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(generated from captions) as our athletes return to Australia. Live coverage from every angle, sparks more controversy Bankrupt swimmer Nick D'Arcy with holiday photos from Croatia While our pollies debate Nauru, more asylum seekers at sea. the navy intercepts 71 over this... I thought you and I could bond We should do a thing. "Boy, you are better off, ..and talk about "kick her to the kerb, whatever". (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) (SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Reach out for the sunrise. # this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, This is special edition of Sunrise, with Kochie and Mel. That's the scene at Sydney Airport home from London this morning. where our Olympians will be welcomed It's going to get very busy soon. and thanks for joining us. Good morning, Our team is at the event. Beretts is there, who's on plane-spotting duties, he's joined by Nuala, and Sunrise reporter Sally Bowrey. We'll check in with them shortly. The whole thing is covered top to toe. Yes, and we are keeping an eye on the rest of the news, here is Nat. to Nauru or Papua New Guinea Asylum seekers could be sent by the end of the week after the Opposition agreed by the Government's expert panel. to pass recommendations passed in the Lower House today. Julia Gillard wants the legislation couldn't resist one last attack The Opposition Leader a "massive backflip". for what he's calling six weeks ago How can Nauru have been so wrong and yet be so right today? to see further politicking on this, The Australian public do not want they want to see action. were unloaded It comes as more asylum seekers at Christmas Island yesterday, 71 people has been intercepted while another boat carrying near the Ashmore Islands. in the leg in Sydney's south-west. A 23-year-old man has been shot He presented himself to hospital reported hearing gunfire a short time after neighbours from Bankstown Public School. outside shops, not far no-one was in the area When police arrived, several bullet casings. but they have found whether the incident is linked They won't say in nearby Roselands yesterday. to a drive-by shooting Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk It appears swimming bad boys have defied an order for the duration of the Olympics. to stay off social media living it up in Croatia on Sunday. Monk posted photos of the pair with friends. The pictures show the two on a yacht to be sent home to Australia Both swimmers were meant immediately after their events, following an outcry of themselves posing with guns over photos they posted before the Olympics to attend a family holiday instead. but D'Arcy was given permission to hand down its decision The High Court is expected in Australian history on the biggest class action in 6-8 weeks. angry about excessive bank fees, ANZ customers, with interest. are demanding their money back They claim all of the big banks dishonour fees than they should be. are charging more for overdrawn and on behalf of 170,000 consumers, Our claim is for $220 million up to eight banks. is deciding The full bench of the High Court should go to trial. whether the class action at Sydney Airport Crowds are gathering of our Olympic athletes. awaiting the arrival yesterday, The team flew out of London with 35 medals, including 7 gold. wrapping up their Olympic campaign on the medal tally. The haul left us 10th overall is due to arrive just after 7:00am. The Qantas Olympic charter flight of the welcoming party We'll have live coverage throughout the morning. Australian artist Arthur Boyd A painting by renowned at auction in Melbourne. has fetched a record price for $1.68 million overnight, The 'Bride Running Away' sold a Boyd painting of $1.2 million. breaking the former record for as an icon of the 20th century. The artwork was described It was painted in 1953, of Indigenous Australians. exploring the plight for a fast-food burger on Sundays. why you might soon be paying more But first, here's Kochie. Thank you, Nat, Wall Street has finish up. Just closing now, up points. finish up. Just closing now, up 3 points. Better-than-expected retail finish up. Just closing now, up 3 sales figures helped the market. The eurozone economy grew by 0. eurozone economy grew by 0.2% over the last couple of months. Spain and Italy still dragging things down. To our region yesterday. The latest figures show are getting more confident. Aussie consumers have helped, Rate cuts and government handouts sharemarket together with a more stable and firmer Australian dollar. Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. Is this likely to last? Good to have a bit of a dose of optimism, will it last? Will it last? That's the $ last? That's the $64 question. I believe the bad news stay uzway from Europe, yes, we will start to embrace the more positive things down under, inflation under control, unemployment is in good shape. I think people are starting to now recognise that the Roy Morgan consumer confidence rating up to the highest levels in three months by 2% 2%. The Melbourne consumer institute highest levels in three months by

confidence reading is out today. will have the same results. It all confidence reading is out today. It gets down to what is happening on the global environment. Once that continues to settle down, less people focusing on Greece and more people focusing down under, we will see gains. Certainly, a lot of stimulus has been tloun at our economy for the -- thrown at our economy for the last couple of months. You would be disappointed if the consumer confidence wasn't up after that. Yes, good car sales figures, thank you. Now, Beretts has all the sport from the Qantas hangar at Sydney airport, waiting for the Olympians to arrive home. Hey, Kochie, one of the great mornings after every Olympics to the family and loved ones, about 1,000 here this morning to welcome the Olympians home. has confirmed Manly full-back Brett Stewart with the reigning NRL premiers. he'll play out his career Stewart's manager is putting the finishing touches on a new 4-year deal and an announcement is imminent. are getting tied up, A few loose ends getting close to it, I think, so not far off now. Stewart says the re-signing of young halves Kieran Foran and Daly Cherry-Evans was a key factor in his decision to seek a new deal. Port Adelaide midfielder Hamish Hartlett will miss the next two matches after his striking charge was upheld at the AFL Tribunal. Hartlett pleaded guilty to striking Hawthorn's Cyril Rioli in a off-the-ball incident in an off-the-ball incident and was unable to get the charge downgraded. Meanwhile, St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt is still a chance of lining up against Geelong on Friday night despite a knee injury. Wallabies coach Robbie Deans is encouraging his players to go hard at each other at training ahead of this weekend's Bledisloe Cup test in Sydney. Deans believes the brutal sessions will hold his players in good stead for when they come up against the physical All Blacks. Berrick Barnes has been named at fly-half with Quade Cooper left out of the squad. Well, QF 6058 is on its way to hang Well, QF 6058 is on its way to hangar 96 due to land in about an hour. At the moment, it is just north of will Kenya, in South Wales. I spoke to one of the north of will Kenya, in regional New senior engineers to find out exactly where the flight was and he pulled out his iPhone and checked the iTracker, just like we do. Is that a special tag, FQ 1 8 58? Yes, it is a charter so dozen have a reg -- doesn't have a regular flight number but you can track it and see when it lands. Nuala is there, not using flight tracker, you will use a good old-fashioned eye? I reckon I come up on the flight tracker with this. It is so bright! As you can see, I am right out on the tarmac rr, they are concerned I might be squished so they put this here. The plane is going to land. The green lights about 400 metres away, that is where it is going to land. They will attach it to a hug and tow it into this hangar, hanger nix, unfortunately, all the warmth will come from us because there is in the air. It is freezing! About 9 come from us because there is none degrees but the apparent temperature will be cold. A bit of a culture shock, they had surprisingly warm weather in London. When they left it was 26 degrees and they will come to 9, ouch! We will make it very warm for them. We have a cold front that is going to clip the south-east, so isolated showers for South Australia, the southern print South Wales and Tasmania and Victoria. Here is what is happening Australia, the southern print of New

