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(generated from captions) skiing today thanks to the new snow skiing today thanks to the new

Tube Towers were open as well for those wanting a break from skiing

and boarding. This new snow has

topped up the cover incredibly well

across the entire resort and with more on the way it' s only getting

better. Five terrain parks had

softer landings today for the free

riders with the free jump line in

the slope snow on Front Valley perfectly suited for the more

advanced. Beginners and

intermediates still grinded and

jumped their way through the smalle jumped their way through the

and progressive features of Pipe

Front Park, Leichhardt and Blue Cow

Park. Don' t forget night skiing

this saturday night under the this saturday night under the light

at Front Valley is starting at 6pm at Front Valley is starting at

This weather is expected to

continue through to sunday with the

possibility of up to 30cms on the

Neller for WIN News. cards. In Perisher this is Luke

And that' s WIN News for this

Thursday Night. You can follow us o Thursday Night. You can follow us

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Danielle Post.....see you tomorrow. alerts throughout the day. I' m

Good night.

This program is This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome

to A Current Affair. First - the

brazen con man who has using the

Olympic Games to fleece generous

Australians. Claiming to be one of

our athletes he's been scamming

found, he's all fake. unsuspecting supporters but as we

found, he's all fake. unsuspecting supporters but as we

You want to see more or not?

You have good people who are

digging into their wallets to

support an individual and just

being ex-- exploited.

I qualified for London Olympics and

they've given me sponsorship.

This bloke has broken every code in

unAustralian. the book. It's unsporting. It's

He's a fast-talking, fast-running

con artist of Olympic proportions. Yeah. That's 400.

You want to take the full 2 those I

can give it to you for that.

He says he's on his way to London

to waerb the Australian green and

gold in the Olympic particular thon

and needs your help to get there.

I think he needs to be -- marathon

and needs your help to get there.

I think he needs to be named and

shaipld. Steve Monhegetti, he says,

is his coach and he's asking

supporters watch him go for gold.

In the marathon. Showing it on free

to air and on Foxtel as well.

He's even taking money to help his

Olympic dream come true. But

everything isn't as it seems.

Hello. Tim Arvier from A Current

Affair. Got a gold medal for you

for being an Olympic con artist.

For the last few weeks our Olympic athletes

athletes have been flying to London

to prepare for the ultimate

sporting contest. However, as

you're about to see, one con man is

taking advantage of their hopes and

dreams and at the same time cashing

in on your support.

Yeah. I'm a chance.

If everything goes right. I'm only

young. Still got three or four

years before I peak.

Looks like you've been conned. We

first came across this fraudster

Brisbane businessman. after he conned a businessman --

250 on each.

Oh, yeah. OK.

250 on each. Like I said, both

cards haven't been used at all. Real, real (BLEEP).

He calls himself Matthew O'Connor

and his -- his scam goes like this

he steals unactivated Coles Myer

gift cards, writes bogus messages

on them along with fake values. He

places an add on the internet

selling the cards at prices far

less than the fake values he's

written on them. When the buyers

arrive to purchase that's when the

Olympic lies start.

He sort of showed me a letter

signed by a person saying that he's

being sponsored to go to the

Olympics. The Australian team is

sponsored by Coles Myer for the OK. Olympics.

OK. Olympics.

We contacted this alleged Olympian

to set up a meeting.

I'm in the city. We've got a

training camp and we're staying in

the city, the whole team.

When he turns up he starts his

Olympic sell of the worthless cards

to our ACA producer, Chris. He even

gives him an autograph.

Could you sign this?

In I get a medal you never know.

The lies are more outrageous. His

parents can't fly to London to

watch him because.

I have a brother with special needs

and he needs an operation so he

can't travel. For two months.

And then there's all that boasting

about Australian marathon legend

Steve Monhegetti being his coach.

Yeah, top bloke. Like, most down to

earth bloke you can meet. For the

record, Steve Monhegetti has never

heard of Matthew O'Connor.

I mean, Olympics. Finished fifth at

the words last year.

That's a lie, too. Kenyan David

Barmassi Tumo was the athlete who

came fifth at last year's world

championships. Back to the mystery

con man who is going the hard sell.

How many did you get all up? $4,000.

Yeah. Hello. Tim Arvier centre A

Current Affair. Got a gold medal

artist. for you, for being an Olympic con

Con artist Yeah. What's going on.

What's your name, mate? Your name's O'Connor come.

Yeah. And you're an Olympic

marathon runner.

