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(generated from captions) you but I've got big news for you. Roger, I'm going to have to leave Ooh - Schmackos Chomp 'n' Chew. (BARKS) (MIAOWS, GRUNTS) Did you miss me? for Schmackos. # Dogs go wacko SONG: # Dogs go wacko properly in your dishwasher? VOICEOVER: Dishes not drying improves the drying process, Finish Shine & Dry actively straight from the dishwasher. leaving sparkling dry dishes Shine & Dry from Finish. It's a moving beast. VOICEOVER: Change. or pretend it's not happening. You can't stop it You've got to run with it. Make it your best friend. In Australia, we're lucky.

We get it. And every once in a while, that changes everything. we do something Holden Volt - The long-range electric in Australia - is coming. the first car of its kind # Never let you down # Never gonna desert you (SINGS) # Never gonna give you up # Never let you down # Never gonna desert you # Daryl, you remember the other Rick Astley tune? So bring about a chapel. Going to the chapel? Is that it? To the chapel. Is that it? We will asks Simon. He is the 1980s pop expert. Not familiar with that one. Spending the whole afternoon with Lord Rick Astley and he won the got through one First to London in the top five on the medal tally and Australia's bid to finish looks unlikely any more golds on day seven. after failing to score Phelps in the 100 metres butterfly An incredible 17th gold to Michael has elevated the US ahead of China have moved them ahead of Australia, while two more golds to the Kiwis who has dropped back to 18th place. for us at the moment The important thing, though, we should have done differently. is to focus on execution not on what has continued for the Hawks In AFL, the Geelong hoodoo claiming their ninth successive win with the reigning premiers at the MCG overnight. over the season favourites, in the first quarter The Cats shot out to a 45-point lead a remarkable comeback before Hawthorn staged to hit the front late in the game. But it in a dramatic finish, of the match on the siren Tom Hawkins booted his sixth goal to win by two. COMMENTATOR: They've done it again. They've done it again, the Cats! a clear message to his critics Mitchell Pearce has sent the Dragons at Allianz Stadium. in the Roosters' 26-10 win over for his first try on half-time The under-siege playmaker went over to give his team a 12-point lead. the Dragons back in contention Matt Prior and Ben Creagh put in the second the match in the final 10 minutes before two more Pearce tries sealed only their second win in 11 games. to hand the struggling Roosters probably 10 week earlier, I would have liked it to come to be honest. (LAUGHS) But we've got to earn it. has picked the same 17 players Meanwhile, Storm coach Craig Bellamy from last week's defeat Penrith in Melbourne later today. to take on wooden spoon favourites Some better news from London. Mitchell Watt and Henry Frayne have qualified for the men's long jump and Dani Samuel has put in a good performance in the discus. If he can hear me, here is JT with the weather. Yes, he can hear me. Good morning to everyone in Australia. It is tied to hear. We need a system here. In future, it will be three, two, one hand over to me. Everyone is playing a hand. It is Team Australia. We are hanging out with members of the Australian team. Not athletes but parents and wives and girlfriends, even the children. This is Siena. This is Sarah. You belong to Liam the young. He is of the Australian hockey team. Going pretty well? We are going well. Hopefully getting some victories on the board. Getting some momentum. I think I said belong to. Liam's daughter. I'm going to have a quick look at the weather forecast and have a bit more of What is it like being a partner of an Olympian? I haven't seen him too much. It is a holiday for me and Siena but all the hard work and commitment is absolutely worth it. His co-owner of hockey fan? It has been great because I get to watch a hockey rather than chase her around. She has got a little uniform on here so she might be a hockey player in the future. It goes right through to the very end. The final is on the last day. It is a commitment of two weeks every second day. It keeps us busy but we love it. Siena, thank you for being part of our first cross. You can go back to bed. What a sweet heart. The hockey team is doing quite well. Very proud of them. If they cannot alter that the win the gold they can sell off their belongings, like their family. Poor JT. It was a slip of the time. Tough conditions, JT. He is always in a pub. He has been in the pub for two weeks. Ahead this morning - with Campbell Newman in charge. how Queensland has changed Our report card, after 8:00. Australia's worst hoarders. Also on the way - that actually worked. The new treatment with gold. But next - a place cluttered with a guide, fit for a queen. Inside a London landmark - taken from a real conversation. Robyn's switch to Apia, (PHONE RINGS) what made you switch to Apia? So, Robyn,

We got a letter in January in our home insurance premium - to say there'd be an increase it's going up by thousands. and then you find out Yes. Gee, that's a lot, isn't it? that we could afford to pay. We needed to find something that Apia was the best for us. So I rang around, and found Thank you for that. That's terrific. It was a pleasure. Oh, that's alright. on 13 50 50 to switch today. If you're over 50, call Apia we can see, VOICEOVER: There are things and things we understand, are the most powerful of all. but the things we feel SONG: # Have love... # The new-look RX from Lexus. # ..will travel. # to plan your next short break with Jetstar's low domestic fares. and doing so is easy Australian destinations You can fly to many great and Sydney from just $39 per person such as between Melbourne from $79 per person. or between Sydney and Ballina Byron Or take off for a short break and escape for some sun. Fly from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast from $89 per person or Melbourne to Perth from just $169 per person. For more details or to book: Last week he said it was no better time to book a holiday. You know Jetstar, it is the airline that keeps on giving. Are you saying that time itself get better and better every week? Yes. Well, that has an incredible airline. As the world's best athletes strive for Olympic gold their precious medals sit in a place reserved for royalty. Home to the Crown Jewels, the Tower of London has seen its fair share of British history. But as Brian Williams discovered this week - only a few are allowed to tell her story. The rigid traitors. What he first walked by this man shouting at the top of his lungs, you think he's one of those people until you find out he's a very important person in training. To escape the formidable... Defences. He is training to be a Yeoman warder at the Tower of London. A welcome to Her Majesty's Royal Palace and fortress. Yeoman Palace and fortress. Yeoman warders are more commonly known as Beefeaters one more commonly known as the ceremonial guards here. For the next hour, I will be your guide. If his name is Clive towel and he is the newest recruit and he will do this, practice is routine for up to one year in the evening to one year in the evening after closing time with no crowds around. Our story begins... In Fatima's the performs for an audience of one. His coach, trainer and mentor is a 12-year veteran and takes his work here very seriously. You missed this. And you Mr "On duty". But very good. Clive has to current -- learn the routine including all the history and every conceivable fact. Because the questions from tourists, especially Americans and especially those from Texas, for some reason, can be with the ring. A gentleman from Texas asked, does it hurt to have your head chopped off? How can you answer that? Three weeks later, a lovely lady from Texas - "where was Sleeping Beauty a prisoner?" these people are not to have died. Two decades of prime military service is necessary and this makes this job on honour. Paul served in the Falkland Islands and the first Gulf War and when Princess Diana died, he acted as a pall bearer and the new man, Clive, his finishing 29 years with the British military. He is an Iraq war veteran whose unit is now on Afghanistan and while he misses serving with them, he knows this is serving in a different way. I am a people person and to come here to the Tower of London and spread the word about a fantastic history, I couldn't think of anything That is fascinating, their background. How about that question on the American tourist? Did he love Americans when you're travelling? Is this the biggest Tower of London and the world? No, I think there is a bigger one in North Dakota. And plenty of competition from London overnight. Our all-star panel is here after 8:00 with their expert insight. Also this morning - how a 6-year-old girl was targetted on Facebook. Her dad is now speaking out. And remembering the remarkable life of Gore Vidal. A look back at what set him apart. (HUMMING) (LAUGHS) Oh! (CRUNCH!) (LAUGHS) Maltesers. The lighter way to enjoy chocolate. Kids! Dinner's ready. VOICEOVER: Kids are more affordable because you won't pay an excess if they need to go to hospital. Choose the insurance your health deserves. How are you liking the new car? Yeah, good, mate. Leather, sunroof, and if it ever gets written off, no matter how old it gets, GIO will replace it with a brand-new car. Wow.