for the rest of the country. Live your life like you're allergy free. Canberra, early frost and fog. As you can probably hear during the weather, we are right out in the thick of it. I apologise for any noisiness. But we are on an airport runway. Just before I go, because we live so far away from London. Oh! A lot of athletes who have represented the other countries gotten home. So we have seen the other countries have already welcome-home celebrations, I am gotten home. So we have seen their putting it out, we have to win the Olympics in welcome homing. We'll see how we go. Coming up - the couple who won a cool $220 million in the lottery. They've come forward overnight. Find out how they plan to spend all that money. And how many new friends they've got. You're watching Sunrise, as we await the arrival of our Olympic athletes at their official homecoming.

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with Hungry Jack's Whopper Grand Final Giveaway. Just buy a Whopper and you and three mates could be off to the 2012 Toyota Grand Final and Grand Final Breakfast with flights, accommodation and more. It will make you a grand final legend, especially to your mates. VOICEOVER: This program is proudly brought to you by Toyota. (MELODIOUS WHISTLING) to the big rental-car companies. Go with the underdog and save. Our Olympic athletes arrive home this morning and a big crowd is gathering to greet them. Family, friends and government officials are at the Qantas hangar in Sydney where the team's first 'Welcome home' ceremony will be held. The Sunrise team is there - Beretts, Nuala and reporter Sally Bowrey. Sally, is there much of a crowd there yet? Yes, you can probably see them. A few of them just gathering now, all getting their spots, the best in the house to give our athletes the biggest welcome home. They are getting their spots, the best seat

due to arrive very shortly. The last bit of the long 20-hour flight from London. In the hangar, the plane will role up in a few minutes. We are expecting the Prime Minister to arrive shortly and of course, Tony Abbott and around 1,000 family and friends gathering here today. Now, it will is going to be a particularly special moment when the athletes get off the plane, the Qantas chartered plane, we expect the choir to belt Australia Home', which get me every time. It will be an amazing moment. the choir to belt out 'Still Call

It will be. Just how long until the plane touches down? I am told it is on team at present. Hopefully it stays that way. 7 10:00 is the time we are told it will -- 7: 10, that is the time it is going to touch down, over there. Got that? And then it will be slowly towed here to this very special welcome. But pigture this on Monday, London time, when seven bus loads of our Olympic athletes were taken to Stanstead in London, they were very bleary-eyed, going to be Closing Ceremony and didn't get to bed until 2am, so lots of pillows taken on the flight. 276 athletes on flight? I don't think much sleep will be happening. I much sleep will be happening. I want to know where they put the medals, apparently Anna Meares had a special carry on case. Going through security. Anything to declare? Just this medal. So welcome them home and congratulate them on a wonderful job. Do they all come home on the charter flight? Do some continue on to other events? What is it like? In many ways they splinter off. 276 of the athletes will be on the flight of the 410 who represent us in London in 2012 so a lot moved on. Sally Pearson won't be here, she is competing. Mitchell wot, is competing, mel competing, Melanietia linger is on holiday in the Greek island. -- Melanie Schlinger is on holidays in the Greek islands. This is the culmination of four years or more of hard work. They are done, the Olympics, many had tremendous success and achieved more than we expected. Remember, we had 410 athletes all doing their best, they get back with their parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters and it is a really nice occasion and a special morning. Thank you. We will check in regularly. Keep watching, Nuala. Coming up - the army called in to build tent cities for asylum seekers on Nauru. Plus, lapping it up. While his Olympic team-mates return home, bankrupt swimmer Nick D'Arcy holidays on the Mediterranean. And, marvellous Miranda. The supermodel shines on the catwalk when Sunrise continues. The accountants have figured out it can be cheaper to have basic health insurance than to pay the tax for not having any. Wow. Those guys are so cool. VOICEOVER: Call 13 19 20 and start saving today. Here are our Olympics athletes coming on QF flight A 6058. Just north of Condobolin, see Ivanhoe there, a beautiful part of the world. On time, you want it to be. Get out of the way. Won't be able to see anything. Front-page news this Sunrise - the plan to house asylum seekers in tents on a temporary basis. They'll be forced to live under canvas on Nauru and in Papua New Guinea until the army can rebuild abandoned processing centres. A group of asylum seekers arriving at Christmas Island overnight could the first to use the temporary accommodation. Both sides now support offshore processing but they haven't passed the legislation yet. It's expected to go through Parliament today. Get them to help. Be worthwhile. I guess if it's a tent. No, the facilities, they are going to live there. Olympic swimming bad boys Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk are making headlines again. While most of our Olympians are about to land in Sydney, the pair has been holidaying with friends in Europe after being kicked out of the Games village early for their photos posing with guns. Monk's in trouble for posting the holiday snaps while still banned from social media. And D'Arcy's bankrupt and unable to pay damages to former team-mate Simon Cowley after a king-hit in a nightclub four years ago. Now, D'Arcy's bankruptcy trustee says even bankrupts are entitled to have holidays, although he wouldn't confirm whether he gave permission for D'Arcy to go to Croatia. So, is D'Arcy thumbing his nose at Simon Cowley by going on holidays Should he just stay off social media? Just a bit stupid. No. media? Just a bit stupid. No.One, if you have got permission, fair enough, bank rlts are in-- bankrupts are entitled to holidays, is he paying for it himself? For your own image it would be better to go Port Macquarie. Not am thed trainian. Don't put it on Facebook! image it would be better to go to

Shut up. It is, he just annoys everyone with how he acts. Just go to ground and keep quiet. Boys at that age can be boofheads and that is classic. Surely, he is classic. Surely, he had enough experiences and one would have hoped he learned from, that's all. Also making headlines - marvellous Miranda Kerr. The supermodel has taken centre stage in Sydney. And she's even hinted she may get her husband Orlando Bloom to rock a red suit. What else do you say? Gorgeous. Fit, healthy. That's the best, all our Australian models that tread the world stage, they all look fit and healthy. There are no sort of weight... She just glows. All that coconut water. Skinny girls. Drink coconut water, you look like that, girls. That's a big recommendation. Klgo and get some coconut water today. I wonder if our have been drinking coconut water on the quants flight on the way home? today. I wonder if our Olympians