Yeah, true.

We've rung Athens Polytechnic and

they say there is go reserve

marathon runner at the Olympics.

You're conning innocent people here,

aren't you? You've contacted Coles

Myer and your gift cards don't work.

Whoever he is, he's not a bad

runner after all. We'll give you a

gold medal for being an Olympic

weasel. There he goes. He may not

be a marathon runner in the Olympic

team but he can run. Radio

commentator Gary Hardgrave says

it's not just sports fans getting ripped off.

Real athletes will be devastated

because they need money. There are

fundraising. genuine athletes who are

So, after he watch him in the act,

with this -- will this fake

Olympian be stupid enough to run

his con? Yes, responding to our

text from a different number, we

arranged to meet up with him two

hours later. We arrive him early,

spot him leaving Kmart with the

stolen -- with the Coles Myer gift

cards. Ten minutes later he turns

up for our arranged meeting. You're

here again. Your gold medal for

the cards. stupidity. We just saw you stealing

He's obviously not that bright.

World champion and Australian

marathon legend, De Castella, who

now runs his own bakery, says our

con man deserved -- deserves public humiliation.

I think punishment might be to make

him run a marathon and we'll be at

the finish line and give him a good

hiding over the last 5km or so.

Maybe cleaning out Stadium

Australia after a grand final

football match could be a good

penalty for this bloke and with a toothbrush.

Busted if you've had anything to do

with Matthew O'Connor we'd like to

hear from you and also like your

thoughts on his scam. Let us know

on Facebook or Twitter. Gail Lynch

hasn't been seen or heard from for

just over three weeks. The

grandmother's disappearance has now

become a murder investigation with

police launching a nationwide man-

hunt for her ex-boyfriend. Missing

now -- missing, now feared murdered,

a pensioner grandmother looking for love.

The Toowoomba pensioner and Warrick

grandmother met on an internet

dating site. Gail Lynch's fate and

her jilted lover's whereabouts are

now the subject of a nationwide -- nationwide search.

Police think this man, Ian

Hannaford, may know something.

There are a lot of unanswered questions.

I hope they find their mother. Aunt, sister. Mother.

I am scared because someone is out there.

Grandmother. Sister.

I just want to search every house and every building. Aufpblt

We don't want to lose -- aufpblt

We don't want to lose -- aunt. We

don't want to lose hope.

Today is the 24th day she's been

missing and hope is fading.

So many thoughts go through my mind

that if I stick with one I get very

upset and I get upset that I might never see her again.

The mystery surrounding her disappearance deepens.

It was a new relationship. Gail

wanted to keep him to herself.

Police now fear something sinister

has happened, murder. Lyn McMillan

is gale's -- Gail's sister and jazz

Gail's niece. Have you allowed --

Jas Gail's nice. Have you allowed

yourself to consider the worst case sceneiar yo.

Yes. That's very hard because it's

one word you don't want to hear, is

murder. You know, you can put up

with a death in the family. You can

put up with a running away of a

family member. You can put up with

anything but murder. family member. You can put up with anything but murder. That's a

really harsh word to come to terms


As much as we're prepared for it

we're not looking at that just yet.

What is the family telling the

grandchildren about -- about?

That that she's away on a holiday.

Lyn was the last family member to

speak with Gail on telephone the

night she disappeared from her

Warwick home in South-East Queensland.

We talked about meeting up on

Thursday. She said, "Yeah, that

will be fine." I said, "OK, I'll

come around home and we'll have a

game of cards." Just ordinary sort

of stuff, you know.

The evening of July 3 would be the

last time anyone from Gail's family

would speak to her. This much-loved

grandmother hasn't been seen or

heard from since. Her unit here in

Warrick evidence wick is now a

crime scene. This small town at the

centre of a murder investigation.

We just don't know what happened.

It's the not knowing, you know.

That's the hardest part. It's the not knowing.

What much of the inquiry will be

seeking to do at this stage is to

find out what the unknowns are and

then try to basically make them into knowns.

Criminalologist Wayne Petheric.

The evidence at this point in time

I think suggests that there is a

homicide involved and quite

possibly, you know, the element of

foul play in there.

Police have launched a nationwide

search for the ex-boyfriend Gail

met on the internet, disabled

pensioner Ian Hannaford. It's

believed he's now fled his home in

Toowoomba and is on the run

interstate. The car and model train

enthusiast was last seen 13 days

ago after being interviewed by

detectives. Two of his cars were

seen -- seized, including this Ford

Falcon. It's also been revealed a

red rug is missing from Gail's unit

along with her pyjamas, a pillow

and reading glasses. After meeting

online, Gail and Ian dated for

seven months. She would often come

here to stay at his unit in

Toowoomba, an hour's drive away.

