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Thank you, JT. We will see you writers and Hollywood movies It's been the subject of sci-fi for years - following our every move, faceless authorities invading our privacy and our lives. is fast becoming fact, But that fiction like Trapwire. with new super surveillance software you should be worried about it. Our next guests say joins us now Journalist David Seaman Scott Ludlam. along with Greens Senator and why should we be concerned? David, what is Trapwire Sure. Trapwire is a computer algorithm that is designed to identify people in public, based on suspicious behaviours and other things, including possibly the way you walk. And the what you walk. And way you move. I you walk. And you walk. And the

understand you Australians are freedom loving people and this is one of the greatest threats to personal freedom I have ever seen in my entire life. I think every single person out there should be Googling Trapwire. It terrifies me. There will be major answers, major investigations most liely and you guys might have it operating on your soil and it's scary enough for us Americans because it's an American company doing this stuff with very little oversight but you have what amounts to a foreign company, operating on your soil, potentially tracking people without a warrant and without court authorisation. What constitutes suspicious behaviour? You know, you say the way someone walks. What sort of things will they think of as suspicious? That's what is so worrying about this. We don't have any really oversite. Their able to track individuals oversite. Their algorithm might be the way they walk and able to track individuals based on activities such as photographing the way they walk and certain landmarks and signal to landmarks and signal to go other people, if you signal for your family to come over with you to take a photo for example, that activity can be flagged as suspicious. And once you are in the system, you can be flagged later on when you are in another city if you are on a sub way or in an airport in another city, it can re identify and add that to your file. There is some little oversight. We don't know if Trapwire is the biggest case made out of nothing in decades or if Trapwire is an absolutely huge civil rights disaster that needs to be investigated in every country where it operates. It's part of the reason, to best, your man, reason, to best, your man Julian Assange he is like some man of mystery because the emails that weeky leaks leaked detains detail the information on Trapwire. OK: Its the plot thickens. You raised some alarm bells about this. Is Trapwire being used here. We don't know. That was the purpose of putting the motion up in parliament. It was voted down by both parties. In effect the Senate voted to keep itself ignorant which is a - I have submitted some detail questions on notice but they will take 30 days to come back. In the meantime we are a bit in the dark. Scott, what agencies are actually watching us here now and do we have any sort of similar situation going on here as far as satellites? We don't know whether Trapwire is deployed here. There are US people

outposted at places like pine gap. In terms of the agency xs there were 250,000 requestss communications data. That could 250,000 requestss foretell include everything from who you send an email to to where you were. If you are carrying a Smartphone around that is logging your location, that is logging yourlocation, 27. that is logging your

Tomorrow is the last date that the public can make a submission to international security which proposes sweeping expansion. Police pours haven't kept up with changes in technology, we in technology, we are saying neither have privacy protections. Somebody has to be looking after this stuff. If Trapwire was operating in Australia, we wouldn't know about it. No, we only know that it's being deployed in the US because of the information that was leaked by Julian. We don't know if it was deployed in Australia or not. We don't know how good the system is or not. Straightforward, is it's like you private ids a bit of ASIO and let them run amok. Some of the they are involved in looks like let them run amok. Some of the stuff scams. They are Hocking their services. Trapwire, as your previous guest indicated, this might be nothing. It might be nothing to it. I think at the outset what we are after is some transparency to find out if it's deployed here. It's on the radar here. Good on you for covering it.