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(generated from captions) accept to say they are looking for the offenders. -- spent to say they are looking sparked debate over sports funding. Our performance at the Games has on elite sport here every year. About $170 million is spent gone towards our Olympics campaign. And about $100 million of that has That's not counting the Institute of Sport. So is more money the answer, where and how we spend it? or is the real issue with our Big Guns of Politics - Let's check in in Sydney Environment Minister Tony Burke in Melbourne. and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey Good morning to you both. of our sports funding? Tony, do we need a complete overhaul I think it is always good, Kochie, to have a conversation about how you can get more people involved in sport. But I don't accept, at all, the basis of some of this conversation at the moment, as though, somehow, our athletes have done a bad job over there. We have been absolutely punched above our weight in London. Overnight, Brittany Broben, 16 years old, youngest member of the team, silver medal. You know, I spent a fair bit of time on a kayak, watching the K 4, they are doing something different to what I tried to do. I don't see what's wrong, right at the moment, with just being incredibly proud of the fact we have got some of the best people in the world competing over there. Yeah, Joe, I guess too, when you talk about funding, the big balance is going to be finding out between going back to basics and spending it on sport in schools or spending it at the elite level? Well, Mel, I have spent no time in a kayak but agree with Tony. Our athletes have done extremely well. You know, the solution to everything is not always more money. Sometimes there are other solutions. And we will find out what they are. But $

But $100 70 million a year on top of what is already spent with the Sports Commission on top of amount of money that is spent on Sports Commission on top of the infrastructure, stadiums and a range of other things, it is not always money. Sometimes there are other factors at play. We probably should more on coaches to keep the best coaches or get even boater coaches if that is what is needed. But I just don't subscribe to this view our athletes have let us down. Thrave rr done a great job and I don't -- they've done a great job. Moving on, of asylum seekers in five years and the biggest boatload in Australian waters. has been rescued were on board the vessel 211 refugees on Wednesday. when it made a distress call Labor has been has been in power. Tony, it's the largest number since Does the Government need to act on asylum seekers? to break the policy deadlock Well, ever since that High Court decision came down, we need the parliament to act to be able to take the sorts of measures that stop people putting their lives at at sea. Now, I've got comments, people putting their lives at risk Joe's got comments where we can throw blame at each other but there is no doubt when you look at it, when parliament rose at the sittings, the parliament itself failed in terms of delivering an outcome. We are going to get a chance in the next few weeks. It won't be long before we get the report from the committee that has been trying to find the way through. I think we have got to approach, from every different political view, these next parliamentary sittings these need to be fixed and work together. Do we wait for the independent committee to find the solution? Look, it was fixed. The boats stops. The Government the rules, now the boats are coming. boats stops. The Government changed Go back to the formula that works. It is as simple that. We can have committees and inquiries and on our heads but the bottom line committees and inquiries and stand we had a formula, it we had a formula, it worked, the on our heads but the bottom line is Government changed it and now we want to go back to the formula that worked. Seems pretty simple well High Court ruling that came down worked. Seems pretty simple well the last year, that changed and meant that even what the Howard Government had previously done would no longer be legal. So we need to parliament to act. Unless we can find a way of working together we are caught in a deadlock which just sees all these challenges get worse. OK. Well, it was, matex to be fair, and I'm trying to be fair to you, it Kevin Rudd that changed the rules. trying to be fair to you, it was He was the one that changed the rules, got rid of temporary protection visas and so on. It Kevin Rudd that got us into this protection visas and so on. It was mess and the government doesn't know how to get us out of it and we've offered a solution. OK, thank you.