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Live. Tonight - half a billion

dollars worth of heroin and ice

seized, an international syndicate smashed. Police

investigate claims that Peter

Slipper's accuser sexually

abused minors. A looming

catastrophe in Syria, as tens

of thousands flee fighting in

Aleppo. And Olympic tears - the

weight of expectation overwhelm

s another Australian swimmer. I

feel like I've disappointed my

parents and my coach who has

worked so hard with me, and...

it's just really tough. Good

evening. Craig Allen with ABC

News. The raw figures are

astonishing - more than half a

tonne of illicit drugs worth

half a billion dollars. Federal

police say the seizure of the

heroin and methamphetamine or

ice, has led to the arrest of

seven people and the smashing

of an international drug

syndicate. The haul was

concealed in terracotta pots,

intercepted at Port Botany. Philippa McDonald

reports. Under heavy police

guard, 558kg of crystal

methamphetamine and heroin. The Australian Federal Police and

the Australian Customs and

border protection services have

smashed an international drug

syndicate. The AFP and Customs

had been tracking two suspect

cargo consignments en route

from Thailand to Port Botany.

Container X-rays had revealed a

massive shipment of drugs

crudely packed in a hundred

terracotta pots. This seizure

included afn AFP record. 306kg

of ice and 252kg of heroin. Overnight, police

swooped on this Sydney

apartment block, arresting four

Hong Kong nationals. Another

three men were taken into

custody in Sydney's west. They

were certainly braise Zen, they

certainly weren't relaxed, this

he were taking precautions, try

ing to evade our

attention. Police here had been

tipped off by US authorities

and they had been trailing the

men and the alleged shipment

for almost a year. We are

confident that we have got the

people responsible for this

importation. It's easy to say

the Mr Bigs. At the end of the

day there are a lot of Mr

Mediums and Mr Littles that

work with the Mr Bigs. I think

we've got a good

combination. With this latest seizure, the Australian Federal

Police is claiming its most

successful year ever when it

comes to hauls of illegal drugs. Senior police put it

down to better access to international criminal

intelligence We're working more collaboratively. We shouldn't

necessarily presume that the

increase in seizures is the

result of more importations of

narcotics in this country. At

the Local Court, seven men

appeared assisted by interpreters We're trying to

die Jess the allegations and

once we have more, we'll work

it out then. They did not apply

for bail. Acting Prime Minister

Wayne Swan has urged police to

investigate new claims about

Peter Slipper's accuser, James

Ashby. It's alleged Mr Ashby

had a sexual relationship with

a 15-year-old boy, a criminal

offence in Queensland. Mr Swan

says the allegations are

correspondent Greg Jennett extremely serious, as political

reports. James Ashby's

complaint against Peter Slipper

has already spun off in many

directions. Now the accuser

stands accused and police are

considering whether he could be prosecuted. When James Ashby

leapt to prominence with his sexual harassment complaint

against his boss t stirred

memories for a gay man who had

known him in Townsville nine

years ago. The ABC's '7:30' has

revealed the man emailed Peter

Slipper to tell him he had had

a sexual relationship with

James Ashby in 2003.

The man also claims Mr Ashby

broke off their relationship to

start one with another

15-year-old. Last month, Peter

Slipper passed the email on to

Queensland Police. They say

they... In what has always been a politically charged case

between James Ashby and the

Speaker, the '7:30' story

actually has government and

Opposition agreeing. This one

is not for them to argue

over. I think that the

allegations last night on the

'7:30' were extremely serious.

They should be investigated by

the responsible authorities.

Look, it is a matter for the

police. If there is anything in

these allegations, the police will investigate and they will take appropriate

action. Queensland Police say

they will advise when their

investigation is over. Fighting

has raged for a third day in

Syria's commercial capital,

Aleppo. The Government has

intensified its campaign to

drive rebels out of the

country's largest city, but

rebels say they're holding

their positions. Middle East

correspondent Matt Brown

September this report from

northern Syria, and a warning,

some images may be distressing

to viewers: Casualties from the

battle for Aleppo are streaming

into the towns west of the

city. Rebels wounded in the

suburb of sal dean are draining

scarce medical supplies. Until

just 8 months ago, this rebel

was a raging soldier. In fact

he was in a unit run by Bashar al-Assad's brother, chargeded

with protecting the capital.

