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(generated from captions) Showtime in London - a journey through British history. the Olympics Games begin with from our team of live reporters. We have full highlights Powered by Aussies - helping to run the Games. we meet the expats the entire feel. How their influence changed from Syria - Breaking news this morning a bloodbath this weekend. why Western powers fear our exclusive interview And rock god and poet - The Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan. with frontman of as Weekend Sunrise begins now. Stand by for a view on everything # Reach out for the sunrise BAND: (SINGS) to the big sky. # # Put your hands in this is Weekend Sunrise Live from Studio 52, and Andrew O'Keefe. with Samantha Armytage Good morning, everyone. of the show. Welcome to a special edition all your games highlights, This is the place to not only get as well. but the rest of your morning's news Is there any other news? The air is so much. We will bring it to you. I thought the whole world's attention was on London. A Eddie McGuire will be covering that. He has an extensive notes from what I've seen. from all corners. We have London covered James Tobin will be reporting live Simon Reeve, EdwinaBartholomew and throughout the Games. We'll hear from them shortly. Don't worry, we are keeping the home fires burning. Talk to you soon. the news keeps breaking But Games aside, accused of the Colorado massacre. including new details on the man We have a live report coming up. with a weather snapshot. But let's begin JT, good evening to you. Good morning, good evening, everyone. What a place to be. I'm so excited to bring you the action live from London from the banks of the Thames. Some exciting stuff has just happened. I'm talking the Olympic torch down the Thames. show you the pictures in just a Olympic torch down the Thames. I'll

moment, but first, back at home, this is what the weather looks like today. Adelaide and Hobart today A few showers for Melbourne, of the country while the rest and partly cloudy day. can expect a fine As I mentioned, it was spectacular - I'm talking fireworks - I'll show you all of that, plus I'll give you all of the local in-depth weather after the news with Jess. Let's go straight to London Opening Ceremony is now underway. where the spectacular 2012 Olympics of the excitement at Hyde Park. Edwina Bartholomew is in the thick Good morning, Edwina. I have to say, I love the Queen's involvement. It's been quite a show. Welcome to a pumping Hyde Park where 60,000 people are enjoying the Opening Ceremony. This has been seven years in the making. They promised humour and drama and Danny Boyle has delivered. This is proved tonight that the Olympics is more about sport. It is an entire spectacle. Some of the highlights started with the scene of the Industrial Revolution with these rings forged above the stadium which become a waterfall of fire were stashed absolutely spectacular, and a fitting start to the Olympics of 2012. Absolutely incredible. Then it moved on to Daniel Craig and a very funny skit involving the Queen where he picked her up from Buckingham Palace, flew over London in the chopper. She was wearing the same outfit as she then appeared in the stadium. Who knew after all this time the Queen had a sense of humour? Fantastic. And we are hearing a musical tribute to those wonderful Act's that have made British musical history over the years. We've had Queen, the Beatles. It's been incredible and soon we will see the parade of nations led of course in the Australian contingent by Lauren Jackson. Her parents were en-route to London when they were told about her last night. Here's a little bit about what her mum and dad had to say. The captain announced over the plane. Literally we would unfounded for a period of time and Mary had a few tears. I think what's happening tonight, it's just unbelievable. Do I can't think of a better ambassador for Australia. We've just seen the torch going down the River Thames and there is a huge sense of anticipation about who will light the Olympic Cauldron. There certainly is. There has been so much speculation. Steve Redgrave, Britain's five-time Olympic Inn, was on television before and would not give any secrets away but the torch has had a magnificent 70-day journey watched by 3 million people on the streets of Britain. They expected around half of that but this process has been embraced by the people. We've seen it over the past week as it has travelled around London. Some amazing sights as it travelled on the Queen's rowboat down the Thames. Past Tower Bridge and on a mystery journey to the Olympic Stadium. We don't know how that cauldron will be lit. There is no structure in the stadium that looks obvious enough to be a cauldron. A bit of whingeing last week, I must say, with all these Poms, but you could see over the last couple of days, the torch turned everyone around. It's quite something. We will catch up with you throughout the morning. boss has condemned betting The International Olympic Committee of Australia's flag-bearer. on the naming of money backing Lauren Jackson Online bookmakers had a sudden surge just before she was named. the secret leaked out. It's led to talk very unhappy. The controversy has Jacques Rogge Definitely, it's not good. is not breached, The letter of the law but you shouldn't bet on that.

any deliberate leaks. Aussie Olympic officials have denied we're hearing charges have been laid Also this morning, an Australian travel agent against two men accused of killing in Thailand. Michelle Smith died in June a bungled bag snatch in Phuket. after being stabbed during to attacking Ms Smith It's reported one man has confessed riding the getaway motorbike. while the other admits the death penalty. Some of the charges carry of a missing Queensland grandmother The former boyfriend charged with her murder. is expected to face court today, Warwick home, west of Brisbane, Gail Lynch was last seen at her on July 3. a 58-year-old man yesterday, Police arrested in bushland near Toowoomba. discovered hiding Weight lifted from your shoulders, to bringing mum home. now we are just one step closer Gail Lynch still hasn't been found. of grassroots lobby group GetUp! The man in charge to take some time out. is quitting his role, the decision some time ago Simon Sheikh says he made and it has nothing to do with his collapse on live TV four weeks ago. The 26-year-old insists he has a clean bill of health but the past four frantic years leading GetUp! have taken their toll. In finance news - what a bumper night on Wall Street. We haven't got a story from China for you now but it is from Indonesia. I think you'll like it. An orangutan has been moved away from bad influences at an Indonesian zoo to help her quit smoking. For more than a decade, Tori the 15-year-old ape has smoked cigarettes thrown into her enclosure by zoo visitors. It's hoped her new home - an isolated island within the zoo's grounds - will help her butt out for good. The first step is to change brands, and change regularly, apparently, and then start rolling your own. They are very dextrous. I think she'd switched to another type of tobacco altogether by the look of it. Anyone who has given up smoking knows you have to be moved to another island to get away from everybody else. It makes sense. Who would throw cigarettes to one of them? That is so funny. If you were in that enclosure, you would be begging for fags, wouldn't you? Just for something to do. Just throw bananas. How many bananas can you smoke? Time for a change as the bishop said to the actress. Ahead this morning - Simon meets the Aussies helping to run this year's Olympics. But next - Hawthorn's ruthless treatment of Essendon. We have full highlights. And we'll head back to London's Tower Bridge where JT has your local weather. (RUMBLING AND CRASHING)

