of public housing too. For instance

riverside in New Farm. Certainly

one of the luckyest people in

Queensland. Don't like there? Don't

worry. You can still be waterfront

at Bulimba or Sandgate. So how much

did it cost to live in one of these

amazing locations ; Most states

charge around 25% to 30% of a

tenant's income as rent F you're on

the pension that works out to just

$87 a week or if you're on the dole

you can pay as little as $61 a week

to live in properties like these.

Radio host Steve Price can't

understand why we haven't sold off

these golden public housing

properties. The outer suburbs are

perhaps the place we should be

putting public housing. The state

government has to think about

flogging off these things and

puttinged money towards things they

have to pay for. You would have a

queue. You hang a my vak sign out

the front and - Mirvac sign out the

front and they would be sold in one

weekend. We got a property valuer

to cast his eye over some of them.

He says they are worth a mint. At

the Rocks he said most of the

apartments would command 7- figure

sale prices. The Woolloomooloo town

houses would fetch more than a

million each. The kirbily apartment

block would be worth $60 million N

Melbourne a real estate agent there

valued at south Yarra apartment at

a whopping $78 million and believes

the Williamstown complex would go

for closer to $60 million. In

Brisbane the buildings are smaller,

so too are the values with $4

million in Sandgate and $9 million

in New Farm. This particular

property has underground parking.

The spaces alone have been valued

at 150,000 each. Enough to buy a

house in most country towns. Should

Department of Housing people not be

allowed to live in nice parts of

town? As you can expect, public

housing tenants have vowed to put

up a fight. They say they are not

going anywhere. When we were

growing up there was nothing. We

still live here and how it's worth

lots of money everyone wants a

piece of it now. There are some

real dangers in trying to do this

This public housing advocate

believes relocating public housing

complexs to the outer suburbs would

create more problems than it would

solve. The inner city has been home

for these people and has been for a

long time. It has good access to

hospitals, schools, transport, jobs.

All of those things that everyone

wants from their housing. They want

to lich in a community that works.

It's quite important. At this stage

state governments say they don't

have immediate plans to sell off

the properties but haven't ruled it

out in the future. Terry certainly

hopes they don't change their minds.

Please, don't sell this place. A

a reasonable price. lot of people benefit from this at

lot of people benefit from this at

a reasonable price. We would like

to know what you think of that

story. Contact us on Facebook or

Twitter. Still to come on ACA - our

exclusive with the mega stars of

Kath and Kim. I know I'm clueless

but that's not fair. That's not

fair. That story coming up. For

many television producers 2012 has

been the year from hell with a

string of big name programs axed.

Ben looks at the big flops and

which shows are next to bite the Ben looks at the big flops and which shows are next to bite the

dustment You want to become a brand.

Love it. I don't think we have ever

had a bottom half of the year like

this with so many new shows. The

reality is a lot will simply fall

by the wayside. You can't make the

public watch something, even if you

try really hard. It was supposed to

be Ten's big blockbuster, instead

it's become a $25 million

embarrassment for the network.

Everybody dance now would have to

be one of the biggest TV failures

in local TV history. The talent

show hosted by Sarah Murdoch was

axed last night after just three

episodes. The biggest casualty of

the year so far - it's the TV

disaster of the year - everybody

dance now on Ten. Entertainment

reporters agree that the format was

never going to work. Welcome... A

terrible show with an ugly set and

American singers talking ghetto

when it's a dancing show. It's a

very confusing concept. And

Australian audiences have not

embraced it. Sadly for the industry,

the axing left dozens of

disappointed contestents and hard-

working crew out of a job. Massive

amounts of money have gone into the

build-up, buying the rights,

staging the show. The public voted

with their remotes and said, "We

hate it." In 10 weeks time one of

you will be performing on Broadway.

More bad news for Ten last night

with the launch of I will Survive.

