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(generated from captions) as American Independence, In the same year finally finished his book. Adam Smith In writing it, as a force of good his theories about self-interest had fallen apart. William Cunninghame's profiteering isn't just about making money, taught Smith that economics that comes with it. it's about the social responsibility Smith gave the world its first study In 'The Wealth of Nations', of a country's economy. of the moral and political dimensions Its success was to mark Adam Smith most influential thinkers, as one of the Enlightenment's and the father of modern economics. he wrote On the last page of the book should free herself "It is surely time that Great Britain those provinces in time of war "from the expense of defending any part of their establishments "and of supporting "in time of peace." It was time to let America go. He was right, of course. to the American Revolution It reads like a diary of the build-up and it's every bit as much for self-determination about a country's struggle as it is about economics. there were no winners or losers. In the end The new American Constitution and freedom for all, made good its promises of rights

to the Founding Fathers but it never occurred to slaves. to extend those same freedoms to rid America of slavery It took a civil war ever since. and it's struggled with the legacy of liberty And while Britain's vision

principle for decades to come, remained bereft of democratic it abolished slavery for other European nations to follow. and paved the way And what of Scotland? In the wake of American Independence, of anticlimax, there was a feeling in the air of dissatisfaction. between America and Scotland. Parallels were drawn It seemed as though of the Scottish Enlightenment all the best intellectual efforts with the blueprint for liberty. had gone to providing America thought and talked, But while Scotland put those ideas into action. it was America that had everything for Scotland. In truth, America had changed the foundation stones She had helped to lay influential democracies in the world. for one of the first and most As part of Great Britain, faltering steps onto the world stage. she had taken her first And she would never look back. Captions (c) SBS Australia 2012

Good evening. Manny Tsigas with a

World News Australia update. Hopes

are fading for a fisherman lost off

the West Australian coast following

the dramatic rescue of his uncle.

Three men had set out in a fishing

boat late yesterday morning. The

third man was also pulled form the

water, but didn't survive.

Thousands remain without

electricity in NSW tonight after

gales downed powerlines and tore

roofs off buildings. The State

Emergency Service has received

around 700 calls for help. NASA's

newest Mars Rover has sent back its

first colour pictures from the Red

Planet. And I'll have a full World

News Australia bulletin at 10:30. At the end of World War II some of the most prominent members the Nuremberg trials brought of the Third Reich to justice. But thousands of high ranking Nazis, in the systematic murder of millions, who participated and escaped around the world. slipped through the net More than 60 years later to hunt them down. one man is still trying have been trying to trace For decades Nazi hunters war criminal still alive the most wanted from the Second World War.

(Prays in Hebrew)

in the world today. This is the most wanted Nazi at age 93. He's believed to still be alive was a member of Hitler's SS. Aribert Heim He killed hundreds, even to contemplate. using methods that are painful to administer anaesthetic, He often refused despite acquiring the name Dr Death. of World War II, 64 years after the end remain, for some, far from history. the horrors of the Holocaust, the world's last Nazi hunters. Efraim Zuroff is one of that someone like myself The very notion practically his entire adult life who's born after WWII spent most of, hunting Nazis is absurd. this should have been done In other words, long before I started, right when I was born. nothing for me to do. And there should have been the reality is very different. But that's not the reality, is a story of mass murder. in a sense a personal thing for me, But this is not of the Jewish people, this is the tragedy that the effort be made. and as such it deserves Over the last 30 years and prosecute Zuroff has helped track down over 24 Nazi war criminals. of those still at large Now he has drawn up a list

to catch them all. and he's determined and some are under 90. Listen, some are over 90 whether or not they're healthy The question is and understand what's going on.

