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Tonight - Syria in freefall

as top diplomat Kofi Annan

quits his peace mission. As an

envoy I can't want peace more

than the protagonists. Calls to

keep foreign hands off

Australian's farms. White water

silver medal - a teenage kyaker

lifts Australian spirits. Too

hard to wipe the smile off my

face. I'm just sitting on a

cloud and not coming down. The

hunt for the Territory's next

parks and wildlife rangers.

Good evening, Craig Allan

with ABC News. Kofi Annan is

quitting his role as United

Nations peace envoy to Syria

with his plan to end the

violence in tatters. The former

UN Secretary-General described

his task as impossible and

issued a blistering critique of

world powers. The decision

leaves diplomatic efforts in

disarray and all but assures a

bloody finish to the uprising.

Jane Cowan reports. When he

took the job in February he

called it his sacred duty, now

the man meant to bring peace

says it was an impossible

task. As an envoy I can't want

peace more than the

protagonists. With a ceasefire

that never took hold and an

estimated 20,000 people dead

the seasoned diplomat is

admitting defeat. In bowing out

he pointed to the intransigence

of the Syrian regime and the

increasing militarisation of

the conflict. But also laid

blame at the feet of the UN

Security Council where Russia

and China have blocked three

moves to ratchet up the

pressure on President Bashar

al-Assad. At a time when we

need - when the Syrian people

desperately need action, their

continues to be finger pointing

and name calling in the

Security Council. In the wake

of his announcement there was

more of the same. I think what

we need to do is actually ramp

things up. We need to pass

resolutions at the United

Nations to put further pressure

on Syria. Some members of the

council over the months were expressing in words their

support for Kofi Annan's

activities whereas their actions were completely

different. Behind the scenes

the US and Gulf Arab states are

frustrated as what they have said to have grown increasingly

seen as Kofi Annan's dogged

commitment to dip ploms ay at a

time when they believe all

avenues for dialogue with the

Syrian leader have been exhausted. For the Syrian

people the prospects of a

diplomatic solution appear

bleaker than ever. The hand

that was extended by Kofi Annan

is the hand of the

international community. This

six-point plan remains the best

hope. But looking dimmer by the

day. The Coalition's revealed

plans to tighten the rules

governing overseas bids for

Australian fares and

agricultural businesses. Labour

calls the idea Reckless and

dangerous and even some

Liberals are unhappy.Mark

Simkin reports. Foreign buyer

beware. Overseas companies

aren't welcome on Tim Duddy's

farm. I'm not a redneck but to

sell land like this, that in

it's own right produces 30% of

the nation's cereal sin excuse

able. His family has owned this

property for three generations

but bhuch of the surrounding

land has been bought by a

Chinese generation. The land

behind us 40 families made

their livings there for 150

years and now there is nobody

living there. It is a fraught

issue and the Coalition's

trading very carefully. We are

flagging a policy direction

rather than finalising a policy

outcome. The discussion paper

suggests keeping the national

interest test for foreign

invest. But forcing buyers to

reveal any links to foreign

Governments. A national

register of foreign-owned land

would be published and most

significantly the Foreign

Investment Review Board would

scrutinise many more transactions. The regulator

currently examines private bids

for agricultural land worth

$244 million or more. The

Coalition wants to slash the

threshold to just $15

million. There needs to be a

sufficient level of scrutiny -

I underline the word

scrutiny. But there is a butane Coalition wants to make it

clear... The Coalition

unambiguously supports foreign

investment in Australia. As

Tony has already said we

welcome foreign investment. We

need it, we want it dot. And

we've also supported foreign

investment. We continue to

support foreign investment. As

Joe has made it very clear we

need foreign investment. Some

Liberals aren't buying it.

Peter Reith vented on Twitter:

This is really damaging

stuff to have the Opposition

all over the place on such a

fundamental issue that goes to

the core of our future

prosperity. Tony Abbott is

trying to balance the views of free market Liberals and

nervous Nationals. The

Government reckons it is much

ado about not much at all. In a

quarter of a century the amount

of foreign-owned farmland has

gone from 5.9% to 6%.