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# Don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more # Hit the road, Jack

# Don't you come back no more # Don't you come back no... # More. # You're the meanest of woman that I've ever seen. Who, me? I'm never mean to you. You laugh. In a moment - the author who outraged conservatives by insisting all human were bisexual. We look back at the life of Gore Vidal. And later - the truth about that innocent glass of wine each night. You laugh. It is not that innocent. It is not, apparently. But right now, here's Jess with the latest news. Australian rower Josh Booth has escaped police charges following his drunken rampage at the London Olympics earlier this week. But he hasn't escaped punishment altogether. Chris Reason is in London. Josh Booth has endured what will surely be one of the most difficult days of his life. Kicked out of days of his life. Kicked out of the Australian Olympic team and told he will be sent home. A little bit of good news, the police have announced that they will officially discontinued their investigation and drop all charges. He was also forced to face the media today and make a very public apology. It was difficult not to feel sorry for him. make a very public apology. It was difficult not to feel sorry for him. Oh I'm remorseful and the way I have dishonoured the Olympic spirit and the Australian team and disrespected the privilege of representing my country. He went on a drunken rampages early Thursday morning targeting to premises, smashing the windows of both buildings. He explained he met with the owners of both businesses and made a very personal topology and thick stubble damages. He says his brain snap was an emotional outburst brought on by his last place loss in the event earlier today and is hoping other athletes learn from his mistakes and not deal with the FT the way he did. -- defeat. Now for a quick look at some the Olympic results from overnight In rowing, Kim Crow and Brooke Pratley have claimed silver in the women's double scull while the men's quadruple sculls crew took home bronze. And in basketball, Liz Cambage became the first woman ever to pull off a slam dunk at the Olympic as the Opals survived a late Russian barrage to win their third game. Federal Police believe people smugglers are using a Melbourne grocery store to transfer money overseas to pay for asylum seeker boats. The Dandenong store is one of six shops along Thomas Street under investigation. Detectives say it's owned by relatives of convicted people smuggler Haji Sakhi, who was deported from Indonesia to Pakistan earlier this year. States and territories have united against bikies with Australia's Attorneys-General announcing a historic national crackdown on outlaw motorcycle gangs. They've agreed to put in place anti-bikie gang laws that will allow them to enforce interstate court orders. It's aimed at stopping bikie gangs moving between states to dodge local laws. A number of streets in Perth's eastern suburbs were placed into lockdown yesterday evening in the hunt for two escapees. Police were called to the area following fresh sightings of the pair, who escaped from the Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre in Canning Vale on Thursday. They hit a labourer working at the facility yesterday morning with a brick before stealing his truck to smash through a roller door and escape. Anyone who sees the men is being urged to contact Crime Stoppers. A set of century-old baseball cards has sold at auction in the US for more than $500,000. The owner found them while clearing out an attic last year. They date back to 1910 and are in mint condition. The sale included 37 cards, netting the family $566,00. But that's just a fraction of the total haul - there were 700 cards in the roof space discovery. Time for sport with Simon. We'll start with the Olympics and our cyclists have come away with a silver in the men's team pursuit. The Aussies put in a gallant effort but couldn't match it with a dominant Great Britain, who took the gold and the world record. Our water polo girls have kept their undefeated record intact and advanced to the quarter finals after overcoming Russia 11-8. And in hockey, our Kookaburra's have drawn 2-2 with Argentina. A 65,000-strong crowd got their money's worth at the MCG overnight with the showdown between the Cats and the Hawks going down to the wire. Geelong out-gunned the premiership favourites in the first quarter, shooting out to a 45-point lead. But a remarkable Hawthorn fight-back put them in the lead for the first time in the final stages of the match. Before Tom Hawkins broke the hearts of the Hawks fateful, sinking a goal on the siren to win by two. St George-Illawara's finals chances have taken a massive blow, going down to the Roosters' 26-10 at Allianz Stadium. Halfback Mitchell Pearce returned to form finishing off a 40 metre try to put his team 12 points ahead at the end of the first. Then sealing the win with two more in the final 10 minutes to keep the Dragons out of the top eight. COMMENTATOR: Pearce has scored for the third time tonight. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs will be looking to equal their second-best winning streak with 10 in a row when they take on Wayne Bennett's Knights in Newcastle tonight. I have to say this. Credit where credit is due. I have been watching a lot of the BBC coverage. I am cheering along with the Brits. I would like us to get some gold but they have done this games really well and they're I doing some great things, Britain, and it is great to see the spirit around town as they get behind their athletes. You can sense how things have really picked up. But doing it for the Australians, at Australia House, hearers JT. Hello, Australia. London calling. Australia House. We see what it is like for the athletes, we see them after the event and that the press conference but spare a thought for the families and partners. This is the team or of Christian Sprenger. This is his brother Ben and girlfriend Amelia and his mum and dad, Sharon and Michael. Congratulations. What is it like for the parents watching the event? It is really tough watching but when he got the medal, it was fantastic. All those mornings getting up for training? It is nerve-racking. The culmination of a dream come true. It is the most amazing feeling to see it. You just cannot explain it. It is just amazing. Congratulations. Let us look at the National forecast. Brisbane, fine and sunny. Sydney, sunny. Canberra, a cold start becoming partly cloudy. A shower or two for Melbourne. Morning showers for Hobart. Adelaide, morning fog with a possible shower. Licit Perth, a few showers. Darwin, fine and sunny. Amelia, how much of the had the chance to see Christian? I have seen him a couple of times but he is preparing for the relay on Saturday night. The 100 Saturday night. The 100 metres medley. The 4 x 100 metres medley. They did a good job this morning. Then, have you had your hands on the silver medal? To yes, I have. Does it get us free drinks? It should do soon. But it is pretty good. Brake very much for being with us, the family of Christian Sprenger. It is coming up to 11 o'clock. Things are about to get interesting at Australia House. You wonder if