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It all went wrong right from

the start. The missile misfired

and they never recovered. A

golden opportunity missed as a

plan to win the 4 x 100m

backfires. I got no response really. I don't know what

happened. Send us the big guns.

A desperate plea for help from

Syria's rebels. A season to

savour. The Brumbies ready to

welcome David Pocock. He is

respected around the world as

one of the best players in the


Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. The Australian

swimming team is still reeling

from the shock defeat of one of

its best medal chances. The

men's 4 x 100m freestyle team

was reckoned a near certainty

for a gold medal but, in the

end, it didn't even figure in

the minor medals. From London,

here is Phillip Williams. A

victim of the hype and expectation. That's the

explanation of Australia's head

swim coach after the relay team

was comprehensively beaten.

James Magnussen was lost for

words after the performance, as

Lisa Millar reports. It had

been tipped as the unmissable

race. Long-term rivals

Australia and the US expected

to put on a sensational show.

Weapons of Mass Destruction, But the team, nicknamed the

bombed out. The French storming

home, leaving even the US team

stunned. No gold for the world

champions, no medal at all. Australia's great sprinting

hope was devastated. I got no

response really. I don't know

what happened. Their coach

denied they choked, they just

couldn't pull it off. In a way

you could look at it as a

disastrous result but I think

the guys maybe suffered the

weight of expectation. There

has been so much talked about

the relay all over the

world. The shock loss came

after earlier success, a silver

for Christian Sprenger. When I

saw it, I thought it was a mistake. I thought I couldn't

have gone 58. Biggest race of

his life. He wanted to make the

final and to get the silver is

beyond his wildest dreams. And

bronze for Alicia Coutts in the

100m butterfly adding to the

relay gold. I'm happy with a

medal but disappointed with the

swim. Having the team

atmosphere, it downplays her

individual achievement. Tonight

when she got the medal, there

was a well up in the

quies. Leisel Jones is through

to the final of the 100m

breaststroke with a message. I

have had my critic s along the

way but so excited to be here

and make a final, that was

tough. I am just so

proud. There are huge hopes for

Emily Seebohm in the 100m

backstroke after she broke the

Olympic record in the heats.

While the crowds pack the

swimming venue, elsewhere the

sight of thousands of empty

seats infuriated sports

fans. It is an absolute shame.

I think it is disgusting. It is

bad because people who can't

get tickets are watching it on

TV, seeing empty seats. I was

watching it yesterday, I

couldn't believe how many empty

seats there were. I thought

that's crazy. Australia's

Olympic boss John Coates is

unimpressed as well. It is a

bad look. We didn't have that

problem in Sydney. This is

where they are playing the

beach volleyball, at Horse

Guards Parade, and for the

second day running, there have

been empty seats despite the

fact that it has been sold out.

But London organisers say they

are working to fix the problem.

The military drafted in to help

with security now spend their

breaks watching sport. I don't

want to see swathes of the

seats empty and that's why we

will make sure where we

possibly can that we get people

into those seats as and when

they are not being used. Seb

Coe solved the mystery that

upset the Indian team. Who was

the stranger who gate crashed

their parade? Not a security

risk, he says, simply an

overenthusiastic cast member. A

short time ago a member of the

4 x 100m team had this to say

at a press conference. I

thought we were putting high

amount of pressure on ourselves

and the public, we thought we

could do something very special

and fell quite short as you can

see. So, James' style works for

him and it doesn't affect us. I

was still able to perform well

and so was Eamonn who was the

best performer on the day. Wins

were hard to come by for a

number of Australian team. The

Boomers were among the losers

on a day that provided few

highlights for the green and

gold. Here is Paul

Galloway. The Boomers hadn't

won an opening game of an

Olympic campaign since 1996.

Playing against Brazil, they

got within two with 29 seconds

to go. But the fightback proved

futile and there were no doubts

as to what let the Australian

team down. Turnovers killed us,

they ran straight up us when we

turned the ball over. The

Hockeyroos suffered a similar

fate against New Zealand. The

first win for the black sticks

against Australia in Olympic

history. The Australian men's volleyball team went down in straight sets to

Argentina. That is the

match. Bernard Tomic lost his opening round match in the

tennis tournament, losing to

Japan's Kei Nishikori. After

finishing well back in the

men's road race, Cadel Evans

withdrew from Wednesday's time

trial. Rowers David Crawshay

and Scott Brennan made the

semis of the double

sculls. Impressive performance

from the Australian. The

defending Olympic champions are

gathering momentum after a

preparation marred by injury.

