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Tonight - designed to kill.

Authorities disarm the Colorado shooter's booby-trapped

apartment. Together again -

honouring the service and

sacrifice of some Canberra

veterans. Back to their best -

the Raiders run riot over the

Sharks. COMMENTATOR: And the

Canberra Raiders will go away

with this game. And four shots

clear, Adam Scott on the verge

of his first major win. of his first major win. Good

evening, Siobhan Heanue with

ABC News. He wanted to kill as

many people as possible,

including police. US authorities say disturbing

evidence is emerging about the

preparation that went into the

movie theatre massacre in

Colorado. Police and the FBI

have spent two painstaking days

disarming the accused shooter's

booby-trapped apartment.

Attempts to uncover a motive

continue and the 24-year-old

will make his first court

appearance tomorrow. Jane Cowan

reports from Aurora in

Colorado. This time it's

temporary. We will meet you in

Heaven one day Lord Jesus. In

Denver shock and grief are

giving way to something

else. 12 people, innocent

people that all they wanted to

do was see a movie. I am very

upset. I feel that instead of

letting him - they should have

just shot him. I'm sorry,

that's how I feel. Stuff like

this is not supposed to happen

here like this. We are a nice

quiet, clean community. This

was the blast intended to kill

police. Set off in a controlled

detonation by the bomb squad,

the suspect's apartment had

been rigged explosives, loud

music blaring to invoke a

complaint from neighbours and a

trip wire across the unlocked

door. Make no mistake, this

apartment was designed to kill

whoever entered it, OK. And who

was most likely to enter that

location after he planned and

executed this horrific crime?

It was going to be a police

officer. For those who lost

loved ones so senselessly,

there was no comfort. We are

shocked, we are numb, we are

crushed. We spent the entire

day yesterday searching for

him. For those who survived the

rampage, a normal life will

take some getting back It was

right after the action scene

and then the shooting. Josh

helped me protect my wife and

he got shot. This community has

already had to pick itself up

once after the Columbine High

School shooting. Conscious of

that, leaders are urging people

not to dwell on the shooting

but focus instead on the

healing they need. I keep

stressing this is one of the

safest cities in one of the

safest states in the countries

in the world. Even if it

doesn't feel like it. Memorial

service versus been held in

Norway to mark one year since a

bomb attack and mass shooting. The Norwegian Prime Minister

joined families at a

wreath-laying ceremony. 77

people were killed in the

attacks. Another 242 were

injured. The trial of Breivik,

who has admitted carrying out

the attacks is still under way.

Judges are expected to announce next month whether they will be

sent to prison or a secure

psychiatric hospital. Experts

say mass killings like those in

Colorado and Norway are a

relatively new phenomenon. But

worryingly they are becoming

more prevalent. Last year

around the world there was one

every month. In the city of

Aurora there's an overwhelming

sense of grief and shock at

what has taken place. But even

some of those who were at the

cinema during the shooting have

mixed feelings about gun control. How I feel about certain people being able to

have that kind of access to

those kind of guns and if they

are licensed they can use them

any kind of way they want

to. The Mayor of New York,

Michael Bloomberg, said

yesterday it was time for the

presidential candidates to

address the issue. In Colorado

you have to be a will Colorado

resident over the age 21 and

pass a criminal background

check. The alleged gunman

legally owned the guns and

experts say it was the same

with the Columbine shooting,

the Dunblane massacre and

others We can't pick who is

going to become unhinged. The

only way we can deal with it is

take the weapons out of the

community. Forensic

psychiatrists say mass killers

follow a cultural script . That

same tool may identify those

who might pose a risk. Because

they have a certain pattern of

internet usage and certain

areas of interest.

Fascinatingly they go to

specific sites. If we can also

link that to attempts to obtain

the kind of weapons which are

required for these terrible

events. But that's all that gun

control advocates appear to

have. The power of the gun

lobby means there is very little political will to tackle

the issue in any meaningful

way. There has been another day

government forces hit back of heavy clashes in Syria as

after a week of setbacks.