While she never told her family why,

she broke up with Ian just two

weeks before her disappearance.

Gail Lynch's Facebook page reveals

some touching messages between the

pair in happier times. They met on

a dating site.

Lyn, did Gail confied in you if she

had any reservations ab her relationship?

She just said -- about her


She just said it was over. I knew

not to push her because if I had

pushed her I would never have got

any answers and I just went, "Oh,

OK." Thinking she'll tell me.

Family members, including her

cousin, have been doing everything

they can to help find Gail.

I'm just distributing them

everywhere I go. You know, asking

fi can put them up in shops. The

small Queensland community they

call home is now rallying around them.

You just hope that she'll turn up alive and well.

If you were put in the same

position, you know, it would be

devastatek -- dech stating not to

know where a loved one is s what's happened.

No, that's the most puzzling thing

of all because she's there one

minute and gone the next.

Hopefully there will be an answer

for them soon in terms of what's

happened, whether good or bad.

As police continue searching for

clues in this latest murder

investigation to grip the nation,

Gail Lynch's family want A Current

Affair viewers around the country

to know they, too, would help

discover what happened to Gail.

I will do anything to find her. We

need answers. I mean, in 10 years

time, all our kids will be old

enough to ask what happened. We

need to be able to have something

to tell them.

If you have any information on the

whereabouts of Gail Lynch or Ian

Hannaford, call Crime Stoppers. Now

to Dick Smith's latest buy

Australian Salvo. He is joining

forces with our big supermarks to

faik take on the foreign raiders

who made up a -- take ton foreign

raiders who made off with an Australian icon.

This changed the taste. This is

more like the taste of Vegemite in

the 1950 when I was a kid. The

battle for our iconic breakfast

brand is on.

He pinched my name.

And another Australian icon has

joined forces with surprising allies.

I went to the top of Coles and wool

worths and I said, "Why don't you

give us a go?"

Often critical of the big

supermarks, Dick has called a truce.

Yes, I'm critical of them when down,

down, down means getting everything

from China but isn't it wonderful

when they do support an Australian company?

Dick has launched his alternative

to Vegemite and woollys is on board.

I think the interesting thing that

attracted us to Ozemite is it's Australian made, which is important

to us and our customers.

It's good.

Would you buy it?

Yeah, I would.

Currently there's seven thick,

black, salty spreads on the market

incluing Vegemite, Ozemite and now

Dick's Ozemite. All completing for

a slice of the $80 million we spend

on it each year.

on it each year. A competitive,

nasty fight for the black gold of

which the American-owned Vegemite

holds a 90% market share.

I wand to bring out a brand called

Ozemite which will be as good.

When Dick announced his plans to us

13 years ago, the competitors

called in the lawyers. Two week

after he flapged his intentions,

Kraft jumped and -- in and

registered the trademark name of

Ozemite as their own. This was

their spokeswoman at the time.

We register a number of trademarks.

Have you known Americanmite or Yanchep? -- Yankimite?

I can't answer that. I don't know.

Then another maker, an Australian,

put out another spread put out another spread.

He pinched to name but made it

slightly different and started

selling it. I stood back thinking

hopefully heel get a go but people

would come up to me and say, "We've

tried it and don't like the taste of it."

He continued perfecting his own

version. I can't claim all the

credit but I have been instrumental

in making that happen. With the

help of food scientists.

It's re-- derived from corn, a

vegetable and yeast extract which

have been hydrolyzed and autolyzed

to breakdown the proteins to give

you this mixture of fragments,

gives you a lovely save ry taste.

I can smell it.

-- save ry taste.

I can smell it.

Dick has an easier way of putting


If you iet, it tastes so much

better. 13 years on, Dick's day has

dawned at the Spring Gully factory in Adelaide.

This is a wonderful, Australian

family company making it, not all

the profits going to America.

They're already the wealth --

wealthiest country on earth.

Kevin, who runs the place, agrees.

We have converted five of our

casuals into full-time and are

looking at another shift in the

next few weeks. But Vegemite is

plead in Australia so they're employing people, too.

Australian made is good. But

Australian made and owned is better

because the wealth stays here. We

would invest in getting other

products in helping other farmers.

