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Live. Tonight - another gold medal

and a world record for Usain

Bolt. They go head-to-head.

Bolt gets in front. And isn't

it fiting that the star of the

show should take the final bow?

More reasons to celebrate for Australia as Olympic

competition draws to a close.

Slow take-up. The ACT's

afterschool scheme for students

with a disability. And -

back-to-back at last. The

Raiders keep their finals hopes


Good evening. Siobhan Heanue

with ABC news. For two weeks,

it's kept us glued to our

screens and now it's about to

come to an end. The men's

marathon gets under way at the

London Olympics tonight,

followed by the closing

ceremony early tomorrow

morning. For Australia's team

it was a slow start, but in the

final days of competition,

they've been making up for lost

time. There were silver medals

in sailing and walking, and

bronze in hockey and

basketball. But in the Olympic

Stadium, once again, it was

Usain Bolt of Jamaica who stole

the show. Here's Lisa Millar in

London. The irrepressible Usain

Bolt put an exclamation mark on

his campaign by claiming his

third gold medal in the final

event of the track and field

program. Bolt anchored the

Jamaican team that broke the

world record in the 4 x 100m

relay. Even when there's 31

others in the race, Usain Bolt

still takes all the

spotlight. Bolt gets in front. Isn't it fiting that the star of the show takes the final

bow? Has in Beijing, Bolt will

carry only gold medals in the

100, 200 and 4 x 100

relay. It's a good look. The

victory stopped the traffic in

Kingston Jamaica. Jamaica, we

are special! Celebration

turned to devastation for

Canada, which was stripped of

bronze. I think it's foot on

the line. Oh dear. Australia

was elevateed to seventh.

Trinidad and Tobago took the

bronze and became the first

Caribbean nation to win a

javelin gold, thanks to

Kelshorn Walcott. Great

Britain's Mo Farrar added the

5,000m to his 10,000

title. Absolutely wonderful!

Russian Maria Savinova won the

800m ahead of fast-finishing

South African Caster Semenya.

The Opals medaled at their fifth consecutive games,

beating Russia 83-74 to take

the bronze. Draws the foul,

makes the shot. Christie

Harrow wer scored 21 points in

her final appearance. The last

three Olympics I have got and

got a silver medal but today

we're winners. The Americans

beat France to win the gold for

the fifth straight games. The

Kookaburras took out their frustrations on Great Britain,

winning 3-1. It was quite

bittersweet. Sort of obviously

losing the semifinal, and

playing the bronze medal game,

but if there was anyone to play

against, GB in the home nation

was a great victory. Defending

10m champion Matthew Mitcham

missed out on the final. David

Boudia had a surprise win,

giving the USA its first

platform success since Greg

Louganis in 1988. China's Qui

Bo couldn't hide his

disappointment, but British

bronze for 18-year-old Tom

Daley caused a splash. Two

remarkable efforts in sailing

and walking have won Australia

a pair of silver medals on the

penultimate day of the Olympic

Games. Jarrad Talent has

equalled the most medals for an

Australian man in Australian

track and field history coming

second in the 50 km walk while

the women's match racers took

silver after a gripping

encounter with Spain on water.

Australia's crew battled

aggressively with Spain, at one

race all in the best of five

showdown, Australia looked to

be motoring past the Spaniards

until an unexpected swim for

the skipper. Price slides off into the sea. I really

didn't know what hit me. I was

really cold all of a sudden. So

I had to take a double check

back and she wasn't with us any

more. So sailed down, turn

around. A gutsy fourth race

drew Australia equal again. In

a dramatic final encounter,

Australia was penalised for a

right of way violation. It's

penalty turn was ruled

improper. Whoo hoo! And that delivered silver to the crew

that had been aiming for gold. But there were nothing but

smiles in the wash-up. We're

still silver medallists. I couldn't be prouder what have

we've done. As we said, like,

I've most amazing experience

and enjoyed every minute of it. It was so exciting out

there. We had so much fun.