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You don't have health insurance? Go back to your desk right away, call yourself up, and find a policy that's right for you. It's your job! So sneaky that riff, isn't it? If you are wondering why they sound so 80s, check out the new bass guitar. And the jacket. Ever-so-slightly 80s, too. Don't know what you are talking about, talking about, Sam. Simon can do all the sport long distance, although most of it is over there, right? What a privilege it is to be here, but we are watching it on a BBC monitor over there. We will keep you up-to-date through the morning. The hopes of a nation are riding on the back of Stephanie Rice ahead of her 400 metre medal tomorrow. The 24-year-old is desperate to defend her title but she'll have a fight on her hands with her US rival favoured to take out the event. For the past three campaigns, Australia's swim team has secured gold in the first 24 hours of the Olympics. Hawthorn Skipper Luke Hodge has starred in his long-awaited return against Essendon at Etihad Stadium. In his first game since a knee injury in May, during the Hawks' 94-point trouncing of the Bombers. A depleted Essendon showed glimpses of form but never looked like fazing a relentless Hawthorn outfit. The win putting Hawks on top of the ladder, making them heavy favourites to take the flag. COMMENTATOR: Smith from 50. Long ball, good ball, beautiful finish! NRL and even the return of Billy Slater wasn't enough to pull the Storm out of their slump against a red-hot Dragons in Wollongong. The world's best fullback began in unusual fashion, throwing an intercept for Brett Morris to give St George first points A Storm fightback looked on the cards but two more four pointers from Morris sealed Melbourne's fate. COMMENTATOR: Has come back on the inside and has got a hat-trick. And the Titans have pushed aside their off-field dramas to thump the Roosters at Sydney's Allianz Stadium. Sydney started strong but couldn't match a Scott Prince-inspired Gold Coast outfit. The visitors crossing six times for a 36-16 win. Sonny Bill Williams will look to make amends for last year's grand final loss after his Chiefs conquered the Crusaders in a thrilling spectacle in New Zealand. The 26-year-old set the platform for two tries But the Crusaders fought back, coming within three before Dan Carter missed a crucial penalty to take the match to extra time handing the Chiefs only their second grand final berth. And McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has set the pace in the opening practice session ahead of this weekends Hungarian Grand Prix. Rain dominated the afternoon session which saw several drivers lose control. Australia's Mark Webber placed 14th. Daniel Craig has got nothing on the JT who its Thames-side next to the beautiful Tower Bridge. Here he is with the weather. What a magnificent location, and this whole area, and a big cafe and restaurant area, and there have been whispers all afternoon because it has all been kept very secret. This has been sent to point so far

of the proceedings. Earlier today the Olympic torch was brought up the Thames on a royal row barge. It was taken to Tower Bridge, then to City Hall where it was kept for City Hall where it was kept for a few hours. Just moments ago we shot this vision. All of a sudden there was a flurry of fireworks on Tower Bridge and a jet boat started flying down the Thames driven by none other than his Royal Highness David Beckham. We couldn't David Beckham. We couldn't quite make out through the torch-bearer was but a very dapper Becks was holding the flame. That is on its way to the stadium. It was an incredible experience to be here and I'm going to be talking to some very enthusiastic Australians and people from all walks of life hanging out here As an Australian over here in the UK, the Poms have kind of referred to Whitmore as being a bit of fuss, this whole Olympics thing, but just in the last couple of days that attitude has changed and people have started to get excited so this evening the whole thing will erupt. It will be a wonderful celebration and we will be chatting to the locals and tourists. See you back in about 15 minutes. I think they should have a Mr Bean light the flame, don't you? Absolutely. From what I've seen Ong Twitter, he's been part of the show already. I was picturing him trying to light the stove or something. Maybe that orang-utan from Indonesia. Flick... It would be awesome. Not very British, having an orang-utan light the flame. Unless he is smoking a Pall Mall. The Queen could do it. She is a B&H fan. They are by appointment to the Royal Family. It would be great, wouldn't it? No more talk of cigarettes. It is too early for that. It is always too early for that. Ahead this morning - did Iraq smuggle its chemical weapons to Syria? The new questions that could help re-write history. But next - party time in London. We go behind the scenes with our team of live reporters.

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It is like the Olympics live right here in the studio. The party is going off in here. Thanks for that. In just a moment - the Aussie who came face to face with a tsunami of ice.