her medal will give you unlimited credit on the you unlimited credit on the poker machines. You could put it on dental floss in-out, that was the old way. You think that JT has a crowd to deal with? We do but they're not here for ours. The home of the boy band, Weekend Sunrise. These girls and that boys are here because they're all mad about a boy band called What About Tonight. Known as W.A.T. In New Zealand, known as WET. This is the boy band that was formed on The X- Factor. They have not performed yet but this is the nature of social media. They already have a huge following despite never having been heard before. They're going to be big according to the notes we have and they will be on The X-Factor. Word on the street is that they are "Going to be the". They have great hair up, that is a prerequisite. Do they have multi-coloured genes? You know the advertisement they are running that says what is the difference between you and 1 Direction? They say, they are Australian. That's W.A.T. He is sneezing in that photo. He was running late for the photo- shoot, the door shut on him, Get Smart-style. Best of luck to W.A.T. Or W.E.T in NZ. They have a song. What is that? It is like a war cry. Changing pace now and a towering figure from the world of literature passed away this week. American author Gore Vidal was as famous for his views as he was for his books. He outraged conservatives in the '40s by writing about homosexuality and remained an outspoken political activist until the end. He was a man who counted the Kennedy clan, and half of Hollywood, as friends and acquaintances. But he said while he'd met everyone, he knew no-one. Gore Vidal was born into a powerful family - a US senator on his mother's side, his father worked for Franklin D. Roosevelt. And if US history flowed in his blood, it flowed from his pen as well. He spent his career turning out books and essays, ran for political office twice. He was the author of 25 novels including 'Myra Breckinridge', 'Burr' and 'Lincoln'. He also wrote for TV and films - among them - 'Ben Hur'. His play ' The Best Man' is still running on Broadway now. But he'll probably be remembered for his actions as much as his words. He once got into a fist fight with fellow writer Norman Mailer and famously let loose on another, William F. Buckley, live on TV in the '60s. As far as I'm concerned, the only Crypto Nazi I can think of his youth. Stop calling me a Crypto Nazi. I will mangle your face and you will stay plastered. Vidal enraged US conservatives by writing novels with openly gay and transsexual characters when that just wasn't done. He argued all humans were inherently bisexual and he practiced what he preached. And as he grew older, he claimed his country was in deep decline. As everyone in the United States who listens to the little president is perfectly aware that nothing he says is true. When Gore Vidal died in the Hollywood Hills on Wednesday, a slice of American history passed on with him. 'The New York Times' said, "he believed himself to be the last of a breed. "And he was probably right." There you go. I thought he was that celebrity hairdresser but that was Fidel so soon. I thought that as well. It's true, I did. Oh woman, a woman, don't you treat me so mean. Ahead this morning - Rick Astley - Simon Reeve. Rick was blown away. Need we say more? But next - think a casual drink each night is OK? It's not. We suggest you stay tuned. SONG: # Pump up the volume... # (ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC PLAYS) It's the chocolate inside the thin crispy shell that counts. New Cadbury Mini Drops. BOTH: Legend. (CHEERING) BOTH: Legend! VOICEOVER: The Red Rooster Legends Pack. BOTH: Legend! Burger, strips, chips and Coke for $9.95. SONG: # Don't think twice! # Have the city's scars been healed? Simon meets those who were there. Also tomorrow - it was the world's largest blackout but should this week's power outage in India serve as a warning for us? Plus - how a fast-food chain is now at the centre of America's battle over marriage equality. And the most amazing surf pictures you'll ever see. Prepare to hang ten on our Sunday edition - from 7am tomorrow. If you think a little tipple each night is doing you good, it may be time to think again. Two major studies out this week have cast new doubt over moderate drinking. Our GP, Dr Ginni Mansberg, and birthday girl, is across it. Ginni, how significant are these two studies? There are first thing is, a lot of us thought alcohol, we call it a J curve. No alcohol was worse for you than one a day. In terms of heart health and your brain. Lots of us thought, let us have one drink every day to protect ourselves. The problem is, a lot of us bunch it up into the weekend and when you get to four drinks per day, you're bingeing. One binge per month increases your risk of dementia by 50% and two binges per month increases your risk of dementia by 250 %. That is only for drinks. He's have brought in some alcohol early on a Saturday morning. That is a standard drink. That is 100 millilitres. If you have four classes. A bottle of wine is around 750 millimetres. Eight standard drinks. If you and your partner polish off a bottle of wine over dinner, there is your binge. One drink a day is OK but you cannot save them up and have them all on the weekend. It's taught dramatically increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease. Women who took up drinking in order, for their health, even if they did it on one drink per day. If they took it up in their 60s, they increase their risk of dementia by 300 %. They were drinking helpfully. If you are a non-drinker, you cannot take it up in your 60s. A lot of us have pushed that. Have one glass of red wine a night. It did not work out well for them. You do here, one class cannot hurt, especially red. Bitterne stout it is a bit more nuanced. He had to be careful you're not having all your drinks in one sitting. That is an absolute disaster for your brain. None of us want to get demented. If you have never been a drinker, you cannot take it up in your 60s. Is there any such thing as safe drinking? There is. The Cancer Council would argue that one drink a day increases all risks of cancer. For you and I to have a single glass of red wine per night is fine but you cannot undo all the good work by having four standard drinks on the weekend even once a month. That is really frightening to see what an actual standard trick is. How scary is that Scotch? In Australia, or pure alcohol will have the number of standard drinks actually printed on the packaging. He had just got to find it. You think Libya that is one beer is 1.5 standard drinks. If you have three glasses of beer, that is a binge. At the birthday. Do not trip to much. I am never allowing her back in this studio again. Now it is dementia, last time it was supposed to reduce your libido. Unless you had a stiff drink. We're not far from the latest news and weather. Also coming up - Campbell Newmann promised to change Queensland. Four months on - has he delivered? And the dad who claims his 6-year-old daughter was targetted on Facebook. We'll tell you how. (SOFT JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS) VOICEOVER: Why not enjoy a premium scratch? WOMAN: (WHISPERS) Royal Edition.