Amateur video claimed to show

protesters in Aleppo attacking

a statue of the President's

father. Until recently, Syria's

largest city had remained

largely loyal to Assad. Now

opposition fighters are said to

be streaming in from the

countryside. The city of Homs

was once again under aerial bombardment while in the

capital Damascus, the

government paraded captured

rebels on state television. The

United Nations is calling for a

ceasefire while talks continue

on a political solution. The

onus is, above all, on the

parties and with the Syrian

Government in the first place

who must stop the killing and

the use of heavy weapons

against the population centres.

All armed operations must end. Neighbouring Turkey closed

one border crossing as refugees

tried to escape the

fighting. Labor has claimed a

narrow victory in the State

seat of Melbourne but the

Greens aren't quite ready to

concede defeat. The by-election

battle for the inner city

electorate was closely watched

in Canberra. Some ALP members

have been trying to distance

themselves from the Greens. The

coalition didn't contest the

vote but says there's a message

in the results for Labor. For

Labor to get one in three votes

would indicate at least a 5%

swing against federal Labor,

which would be a rout and over 20 Labor seats would be lost to

the coalition. If Labor wants

to take comfort from that

result, it goes to show how low

they have sunk. This is a

campaign fought on state issues

that's what we said on Friday.

Today it was still fought on

state issues and had no federal

implications at all. Labor has

held the seat for a century.

The crackdown on the trucking

industry is intensifying after

another driver was caught

speeding. Police found the

device meant to cap the BW

speed at 100km/h had been

tampered with. Now the entire

fleet is under scrutiny. Large

trucks and high speed can be a

deadly combination. In January,

this crash claimed the lives of

three people on the Hume

highway south of Sydney. It

sparked a major crackdown in

the trucking industry. The sad

thing for me is despite all

this, despite this tragic loss

of life, despite the hammering

beef done, some of them aren't

getting the message. On Friday

police on the Hume Highway at

Mittagong stopped a B-Double

truck travelling at 105km/h.

Trucks are required to have

speed limiter. Police say the

is a speed limiter had been disabled. We will work up the

chain. The owner of the truck

is Piscioneri Transport based

in Mildura. The company's fleet

will be investigated while the

truck driver has been fined

$500. Raids by the Roads and

Maritime Services have led to

more than 1,000 charges being

laid. There are still operators

out there who think they can

rort the system. There should

be more inspectors on the road

pulling trucks over. The

Australian Trucking Association

assists the majority obey the

law. It's a few silly

non-thinking people that

perhaps think they can just

push the Barrow a little bit

too far. The company says it's

taking the matter seriously and

has launched its own

investigation. Rupert Murdoch

has stepped down from the

boards of a number of News International papers including

the 'Sun' and the 'Times'. It

has fuelled speculation the

81-year-old is preparing to

sell his newspaper interests.

News International says Mr

Murdoch is fully committed to

the businesses but has resigned

as part of a corporate

housekeeping effort ahead of

the company's split into two

publicly traded companies.

Rupert Murdoch remains the

chairman of his Australian

newspaper group. Developers are

a step closer to overhauling a

public housing eyesore in Canberra. Architects have

lodged a master plan for the

Northbourne flats. The redevelopment includes almost

900 units, more than triple the

existing number. The designs

had a number of tweaks

including boosting the number

of two-bedroom apartments. 10%

of the units will be reserved

for public housing. All social housing tenants will have

access. For those who remain on

site, we will work with them to

replain on site. The project

will take up to six years to

finish. There are among the

most decorated soldiers in

Australia's war time history.

This month marks 50 years since

the Australian army training team went to war in Vietnam.

Today there was a unit re union

of sorts, as Canberra veterans

gathered to remember that

service and sacrifice. Half a

century has gone by. (The last

post plays). And for some the

memories are still sharp. There

was never a time when you felt completely safe. If you

difficult, I think you were fooling yourselves and

everybody else. Almost 1,000

men served with the Australian

army training team Vietnam,

also known as teem. The team

trained, advised and led the

South Vietnamese army, working

with groups from the United

States. That was an interesting

exercise because there were

language problems, cultural

problems and all sorts of other

things. But we generally

managed to work a good

relationship with them. Tours

of duty range from a year to 18

months. The work was

challenging, dangerous and

rewarding. Got ourselves into a

lot of fire fights and

stoushes. That's evidenced by

the fact that we are the most

decorated unit in the Vietnam

war of the Australian forces.