Former world champion Lauren

Mitchell qualified fifth for

the women's individual floor

final. That's good. There is an

unlikely hero emerging in table

tennis after world number 130

William Henzell advanced to the

third round. The guy I beat in

the last round is my best

singles win. I can't wait for

the next round. After missing

Olympic section three times,

Kylan is into the slaloms.

Emily Seebohm is a great chance

for a gold medal in the

backstroke while Leisel Jones

will be looking to show up the

critics who said she wasn't in

shape for the Olympics. That's

all from the Olympic Stadium.

To other news now, Police in

Sydney are tonight expected to

charge a 44-year-old man with a

triple murder at the weekend.

The suspect is currently under

guard in hospital and police

have set up a task force to

investigate the fatal stabbing

of a couple and their son in

Sydney's west. David Spicer

reports. Pablo Novosadek was a

popular member of his local

community. His murder and that

of his wife Olga and son Raul

has shocked neighbours. Looked

like a really happy guy. He

loved his limit dogs, always

walking them. The St John's

townhouse was cordoned off

again today. Police recovered a

knife from the scene. I think

when you have three people

dead, family pets killed and a

person in hospital suffering a

serious wound, it doesn't get

much worse than that. The

frenzied attack has also left

emotional scars on those who

attended the crime scene. It is

a horrific set of circumstances

and certainly terrible for

extended family members and obviously the emergency

services that responded there

too were affected by it. Some of whom are undergoing counselling. What I do know is

they are getting the very best

of care they need and

deserve. The son of one of the

victims, 44-year-old Carlos

Lopez, was arrested at the

townhouse with stab wounds.

Police suspect his injuries

were self-inflicted. He remains

under police guard in

hospital. I understand that he

will likely be charged in the

bedside sitting today if not

tomorrow. But as soon as is

possible. If family is survived

by two brothers. One is

overseas, the other was interviewed by Police today in

a bid to help them work out what could have been the

motivation for this crime. The

Police Commissioner says he is

alarmed this type of crime is

becoming an all-too-familiar

sight for his officers. The

rebels trying to oust the

Syrian regime have sent their

allies a desperate plea - help

us or we'll be wiped out. The

focal point of the conflict

remains the city of alep yo.

Government government troo -

government troops are

surrounding the forces and

hundreds of thousands of people

are fleeing for their lives.

Syria's largest city is on the

move. Since fighting began in

Aleppo two days ago, 200,000

people have fled. That's 10% of

the population. As the Assad

regime tries to regain control, the United Nations is pleading

for safe access to those

trapped. Families shelter in

schools and public buildings.

They are desperate for


situation in here is so bloody

and so sad. Bombs are being

dropped ran Domly and they do not differentiate between

civilian s and others -

randomly. Some people have

escaped to Jordan where a large

refugee camp has been set up.

It didn't take long for bus

loads to arrive. It is the

situation we are dealing with

women and children so got to be

very careful to make sure they everything is being looked

after and they are being

protected. On the battle field,

Syrian troops claim to have

re-taken some rebel-held

territory. They say they are

still in control of most of


plotted for a battle they

called Greater Damascus and massed groups of armed

terrorists for it. They were

smashed in less than a week so

they moved to Aleppo and I can

assure you, their plans will

also fail there. Rebels say

they are now surrounded by

government troops. Many

districts are cut off and

reinforcements can't reach the

Opposition strongholds. Without

a major boost of heavy arms,

they say they will be wiped out

by what they call a killing

machine. Fresh from his

controversial trip to Britain,

US presidential contender Mitt

Romney is making headlines in

Israel. The Republican

candidate was keen to show he'd

take a harder line abroad than

President Obama with a passion

ate pledge of support for

Israel. We recognise Israel's

right to defend itself and that

it is right for America to

stand with you. He even said

he'd back Israel if it came to

a military strike on a

nuclear-armed Iran. Mr Romney

also angered Palestinians by recognising Jerusalem as the

capital of Israel. He is now

visiting Poland before

returning home. Australia and

New Zealand are easing their

diplomatic squeeze on Fiji.

Foreign Ministers from all

three countries have held talks

in Sydney and agreed to

re-appoint their High

Commissioners who were

withdrawn in tit for tat

protests three years ago.