we reported that the man accused of the Colorado massacre had been seeing a psychiatrist in the lead-up to the shooting. We now know more about what he actually told her. Mike Amor is in our US Bureau. Mike, some are asking whether the massacre could have been prevented? A week go again. Like so many of these massacres I have covered, they are asking for the warning signs that were missed. You have to feel sorry for the psychiatrist who was seen James Holmes. She got a lot of criticism but it turns out she was doing her job. She became so concerned by his behaviour that she contacted the university's threat assessment team to warn them about him but they did nothing because by that time, he had quit the University but they did not tell police. That may have been able to prevent the massacre. He also sent a package to the psychiatrist. We know that package arrived on the Monday after the massacre. It contained details of what he planned to do. That threat assessment team that is the body that is brewing the heat right now. It misses the point. This man did not have access to guns, this would not have happened. Moving on, Mike. A US father claims his 6-year-old daughter was targeted by a predator on Facebook. Mike, what is a 6- year-old doing with a Facebook profile? That is a bloody good question. The father set up the Facebook for his 6-year-old daughter. He put on that Facebook page that her age was 16 but she was only six and then this man in his 30s started sending her explicit messages. The father says that everybody should have known this page belonged to a 6-year-old because a photo was on it. He says he set up the page because she used to talk to her grandmother and play games online. Facebook has an age limit of 16. This is a reminder of why. Apparently there are 5 million users were believed to be under 12 using the site. It is a real warning to parents to watch what your children are doing online. As if we needed another warning that it is a big bad world out TOM HARLEY: In cyberspace. And finally, Mike, we know Americans love their Olympics but the US broadcaster is dealing with a massive social media backlash? Our friends at MBC a curt copping a lot of flak that they copping a lot of flak that they are delaying a lot of the Olympics so they can play them in prime time, including the opening ceremony. A lot of that Farc has come on social media. Twitter has been abuzz. NBC have one reporter suspended on Twitter because of his criticism of their coverage. He included the email address of the chief executive, that is why he was suspended. MDC says that a lot of those social media criticisms are just allowed minority. -- MDC. They point out that ratings are up by 10%. That's not playing it alive and then playing up later on, they're just not playing it Until prime time. They're copping a lot of flak but they say it is working for them. I think CBS, the opposition, did a news report saying, we are going to give you Olympic results because this is news and we're not wait until prime time to give it to you. The broadcasting that work will not do it. It is a bit Current Affair, Today Tonight, isn't it? Nice to hear from you as always. If you have the rights to the Games and no-one else can use them, you cannot hold off on breaking news in this day and age. But it's just a commercial decision you make. NBC is not a national broadcaster? Yes, it is. What about the ABC? Is that a private one? You mean of a bit network? No. I think ABC's the national broadcaster. But MDC has the right to the Olympics. How much is it going to cost them? That is what happens when you sell the rights to corporations. We wouldn't be saying this if we had the Olympics. I would be on Twitter, sending a message to my boss. I would probably be sending him a letter. In just a moment - he was swept into power as Queensland Premier. And later - we go rick-rolling with Rick Astley himself. But right now, it's news time with Jess. Australia has added to its silver and bronze medal count on day seven of the Olympic Games in London. Simon Reeve is there. Good morning, Simon. One of those medals was for cycling in the men's team pursuit. No these medals was for cycling. This was the heavyweight championship of the Olympics. Great Britain against Australia. The British were the Beijing gold medallists. They were looking to defend their crown and boy, did they do it in style? They jumped out from the start, they do it in style? They jumped out from the start, got the better of our fellows but Great Britain got called once again in a Rolls were full world record time. The New Zealanders came home with a bronze medal and New Zealanders came home with a bronze medal and soon after that, New Zealanders came home with a bronze medal and soon after that, it was Anna Meares. The current world champion up against Queen Victoria, Victoria Pendleton. Anna Meares didn't write the best race strategically and Victoria Pendleton to go out golf of Great Britain. I have enjoyed watching the rowing. Absolutely. This was the other centre of the big contest between the Brits and the Australians out at Eton Dornie. Today, the women's double scull, the girls, they got a silver medal. Behind Germany and well done to boys and girls today out there at Eton Dornie. Disgraced role were Josh Booth has been sent packing. - app Rollin competitor. He went out on the drink with some of his mates. The Rolling competitors have been staying out at Eton Dornie and Young Josh did something that he will regret for the rest of his life. As Chris said before, he looked extremely sheepish and you do have to feel sorry for him to some extent. That is what he did after the race. He went out and smashed a couple of windows of a couple of shops. He has gone back apologised to those people who owned those premises he has paid up to $2,100 and said it was by no means a malicious act and he will be going home, as well Nick D'Arcy and Monk. Here is what he had to say earlier. Other trade the trust bestowed upon me and disrespected the privilege of representing my country in the greatest sporting event in the world. greatest sporting event in the world. greatest sporting event in the world. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have dropped by to say hello to some of our athletes in London. Basketballer Lauren Jackson and kayak silver medallist Jessica Fox were among those lucky enough to meet the royals. But as Olympic ambassadors, they couldn't stay long. They quickly moved on for a meet and greet with the British team. Olympic spectators excited about day one of the track and field events have been stung by long delays on London's transport network. A major subway line was suspended for more than an hour due to a power failure. It came on the busiest day of the Games so far. 200,000 people were on their way to Olympic Park. It caused major overcrowding on other lines. Also making news - the Federal Government has penned a letter to Indonesia, requesting an early release for Schapelle Corby. If approved, the convicted drug smuggler could be granted parole in just two weeks. Foreign Affairs has confirmed it's making the plea. If granted, it's believed she would live with her sister in Bali under tough restrictions. Corby's 20-year sentence was cut by five years in May on appeal. A cattle company chief executive has been slammed for comparing Prime Minister Julia Gillard to an 'old cow'. Australian Agricultural Company boss David Farley made the remarks during a speech in Adelaide on Thursday. Federal Minister for Women Julie Collins says the comments were appalling and unacceptable. Mr