Understand, I don't make any money

out of Dick Smith -- Dick Smith

foods. I do it more my satisfaction.

Perhaps the tide is turning.

Customers are telling us they're

after more Australian products.

Wool woorts -- Woolworths has now

agreed to sell his beet root, the

crops dick purr -- Dick purchased

from Australian farmers so they

wouldn't plough it into the ground

because of cheaper stuff. Do you

try and get Australian if you can?

I do. I'll look on the back of a

packet to see writ came from.

I have bad news for you, though.

I know it. What? That's American.

I didn't read that one.

But well-placed flags and maps can

confuse a patriot.

I plight go and have another look.

And that's just what Barb did.

I'll have a go at one.

Dick, for farmers and -- Dick, the

farmers and factories are hoping you will, too. She's wonderful!

Good move. Some good news on the

jobs front tonight. Earlier this

week we told you ability Mark

Rayson, the unemployed father of

two desperate for work. His road-

side campaign has worked a treat.

In total there's about 350 messages

and phone calls that I received

just over two days.

It was overwhelming. Mark Rayson is

now a wanted man.

Anything. I'd do anything.

His desperate bid to ditch the dole

and find a job by sitting on the

side of a road in Geelong has paid off.

Hi. Welcome to Cotton On. Hi.

Throw a jacket on and we'll look

after. -- around After our story

and local media coverage, Travis

Robertson from Cotton On offered

Mark a job at their Victorian warehouse.

I think he'll be terrific. You

can't help but applaud his initiative.

I think I can be a proud father and

role model now I've got a full-time

job again. I might have to take my

family out to tea tonight. I can't

afford that much until I get my

first pay packet, so... (LAUGHTER)

. Coming up - our Olympians face their biggest challenge yet - Hamish and Andy.

What do you see here? What do you see? I see

Tomorrow we -- we're live in London

as Australia's Olympic flag bearer

-- barrer -- bearer is announced.

And where the Australians will

party away. Thanks. With the

Olympic Games about to begin,

Hamish and Andy's European odyssey

comes to an end tonight. To mark

the occasion, the boys have draped

themselves in the green and gold

and invited our athletes to be part

of the show. Nervous? Absolutely not. Name and discipline.

Jessica and swimmer.

Sally Pearson and I do the 100m

hurdles. Do you know what this is?

Clay target. What do you see here? When?

What do you see?

I see my first Mexican girlfriend.

Are you scared? . (LAUGHTER)


I have never eaten it before.

Don't be scared of the targets.

Targets fear you. That's what I

want to see you doing in London.

They will be fearing me but I fear

you right now. Good to see you. You

look fantastic. It's a bit of a

theme outfit I'm guessing.

Too kind. Yeah, this is our - these

are our -- these are our green and

gold tracksuits for the Australian

team tonight. We're relacking --

relaxk in the beer garden of the pub.

Frying to get better padded seats.

Trying to put massage chairs in.

Everyone needs different seats.

You're grinching -- grilling some

of our elite athletes. What are you

trying to get out of them?

It's half a grilling. Half a warm

up -- warm-up massage. Normally in

the pub we have people on holidays

or expats or what not. But it's

going to be very excited --

exciting tonight to have at least

70 members of the Olympic team

really because their scrabble board

got broken. So they need something

to do tonight.

Hidden inside was a brave group of

men. These men come together on a

weekly basis to fight for what they

believe in.

I'm excited about the synchronised

swimming tonight. Putting your

bodies on the line again.

It's all about - people who have

made the Olympics, we want to

direct our attention to those who

didn't make it and there are a

group of men in the Czech Republic

that aren't recognised by the IOC.

It's almost like we stole their

story off you guys.

- it's -- Exactly. Snoots an outrage and it's

It's an outage and it's - it's -

hard working swimmers being ripped

off for their right to swim at the

Olympics because there is no men's

that cause. synchronised swimming so we take up

I don't know how we missed that

story. I think heads will role here.

I keep writing letters but I

understand you have a lot of things

to cover.

Just call me. Tell me, this are you

coming straight home after

tonight's show? There's nothing

much to hang around for in London, is there?

Very true. There is that sporting

festival we're dedicating our show to topbltd.

Might check that out.

Yeah. We went to - we have two free

ice-cream passs from the athletes'

village. After that, I'm sure in a

couple of weeks we'll come home.

Looking forward to seeing the show.

Two hard working Channel Nine

employees to another, thank you.