Looking at it now we're stoked

with the silver medal. Silver

is wonderful! It shines a lot

more. What a mammoth effort

they did today. They couldn't

have given it more than they

did. So proud, so proud, all

three of them. The crew was

unbeaten in the event's 11

preliminary races T only came

together after Olivia Price at

19 decided she'd be a skipper

and aim for the Olympics. Given

their average age is 22, their

medal is good news for the

future of sailing. Being able

to do this with such special

girls and we've had a blast and

it's been graimt. It's already

been a stellar games campaign

for the Australian sailing team

but it was capped off by the

news that one of their own,

Malcolm Page, will carry the

flag for Australia into the

closing ceremony. Helping me

show how to fly the spinnaker

so to speak. Another stand-out

Australian effort came during

the long walk. Jarrod Talent

was given two red cards before

halfway, just one ayay from

being disqualified. He produced

the fastest final 10 kilometres

of his career and a personal

best to win silver. This silver

added to the silver and bronze

in Beijing means the

27-year-old from Ballarat has

equalled the previous best at

the Olympics by a male Australian track and field

athlete. But fortune went with

his wife Claire who did full

fall of the officials,

disqualified from the 20

kilometre walk. And for

Australia, the games are certainly winding down with three Australian runners in the

marathon later on in one of the

big finals, the USA dream team

take on Spain for the gold in

basketball. And of course,

there's the closing ceremony.

A political deadlock over

asylum seekers will be front

and centre when federal resumes

this week. The expert panel

appointed bit the Prime

policy recommendations Minister will release its

tomorrow. The government wants

a deal on border protection

this week, but the coalition is

sticking to its policy and

there's no sign of compromise.

The boats keep coming. Three

more in the past 24 hours

alone. One intercepted near

Ashmore Islands, two west of

Cocos Island. 188 asylum

seekers in all headed for

Australia. The Parliament needs

to resolve this, they're trying

to get in in front of the

Parliament and they're runing

if you like a closing-down

sale. And business is booming.

There've been 114 boats so far

this year. Bringing more than

7,500 asylum seekers. The Australian people have had a

gutful of this and they want it

sorted. We need regional

policies that focus on

deterrents. Similar language

but deadlocked on policy. A

battle of Bills, passion and tears amounted to nothing

before the winter break. Now

it's over to the Prime

Minister's expert panel led by

former Defence Force Chief

Angus Houston T reports tomorrow. The Australian people

want to see this implemented.

The Greens have promised to

look at the recommendations but

offshore processing remains off

limits. It's offshore dumping.

It's illegal. It's in

contradiction to the Refugee Convention. The opposition is

makeing no promises. The

coalition has a policy, we've

urged the government to take

that on for the last four

years. The panel will give its

verdict on Nauru, turning back

boats and temporary pro section

visas but the coalition won't

compromise and won't budge on

the real sticking point Malaysia. That's not something

we're prepared to sign up

for. It takes a particular type

of arrogance to reject a report's recommendations before you have even seen them

snoochblt was an attempt at a

circuit breaker. The government

says it wants a deal in

Parliament by the end of the

week. But short of. Doing

coalition policy is seems there

is a very real prospect the

experts' work will lead nowhere. Employees at a

Melbourne car parts

manufacturer are meeting

tonight in a bid to resolve an industrial dispute that's

threatening to disrupt Australia's car manufacturing

industry. Workers at the Dair

plant have been on strike since

Wednesday in protest against

proposals to place caps on

redundancy pay-outs. Unions and

the company held conciliation

talks at Fair Work Australia

for more than four hours today.