Farley insists it was 'tongue in cheek' and taken out of context. An Australian soldier has been wounded during a mission in Afghanistan. The Special Forces soldier sustained a ricochet gunshot wound to his left leg after coming under fire in the Uruzgan province on Tuesday. He was evacuated to Tarin Kowt for treatment but has since been released. He'll resume full duties in a few days. A Pakistani couple have been convicted of murdering their teenage daughter after she refused to marry her cousin. The body of 17-year-old Shafilea Ahmed was found dumped in a riverbed in 2003. A court heard she was suffocated by her parents. The couple claimed she was too Westernised. They've been jailed for 25 years. The UN General Assembly has criticised its own Security Council for failing to stop the violence in Syria. The resolution also condemned Syria's President Bashar al-Assad's use of heavy weapons in his battle against the uprising. It comes a day after Kofi Annan resigned as UN special envoy to Syria, describing the peace mission as 'impossible'. Thousands of refugees are flooding into neighbouring countries as fighting continues. It isn't the typical image you would expect from reclusive North Korea - its new leader, Kim Jong-un, has been photographed on a roller-coaster ride at an amusement park. The photo was released today by the country's official state media. Making it even more unusual, the man beside him is a junior British diplomat and there are other North Korean officials a row in front of him. , my goodness. That must be pure on Game Disney World. I'm sure the population would be far more amused if they had something to eat. Or some electricity. This is definitely a way of showing that he is Westernised and very much trying to be in touch with Disneyland. In the old days, if he wanted to show that you're coming back into the world community, you would have some diplomatic meetings with a bitter enemies and have a press conference and say, we're ready to enter the Royal -- world community. These days, you go riding a roller- coaster. What says that more and it and a roller-coaster? A roller-coaster of a different kind, the Olympics. That was a very bizarre segue. I wonder how the public relations man is doing. And now with sport, here's Simon Reeve. First to London and Australia's bid to finish in the top five on the medal tally looks unlikely after failing to score any more golds on day seven. Incredibly Michael Phelps won his 17th gold in the 100 metres butterfly to put the US ahead of China. Hosts Great Britain has moved ahead of rivals France with 22 medals overall. While Australia has dropped back to 18th spot with 1 gold, 9 silvers and 4 bronze. The Geelong hoodoo has continued for the Hawks with the reigning premiers claiming their ninth successive win against the season favourites at the MCG overnight. The Cats shot out to 45-point lead in the first quarter before Hawthorn staged a remarkable comeback to hit the front late in the game. But it in a dramatic finish, Tom Hawkins booted his sixth goal of the match on the siren to win by two. Mitchell Pearce has sent a clear message to his critics in the Roosters' 26-10 win over the Dragons at Allianz Stadium. The under-siege playmaker went over for his first try on half-time to give his team a 12-point lead. in the second before two more Pearce tries sealed the match in the final 10 minutes to hand the struggling Roosters only their second win in 11 games. I would have liked it to come probably 10 week earlier, to be honest. But, you know, we gotta earn it. Meanwhile Storm coach Craig Bellamy has picked the same 17 players from last week's defeat to take on wooden spoon favourites Penrith in Melbourne later today. I think many of us at Weekend Sunrise are reeling from what you have guessed had to say before. A bottle of red wine one night? Between two people? That is scary. Here is JT at a place where they are drinking alcohol. Thank you, Simon. I am with some of the biggest fans of the Australian Olympic team. The parents and the partners and the kids. They are not just fans, who did you want to say hello to? A big shout out to their Sunrise silver Fox, Simon Reeve. After you guys, you liked him at's parents, the hockey player. What is it like being here for the first time? It is amazing. It is so overwhelming. It is amazing. It was Tim's birthday in the opening ceremony? If was. Something he has looked forward to his whole life. It was incredible for him to have his birthday. It has been very special. Not only has he got his parents, his grandparents. David and Barbara, can you give us It is Charmaine's birthday today. Everybody. ( EVERYBODY SINGS) happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. We are a bit delayed. If we had not chatted so long, all the candles would have been blown out. What is that? And Australians bunch? -- and Australian sponge. If you have wondered what it is like to get together and seen drunkenly, that's it. And as Simon, the silver Fox. Four months ago, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman swept to power in a dramatic landslide. He promised massive change in the Sunshine State. And that's exactly what he's done. But has his tough love made him friends or enemies? And should other States follow his lead? Let's ask our Queensland power panel - Seven News political correspondent Patrick Condren, Mary Collier from Radio 4BC Morning all. Patrick, has Cambell Newman delivered? It is great to have the back. If we can start with you, Patrick. We pay you to do this. As Campbell Newman delivered? I haven't got any money yet. As he delivered against his own set of deliverables? To borrow a phrase from that little sporting event in the northern hemisphere, he came out of the blocks, he roared out of the blocks for months ago, delivering what he said what he was entrusted to deliver. For months down the track, when he's talking about sacking 20,000 public servants, teachers are going on strike, we saw the Executive Building yesterday stormed by school cleaners were being threatened with having their jobs outsourced. Is going about the business of alienating a whole lot of people who voted for him because Labor was so badly on the nose. The LNP can quite rightly imagine at this stage that they run for at least two terms so that they can do all this pain at the beginning and they have 5.5 years to barter the public up. No surprise is that the LNP would be at odds with the unions. Mary, should Queenslanders have been in any doubt when they voted for him? I do not think so. He was always very clear-cut that his number one priority was to try and were due to the debt that the state had. We have $65 billion of debt in Queensland. He also wants to make sure we regain a triple A credit rating. The Independent Commission for audit says that since we lost that rating, it costs us $100 million extra a year in repayments but what he has failed to do, no- one sat down with him and watched Mary Poppins. You need a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. He has not delivered any hope for the future. If we take involvement in the National Disability Insurance scheme. People still want some hope in their lives. Roseanne, that spoonful of sugar. It is not the person who was afraid to rub people up the wrong way. Have there been any major blunders that most Queenslanders would wince at? How would he go today in an election? He's not afraid to pull his punches. Some sectors of the committee were surprised at some of the early announcements. The cuts to arts funding, environmental changes. The LNP government