Travel bans on Fiji government

will be relaxed. It is hoped the concessions will encourage Fiji's military to hold

democratic elections in two

years' time. We acknowledge

progress. We register concerns,

we look forward to further work

and, in the spirit of goodwill,

we will be exchanging High

Commissioners lifting the level

of diplomatic representation

avenue the withdrawal of High Commissioners in the

past. Senator Carr says

Australia is still concerned

about a lack of media freedom

in Fiji. Only seven months in,

this year has set a new record

for the number of asylum seekers arriving in Australian

waters by boat. The Red Cross

says it has put on more staff

to help the increased demand

for resettlement services but

one advocate says the influx is

stretching the resources of

non-government organisations

and more Government funding is

urgently needed. Amy Bainbridge

reports. It is a gamble many

are increasingly willing to

take. So far this year, 6,765

asylum seekers have reached

Australia by boat, taking just

seven months to surpass the

record of 6,555 set in 2010. We

are quite aware that people

smugglers are working at a high

rate. There is clearly a demand from those people that are

seeking their services. But our

detention centres aren't at

capacity, largely because of

the Government's community

detention program. About 1100

asylum seekers are currently living in community detention

and about half as many are in

the community on bridging

visas. The Red Cross is contracted by the Immigration

Department to provide support

to asylum seekers in the

community. We can manage this.

It would be untenable to have

these people remaining in

immigration detention in remote

places like Christmas Island.

We can make it in the community. We have done so for

many years . But the rising

number of arrivals is putting

pressure on community groups

who don't receive Government funding. The Immigration

Department is dumping the

workload on us. They are not

prepared to assist asylum

seekers. There is a very

comprehensive program in place

with the Department of

Immigration and Citizenship and

its partner agencies to ensure

those IMAs, that's rifle rifle

put in community detention,

continue to get the support

they would normally get if they were in a detention

facility. Just over 1600 people

are currently detained on Christmas Island and almost

4,500 are in immigration

detention on the Australian

mainland. Former Howard

Government Minister Mal Brough

says he fears Labor will attack

him with a smear campaign over

the Peter Slipper scandal. Mr

Brough is trying to make a comeback winning LNP

preselection for Mr Slipper's

seat. He has admitted meeting

James Ashby before the staffer

made sexual harassment

allegations. He expects to be

targeted. I had a call at 2:30

on Saturday afternoon to say

"The Labor Party muck rakers

have been on the phone to say

they will do X, Y and Z to you

if you are preselected". Tony

Abbott has welcomed the

preselection but won't say

whether he will put him on the frontbench if he becomes Prime

Minister. The first point is I

am very happy with my front

bench team who are doing an outstanding job. The second

point is I am not in the

business of getting ahead of

myself. He says he is focused

on winning the election. The

Greens plan to spend millions

of dollars to fix Canberra's

ailing lakes and waterways if

they win the election. They

will commit money to educate

Canberrans about water quality,

clean up waterways and police

water pollution. The key plank

of the policy is to build four

new wetlands in Tuggeranong, Yarralumla Creek and

Ginninderra Creek catchments at

a cost of $26 million. The bill

would be paid with Commonwealth

funds. They were previously set

aside for a salt treatment

plant out at Molonglo lower

treatment works. That money is

still available. We intend to

negotiate with the Commonwealth

to use that because it is a

program about water

quality. The Government has

attacked the idea saying it has

been negotiating with the

Commonwealth to use the money

to secure long-term water

entitlement s. An Australian

army lieutenant was sitting in

the wrong place with his legs

dangling when a helicopter

crashed two years ago. An inquiry into the death of

Lieutenant Marcus Case began

today. In opening statements, the inquiry was told there were

a number of breaches of

guidelines in the lead-up to

the crash. In May 2011, a

Chinook look this one crashed

while on a mission helping US

forces recover a stricken

blackhawk helicopter.

26-year-old Lieutenant Marcus

Case had been allowed on board

as a non-essential mission

member. He died of massive head

injuries after being thrown

from the Chinook while still

the ter tethered to the inside.

The five crew survived the

crash. Now a public commission

of inquiry, headed by a

civilian to ensure

transparency, is sitting to uncover why the accident

happened. Involving the death

of 8254464, Lieutenant Marcus

Case, is now open. It opened

with details of rule breaking.