Our live coverage continues on Seven. Doesn't she look happy? Winning is easy - you need today's codeword: Now, phone 1902 557 707 and follow the directions. Or SMS today's code word and your name and address to 19 777 077. Lines close at 4:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. We'll call today's $20,000 winner next hour. They have to answer within five rings otherwise the cash jackpots. Let's get a news hit. Here's Nat. There's been another shooting in Sydney's south-west. Neighbours reported hearing gunfire outside shops near Bankstown Public School just after 9:00 last night. A short time later a 23-year-old man presented himself to hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. It comes 24 hours after a drive-by shooting in nearby Roselands, which was sparked by an argument. Police won't say if the shootings are linked. A woman has been sexually assaulted by a man she went to help on a Melbourne beach. The 18-year-old was walking on Edithvale foreshore around 5:30 yesterday afternoon when she heard the man screaming. When she went to assist he pulled out a knife and attacked her. She's been taken to hospital with several cuts. Police are searching for a Caucasian man in his 40s or 50s. A young Australian man is facing court in Hawaii this morning over a jet ski accident which killed a 16-year-old American girl. 20-year-old Tyson Dagley is facing up to 12 months jail over the collision. He's accused of running into Kristen Fonseca while he was looking the other way. He said to me... ..which really hurts, he wished it was him. The victim's family and friends have held a tribute in Hawaii. Police are investigating new leads in one of Australia's most notorious unsolved crimes. 11-year-old Joanne Ratcliffe and 4-year-old Kirsty Gordon were abducted from Adelaide Oval in 1973. Joanne's sister made an appeal for new information on Facebook two weeks ago and was contacted by a South Australian woman. Police won't say what the tip-off is but have confirmed they're looking into the report. After 75 years, Britain's oldest children's comic is facing the axe. 'The Dandy' has been around since 1937. In its heyday, the adventures of Desperate Dan and Korky the Cat sold two million copies a week but the digital revolution has caused sales to plummet. The publisher is now considering closing the print version and moving the comic online. Good decision.


the American Olympic gymnast team, Good decision. Finance news now and the women, rang the closing bell Wall Street. European markets were high despite the eurozone the women, rang the closing bell on

contracting 2% in the last quarter. The German economy grew by 0. The German economy grew by 0.3% The German economy grew by 0.3%. Time for sport. We are awaiting o arrival of A6058 carrying our Olympians home from London 2012. Brett Ratten's future as Carlton coach remains unclear with the Blues board divided over whether to keep him or pursue Mick Malthouse. There's a belief Malthouse may be able to lure Collingwood spearhead Travis Cloke to the club but Carlton premiership coach Robert Walls has urged club powerbrokers to stick with Ratten. I'd like to think that they'd stick with Brett Ratten, on his last year of his -- honour the last year of his coaching contract, which is next year. The Blues need to defeat Essendon this weekend to keep their AFL finals hopes alive. Josh Hoffman has been recalled to the Broncos line-up after spending a week in reserve grade for being late to training. He's been named on the wing for Friday night's crunch game against the Storm. Meanwhile, Tigers ace Benji Marshall admits he'll have to be at his absolute best to match it with Bulldogs sensation Ben Barba at ANZ Stadium on Friday night. The world's best surfers are preparing to return to the most feared break on the world tour at the Billabong Pro in Tahiti. Conditions have been relatively calm at Teahupo'o during the wild-card trials but competitors are hoping they'll get some of the massive swells last year. that saw competition suspended to begin today. The main event's scheduled Good news guys, A6058 is on its way and on time and so is QF 045 to Melbourne, which is pulling out beside us. Before we get to weather, Malcolm Page, our double gold medal winning sailer and the man who carried the flag into the closing sair many has the most family members, including his members, including his 92-year-old grandmother. Everyone is excited. Nuala, I can where you are on the tar mark, good luck with the berth because QF 451 is going to Melbourne now. I have the coolest seat in the house. I have got my beady eyes out waiting for the special charter flight. You can see where the flight to Melbourne is taking off... Woops. Flourescent green light, and then it is going to be tug under to the hangar for that very warm reception. Beretts, I can just see you, a tiny head amongst those thousands of people. A slightly brisk welcome home, it is only 9 degrees. They are coming from 26 in London. Let's look at the rest of the weather. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne. like you're allergy free. Live your life Live Claratyne clear. with light showers A front is brushing southern WA and is bringing light showers to the South Australian coasts and western Tasmania. An inland high is causing wind to ease in Victoria, and most showers to clear leading to a fog patches. A high in the east is keeping and the tropics mostly clear. New South Wales, Queensland This is where the big welcome is going to happen. We can see the Qantas CEO Alan Joyce there. They have set up a special Customs and quarantine area where they can get their bags and clear. Anything to declare? Just awesomeness and silver and gold and bronze. There is to be a replay? Yes, they've even and gold and bronze. There is going got a red carpet into customs and immigration. 10: immigration. 10. -- 7: immigration. 10. -- 7:10 the flight is due. They do immigration on the flight. I hope no-one has got food in their bags. It will hold up the queue. of its new spring-summer collection. We're giving away the ultimate South African adventure because the theme of this year's collection is "tribal". You and a friend will Johannesburg for two nights. Then you'll spend five nights in Cape Town and three nights at the Sun City Palace of the Lost City. You'll enjoy sightseeing, sunset cocktails in Camps Bay and go on a hot-air balloon safari over the North West province. Now that you have it, SMS your name, address and the code word to 19 770 707. $30,000 from Myer and Sunrise. This fantastic prize is worth The best prize ever. Terrific, isn't it? the push to change speed limits. Coming up - Should there be more 40km/h zones? it just won't work. Ahead, why critics say Hollywood's biggest break-up. And, later, has broken his silence. Now Robert Pattinson See the interview, soon. Busyness? I'm standing in it. Paula's busy. And sick. Busy doesn't care if you're sick. It cares if you're busy. Busy doesn't have time. Oh, no! And time won't stop for sick. Time's too busy. So, Paula, Codrals. Hot Drink Codral Relief Brand-spanking-new is fast relief. (ROARING) It's like kissing a lion.

