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(generated from captions) as they head north. putting on a little show at lunchtime. Sydney hit 20 degrees and is 16. Right now it's looking clear around the suburbs too, It was a much nicer day to the northerly winds. and warmer thanks Richmond hit 20 degrees.

From the satellite, to western NSW. a strong front is bringing some rain further into NSW Tomorrow that system will push and combine with an upper trough. some isolated showers. That will produce patchy rain in Melbourne. Around the country - and Canberra. A few showers in Adelaide, Hobart A cold morning in Perth, and 22 in Brisbane. northerly winds 15 to 25 knots For the boaties,

and a south-easterly swell. Sydney tomorrow - to today. the temperature will be similar 20 degrees the top. It will be fine at first, a little cloudy. but the afternoon will turn in the afternoon most in the west. There is the risk of a light shower

will be a little cooler. Friday and Saturday To the seven day forecast -

clear and sunny. But the weather's looking will redevelop. Sunday, some isolated showers to be quite cold early next week, And it's going into the mid-teens, Mark. with temperatures dropping back for this Wednesday. That's Seven News 'Today Tonight' is next turning good parents into criminals. with the little-known law I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Tonight, parents into criminals - the legal minefield turning good being turned on parents. laws to protect children Are we taking things too far? through our workplaces The bullying epidemic spreading costing $100 million a day. The extreme cases The bullying epidemic spreading costing $100 million a day. The extreme cases and humiliated into submission. where staff are abused operation in history - Plus inside the biggest security the high-tech camera network, and military hardware behind-the-scenes intelligence to keep the Games safe. and how will they be handled? What are the threats And putting it all on the line - the last eight acts standing, fine-tuning before the AGT final. Thanks for your company. Good evening. I'm Kylie Gillies. Olympics coverage starting Friday. Matt is en route to London for our First tonight, and are, the little-known laws that can, into criminals. turning perfectly good parents just how far-reaching they are but parents have no idea in a legal minefield. and how they can be caught up many parents break without thinking. Rodney Lohse reports they're laws wiping his face? MAN: What are you doing, Trying to wipe the sweat off? they're all sweating like anything. Look at youse, the car while you pay for petrol - You go in, you leave your kids in you could be charged? Yes. while you go into the chemist? Leave your kids in the car Yes, you could be charged. MAN: Here you go. Go to pick up milk at 7-Eleven? Yes, you could be charged, yes. to protect our children They're the laws designed in their duty of care. when parents fail of loving parents 'criminals'. They're also branding thousands in the car while you went to there, I never knew, to leave them that short distance. Tonight, a wake-up call - in the car, in your home if you abandon your children or even when they walk to school, you could face jail time. who's in charge of a child, It allows for any person for an unreasonable time who leaves that child without reasonable provisions commits an offence. separate families have faced court Just in the past eight weeks, four and shopping centres unattended. for leaving their kids in cars Criminal lawyer Adam Magill. with that offence? Can you be arrested or charged Yes. Yes, you can. children unattended anywhere, The law states it's illegal to leave including in a car, but plenty of parents do. to leave your children in the car? Do you know it's actually illegal charged with neglect A mother was recently Children aren't parents. Oh, OK, no worries. Where's your mum? How old are you? It may seem legal overkill, it isn't. but Rayleyn Taylor's story shows to leave them in the car I thought it would be safer three kids out on my own. rather than take It wasn't. for a minute She left her children unattended while she went into a laundromat, but it was enough time and her kids to be kidnapped. for her car to be stolen To live in a small town this kind of thing will happen. and you don't even think I was just getting my washing. but not her car. Rayleyn got her children back aren't kidnapped, But even if your kids can distress them. leaving them alone The car seems to be locked, yeah. How old are you guys? Seven and five. 7- and 5-year-olds. want to get out. Because they didn't Why would you do that, sir?