No-one essential mission

members like Lieutenant Case

are supposed to be strapped

into a seat. Instead, he was

ramp riding at the rear of the

helicopter, taking photos with

his legs hanging outside. As he

wasn't qualified, he wouldn't

have known where to hang on in

the event of an emergency. The

inquiry heard safety straps on

Chinooks in Afghanistan may be

being used in a way which

conflicts with manufacturers guidelines. This inquiry will

also look into the crash

itself, why it was that the

helicopter's nose pitched

violently up and down in what's

now described as a pore pois

movement. Why there were no

safety procedures in the event

of that occurring and why the

manufacturer, Boeing, wouldn't

at first acknowledge it was a

problem. At least 60 witnesses

will be called to give evidence

in the hearing which will take

months. A magistrate has fined

a Melbourne man $11,000 over a

fatal dog attack last year.

4-year-old Ayen Chol was mauled

to death after the pit bull

cross ran into her home and started attacking several

children. For the first time

Lazor Joseveski fronted court

to take responsibility for what

the magistrate described as a

tragedy beyond imagination.

Last August, 4-year-old Ayen

Chol was mauled to death by a

pit bull cross that escaped

from Joseveski's back yard

through an open roller door.

The dog attacked her 6-year-old

cousin and aunt. It is up to

the community to make sure that

they take all necessary

precautions to ensure their

dogs are not a danger to the

community. While the pit bull

belonged to Joseveski's son, he

accepted the mauling was his

fault as he had been caring for

the animal. The Chol family has

accepted a letter of apology

but believe more could have

been done. They are disape

pointed it wasn't registered.

They believe the reason why it

wasn't registered because the owners appreciated it was a

dangerous dog. The magistrate

said the little girl's death

was a rare example of the

terrible consequences a

relatively minor breach of the

law can have. Joseveski was

convicted and fined $11,000 for

four offences under the

Domestic Animal Act. Under new

laws, dog owners whose pets

kill now face up to 10 years in

jail. This is the reason why

changed the rules at the time

around restricted breed dogs.

This is the reason at the time

we changed the law. Joseveski

will return to court next month

to testify at a coronial

inquest into Ayen Chol's death.

The girl's family is also considering civil action

against him.

The artist Adam Cullen has

died in his Blue Mountains home

west of Sydney. 47-year-old

Cullen was known for his sometimes grotesque portrait.

He entered the Archibald Prize

many times. He was shortlisted

several times before winning 12

years ago with his painting of

actor David Wenham. He hit the

headlines last year when he was

arrested for drink driving and

possessing weapons. At the

court hearing it was revealed

he suffered from medical

conditions including bi-polar

disorder. His health was

failing in recent weeks, it is

believed he died in his sleep.

To finance now and the local

share market started the week

on a strong note reflecting the

solid gains in Europe and the

US last Friday. Here is Alan Kohler. As I recall it,

whatever it takes was the title

of Graham Richardson's memoirs,

but Mario Draghi, President of

the European Central Bank, has

adopted Richo's motto without

attribution I might add. The

markets love it. The idea that

the ECB will rescue Spain has

made everyone forget it needs

Germany's support to do that

and that lots of previous grand

promises remain unfulfil ed in

Europe. There were big gains

across Europe and New York on

Friday although there was less

enthusiasm in Asia today.

Australian sharing went up 0.8%

but it was about the banks and

other high yielding financials

so it is hard to know whether

it was a risk-on day or

risk-off with investors looking

for safe yield.

R there were decent gains in

May and April but that was off

the lowest base in 11 years in

March. Tonight's charts are

good news and bad news. This

one comparing the current

Australian market with the ones

in 1929, 1987 is good news I

think. The longest wait until

the All Ordinaries started

rising again has been five and

a half years. After the 1929

crash it was back to square by

now and even the long 87 and 73

bears started turning bullish

about now. History is on the

side of recovery. But, this

chart suggests we are not going

to do too well in London for

gold medals. ANZ has looked at

100 years of data on

Australia's gold medal tally

and the dollar and discovered

we only do well when the dollar

is low, a bit like manufacturing apparently. The

dollar is now historically

high. That's finance.