Operation Last Chance. He's called this final campaign for anyone providing information There's substantial money on offer

or conviction of one of his targets. that leads to the arrest in their late 80s or early 90s All the suspects are either and time is literally running out. we're in injury time now. We're in the final stretch, of putting it. That's really the best way are a bonus, you could say. Whatever goals we're able to score they'd be brought to justice. These are people who never thought You just have to hang in there. is the element of perseverance. The certain element here Having said that, facing the end of this operation, there's no question that we're the end of these efforts, the end of this project, in the history of the Holocaust and that will really close a chapter and its aftermath. this chapter won't be finally closed For Zuroff until one man is caught. In October 1941 called Aribert Heim an Austrian SS doctor to Mauthausen concentration camp. was assigned At just 26, from Vienna's medical school Heim had graduated the previous year. in the human anatomy. He had shown a particular flair But when he arrived at Mauthausen Heim had little interest in treating his patients. Instead they became victims on whom he performed sadistic and needless operations. In the six weeks he was at the camp, he allegedly murdered hundreds of inmates. His "procedures" included injecting poison

directly into the hearts of his patients, often timing them to see how long it took them to die. He would amputate limbs without reason and without aesthetic, and he would even keep mementos of his victims, using skin as a lamp shade, and a skull as a paperweight. Heim kept a detailed record in his own medical log, confirmed by Mauthausen survivors, who knew him simply as Dr Death. Today Aribert Heim would be 93 years old. He's Zuroff's ultimate prize. I can't think of greater victory than to bring him to justice. He's the number one target of Operation Last Chance. But I can't rule out the possibility that Heim is either dead or will die in his sleep in some hideout in South America or somewhere else in the world. That's a realistic possibility. Every day that goes by without him being caught brings him a day closer to eluding justice, if he hasn't already eluded justice. Heim was last seen in 1962. He was presumed dead and it seemed he would never pay for his crimes. But in 2001 a German lawyer tried to get a tax rebate on behalf of a client who, he said, was living abroad. The log of the court case recorded that the lawyer claimed a second lawyer, called Fritz Steinacker, was in regular contact with this client. The client was none other than Aribert Heim. If this were so, it meant that, 47 years since his disappearance, Dr Death was still alive. It's up to Zuroff to try and find him and bring him to trial. His first call is to the German police. You know, at the forefront of the efforts to find Heim, Germany's the only country in the world which has a special task force to try and find Aribert Heim. We want to get the best information from the best source. Whether or not it'll lead us to... Dr Heim remains to be seen, of course. Zuroff needs the co-operation of the police, as he has one major obstacle in his quest to catch Heim. He personally doesn't have the power to make an arrest. The police are pursuing the theory that if Heim is still alive then it's possible that he's being helped by his family. He has an ex-wife called Freida and two sons called Christian and Rudiger. Rudiger still lives in the family home with his mother in Germany. Heim also has an illegitimate daughter called Waltraud Diharce who is believed to live in an isolated town at the southern tip of Chile. This is the place, Puerto Montt. This is where his daughter lives. And right here is Bariloche. So there's a natural area, right here, where he might be. There's his fingerprints. How do you have his finger prints if he's never been captured? He was arrested twice by the Americans after the war but he was never prosecuted and no one seems to know why, which is another question mark about the case. But at this point that's irrelevant and the main thing is to find him. An effort has been made, is being made, certainly for the last three and a half years. Why it wasn't made before, that is another question. Wiesenthal himself was looking for him. Heim was arrested by the Americans after the war, but in 1946, when SS personnel from Mauthausen stood trial, he was not among them. Instead, despite the evidence against Heim, the Americans released him. He was even recommended for a surgical job in a local hospital. Why Heim was never brought to trial remains a mystery. One theory is that, like many Nazi war criminals, he was working as a spy in the Cold War battle against communism. Whatever the truth may be, the fact remains that Aribert Heim was a free man and has remained so for over 60 years. But now the hunt is about to start, could Zuroff be too late? I'm not saying I'm gonna find him. All I can say is there's a good indication he is alive and our working assumption is that he's alive and we'll do anything possible that we can do to make sure that he's brought to justice. Will that do it? No-one knows. It's... It's a venture into the unknown. Zuroff's hunt for Dr Death begins nearly 8000 miles away from the place where Heim committed his crimes. Zuroff is accompanied by the Wiesenthal Centre's South American agent, Sergio Widder, who has been involved in many Nazi hunts, including the extradition from Argentina of Erich Priebke, convicted of murdering over 300 civilians in Rome. I am proud of having contributed in some way to send Nazi war criminals to trial and I hope... to have the opportunity to say the same about Aribert Heim. After the defeat of the Third Reich, hundreds, possibly thousands, of Nazis escaped across the Atlantic to the safe haven of South America. Across the border in Argentina, the dictator Juan Domingo Peron welcomed these men with open arms. He wanted scientists and nuclear experts to help fight his battle against his communist enemies in the region.