After the break - tracking down the

citizens. road rage thugs attacking senior

We need to love our older people,

not treat them like dirt.

SONG: # Baby love... # WOMAN: A week ago, we asked these mothers

to try the new BabyLove and this is what they had to say. the nappy was dry. His bum was dry,

did we? And we didn't wake up once, is happy mummy. (LAUGHS) And happy baby BabyLove's new DriWave layer absorbs liquid instantly again, time and time for a dry night and a dry morning. excellent. I'm changing. The BabyLove nappies have been (CHUCKLES) For drier nights - new BabyLove.

Tomorrow night - the dreadful

attacks on older drivers. Road rage against seniors.

I just remember the whack. It was so fearsome.

On A Current Affair - pensioner drivers under attack.

It really is frightening.

Punched out by frustrated

Australian motorists. Now we track

down the thugs. You've bashed a

serious injuries. grandmother and left her with

That story tomorrow night only on A

Current Affair. Just a reminder

that you can follow all of

tonight's stories on Facebook or

have your say on Twitter. But now

for have a great evening. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live.

London, for five centuries it has

been said time and time again, if

you are tired of London, you are

tired of life. The history,

architecture. The city itself home

of every culture, colour and creed.

Well now London has the honour of,

the first place on the planet to

host three Olympic Games. The

greatest show on earth, a stage

where a chosen few have lived the

bold quest of prom yess - to

deliver perfection, physically

gifted beyond your wildest

imagination, a stage where me men

Tuesday incidents and individuals

have stopped the world. These

moments they live for ever, not

justt in our minds but in our soul.

It is a stage where heartbreak

never discriminates, lassoing its

victim also on a stage where even

the greats can be humble l and hurt.

It is true, not everybody is a

great. For many, simply

participating is all that matters.

While for others they carry a

nation so beautifully and bravely,

often against all odds. Welcome to

London 2012 and Let the Games Begin.

( Haunting music) They train every

day. And more and more fuel. Then

just at the right time strike the


(Dramatic music) A lifetime of

sacrifice in a split seconds,

millimetres. When you add it up t

daring and the drive t courage plus

hard work, it all magicly comes

together to equal miracles. 10,500

athletes are here ready to ignite

London and the Olympic world. The

fastest t strongest t brave. Those

who can do no more than their mist.

Come with us as they paint their

extraordinary scene. This, the

finest-ever collection of sporting

art and theatre just to days out

from London 2012. Welcome Australia

to the mother country to the

Olympic Games of the 30th Olympiad.

The greatest show on earth. Right

here on the one and only Nine Wide

World of Sport. We have a

sensational couple of weeks ahead.

We will get things kicked off.

Leila McKinnon joins us. How you

doing? Excited? I cannot believe we

are finally Lihir. We have a

massive show celebrating a massive

Games with two of the biggest stars

of our team. Stephanie Rice and

James Magnussen. Good evening. How

are you? Excited. Does it make a

difference? I mean you have all

those years of training, all the

pressure and the build-up coming

here? What is it like to be finally

here? Does the excitement get the

adrenaline pumping? Yes, arrive in

at the village yesterday was so

exciting. Experiencing Beijing it

was nice to know what I was coming

into. It was huge day yesterday. We

got outfitted. Getting time kit is

one of the most exciting parts for

me, just sort of walking around

seeing other fellow athletes. I saw

Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic

this morning in the food hall and

it starts to bring the adrenaline.

How much difference does it make

having the experience of the last

Games as well? I'm sure James is as

excited as I am but it works well

for me this time around because I

know how to calm myself and when to

be excited and when to try to not

get too excited because you do not

want to be at your hyper-excitement

now. You want the save it for a

week's time. James, you are so

laid-back. His pulse is 40 at the

moment! Are you always that laid-

back or is it something that you

use to keep the pressure down? If

you ask anybody who has known me my

whole life if been laid-back and

life moves slowly in Port Macquarie.

You have not been caught up in it?

No like Stephanie I was excited No like Stephanie I was excited

when we tide on the uniforms and

looked at the food hall and all the

food I can eat when I finish the

swimming. That excites me, I must

say. But as far as the swimming

goes I'm pretty relaxed staking it

step by step. You have a different

approach to lot of athletes of the

past when you say, "Come and get me.

Preys yourself, opponents". Do you

put a lot of pressure or yourself

or is that just the way you handle

it? If the media say 20 million

expect you to win gold what

difference does it make that expect

to win gold, you know? I think

putting it out the there is, you