How old are you? Sorry? 10?! You're only 10. Where's your mum? I'm here. if he was OK. Oh, I was just wondering I was just in the bank. Oh, he's alright. to leave kids in the car. It's actually illegal He is 10. Moez runs this petrol station. so much, He was seeing kids left alone came in with their parents to pay. he started rewarding children who so they come out of the car. I give them a lollipop in the car. This stops mums leaving babies Hello. Ava speaking. at the bowser. And the law doesn't end Unattended anywhere is an issue. No, I'm home alone. Adam Magill has also acted for people at home. who have left their children or going out on the town, When they've gone out to a party wandering the street - the child's been found that's one particular offence. Even walking to school is out. Being allowed to walk to school by themselves, that can actually be seen as committing an offence under this section. Homeowners can even be on notice in their own driveway. Police have investigated that and they've made a determination that the time in which they had left the children was reasonable. Parenting consultant Shona Bass, director of Early Life Foundations, says it's essentially about developing good habits. Children need to be parented, which means routine, predictability and consistency. She's says children under 12 simply aren't equipped to make decisions if a problem arises. We would recommend that children under 12 not care for siblings in the home alone. Adam Magill says even if you end up beating the charge, going to court can be a very costly lesson. To pay someone like myself to go to court is a very expensive practice. So is it legal overkill, or perfectly reasonable? Leave your thoughts on our website, our Facebook page or on Twitter. Now to the very serious matter of workplace bullying and how one Flight Centre has been the centre of a very big fight over how staff have been treated. Tineka Everaardt reports it's an example of why bullying in the workplace costs the Australian economy $36 billion a year. "I just want Rich out now," is that what you said? Tormented, teased, it's disgusting. I couldn't survive in that environment for another day. Bullying and intimidation - all in a day's work. It's a very toxic workplace. Gone, gone and gone - three out of five staff from one workplace resign in just six months all blame this woman, their former boss. Comments about my being useless, about my family, about the reasons my husband left me and why I deserved it. You constantly felt on egg shells, tension in the air. The manager of this travel agency in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston, Kelly Gallasch, is accused by former staff members, like Richard Barnes, of bullying behaviour. Telling me to clean the toilet, "Rich, go get a Coke," "I can't be beeped doing this quote, you do it" - just to tormented me until I'd lash out. Now Richard is taking legal action against Flight Centre. He'll claim that he was a whistleblower on bullying problems at the travel giant, and under the Fair Work Act, he was meant to be protected from victimisation. In documents filed in the Federal Court, Richard claims his ex-boss made comments about him that would make even tradies blush. I was constantly belittled in front of staff. Carol also worked at the store and claims she received similar treatment. It was quite relentless. Hi, Kelly. I'm Tineka Everaardt from Channel 7 Today Tonight. I'm here to speak to you about three of your employees. OK. Did you bully them? Not at all. I just didn't wanna get up and go to work. Amanda is another ex-worker who's bravely come forward. Basically, she'd be increasing my workload so I'd feel more pressured and I'd quit my job. These employees are far from alone. Across the nation, bullying has reared its ugly head. Claims the budget airline has a culture of bullying and unsafe workplaces. of workplace bullying, A shocking case workmate with brake cleaner Matthew Lever sprayed a 17-year-old before setting him alight. It's estimated it at some point in their work life one in four people will experience to workplace bullying and 7% of suicides can be linked is one of those victims, Brodie Panlock the 19-year-old killed herself by three men at her workplace. after being bullied called Brodie's Law - Her tragic death led to something a change to the Crimes Act 10-year prison terms for bullying. that introduces Absolutely soul-destroying. changes your life forever. Being the victim of bullying bullying is often a cultural issue. Psychologist Evelyn Field believes not stepping in and stopping it. It's really about management who are they're condoning it. In other words, the travel giant told us As for the Flight Centre case, at the time the matter was investigated they acted appropriately, and maintain denying the various allegations which they say will be vigorously defended. Maurice Blackburn lawyer Josh Bornstein says the law needs to be changed. Workplace bullying is only allowed to be pursued legally and then can sue, and it's too late. but, by then, the damage is done your sense of power is so low At the time, to stand up for yourself that it is impossible is "faster, higher, stronger." The Olympic motto Unfortunately these days that motto applies just as much surrounding the Games to the security forces as the athletes themselves. days from its opening ceremony With the London Games just three and the private security firm it promised, only providing half the guards have been deployed. an extra 1,200 military personnel key security advisers on the ground Laura Sparkes has been talking to who say despite the problems, with any potential threat. London is ready to deal wanting to stage a protest. There will be people in the world. This is the biggest stage any security event, When you're planning what you'll do is in the shoes of a terrorist. try to put yourself For two weeks, we will have over 2 million visitors from some 195 countries, in addition to the 10,000 athletes and thousands of officials. So it has that profile, and that's one of the reasons it's such a target. operation London has ever seen. It's the biggest peacetime security has enveloped the city An umbrella of security as Olympic fever takes over. a security operation will it be? So, Peter, how big Well, think of it like this - 30,000 people involved in this. there's gonna be well over football stadium full. Now, that's a big and security in London No-one knows more about terrorism than Peter Clarke, at Scotland Yard. the former head of counter-terrorism Underground seven years ago, When terrorists struck London's of the investigation. he was the face on anyone involved in that. That leaves an indelible mark in London security? Peter, what are the weak points in having a free and open city. There's an inherent weakness of security operations. That's the paradox with these sorts It's here where the control begins. From this special operations room, in live 24 hours a day. 12,000 camera feeds will stream and tragic history of terrorism London has an entrenched dating back decades with the IRA, employed this sort of fire power - but never have security chiefs six surface-to-air missiles in a ring around the city with the power of taking down a Boeing 747 full of passengers. It's a terrible thought, must plan for. but one security chiefs That's clearly an eventuality in the planning. that has been taken into account of security in London - This is the largest display on the Thames the 'HMS Ocean' is stationed here for the entire Olympic period. It's a $380 million warship - on board, 150 sailors, 400 military personnel and eight attack helicopters. just 4km that way, And with the Olympic site at a moment's notice. they're ready to spring into action You can see all the overt security - working on intelligence, what you don't see is all the people developing that intelligence on potential suspects. and keeping surveillance to the Olympics, Even in the weeks leading up threat have been arrested five people posing a very real and charged with terrorism offences. They'll appear in court this week. a very strong message. I think it sends out I'd be very reassured to know have been locked up by the police. that a pack of would be terrorists policing operation. This is a major, major Ken Wharfe is a security consultant and former Scotland Yard Royalty Protection officer. He believes securing the Olympics is made much easier today with state-of-the-art technology. We have numberplate recognition, of individuals and cars you know, checks, et cetera that can be done instantly now into the command station rather than relay it back in a way that we could never do. and so that can be dealt with security for the Royal Family will Ken also points out be tightened during the Olympics. their own protections. They will have by, we now know, the military Of course, it will be supported and additional police forces United Kingdom. throughout the entire has faced a debacle Already, the UK government private security firm with the Olympic-contracted their full commitment of staff, unable to provide have hurriedly been deployed. so a further 3,500 soldiers Then, this week, the Opening Ceremony, just days before a further 1,200 troops. the government has called up the Games, they would, If a terrorist could attack but, on the other side of the coin, it's far more difficult these days because we are a lot more aware. Adrian D'Hage was head of security at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Perhaps the most dangerous of terrorists are the ones that appear from nowhere - the Timothy McVeighs. on intelligence networks. that don't show up They're the sort of people