(SIGHS) A hot lemony lion. in busyness, do they, Paula? Cold and flu have no business She's too busy. Paula can't answer. Soldier on, busy people. It's a public holiday, for EKKA Day. Have a great time, do enjoy. Fine, sunny and 25, doesn't get better than that, does it? They're due to touch down in Sydney in about 30 minutes. Our Sunrise team is at the Qantas hangar, waiting for the plane to arrive. to get excited? Sally, is the crowd starting Very excited. About 1,000 expected here today. Someone who has possibly the best seat in the house and got here very early is Grace, right beside the red velvet rope. Who you here to support? The bronze water polo girls. My grand daughter. Your daughter just arrived. You the officials on the first daughter just arrived. You are with from the London? Yes, we came in on the officials on the first flight the commercial flight with the officials and the special charter is due to arrive very shortly. They have a special charter and they will be pulling in shortly. It is a little chilly in the hangar but nothing could cool off the level of the excitement, we are in the final count down for the athletes coming count down for the athletes coming home home monopoly

home. Nuala is in the fluoro jacket, keeping an eye out. It is a little longer? Yes, T minus 25 minutes, 7 10:00, the last I heard the plane was on schedule. I keep hearing planes and thinking it is them. There is one backing out now. But I told they will come in behind where that one is backing out now. They will be towed out and go through customs, and as Kochie said they will go through border protection on the plane and have the wonderful welcome. They would have mizer missed them -- missed them all, family and friends. Who have you got? It is so exciting. They are prouder than the athletes, it is great. Firstly, Lorraine is a smith, the grandmother of Tate smith in gold medal K 4? Amazing. Absolutely the grandmother of Tate smith in the amazing. They worked hard, didn't they? As a crew. They sure did work hard. Nice to get him home? Fantastic, I don't see him much. Enjoy the day, I know you will be proud. Malcolm Page of course, carried the flag into the Closing Ceremony, back-to-back gold medals in Beijing and London. Fiona, his wife, you saw him carry the flag? It was an amazing moment, it was like the smile of the khegs ear cash, -- Cheshiro cat, he held the flag higher than others. It was an amazing moment? Absolutely. You guys were there and the closing as well Yes, we were, a great day for sailing. A great day for Australia. He did us so proud. How long do you think he can keep living the think he

tremendous moment? Bring him down to earth Let him role, I think. Two brothers, David and Mike, Malcolm is one of 3 boys? Very, very proud. Great moment. Dave, he is just, he is the greatest sailor in the history of 470, a nice accolade to have Yes, I was there, watching him give it to the British. It was very good. Speaking of giving it to the British, Tom Slingsby's parents are here, we saw you at celebrating but the party continues today? Yes, it is special to come here, we saw you at Weymouth

here today and welcome Tom and the entire team home. He did us proud He did, they had 13 members? 13 athletes in the Olympic sailing team and 8 with are medals, three with gold, 5 with silver. Pretty good. you can see, there will be a fair bit of celebration and happy reunion gold, 5 with silver. Pretty good. As

here at Hangar 96. Nothing beats the pride of parents and grandparents, lovely to see. Thank you so much, we will check in with you all shortly. Weekend overtime pay could be on the way out if Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has his way. He's proposed a bill where penalty rates would only apply if an employee worked more than 38 hours a week or more than 10 hours a day. Xenophon says double-time pay is crippling small business and costing young people their jobs. The Independent Senator joins me now from Canberra. Good morning. Just how damaging is overtime pay, in your opinion? Well, for small businesses, it is a big issue. It is something been raised many times in Adelaide. big issue. It is something that has I see cafe after cafe, small business after small business closing down on weekend because they can't afford the overtime pay and penalty rates. It would only apply of genuine small businesses of 20 full-time employees or less. When employees tell me they are happy to work for $ work for $25 on Sunday but the businesses close down it is costing opportunities. What do you say to the union of students where they say they don't want overtime to be ditched. How would your proposal help them? I suggest to to help them? I suggest to help them? I suggest to to the union to speak to members, to students who tell me on a regular basis they are happy to work for the basic rate on weekend because it suits them and fits in with their study commitments. We know from restaurant and catering Australia, their survey

shows 3,000 jobs have been lost already and businesses have scaled back jobs on weekends so there are fewer opportunities. It is a real issue. We can't ignore it anymore and hopefully the debill will provide debate. Us consumers will benefit because there would be no need to add the 10% holiday and Sunday surcharge on to menus because there won't be penalty rates. Where do you take it from here The bill will be introduceed tomorrow and go to a senate committee. I expect there will be lots of opposition and support. The small business sector is the forgotten industrytouch. It is fairness for businesses and people is fairness for businesses and people who want to work on weekends for a reasonable rate, not a rate killing opportunity. Thank you. There will be more 40km/h zones around schools and shopping centres under new reforms being introduced in Victoria. Confusing speed zone changes will also be axed. There will now be four main speed limits - 40km/h, 60km/h, 80km/h and 100km/h. Other zones will be phased out. The changes are the result of a year-long review conducted by VicRoads. More than 600 submissions from the community were received. So, will the changes make the roads safer? Motoring expert John Cadogan joins us. Good morning. Will the changes have any impact on road safety? I think the changes will have a negligent impact on road safety. Let's face it, it's fluffing around the edges of all road safety issues to keep playing with the speed limit. What they might do if they manage to rationalise the speed limits is reduce confusion for drivers and stop some people getting pinged because they are doing 70 and they are actually in a 60 zone. do you think the answer is? The they are actually in a 60 zone. What answer is simple, we need safer drivers in safer cars on safer roads. Vic Roads needs to engineer safer roads and safer cars so when they crash the consequences aren't as bad and identify resid vs risk-taking drivers andthet them off the roads and it is -- and get them off the road and it is not being done. Road trauma is costing the economy $ economy $20 billion a year. Surely, reducing the limit in a lot of the very buildup limit would make a difference? They are not talking about reducing the limits just eliminating some 70s and some 90s and the bufferer zones where you go from 80 to 100 to 60, you go straight to 60. So the limit is not coming down. Thank you very much for your time this morning. Let's check with the flight tracker, A6058 coming over basically the southern highland at the moment, heading for Bowral and maus vale, it will swing out to the left of Wollongong, Botany Bay main runway, probably going from south to north. Does that out to the left of Wollongong, over