The first episode pulled only

506,000 viewers nationally. Tim

Burrows from Mumbrella says figures

like that mean the show is already

in doubt. Those numbers are not

good enough. People have put a

million as the difference between a

hit or failure. But ultimately it's

a search for somebody capable of

playing a drag Queen. So that does

limit the interest out there in the

general public. It's been a

disastrous year for 10. There was

Lara Bingle and then those girls

from the Shire. Both failed to fire.

Bingle hitting a low of just

407,000 viewers and almost

certainly won't be back. Viewers

sometimes can be stupid but they're

not as stupid as they were perhaps

treated with Bingle. They could

service see it was an artificial

situation. The fact she was moved

into a flat that wasn't hers and

her family and friends were put

around her to try and give it some

drama. The public in the end didn't

care. 'The Shire' has recorded a

terminal 252,000 viewers. TV critic

Di Butler from News Limited says it

will also be chopped. Maybe Lara

needs to be on 'The Shire'. That

kind of makes sense to me. She

needed to be the girl in the shier,

I think. It would have been good

for both of them. Reality show

Don't Tell the Bride debuted with a

less than stellar 583,000 viewers.

Me and Mel at the altar. Hello

there and welcome to Can of Worms.

Even with a new panel and popular

host the talkshow can of worms

performed badly with 590,000

viewers, which puts the future of

the show in doubt. I think we head

to to forget about Can of Cam worms

and not ever make it again. Put the

lid on the can. Andrew den

tonight's company makes another

flop that Peter Ford says is facing

the axe. It had a lot of the

expectation attached to it. Because

it was the come back show for

Andrew den on to but it simply has

failed to fire. Ten copped a lot of

criticism for dumping the Circle

but the fact is the morning chat

show lost 70% of its audience after

this infamous faux pas earlier this

year where they made fun of

Victoria Cross recipient Ben

Roberts. He will dive down to the

bottom of the pool and see if his

brain is there. There was a

backlash they never got over. The

public didn't quite forgive them.

It never felt quite the same

afterwards. As for Breakfast, it's

nothing more than a dog's breakfast

for Ten. Good morning. Yes, like

she said. They have lost a host, an

executive producer and changed its

format. But in Melbourne on Tuesday

morning for almost an hour, no-one

was watching. The official rating

for Breakfast was zero.

Embarrassing and it's noticeable.

Probably they have had a bigger

proportion of failures than you

would usually expect. This is

Excess Baggage. Nine has had some

shockers too. The network started

the year with a very expensive flop.

Excess Baggage, celebrities losing

weight. Why wouldn't it work? It

didn't. At 7 Australia's got talent

looked tired and cheap against the

Voice, which was pulling double the

audience. AGT almost certainly

won't be back. Dancing with the

stars would struggle to crack the

million mark each week and is also

in doubt. Kerri-Anne was great

casting. She was probably the difference between success and

failure on that show. It would have

been an absolute dog without her.

We have the ultimate power with our

remote controls. TV is the ultimate

democracy. If the public don't like it doesn't come democracy. If the public don't like it doesn't come backment It's true.

It's a tough industry but that's

why we love it. The foxy gifrls

from Fountain Lakes are set to

star? A monster movie. So we got

amongst it, including a bit of retail therapy with amongst it, including a bit of retail therapy with Sharon. Good

morning, young ladies. I can't help

but noticing you look a little for

lorpb. Thank you for noticing.

Actually I am for lorpb. It's a

family movie with art house over

tones. I was wondering if you could

help me. I have this filim premiere

that I'm in. It's got everything

really, a thriller, intrigue, a

back drop of revolution but very

modern. I need something to wear.

I'm only a man. Yep? But I will try

to help. Thank you, sir, thank you.

I was so excited when we found out

we were making a filim that people

wanted to if I am us. A no brainer.

I'm a no brainer I think for films.

What about having a bit of

jewellery or something like that?

Got to top up my mobile. Have I

ever been to Italy before? Nah. And

I have to say I wouldn't go there.

