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Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome

to A Current Affair. We begin with

the horrendous fallout from a road

rage attack on a woman in her 60s.

Not only is the grandmother

struggling to recover from her

injuries, her medical bills are

proper compensation. mounting and she's battling for

proper compensation. I just mounting and she's battling for

remembered the whack, it was so

person. fierce and she was such a large

I would like to ask you a few

questions about your assault on

about that. Rosemary. I don't know anything

bigger nasty streak. She's a big woman with an even

The police that came here to take a

statement they said they wouldn't

go around to interview her until

they had at least six police

officers. Mary Iatiga viciously

bashed a grandmother of four after

getting frustrated with her driving

- brutally punching the pensioner to the ground.

She was an innocent defenceless

lady and you have whacked her.

alright. There is a big story to this,

Road rage against seniors is abuse.

If you ever become a victim of a

violent crime you would like to

think you would be able to get

compensation for your injuries,

particularly if you need surgery.

However, one grandmother here in

Cairns has found out the hard way

you can be bashed and left to pay

thousands in medical bills, all

because of an old, outdated law. It

is uncomfortable walking around

with nothing, really uncomfortable.

64- year-old Rosemary Mayle will

never be the same - the disgusting

road rage attack by Mary Iatiga

caused her to have a silent stroke

and seriously damaged her eyesight.

Shortly after this assault the one

eye where she hit me, the vision

just went really quickly downhill.

This is an unprovoked attack you

have bashed a grandmother and left her with serrou injuries.

What's even worse, Rosemary has

also been financially hung out to

dry by the justice system.

Absolutely appalling. Appalling.

It's a classic case of the victim

paying the price instead of the perpetrator - the disability-

support pensioner is now spending

thousands on eye operations after

Mary Iatiga's bashing.

Mary Iatiga was convicted of common

assault but only had to pay a fine

of $250 plus another 250 in

compensation Rosemary's already had

one operation to save her eyesight

- soon she'll need another. Did you

pay the compensation? Yes, I did I

haven't seen it where is it

Rosemary has already had one eye

operation to save her sight but she

will need another one soon. Then

there is the stroke she suffered.

When I went to the tests they found

a Somali shone in the right side of

my brain. I could trip at any side,

or something. it would likely I had been drinking

Then then I was walking around week

to week with literally hardly

enough for a cup of coffee. What

would you style her now, she has

had to pay thousands of dollars to

pay for the eye operations that

were caused by your assault? Would

you like to say anything to her. No.

Not right now.

Here is where it gets even worse.

Despite Rosemary declaring she has

never received a cent, he is also

being denied victims of crime compensation because under

Queensland law in 2009 cases heard

in the Magistrates court are not

entitled to anything. That law has

now been changed but only for cases

post 2009. The tribunal is bound by

the legislation notwithstanding the

fairness or otherwise of it.

Regrettably, therefore, the

applicant is not eligible to

receive compensation. That is a

laugh, an insult to older people

and to the community as a whole.

Value French from older people

speak out says senior sits who

attack shouldn't end up paying for

it. I am getting sick of finding

week in and week out stories about

older people being victimised and

no-one seems to be doing anything

about it. Why did you hit

Rosemary?? She was an innocent

defenceless lady and you whacked

her. There is a big story to this,

and I have got witnesses as well.

So whatever he has told you you can

deal with my lawyer, that is it. We

know you were found guilty by the

court. Why don't you tell your side

of the story if you have a

different one. No. She has been

unlucky and if this person was

convicted 12 months later she would

have been able to claim

compensation. Public liability

lawyer Mark O'Connor. So while Mary

Iatiga walks free without a care in

the world, it's Rosemary who

carries the mental and physical

scars of the brutal assault. She

can't even afford to visit her

grandchildren who live in

Townsville. It seems to me that

nothing is really happening, it is

just like everybody has so busy

with paperwork that everything is

too hard. What do you think the

future now holds for you? I have

now been hold I have to have --

told I have to have another eye

operation which will put me back to

bills and live reasonably scare one. I just hope I can pay my

comfortably. comfortably. bills and live reasonably

If you have been the target of road

rage or you have any videos second

us an email or give us a call.