is changing surrogacy laws, civil unions. These changes have really had resonance in some sectors of the in some sectors of the community but the big fight that is looming is with the unions. They have promised mayhem on SEP- 12, day after the Budget and teachers are now taking industrial action which will put the industrial action right into people's homes. In saying that, he is doing what he said he would do and it doesn't appear at this stage to have made a big impact in their popularity. A couple of minor Palser may have suggested that the LNP is just as popular if not more popular than they were when they were elected in that massive landslide. The honeymoon is still on. A bad is good to know for the LNP. His victory was seen as symbolic of a massive backlash against Belarus around the country. Seven had a polling showing the same thing at a Federal level. What can the other states to learn from Campbell Newman? In terms of when he In terms of when he got elected, they can certainly learn unity. That was one of the things that has been a burden on the Conservatives in Queensland for many, many years. They were seen as two separate parties. The bringing together of the Liberals and the nationals and putting together a unified front falls -- was a big factor in their massive election win. You're not surprised that unions would be against the LNP. Our whole lot of those union people voted for the LNP because they were so sick of Labor a Mort Belarus had done in terms of the mismanagement of finances and other issues. It doesn't take much for those union people to go, we do not really necessarily agree with what you're doing regardless of the fact that be voted for you. In terms of the other states, unity is the thing. As Peter Beattie used to say, disunity is death. That is what every political party can alone. Pat, Mary, Roseanne. Lovely to have you with us. I am always surprised at what people are surprised that. As surprised he's fighting the unions and the public service, environmental protection,/in arts funding, rolling back surrogacy and same-sex legislation. It is a Liberal-National Party. That is what they do. Do not be surprised. And speaking of Queensland characters - on tomorrow's show, we'll chat live to Clive Palmer about his plans for a casino and amusement park. Maybe the North Koreans come and test out the roller-coaster. But ahead this morning - have problems throwing things out? So does this person. The breakthrough treatment for a recognised disorder. But next - our all-star panel is in the house. The expert insight on the overnight action. So what's your next move? You've got to find a way through. We need you now. Move! The all-new Holden Colorado crew cab, with the safety of a 5-star ANCAP rating. Don't think, don't hope. Do! Australian rower Josh Booth has been sent home from the Olympics in disgrace. Booth avoided criminal charges and had to pay over $2,000 to repair the damage he caused after a drunken rampage. A big night on the Booth. Let's bring in our panel of Olympians - Michael Klim, Lisa Curry and a big welcome to Jana Pittman. Thanks to all of you for joining us. Josh Booth has held a press conference admitting his mistakes. Let's have a look. I am deeply ashamed. It is uncharacteristic behaviour. I regret my behaviour. The damage I caused was not motivated by any malicious intent. It was an inappropriate intention. He is shattered. Poor silly boy. His 21. He did at Don thing. To the pressures of competition excuse behaviour like this? You have to realise they spent the last four years training every day for their one chance at the Olympics. Most of them do not drink. They might have a beer now and again but they do not drink but they are disappointed -- so they are disappointed and NAD have six beers or maybe one on top of that on an empty stomach and they just go silly. That is the dangers of alcohol. It happens to everybody. At the Olympic Village, it is something that everyone has to watch out for because a lot of them do not drink an a finish and they go out and have a few too many. They have to be careful. If you fail to get a medal, they should give you a kebab or something. Maybe some of the rocker. -- Berocca. Australia has picked up a silver medal with arch-rivals Great Britain winning both golds on offer on the second day of track cycling. Our men's team pursuit team just missed out as Team GB set a new world record. What is it going to be? Is that home ground advantage really important to an athlete? Sydney was a great example of that borrowers. Even yesterday, the 800 metre freestyle. The whole crowd was up cheering. They were chanting her name. To get that support, you only get it on home ground. You can always pretend it is for you. That really spurs you on. I remember, my an example with the Commonwealth Games. You could hear the whole Australian crowd down in Melbourne. It reverberates through your brain. We get the same thing outside the window here but it is most before teenage boy bands. We pretend it is for us. Let us talk about our swimmers. What can we say? There are getting a hard time and you do feel for them. Eamon Sullivan missed out on a medal. Cate Campbell and Bronte Campbell missed out. It is quite difficult for us to work out why they're not swimming as well. After trials, everybody thought we would have a good Olympic Games. World rankings were quite competitive. Even the progression from trials to the Olympics. Something went wrong there. Are we picking the team too early? Obviously, that needs to be assessed. I just discovered there has not been a sports psychologist on the swim team since 2009. Really? When I was on the team, that decision was made after I left to get rid of them. We see some of the youngsters. Maybe they should introduce that sort of support. It might also help the athletes to deal with defeat when it occurs. You get the feeling there is going to be a big overhaul of swimming. If you could be a fly-on-the-wall in the coach's room at the moment, I'm certain they're sitting there saying, what on earth has happened? Like Michael said, it could be patrols were too early, there was too much pressure, maybe a bit of an attitude. Too much confidence. Step back and go under the radar. A whole different range of things. Can I say something? Likeable and I were discussing. In the 1960s, athletics had a similar thing. We got a lot of battles. As other countries get funding, other countries will have medals as well. We're looking at other countries which are catching up to us to some degree. Do we spend more on sport would do we have a National Disability Insurance scheme? Spend more on sport. And speaking of the Games - up soon, our Masters of Spin on whether our obsession with winning has undermined the true Olympic spirit. Also coming up - our Simon Reeve, the silver forx, jams with Rick Astley. You heard right. But next - the latest in news and weather. You're watching Weekend Sunrise, live on Seven. You guys grew up together? Since third grade. What are you looking at? I'm not... We're not good enough for you, huh? You must be supermodels! What do you model? Gloves? Brad, eat a Snickers. Why? 'Cause you get a little angry when you're hungry. Better? Better. Holden dealers are about to get a huge delivery of new vehicles, so we're racing to make space in our showrooms. You'll get unbelievable deals on all floor stock during this massive sales event. Be quick and get the new Barina Hatch, yours from $16,990. And the Cruze CD, the only small car built in Australia, ready to go, from just $21,990. Holden's Race for Space is on now.