Days before the premiere... My hair

looks fantastic with back lighting.

I think we're just made for the big

screen. That's unbelievable. I

bought a bottle of wart off and won

a trip for two. The pressure is on

for Sharon to look noice! I could

look so glamorous in this. Oh, yeah,

you will stand out in a crowd. You

do look pretty. Really? I almost

want to kiss you but I won't.

Shouldn't do that to ya. You're hot.

Kim scrubbed up well with some very

special lighting and make-up

effects. Sharon... She has a very

pretty face. No, it's Sharon. Sam?

No, Sharon. Italy is sophisticated.

Whereas Fountain Lakes is more an

acquired taste. We have a prem jury

of the filim and Kim said I have to

wear something really nice but not

too foxy because that will annoy

her. It's not so much what I

thought of the Italian men, it's

what they thought of me!

(SINGS) # Some girls will # Some girls won't

# Some girls need a lot of lovin...

They look so poor and hungry. I'm

poor and hungry too. And I'm in

platforms. I think you will find

it's pronounced Mantoman, like Superman.

(SINGS) # I want to feel your body

# Touch me now. Sharon, what about

something for underneath the dress?

Martin! Hi, how are you? Hi, hi.

That's exhausting! (Beep) You can't

swear on television. Oh my God,

look at that. 14.99. I could afford

that. I need to get a special

outfit. Have you any suggestions of

where I could maybe go? Same size

as we. We look good in anything. Up

the road there to Big is Good. How

is your weight going? Alright,

thanks. How is yours? Is that real?

Yeah. I think that would look good

on Sharon. Definitely. If you take

it off it stretches you out and

makes you look thinner. What do

they call that thing back in the

80s. Mullet. A moulette! Nice

colour. A bit of purple. Hi. I

don't know how the Queen does it. It's hard work.

(SINGS) # My achey breaky heart

# I might grow up and kill this

man... Don't worry, everyone. I've

got a Saint Johns ambulance

certificate. No-one panic. Oh my

God. My hair straighteners. Wish

you had the mullet on now. Oh, what

about it. Argette? Do you reckon?

Is that a bit crazy to say

"Targette" If you need $2 I could

always spot you. Thanks, Marty,

that's the nicest thing anyone has

ever said to me. I never wear these

because they clash with my

carbunkles but I love them. I think

you need some shoes to go with your

outfit. Hi. How are you? Good

thanks, How can I help you? Don't

tell anyone but I have athletes

foot. You've got what? Athletes

foot. You've got tinea? No, not on

my ears. Sorry, I'm having options

anxiety. There is too much choice.

I'm overwhelmed. I can't do it. I

will just have to go plain and

simple. I will have to go to nanna.

Really? Get her to run something up. simple. I will have to go to nanna. Really? Get her to run something up.

That shopping centre will never be

the same again. That filim

premieres in Melbourne on Sunday.

After the break, the new Centrelink fight

Tomorrow we could be calling you.

We have $5,000 every call. Get

dialling. Certainly wouldn't.

Welcome back. The Centrelink

crackdown on couples trying to rort

the system. As Howard Gipps reports,

it's a high-tech approach and it's the system. As Howard Gipps reports, it's a high-tech approach and it's

working. Couples pretending they

are single to cheat Centrelink.

They are the number 1 targets for

the government's welfare police and

one of its biggest headaches

because it's difficult to prove.

You might getaway with it initially

and think you're really clever but

the system will catch up with you.

Every Every year 7 million needy

Australians receive over $60

billion. But a few are just greedy

and dishonest. 1,000 women falsely

claiming benefits as single mums

when they are really living in a

couples relationship are prosecuted

every year. We just wanted to ask

you: why did you steal all that

money from centre link? Please go

away. It's amazing what some people

will do to rort the system.