Members of the team were the

first Australians deployed to

Vietnam in July 1962 and the

last ones out a decade later.

Members of the team are proud

of their service and what they

did because it was unique in

fact. There has been nothing

like it since. Once thrown

together in service - forever

a family. Nearly 18 months

after the Fukushima nuclear

disaster in Japan, there's a

warning of a silent epidemic

and it's not radiation that's

claiming lives but a wave of

suicides. Many evacuees are

still living in crowded

temporary housing with little

prospect of ever returning home

and that is taking a toll.

North Asia correspondent Mark

Willacy reports. Mikio Watanabe

has returned home to a house he

can't live in, to a land

poisoned with radiation and to

the scene of his most heartbreaking loss.

TRANSLATION: It was early

morning when I saw a big fire

in our yard. My wife had poured

petrol on herself and set it

alight. They had been childhood

sweet hearts and happily

married for to 39 years but

forced from her home left

without a job and separated

from friends, Hamako was

struggling to cope. TRANSLATION: She was

very depressed. We were shifted

from our country home into a

tiny apartment. She cried a

lot. The Watanabes aren't the

only family showing grief.

Eco's husband also committed

suicide. TRANSLATION: My

husband's health wasn't good.

He drove into the nuclear no-go

zone and jumped off a

bridge. There have been 14

suicides that can be linked

with the nuclear melt downs not

far from here. But those who

worked directly with Fukushima

evacuees say that figure is a

gross under-estimation. Shogo

Domae runs a volunteer group

that checks on the well-being

of Fukushima evacuees. He says

dozens of de sparing refugees

have taken their own lives.

TRANSLATION: The Government's

figure of 14 suicides is wrong.

It's at least four times that

number. For those left behind,

there is a seething anger

towards the nuclear plant's

operator, Tepco. TRANSLATION:

There are many families who

have lost someone to suicide

because of this disaster. I

don't want them to suffer in

silence. I want them to fight.

For those who argue this

nuclear disaster has claimed no

lives, families like these

testify to the human tragedy of

Fukushima. Australian scientist

versus discovered a new way of

looking at how the brain works.

They have uncovered information

about how different parts

regulate blood pressure.

Medical reporter Sophie Scott

explains. David Jeffrey was

diagnosed with sleep apnoea a

few years ago. He is now taking

part in a unique trial. Doctors

are using a knew tech feek to

see what's happening in

patients' brain by monitoring a

nerve in their leg. The

technique allows doctors to see

how the brain controls blood

pressure. We are identifying

regions in the brain that

generate those signals that we

record in the periphery. In

this particular case, we are

interested in those signals

that when they are activated,

the blood vessels constrict,

driving up blood pressure. A small electrode is inserted

into the patient's leg. It

monitors a nerve which

regulates blood pressure. The

patient is put into an MRI

machine which scans the brain.

High blood pressure is common

among sleep apnoea patients.

This new technique is uncovering knowledge about how

the brain works. So far we have

identified the human equivalent

of this very small nucleus

within the brain stem that we

know about from experimental

animals but we have identified

the human equivalent. David Jeffrey is receiving treatment

for sleep apnoea. My results

have been very, very good. And

a great improvement. Sleep

apnoea patients can also have cognitive and memory problems

due to a loss of neurons in the

brain. Scientists are looking

at whether those strurm changes

can be reversed. The

unpredictable Canberra Raiders

have stunned the Sharks to keep

their slim finals hopes alive.

The Panthers were too good for

Sydney. The Storm's end of

season slump continues while

South Sydney defeat theed

Dragons in a spiteful

encounter. Canberra are a

tipster's nightmare. Awful one

week and brilliant the next.