Coming up - how nature's sweet

treat could help with skin

conditions. And the one-stop shop

where the price is always the same.

What do you think of sun glasses

for $2.80? Unbelievable. Good? Look

fabulous. Let's go shopping. Now to

the radical plan that could see

long- term Housing Commission

residents lose their family homes.

The Government wants to kick out

single occupants to make way for families, with the forced evictions families, with the forced evictions single occupants to make way for

primarily aimed at pensioners. I

have been here 39 years and I think

that my life has been here.

Miriam Cope is elderly, frail and

at war with the Government because

she says they're going to evict her

from her home. I couldn't even

picture myself living in a little

room without being able to get out

and do things because it would be

like going into a nursing home -

you die.

There are 31,000 Queensland

families on our waiting list.

technically homeless. 10,000 of those families are

The problem is 76-year-old Miriam

is in a 2-bedroom taxpayer

subsidised house and the Government

wants single occupants to downsize

so families can move in. They are

saying that one bedroom makes the

difference between you living in

the home that you have been in for

39 years - that is incredible.

Miriam received a letter spelling

out the Government's offer of

alternative accommodation and says

she's horrified.

Do you understand the problem the

government has now in that there is

only a certain amount of taxpayer-

funded houses and too many people

to go into those houses? That is

true the, but the thing is that do

we have to pay for this? The

grandmother of four is not the only

Housing Commission client to

receive a letter - plenty around

battle. Australia are fighting the same

I couldn't believe it that it was

actually on paper and they were

asking us to do that. It would

break my heart to have to leave

here. It really, really would. It

isn't just bricks and mortar for us,

it is a home. It is our life.

Val lives alone in her 3-bedroom

house and has two spare bedrooms. I

don't want to go anywhere. I just

don't. Bev and her son share a 4-

bedroom Housing Commission, so

again two spare bedrooms. I just

want to stay at home and be with my

cat. And

it's the same story at Karen's

house where she lives with her

invalid brother in a 4-bedroom home.

We grew up here so there are a lot of memories.

All have been told they may have to

accept being relocated to a smaller

property or they'll have to pay

more rent or share with others.

Would you like a stranger coming

into your house and just taking

over? I understand that

particularly among the elderly

there might be some concern. I

think it is much fairer to tell

people group front what we are

proposeing to do. Caboolture to

Ipswich, Logan to Tweed Heads -

South-East Queensland is the

hardest hit right now.

But public housing right across the

country is set to soon follow suit.

In Sydney - from Mt Druitt to

Blacktown, Penrith to Fairfield -

tenants are worried. Across

Melbourne - Frankston to Epping,

Packenham to Werribee - bedroom

numbers are being scrutinised. Back

in Brisbane, Queensland Housing

Minister Bruce Flegg justifies the

move saying he's just trying to fit

as many people into public housing

as possible but says in Miriam's

case, she's got it wrong. In fact

Miriam won't be kicked out he

promises because he's decided to

target only residents with two

spare bedrooms. I have some good

news for you. We have spoken to the minister's department and they have

given us a statement saying you are

not going to be moved out of your

home. You are going to get to stay.

Really? Yep, here it is in black

and white. How about that for some

good news? I think that is

wonderful. Actually it is not

sinking in it yet. It probably will

after. Miriam isn't buying it.

She says the Housing Minister is

backpeddling because she was told

exactly the opposite from the

department over the phone. But a

win's a win. Of course, she just

hopes other residents will be as

lucky. So all that is well that

ends well, hey? So far, for me it

is good. I just hope it can happen

for the other people too. A very

emotional debate and we would like

your thoughts on that story. Let us know your thoughts on that story. Let us

know on Facebook or Twitter. Most

of us love a bit of honey on our

toast but what if it could help

with a range of health problems?

Chris Urquhart has the latest on

new medical treatments, using one

of the oldest ingredients on earth. new medical treatments, using one of the oldest ingredients on earth.