But he has thrown himself in to

the battle for Aleppo and he is

still keen to return

TRANSLATION: We had a victory

in Salaheddine because 10 tank

units defected and 12 were destroyed. However, a growing

number of rebels will never

fight again. The government

says its forces are making

progress, driving the rebels

out of Salaheddine and other

strongholds, but the rebels

reject this, even though

they're jut noumed and outgun

pd and despite their losses,

the fighters appear to be

holding firm. The outcome here

could shape the future of

Syria, and with such high

stakes, it is a desperate

battle N this instance, rebels

try to revive a commander who

has been shot and is bleeding

to death. Pinned down by sniper

fire , a truck tries to get him

to hospital, but they are

attacked again, and by the time

they get to him, it's too late.

Outside Aleppo, the rebels

continue to respond with

reinforcements, depleting the

countryside of fighters. They

have the usual mix of assault

rye fells, machine guns and

rocket propelled grenades. Some

even have NATO-issued weapons,

but they are few and far between.

TRANSLATION: We vow not to leave Aleppo because if we

leave, the regime will commit a

great massacre. For now, what

they lack in weapons, they're

making up for with simple

bravado. With the rebels

sending in reinforcements, they

clearly haven't given up on

Aleppo, but this time I've been

hearing artillery coming from

another direction and the

regime is clearly able to keep

up an attack on more than one

front. The man accused of

gunning down people at a

screening of the latest Batman

movie has been charged with 140

offences at his second court

appearance. The families of

victims filled the County Court

in Colorado to hear the

charges. James Holmes is facing

two charms of murder for each

of the 12 people killed, one of

deliberate killing and one of

depraved indifference to their

lives. He also faces two

charges of attempted murder for

each of the 58 wounded. Holmes

appeared more alert than on his

first court appearance when he

seemed dazed and drowsy. To the

Olympics, and for the second

consecutive day, Australia's

swimmers and their coaches have

spoken about the weight of

expectation and the negative impact

impact it might be having.

Despite winning a silver medal,

Emily Seebohm shed tears and

spoke about her disappointment

at not being able to do better.

In London, here is Philip

Williams. On Day 3 of the

Games, Australia's hopes in the

pool were pinned on Emily

Seebohm, but the 20-year-old

was left shattered after her

Olympic gold eluded her and the

biggest minute of her sporting

career. Here is Lisa

Millar. Emily Seebohm came into

the race the hot favourite,

just days after setting a new

Olympic record in the heat, but

gold eluded her and the 100m

backstroke went to 17-year-old

American Missy

Franklin Seebohm had won gold

in Beijing, but as part of the

relay team. This time she

wanted to prove she could do it

on her own. I just wish I could

have finished it off and I feel

like I've disappointed my

parents and my coach who has

worked so hard with me, and...