This escape route became known as the "ratlines". Some of history's most notorious Nazis all found refuge and a new life on a new continent.

With limited resources at his disposal, Zuroff has to rely heavily on publicity. His tactic in South America is to try and create a media frenzy and dangle the offer of a reward, which he hopes will flush out Heim. Good afternoon to all of you. Thank you for coming. Today's press conference is being held primarily to deal with the issue of the case of Aribert Heim. Heim is now the number one most wanted Nazi in the world. There is a special prize for Aribert Heim and that sum is... 315,000 euros. We have a hotline for information and I'll hold that number up in a minute but we're also here to announce

that we're starting an ad campaign in South America

and you'll excuse the mistake in the number here of the money. It's actually 315,000 and this is of course our way of hoping that someone will give us the necessary information. I'm not supposed to smile now. Have to be serious. But the reward Zuroff is offering is nothing compared to the resources Aribert Heim has at his disposal. After the war and his barbaric medical experiments at Mauthausen, Heim returned to a civilian life in Germany as a doctor. Eventually he settled in the genteel spa town of Baden-Baden

with his wife Freida and two sons Christian and Rudiger.

There he attended to the aches and pains of the bourgeois and became a very successful man... so successful that in 1958 he purchased a 42-unit apartment block in Berlin for 160,000 deutschmarks, at the time a small fortune. He felt so assured in his freedom that he bought the property He also opened a gynaecology clinic, again in his own name. He was a skilled ice hockey player and played for a regional team. But only here did he show caution. He made sure he was never photographed with any of his team-mates. Heim's personal fortune, today worth millions, sits frozen by the German government. For Zuroff, briefing local journalists in Santiago, that money is key. (Speaks Spanish) What's the importance of the bank accounts? Okay, listen. It's very important because it's one of the proofs that he's alive. If you have 1.2 million euros, which the kids can take if he's dead... They didn't do it. That reinforces the idea that he's alive. I'll tell you something else, it's not only that bank account. He has something like 800,000 euros, an additional 800,000 euros in stock and bonds. There's a lot of money in that account. Even if they're relatively wealthy, which they are, still, you know, two million euros, that's money. That's money. The only people who can take that money are the kids if they prove that their father's dead. By 1960 Heim was living a dream life in Baden Baden, a model citizen surrounded by a loving family. But then things changed. After the capture and trial of Adolf Eichmann Nazi war criminals once again became a hunted quarry. In 1962 the German authorities issued a new arrest warrant for Heim. He was apparently tipped off and fled Baden Baden before the police could catch up with him. He's has been on the run ever since. Zuroff has two lines of inquiry. He wants to broker a meeting with Heim's daughter Waltraud, who lives in the isolated town of Puerto Montt, and he wants to check out reported sightings of a man fitting Heim's description. At 6 foot 4 with a distinguishing scar on his cheek, he should be easily recognised. Just 24 hours into the trip, there's been a breakthrough. So there was a development yesterday? Maybe. We got a tip... that looks actually quite, quite promising. The information came from the Israeli embassy. He called the Israeli embassy, someone who knows the family of Heim's daughter and thinks he might know where Heim is hiding. If it's Heim then it's, I mean, it's just unbelievable, right? And if we nab him... that would be the greatest thing, of course, but there's no other good alternative. In other words, it's either him or it's nothing. So I would say on a scale of one to ten... this is between seven and eight. Definitely no. But with this man, there's no...