A teenager who attacked Olympic basketballer Rachel

Jarry in Melbourne earlier this

year has been Sentenced to

three years in youth detention. 18-year-old Jessica Croucher

pleaded guilty to 7 charges

arising from a series of

assaults across Melbourne's

CBD. Jarry was punched and

kicked to the ground during a

90 second attack in January.

Croucher attacked five others,

including Jarry's friend Megan

Hustwaite. She was lucky that

they were super official ones. I'm really glad that she didn't

have anything to her knees or

her legs. I was thinking that

at the time because it would

trying to make an Olympic just be horrific when you are

campaign to be sidelined

because of something so awful

as this. Jarry has since gone

on to make her Olympic debut in

London with the Opals. A short

time ago she tweeted she was

hatchy to wake up to the news

of justice. Australia's hunt

for medals at the London Games

has not exactly been a roaring

success so far. But on day six

a Fox answered the call.

Teenage kyaker Jessica Fox made

history winning silver in the

canoe slalom. At 18 she is the

youngest person to win a medal

in her sport at any Olympics

and she not the first member of

her family the win an Olympic

medal. Here is Philip

Williams. It is an impressive

family line. Jessica Fox is

coached by her mum who won

bronze representing France 16

years ago. Her British father

Richard is a five-times world

champion and has been Olympic

fourth to his name. With a

start like that there is every

chance of paddling perfection.

There is nothing like an

Olympic medal to attract a

crowd and Jessica Fox was happy

to show off her Silverware. Too

hard to wipe the smile off my

face. I'm just sitting on a

cloud and not coming down. It

was her first Olympics but she

showed the composure of a

veteran. Jessica Fox a real championship performer in the

past. Racing through the canoe

slalom course but having to

wait until everyone had

finished to learn her

fate. Superb by the young Australian. It was just a

nervous wait but in the end it

held up and silver is just

amazing - so much more than I

expected. Her mum, who is also

her coach, took home the bronze

when she competed in the

Atlanta Olympics. Bringing home

an Olympic silver medal, it is

amazing. Even more amazing her

daughter beat the same Czech

kayaker who had beaten her 16

years ago. The former world

junior champion, the world

under 23 champion is now an

Olympic silver medallist and

carries on a brilliant family

tradition. It was not like the

fact that I was dwelling on the

fact that I was vertsing one of

mum's rivals but it is pretty

special to think we are both

competing at this Olympic

Games. It has been a

disappointing night in pool for

the swimmers, no medals are won

and the prospects are looking

swimmer as each day goes by.

With only one gold in the kitty

from the team that delivered 6

in Beijing, questions are being asked. Schlanger is there but

Kromowidjojo. We will do our

post mortems when we're

finished. I wouldn't like to

call it a post mortem but an

valuation. We are not dead. The

swimmer they called Madame

Butterfly thinks the missing

ingredient is a work

ethic. Everyone on our team has

worked pretty hard. That has

not been enough. Magnussen is

back in 6. With the swim team

facing its worst result in 20

years. There was a drama charged opening night on the

track cycling as the women's

team sprint made a spectacular

Olympic debut. Great Britain

was disqualified in its

semifinal and China was

stripped of gold. Anna Meares

and Kahlee McCulloch avoided

trouble to take the bronze

medal. Great Britain's Victoria

Pendleton and Jessica Varnish

were head for a gold medal ride

off until a costly error in the

semifinal. Pendleton jumped the

gun and started before her

team-mate. Anna Meares and

Kahlee McCulloch rode off for

the bronze against the Ukraine. While McCulloch's

finished for the Games Meares

is only just starting. I think

Anna will do fantastic over the

next few days. I have been

watching her in training very

closely. She is on. So I think

we can expect some special

things from her. The Chinese

had their first ever win in

cycling but the golden glow

didn't last. They were

relegated to silver due to a

change over record and the

Germans who made the final at

the expense of the British took

the gold. The home fans didn't

go home empty handed with GB

beating France in the men's

team sprint. In a world record

time. The British were on

target in shooting. He does it! The Boomers found their

range against China winning by

20 to keep their campaign

alive. Nice play!. The hooky

Roos beat the US 1-nil to make

it two wins from three games.