it's just really tough. But she

need not have worrieded. We're

just so proud and we can't wait

to be able to see her and tell

her that, that we love her and

she did the best job that she

could possibly do on the

night. There was no sense of

disappointment for Leisel

Jones. Despite finishing 5th in

the breast stroke final and all

but confirming her swimming

days are nearly done Quite

London to be changing of the

guard and it was quite nice to,

I guess, mentor some young kids

and to let them go through their first Olympic

experience. After fighting for

five years for the chance to be

an Olympian, Nick D'Arcy was

knocked out of 2900m butterfly

in the semis Obviously pretty

disappointing. Um, I don't

know, what can you say? But it

is the Chinese prodigy Ye

Shiwen who is attracting

attention and some questions

after her record-breaking

performance on the weekend. A

top US coach has somethinged

the speed of her swim is disturbing. Like all medal

winners, she has been drug

tested. The Chinese say they're

used to this kind of talk. Lots

of money is being invested, we

can expect miracles to happen T

doesn't surprise us at all. But

China's doping history has left

some unconvinced. The

Australian women's basketball

team provided one of the most

memorable moments of the Games

so far in its pool match

against France. A half-court

shot from Belinda Snell forced

overtime, but as Patrick

Galloway reports, the Opals

couldn't secure the win. Down

by 3 with seconds left, the

odds were against

this. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Belinda

Snell has hit from beyond the

halfway line. That shot forced

overtime, but with Liz Cambage

and Lauren Jackson found out,

the Opals lost by 4 You can

never know what happens. If we

get a loss in the next few

games and we still could come

first. Lleyton Hewitt is no

stranger to the green and gold

and the Davis Cup veteran had

his reserve on show Victory for

Australia. He triumphed over

the Ukrainian in three sets and

will enjoy plenty of support as

the remaining Australian in the

tournament. The Cook burr ras

pout on a demonstration against

South Africa. Jamie Dwyer put

on a hat-trick. In equestrian,

Australian fell from 2nd to 6th

after disaster struck on the

cross-country course She has

really not got any control. In

contrast, Australia's men's

four oozed precision and will

now challenge rival Great

Britain in the final this

weekend. Australian Olympic

officials have counseled boxer

Damien Hooper after he wore an

Aboriginal flag on his T-shirt

into his first fight of the

Games. The IOC is now

investigating the matter as a

potential breach of the rules

banning racial or political

propaganda. Mary Gearin rort

reports. In his first fight of

the Games, Damien Hooper let

his fists do the talking,

beating US boxer Marcus Browne,

but it is the statement he made

before hand that landed him in

another fight. The 24-year-old

wore a T-shirt featuring the Aboriginal flag into the ring

and he said it inspired him,

but the IOC charter bans

political and racial propaganda

at any Olympics site He is very

proud of his Indigenous

culture. In this instance the

IOC has a rule, rule 50, which

is now well aware of and we've

talked him through it and he

has lrnt a lesson and he won't

do that again. Hooper was sent

home from the team's pre-Games

camp for disciplinary reasons, but last week said he was

thrilled to be back in the

team. Also in damage control

are London organisers, embarrassed by thousands of

empty seats, and there are

still disgruntled spectators

looking for tickets. Well, I

live near London, so I'm really

disappointed and upset that our

country are dealing with it in

this way. LOCOG has released an

extra 3,000 tickets left unused

by VIPs We are trying

everything we can to make sure

that those accredited seats are

filled where we can. There are operational issues that make it

difficult. If you can get in,

you might go hungry. Fans at

the football match at Wembley

Stadium couldn't pay for food

with credit cards. Again,

officials say it's being

sorted. And losing keys always

happens at the worst time and

so it was for security guards

at Wembley where a set of keys went missing just days before

the start of the Olympics, it

has emerged. They had to change

the locks. Games organisers

were keen to play it

down They're lost, we changed

the locks, no-one is looking

for them anymore. After the

pre- Games security scandals,

it is leading to publicity

Games organisers don't need.

The news bemused people on

their way to bad Minton at

Wembley Arena today They

shouldn't lose keys, something

as important as this It

happens every day, doesn't

it? Unfortunately for Olympics

organisers it seem it is

does. So, tonight attention

will again be focused on the

pool with some of the team's

biggest names in action and the

hope that any tears shed this

time will be tears of joy. For now, that's all from the

Olympic Stadium. The former

ABC Television and radio

present ter Andy Muirhead is in

custody tonight after pleading

guilty to child pornography

charges. Muirhead had

previously denied accessing

thousands of images and videos.

He will now spend two weeks

behind bars awaiting

sentence. Andy Muirhead arrived

at the Supreme Court to change

his plea to guilty on two

charges of accessing child

pornography and one of

possessing child exploitation

material. The 36-year-old

admitted accessing 12,400

images and 24 videos between

February 2009 and June 2010 on

peer-to-peer file-sharing

programs. Prosecutor Maitland

Lincoln told the court the

material include ed boys and

girls ranging in age from 3 to

14. Classified as level is ,

ander which includes nak ked pictures

ander rottic posing, up to

bondage. Mr Lincoln said:

Interpol first noticed his

usage and alerted the Australian Federal Police who

tracked Muirhead for just over

a year N a letter read to the

court, Muirhead said he wished

to express how sorry he was:

His lawyer said at the time

Muirhead was under increasing

demands and pressures in his

roles as breakfast radio

presenter and host of

'Collectors' program at the ABC

and became socially isolated. Kim Baumeler today

the court:

The defence accepted that

there will and should be a

prison sentence, but asked that

it be wholly suspended. The

penalty for the charges ranges

from 10 to 21 years. Muirhead

will remain in custody until he is sentenced in two weeks.

Three high-ranking priests in

the Catholic Church could face

further scrutiny over their

actions in a child sex abuse case. New South Wales police

have been investigating an

alleged cover-up of abuses in

the Hunter Valley. The State

prosecutor will now have to

decide whether to lay charges.