$160,000 of taxpayers' money you

took. It's a classic Centrelink

gotcha. Natalie Noonan falsely

claimed to be a single mum and

received benefits for nearly 20

years. When ACA challenged her she

was in denial despite pleading

guilty in court to fraud. That was

Australian taxpayers' money you

stole. I didn't steal T You did

tale it, Natalie. $160,000. Over 19

years. We take our responsibility

to recover taxpayers' money very,

very seriously. And how they are

caught is a marvel of high-tech

sleuthing and good old fashioned

intelligence. There is computer

data matching. We match records

against the Tax Office, registrar

of births, deaths and marriages

look for inconsistencys in the

information. Then there is you,

using the fraud hotline. Just

thought I should tell somebody...

The latest data shows one in 10

dobbin calls are about wellle fair

recipients falsely claiming to be

single to get more money. It's a

tricky one to proof so Centrelink

is increasingly relying on video

surveillance. They have spent over

$1 million on 637 of their most

urgent cases. That's in the last 18

months. Here a slido helps to catch

another couple claiming to be

single. If someone is doing the

wrong thing you will get caught.

The tip-off line costs nearly $2.5

million to run but saves $64

million in benefits. It's pwhiefpb

way we can all help to stop the

welfare rorters. Natalie was

sentenced to home detention. Do you

deserve to go to jail? If you know

someone cheating the Centrelink

system send us an email or give us

a call. After the break on ACA,

crippling back pain gone in a day -

the breakthrough treatment changing lives. the breakthrough treatment changing lives.

Tomorrow night, the high-tech back

pain treatment promising relief within hours. (VOICEOVER) Crippling back pain

gone in a day. Just terrific. On

ACA, patients up and walking in

just four hours. The incredible

breakthrough treatment giving

Aussie seniors a new life. Plus,

Australia's mould epidemic forcing

familys to move out. Those reports

tomorrow only on ACA.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight on Big Brother. You're

talking about it right now. A

looming eviction turns up the heat.

I really cannot stand it. Estelle,

Charne and lail lay are nominated

but it is Afgi -- Angie who is on

the edge. There's no way I would

let anyone treat me like that. A

setback in the task as the

motorcycle hits stormy weather.

And Ben is back in the Naughty

Corner. BIG BROTHER: Ben? Yes, Big

Brother. BIG BROTHER: Be quiet. The weekly task continues.

A road trip from Perth to the Gold Coast.

You need to be on the bike... Ha,

ha. To be making progress, the

housemates have to be on the bike,

squeezing the throttle.

The road trip. You got to be on a road trip.

# Music is a thing I like to listen

on the trip (raps)

# Makes me really happy in the moments I'm...

They have to cover 3,600 km in

three days. It is a task they are

desperate to pass as they are

running out of food and morale.

What do you call a dear without

eyes? No idea. What do you call a

dear with no eyes and no legs?

Don't know no? Still no idea.

Still... No idea. Aha. Yeah.

You did get it I get it.

It's cold this morning. Freezing,

hey? Ohh.

Is that too many?

Big Brother has been enforcing the

rules - no hot water before bread

is baked and basic food rations.

Could you give us hot water today? No.

I reckon he's trying to break us.

Do you think he will succeed? Yes.

We're slowly running out of food.

I had to eat sardines. And now I

eat sardines and now I'm eating

them and it could kill me.

BIG BROTHER: Is there anything

else? Surly! Surly! Yes, look at

you. You little fishy wishy! Look

at the fish, it loves me. Hello Surly. Oh!

BIG BROTHER: this is Big Brother.

Charne, Estelle and Layla to the

dine Diary Room.

Oh, I like her. She's a good one.

NARRATOR: To lift spirits, Big

Brother wants the three nominated

girls to host tonight's family dinner.

BIG BROTHER: You must not only

prepare a nice meal, but also

provide guests with suitable and entertaining dinner party conversation topics. I'm really

liking this.

Who needs to know what is going on?

Do you guys know? Tiger prawns.