The centre of a selection row

pre-games , Kristy Oatley was

19th after the first day of

individual dressage. Her cousin

Lyndal Oatley was 15th. Nathan

Outteridge and Iain Jensen

continue to lead the 49ers

class while Australia's women's

match racing team won 10 from

10 races. After qualifying for

London at the last opportunity the Australian women's 8 made

the final and finished sixth

with the USA winning. In a

thrilling finish to the men's light weight four Australia

just missed a medal. As

Australia searches for its

second gold medal world

champion hurdler Sally Pearson

is confident she will carry the

favourite tag more successfully

than James Magnussen. If it all

goes to plan I should be

winning and especially with my

personal best is so much faster than everyone else in the race

that they have a lot of

catching up to do if they are

running at their best. The

athletics program starts

tonight with Pearson's first

race on Monday. The National

Gallery in Canberra has been

caught up in an international

art scandal. An American, who

deals in Indian artefacts, is

being held by Indian

authorities accused of

trafficking antiquities. The

National Gallery may have

unwittingly wougt one of the

stolen works from the New York

art dealer in twaigt. 'Shiva

Lord of the Dance' is one of

the highlights of the Asian art

collection. The gallery says it

made every attempt to see the

prove Nance of the piece before buying it. They are working

with the Indian High Commission

to determine whether the statue

was stolen. A turbulent year

was stolen. A turbulent year in

Papua New Guinea politics has

ended with the swearing in of Peter O'Neill as Prime

Minister. The country's

parliament met for the first

time since the general election

and Mr O'Neill cemented his

Coalition deal. He made a

public display of

reconciliation with former

rival Sir Michael Somare. PNG

correspondent Liam Fox reports.

There was a sense of a new

beginning as PNG's ninth

parliament sat for the first

time. Peter O'Neill and Michael

Somare, once it beer foes, now

Coalition partners, entered the

chamber together but few things

go to plan here and the chief

justice head to preside over

the oath of office twice

because a group of MPs were

late.Onto a handful of women

have ever one elected to PNG's

parliament so there was

applause when two newly elected

female MPs rose to sign their declarations. Hopefully we are

on a road to a new beginning.

There were several women very

close. Then it was time to

elect the Prime Minister. Peter

O'Neill's pulled together a

huge Coalition and there was

never any doubt the position

was his. He was the only

nominee and one the vote with

the support of 94 MPs. Peter

O'Neill has been elected as the Prime

Prime Minister of the state of

Papua New Guinea. It was the

fourth time in just over a year

that Mr O'Neill has been sworn

in as PM. I am very pleased to

announce that the Government of

Papua New Guinea is now in

place. Papua New Guinea

Guineans will be hoping today

marks the end of the recent

political instability and that

the Government can now get on

with the job of improving their

lives. Each year more than

20,000 Australian teenagers are

reported missing, that is 55

young people every single day.

It is a staggering figure and

for families and friends left

behind the uncertainty is

unbearable. Laetitia Lemke

reports. Lois McLaughlin has

spent almost two decades in

limbo. Her son Nathan disappeared into bushland

around Darwin and has not been

seen since We would go out

every weekend as a family and

drive to the spots that we knew

he was familiar with and we

would just walk around in the

bush singing out to him,

calling his name. The family

waited for news but as time

went by hope faded. Definitely

just shattering. Absolutely

shattering. I would get to the

points where I would think,

"There is absolutely nothing I

can do about this." The only

people that know where Nathan

is are Nathan and God. Nobody

else knows. In Australia one

American is reported missing

every - one person is reported

missing every 15 minutes. The

vast majority are teenagers. 9

9.5% are found safe and

well The 0.5% that is left over

is a stat stick that equates to

160 people that are never

found. The trail has gone so cold there is no evidence of

life. There is nothing we can

trace on those people. Police

say early reporting is vital

urging people not to wait 24

hours before calling

authorities. A stronger focus

on youth mental health could

also save lives. There are

places to go for help these

days. There are head space

centres opening up all around

Australia. There is ehead space

online and other online options

for getting help. It is very

important if young people are

feeling overwhelmed,

distressed, desperate that they

actually reach out. For Lois

McLaughlin the situation is

unresolved. She isn't holding

out hope for her son's return.