But first, Jess has the latest from the newsroom. Good morning. London's $40 million Olympics Opening Ceremony is playing out to a packed stadium and audiences all over the world. It has featured the Queen appearing to parachute into the stadium with 'James Bond' actor Daniel Craig. There's also been a tribute to Britain's world contribution to music. Fireworks exploded from London Bridge as the Opening Ceremony began. And soccer star David Beckham has been driving the final torch bearer up the River Thames to the Olympic Stadium. Earlier, angry London cab drivers caused more chaos in the centre of the city. They staged their third protest this week, just hours before the Opening Ceremony began. Cabbies are angry they're not allowed to use Olympics traffic lanes, which are reserved for athletes, officials and VIPs. Well, the message is - open the Olympic lanes for the best taxi service in the world, so the people that are coming here can be serviced by the best taxi service in the world. The drivers are now back at work. But everyone is getting into the Olympic spirit. Michelle Obama swapped high heels for trainers in a London park for her Let's Move campaign to combat childhood obesity. Football star David Beckham leant his support - and expertise - although he wasn't really dressed for the football pitch. He always looks sharp, though. The First Lady also had a go at tennis and tug of war. Later she mingled with the royals at Buckingham Palace for the Queen's pre-Olympics bash. Still overseas - there are fears the Syrian government could be planning to use chemical weapons against its own people as fighting between the Assad regime and rebel forces intensifies. Troops, tanks and war planes have been firing on opposition neighbourhoods in the northern city of Aleppo. It's believed at least 100 people have been killed. I demand, again I reiterate my demand, that the Syrian authorities categorically state that they will not use chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction. A Syrian MP who defected to Turkey has warned a massacre may be imminent. The Sri Lankan Navy has weighed into the debate over Australia's asylum seeker policy. The navy's director says he wants us to send as many as possible home to foil the people-smuggling trade. And the Sri Lankan Navy has also offered to help our navy turn boats back in exchange for more resources and Australian air surveillance. A young Melbourne man who was slashed across the face with a box cutter hopes by speaking out, police will be able to track down his attacker. Rhys Keogh had been playing pool at a bar in the city before he was attacked by a stranger in the restroom. And then I suddenly looked at my hand and there was just blood everywhere and I just went back into the bathroom and collapsed. Police want to speak to this man filmed by security cameras as he arrived at the bar. Julia Gillard says she's optimistic both New South Wales and Victoria will benefit from the National Disability Insurance Scheme after the states agreed to fund a trial. Both conservative governments faced a backlash for initially refusing to throw in extra money for the trial. But yesterday, they agreed to come on board, joining South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. Electronic retailer Dick Smith is pulling a DVD player off the shelves because its internal battery could overheat and ignite. It's a Dick Smith-branded 9-inch portable device similar to this one. The model number is D6202 and it was sold between August last year and July this year. Customers can get a full refund. You be careful now. You know how big puts his own name on his products? I'm not even going to say what I thought about that one. Simon, I was so excited to see Lauren Jackson leading the athletes. I can't think of a better person in that role. I would describe her as a serious woman of substance. She's a marvellous individual and she has a lot on her mind to ride out all the emotion of this week. They play Great Britain tomorrow on day one of competition so she has to put that behind her and focus. She is a total professional and will do that so the Aussie-Pom rivalry starts tomorrow in basketball in a sensational start to the Games, and the Netherlands are the hot favourites for the women's 4x100 metres relay . The Netherlands is the hot favourite for the women's 4x100 freestyle relay tomorrow but the Australian girls are confident their Olympic adrenalins will help them produce the X-factor performance needed to propel them to gold. The team's relay coach believes Australia's depth will be the deciding factor in the hotly anticipated match-up. NRL Roosters coach Brian Smith concedes his team's year is over after going down to the Titans in Sydney last night. In-form Gold Coast fullback William Zillam impressed with a double while Scott Prince dazzled the Roosters' defence to lead his team to a 20-point win. I don't like the look of the ladder at all, thanks. I prefer not to. In Wollongong, a Brett Morris hat-trick handed the Storm their fifth loss on the trot. A valiant Dean Young returned for the Dragons after being knocked unconscious last week. Firing his team up to come away with the win - 26-18. Premiership favourite Hawthorn has sent a clear message to rest of the competition with a 94-point pounding of the Bombers at Etihad overnight. The Hawks were relentless, flighing high and amassing 180 points to make it eight wins in a row. The coach, quick to credit returning skipper Luke Hodge who top scored with five goals. He's the captain of our club and he's been sorely missed throughout the course of the year. And in rugby, the Chiefs have secured only their second super rugby grand final berth. Sonny Bill Williams starred to overcome a tough Crusaders' outfit with Dan Carter failing to convert a penalty in the dying stages which would have thrown the match into extra time. If I had hair, you would see it blowing in the wind. The wind has kicked up and JT is down on by the river. Yeah, it's going to be like this for a few weeks now. G'day everybody. This is like the United Nations right here. This is the Lithuanian contingent. What would Lithuania most like to win gold in? Basketball! And the Irish boys? Katie Taylor! And sunk Irish dancing? An opportunity. That's great. It seemed like such a great idea at the time. There is an Aussie in here. But first let's look at the national forecast. Brisbane, Sydney, partly cloudy. Canberra, fine. for Melbourne. A few showers for Hobart. Adelaide, a few showers. Perth, fine. Partly cloudy for Darwin. Andy, come forward, night. Let's bring him through the crowd. How long have you been in the UK? 12 years now. Who will you be cheering for? Australia, of course. Anyone you would like to say hello to? Everyone in Australia. The Green Mile. See you soon. We will leave it there. You really should have a sound and second delay every time there is an Irish person on screen. -- seven-second delay. To all those people watching out there this morning, we apologise... Well, it's taking sightseeing to the extreme. An Australian tourist got more than she bargained for after getting too close to the local scenery in Greenland. Jeanne Moos fills in the blanks. He wasn't exactly as cool as ice but at least there were no expletives to delete when this happened. Of the coast of Greenland, part of a glacier collapsed. What did Jens Muller say? About every five seconds he said "wow" until the wave hit. The boat was sideways towards the glacier and, when he saw the wave coming, he got out of there. No-one was hurt, not Jens, not the Australian Tourist he was taking sightseeing. In case you thought his only

thought his only word was wow... I've never been this close to dying. What impressed people was the way the cameraman stayed focused. But he says this is only because he was looking in his viewfinder. The 23-year-old mechanical engineering student said the ice was cracking for about four minutes before the collapse