This is one sale event you don't want to miss. (SEDUCTIVE MUSIC PLAYS) Stay cool and dry with the KingGee Workcool 2 range, made with breathable fabric and extra ventilation - it's the coolest work gear under the sun. It's just another way Protector Alsafe is looking after you. following his drunken rampage at the London Olympics earlier this week. But he hasn't escaped punishment altogether. He's been sent home for smashing the windows of two businesses after a boozy night out. I'm deeply is remorseful of the way I have dishonoured the spirit of the Olympic team and affecting the chance to represent my country. The 21-year-old has apologised to both British shop owners and will pay around $2,000 in damages. Now for a quick check of some of the Olympics results and swimmer Eamon Sullivan has finished eighth in the men's 50 metre freestyle. Frenchman Florent Manaudou took gold. Liz Cambage has become the first woman ever to pull off a slam dunk at the Olympic as the Opals survived a late Russian barrage to win their third game. And Aussie Mitchell Watt has qualified for the men's long jump final. A senior Labor MP has jumped to Prime Minister Julia Gillard's defence after she was compared to an 'old cow'. Australian Agricultural Company boss David Farley made the remarks during a speech in Adelaide on Thursday. Federal Minister for Women Julie Collins says the comments were appalling and unacceptable. Mr Farley insists it was 'tongue in cheek' and taken out of context. The first giant panda born in a special wilderness centre in China has been given the green light to be released into the wild. It's Tao Tao's second birthday today and he's already mastered walking, climbing trees and searching for food. He's been hand reared by researchers dressed in panda suits, in the hope he'll learn to fend for himself. , my goodness. That is so sweet. Look at that. There is a job for Humphrey. May be. Let us go to our silver fox in London. That was the North Korean Premier in that panda suit. Updating sport and our great rivalry with the old empire continues - this time in the cycling. Australia fought hard but the Brits were too good in the men's team pursuit final, taking gold and the world record. It was the same story in the women's double sculls rowing with our girls taking a silver medal. While Australia's men's quad scull team, who will join me in just a moment, put in a great effort to secure the bronze. In the AFL, Tom Hawkins has slotted a goal on the buzzer in Geelong's thrilling 2-point victory over Hawthorn at the MCG, handing the Cats their ninth win on the trot against the premiership favourites. Roosters half-back Mitchell Pearce has hit back at critics, scoring a hat-trick in his side's 26-10 win over the Dragons at Allianz Stadium. I'm joined now with our bronze-medal winning quad scull team. Guys, congratulations. We have Jack Bobridge, Michael Hepburn and Rohan Dennis. That Velodrome, a couple of seconds for the Britain team. It was massive. The crowd was exceptional 14 GB. It was nearly exceptional 14 GB. It was nearly a full house of the GB supporters. Michael, how did you feel at the start of the race? Did you feel like you had a big shot at it? It is always quite daunting going up against 60,000 British fans but we are confident we could give it a good shot. We knew they were the favourites. Unfortunately, it did not go to plan but we're still quite proud. No mean effort. They smashed the world record. They didn't just when it slightly, they smashed it. 53.29 and they came out and do the 51. If it took a world record to beat us, we're proud to say we other silver medallists. Well spoken. Possibly Rio from here? I guess you get to go away and think about things. Maybe Rio? It is in the back of their heads. We are not well when it out. At least for the next year or so, we're going to step away. We will see where it goes from there. Maybe step back in in a few years' time and see if we can stand on the top of that podium. Fantastic, well done. 80 so much for sticking around and chatting to us. James, here he has with the weather. Brake very much, Simon. Hanging out at Australia House with all the parents and partners of Paralympic athletes. In late breaking news, Ryan Lochte, one of the swimmers, admitted he urinated in the Olympic pool. One thing you do not want is poos in the pool But you do want POOs out of the pool. It is parents and partners of Olympic swimmers. Colin is the President. We're just so thrilled to have a one gold medal and the silver and bronze medals we have but we understand some people in Australia might not think that is what they are used to but you have got to realise, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and they have been magnificent. Absolutely. Let us have a look at the National forecast. Brisbane, fine and sunny. Sydney, sunny. Canberra, a cold start becoming partly cloudy. A shower or two for Melbourne. Morning showers for Hobart. Adelaide, morning fog with a possible shower. Perth, a few showers. Darwin, fine and sunny. I'm very excited about Aaron Weekend Sunrise silver Fox, Simon. His chat with Rick Astley. ( ALL IN) Never Gonna Give You Up. Those are some serious moves, Simon. There cannot wait. Do you think they have that colour in the pool when you urinate? Like a jet engine slip. The Olympics are meant to highlight all things that are good about sport. The father of the modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, famously said: But has that spirit gone missing this year? Let's run it by our Masters of Spin - advertising guru Dee Madigan and Tim Burrowes from marketing website Mumbrella. Is it just me or does it seem like gold medals are the only thing that matters this Olympics? Every competitor goes into the race thinking you can win gold but before there was a sense of disappointment if they did not win and now it is a sense of disbelief. That is an interesting place. That is an interesting place. They assumed they would win. You lose that hunger. That is something that people may have picked up on. There does seem to be an undercurrent of arrogance. The assumption that you are going to win. Whether that is the truth. It is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Had you communicate that with the outside world? Gold has always better. It is not disappoint and unless you were expecting gold. That is when it becomes an issue. If you are not expecting to become top three, it is amazing. You send him there for a reason, to win gold. It might be social media that they have started to talk about themselves as the Lamborghini in the pool. Athletes have not done that at that level. Is that a failure in the sports psychology? They have not been trained in how to deal gracious the with defeat? Social media has changed things enormously. They have to look enormously. They have to look at how that has affected the psychology. What is more interesting is the public reaction. Australians have this sense of entitlement and it is not just the Olympics, it is everything. Somehow we deserve better. We actually have it pretty good. As taxpayers, we paid money for people to get the training. We are entitled to hope they do well and expressed disappointment. Traditionally, we have done so well and the pool but all the sudden, we are wondering what is going on. Social media allows interaction. There is negative and positive things. It is giving the false hope. You feel sorry for them. Most of them a young kids, the biggest disappointment of their whole life to date and the moment it occurs to them, they have a camera and microphone in her face and they are supposed to learn how to deal with disappointment. You're talking hundreds of the second. The women's double sculls to three world yesterday. Their statement was, "we fought the best race of her life. A competition was simply better." There you go. Thank you very much. Ahead this morning - think hoarding is a joke? Stand by for some extreme examples that are anything but. And look who's back! Simon shares a tune with Rick Astley - next. Holden dealers are about to get a huge delivery of new vehicles so we're racing to make space in our showrooms. You'll get unbelievable deals on all floor stock during this massive sales event. Drive off with the Cruze SRi sports model from just $26,990, the only small car built in Australia with the performance of an iTi turbo engine, 17-inch alloys,