Honey is a natural product. I was open to try new things.

It's the superfood that's in just

about every kitchen. One of

nature's simple wonders that could

be a lot more than just a sweet

treat. This nectar of the bees, in

medical form, is now being used in

to treat eczema, dermatitis - in

fact, a range of different skin

conditions. It has an antimicrobial

effect and it is very soothing.

Inneke Stevens is a clinical nurse

who deals with wound and burn patients.

She swears by the use of this

Medihoney. This can take up to

three months to deal with but the

wounds I have dealt with have shown

an improvement in four to six weeks

For some time now she's been using

these medical grade dressings in

which honey is the primary ingredient.

It even smells like honey You can

taste it. Taste a little bit.

(Laughs). It tastes like honey but

it is most importantly used in

wound dressings, right? Absolutely,

so the way it has been manufactured

is in a sterile environment. The

dressings are part of a wide range

of Medihoneys - including creams

and lotions that can be used on

simple cuts and scratches at home.

They're all derived from Manuka

honey, long praised for its health

benefits. Of course you can't put

regular honey on cuts or wounds. The pharmaceutical bend Medihoneys

have been specially treated. It has

become medical grade, so it is very

sterile. I have really dry skin and

about four years ago I started to

get eczema on my wrists, on my arms

and on my eyelids. Rachelle is a

university student who went through

a range of other treatments to deal with her condition.

The GP recommended a cortisone

cream and the natropath recommended

some her ball remedy which I drank

and I'm not sure if that really

worked. A friend told her about

Medihoney and Rachelle claims, that

for her, it helped.

Maybely have break outs in the

future, who knows, but, yeah, it is

a good solution for now. The manufacturer of the product

introduced us to Rachelle and to

Simon, who also swears by Medihoney.

So whereabouts was it the worst,

Simon? The most painful on the back

of my hand but it affected the

palms as well. They were cracked as

well. The worst thing is the

itchying. And for people who don't

know, is it a bright red? Your

hands go bright red. Simon was

diagnosed with contact dermatitis -

the result of exposure to chemicals

as the result of his work as a mechanic.

A job he would have had to give up

if he didn't get help. After that,

yeah, it would have been a change

of career which at my age was a big

thing, you know. It is quite a hard

thing to do. He

Was initially prescribed cortisone

cream. He put me on cortisone

initially and I noticed I was

getting double vision in one eye.

Those eye problems have continued,

the skin problems though cleared up

he says when he tried the natural

Medihoney alternative.

Within two or three weeks I noticed

a distinct improvement See your

doctor to find out what your

problem actually is. Diagnosis is

very important. Dr Kerryn Phelps is

the former president of the

Australian Medical Association.

She says peopl should only use the

medical honeys that you can buy in

the chemist. If people are going to

use honey med disnaturally they

should use a medical-grade honey

For me it worked really well. Very

pleased the result. And there is

more information on our website for

that story. If you're confused by shopping loyalty schemes, product

bundling, price comparing and self-

serve versus checkout, there's a

Japanese chain here that's keeping

it really simple. Everything in the

store is the same price and they

are expanding in Australia. Welcome

back to days sew!! Welcome to days sew!!

If there's something you need - you

name it - Daiso probably has it. It

is like a tiny little Japanese

supermarket. We are really seeing a supermarket, mass market operation.

There's kids toys, cosmetics,

kitchenware. Crockery is our best

sellers and these ones will be sold

within one day. Even food.

Phone accessories and loads of fun

stuff. False eye lashes normally

$15 is $2.80 here. Variety is key.

Every month the store is stocked

with 1000 new products so the

customer will never get bored. The

quality is really good. You will be surprised.

Mimi Hee is giving us an exclusive

look at the latest store in

Melbourne's CBD. It's stocked with

500,000 items making it the biggest

outlet in the country. We have a

great range of stationary, we have

everything for the kids for school,

party bags. I am walking around the

store I realise there is something

missing - none of the items have a

price tag. Why? Everything is $2.80.