before the collapse and, for some reason... The boat wasn't damaged until later. It hit a piece of ice under water on the way home which damaged the steering. A relative retrieved them. No wonder someone posted, is this the prequel to Titanic? Iceberg, dead ahead. Iceberg, dead ahead, sir. Tsunami ahead. Thankfully Jens isn't dead. That is incredible. I know it That is incredible. I know it would be shocking and terrifying but, if you will be filming this and going around the world, you need to have something in your mind more than "wow" to say. He had a fairly limited vocabulary given the impending loss of life about to occur. If my boat was a bit tipped over I would be saying something more than "oh". You would be saying, our father, who art in heaven... I note it's been a while, father. Never forget you have sound on your cameras as well. Just think about that if you are ever trapped in a tsunami. It could happen. You never know. Ahead this morning - is there anything wrong with men crying in public. Of course not. Depends what they are crying about. Boys need to be more in touch with their emotions. You say that, but then when you see them crying some time... Check out the footage. He loses a bike race and lies down on the ground and cries. A little crybaby! Also coming up - a man full of emotion. Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins - with views on life and the future of music. But next - why the London Games are being called the 'Home and Away' Olympics. Simon meets the Aussies, calling the shots. VOICEOVER: When you have a cold or flu it can turn your life upside down. (WHIMPERS) Act quickly -

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are many Aussies behind these London games. Check it out. ('HOME AND AWAY' THEME PLAYS) Well, it might not be Summer Bay but here at London 2012 has a distinctively Australian feel to it.

London is being called the 'Home and Away' Games because of all the Aussies working behind the scenes. Never before has a nation been so influential in organising a foreign Olympics. LOCOG - the committee organising the games is stacked with Aussies. So is the Mayor's Olympic team. Plus eight of the competition venues are being run by Australian general managers. Australians tend to be quite practical people - also quite upfront and certainly in a high-pressured environment like the Games you can't beat around the bush when you are talking to people. You need to be up front and say, "We've got a problem. "Here's what it is, how are we going to fix it?" I think the Australian character helps with that. One of the biggest challenges facing the Olympics is transport. And it's Aussie Mark Evers who has the job of making sure that it all runs smoothly. We basically have a road network that was layed out in medievil times and we've got a 21st century city here that we need to manage. We've also got a pretty big Tube network we turn 150 years next year on the underground. So, Mark, I had to ask - how did the boy from Bathurst end up running transport for London for the Olympics? Good question. I don't know. Certainly it wasn't planned but I've been working at TFL for a few years now and when the opportunity arose, I jumped at it. I had a fantastic time on the other side in Sydney, I was one of the people experiencing the Games there and really enjoyed it. As a young Aussie, have you ever noticed raised eyebrows when you've walked into a meeting? I think you get judged on how good a job you do so hopefully we're doing a good job and because of that everyone is being treated well at the moment. So Mark, on behalf of the Prime Minister and particularly the Premier of New South Wales, can we get you back to Australia after the Olympics to sort out our mess? Well, certainly at some point in the future I'd be keen to go back home and find a job there but at the moment we're busy enough here trying to make sure transport does work well. And even at a grassroots level, Aussies are making their mark. This impressive group of expats are all volunteering at the Opening Ceremony. I missed out on tickets and I thought this was my way to get involved. Having lived through the Sydney Olympics and I didn't get a chance to volunteer. When London won the bid, I thought I definitely need to get involved. Has Danny Boyle kind of been there in the middle of it all

yelling out instructons? "You there, wherever you're from, move over there."? Yes, he's been present at all of the rehearsals. He's certainly been there directing things as they go along and if something's not quite right, he'll adjust it at the time. From the Opening Ceremony to the torch relay to security and transport - us Aussies are playing a huge role. But if we are going to claim part ownership of these Games, we better make sure they run very smoothly. It is amazing how much you look like Alf in that outfit, I have to save. We love that little trilby. I'm very unhappy about this. I want cameraman Mark Wilkinson removed from the shoot immediately. He just said the same thing and I'm not happy. From what you've seen so far, do you think this Olympics will be a massive success? I do. I guess you just touch wood and hope that nothing happens on the security front but, with all the hoo-ha that led up to the start of the Games and the Opening Ceremony tonight, it so often happens. It was the same in Sydney and Athens. It was the pollution in Beijing. There are the odd whingers around town you hear from taxi drivers and what have you but overall this will be a stunning Games. It will be fascinating to watch the games within the Games between Australia and Great Britain as well. As much as the love to read each other, the English, we do love them, and like I say, it's a real privilege to be here. It will be a cracking Games. The best Games ever. Since Sydney, obviously, which was the best Games ever. And I don't look like off, alright? They should have acknowledged the whingeing think in the Opening Ceremony, don't you think? But one minute whingeing section. Wine on the side of the cab drivers. They are the best in the world, those blokes. They have to pass a test, don't they, where they have to remember every backstreet barely wait in London. I'm sure they are part of the ceremony. They are amazing. You can fit a bike in there. They must be part of the ceremony, certainly. I wonder what do flag-bearer would be? They are not that expensive. Nowhere is as expensive as Australia. More from London shortly. And while we're quite rightly distracted by the Games, there is some major news breaking in Syria this morning. Keith Suter will have that for us shortly. And a week on from the Aurora massacre - what now do we know about the alleged gunman? Mike Amor pieces together the evidence. VOICEOVER: Now you can turn your world into a shinier place. New Finish Quantum's unique capsules are bursting with ultra shine technology... ..that actively removes cloudy spots and water marks, leaving nothing behind but a brilliant shine, our best ever. VOICEOVER: Change. It's a moving beast. You can't stop it or pretend it's not happening. You've got to run with it. Make it your best friend. In Australia, we're lucky. We get it.