sports body kit and rear-lip spoiler. Holden's Race for Space is on now. This is one sale event you don't want to miss. BOTH: Legend. (CHEERING) BOTH: Legend! VOICEOVER: The Red Rooster Legends Pack. BOTH: Legend! Burger, strips, chips and Coke for $9.95. SONG: # Don't think twice! # We all know that getting active is great for your wellbeing so with thanks to Vitasoy, here are some great ideas to help you get out and about this weekend. The Village Markets area on at Burleigh Heads State School Oval. It's the Mission Australia Sydney Winter Sleepout this weekend in Centennial Park. Visit the Melbourne Zoo with the kids to check out the new keeper kids area. Join in South Australia's largest 5km with Steve Moneghetti in Fitzy's 5km Run. City of Swan Family Fun Day in on tomorrow at Fishmarket Reserve in Guildford. So why not kick off your active weekend with a soy latte? For more information on how to live a healthy life: As soon as the show is over, I will. Now to our exclusive interview with Rick Astley. The '80s pop superstar has sold more than 40 million records and become a household name again thanks to the internet phenomenon of rick-rolling. The silver fox is back with us in London. Alf to the silver fox? How? Simon, are you about to Rick-roll us? I am about to Rick-roll you. Paul at the denim shirts. Here is Rick Astley. Rick Astley was one of the '80s biggest pop stars. And like many of his era, he's enjoying a career comeback. In 2007, he became a YouTube sensation, thanks to rick-rolling. It was an internet prank where users were unknowingly directed to that video. ('NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP' CONTINUES) It's a bit odd - obviously when your name is in something that's become an internet phrase or byword, it's a bit weird. And also because a couple of friends who live in America kind of sent me emails and I just didn't get it at all. I'm like, "What are you doing, guys? "This is the most unfunny thing in the world "for you to be sending me my video from 1987, it's like...?" because there's kids who perhaps know some of those songs, who - unless their mum's spoonfed them, they would never know those songs" Rick-rolling has put Rick Astley back in demand. He's now a DJ on a popular London radio station and he spends many weekends at festivals with acts such Bananarama, Boy George and Belinda Carlyle. I think I enjoy doing what I do now than when I was actually having my hits and stuff, I might sing on a Saturday night, with some other people from the '80s and we might be doing a massive gig with 10,000 people or more in some field somewhere, and I'll be driving home from the gig and I might call in for a coffee and fill the car up and not one person ever bats an eylid. I could be whistling 'Never Gonna Give You Up' on the top of my car and no-one would care. And guess what Australia - Rick Astley is coming our way. But there's just one problem - he's afraid of flying. I do fly, I don't love it, it's not my favorite thing. And in fact, when we get to Australia I'm actually going to drive round to all the gigs rather than do the flying. But on the other hand I've done that in America, I've done it all over Europe and you do get to see a bit of the country that as someone in my position... would never get to say, you know, What should people's expectations be for the upcoming tour? I've been asked to come and play in Australia quite a few times over the years, to be honest and the travel aspect of it was what put me off. But I think I've mellowed a bit and I'm not so bothered about it. You've got to remember that when back in my day when I was kind of big time Charlie Potatoes and happening, I was on a plane almost every day - as anybody who's in that kind of world is. And sometimes you just sort of think, I can't do that. I will say this - I really enjoyed my time in Australia. I've been there three times before they're kind of thinking, "Wow, that is..." Well, you guys know - it is... it's a very special place. It's a bit odd at times, because you are at the end of the world but that's part of the beauty of it as well in a way. When I told people that I was coming to interview Rick Astley, those who have worked with you before said "he is such a nice guy." I don't know about nice guy, I think regular guy, I think. No, that's probably a bit boring to say that. I was never great at being a pop star, to be honest. I was never that great at it - never really loved it. Loved singing, loved music, wasn't overjoyed at kind of doing all the travelling and all the what-have-you. But listen, just being remembered in any way is quite a good thing, isn't it? Never mind being remembered positively so I'll take whatever I get. If I am going to be singing Never Gonna Give You Up, you need to learn the dance to it. It goes like this. Never gone a Give You Up... Put on the glasses, Simon. It is very white man dancing. A bit of a shock for, Simon. # Never gone a run around and desert you What a nice fellow. I really enjoyed talking to him for a stop he looks like the Lobley blow it. We loved it. Thank you, silver fork. We will chat with you tomorrow. Well do you have issues with throwing things out? Up next - some extreme examples and how they finally solved the problem. Holden dealers are about to get a huge delivery of new vehicles so we're racing to make space in our showrooms. You'll get unbelievable deals on all floor stock. Be quick and get the Captiva 5 manual, now with a sunroof and 18-inch alloys, ready to go from just $27,990. And the 7-seat Captiva 7 SX with sidesteps and a sunroof, yours from just $33,990. Holden's Race for Space is on now. Hurry in for deals that are just too good to miss. But what happens when hoarding goes TOO far? Take a look at this - this house belonged to a lady called Lee Farrar - we'll meet her in a moment. She was a chronic hoarder who needed professional help to get over the problem. Thankfully a new method of treatment is being developed at Swinburne University in Melbourne. And after going through it, she finally managed to clear the clutter. Lee joins us now along with our resident psychiatrist, Dr Az Hakeem. Lee, we saw some of of your old house in the pictures just there. How bad did the problem get? That look pretty cluttered to us. In that room. It was really bad. Much of it was building and renovation material are renovation material are brought back from another property. As I didn't have any shedding, it had to go. Just everything was dumped there. I called the room at the crying room because the rich, opened the doors, I just shut the doors. Were the items you had an emotional attachment to that you couldn't bring yourself to let go? So on things can be us. There's a picture linemack that what would have done and things on top of the billiard table is catering equipment and there was a mish-mash of other people's stuff. Family stuff. People had died. People either a strange or death's. I could not face it. I was not in a good place at that time and it just didn't have the motivation to get it sorted. Is this a form of OCD? A lot of a scholar to stop but it is estimated between two -5 % have a problem with boarding. People used to kick it was OCD but it lacks some of the features like intrusive thoughts so there is a push to make hoarding disorder its own condition. There is new work being done at Swinburne University. So you cannot say, just for all this away. The free throw it away, we get more. The important thing it is not the objects, it is the relationship of order has with the object. There is a really strong emotional attachment. We would normally find it for family members or close friends. They have this feeling towards their possessions. Were now faced with the idea of having to part with these objects, it is like getting rid of children. The anticipated rate grief reaction is not what we would experience, it is something to do with the attachment relationship. How did you get through that anxiety about the attachment to those objects? At Swinburne, we were given activity sheets and there were sentences sheets and there were sentences of how well I feel if of it this go? What feelings of anxiety will that in both? The guilt. Things like that. After about six weeks, I got to the point where I no longer wanted to be the caretaker off of of the people's stuff in my home. The only type of things I wanted in my home was what a put beer my home was what a put beer and chose to put beer. I do not want trinkets and ornaments and plastics. I'm not into consumerism. I was never a compulsive acquirer. The Swinburne program is about compulsive hoarding and acquisition and I was never in that category. I was just the keeper of sentimental bits and pieces. No parents would say, come and get your stuff out of our house? They give very much to joining us. We're back with more of the show, right after this.

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