It's either complete success or complete failure. That's one of the indications that Heim is alive because the kids have not tried to take that money. It's not 8 o'clock yet and you're doing your first interview. First? Try 17th. Zuroff's tactic to involve the media seems to be working as he is all over the papers. So where are you heading today? We are going to Puerto Montt. Home of Waltraud and Ivan Diharce, the illegitimate daughter and son-in-law of Dr Aribert Heim. How significant a catch would he be? It would be certainly one of the most important moments in Nazi hunting, if you will, in the last three or four decades. Our guess is that...

it's the people here who might be able to solve the mystery. And if Mr Heim is here in Puerto Montt listening... If he's listening... What's your message? My message is give up. Turn yourself over and at least give the victims closure. You've lived long enough without being behind bars. I really feel like I've come to the end of the world so to speak, to find this guy. Just hope we haven't come too late.

Heim's daughter Waltraud is said to have lived in Puerto Montt for nearly 30 years. It's home from home for a large community of German and Austrian settlers. Dresden Cafe. See? It's not Tel Aviv Cafe. It's Dresden Cafe. (Laughs) Oh, and here we have some other friendly journalists. Welcome to Puerto Montt, gentlemen. Some residents resent Zuroff's intrusion and the reminder of the Nazi war crimes he's bringing with him. Find the killer of the Palestinian people! That is genocide, now. Genocide? You didn't know You don't know what the word means. They send rockets into Israeli cities to kill as many Jews as possible. Get out of my country. What's your objection with Mr Zuroff being here? I don't understand what you say, mister. MEN: Bravo, bravo! 'Bien, bien'. What a welcome! It's beautiful, it ups the ante. We should sit somewhere we can be easily attacked by any passer-by. Okay! Away from the media spotlight Zuroff and Widder have made contact with the informant who might be their breakthrough. He's an employee of Heim's son-in-law, Ivan Diharce, Waltraud's husband. He claims that Heim is hiding 50 miles away from Puerto Montt on the island of Chiloe, living on land owned by the family. I am asking him why does he think

there is a chance Heim is in Chiloe and he says that it is because Diharce has a field in Chiloe. (Speaks Spanish) And it is in an area with very difficult access. Why did it arouse your suspicion? (Speaks Spanish) He had a relative, a very old relative... (Speaks Spanish) > It sounds strange to Mr Barantes because Mr Barantes knows all Diharce's relatives. The informant knows that none of the family actually live on the island of Chiloe, even though they own a property there. So he took note when Waltraud's husband told him he was taking food to an elderly and previously unknown relative who'd arrived on the island. But you also said he was carrying a lot of food. That didn't seem to make sense. (Speaks Spanish) He said he had very many bags from the supermarket. (Speaks Spanish) He does not know who he was bringing that food to. There's no hard evidence that anyone is living in this place. If he had seen someone living there, an elderly German, if he had spoken to someone who saw an elderly German... There's no evidence of any person living in this house in the last few years. Definitely has to be checked out. Yeah. Absolutely. We're gonna transfer it to the police, we're gonna give it to the police and we're going to see what happens. Listen, this is gonna be tough. This is gonna be very tough. And this, our little encounter today in front of the hotel was just the 'Vorspeise', the appetiser. Know what I mean?