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(SIGHS) ..with a unique warming sensation to comfort your throat. security experts new fear. Why it could cripple everything from power to water. The secret documents that reveal all. Plus, Andrew meets soccer's new superstars. How one club is reshaping the world game. And Nelson's New York exclusive. Some of the greatest actors of this or any generation and they're all Aussies. All of that and continuing live coverage from our team in London. Get the complete picture. Weekend Sunrise from 7am tomorrow. We'll take a moment off from the United Kingdom and head to the United A week has now passed since a gunman opened fire in a US cinema, shooting dead 12 people. So are we any closer to understanding the reasons behind the massacre? Mike Amor is our US bureau chief. Mike, it seems there have been new revelations every day about alleged gunman James Holmes. Do any of those point to a clear motive? Strangely enough, we don't have a clear motive yet. Holmes is not talking but we are starting to piece together some of the details behind it. We now understand he sent a psychiatrist he was seeing at the University a package detailing the plans of the shooting. That package was sent before the massacre and a big argument here as to whether the package should be released to police as evidence or protected under a doctor-patient privilege. Also today we saw the first possible copycat. The man was arrested outside Washington DC after threatening to shoot up his workplace. He said "I'm a joker workplace. He said "I'm a joker and I'm going to load my guns and blow everyone up". Police went to his house and found it full of guns so thankfully that was averted. Beyond the pain, many have been taking, I guess, some inspiration or hope from the stories of survivors. Yeah, quite remarkable, some of the stories of what happened in that cinema. Lots of stories of people who died or were wounded while diving on top of their loved ones

to prevent them being shot. I like the story of any young and Stephanie Davies. She was shot in the neck but instead of running Stephanie stayed to apply pressure to her neck while the gunman was shooting around her. Get up, we have to go. And I couldn't talk. I was, like, I can't. I never heard her voice sound like that in my life. And people started running down the aisle and Bibles in it just lying there, so she grabs me and pulls me into the seat. -- mine in it. There is just blood everywhere. She puts her fingers over my artery. It had exploded. That's where I got shot. Fair to say they will be BFFs forever. One of the things that really surprised us following the shooting - consoles in Aurora have rocketed. Right around the country in the weeks since. There are two reasons behind it. One, people were so scared they want to be armed so they can shoot back in the event of something like that happening. The second reason is that they are scared lawmakers may crackdown on these type of high-powered weapons and they may not be able to buy them so they are rushing in to get them while they can. Thank you so much for that this morning. Mitt Romney has already said he won't change the gun laws. Most of Congress get so much money from the gun lobby. Interestingly, Obama made a speech when he said AK- 47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not citizens. No-one needs them. It is just crazy. Coming up - were Iraq's chemical weapons smuggled into Syria? The revelation that could change history's view of the Iraq invasion. But right now, let's get the latest from London. Here's Jess. Good morning. Let's go straight to London where our team has marched out into the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. Edwina Bartholomew, how did our athletes look? I felt pretty proud. They looked great, didn't they? Let the Games begin. This evening we are in Hyde Park where there is alive concert for 60,000 people. We watched the beginning of the Opening Ceremony. Now there is a concert featuring Stereophonics and later on Snow Patrol. We thank our lucky stars that it is A for Australia and we are one of the first to walk out in front of 205 Nations. With Lauren Jackson waving our flag and, at close to two metres high, no-one was going to miss her. The competition starting in the swimming on the weekend, so they wanted to get an early night, but amazing scenes, and just goose bumps - makes you proud to be Australian. It was the middle of the ceremony, what has been a spectacular show orchestrated by Danny Boyle of Trainspotting and 'Slumdog Millionaire'. We saw Daniel Craig take part. Renewed Daniel Craig was going to be part of it. We didn't know he was going to Buckingham Palace to pick up the Queen in a chopper. This section was filmed back in April. Apparently, according to the palace, the Queen was thrilled to take part in something so spectacular. Probably thrilled to be asked not to wear a bikini like other Bond girls. Those dogs are her own corps des, I can confirm that. -- des, I can confirm that. -- corgis. This is her third Olympics in London. She saw her great grandfather opening one, her grandfather opening another, and now this one in London. Then now this one in London. Then a tribute to British literature. We had rock'n'roll music as well, JK Rowling in the literature section, and we had Queen, the Beatles and dancers filling the stage, tens of thousands of volunteers giving up their time to provide Britain with one of their proudest moments. It ruling was a spectacular start to what is going to be a wonderful Games. You said it just beautifully. Can't wait to see all the excitement ahead. We will catch up with you a little later this morning. And this Olympics is expected to be more 'social' than ever before with millions of people likely to tweet through the Games - much like our very own Mark Beretta, who posted this picture earlier. Technology experts are expecting records will be broken - from athletes and from us at home using social media. The IOC themselves have said, are saying, that this is going to be the most technological and social media savvy games. The IOC is keeping a close eye on what goes online. I must say, I enjoy all the Twitter stuff. One from Magda saying Sharon Strozleschi is beside herself Strozleschi is beside herself with sporting joy. The Sapphires. One great netball up to another. And basketball player, too. A teenager is in hospital with critical injuries The 18-year-old was one of three passengers in a Toyota that hit two parked cars and crashed onto its side in Glenwood, just before 1am. A 17-year-old passenger was also taken to hospital in a stable condition. The 17-year-old driver was unhurt but has been taken to hospital for compulsory drug and alcohol tests. Also this morning, we're hearing charges have been laid against two men accused of killing an Australian travel agent in Thailand. Michelle Smith died in June after being stabbed during a bungled bag snatch in Phuket. It's reported one man has confessed to attacking Ms Smith while the other admits riding the getaway motorbike. Some of the charges carry the death penalty. The former boyfriend of a missing Queensland grandmother is expected to face court today, charged with her murder. Gail Lynch was last seen at her Warwick home, west of Brisbane, on July 3. Police arrested a 58-year-old man yesterday, discovered hiding in bushland near Toowoomba. Weight lifted from your shoulders. Now we're just one step closer to bringing Mum home. Gail Lynch still hasn't been found. Angry Madonna fans have booed the popstar at a nightclub gig in Paris. Madonna left the stage after just 45 minutes - prompting the angry response from fans - who'd paid $100 each to be there. They threw bottles on stage and chanted for a refund. (CHANTING) Her minders say the show was never meant to be longer than 45 minutes. I've never been a big fan of booing, I've got to say. 100 bucks is pretty cheap for a Madonna concert. You don't

