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(generated from captions) is in October. Emma's next court hearing from our Big Guns of Politics - Let's get some reaction now and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Environment Minister Tony Burke Good morning. on drugs, Tony, Malaysia has a hardline stance with the death penalty an option. for Emma so far? What has the Government done My understanding on this sort of charge the death penalty is mandatory if found guilty. Now, we have had our consular officials there working with Emma and working and spending time with the family. They were there at the hearing. We are in another country and we are within their legal system. We oppose to death penalty and Malaysia knows that is our position. We are just providing whatever support we can within that system, both for Emma and her family. Another Perth man, Dominique Bird arrested five months ago for the same thing. Any update on his case? on his case?I we are waiting on the hearing. It is a similar level of support. We are got good people working for the Australian Government on all those posts. When you meet them over the, as Joe would have. This is the hardest time for them. They are in another country, another legal system and doing everything they can with all their ability just to try to get a better outcome. The former Victorian premier, Jeff Kennett said maybe we need to have a discussion to use the death penalty here in this country because we are too soft on drugs. you think it is a discussion because we are too soft on drugs. Do should be having? Is No, you think it is a discussion we emphatically no. As Tony was I was reminding myself of that young emphatically no. As Tony was talking Australian boy executed in Singapore, do you remember that in Changi, how I felt after that. OK, maybe not the death penalty but do we need tougher penalties? Our young Australians seem to be used to our laws and thinking, " laws and thinking, "Well, I will get a wrap over the knuckles, not much else." And they take the same thing to a place like Malaysia who says, " "Nope." What astounds me, I am not to a place like Malaysia who says,

making any presumptions about this young woman all the warnings you get in Malaysia and Singapore and Asia for the death penalty for drugs and still people do it. I don't think capital punishment is any sort deterrent, even though they are heinous crimes. I strongly disagree with what Joe said on this. We are going to speak to Amanda's mum later. has been leaked to Seven News Moving on, internal Labor polling in half the country showing the party would be wiped out at a federal election would be among the casualties. and several frontbenchers than the published polls. Tony, these results are even worse need to give up the leadership At what point does Julia Gillard for the good of the party? We have to always work on the basis that what you go up for when you having an election is the policies you stand for. I know that there an argument that political parties you stand for. I know that there is have just become brands and you can put a different face in front and instantly everything changes. We are not just brands. You have got things you believe in and policies you pursue. People are saying we don't like your policies. We think your policies stink and we are going to vote against you. You are not telling us you are not worried telling us you are

these figures? The story from Mark telling us you are not worried about Reilly last night is significant. Your figures? They are not worse than the published polls which are very bad for the party at the moment. Last week we had big announcements and a big push and big success to move towards a national disability insurance scheme. Those are the issues we spend every day and I think we should. Not one Labor MP in Queensland, not even Kevin Rudd It is not the personality, it is the policies. You nailed it. What intrigued me, how did the Labor Party polling end up with Mark intrigued me, how did the internal Reilly? He is a very good investigative journalist, but he is not in the party. not in the party.. Who leaked it and why would they Why would they? Why would you leak it would you leak it Why would you leak it some some It is one of those inponderable questions. They want Gillard out?? AntiGillard Within Gillard out?

Labor Party. It is not Liberal Party Gillard out?? AntiGillard Within the policy, it is Labor party policy. Lucky we are wrapping. (laughs) News is coming up. Christian Sprenger robbed Then, was Aussie swimmer