Zuroff and Widder have a lot of questions. They've decided to pay a visit to Heim's daughter Waltraud. This is the part that I definitely do not like, to be honest. It's one thing to go to a Nazi's house. That, I think, is legitimate. It's another thing to go to a child of a Nazi's house. That's already much more complicated. Have you tried to a broker a meeting with Waltraud? We tried. What happened? No result.(Laughs humourlessly) When did you try this? We tried yesterday, actually. They didn't get ahold of her. Zuroff's tactic with the media has been to whip up a media storm but now he needs a private meeting with Waltraud the tactic has backfired. We're not getting out. You're not? No, no. A press pack, all hungry for a story, have descended on the house, ruining any prospect of Waltraud agreeing to a meeting. Close the doors and don't open the window. Don't open the window! (Speaks Spanish) Go knock on the door and say that... you wanna talk to her or we wanna talk to her and is she willing to talk? Zuroff sends the press themselves to knock on her door. He says they're in Puerto Varas, which is about 15 K from here. He doesn't have the address, he doesn't have a phone number. He didn't say why they're there? No. Could be a wild goose chase. We haven't... It could be a total wild goose chase. I mean... Are you worried that he's gonna end up ultimately escaping justice? I am very worried about it, yes. And if he dies before we catch him, believe me, it'll be incredibly frustrating but as long as the possibility exists, and there's I would say even a good likelihood that he's alive, we have to make every effort, including media stunts like this, to try and find him. The fact that Waltraud is nowhere to be seen is a significant setback. Zuroff is getting desperate but determined to keep up the pressure and flush out Heim. The media offensive continues. As many of our listeners I'm sure know, Heim's daughter Waltraud Diharce lives in Puerto Montt. This is why our visit to Puerto Montt is so important. That's the prize for anyone who'll bring us the information that will lead to the capture and prosecution of Dr Aribert Heim. Zuroff has spent a week in Chile. It's time to leave. But despite the initial elation with the new informant, he is still no closer to cornering his prey. Do you ever feel like you're chasing a ghost? Well, listen, it's something I ask myself occasionally and it's something that, you know, I think about. Yeah. I do know that there's a serious chance he might be dead. Yes, I'm well aware of that.

As long as we have no concrete proof that he's dead, we have to assume he's alive and we have to try. It's worth an effort. They are now moving the hunt across the Andes to Argentina. This is Efraim Zuroff of the Wiesenthal Centre. We have a lot to talk about. We're in Buenos Aires. Yeah. No, it's very important. We have to talk. They are meeting with Argentinean Interpol to give an update on the progress of the hunt. He is convinced that he saw a person who fits the description exactly. As new information continues to emerge Zuroff remains convinced that Heim's daughter Waltraud holds the key. In the last two hours we got a new lead by phone from someone who saw him in Chile, he's almost certain he saw him, and he was accompanied by a woman who fits the description of Waltraud 100 per cent. Everything is in place, the shape of the face, the short hair, the fact that she's heavy, the age... But despite these new leads Zuroff still has nothing concrete to show that Heim has gone to ground here. As he prepares to leave South America and return to Israel, it seems for now the hunt for Heim is out of his hands. What are you compiling there, Effie? I'm writing a report now,

which we're giving to the police in Chile, on our encounter with the informant. Listen, if past experience is any indication then this will be checked out very shortly. We're talking about a matter of days. You're leaving in the next couple of days. What's gonna happen if they come up with something? You never heard of planes? to give him a big 'yasher koyekh', to give him the big handshake and to have the press conference and say hallelujah. You're not planning to go home in a couple of days? I am planning to go home in a couple of days because we don't know what's going to happen.

I could be like this for the next six months, just in limbo from one lead to another lead. I'm very sort of... There's something about this I don't like. Because how will I look if we don't find him? How would I look if he's found tomorrow in Germany? Since 1951, the horrors of the Holocaust have been marked by an annual day of mourning and remembrance in Israel. Zuroff has been invited onto a television talk show. (Speaks Hebrew) He knows that as the remaining wanted Nazis become older and fewer, the rest of the world is beginning to lose interest in hunting them down, even in Israel. (Speaks Hebrew) I was explaining to them why even today it's important to bring Nazis to justice

and used Heim as a perfect example. You think of someone like Heim, assuming that he's alive, what, you're gonna let him live out his life in tranquillity as if he didn't do anything, as if he didn't commit any crimes?