I think a clear message to anybody, you will be stopped. you will be captured, it is a big operation -

the terror threat as substantial. The Home Office in England rates That's mid-range, being critical. with the highest rating with more Today Tonight. A short break now and we'll be back Next, behind the scenes put the polish on their acts. as the AGT finalists Leaving something... ..and nothing to the imagination. that feeling of power? VOICEOVER: How much do you crave fuel economy, advanced technology How important is better and low-cost servicing? And is there a price you can put on the peace of mind that comes with world-class safety? Well, there is, and it's a whole lot less than you could possibly imagine. Australia's own new generation Camry Altise is now just $28,990 driveaway.

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that recognises there's more to talent than the ability to sing and dance. And tonight's grand final of 'Australia's Got Talent' Singers and dancers will compete against magic acts, quick-change artists and even a stripper for the $250,000 first prize. Georgia Main has been behind the scenes as the last eight standing went through final rehearsals. It's just too hard. It's too close to tell this year. Our dreams can change right now. I really never thought that a stripper and his next door neighbours could make it all the way to the grand finals of 'Australia's Got Talent'. It's like when school finishes - everyone's excited. Really anxious actually, to be honest. After 21 episodes, thousands of contestants knocked out and 15 weeks of living the dream, it all comes down to eight finalists vying for $250,000 in one last showdown. Ready, guys? The voting lines have closed. Now it's a nerve-wrecking wait until the announcement dance crew Kookies-n-Kreme have been waiting for. What would you do with the $250,000? Well... $250,000. Does it have to go to a vote with everyone? What do you do? We've already decided, first off, we're not going to be practicing in a car park ever again. We're going to try to get our own dancing studio, so hopefully we do win. dancing studio, so hopefully we do win. Velcro's in and it's changed my life, so thank you, velcro! Velcro really has revolutionised cheeky stripper Dylan Yeandle's act after almost having a wardrobe malfunction at the final rehearsal. I'm still so hungry for it. It's not a very big ambition, but I love it. I want to do it for a job for the rest of my life until I'm 60. Tonight, some familiar faces will return... ..and there will be a special guest appearance. So, Johnny, someone here tonight, their life is absolutely gonna change in a couple of hours. What sort of advice can you give to them? Basically just try and be yourself no matter what happens to all the finalists. There's still a future for everyone. I came from a show very similar to this, and I didn't win but I've still managed to make a career out of it, so I'm very fortunate. 'X Factor' success story Johnny Ruffo knows better than most the wild ride that awaits tonight's winner. My life has been crazy. Since 'X Factor', I've done three national tours - you know, obviously one with Reece, I've toured with One Direction, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, released my single, obviously I was on 'Dancing with the Stars' - I won, which was great - and so many other things, I've had a few restless nights as well but such a journey for me and such a blessing to be here with everybody else. Singer-songwriter Andrew De Silva has overcome cancer and a debilitating stutter to become the favourite to win the title. Are you a betting man? No, I'm not a betting man. Because the bookies have you pegged to win this thing at $1.80. Someone showed me that. Quick-change partners Soul Mystique have taken their act to new heights. People have their theories. We love hearing them because a lot of the times, they are so far off track, it's amazing. And, still, we have no idea how they do this. Amazing is how all the finalists have found the ride. Coming out here with all the big lights and big speakers and whole band, I could easily get used to that. Someone somewhere knows what the result is. In less two hours, we will find out who will be crowned winner but right now it's anyone's guess. So, who's it gonna be? ALL: (YELL AND SCREAM) Everyone has their favourite - the grand final of 'Australia's Got Talent' is tonight at 7:30, right here on Seven. We'll be right back. Coming up, the $2 toilet freshener that's caused an almighty stink. Now their house has been declared a public health hazard. Who pays when the system breaks down? VOICEOVER: Introducing the all-new 7-seat Prius V, with all the versatility and extra room you need for life. It's your Prius V. MAN: (SINGS) # Oh, oh-oh... # (TOYOTA THEME PLAYS)

