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captioned by Ai-Media Having belatedly coming to

the acceptance that Manu and

Manus eye land, the Prime Minister should get on with

it. The Government urged

against any lengthy delays in

the implementation of its

offshore processing policy.

I did nothing wrong, Paul.

Do you have an allegation to

put to me? If you do not,

why are we discussing

this? Slater and Gordon back

the Prime Minister's denial

of any wrongdoing surrounding

why she quit the law firm. WikiLeaks founder Julian

Assange to speak publicly

from Ecuador's embassy in

London. It's 4 o'clock in

Melbourne and 6 o'clock in

Wellington. This is News Now

for Sunday, 19 August. I'm

Chris Rowe. A body found in

the sea off New Zealand's

north island believed to be

one of three missing

climbers. In sport, west