That's absurd. But the people running the media here, they're the ones who don't... In other words, for them this is not an important topic. What is an important topic? Listen, you're in a country here that's facing existential threat of a nuclear, Iranian nuclear bomb.

So they are right that the Iranian nuclear bomb's more important than this. That's true. Yalla, let's go. Right now I'm incredibly frustrated because some of the information that we found in Chile that we thought was potentially very important was checked out and didn't lead to anything.

So now we're sort of weighing our options to decide what to do. The hunt for Heim has stalled, at least until new leads or fresh information appears. For Zuroff it's back to compiling evidence against some of other the other targets he's hunting. I'm very interested in what happened that morning, the morning they came to take you to the Dom. I remember a gendarme was holding a list and asking for my father... Like the perpetrators of the Holocaust, the victims represent part of a dying generation. But these are the people Zuroff is fighting for. Is it right to what Zuroff's doing, chasing them till no one is left? I adore him for it because it is a saint work. It is... something that... I hope that he gets lot also from other people. A lot of help because he's doing... Also emotionally and also physically, he... invests a lot, I know. Two months after visiting South America there's been an extraordinary development. Heim's daughter Waltraud has written to Zuroff. She's agreed to a face-to-face meeting, not in Chile, but in Austria. Out of the blue I received a letter sent to the Wiesenthal Centre in Jerusalem, basically begging us to leave her alone. This piqued our curiosity. Maybe we should ask for a meeting. Maybe this is the breakthrough that we were waiting for to finally have this tete-a-tete with her.

I have to tell you, just on a human level, I was really nervous about this thing, to be honest. I could feel my stomach was churning yesterday. It's very rare, very rare thing, but listen, that's part of the game, part of the job. This is the things that we're up against. Waltraud has asked that their meeting and conversation be kept confidential,

something Zuroff has agreed to honour. He won't repeat the details but Waltraud has admitted that Aribert Heim was her father but she claims she never knew him and they never even met. As you can imagine, this was... This is, I think, definitely one of the dramatic encounters in the ongoing search for Aribert Heim. I wanted to reach her on that human level, to sort of try and probe into her heart, into her mind, and try and get the truth. Let me put it this way, if she's lying... she did one hell of a job today. Ironically, it's the thoroughness of Zuroff's own investigation that has ended up showing Waltraud had no knowledge of her father's whereabouts, putting back years of work on the hunt for Heim. But as the file on one of Heim's children closes another child has unexpectedly broken cover. Rudiger Heim, Aribert's youngest son, has given an interview to the German magazine 'Bild'. Rudiger claims he has no idea where his father is but he wants him to be officially declared dead. That would allow Heim's personal fortune to be unfrozen and inherited by his family. Rudiger also claims he would make a charitable donation towards documenting the crimes of Mauthausen. Rudiger for years refused to give interviews. The whole thing was extremely strange, I have to say, and coming right after Waltraud's letter to us. Normally I don't like conspiracy theories, I don't go for them, but something might be afoot. It's about to emerge that Rudiger Heim is not being entirely frank about his father's whereabouts. The hunt for Dr Death is about to be turned on its head. (Snorts) So there's been some developments? Some shocking developments, I would even say. I mean this is totally in a completely different direction than all our working assumptions

over the last three years, four years. This unexpected turn of events began when 'The New York Times' and German TV broadcaster ZDF were contacted by an anonymous middleman who gave them a briefcase that allegedly once belonged to Aribert Heim. Letters, bank statements, medicine, this is the suitcase. It contained personal documents, including a rare photograph of an aging Aribert Heim. It appeared to show that Heim had taken on a new identity whilst living in Cairo, and a copy of a death certificate suggested he might have died there too. Tarek Hussein Farid... Died in 1992. And good old Rudiger was with him.

Rudiger Heim changed his original story and admitted he knew all along that his father was hiding in Cairo. He added further intrigue

by claiming he was with his father when he actually died and that the body was later buried in a mass grave. But the guy's obviously a liar.