Workers will be voting on a new

offer in the next hour. It is

ultimately the decision of

employees as to whether or not they think an agreement is to

their liking. But on balance,

with everyone recommending a particular outcome it's one I'm

sure people will give serious

consideration to. It's a very

good offer. We're all hoping to

see this result. We'll just see

what happens tonight. Ford and

Holden say if the dispute

continues, it will disrupt

production. Some. Nation's most

vulnerable people are being

turned away by welfare organisations unable to cope

with increasing demand. A

survey of nearly 700 non-government organisations

found chronic underfunding is

leading to longer waiting

lists. Housing remains the

biggest problem, but legal

services are also feeling the

strain. For those who seek

assistance from Sydney's

Wayside Chapel, lengthy delays

in finding housing is an all

too common scenario. I've been

the list for years and never

goes anywhere. Waiting

lists, delays. There is such a

majority of people all going

for the same thing which is

housing. An annual survey

conducted by the Australian

Council of Social Service found

over 20,000 people in need of

housing were turned away last

year. 80% of agencies say they

were unable to meet demand for

their services. But we know,

we've known for a long time

we've got a housing affordability crisis in

Australia and so it's not

surprising to us that once

again housing comes out as are

the biggest area of unmet

need. In amongst the gloomy

figures there are some glimmers

of hope like increased

investment in social

housing. The investment on the

ground in support to get people

where they need to be is

working. We must build on these

gains. We can't drop the ball.

A record of number of people

are also being turned away from community legal services. 73%

of services across the country

say they can't keep up with

demand. 20,000 people a year

are missing out on legal

support. People who come to us

if they're turned away there is

nowhere else to go. After a

fall in funding in real terms

since 1997, Community Law Australia is calling for an n

jeks of $330 million a year to

ensure all Australians get a

basic level of legal

access. Governments seem to not

be aware of the size of the

issue. It is telling a particular picture that people

are getting increasingly into

problems with debt, evictions,

the longer those problems go un

addressed the more difficult it

is to help them turn their

lives around. ACOSS is calling

for all levels of government to

increase funding for areas of

social feed. Afterschool care

programs were Canberra's

disabled teens were once

unheard of. Now, places are

going unfilled. Last year the

ACT Government funded several

operators to run the service

after lobbying from program,

but months into the program,

take-up has been surprisingly

slow. For Rachel, a shopping

trip like this would've once

been near impossible. She had a

lot of problems, if we went out

even for a cup of coffee for

tea, she would be upset by the

noise. Now hustle and bustle of

the local supermarket didn't

bother Rachel. Getting them out

in the community, around the

shelves and being familiar with

other people in the store as

well. Getting them out of their

comfort zone really. The

program provides afterschool

and holiday care for teenagers

with a disability. We didn't

have any afterschool care help.

My son who's 19 used to do a

lot of after school for us.

It's one of two programs

launched at the beginning of

the year thanks to government

funding. But eight months on,

take-up rates at Black Mountain

School and Belconnen Community

Service have been much slower

than expected. Quite a number

of parents who put their hands

up and said yes we'd like for

this project to go ahead. Unfortunately the numbers

haven't been as great as we'd

like them to be. That's

primarily missing out on

services. We have a lot of

costs associated with raising a

child with a disability. Limited transport options have

also been blamed. We're not on

the transport route for the

school buses. Ideally our aim

is for it to be on the

integrated school bus system route. The government will

review the programs at the end

of the year. In Afghanistan

the trust between foreign

troops and their Afghan colleagues have been further

eroded by several shooting

incidents. Three American

Special Forces soldiers were

shot dead after accepting a

dinner invitation from an

Afghan police commander. On the

same day, thee US marines were

gunned down by an Afghan man

working at NATO bay. The death

toll from two powerful

earthquakes in north west ir

reason has risen to more than

250. Emergency workers continue

to search for survivors with

hundreds already rescued from

under the rubble of the thousands have been injure and

many are in a critical

condition. Hospitals are overwhelmed and medical staff are being forced to treat

patients in the open. The toll

is expected to rise as

emergency workers are yet to

reach some of the collapsed

villages in remote areas. Iran

is situated on major fault lines and has suffered several

devastating earthquakes in

recent years. A 20-year-old

Australian man is facing up to

a year in jail in Hawaii after

a teenage girl was killed in a

jetski crash. Queenslander

Tyson Dagley was holidaying in

Honolulu when the jetski he was riding collided with another

jetski, killing a 16-year-old

American girl. He's been

charged with third degree

negligent homicide. He wasn't

intoxicated there was no malice

no. Intent. It was simply an

accident. It's also fair for us to say he didn't expect anybody

to be stoping in the middle of

the course. He needs to

answer for what he did. He was

being negligent. He knows

that. Dagley will appear in

court again on Tuesday. Local

media is reporting that Dagley's girlfriend Natasha

Ryan has also been arrested. The Department of Foreign

Affairs says consular

assistance is being given to

Dagley and his family. US presidential candidate Mitt

Romney has picked a

conservative Congressman from

Wisconsin as his running mate.

