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(generated from captions) More on Justin a little later. Now to the severe government cutbacks that'll effect people already struggling to cover the rising cost of living. The idea is to get single parents back to work or into the education system. But, as Clare Brady reports, it's unlikely to win any votes. Because your child is eight, they're at school, people get the impression that you sit around and do nothing. My daughter and I, when she was five, were homeless for a year. It's not your average tea party. There's no light chit-chat - and they're ticked off. I think that people think that single mums are easy targets. Helen has a 6-year-old and juggles being a single mum with her lecturing job at Melbourne Uni. Tanishka is self-employed with a 9-year-old daughter. Libby has a 3-year-old and is looking for work. Like a rocketship! Like a rocket, right up to the moon! 100,000 sole parents share a battle that just got much harder as of July 1. It creates more pressure, financially - more isolation. During the Howard government years, single parents were eligible for welfare until their child turned 16. The latest Gillard budget has cut that in half. Support will now end when their child turns eight. Childcare Minister Kate Ellis defends the policy that was largely designed in the Coalition years. Every parent who's come onto this payment since 2006 has already been operating on these requirements. This will mean that there's one set of rules for everybody, which I think most people would argue is pretty fair. The Government hopes to save close to $700 million over four years by pushing parents off the pension and onto the dole when their child turns eight. So, what would you say to the Government? I would be very happy to hand my 9-year-old over with her MRSA highly contagious bacterial infection to Julia Gillard to take in to work and see how she would go as a sole parent in that position and then take a quarter of the payment we live on. I'm not giving my child to the Labor Party. Those on Parenting Payments will be left $60 poorer a week when their child turns eight, being forced off their current $324-weekly payment to the lower Newstart Allowance of $265. Dr Cassandra Goldie of the Australian Council of Social Services shares this concern. We can afford to be helping these sole parents who are really wanting to be out there in paid work, providing them with better support and not cutting their income at a time when the only thing we're going to do is make them poorer. Teenage single mums don't escape the Government's tough love either. It's ordering 4,000 of teenage mums back to school and there's no excuses. Australia is home to about 11,000 teenage mums. I am completely against taking away a mum from their children. Now young mums like these are being told, learn or else. Did you like school? No. I hated it. Melanie Ziebell loves her kids. She hated school. She's 17 and left school in Year 9. She doesn't want to go back. But like other young mums who dropped out of school to have their babies, she may not have a choice. If they refuse to go back, they could be stripped of their fortnightly welfare payments. Teen parents currently out of work and on welfare must go back to school. Nobody benefits from a cycle of welfare dependency. We think that no child should grow up in a house where there's not anybody working. Danielle Troy is 19, raising her two children. Unlike some young mums, she's worked since her daughter was three months old. I missed out on a few milestones of my daughter. I missed her first crawling. This young mum makes juggling an art. She's just completed her criminology degree online and is applying for a position with the police. But, regardless, warns against forced education. That child is going to be the one that suffers. For want of a better word, it's barbaric. Mature or teenage, for mums going it alone, it's just got a whole lot harder. It does seem like tough love for single parents. What do you think? Have your say on our website. Or on Facebook or Twitter. Now to a survey that finds the food brands that really do pass the taste test.