Six months before that he told 'Bild am Sonntag' that he had no contact whatsoever with his father. So is he lying then, is he lying now, is he lying both times? It's clear he's a liar and has a vested interest in getting us off the case. What does your hunch say? Do you believe the story? I don't know. The story seems too perfect. The fact that we can't do any forensics, there's no corpse, we can't do a DNA check, we can't check his teeth, raises a tremendous question in terms of the... veracity of this report. Listen, if Heim died in 1992 why didn't the kids take the money? The money is still in the bank account in Berlin. 17 years have gone by and there's two million euros sitting in the bank. Why don't they take it? In 2001, we obtained a transcript of a court case in Berlin about getting Heim a reduction on income tax and his lawyer says "I'm in close contact with my client "who's living overseas." Zuroff has been denied permission by the Egyptian government to travel to Cairo to investigate the claims further. Rudiger Heim has also refused to speak to him. Zuroff is coming up against a series of brick walls but having dedicated nearly seven years of his life looking for Aribert Heim, he refuses to let go. He points to the fact that there is no corpse to confirm Heim is dead. As the briefcase and its contents were passed onto the police task force for forensic examinations, Zuroff has come to Stuttgart to see the evidence for himself. This is the briefcase handed over in February in Berlin and the content of the briefcase is now in all these files, photographed and examined partly by the forensics. How did you actually, physically get the briefcase? It was handed over by a lawyer in Berlin. And you have no idea who gave the briefcase to the German lawyer? No, we don't know.

Surely whoever he got the briefcase from would unlock some of the mysteries to this case, no? Is that fair to say? That's right. I think there are some very serious questions as to whether or not Aribert Heim actually died in Egypt. The mass grave, the... can't find the body,

no DNA, no teeth, no... For us it's very clear that he lived for a long time in Egypt. But we are still not sure that he died in 1992 in Cairo, we still have no proof of that. We are looking for finger prints, DNA, evidence that these documents really originated by Aribert Heim. I know that you requested permission to go to Egypt. Where does that stand? We have until now no reply concerning our request. One of the things that I'm thinking about is this whole question of Rudiger's involvement. Is it possible for you to interrogate Rudiger? If he don't want to speak to us he must not... he will not. Because he is the son he has the right to say nothing. He has immunity in a sense, he is protected. Yes. One second. In other words, he is allowed, as the son of an escaped war criminal, to help that war criminal. According to the German law, a son or a close relative of a suspect don't has to testify against his relative. So for helping his father he cannot be prosecuted in Germany. Now does that include, you know, his mother? Rudiger's mother divorced Heim in 1967. Is she also protected, even after the divorce? That's right. According to the German law. Willpower is like a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it. Every cigarette you DON'T smoke makes your willpower stronger. Find out how others quit and: 60 miles from Stuttgart... Zuroff wants to see with his own eyes Heim's family home where his ex-wife Freida and son Rudiger are still living. Have you been here before? No. I've never been here. According to the law in Germany, this is the best place for him. His family can protect him with no penalty. Look at the trees, it's gorgeous!

It's incredible. I think this is it here. This is the house? Straight ahead. My, my, my, my... That's it, that's the big house there, the white house. Shit! Mmmmm.... (Snorts disgustedly) This gives you the sense that he was really wealthy. You have to have a lot of money to be able to live on the run. You see that the opponent is formidable, in a certain sense. That's what that house sort of radiates. It radiates money. And money in a certain sense is strength. It's infuriating on that level... that this mass murderer sadist was enjoying life here in this place. And this looks like a place where you can really enjoy life. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! SOLEMN MUSIC All of a sudden I had a very strong sense of defeat, that the power and the money and the strength of this place in a sense was too much for us. But in the end, thank God, he was forced to run away from this place. So in that respect he didn't really win. The fact that he was on the run was a punishment. He should have to pay a much higher price but... that wasn't our failure, it was a failure of the German authorities, no question. No question, they could have found him. SOLEMN MUSIC CONTINUES We're standing now in the exact room where Dr Aribert Heim performed his operations, castrations and dirty work. This is the place, this is where it all took place. He was clearly a sadist. And the "experiments", in quotation marks, he carried out had very little to do with science but more with his... lust to torture, humiliate his victims. This is from the operation book, it's basically a log of all the operations carried out. So on October 8 1941 we find an entry for Dr Heim. And it says here that 18 inmates were operated on, of whom one was a Dutch Jew, Max Heffman, another prisoner named Jacob Wertheim. And they died shortly after those operations. The next day seven prisoners. One is named specifically, Next day seven prisoners. Next day two prisoners, one of whom was a Spaniard, in this case Florentino Garcia. October 16, Josef Schmidt.