The news hassle lated victims

who are now asking police to

investigate their individual

cases. Nicky Davis isn't

linked to the Hunter Valley

abuses but she is an abuse

victim, saying a Catholic

brother molested her when she

was 12. She has now taken her

own case to police There will

be a very long line of victims

wanting to queue up at the New South Wales and other police

forces and say, "Excuse me,

when will you investigate the

cover-up of my case?" It was

the sexual assault of girls in

the Maitland-Newcastle diocese

that Sparked this move. Father

Denis McAlinden abused the

children over four decades but

died in 2005 before facing

charges. Police have spent two

years investigating whether

anyone inside the Church tried

to conceal the crimes. But

won't say what they found That

will be a matter for the public

prosecutor. Three senior

priests involved in the

investigation could now face

further scrutiny, including

Adelaide archbishop Philip

Wilson, Bishop Maitland-Newcastle diocese,

Michael Malone, and the

secretary of the Catholic

Bishops Council, Father Brian

Lucas. No-one was available for

comment. In 1995, a royal

commission was held into sex

abuse cases in Wollongong.

Father Brian Lucas outlined the Church of's position at the


But records show that in the

case of Father Denis McAlinden,

the Church started

investigating the sex abuse claims 8 years before they reported this emto

police. We've got systemic

evidence here now, repeated

evidence of the Church's

failure to act, failure to

report to police, and we need a

royal commission to get to the

truth about it. The New South

Wales Government has ruled that

out. The police report will be

handed to the DPP in the next

few weeks. Australia's biggest

Sydney has been spending Islamic school in south-west

millions of dollars of

government funding on a lobby

group, the Federation of

Islamic Councils. The money was

supposed to be spent in the

classroom and in an

unprecedented move, the State

Government has orderrded the

school pay back $9 million. The State and Commonwealth

governments hand over thousands

of dollars each year to the

Malek Fahd School to help

educate its 2,000 students, but

they say the school is making a

profit and directing it to the

Federation of Islamic Councils,

a Muslim lobby group. Now the

school must repay the State

Government $9 million. Any

school found to have operated

for profit will have been

deemed to have used their funds

inappropriately, and in that

case, I have an obligation as

minister to recover those

funds. Mr Piccoli says the

money was being transferreded

to the group via exorbitant

rents and so-called management

fees. The Government has

referred the school to police

and the corporate watchdog,

ASIC, but the school won't face

any further punishment Well,

the penalty in terms of

returning the funds, I think,

is a substantial

penalty. Despite most of the

funds coming from the

Commonwealth, the Federal

Government isn't taking any

action against the school. The

auditor did not find that the

school had breached any of the

guidelines in respect of the Commonwealth legislation for

the support that we give to

non-government schools. The

Greens are worried this case

will set a precedent and

they're calling for stricter

penalties. It is an invitation

for private schools to try it

on, not suffer any pup

initialment, other than to pay

back the money that they dishonestly obtained. The

school has issued a statement,

saying it disagrees with the

New South Wales Minister's

finding and intends to challenge his

decision. Prosecutors have

achieved their first guilty

plea over the Murph deof Sydney

businessman Michael McGurk.

Former boxer Lucky Gattellari

today pleaded guilty to being

an accessory before the fact of

murder. More details have

emerged about the killing,

including the alleged

involvement of property

developer Ron Medich. After

nearly two years in protective

custody, Lucky Gattellari officially accepted

responsibility for his part in

Michael McGurk's murder. His

barrister told Central Local Court Gattellari would plead

guilty to the charge of

accessory before the fact. The

facts revealed he offered to

help police just days after his

arrest. Michael McGurk and Ron

Medich had fallen out badly

over a series of Bisdees.

Police say Medich wanted Mr McGurk killed any which

possible and Medich wanted a

heads-up before the murder so

that he could ensure he was in

a public place when it

occurred. A time line of events

on the night reveals that at 6

o'clock Gattellari, Senad

Kaminic and med dish went to a

bar in the city after leaving a

massage parlour. At 10 past 16,

Haissam Safetli bought a bottle of Jim Beam not far from

McGurk's home. At 6:23, having

picked up his son and bought

dinner, Mr McGurk left a

supermarket in moss map. Just

two minutes later he arrived

home and was shot behind the

right ear. His son was still sitting in the passenger seat

of the car. Ron Medich

allegedly replied, "It's taken

long enough." It's claimed:

Ron Medich has denied any

involvement in the murder.

Canberra's Nobel laureate, ANU

professor Brian Schmidt is

loans his prize to Questacon.