You don't expect more than 45 minutes, do you? How is your friend? That is what they are saying! There is not going to be any booming, is there? At the Games. Absolutely not. A lot of cheering. We've just had a couple of fireworks going off behind me so

fireworks going off behind me so I apologise if that happens during the sport. The hopes of a nation are riding on the back of Stephanie Rice ahead of her 400 metre medal race tomorrow. The 24-year-old is desperate to defend her title but she'll have a fight on her hands with her US rival favoured to take out the event. Australia's swim team has secured gold in the first 24 hours of the Olympics. Hawthorn skipper Luke Hodge has starred in his long-awaited return against Essendon at Etihad Stadium. In his first game since a knee injury in May

Hodge took six marks, and kicked five goals, during the Hawks' 94-point trouncing of the Bombers. A depleted Essendon showed glimpses of form but never looked like fazing a relentless Hawthorn outfit. The win putting Hawks on top of the ladder, making them heavy favourites to take the flag. COMMENTATOR: Smith from 50. Long ball, good ball, beautiful finish!

In Wollongong, a fired-up Dragons have secured only their fourth victory in 21 match-ups against the Storm. The return of Billy Slater wasn't enough to break Melbourne's losing streak. Brett Morris claiming a hat-trick in his side's dominant display to win by eight. Unbelievable from Brett Morris. While the Titans have staked their finals claims,

overcoming the clubs off-field distractions to out muscle the Roosters in Sydney. In-form winger William Zillman crossed for two of Gold Coast's six tries to go up 36-16. Sonny Bill Williams will look to make amends for last year's grand final loss after his Chiefs conquered the Crusaders in a thrilling spectacle in New Zealand. The 26-year-old set the platform for two tries to put the Waikato boys in front at the break.

But the Crusaders fought back, coming within three to take the match to extra time, handing the Chiefs only their second grand final berth. And McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has set the pace in the opening practice session ahead of this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix. Rain dominated the afternoon session which saw several drivers lose control.

Australia's Mark Webber placed 14th. If I am Alf from 'Home And Away', I guess that makes JT a Chris Sims worth. Here he is with the weather. Thank you from the banks of the Thames. The talk Thames. The talk of the town is that the dapper men of Great Britain are around this Britain are around this morning. We've got David Beckham. We've got David Beckham. Oh, getting excited. David Beckham, Daniel Craig, Simon Reeve, all the big names. As big winner Bartholomew said earlier, there has been anode to British literature. At the weather, At the weather, we have a note to some of the great orators, like this guy. We have some streakers still wearing clothes. Katie and Amy from New Zealand. Come forward. You live in the UK now and you are off to an event tomorrow? The women's football in Cardiff. Australians and Kiwis, we get excited about sporting events in the same way. How have you found the Brits? They are very intimate and it has been really good. Enjoy the football tomorrow.

This is the sort of thing that is happening at the moment. It is just after 10pm. Thank you, that was wonderful. Thank you for your help. The producer for the day. We are going to dance the

going to dance the Macarena for the Spanish team. Because that's what's happening. Celebrations on the banks of the terms and at Tower Bridge as the Olympics ceremony gets under way for 2012. See you back later. This is the sort of quality television you get when you are there none broadcast rights holder.

there none broadcast rights holder. JT, please don't let strange women put things in your mouth from now on. I think we can play an important role for all those who don't want to look at the Opening Ceremony, and a public announcement to boot. To Syria now where there are fears that a major disaster is about to take place. The Syrian army has been focusing its firepower on the country's largest city - Aleppo.

The US is warning of a massacre there this weekend while helicopter gunships and fighter jets have been seen flying overhead. German intelligence has also warned that al-Qaeda is increasingly part of the fighting around the country. Meanwhile, the Syrian regime this week admitted it does have chemical weapons. Joining us to analyse these developments is our foreign editor, Keith Suter. Keith, we just saw there video footage of helicopters and jets flying over Aleppo - are we about to witness a massacre? Well, that seems to be the general feeling. The Syrian government has said it will be the mother of all battles, and with so much attention in London, this would be a good time, with the world's media looking elsewhere, to carry out this massacre. It is the biggest city in the country, the business heart, and it has managed to avoid most of the violence for the last year and a quarter, but now clearly the Government has decided, with the rebels moving in, now they have to set a good example by smashing them there, and sending a warning to the rest of the country that the Government is confident it can hold on to power. A German intelligence report says Al-Qaeda and imported Islamic militants are now playing a part in the fight against the Government. What effect will that have? It is adding to the general confusion. It is quite true that Al-Qaeda will operate because me know they are operating in Iraq and, from ancient history, Syria and Iraq are part of the old Mesopotamian kingdom, so you move from one bit of sand to another. It's very easy to do that and, if obviously, Al-Qaeda having exploited the chaos in Iraq, they are operating in Syria. Their trademark is the suicide bombings which have taken place. It is obviously a correct assumption to make. Bearing in mind a lot of other rebel groups are involved, but Al-Qaeda will be one of those. They have an interest in keeping the country destabilised for a while. Absolutely. This week the Syrian government admitted to having chemical weapons, and I guess - it sounds like something out of a movie - but Iraq, the weapons of mass destruction we were looking at in Iraq could have been moved to Syria. Is that possible? We know the Syrians for the last 30 years have acquired one of the largest stockpiles of chemical weapons, and chemical weapons degrade. Like anything organic, they'd go off, so to speak, to use a non-technical term, so you have to keep renewing it, and we know the Syrians have been doing it for 30 years. It is one of the reasons the Israelis have been reluctant to get involved, for fear of retaliation. The second issue is the possibility that some of Iraq's so-called weapons of mass destruction may have been moved into Syria. There is no obvious reason Saddam Hussein would have given them to Syria rather than using them on the United States, the UK and Australia, so I'm sceptical that would be the case. We know the Syrians for 30 years have had their own stockpile, one of the largest in the world, so that's something to worry about. Whether they have Saddam Hussein's remnants of his weapons, and this represents another dimension. Going back to Al-Qaeda, what happens when they get their hands, they were to get their hands, on those chemical weapons? They produce them against the West. Exactly, or Israel. What is the biggest threat? Would they use chemical weapons on their own people or would they attacked the West? They have threatened both. They would use them on their own people or anyone who tried to intervene. Only on foreign insurgents but remember how the Libyans to find foreign insurgents. The difference with Libya, Libya imploded. It affects Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq. Al-Qaeda, this is going to be one of the biggest stories of this year. No matter what happens to Bashar what happens to Bashar Al-Assad, the violence will continue. We will be seeing a lot more of it, by the sounds of it. Ahead this morning - the man who became a global star for smashing pumpkins. Did he ever smash a pumpkin? I think he did. Rock god Billy Corgan is our guest, just after 8:30. But next - the Aussies who took part in this morning's Opening Ceremony. They'll join us live from London, right after this.