Everything is 2.80. Today we sent

three savvy shoppers on a mission

to check out the store's latest

lines. Ines with her bub. Compared

to other stores that are a bit more

up market, for the stuff that I am

doing this is the perfect price

bracket for me. Margueritte and her 4-year-old Amelie.

I do love that people cannot spend

a lot of money and still spoil

their kids. And Genevieve who's

looking to pick up something for herself.

What do you think of sun glasses

for $2.80? Unbelievable. Look good?

Look fabulous. Let's go shopping.

These are amazing they get texter

off the wall with water only and

grease off in the kitchen. This is

a business that is growing. The

Retail Doctor Brian Walker reveals

the secret to Daiso's success.

It is a low-price point, there is a

surprise element, there is new

ranges all the time. So when you

walk into one of the day sew stores

you get a different experience with

their product story every single

time you visit. Just a few of the

weird and the whacky we found -

patches to soak up your sweat,

portable toilets and even kitch

kitty litter.

Table tennis, we can play it at

work, great. There is already three

stores across Victoria and NSW with

plans to further expand across the

country. Every day we get people

come until saying, "Oh, my God, I

can't believe everything is 2:80."

How did our shoppers go We bought

some a tiara, and dolls furniture.

There are other things that really

catch my eye and affordable but

there are other things that I would

avoid because I can't read the

ingredients on them. I was

expecting the $2 shop but here it

is amazing to find the variety and

the amazing things at $2.80 per

piece. Have a good day!! the amazing things at $2.80 per

piece. Have a good day!! That new

Melbourne store opens on Sunday.

Next on A Current Affair - the

rubber ducky that's got those

feisty twin sisters in a whole lot of

VOICEOVER: Introducing the all-new 7-seat Prius V,

with all the versatility and extra room you need for life. It's your Prius V. MAN: (SINGS) # Oh, oh-oh... # (TOYOTA THEME PLAYS)

Welcome back. If they had an

Olympic Games for neighbourhood

disputes the undisputed gold

medallists would be Ann and Barbara

Hodgson. The feisty twins are in

hot water again, all because of

something in their backyard that

looks a lot like a pool. something in their backyard that looks a lot like a pool.

Definitions, interpre-takes.

Technicalities. The question is

when is a pool not a pool? When it

is a holding tank. And when is a

fence not a fence but an offence?

When it is a fence. Twins Anne and

Barbara are in trouble again. Is it

not the police, it is not a

neighbour - this time it is the jar

ra ranges council having a dig. A

load of rubbish. They have been

charged with having a pool without

a permit and disobeying a council

order. So a Magistrate will decide

whether their argument floats..

What do you think is going to

happen with this court case? I have

no idea. No idea? No idea. You have

a good barrister he must be costing

you an arm and a leg? Oh, yes, he

is. The twins say there is a

logical explanation. They were

burnt out in the Black Saturday

bushfires two years ago and with no

mains water the structure is

protection from fire. Have you got

in here at any stage. No Have you

got in here with your bikinis? No.

Do you have bikinis? No. Look

around there is no ladder to it. No

what? No ladder. How are we going

to get in there. Wouldn't you just

get on over? Oh, yeah. When you

look around it is hard to see out

here in the bush how the pool -

sorry, holding tank - could be a

danger. It is surrounded by a wire

fence and locked gates. What do you

think of these charges? Ridiculous.

Ridiculous. What are they?

Ridiculous. But the council says

pool rules rule and it is one in

all in. No exceptions for 73-year-

old identical twins. Why didn't you

get a permit for the pool We didn't

think we had to. Not for a holding tank.

How come then the council says is a

rubber ducky in the pool. That is a

rubber ducky. It is a filter - a

chlorine filter Condenser. Chlorine condenser.

What is it? A chlorine condenser.

The twins say that the chlorine

keeps the moz sieves at bay. For

the whole day they argued the

merits and the demerit os after

pool that is not a pool, that is

not a pool but is a holding tank. I

wouldn't like to use that word. No,

nor would I. A lot of rubbish.