He won his prize for the

groundbreaking discovery that

the expansion of the universe

is speeding up over time. Today

he handed his medal to

Questacon where he hopes it may

inspire children to study

science A Nobel Prize really

embodies what an entire nation

is working on in terms of

science. It would end up

sitting in a safe and seemed pointless. We're delighted

that he has decided to loan us

the medal, hopefully to inspire

someone else because from

amongst our visitors, we may

very well have the next Nobel

Prize winner. The Nobel winner

will be on display at the National Science Centre for the

next three years. The

Australian dollar is at a

four-month high of more than

105 US cents tonight. Here is

Alan Kohler The Australian

dollar has now gone up 8.4 bers

against the US dollar since

June 1st and 9.9% against the

euro. One reason for this is

that commodity prices have

bounced in the past month, but

here is another one. The supply

of AAA-rated government bonds

has shrunk by 70% in the last

12 months mainly because the

United States has lost its AAA

rating and so has France and

Austria. Australia, of course,

has kept ours. A lot of funds

have a mandate to only buy

top-rate sovereign debt so a

simple issue of demand and

supply. The others have been

printing money like confessty

and in the process debasing its

value. The chart shows that the

central banks of America, UK,

Europe, Japan, China and

Switzerland have increased

their balance sheets by $9

trillion since 2007. That

represents assets they've

bought with money they've made.

The resources turn to lead the

way today, although solid gains

sprinkled through the market,

except that Campbell Brothers

showed what's going to happen

to companies that disappoint

the market in the earning s

season this year. It fell so%

after coming out with just a

slightly less-than-rosy outlook

statement today. European

markets are still basking in

the promise of Super drg Mario

Draghi. And dwelling approvals

corrected as expected in June

after that huge rise in May.

Finally, this chart compares

the US stock market this year

with the average in all of

other US election years. It is

a remarkably close fit, so if

history is a guide, it's due

for a run. And that's

finance. The Brisbane Broncos

have tumbled out of the NRL's

top 4. They suffered a shock

24-point loss to the Eels. It

was Parramatta's second

straight upset. Chris Sando

scored a double in Brad

Arthur's first game as

caretaker coach. Plenty of hype

surrounding South Sydney who

are now second on the ladder,

but the club is playing down

any premiership talk We're

sitting already on the ladder,

but we're not trying to get too

far ahead of ourselves. All the

focus is on Sunday's

game. Anthony Watmough will con

tft a two-match ban for

dangerous contact when he

fronts the judiciary tomorrow

night. The Waratahs are op the

lookout for a new coach after

Michael Foley handed in his

resignation today. It was a

horror season for New South

Wales in this season's

tournament. Only recording 4

wins from 16 games. It's been

reported that Foley is

interested in the coaching

position at the Western Force

which was vacated by Richard

game ham. To the weather fwhou

and it was a frosty morning

around the ACT, down to 0 at

the airport. Minus-1 at

Tuggeranong and the day was

increasingly cloudy. We only

made it to 11 and it was dry

around town, about you there

were a few light showers about

in the mown tapes. Around our region today:

It is a nation of extremes.

Perth has just endured its

driest July on record, while

Melbourne has had its wettest

July for 5 years. A deep low in

the Tasman is pushing cool

southerly winds and a heavy

swell up the east coast of

Australia, and a band of cloud

is finally bringing some

showers to Perth. The high over

western Victoria is contracting

as another change moves

through, bringing a cold front

and trough from the west. That

will provide some storms for

Perth tomorrow, but Adelaide,

Melbourne and Brisbane should

all stay fine:

Sydney and Hobart might see

some more rain. More coastal

showers locally, too, but dry


Now, before we go, a brief

look back at our top stories

tonight, and seven people have been charged after federal

police uncovered drugs worth

half a billion dollars hidden

in terracotta pots at Port

Botany. And the United Nations

has warned of a looming

catastrophe as fighting forces

tens of thousands of people to

flee the Syrian city after LNP

Po. And that's the news for

now. You can keep town date 24

hours a day on ABC News Online.

Next up '7:30' with Leigh Sales

and exclusive interview with

music sensation Gotye. Thanks

for your company, goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI. This Program is Captioned

Live. Tonight - selling out,

environmental group Planet Ark under fire for taking money

from the forest industry. When

you're getting $700,000 in

donation from the industry then

it raises some serious

questions of a potential

conflict of interest. Welcome

to the Cayman Islands. Offshore

or offlimits, the boom in tax

havens for corporate

Australia. We're allowing very

many powerful companies to pay

no tax whatsoever.

And somebody you do know,

Gotye talks about life, music

and that song. One second it's

incredibly exciting and the

other second I feel very

self-conscious about it,

especially more recently when I

feel like the song is probably

overplayed and saturated to the