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security experts new fear. Why it could cripple everything from power to water. The secret documents that reveal all. Plus, Andrew meets soccer's new superstars. How one club is resharping the world game. And Nelson's New York exclusive. Some of the greatest actors of this or any generation and they're all Aussies. All of that and continuing live coverage from our team in London. Get the complete picture. Weekend Sunrise from 7am tomorrow. London is staging a spectacular Opening Ceremony in true British style. Really? When is that happening? Stay tuned with us. We are like the Paralympics of morning television this morning. Our reporters are right in the thick of it. Simon Reeve is at the stadium. Edwina Bartholomew is at the Hyde Park live site. It seems it is really meeting expectations, this ceremony. If you are still watching, we will send you a Christmas hamper and the Channel servant sticker as well. Last Christmas's hamper. Meeting Last Christmas's hamper. Meeting expectations and bettering them, I think. It's been such a rich, wonderful and quirky Opening Ceremony. It ain't over yet. Some specialise music to come at the end to round things off with some huge British names from over the years. Let's hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. This is Genevieve and this is Gavin. Genevieve is from NSW and Gavin is from Melbourne. We are working men and women in the industrial revolution. Very good, and you have the coal dust to prove it. When did you first become involved? I found out in July last year. It was on the front page of the Evening Standard. Auditioned in November and rehearsed every weekend beginning in May. The same deal. Overall we had about 23 different rehearsal sessions totalling about 163 hours so we became pretty good buddies with all our mates in different groups. What was the atmosphere like when you step out tonight? You couldn't compare it to standing in the middle of an old factory site in rehearsals in the middle of the most awful summer middle of the most awful summer we have had to comparing it with being in the stadium with thousands of people wanting to see what you are up to. It was amazing. When you got the noise, the atmosphere, the lights. The Rings, when they came up in the middle, and you are standing looking above them, and the flames come down but brilliant. Something you will never forget, I'm sure. Thank you for joining us. You have some partying to do, I believe. They are going to party like it's 1859. Eddie, as soon like it's 1859. Eddie, as soon as the weather is good, the Brits love to come out and take up the street. What is happening in Hyde Park? We've seen them sun baking in their bras and suits all week. None of that tonight. It is actually a bit brisk. There are 60,000 people gathered in Hyde Park to watch a concept that is a bit of a sideshow to the Opening Ceremony. We have had to run Duran, Stereophonicss, about to have Snow Patrol with four different bans from the four different countries of England. We missed Australia at the front of the alphabet but they will turn the big screen back on for Team GB, they assure us. But they were spectacular scenes with Lauren Jackson flying the flag into the stadium there, such a huge roar went up. Half the Australian seemed to be Aussies, and to see 220 members of the team snapping away, obviously an amazing experience for them after such preparation to get to this moment. This, for them, is the beginning. It's a late night but they wouldn't miss it for the world. They know Team GB well be the last won through. Let's hope this gives them a competitive disadvantage. disadvantage. It was surreal, spectacular, wonderful, directed by Danny Boyle of 'Slumdog Millionaire', a $40 million extravaganza. We saw some spectacular scenes at the beginning as we heard Simon's guests are alluding to. The industrial revolution - they made the Olympic rings formed from these smokestacks from the ground. We also saw a quirky arrival of the Queen with James Bond, Daniel Craig, picking her up in a helicopter and flying her across the city of London, arriving in the stadium. Of course she didn't actually add sale. We had a stunt Queen arriving in the stadium. Such a momentous moment for her. Really spectacular scenes in London, and it will mark what I think will be a wonderful two weeks of Olympics, followed by the Paralympics, which, Andrew, I think you will enjoy it even more, being the Paralympics of breakfast television. Proudly wearing that purge this morning. Thank you. Do they have a colonial section? they have a colonial section? That's what I thought those people with Simon were going to be forced up farriers or something, or convict. They seem to have forgotten about us. They should have had a dedicated half-hour of people with pith helmets complaining about bureaucracy, or people in red coats flogging a few Aussies. What did you think of the uniforms? The Aussie team? I liked them, the Green jackets and white skirts and pants. Very sort of Lumbo gone up I think. I think they were made by Sports Craft. They stand the test of time so they will get a couple of seasons' used out of those jackets. They have all the gold-medallist sprinted on the lining. Oh, that is cool. Ahead this morning - They were originally going to be the Wonderful Pumpkins but, to suit the British market... Terribly funny. Also coming up - the Olympians who represented Australia in London 1948. An emotional account of how we used to be. Speaking of emotion - when is it OK for men to cry? Get your tissues on stand-by.