The announcement, though, was

partly overshadowed by a gaffe

from Mr Romney as to who would

get the top job. Join me in

welcoming the next President of

the United States, Paul Ryan.

42-year-old Paul Ryan is

popular with the conservative

Tea Party movement and he has

pledged to cut government

spending an reverse President

Barack Obama's health care

reforms. It's been years in the

making but a plan to move

healthy Tasmanian devils to a

remote island for their own

protection is finally going

ahead. Mariah Island off the

State 's east coast is to

become a safe haven for from

the devil from the unrelenting

spaed of the deadly facial

tumour disease. But there are

concerns mt impact on the

island which is a National

Park. Mariah Island was a

holiday destination for a group

of captive devils seven years

ago. But plans to establish a

wild population there has so

far been just talk. We are in

the process of moving a

disease-free Col Neve animals

to Mariah Island where they

will be protected from infection. Parks and Wildlife

has now approved the move. A

group of 10 healthy devils will

be released onto Mariah Island

at the end of the year with

another 40 to follow. It's very

important we do have an

insurance population. Up to 90%

less sightings of Tasmanian

devils in the north east mean

that the devil facial fume more

disease is taking ahold. We

have great concerns about the

potential impact of the devils

on shore birds. In its

submission, bird life Tasmania

also detailed potential impacts

on wedge tailed eagles through

competition with devils for

food. We have no idea whether

those concerns have been

addressed. We've have no


whatsoever. Conservation Trust

is also worried. The devils

may not survive F they do, it

will be a very small

contribution to the survival of

the devil and possibly a very

big impact on other endangered species. The State Government

says a staged approach will

mean devils and other species

will be under constant

monitoring. To sport now. In

rugby league, it might seem

unlikely but the Raiders are

still in the finals race after

a 10-point win over Penrith


The Raiders are clinging to

a faint finals chance but the

Panthers started the better

side in Sydney's west. The home

side blew several opportunities

in a low-scoring first half and

with the Raiders lucky to still

be in the match the side made

the most of a rare chance for

consecutive wins. Two quick

tries had them in front. Some

juggling minutes later from Joe

Picker sealed a Raiders win

that keeps them in the finals

hunt. The Bulldogs have been

winning at will lately while

the Broncos have struggled but Brisbane put the form guide

away in the opening minutes as

Te'o made light work of Barber

and the visitors scored at a

point a minute early as they

raced to a 14-0 lead. But the

Bulldogs reined back the

Broncos, tries on either side

of half-time cut the margin to

2. Barber put his side in front

midway through the second half.

While nothing was going right

for the Broncos in the dying

stage, Barber scored his second

to seal an 11th win in a row

for the Bulldogs. Last night

the Dragons got the jump on the

eighth placed Tigers. St George

St George Illawarra were

desperate to close the gap on

the top eight, but the

returning Jamie Soward was off

the Mark and Tim Mou ltzen

added insult to injury for the

red and white. He scored a hat

trick to keep the Tigers naet

for at least one more week and

most likely put the Dragons

outside it for the season N

towns vil North Queensland

racked up points. While the

Warriors piled on errors on

their way to a 53% completion

rate. The Cowboys scored nine

tries in the match including an

Ashley Graham hat trick.

Locally in the Canberra

Raiders Cup, Belconnen defeated

Goulburn 32-24. The race for

the AFL's minor premiership has

been thrown wide open after

Collingwood ended Sydney's nine

match unbeaten run with an

eight-point victory last night.

Probably too often matches are described as having a

finals-like atmosphere, but

last night's meeting of first

against third warranted such a

label. In front of over 45,000

fans the swans' biggest home

crowd in four years, both sides

threw everything at each other

but it was the magpies who

emerged with a gritty

eight-point win. That's a credit to Sydney, the style

they've been able to play

consistently this year is a finals-like intensity in terms

of just hiting in, bodies

crashing in and making it a

real grind of a game. There

wasn't nothing anything in

contest all need N Swan's

absence, Beams picked up the

slack, kicking three goals.

