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(generated from captions) rights been sold yet? It has got to out of the window. Have the movie come. Thank you, keep us up to date. from our Big Guns of Politics - Let's get some reaction on that now and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Environment Minister Tony Burke Good morning to you both. London had any contact with Assange Tony, have Australian officials in since Ecuador's decision? Look, I am not aware of any contact. We have put some calls in this morning but we haven't been able to establish any contact has been made. From Australia's perspective, this dispute is between the United Kingdom and Ecuador. Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, if he wants consular support, it is available, but the legal dispute here... So he hasn't asked for it? Because he is saying he has been left like a shag on a rock by the Australians but you are saying he hasn't asked? The offer of consular support is still there. His statement, he had it is Latin American country that stood up there. His statement, he had it is a and protected him. Not his home country. Should we do more? I think the Government has handled this the right way. There are precedents. Kochie might remember this one from 1954, the Petrov affair. And Mrs Petrov was a Soviet citizen, being escorted out of the country and Australia intercepted her at airport. She was being escorted by Australia intercepted her at Darwin soviet officials and given asylum here in Australia. She was given safe passage but we intercepted it. There are precedents that cut the other way. Have you been by the US to say, " by the US to say, "Play hardball on other way. Have you been contacted this." His view it is all being set up by the US because he leaked that stuff about governments, our government, the American government and he is being set up in Sweden. Have the Americans sort of contacted you guys and said, " you guys and said, "Hey, let's play hardball. We got to get this bloke." bloke."? No, and I don't understand hardball. We got to get this

this part of the argument, because America has got an extradition with them as well. With the United Kingdom, it is already in place. America has made no attempt to extradite him. I don't think it is the United Kingdom that would prosecute him for breach of security. The way the US would. Or espionage. It is because he is being sent to Sweden and the Americans have a different arrangement with

the Swedes. There is a third angle that fleeds to be flushed out -- that needs to be flushed out. arriving on Manus Island and Nauru Moving on, officials have begun detention facilities there. to start preparing processing bill was passed It comes as the offshore in the Senate overnight. the facilities to be up and running? Tony, what's the timetable for Well, things start today. Teams go to Nauru today. There is, effectively, for Nauru and mans ilen, for each of the locations, it is in the order of 15 defence people and 10 from other agencies involved in establishing the centres and setting them up. Joe, you are happy to get it through? It is what you wanted all along? It is a third of what we wanted. Well the other two things we want the government to reintroduce temporary protection visas and the government, where possible to turn back the boats. We have got a three-point plan, this is one point. But how sad it s Kevin Rudd reversed our solution. one point. But how sad it s after Yeah, you say it all the time. You don't push it through. We have heard it before. But 1,000 people have died. Now they realise after having this committee, this is the way to go. It has been a sad episode all around. There is blame lines can be thrown around, there is around. There is blame lines that things that people put to me that I can throw back. I just think dealing with it. We have heard this can throw back. I just think we're argument before. What about the news the latest batch of people that came out on boats, ret cued by a freighter and -- rescued by a freighter and basically held them hostage, the captain and saying, " "Take us to Australia, or else." hostage, the captain and saying,

"Take us to Australia, or else.". Should we be bringing back the SAS to do the boardings like the Howard Government? Well, the police will deal with this. The police are conducting an investigation. The Australian federal police. But under the Howard Government, it was the SAS guys meeting the boats. Should we do it again? The intention is to get to the situation where there are no boats to meet. But until that time, should we do SAS? The AFP, the way they are dealing it is the right way to deal with it. We would take a hard line, that is obvious. We met them with the SAS on boats, and they never got to shore. In case this, they got to shore. Thank you both. Enjoy the Wallabies. I know you got the gold tie. I know, I borrowed it from Channel Seven. He borrows it every time! He never turns up with a tie. Post it back, thanks guy, thank