sound authoritative? Yes, it is on time, that is all we need to know and due to land at 7 10 and due to land at 7 10:00. News is next. Plus, we'll continue our live coverage of the official Olympic homecoming. The Sunrise Cash Cow. The Sunrise Cash Cow has jackpotted to $20,000. Winning is easy - you need today's codeword: Now phone 1902 557 707 and follow the directions. Or SMS today's code word and your name and address to 19 777 077. Lines close at 4:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. We'll call today's $20,000 winner in 30 minutes. They have to answer within five rings otherwise the cash jackpots. I got home yesterday and there was a big notice on our splashboard, " big notice on our splashboard, "Who's the Cash Cow "Who's the Cash Cow?". "Who's the Cash Cow?".. What do you mean who? It is a cow. It is really Dickie knee rr. Time for showbiz news with Nelson Aspen in New York. And Sylvester Stallone has spoken out about his son's death for the first time. He has been trying to protothe movie 'Expendables II' but today he addressed it for the first time. It is very, very tough, you have good friend and family support, it's just something that, is a horrible situation but time, hopefully will heal. You try to get through it. But it's justtioning it, it's justtioning it's just a reality of life. It is important to get back and try to start reliving your life you can go into a spiral. Sage's start reliving your life otherwise cause of death remains unclear at this time, pending toxicology reports. A terrible thing for any parent. Moving on, and Lady Gaga has released a trailer for her new fragrance. Is it everything we'd expect from her? What's it smell like? Maybe I'm just jaded. I think the shock factor with a lot of Lady Gaga has seemed to wear off. Maybe I have become numb to it. It is a slimy tribute to her fragrance, Fame . (music plays) Lady Looks black in the bottle, but rest assured, it goes on clear. Doesn't smell like oil? Doesn't really tempt me. If it is meant to be about smelling nice. You are watching Sunrise and these are the top stories. Live coverage from every angle, as our athletes return to Australia. Bankrupt swimmer Nick D'Arcy sparks fresh controversy with holiday photos from Croatia While our pollies debate Nauru, the navy intercepts 71 more asylum seekers at sea. The couple who won $220 million in the lottery. I thought you and I could bond over this... We should do a thing. ..and talk about "Boy, you are better off, "kick her to the kerb, whatever". (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) Robert Pattinson's first interview since the Kristen Stewart affair. (SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Reach out for the sunrise. # Across Australia, this is a special edition of Sunrise, with Kochie and Mel. Our Olympians are arriving home from London for a big welcome at Sydney Airport. Thank you for joining us this morning. Good to have your company. Our team is there, Beretts is there and joined by Nuala and Sunrise reporter Sally Bowrey. And the rest of the news with Nat. on their flight home from London. A welcoming party is ready to celebrate at the Qantas hangar in Sydney. Reporter Sally Bowrey is there. Morning, Sal. It's not long now until we see our athletes? No, it's the time countdown. In about 10 minutes the plane is expected to touch down. When the athletes finally arrive this is where they'll walk down and be greeted many smiling faces. Everyone excited. There are about 1,000 family, friends and of course, official people. The Prime Julia Gillard arrives, with the Qantas boss Alan Joyce, to give the official people. The Prime Minister

athletes the biggest welcome home. They are not expected to get off the plane until 7:45 and clear immigration. Once it is done they will role the plane in here and they will get off. We will see a very big cheer from the crowd. Everyone is terribly excited. They can't wait, it has almost arrived. Thank you very much for the update at the Qantas hangar in Sydney. from living the high life in Europe. He's been holidaying with fellow swimmer Kenrick Monk in Croatia after they were kicked out of the Games village early for their photos posing with guns. Monk's in trouble for posting the holiday snaps while still banned from social media and D'Arcy's bankrupt and unable to pay damages to former team-mate Simon Cowley after a king hit in a nightclub four years ago. Ecuador's president has reportedly agreed to grant Julian Assange asylum. The WikiLeaks founder has been holed up in London's Ecuadorian Embassy since mid June but it's unclear whether he'll be able to leave the embassy to board a flight to Ecuador. to grant Julian Assange asylum. Assange took refuge in mid June to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces sexual assault allegations. Asylum seekers could start being processed on Nauru and in Papua New Guinea as early as next week. The lower house of Parliament is expected to pass legislation today to revive offshore processing, in line with recommendations made by the Government's expert panel. The latest boatload of asylum seekers is unloaded at Christmas Island. But this one could be the last. Anybody who gets on a boat at this time is at risk of being transferred to Nauru or PNG. After an expert panel on Monday recommended reopening the offshore processing centres MPs sat for a marathon six hours last night debating the new legislation. The message has to be clear, not only to the people smugglers but also their client base. Defence Chief David Hurley says a military team could be sent to Nauru as early as Friday to start rebuilding the abandoned centres. We're ready to roll. That's fantastic. And while the repairs are carried out, asylum seekers will be forced to live in tents. The Australian public do not want to see further politicking on this. They want to see action. Customs intercepted another boat late yesterday near the Ashmore Islands. The 71 people on board are likely to be the first to be processed offshore. Police are hunting a man who sexually assaulted a woman on a Melbourne beach. The 18-year-old victim was walking along the Edithvale foreshore yesterday afternoon when she heard the man screaming but when she went to help he pulled out a knife and attacked her. She now recovering in hospital. And there's been another shooting in Sydney - a 23-year-old man has been shot in the leg near Bankstown Public School. It's believed the incident was in retaliation for a shooting yesterday. Miranda Kerr has wowed a celebrity fashion crowd at the launch of David Jones' spring-summer collection in Sydney. She modelled what's hot for the warmer weather, a mixture of maxis and minis in bold prints and very bright colours and offered advice to freshen up those wardrobes. Invest in a great colourful pair of jeans, or shorts, beautiful printed top and a long, flowing summer dress. The boys weren't forgotten either, with bright colours in for them too. That suit is definitely bright. There it is, there is the Qantas plane carrying our Olympic athletes about to land in the city in about five minutes time. We are seeing it on approach to Sydney airport now, very exciting. We are going to cross back to the airport, we have our team ready to report that. As they land, 1,000 family and friends waiting to see them. Nuala, you are going to get one of the best shots when they come in? Absolutely. I feel like Tatu in 'Fantasy Island', the plane, the plane! If you see a 747 with 200 skebgt Olympics, it is called the 'Lord Howe'. It is flying over the royal national park at the moment and come up over Botany Bay. It is probably 4 and a half minutes. We will see it land and be towed. I just heard it is about to land. I don't think it is going to land with this one sitting there, that could be ugly. But definitely got my beady eyes open. I will give you a hoy. Is that it circling up there? No, we've got it here, Nuala. We have got a lovely aerial shot. It does have a boxing kangaroo on the side. Beretts told me it would. And it's just Botany Bay, about to land on the main runway. That's not bad for told me it would. And it's just over

timing, is it? That's perfect timing. Spot on, they wouldn't to be late, Beretts because a lot of family waiting. For Qantas, they timing. Spot on, they wouldn't want