Today the latter showed up. The

length of the field run from

Reece Robinson led to a try in

the opening minutes. COMMENTATOR: Shuffled

it back. The support play paid

off! With the return of Josh

Dugan, the potent back line

made metres. Six line breaks to one set Australian Open

20-point lead for the visitors

at the break. The oft-maligned

Raiders defence held firm and

Canberra's attack emphatically

breathed life back into they're

collect particular season. Here

there were poor tries. Penrith

controlled much of the match to

run away with a 12-point win, a

tie tackle from Travis Burns

gave them a win. Greg Inglis

went for a hit on Dean Young,

and he didn't hold

back. COMMENTATOR: Might have

knocked him into

tomorrow. Replace showed heavy

contact to his head. Inglis

could face several weeks on the

sideline but he found the try

line in the second

half. Inglis! Oh, what a sight

he is. South Sydney were

dominant and Nathan Merrett

confirmed the Rabbitohs finals

credentials while putting the

finals hopes on the brirng.

Last night's effort from

Parramatta might have spared

outgoing coach Stephen

Kearney. The tackle coming

through. The stumbling Storm

were helpless as the Eels took

control and the injury to

returning fullback Jarryd Hayne

stalled the Eels' charge but a

late Melbourne challenge fell

short. It's the first time the

Storm have lost four games in a

row since 2002. Today's win for

Canberra puts them equal with

the Dragons one win outside the

eight. The Tigers and Cowboys

complete the round tomorrow

night. In the Canberra Raiders

Cup, Woden beat Goulburn by 2 points. Adam Scott is well

placed to become Australia's

first British Open winner since

Greg Norman in 1993. Scott will

take a four-shot advantage into

the final round as he aims to

win his first major title. With

Tiger Woods former caddie Steve

Williams on his bag, and the

type of lead Woods often took

into the final round of these

events, it's set up for Adam

Scott's status to be upgraded

from very good player to be

major winner. If I play a solid

round of golf tomorrow, it will

be very hard for the others to

beat me. As measured with his

comments as he is with his

approach shots, the 32-year-old

won't say it's a

tournament-winning advantage. A 4-shot lead doesn't seem to be

very much this year on any golf tournament that I've

watched. The Australian started

the day one shot behind the

leader, Brandt Snedeker. While

the American faltered, Scott

thrived. By the 11th hole he

was ahead by 5. Looks quite

good. Oh! Chasing him are a

host of major winners. 2010 US

Open champion, Graeme McDowell

is four shots off the pace

alongside Snedeker. Woods will

start the day 5 behind

Scott. This will be a bonus for Tiger! He is playing really

well. He's gone for his first

major title. He's in a very

good spot. To become the first

Australian to win the Open

since Greg Norman 19 years ago

would have extra significance

for Scott, who had has had the

great white shark as a

career-long mentor. As long as

he stays on his bike, Bradley

Wiggins will tonight become the

first British rider to win the

Tour de France. The three-week

events concludes tonight with

the ceremonial ride into Paris.

Of the 198 cyclists who

started this year's Tour de

France, 153 remain. Between

them, in completion of the

three week event lie 120

kilometres to the famous

finishing line. Barring

disaster or a major breach that

no-one in the peloton attacks the yellow jersey on the final

day, Bradley Wiggins will make

history as the first Brit ever

to claim a Tour de France

title. He holds a comfort

analyst lead of three minutes.

No such procession for the

sprinters. Matt Goss has made

no secret of his desire to

claim his maiden stage win. It

would be huge for myself and

every one involved in my team. They have worked hard to make

it possible. Of the 12

Australians who started, 9 are

still in the race and will have

the honour of crossing the

finishing line in Paris later

tonight. The reds hopes of back

to back Super Rugby hopes have

been ruined. They were out

played by the South Africans.

Three tries and six successful

kicks gave the sharks a 30-17

win. In front of their home

crowd the Reds started strong.

Early on the attack was

promising but it went unrewarded. A little bit of

luck made an ugly play count

for the Sharks. COMMENTATOR:

Test over the top. He cuts back

in filed. What a try! An ankle

injury to the luckless Ben

Lucas put him out of the game

20 minutes into it. Handle goer

ores gifted the Sharks'

possession and they capitalised in emphatic

fashion. Unbelievable. With

plenty of time and room,

Frederik added a field goal.

Finally a familiar combination

helped the Reds to get back in

the game. It's a try! However,

20-10 would be as close as it

got. Mike Harris had missed a

penalty shot. Moments later an

intercept try to all but end

the Reds hopes of a comeback.