She just wants to find out what

happened to him. One suspect

vehicle, one heck of a highway mess. A police drug operation

on the main route into Canberra

caused major traffic disruption

this afternoon. Traffic on the

Federal Highway was banked up

to the New South Wales border

as police searched a car

looking for drugs. While police

haven't said whether they found

any the search did reveal some

surprises. Commuters were left

frustrated by the

Standstill. We had to sit there

for over an hour. Traffic began

flowing freely again by the ate

afternoon. So far police have

made no arrests. The workplace

relations minister has been

forced to apologise for a bun

fight in a pie shop. The owner

says Bill Shorten was rude to

her after a misunderstanding

over a soft pie and the Prime

Minister.Politicians like their

pies. Julia Gillard eats them.

Tony Abbott makes them.Bill Shorten feeds them to his

kids. I didn't want to have a

debate about politics, I wanted

a pie. This Melbourne

convenience store was anything

but for the workplace relations ministerment I have my little

bloke in the car and he has to

go to training and he was very

hungry so I was keen to get the

pie. He was after a pie but

Annie Huang had none. Bill

Shorten come in my shop asking

for a Boscastle Pie but I say,

sorry, it is sold out. She

offered to heat one in the

microwave and the unsavoury

unfolded. She did say the pie

will be soft. Sheen she says

like Julia Gillard. I thought -

I just want a pie, I don't want

to debate the Government." She

says Mr Shorten didn't mince

his words. He turned around

here in the corner and say the

F word. He denies he used the F

word but admits Mrs Huang

actually said, "Your pie will

be soft, I like Julia Gillard."

Not, "Your pie will be soft

like Julia Gillard." I have

been wrong, Mrs Huang. He left

the shop empty handed. I went

to another milk bar that had

some pies. I accept that in

future before training an apple

might be better than a pie. A

lesson for everyone. Three

quarters of Canberra's backyard

is national park and looking

after it could be a dream job.

Now the call is out for more

parks and wildlife rangers. The

ACT Government has launched its

annual recruitment drive

looking for at least 50

candidates to boost the

Territory's pool of rangers.

For ranger Craig Wainwright it

is just another regular day in

the office. The former high

school teacher quit his job two

years' ago in favour of the

great outdoors. It is a great

office. It is beautiful.

Certainly that was part of the

attraction for me. Craig is one

of around 40 rangers employed

to look after the ACT's 30-odd

nature parks and reserves. From

weed control, track maintenance

and wild life care. The job

description varies from day to

day and not all of it is pleasant. Clearing road kill

off the road, injured wildlife,

for instance if Roos are hit by

cars they need to be u then

aced if they are not dead. That

is the juky part of the

job. The Government is looking

to boost the Territory's pool

of rangers and has launched a

major recruitment drive. What

we are doing is commencing our

ranger recruitment process. It

is an employment register that

we will use for opportunities

in the park service for ranger

employment in the next 12 months. The interest is

there. The land itself and I

love the land and the bush and

getting out. The animals and everything. Definitely being outside in the environment that

is the biggest thing for me.

Just being out there and doing

it. With hundreds of ranger

wannabes and just 50 expected

to make the cut there will be

fierce competition for what

some say is the best job in

town. Queanbeyan bus company

Deanes has been sold to

Cabcharge and on overseas

partner for $53 million. Deanes

transit group has been

operating for 25 years and currently runs a fleet of

almost 100 buses out of two

depots. You know the Deanes

buslines and transport has

always been run as a family

business. The family - the

staff have always been treated

as family. We will miss that. The Transport Workers

Union does not believe staff

will be adversely affected by

the sale. In the short term we

don't see any changes to the

conditions and the rates of pay

for our members at Deanes. In

the long term obviously that is

to be seen. New joint owner

ComfortDelGro from Singapore is

the world's second biggest

transport company. The sale is

expected to be completed in the

coming weeks. To finance now.

The Australian dollar has hit

86 euro cents for the first

time. It cops as European

markets sold off last night amid disappointment from

comments - over comments from

the European Central Bank. The

local share market was not immune from the global

sell-off. A week ago Mario

Draghi, the President of the European Central Bank said he

would do whatever it takes to

keep the euro tonight. The

global share index jumped 5% in

anticipation of more money

printing and bond buying by the

ECB, led by surging European

stocks. Last night came the

reality. Well, we may do

something but that depends.