Sydney remains first on the

ladder for now on percentage

but will need to come through further tests of its

credentials against Hawthorn

then Geelong in the last two

rounds if it's to remain

there. I think we did a fair

bit right but you gotta do

everything right for the entire

130 minutes.S Collingwood

hasn't lost to Sydney since

2005, and now has a realistic

shot at the minor

premiership. Seems we get

better with our backs against

the wall. When there's

obstacles thrown in front of

this group of players they

respond. What could certainly

be taken out of the contest is

a firm belief these sides are

likely to run each other again

in September. Carlton did

everything it had to in a

dominant 36-point win over

Brisbane last night boosting

its percentage and securing

four crucial competition points

as the Blues continue to dream

of sneaking into the finals.

One win one, three still to go.

In the north eastern Football

League this weekend, Queanbeyan

proved too strong for Eastlake.

In golf, a storm has caused

play to be suspended on the

third day of the US PGA

Championship, with most of the

leaders unable to complete the

round. Before the weather intervened, Australia's Adam

Scott charged to within one

shot of leaders Rory McIlroy

and Vijay Singh. Aaron Baddeley

is the next best Australian in

a tie for 11th.

Scott made his move shortly

before the rain interruption,

with three straight birdies to

finish his front nine. That's

Adam Scott. There were unusual

scenes when McIlroy's ball

landed inside a tree branch but

it didn't faze the Northern

Irishman who made five birdies

in nine holes T wasn't such a

good day for overnight leader

Woods, who fell five shots off

the pace. A national one day

side has taken the points

against Australia A in their

first practice match in Darwin.

The pitch was prepared to mimic the spinner's paradise they

will face in Dubai, and during

the Sri Lankan World Twenty20.

It was meant to be the slow

bowlers' turn to shine but fast

bowlers were taking the wickets. Mitchell Starc took

3/25 and extracted pace and

bounce from a wicket expected

to produce neither. Australia A

lost 9/183 and the national

side reached their total with

only two wickets down and 15

overs to spare. Musicians from

all around Australia have been

recognised at the Indigenous

Music Awards in Darwin. From

Arnhem Land rock bands to young

folk singers and everything in

between, the Indigenous music

scene is more diverse than ever. This year it was

Queensland band the Medics who

took top honours. East Journey

of getting plenty of attention

for their Arnhem Land brand of

saltwater reggae and the nine

piece outfit travel from the

remote community of Yirrkala in

the Top End to perform in front

of thousands at Darwin's

natural amphitheatre.

Brisbane-based band the Medics

were the big winners this year.

They took out three awards for

album and song of the year, and

best new talent. It's great to

see everyone coming together

with a night like this and a

place like this, it's just a

beautiful thing. Previously

just held for Northern

Territory artists, the awards

went national last year to

recognise talent from all

around the country. You have

people singing like in lingo,

but you also have the heavy

rock element still there and

the western desert music still

alive and well. For the second

year in a row Geoffrey Gurrumul

Yunupingu was named artist of

the year. The blind singer was

at home on Elcho Island but

received news of his win loud

and clear. I'm ringing him now. (Applause)

Pioneering country music

star Jimmy Little who died in April was inducted into the

Indigenous music Hall of Fame.

The Lajamanu Teenage Band from

the northern Tanami des ert

were also honoured. They

continue to inspire new

generations of Indigenous


To the weather now. Today was mostly sunny in the capital

with light winds.

A deep low over the Tasman

Sea is directing strong winds,

showers hand dangerous surf

onto the New South Wales and south-east Queensland coast A

front nearing south west WA is

causing north-westerly winds to

increase and rain to develop.

While a large high is keeping

the remainder of the country


Before we go, a brief recap

of our top story tonight.

Federal Parliament resumes this

week with the government's

expert panel on asylum seeker policy set to deliver its

policy recommendations. The

government is keen to strike a deal on border protection this

week but there's no sign of

compromise from the coalition.

And that's all from the ABC's

Canberra newsroom for now. And

you can keep up with the latest

news at ABC Online and ABC News

24. We'll leave you with some

of the works of art on show

this weekend at the Canberra

craft and quilt fair. Enjoy

your evening. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI