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Tonight - safety concerns,

another Canberra construction

workers is killed on the

job. There's a alarming for

there to be so many injuries,

it's a real wake-up call for

the industry. Denver's night of

terror, 12 dead in a cinema

stoot shooting rampage. Q and A

via the PC but one question

never gets asked and two icons,

one dramatic arrival as the

Olympic flame nears its final

destination. Good evening.

Siobhan Heanue with ABC

News. There's a dark cloud

hanging over Canberra's construction industry tonight,

a man has been killed while

working on a Kingston foreshore

development. It's the third

fatality on an ACT building

site in just eight months. The

death has sparked several

investigations but the early

indications are that equipment

malfunction rather than human

error maybe to blame. Emergency

crews rushed to help as

bystanders tried to come to

terms with the worst. The boom

on the truck collapsed during a

concrete pour at the kiption

yore foreshore A - at the

concrete foreshore. There are

about 10 to 12 workers in the

vicinity when it occurred,

tragedy for the workers and the

families involved. The man who

died hat worked for a Canberra

concreting business for about a

month. The company's declined

to comment but the union says

it has a good safety record.

Early investigations point to

equipment failure. The company

had the pump fully serviced and

maintained and this was the

third outing of the truck. The

site's developer and builder

say they're cooperating with

authorities and offering

support to workers and their families. This is the third

fatal construction accident in

the ACT since last December.

Before that there hadn't been any workplace deaths for

several years. This is a

wake-up call for the whole

industry. They are doing

dangerous work. It's so easy

for us all to become

complacent. The ACT Government

shares that concern and it wants answers. We will be

taking steps to look at how we

can broaden an investigation

into the civil and construction

sector and try and find out why

we're seeing so many people

killed at work. Investigations

into the latest workplace death

will take several months. 24

hours on and America is still

in a state of shock over yet

another shooting massacre. 12

people were killed and dozens

more injured when a man walked

into a Colorado movie theatre

and opened fire. But exactly

why the 24-year-old student

carried out such a clinical

attack remains a mystery. US

authorities say they found no

terrorism link, no motive and

the shooter doesn't have a

criminal past. North America

quont Jane Cowan reports from

Aurora just outside of

Denver. A suburban cinema

turned into a scene of real

life herror. Blood,

excessively, back seats are

full of biohazard

material. Scary. A young girl

just with bullet wounds in her

leg and blood, just all over

her, oh. I don't ever want to

see something like that again A

masked gunman clad head to toe

in bullet proof gear stepped in

front of the screen during the

first action se cents if the

film. Some movie goers at first

thinking it was all part of the

show. But then he threw gassianisters into the audience

and opened fire. First I was so

scared I didn't know what to

do. We just ducked down under

the seats. Bullets ripped

through the walls injuring at

least one person in the theatre

next door. While we were

running down the stafrs there

was just bodies on the floor,

one guy was completely covered

in blood 24-year-old James

Holmes was arrested behind the

theatre near his car. He'd just

dropped out of a PhD in Fleur

nur. Investigation in Denver

are saying nothing about his

motive but there was this from

the, in fork police chief who

was apparently briefed on the

shooting. He had his hair

painted red, he said he was the

joker. The man's aye partment

became a second crime scene, so comprehensively booby trapped

police have so far been unable

to get inside. I see an awful

lot of wires, trip wire, jars

full of ammunition, jars full

of liquid, somethings that look

like mortar rounds. This revak

revives painful memory for

Denver. The Columbine high

school shooting happened not

far from here and from a

country that sees far too much

of this sort of thing it's

reactivated the debate about

gun control. Electioneering was

cast aside, the President

leaving the campaign trail to

monitor events from the White

House. While we will never know

fully what causes somebody to

take the life of another, we do

know what makes life worth

living. The people we lost in

Aurora loved and they were

loved. That is my theatre

where I take my granddaughter.

Where I have gone for years.

And all these people have died

are in heaven, I believe that

thoroughly. Trying to find some

comfort amid another senseless

trauma. There's been fierce

fighting in Syria overnight as

Government troops try to

reverse major setbacks of the

past week. Activists released

video showing what they said

was fighting in Aleppo

province. There were also

clashed in the capital Damascus

where Government forces have

recaptured some of the ground

that was taken over by rebels.

Meanwhile, a bomb attack on key

morfs the Assad regime has

claimed a fourth target. Intelligence chief Hisham

Ikhtiar has died of injuries he

received in the blast on

Wednesday. The United Nations

Security Council has voted to

extend the UN's troubled

observer mission for another 30

days in what it calls an increasingly dangerous situation. The union movement

is rallying behind the PM as

speculation persists that her

leadership is again in trouble.

The group of union leaders met Julia Gillard at the Lodge last

night while the boss of the AWU

Paul Howes has rejected claims

that unions are shifting their

support to Kevin Rudd. The PM

meanwhile is casting the net

wider in search of support.

Julia Gillard was delivered

this morning in the

conventional manner. Nice to

see you Her message though was

not Thank you for agreeing to

be a part of this. Here was on

the Internet. The PM's only

media event today was an online

forum called a Google hangout.

President Obama's done it. So

too the Dalai Lama, even David

Beckham. Hi guys, how you doing The participants were

selected. Topics were voted

upon and questions closely vetted. I'm wondering when your Government will take leadership

and move to implement the

Gonski recommendation. Why are

heterosexual relationships more

valued than same sex

relationships. What action can

your Government take now to

prevent obesity. The leadership

question didn't come up, at

least not in that forum. It was

discussed last night over

dinner at the Lodge when the

heavy hitters of the union

movement met the PM. Her

authority is so diminished that

she needs to those faceless men

to ward off Kevin Rudd and his

circling sharks. I don't think

there is a challenge on, I

don't believe Kevin is running,

I believe him when he's said

that he won't challenge the

PM. Paul Howes wasn't at the

meeting. The head of the AWU is

overseas from where he's

rejected reports the Labor

movement is starting to desert

the Labor leader. Are you

saying that the union

leadership around the country

still locked in behind Julia

Gillard? Absolutely. My

question for the PM is are you happy? Look I'm happy when I feel like I'm achieving things. Online and on

message. A state by-election in

Victoria is reflecting the

Federal chasm between Labor and

the Greens. 16 candidates are

competing for the seat of

Melbourne, but the main fight

is between the two left of

centre parties, the governing

Coalition opted not to run,

both sides say it's likely to

be decided by preferences and

the Greens are angry about

Labor's deals. We've seen in

this election Labor do a

preference deal with Family

First and put Family First

ahead of the Greens and that's

reflective of some broader

discussions that are going on obviously within Labor at the

moment. Labor has held the seat

for more than 100 years. Nine Australian soldiers who died in

the battle of Fromelles in the

First World War have been

honoured at a ceremony in the

French town. The men were

buried with military honours

after their remain were

identified by matching their

DNA with that of their

descendants. Pride, I was very

proud, it was great to see that

now we all know where John,

lays to rest The remains of 250

Australian and British soldiers

were recovered from mass graves

at Pheasant Wood four years

ago. DNA testing will continue

for another two years to give

identities to 92 of the

soldiers who have not been

identified. They served in

Afghanistan and now they're

able to follow in the foot step

of their World War II comrades.

The group of Australian

soldiers who were wounded in

battle will trek the Kokoda

track in hobbor of their fallen

mates. It takes eight weeks,

even for a soldier to train for

the Kokoda track. These are a

few of the men who will

tomorrow begin the 96 kilometre

journey through the judgeles of

Papua New Guinea. Looking

forward to it. Something to

push me mentally and physically. Many in the group of about 25 were wounded in

Afghanistan or suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on

top of losing their friends. Be

a big thing to pay our respects

in that sense to the guys that

were lost in 2010. Be

definitely good. A trial

version of the trip was

completed by a similar brigade

last year. It was absolutely

amazing to watch the recovery

process, not only on the track

but in the 12 months since then They're being sponsored by

the RSL in a bid to help

defence personnel back to full health. They're quite incredible people and we really need to look after them better

than what we have done the

past. The trekkers are also

commemorating the war heroes

who made Kokoda famous during

World War II. This weekend

marks 70 years since the

Japanese army landed at the

town of Gona in an attempt to

capture Port Moresby via the

rugged mountainous track. About

625 Australians lost their

lives and 1.5,000 were wounded

during the 2 month

counteroffensive. Today it's a

place of pill flimage. It's

definitely going to be great to

be able to pay respects to the

sacrifices that these guy

made A special memorial service

will be held at Isurava near

the end of the track next

week. After several wet year,

the lake and waterways of the Murray-Darling Basin are

teeming with life. All the rain

though has also provided

perfect conditions for one of

our worst pests, the European

carp. A run of wet years has

swollen the waterways of the

Murray-Darling Basin. But the

spectacular rebound after year

of drought has a hidden cost.

Under the surface the European

carp, one of the nation's worst

introduced pests is about to

make its own spectacular

comeback. Anglers are used to

catching carp but the numbers

are going to increase by up to

4,000% in certain areas. The

countless millions of carp

sporned with the break of the

drought have now reached

breeding age. In a year such as

this, a large female can lay 3

million eggs and scientists

trying to combat this tough

invasive pest have now lost a promising biological control

method. A technology that

induce fish to give birth to

only male off spring was

scrapped from July 1. The Murray-Darling Basin Authority

deemed the research too

expensive. Some leading

scientists disagree, Dr Ken

McColl is evaluating a type of

herpes virus fatal only to carp. Everything indicates that

we have not only the chance to

control carp but to eradicate

carp. Dr Ron Thresher has

proved the technology works in

zebra fish. These fish are all

male. But the sudden end to the

research came before it could

be tested on their larger relatives the carp. And the

moth balling of the technology

may have cost us the chance for biological control of other

pest species. The genes that

we're targeting in zebra fish

or carp are much the same as

the genes you'd find in a

contain toad or Talopea or a

whole range of lower vertebrate

pest. Meanwhile in southern

NSW, Australia's only carp fish

fertiliser plant is expanding,

ready to process the grizzly

harvest of spring. Some farmers

in the US are in danger of

losing lucrative taxpayer-funded handouts worth

billions of dollars. They're

the latest group to feel the

effects of budget belt

tightening in Washington. The

cuts may make Australian crop export morse competitive, but

the saved money is still likely

to be put straight back into US

agriculture just under a

different scheme. Much of the American Midwest is in drought

but in central South Dakota

it's another good harvest.

54-year-old Bryan Kroeplin is

cutting 10,000 hectares of

wheat. He's one of hundred of

thousands of US farmers who

relies on subsidised crop

insurance and 2010 he received

$300,000 from the US

Government. If you didn't have

it you wouldn't be farming, you

just couldn't do it. Like many

American farmers he watches

wearly as Congress argues over

the future of a new five year

farm bill. Despite pressure to

cut spending, farm and

insurance groups are lobbying

to maintain or even expand

taxpayer subsidised

premiums. It's just a

subsidised to some extent by

the Government but the farmer

still has to get in the game. Critics say they only

encourage farmers to take out

the most expensive cover which

is now costing US taxpayers up

to $9 billion a year. It's

stilled that America's biggest

farms the top 10% rake in three-quarters of the

subsidies. They could do

without a lot of subsidies, a

lot of it. The big farmers have

been getting a handout for too

many years. The political gridlock continues in

Washington but out here in

South Dakota the winder wheat

harvest waiting for nun. Most

out here expect to lose their

direct subsidies but industry

analysts warn that generous

crop insurance programs could

easily wind up costing US

taxpayers more. The farm lobby

is arguing against any means

testing or payment limits. This

has been this way for ever so

we don't know no

different. Which is of little

comfort for competitors like Australia who believe US

insurance subsidies distort

world trade. You can see more

on the US farm bill and on the

European carp invasion tomorrow

on Landline at midday on ABC 1.

Thousands of Australians suffer

brain injuries every year and

one of the complications is

often vision loss. Now an old

approach using new technology

is helping people to learn to

live with their condition. It

may look like a game but this

software program is helping

people like Matthew Mitchell

adjust to vision loss. Nice work. The solicitor lost

peripheral vision on his left

side as a result of a have

stroke in April. I don't notice

everything on the left-hand

side, it interferes with my

reading because I don't go back

far enough and I suppose I'm walking down the street and

don't notice a car it could be

a bit dangerous His retabtation

with the guide dogs involves a

trial of this new touch screen

program. It helps assess how

well people are learning new

skills to cope with the change

in their vision and replaces

traditional pen and paper

methods. The advantage of this

system is that you get

immediate feedback whether you

get the thing right or wrong

and it records your improvement

over time. And it's more

fun. Nah that process of

competing against themselves or

having a game approach to the

task, they're learns the skills

and they're more engaged in it

and therefore it has more

impact One of the tasks

involves matching products on a

shopping list to products in a

catalogue. What I was looking

for particularly were things

that people would do every day

and I think that's important

that they see that, that they

can relate to it. The software

was developed by Flinders

university's medical device

partnership program for the

company Neuro Vision Technology

Systems. The Adelaide based

company is trialing the program

in South Australia, in the UK

and with war veterans in the

US. Manly coach Geoff Toovey

says Tom terrible zwitions by

the refs cost his team deerly

last night. The Sea Eagles lost

to the Bulldogs by eight

points. The Broncos were left

battered after their surprise

loss to the Titans, while the

Knights have mounted a second

half comeback against the Warriors. All the pregame hype

had been about the former Manly

coach Des Hasler returning to

Brookvale oval. Afterwards the

spotlight was on his successor,

Geoff Toovey, who said the refs Brett Suttor and Ben Cummins

weren't the best choice for a

high profile match. They had

terrible games. Terrible

decisions, second try a metre

off-side, fullback being taken

out, a turnover, shepherd and

then they get a penalty, the

penalties are like a lucky

dip The Manly coach said he

wasn't making excuses. They did

get the fair rub of the green

when it came do certain

decisions. A head cash ended

Sam Kasiano's night in the

third minute while it was a

lucky 13th try of the season

for Ben Barba. Can you believe

it? Mid-season recruit Sam

Perrett extended the Bulldogs

advantage. Look who's there. It

was more than a close shave for

Barba as Manly mounted a

fightback. Jason King's try

trimmed the deficit to two but

Barba's last cut was the

deepest. Barba's got it back.

Barba's got the ball. Gold

Coast's late season surge

continues, Steps away from

McCulloch. He's over the

40, The Titans beat the bropz

to win the south-east

Queensland derby for the first

time in three years. Luke Bailey appeared to have a

target on his head, Broncos

fullback Josh Hoffman was

placed on report and Gold Coast

was awarded a rare 8-point

try. Bang, he's hit on the

snoz. Brisbane could limp out

of the top four this weekend.

For New Zealand Warriors scored

the first flee tries against

Newcastle. Shaun Johnson... Darius Boyd set up

two tries and the Knights

trailed by search points at

half-time. In the Canberra Raiders cup the Kangaroos

defeated the blus in the local


The Super Rugby finals have

kicked off beginning with the

Crusaders and the Bulls. The

Crusaders looked the better of

the two teams from the

kick-off. Two successful

penalties in the first ten

minutes gave them a 6-point

lead, their first try was just

as easy. A little shimmy, and

up goes the opening try. The

Crusaders even capitalised on

their own mistake, Dan Carter

kicked a field goal after

dropling the ball 20m from the

Bulls' goalline. The Crusaders

are through to the semifinals

and while the Bulls have been

knocked out. In the John I Dent

Cup -

Hawthorn has humbled

Collingwood in the AFL this

afternoon thumping the pies by

47 points. The Hawks did all

the damage with an 8-goal third

quarter. The Adelaide Crows

cruised to a 49-point win,

Geelong dominated Essendon and Brisbane beat Gold Coast in a

low scoring affair. Hawthorn

started the match with its

biggest weapon in the stands.

But Jack Gunston did an

admirable job filling the void

in the first quarter. He goaled

twice from set shots and then

did his best Buddy impression

to set up Jordan Lewis. Jack

Gunston threaded him the goal

the Hawks dominated the quarter

but a rare lapse at a kick in allowed Chris Tarrant to scoop

and keep Collingwood in touch.

Letting the Magpies off the

help clearly irked Hawthorn

coach Alastair Clarkson. And

Collingwood made his team pay.

Two early goals in the second

quarter. It took a burst of

Cyril Rioli magic to steady the

ship. Got him. His ferocious

tackling was matched by clever

ball use as the Hawks built a

20-point lead at half-time.

There was more of the same in

the third quarter as the Hawks

went further ahead. Yes. Stand

in Hawks skipper Jordan Lewis

dominated up forward booting

three of his five goals for the

game. The Magpies dropped away

badly but Dane Swan with 49

possessions and two goals could

be excused from any blame

despite leading by 5 a 5 points

at three quarter-time, Hawthorn

maintained its desperation.

Luke Bruest also finished with

five goals as the Hawks cruised

to their best win of the

season. To the results in the

north-eastern football league -

Australian golfer Adam Scott

is just one shot off the lead

heading into the third round of

the British Open. Scott shot a

three under par second round

but lost the overall lead to

American Brant Snedeker. Tournament favourite Tiger

Woods is at 6 under. First

round leader yacht didn't get

off to an ideal start on day

two. That is horrid Tiger Woods

was having no such trouble as

he remained in the hunt. But

while the open heavyweights

began their day, and that

putting stroke, yielded results

again for Snedeker Brant

Snedeker was finishing a superb

6 under second round . Right

over the pin. The American is

ten under after a near

faultless first 36 holes. Scott

picked up his game a 3 under

round has him just one shot

behind the lead. It's a world

class leaderboard stacked up a

few shots back and I think no

matter what the conditions are

tomorrow, one of those guys is

going to have a good day and

make up ground Odds are Woods

is that man, this shot on the

18th a warning to the rest of

the field. Just the man for the

job. With the Tour de France's

yellow jersey all but locked up

by Bradley Wiggins the stage 18

victory was the big prize last

night. Australian rider Adam

Hansen made a bold dash late in

the stage but he was pegged

back in the final kilometre as

Britain's Mark Cavendish

seemingly came from nowhere to

earn the stage win. Cavendish

has just won his second stage

of the Tour de

France. Australia's Matt Goss

finished in second, Cavendish's

win is a confidence boost for

the world champion ahead of the

Olympic road race in London.

Australian long jumper Mitchell

Watt completed his reparations

last night at a diamond league

event in Monaco. The reigning

world championship silver

medallist finished second in

the event. The Olympics swim

team will head to London this

weekend to finish their preparations ahead of the

Games. And the team's success

could hang on the form of Rice

who is battling ongoing

shoulder problems. Soccer star

Harry Kewell was a surprise

visitor at training smiling for

the cameras while his son

collected autographs. How are

they looking? J Very good. They

look good. Australia's

Olympians hardly need a

reminder that the clock's

taking after illness and injury

Beijing silver medallist Eamon

Sullivan is happy to simply

make the starting blocks. 10 or

15 times that I could have

pulled the pin quite easily and

now that I'm here it all seems

worth it but it was quite a

horrible three years. Four

years ago triple gold medallist

Stephanie Rice was unbeatable

but now she's the team's

billingest worry, she'll defend

her Beijing titles but admits

she's in constant pain with a

shoulder injury. It's been

really hard, like I can't sort

of take it any other way and

it's been very emotional and

just sort of really wanted to

get to this games. The

24-year-old wants to prove

she's not a one trick pony but

she's realistic. If I walk away

just making a final and that

was it, I'm just so proud of

the way I've dealt with getting

to this point It's been a long

road as well for Libby Trickett

back from retirement London

will be her third Olympics but

she's had to overcome

depression to get here. I hated

myself at that moment and

couldn't see a way out. I

couldn't see the light at the

end of the tunnel. Nick D'Arcy

hopes a medal will overshadow the scandals that have dogged

his career. In in the eyes of

my friends and family,

certainly the people behind me

the last four years, it would

go a long way with them The

swimmers brought home 20 medals

from Beijing, just under half

of Australia's total haul but

coaches are lowering

expectations this time around

despite their confidence in the

strength of the team. They're

tipping 15 medals at most and

now know the powerful American

swimmers will be their toughest competition. The Olympic flame

has arrived in London in spectacular style in

preparation for the final leg

of the torch relay. Commandos

carried the flame to the heart

of the city and delivered it to

the tower of London. The marine

guard was mostly symbolic but

early in the day the real

security detail was put to the

test. A teenager tried to grab thetor frontbench a runner in

Kent but the attempt failed and

he was arrested. To the weather

now and despite the cloudy days

being predicted the skies were

crystal clear again today.

Uare a low in the Tasman is

directing moist southerly winds

on to is NSW coast causing showers. Moisture westerly

winds are triggering a few

showers in Tasmania. A trough

over the nation's West Coast is

leading to isolated showers

while a high is keeping the

rest of Australia mostly dry.

In the capitals tomorrow -

That's the latest from the

Canberra news room. I'm Siobhan

Heanue, thank you for your

company. Good night.? Captions by CSI.