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Lead by basketball star Lauren Jackson, Australia's Olympians have marched out into the main stadium during London's spectacular Opening Ceremony. The audience of more than 70,000 gave them a rousing ovation. David Beckham has been driving the Olympic torch up the River Thames on a speedboat as a spectacular fireworks display launched from the Tower Bridge. Elsewhere this morning, police in the US state of Maryland say they've stopped a copycat killer one week after the Denver cinema shooting. A large cache of weapons was found in a man's apartment after he'd been threatening his boss. The suspect is now having a court- ordered mental health evaluation. And GetUp! boss Simon Sheikh says his decision to quit the lobby group has nothing to do with his recent collapse on live TV. The 26-year-old says he's going away with his wife to recover from four very frantic years.

And let's get all the sport with Alf... Sorry, Simon. It has stuck now. Jessica Road - when I get back, I was going to buy you a present. You are off my list, girl.

Updating sport and the Netherlands is the hot favourite for the woman's 4 x 100m freestyle relay tomorrow but the Australian girls are confident their Olympic adrenalins will help them produce the X-factor performance needed to propel them to gold. Hawthorn skipper Luke Hodge returned in spectacular form overnight, top scoring in the Hawks' 94-point demolition of Essendon at Etihad Stadium, propelling them to the top of the ladder. Dragon Dean Young has returned from being knocked unconsciuos last week to inspire his team to a 26-18 upset against the Storm in Wollongong

while the Titans staked their finals claims, out muscling the Roosters to win 36-16 in Sydney. Any Sonny Bill Williams' Chiefs have overcome the Crusaders in thrilling match to advance to the super rugby Grand Final. Cadel Evans and Matt Goss, Stuart O'Grady will beat up in the road race tomorrow for the Aussie. Bradley Wiggins, the Tour de France winner, also in that for Britain, and Australia against Team GB in the basketball. It will be a great opening day to the competition. Getting a little chilly in the East End. JT, over to you, by the Thames, my son. Thanks, Simon. That wind is starting to blow a little bit of smoke from the torch that flew past here on the Thames by the way. In the eyes of Great Britain and the world, we have all the big stars. David Beckham went past just before and I've got one of the understudies for the closing ceremony. Give us a twirl. Give us a twirl. How many rehearsals have you done? About 20 rehearsals and sadly I'm still not officially been it. No-one wants to drop out, understandably, but I've officially got a place in the Paralympics closing ceremony. Congratulations. An amazing outfit. Can you cheer us into the weather forecast? Team GB, Team GB! Brisbane, Sydney, partly cloudy. Canberra, fine. for Melbourne. A few showers for Hobart. Adelaide, a few showers. Perth, fine. Partly cloudy for Darwin. Welcome to London! London 2012, baby! I think your job is done, JT. We will bring to you the understudies for the Paralympic closing ceremony. No-one else this morning managed to get an interview with an understudy to be an extra for the Paralympics closing ceremony. This is where the action is, people. Don't switch channels. If there was a gold medal for crying, then we've found the undisputed king. This guy's a mountain biker who lost a race to a non-mountain biker.


(WEEPS NOISILY). "My legs were like bowls of custard! I couldn't paddle hard enough! Germans can't handle defeat. They've handled a fair bit of it over the years. The tantrum goes on for many minutes. In fairness, he's not the first sportsperson to break down in tears, far from it. So is it OK for grown men to cry in public as long as it's not like that? And do some public figures use tears for their own ends? Let's ask our Masters of Spin - advertising whizzes Jane Caro and Dee Madigan. Good morning to you both. We know it is a well-worn thing when a sports person, for example, messes up on Twitter or in public. They will have a press conference and cry. Does it help to rehabilitate one's image? It's very interesting. Crying is like everything else - it is the intent. For example, we really, really warm to people who cry on behalf of other people. For example, Anna Bligh, during for Queensland floods, and that she was trying to hold them back rather than force them out. You feel when things are real. We are not stupid. Exactly, but it wasn't I'm crying for myself - not self-pity but compassion for other people. Did that play out with the parliamentarians over the refugee debate? Joe Hockey was crying salient unaccompanied minors will be sent to Malaysia. You think, you will send them back to Malaysia. That felt like crocodile tears. And crying for himself, perhaps. It is when you are in doubt over whether it is self-pity or compassion. I remember Bob Hawke crying about his daughter. It's almost always people who cry over the demonstrators in Tiananmen Square, and it was about compassion. He was like Bill Clinton. They could pretty much cry on cue. There was a photo of Bill Clinton at a funeral, laughing with his mates, notices the camera, and the tears come. Dairy emotionally driven. The head of the Republican Party in America, his name has flown out of my head, as it is wont to do on national television, but he cries constantly. Kind of embarrassingly, and that is the problem. It is when Ugo"Oh, I feel disturbed by this "or something like that. Is that John Boulder? There was the Russian Prime Minister who cried once and was forever known as the weeping Bolshevik. And a candidate in 1972 who pulled out because he cried in a press conference although he insisted it was insisted it was snowflakes melting on his cheeks. Harder to use that when you are Bob Hawke. Just a random snowflake in Australia in summer. With Australian sportspeople, though, it's seen as a way of saying I know I've been an idiot, and tears of humiliation, which is what the sports people are going through when they have done something done on Twitter, I feel sorry for them, particularly when they are young. They are babies in the spotlight, and it must be a really hard way to learn life's lessons. But don't y