Spain and Italy have to ask

nicely.Clunk went Spanish

stocks and swish for Italian

once. Wall Street fell and so

did Asian markets. Here is a

chart that displays the

market's love of money printing. The top line shows the Federal Reserve's purchase

of securities using new money

called quantities Thaitive

easing or QE. The bot come line

is the S&P 500. QE1 put on 55%

to the value of the shares. QE2

33%. Then there was another fed

manoeuvre called operation

twist where it manipulated long-term rates and brought

them down. It produced a 29%

gain in share prices that. Is

why investors are asking for

more. The local market closed

1.2% lower today with Rio Tinto

down a lot. There were falls

across the board.

The all ordinaries this year

is now following the same

pattern as in the first four

months of the year, a trading

range that is rising at about

1.2% a week if you smooth out

the bumps. It is coming off a

lower starting point after the

12.5% correction in May. The

dollar is at 86 euro cents for

the first time ever after the

Draghi disappointment saw the

euro take a tumble. We are constantly being told that

using a mobile phone while

driving is dangerous but now

researchers have come up with the smart phone application that could drive the car for

you. The concept of a

driverless car was considered

far-fetched until recently. A new university project could

put your phone in the driver's

seat. It looks like a Go-kart

but this electric car could

revolutionise motor transport.

revolutionise motor transport.

Doctor Jun Jo and students at

Griffith's university's

robotics lab is dwoping a vision-based driverless

car. The tech knock to

recognise obstacles and objects and avoidance are developing quickly. A Smartphone camera

and a laser detection centre

operate the autonomous

navigation system. If the

technology is proven the inventor says car ownership

could disappear. Most of the

cars stay in the garage on the

streets, about 90% of the day

without being used. To get from

A to B a commuter will climb

into a driverless car, plug in

their phone and the cost of the

journey will be debited from

their account. Then we can

reduce a significant amount of

congestion or economic

expenditure to purchase or

maintain cars. Dr Jo says it

could be between 10 or 20 years

before driverless cars hit the

road and a major benefit of

handing over control to a

Smartphone is safety. The

technology could reduce the

road toll by taking high risk

factors, including speed,

alcohol and fatigue, out of a

driver's hands. A test model is

expected to hit the road next

year. While some critics have

found fault with the London

Olympics, it has been declared

a success on at least one

level. An army of unpaid

volunteers has been credited

with keeping up the spirits of

visitors Regardless of long

queues and inclement weather.

To manage the 500,000 visitors

that stream in and out of the

Olympic Park every day you need

plenty of thees. Are you all

excited? From the moment you

arrive 70,000 volunteers are at your service. Don't think you

are going to escape without a

smile. There's people not

smiling over there. C'mon,

smile. That's better. Ryan

Griffiths is a retired

salesman, selling the Olympic

spirit is almost too easy. It

is absolutely fantastic to

volume00 tear. They are come

from all over the world,

including Emma suley. She paid

her own way here to help

athletes from countries without

physio back-up and is sharing

the Olympic love. I don't now

if it is partly my uniform but definitely people are more

friendly. It is true, just like

Sydney a mysterious outbreak of

smileyness has gone viral about

here. The Brits aren't famous

for their exuberance but there

is something about the Olympics

that has changed all that. As

you can see, it is a spirit

that cannot be denied.

Shelley and Malcolm Yo from

Perth are two of the millions

of overseas visitors caught in the volunteer vortex of

joy. They have been the most

fabulous people. Even a way

from the glamour spots they

dutyively point and patiently

sit and wait to be needed.And

they are. They give and they

get. A once in a lifetime

exchange of Olympic cheer.

Before London slips back to its

old rhythms and the smiles


To Canberra's weather now. It

has been a partly cloudy day

staying dry with a top of 13

degrees this afternoon.

There's some cloud across the centre of Australia and deep in

the Southern Ocean a series of

cold fronts that will touch on

South Australia, southern Victoria

Victoria and Tasmania, as they

come through.While to the north

the high pressure ridge will

provide more fine and sunny

weather, light winds and some

more cold frosty nights.

That's all from the Canberra

newsroom for now. You can keep

up to date with the latest news

including Olympic results at

ABC Online and ABC News 24.

Stay with us now for 7:30 ACT

Stay with us now for 7:30 ACT with Jeremy Thompson. Thanks

for your company.Goodnight.

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