really, this is their big day. Every four years and they put a lot of effort effort into getting it right. four years and they put a lot of Captain Mike Coventry took it over last night in bang kong, a hand selected crew, they are specially chosen to do the job and happy to be up there. Everything on the ground is set. This will run like clockwork, the Prime Minister is here, the boss here, the boss of Qantas, Alan Joyce is here and all eyes are on the sky. Even the kangaroo on the tail has its boxing gloves on. Just terrific. They've done it well. Just touched down there on the tarmac, Sally you have got family there? They just got word it has landed. Have they started cheering yet? They are slowly trying to, they are getting the cameras out, the flashes are starting. They are getting very excited and the Prime Minister is here in the crowd. So people are quite excited to see her

quite excited to see her too. It is such an exciting feeling to be here at this moment. Everyone is so incredibly proud. It would be an emotional moment for the family incredibly proud. It would be quite too after all the hard work of our athletes, so much hard work has gone into it. To give the emthe welcome home, -- to give them the welcome home, it is a special moment everyone is going to lap up. Beretts, you were saying this is the end of four years of just hard work but also enormous support and commitment from the families as well? Because without that support, most of our athletes just wouldn't have got on that plane to take off? Yes, exactly right. It is a culmination of four years work. This is where they all just have one big celebration together. They couldn't do it until now. Most of the families being in Australia haven't been able to get to the Games. I just got a message from Libby Trickett on board A6058, she said everyone is excited, been a great trip, can't wait to get off is the families. So Libby Trickett and trip, can't wait to get off is see the 273 other Australian athletes are raring to get off and be part of the celebration. Just to my right, the Prime Minister is waiting here. It will be her job to go up with Alan Joyce and open the doors of A6058 and bring the athletes down to the cheers of the family and friends waiting. It is a massive turn out this morning. It will be a special occasion. It is gorgeous. The plane, the Longreach spot on time. The athletes get to come straight in. No waiting around and queueing? Absolutely. Apardon they are to be -- apparently they are Absolutely. Apardon they are going to be processed in immigrations on the plane. A customs and border to be -- apparently they are going

protection tent here. The plane, did have the boxing kangaroo on the side which we saw clearly. I hope the athletes got some shut eye on the long flight. They are up for major celebrations. If they are sleepy they will have to stay awake a bit longer because it is all planned. 276 of our athletes are here on the plane. Not all 400. Some have gone straight to other competition and some are taking a break. There are lots of excited people waiting here to greet them. We know Lauren Jackson, the Opening Ceremony flag-bearing and also the Closing Ceremony flag-bearer. I would to be a fly on the wall on that Ceremony flag-bearer. I would love flight. They will be excited to come home. I think there would be major cheering going up as we speak right now. As we know, the schedule is timed down to the very last minute. We will hear from We will hear We will hear from the Prime Minister, Alan Joyce and they will sing, the choir, Australia Home', are they moving sing, the choir, 'Still Call into position some it is a special occasion. That is the idea, the athletes an occasion to remember occasion. That is the idea, to give after four years of hard work. The phones are being switched on. Just heard from Liz Cambage, glad has heard from Liz Cambage, glad heard from Liz Cambage, glad to be back on Aussie soil. I will try to hook you up to talk to them live on the flight in a second. OK. OK. Nuala you should be seeing the plane from where you are? I certainly can. You can see the nose of it now. it is not far away. Just being You can see the nose of it now. So hooked up now to what they call the tug, the little truck that is going to tow it here, precious cargo on board, into the Langer, you probably can't see but there are stairs waiting. As Beretts said, it is carefully choreographed right to the letter. Only the best, including a red carpet, customs carefully choreographed right down

boarder protection, red carpet for our athletes. I our athletes. I was reading the reports from Stanstead airport they were bording in London on Monday and they were very reports from Stanstead airport when

bleary-eyed havinghead a few late nights after the Closing Ceremony. They said they were going to sleep on the flight but where have 93 my doubt about that and -- I have my doubts about that and probably super excited to be home. They are hooking it up to the hugs but one of the well wishers welcoming them home Prime Minister Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Thank you, Prime Minister for joining us. well wishers welcoming them home is

What do you make of our performance in London Good morning, Kochie, it is a delight to be here. There is an incredible atmosphere of anticipation, everyone is very joyful and I am very proud of our time. I thinkee have done tremendly well in London and I look forward to saying to every ath saying to every ath athlete on the plane, well done, it is an amazing thing to go and compete in the Olympics. Have you had a chance to chat to the for chat to the family and friends who are there to greet them? I had an opportunity to wander through the crowd and met them. Met little kids who are wearing T-shirts saying, " who are wearing T-shirts saying, "Welcome home, Uncle Dan.". I am sure there will be great tears and joy. The politics have been great supporters of the athletes. A lot of focus on Rio in four years. Will our government support be there? Absolutely. We are providing record funding now and will keep working with our athletes and our Olympics movement for Rio in 2020. One of the things that twen16 is what I should be saying. I have got 2020 on my mind because we have got such a young team. I think many of the people we have seen put in good performances in London are going to be there, not only in Rio but for a long period of time to come. Look at young people like Brittany, they will be big part of our sporting future. What do you say to There are obviously a few athletes on the plane that need some future. What do you say to them?

kind word and a bit of enthusiasm and a bit, I guess, confident on the plane that need some nice,

building? I'd say to each of them, don't forget what a big thing it is to go and represent your nation, however you have performed when you got there, whether you came first or whether you came last, to go to Olympic Games and represent your whether you came last, to go to an nation and represent Australia is a special thing. Very few people get to do. We'll nev get to do it -- we'll never get to do it so be proud of the achievementm We know you are a masival western scap bulldogs fan but what sport did you play when you were younger? I am a massive Bulldogs fan and I am grieving from the weekend. A sore point. I played hockey and netball but I wasn't very good. You sound like the rest of us, they are an elite bunch on the plane. We know you need to get back to official duties, thank you for your time, Prime Minister. It is to welcome our Olympians home, not a day for politics. Good to see the your time, Prime Minister. It is day

officials there, Tony Abbott is there as well. officials there, Tony Abbott is there as well. there as well. . We bill Will go back to them, as -- we will go back officials there, Tony Abbott is

to them in a tick. We have to have immigration. We have a team across it. Olympic swimmer Nick D'Arcy is back in the headlines again, this time over his post-Olympic holiday in Europe. Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper joins us. Michelle, despite being declared bankrupt, He's gaup to Croatia and posted the -- he's gone to Croatia and posted the photographs and appears to be enjoying yourself? Yes, he does. Why wouldn't you when you have a luxury yacht at your disposal off the coast of Croatia. But he posted them after a ban was slapped on him after he and Kenrick Monk posted photos of themselves looking like Chopper in the US. His father appealed to themselves looking like Chopper Ried the Olympic committee to have him go on family holiday after competing instd of coming home but it unclear whether he is holidaying instd of coming home but it is with family and the family has returned to Australia. He needs to get approval for expenses from bankruptcy trustee. Have we heard from him? The trustee said he is get approval for expenses from the