October 17, Samuel Berg, Mauritz Schopp, Aron Van Gelderen. October 18, Ludwig Stupfelmacher. November 4, Joab Conejero.

November 5, Fernando Masip, Manuel Saez. November 12, Yust Florenin. November 17, Arthur Dietrich, Pieter Schultz,

Wilhelm Gerker, Emil Salvich. November 19, Milan Jacobich. There's still a feeling, you know, of frustration and a feeling of missed opportunities and... Listen, we didn't bring it home, it didn't happen.

It's definitely possible that I'll call it a day in a year or 18 months from now and then they'll discover another case of a Nazi. It's possible. But I won't say I'm calling it a day because there's no Nazis worth hunting or people worth bringing to justice. You'll never hear that from me.

This program is captioned live.

Britain pledges assistance, but nor

weapons, as heavy fighting

continues in Aleppo.

An unprecedented double-double.

Usain Bolt runs into the history

books. I am the greatest athlete

there ever was.

And wild weather - gale-force winds down the east coast.

Britain has promised nearly $8

million of non-lethal aid to rebels

trying to topple Syrian President

Bashar al-Assad. Foreign Secretary

William Hague has again ruled out

supplying weapons to the opposition.

Fierce fighting is continuing for

control of the key city of Aleppo.

Syria's state broadcaster says

Syrian forces are making further

still fighting for Aleppo, the Free

Syrian Army our reporter be

planning a new offensive in this key city.

They will soon have help. Tonight Britain announced it will give

rebels access to nearly $8 million

worth of equipment such as radios

and medical supplies. It will not

give weapons and the Free Syrian

Army will not receive military

advice. I think it is important for

us to help prepare for the day

after President Assad. This is a

doomed regime. I unverified video shows heavy fighting and a

destroyed tank. More than 200,000

people have fled. But as you can

see it is one of the biggest

challenges. Syria's closest ally

around held talks aimed a result --

resolving the crisis. None of the 29 countries

participating, including Russia and

China, have called on President

Bashar al-Assad to quit or back

opposition groups. They may have to

deal with a veteran Algerian

diplomat. He is touted as the

favourite to become the new UN and

Arab League envoy to Syria.

It is gold again for Australia in

the sailing tonight. They won

Australia's third sailing gold

medal of the Games. Now senior

correspondent is in London and he

joins us live. A great start today

14 of the Olympics.

Weymouth continues to be happy

hunting ground for the Australian

sailing team. Let's take a look at

the pictures. Great Britain

launched an early attack, hoping to

catch the world champions, but they

answered with a brilliant downwind

leg to capture gold. The table be

best remembered as the one in which

Usain Bolt confirmed his place in

the record books, becoming the

first man to win back-to-back

consecutive Games propelling Bolt

into Olympic immortality. Back in

Kingston, scenes of euphoria. these kayak has made it lucky the

13th. -- kayakers. The foursome

delivering Australia its first

Olympic team kayaking gold medal.

All I can say now is that we only 16 but it has been one of the

greatest moments in her life as

well. The youngest member of the

Australian team holding her nerve

on the final dive to claim silver

in the ten-metre platform.

Something the schoolgirl had only

ever dreamed about. I definitely

Gentoo batted a lot. It has been my

dream since I was

granted a night spot in the 4x400

metres relay final.