Undeterred the Reds spent the

next 20 minutes camped inside

their attacking half. Penalty

after penalty went their way, a

disallowed try to Liam Gill was

close as they got. A try was no

consolations to defending

champions. You can't be

disappointed with getting to

this end of the season. We are

disappointed with the

result. The tempo out there, we

travelled a long way. It's

tough to play and win. We have

a good record. We are very

happy with the result. The

Sharks play the Stormers next

week in Capetown. The Sydney

Swans have overcome a slow

start to beat St Kilda this afternoon,. The Swans wrapped

up the game with four goals in

the last seven minutes. North Melbourne prevailed over

Richmond by four points and

Fremantle cruised to victory

against GWS. Last night Carlton

clinched a narrow victory over the Western Bulldogs and Port

Adelaide wrapped up a win

against the Demons. St Kilda's

five-goal win in May showed the

8th placed Saints to be one of

the few teams to match up

against the Swans. This Round

17 opening quarter was a party for small forward Stephen

Milne. COMMENTATOR: He was quon

file dent and that's why. He

kicked into gear with three

goals. He wasn't going to pass

that one. Wasteful Sydney had

to wait late in the term for

its first goal. McEvoy is the

man to get it online. Needing

the win to recapture the ladder

lead, the red and whites found

the rhythm. He the free running

Lewis Jetta and Kieran

Jack. Kieren Jack turned around

and went bang. They are back! Sydney booted four goals

to nil to earn a 9-point

buffer. But the Swans lost

Shane Mumford, subbed out with

a knee injury. They went goal for goal in the third term

which ended the with Swans

ahead by 16 and a few fiery

moments. Oh what a feeling you

would think after what we saw

in that third term. Bridging the gap in the last proved

difficult as the Saints had

nine inside 50s. Milne finally

steered through his fourth and fifth. But Ryan O'Keefe and

Craig bird came up with goals

to steady the Swans. Answering

every challenge, Sydney lifted

in the dying minutes to go on

and win by 29 points. In the

North Eastern Football League,

Belconnen were thrashed by the

Swans reserves going down by

130 points. The London Games

haven't started but Australia's

equestrian team has already

claimed an Olympic record.

Andrew Hoy has been a fixture

in the green and gold for three

decades, becoming the first

athlete to represent Australia

at 7 Olympics. The Australians

are camped a couple of hours

north-west of land in the green

and pleasant Gloucestershire

countryside. We were

particularly looking for

facilities that offered indoor

dressage and jumping facilities

as well as an outdoor

arena. The build up has been so

smooth, it was only when he

went to collect his uniform it

finally clicked with Chris

Burton he made it. You dream

about it your whole life. When

it happened, it was

surreal. Raised on a wheat

property at Brymaroo in the

Darling Downs in Queensland, he

is now living in London. I've

recently had a purple patch. My

horses are in good Nick. Larni,

my Olympic mount is feeling

well. We will take what

comes. If he needs any tips on

how to handle the pressure of

Olympic competition, Chris

Burton need only ask hoot

former bushy who's been there

and done it six times before.

The way I treat Olympic Games

is, is it is another competition. It's a the biggest

day at the office for four

years. He might have the added

responsibility of carrying the

Australian flag flu the Opening

Ceremony. Luck road with him

last time so why break a

winning trot. I think I broke

the jinx in Atlantic where flag

bearers don't normally win a

gold medal. Carrying the flag

was a good omen in

Atlanta. Marked to is preparing

for his seventh Olympics with

relaxed cross training. The New

Zealand teams are one of the

more favoured nations. You

could be our first medal. Wouldn't be the first

time. After all, there's

nothing like a Kiwi stayer to

get Australian equine pulses

racing. To the weather now. The

clouds finally appeared today,

becoming denser in the

afternoon. It was a little

chillier. We only managed a top

of 12 after minus 1 overnight.

Across the border it was cloudy

in parts but no rain.

A high in the Tasman Sea is

directing showers on to the New

South Wales and Queensland

coasts. A trough over WA is

triggering showers. A large

high is driving moist winds

over Victoria and Tasmania

causing the odd shower while

keeping the rest of Australia

mostly dry. In the capitals tomorrow:

That's the latest from the

Canberra newsroom. I'm Siobhan

Heanue. Thanks for your

company. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.