through no fault of our own. The question is, who pays when someone in your street flushes a foreign object which blocks the sewage system causing big problems in your home? Adam Marshall reports. I was standing in it. It was, like, 2" thick and it was just everywhere. I could smell it outside. I couldn't come in, it was awful. Toxic raw sewerage seeping out of control... It was splashing everywhere. It was disgusting. It's destroyed Neil Smith's and Linda Clarke's home, and they're blaming Tweed Shire Council. You put something wrong in one of their bins, you're fined. They can leave raw sewerage lying in a close housing estate and it's not a problem. The council is blaming one of these - a $2 toilet freshener that somehow found its way into the sewer system. It's not even the freshener from the couple's toilet, rather someone else's further up the street. They were just the unlucky ones that flooded first. It came up through the floor there. The shower base was full of it and also the bath, and it all flowed this way through the rest of the house. Neil and Linda can't live in the house. It's considered a public health hazard. All the walls have got to come out, the kitchen's got to come out, the bathroom's got to come out - that doesn't just happen overnight. Council's refusing to compensate Neil and Linda. They've been told it's an accident, which council isn't covered for - so, for now, the couple has to rely on their own insurance, which will pay for the home and contents but not the cost of cleaning up the stinking mess. What I would like council to do is man-up and do the right thing. A shocking situation. We'll let you know how Neil and Linda get on. That's all we have time for. Thanks for your company. I'm Kylie Gillies. Enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - The courts will give me custody, not you. Yeah, well, that is not going to happen - not when I tell them the truth about what really happened to Ben. Don't let her hold this against you. Oh, I don't think I've got a choice. What I did was unforgivable. I need to know if you're going to be here for us. Well, I'm not going to do a runner on you guys, if that's what you're asking. Have you got any photos of the baby? Hey, Dad, you want to take a look at these? No, but you can grab us another beer, mate. Thanks. Oi, I'm talking to you! You're lucky. You're not worth it. Was that Mum? It sounded like Dad was threatening her at dinner. What are you going to do? The only thing I can do - pay him off. Brax, how are you going to do that? It's not your concern, Casey. The address of the wharf where they'll meet you. Boat hire details. You run into any trouble, you're on your own. Yeah, I know how it works. Yeah, I'm counting on it. Alright. Listen, Bob, I'm waiting here for this delivery. There's no sign of anyone. Now, is this deal happening or not? Call me. Oh, hello! Is there something else to eat, or is this it? IRENE: Oi! You want a restaurant, sunshine, I can tell you where to go. Kicking me out already, are you? Will you shut up and kiss me? Can I finish this first? Wow. You're in a phenomenal mood, aren't you? Mmm. And dripping with good manners, as per always. I'm off to work. What's going on? I'm hungry, that's all. And that gives you the right to be rude to everyone? She had a go at me! If you're going to be like this, you can just leave. I'm not interested. I'm sorry. OK? I just had a blue with the old man. Then why didn't you say that? Does this mean he's not coming to see Rocco with us? Who cares? I think you do otherwise you wouldn't be so upset. And who says I'm upset? If you want to talk about this, I'm here. Can we get some real food? How's your breakfast? Mmm. Really nice since you're here to share it with me now. Cheeky, Danny Braxton! (BOTH LAUGH) Hey, I've changed my mind about getting brekkie. Oi! Come and join us. Can you get us some takeaway? Yep. What's wrong with him? He's just anxious about Rocco. That's understandable. Yeah, well, won't hold it against him, will I? I see Prince Charming's good mood hasn't improved any.