Finally decision day. Does the

twin's case sink or swim? We won.

We won. A Magistrate found that

this was in fact not a pool because

it's primary use was not as a pool,

but the twins were put on a good

behaviour bond for failing to obey

a council order. So what is this

from the council? It is just

harassment from the council. From

the council? From the council.

Harassment? Harassment. OK.

the council? From the council. Harassment? Harassment. OK. After

the break, girls on the prowl on

the town and on display. Do you

want to look like a hooker or do

you want to look like

Good evening, A snowboarder in his

twenties has died after slamming

into a tree at Thredbo. The Ski

Patrol responded to the incident Patrol responded to the incident an

transported the injured man to a

local medical centre. He died a

short time later. Capitals star

Lauren Jackson has been named as

Australia' s official flag bearer

for tomorrow' s Olympics opening

ceremony. And, Kindergarten Health

Checks in Canberra have discovered

worrying trend. Close to five

hundred children are being referred

for further assessment relating to

their weight. More news in the

young woman?

Now to a dramatic development in

the case of missing grandmother,

Gail Lynch. Last night we reported

on her disappearance more than

three weeks ago. Of particular

interest for police was the whereabouts of her ex-boyfriend,

Ian Hannaford. They'd met over the

internet but their relationship

ended shortly before Gail was last

seen. Two hours after our story

went to air last night, Ian

Hannaford was spotted at a park in

Toowoomba - this follows a nationwide search for the

disability pensioner. It's

understood that he'd been living in

bushland on the edge of the city.

He was taken to hospital suffering

dehydration and exposure. He's

since been released and, late today,

Hannaford was charged with murder.

Now to next week and the new

fashion trend that leaves it will

toll the imagination. Would you let

your daughter go out looking like

this? On A Current Affair Aussie

girls still in their teens on the

town and on display. Do you want to

look like a hooker The shocking trends that parents can't control.

That story next week. Before we

leave you tonight a reminder you

can follow out of our stories on

Facebook or have your say on

Twitter. But for now have a great

weekend and don't miss the opening

of the London Olympics tomorrow

morning right here on Nine. Good night.

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This programme is captioned live.

That is the ball. Look at that.

Slater! It is a four pointer. Slater!

Slater! For Slater, straight down

the middle. Billy Slater! Billy

Slater is back to lead on your TV

screens. Pelo, everyone. Thank you

for joining us. -- hello. The St

George Illawarra dragons are

playing host to the Melbourne Storm.

-- Dragons. I hate the cold. It is

freezing down here. The Dragons are

only two points outside the top

aide but they are in 13th position.

-- eight. A don't think they care

lose again if they want to play in

the finals. They have come looking

positive. I think it could be

dangerous for them. The defence has

been good this year. In their

attack is the worst in the league.

They have scored less poise than

anyone else. Why? They have not

changed the way that they have

played. The game has evolved over

the past 18 months. Teams have

opened up their attacks. The

Dragons have not changed. This is

the line-up. Chase Stanley and Beau

Scott other centres. Ben Hornby is

the captain. Second row, Matt Prior,

Dean Young. Trent Merrin in the

front row. George Miller, Will

Matthews, Karen King.

Melbourne Storm, everything was

going nicely. -- Cameron King. They

have lost for my games after Origin.

Billy Slater is back tonight. --

four games. You have picked out an

important place. Yes, this is from

earlier in the air full stub --

play. Melbourne Storm like to

attack the rock. Cameron Smith,

Cooper Cronk and Billy Slater. He

gets the ball and drags him one way.

He switches it back and creates

room for Cameron Smith. He runs the

other way. He drags Harrison out

and creates a room in the middle

for Billy Slater. Blinding

acceleration. Look at that. A bit

of space and he scores a try. You

might see something like that

tonight. I have never seen a full

back to what Billy Slater does. He

attacks up the middle of the field.

He plays the ball. The ball can

shift to the right and he can back

up every player in that movement

and be the last man there. Blinding

acceleration. He has revolutionised