allowed to have a holiday like everyone else and shouldn't be treated differently but when he returns to Australia he is required to hand over his passport. But Simon Cowell's lawyer is outraged because he has been chasing him for the $ he has been chasing him for the $108y,000 in damages that he was awarded after he king hit him in 2008. Maybe he needs to pull his head in and not post photos for a while. For the update. Let's head back to Sydney airport, the plane, Liz bambage from our all-conquering Opals, the first woman to dunk in Olympic basketball history joins from the plane. Welcome home, how was the flight? Thanks, guys how are Olympic basketball history joins us

you? It was good. I can't tell you, what happened on the flight, stays on the flight. I take it you didn't get the blanket from the locker and curl up. You read a book. There was a bit of curlling up and sleeping and the crew looked after us. It was a once-in-a lifetime flight. would be disappointed p you had you rested the whole way. You got family a once-in-a lifetime flight. We

and friends, all very happy to see you come home No-one at the hangar because I'm a Melbourne girl but I know there will be lot of fans there and I can't wait to get out and see everyone. What was the whole experience like? I must admit, watching you, I couldn't believe how much you improved during the whole tournament is. I thought, hanging out with Lauren Jackson has really rubbed off on Liz Cambage. You just starred? Yes, I had a shaky the Olympics but the girls gave me confidence. I couldn't have done it starred? Yes, I had a shaky start to

without them. Rooming with Lauren really helps. She has been such a great leader for me at this time. Was that dunk the highlight sp Definitely. I haven't, it hasn't really set in that I did it. But it is a massive achievement and I'm really happy. You are awesome, we are so proud. Safe travels on to Melbourne to see your family. We will lend you Beretts, he can be your cousin. Yes, love pwrets. We will you to fill in the arrival form. We come come back to you shortly, here here is Nat. an extra 25,000 public service jobs in Queenslander could be axed. The Newman Government had promised to protect workers on the frontline but now they've changed the definition of frontline. That means 25,000 more public service jobs are now classified as non-essential and could go. Premier Campbell Newman says it has to be done. I'm surprised that people are surprised about the issue about the cuts, which sadly have to occur. The public sector union says the change in definition gives the government greater scope to axe jobs. The union's secretary, Alex Scott, joins us from Brisbane. Good morning. The Newman Government has said for a long time that Queensland has 20,000 more public servants than the state can afford. Does this reclassification of frontline services mean that 45,000 public servants could lose their jobs? Because the government is denying that? Well, the government's denying it. But at the end of the day, what we know from this government is they continually lie about what is going on and becoming more dysfunctional day by day. The original 20,000 figure is made up by them, not the population or deficit. They said they would try to protect funtline serves, by changing that definition they are trying to provide themselves with political cover so when they spin it to the media they say someone who spends 7 days out of ten helping the public is not front line so it won't have an impact to regional Queensland or the south-east corner, which is clearly a lie. It is an ideological attack regional Queensland or the greater

on the sector and the community sector, cut after cut, not based on anything other than some spearious arguments into a clearly debunked audit commission. It is a cut made if the sake of making cuts, and it is further evident of the changed definition they are going to be dramatically impacting on important services to the Queensland community, in areas like child safety. How many will go? The premier said if we got rid of 45,000, there we 45,000, there we no-one left. Is it an incorrect figure? We think the government is going to cut 20,000 at one level. They said the same number of public servants per head of population as it is in Victoria. Clearly the government doesn't understand it has to deliver services in regional Queensland. People like Bob Katter and clime palmar they know it is different to run the Government not City Council. The run the Government not City Council. The cuts are about driving down the public sector for ideological reasons, and the cuts to prison groups and regional groups are changing the ability to help Queenslanders when they need it the most. At the end of the day, the government is choosing to make the cuts, they don't have to make the cuts, the government was always going to come back to surplus in

years time but the treasurer wants to make sure he can cut harder and deeper and giving a political spin on it. Thank you for your giving the workers' view. What would you do if you won $220 million? That's the question a UK couple has been pondering for the past few days. Adrian and Gillian Bayford scooped the massive sum with a win on Britain's national lottery. They say it's far too much cash for just them and they plan to give plenty away to friends, family and charity. I want to see people smile, I want to make people smile. The family celebrated with a takeaway pizza. A great story. Our UK correspondent Martin Frizell joins us live from London. Tell us more about this couple - who are they? Morning, well, they are my new best friends and everybody's new best friends, let's face it with that type of money. They are a regular family, struggling like everybody else. What they say they have living a life that is ipships in the night. She else. What they say they have been

night. She works in a night shift in a Children's Hospital and he works in a record store struggling to make ends meet. The first thing their 6-year-old daughter said does it mean we have got enough money now to go to Dominos for dinner. That is wonderful. Are they going to buy anything for themselves apart from give it away? They couldn't get to sleep the night they won the prize and they stayed up all night on inInternet seeing what she could buy. She said she always looked in the car park, the Oddi Q 7. She thought -- Audie, Q 7. They will buy buy. She said she always looked at

a country mansion and take the children to Disney World. Thank you, they are great pictures as the plane arrives. The fire engines. Giving it they are great pictures as the plane a great welcome salute to. Quite a guard of honour and a beautiful rainbow there, forming. 270-oid Olympians returning home, including, as we just heard, our basketballers, plenty of our canoeist. Lauren Jackson. I don't think they had much rest, from the sound of Liz. They wouldn't have felt like resting. They with have been on a high. Nuala, the plane is approaching you? I tell you what, everyone in Hangar 96, the thousands who have gath 96, the thousands who have gathered suddenly stood up and get very

all the things they needed to do on the plane. They are being towed The plane is moving. They have done

towards us for a very warm welcome that has been planned. How funny listening to Liz Cambage. Did you hear how loud it was? Can you imagine the atmosphere. I would be surprised if anyone got any sleep. It wouldn't just be exciting for the athletes but the Qantas staff, having the honour of bringing the athletes home for the homecoming, it will be treat for them. I am sure they were thoroughly spoiled. Because Sydney is so far away from London they are one of the last athletes to return home. I have seen pictures luround the world for athletes being given a home coming, from Canada and the US. Nuala, Sorry to cut you off, we got Libby Trickett on the phone. Good morning, Libby, can you hear us? Yes, good morning. Did you get any rest? Yes, it sounded a little crazy in premium economy up stairs. We were in the upper deck so a bit secluded is a wonderful treat. I got eight upper deck so a bit secluded which hours sleep, so feeling rested and refreshed. You have come home on this flight a few times before. What does it mean to the team? How emotional is it? It is emotional a couple of levels, I guess. Most of us have been away for a really long emotional is it? It is emotional on