The Brumbies have labelled

Wallabies cap pain David Pocock

- captain David Pocock one of

the greatest signings in the

club's short history but the

coach has stopped saying the

24-year-old is the key to

success next season. With

Pocock locked into a three year

deal, Jake White won't rule out

the possibility of him

captaining the team. At the end

of an unexpectedly successful season, there was

disappointment. With eyes

firmly on 2013, the Brumbies have wasted little time planning their assault on next

year's championship. To get a

guy like David, I don't like to talk about individual players

but whether we like it or not,

when it comes to David Pocock

you talk about him individually

because he is respected as one

of the best players in the

world. It has been since

speculation began he would sign

with the Brumbies. He wrote to his fans to explain the


He wants to win and wants to

be part of a winning team and

he wants to be successful as a

rugby player. There is an onus

on us to make sure we can

produce that as well. The

question of captaincy next

season wasn't entirely

answered. If it means Ben is

the Brumbies captain and Dave

is the Wallaby captain and we

can produce on the field,

mission completed. If Jake taps

me on the shoulder at the start

of next year and says Poey is

the man to lead us forward, I

am seriously fine with us. The

Canberra Raiders are at a loss

to explain their season. The

team suffered another embarrassing defeat at home

yesterday to the Newcastle

Knights 36-6. Hard to put your

finger on. If there was an easy

answer, we'd have it by now. Tom Learoyd-Lahrs has

undergone scans on an injured

hamstring. He could be

sidelined for up to four weeks.

Casey Stoner has won the

American MotoGP for the second

year in a row and is back in championship contention. Stoner

has endured a poor run of form

in recent weeks but last night

the 26-year-old took control at

Laguna Sec, his softer tyres

proving the difference. Former

world champion Valentino Rossi

came off his bike in the

penultimate lap as Stoner

cruised to victory and closed

the gap on his rivals. It was

surprisingly similar to last

year, very happy with the way

it turned out for us and it was

nice to do something different

than everybody else. The in the

Formula One in Hungary, Mark

Webber finished a disappointing

8th. Britain's Lewis Hamilton

won the Grand Prix, his second

victory of the year. It is

shaping up to be the Australian

film industry's next big hit

but it almost didn't happen.

The original investors pulled

out of the 'Sapphires' at the

last minute but the film makers soldiered on and now there is

talk of on Oscar. Adrian

Raschella reports. It is the

most unlikely success story,

four Aboriginal women become a

hit girl group and entertain

American troops during the

Vietnam War after being

discovered by an Irish

musician. How do you feel about

not singing lead? How do you

feel about getting knocked out

by a woman? Based on a true

story, it when gan on stage -

began on stage seven years ago starring Deborah Mailman who

still insisted on auditioning

for the film. It was great I

did. It solidified for me how

much I wanted to be part of

this film. While it may seem a

movie version was always a

certainty, it almost collapsed

as the original backers pulled

out at the last minute. So we

had to get the money again and

then when it came through, we

just had to shoot it at the

time. We could have waited an

extra 12 months or something,

but we thought "We have this

amount of money, need to go

now". The 'Sapphires' received

a 10-minute standing ovation in

Cannes, a heady welcome for an

industry new comer. I read

somewhere your initial plan as

a young kid was to become an

astronaut. I wanted to be an

astronaut and pail yen

tolgist. A what? Brushing up

dinosaur bones. Are you

regretting your career choice

now? No. The film stars Miranda Tapsell and Jessica

Mauboy. Did it make you at all

want to be part of a girl

group? Well I tell you what,

it was reliving a bit of a

fantasy for me, quietly wanting

to be that rock chick. Thanks

to the powerful American distributor Harvey Weinstein

the 'Sapphires' will screen in

every major international

market and there is already

speculation it is an Oscar gem.

It has been a beautiful day

around Canberra, heavy frost in places this morning and no

wonder with an overnight low of

minus 5.

Plenty of cold air streaming

over the southern part of the

continent with a deep low in

the Tasman and a high in the

Bight. That high is directing

cold southerly air over our

region and will be squeezed

between two low pressure

systems. That will bring

scattered showers to the

southern states.

That's the news for now. You

can keep up to date 24 hours a

day on ABC News online. Stay

with us now for '7:30' with

Leigh Sales. More revelations

in the ongoing Peter Slipper

sexual harassment saga. Thanks

for your company, goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI

Welcome to 7.30. Tonight - counter-claim. Queensland

Police investigate allegations

that Peter Slipper's accuser,

James Ashby, had sex with


I was 15 at the time.

However, what we did under

Queensland law cannot be

consented to under the age of


And - talking the talk , but

when it comes to delivering,

Australia's men's relay team

falls short. High amount of

pressure on ourselves and the

public. We thought we could do

something pretty special and

fell while short as you could see. This Program Is Captioned


Sexual harassment case

against the parliamentary

Speaker Peter Slipper has

transfixed political watchers

for much of this year. Little

wonder given the Gillard

Government's precarious state

but as the saga has unfolded