period of time. Being home in Australia, seeing familiar faces and family and friends. That is emotional in itself. Just the welcome and just, it is like a ceremony for us. It is ceremony for us. It is such a proud, and we are so privileged to have this put on for us. I am kind of excited just to walk down the stairs and see everyone welcome us home. It is such thrill after such a time away. How do you manage? What happens tomorrow? I think, gosh, you is such thrill after such a long

are on such a high. I would imagine you are like the rest of us and come home from a long trip away, unpack all the dirty laundry. It is such a week of contrasts, isn't it? It is, it is very grounding when you get home and you have to make your own dinner. Yes, do all your washing and having to start taking the dogs for a walk again. All of those things are very stabilising, which is nice. I am kind of looking forward to that but at the same time you are riding a bit of a wave. You get to catch up with all your friends and family at home and everyone is wanting to see the medals and thing like that. It does ground you when you get home. Libby, how long have you been away for? We think in terms of the two weeks of the Olympics. We forget about the camp and the training you had to go through before hand? Yes, I have been away for five weeks so it is certainly nice to have our feet back on Aussie soil now. But we have traiping camps and a -- training camps and a huge training camps and a huge amount of training has gone into this moment. It is so good to be home and I can't believe we are pulling into the hangar. What window are you in No, I can't see you guys, I'm on the other side. Paint a picture looking around. Is everybody doing? Getting out of their Qantas PJs, and putting their clothes on and getting their gear organised? We all had to put our make-up on, all the girls were zhoozhing themselves. Alicia Coutts rr has assemed her five medals around her neck. I am sitting to Brittany. We have been watching movies. Can't believe we are home. around her neck. I am sitting next

Alicia will have to have help going through the metal detector. Yes, she will be setting off all sorts of alarms, I'm sure. It is great to chat with you. And welcome home from all of us. Welcome home. Thank you so much, we'll see you soon. See you down there. Beretts, family and friends, the atmosphere must be electric there? Kochie, it is deadset goosebumps down here, fantastic. The families are just over the moon. They are holding up signs, they are holding up young children and babies as well. It is just fantastic. This 747, the 'Lord Howe' has just landed. You can see the hands waving through the windows.

windows. The athletes are so excited to get here and see their families and on a beautiful sunny morning. Even on the flight deck Captain Mike Coventry is waving well-. There are athletes in the green and gold track suits, those who competed early in the competition and returned home and have come out to rejoin the team for the official welcome home. Sally is under the plane? Yes we have repositioned at the bottom of the stairs which are being repositioned now. At the bottom of the stairs of course, a,000 family and friends, everyone is waiting and the Prime Minister waiting to greet the athletes as they get off. They are positioning it now. We are just literally moments away. I am sure, the athletes are so excited. Of course, getting off first will be the gold athletes, because they get to travel at the pointy end of to travel at the pointy end of the plane in plane in style. We are expecting them to come off first. The Prime to travel at the pointy end of the

Minister is expected to go and greet them very shortly. them very shortly. In a few minutes time we will see the doors open. Minister is expected to go and greet

They will be greeted with 1,000 smiling faces and almost, a thousand camera flashes. Everyone is excited about the opportunity that is gout about to happen. It is emotional for anyone when you come home and you nigh in and see your home city, whatever it might be and you have that lovely feeling. I imagine these guys, with medals around their that lovely feeling. I imagine with neck. A stunning morning flying as well. I love, we had a shot neck. A stunning morning flying in before of inPrime Minister and the lit -- of the Prime Minister and the poster of the little bloke 'Welcome home Uncle Malcolm'. A lot of athletes will continue on. They don't live in Sydney. We were just talking to Liz, lives in Melbourne. By the way, she has no relatives there so you are nominated as her uncle or cousin? Sorry, just having a chat to James Tompkins who has turned up. Newly appointed to the athletes commission. We are just enjoying this magnificent moment. You have done this a million times, pretty close to a million. The feeling for the athletes families? It really hits home, when feeling for the athletes and you look out the window, see the people here, back on home soil, I know the rowers have been away for 13 weeks and allot of the have been away for for long time. You can't wait to get your feet on 13 weeks and allot of the athletes

Aussie soil. What about Nick Green? The chef de mission? How did he go? We gave him a bit of a rev up after the form of the first week and he came up with the goods in the second week. It is a beautiful moment, the athletes are about to come down. Prime Minister will go to the top of the stairs. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) athletes are about to come down. The

The gold medal athletes coming out. There you go, enjoy the moment. Lauren Jackson and Malcolm Page at the top of the stairs. Malcolm Page with his gold medal around his neck. How big is this, even James Tomkins is taking a photo. They will represent the athletes today, they will speak on behalf of the 410 Australian athletes. You see there Lauren and Malcolm just being greeted by Alan Joyce, the boss of Qantas and the Prime Minister. Just sharing, I guesser guess, a few moments of their time in London before they make their way down. What an Olympics it was. We Lauren Jackson so closely. She What an Olympics it was. We watched everything she had to towards Lauren Jackson so closely. She gave to achieve that gold for Australia. everything she had to towards trying They fought hard and a great effort. There is Nick Green just the Prime Minister, the chef de mission, the boss and now the gm rrs who -- gold medallists who make their way down. They have official duties but the others will greet their families. What would a homecoming be without the Qantas choir? Australia Home'. Fantastic. There is the Qantas choir? 'Still Call the boys from the K 4 1,000. (choir sings 'Still Call Australia Home') sings 'Still Call Australia Home'). The paddlers making their way down. David Schmidt who sat in the front and almost broke his oar in celebration. The gold medal relay swimmers, the women's 4 by 100. Awesome performance by them in London. Anna Meares coming into view in any minute on her way down. # in any minute on her way down. #. There is Anna Meares just saying hello to Alan Joyce. What a performance by her, the great rivalry with GB rr's Victoria Pendleton. A big cheer from the crowd here as the athletes continue to stream down. Just the perfect finish to an amazing London 2012 campaign. Really exciting, it has been a long journey but exciting to be home and see all the people here. It is amazing, can you describe the feeling for you coming home and seeing all these faces? I have got butterflies in my stomach. I'm really nervous but it is great to be here and see the people. It is an amazing feeling. Did you ever imagine you imagine yo