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(generated from captions) even the cars we make. Nick, thank you for the update. in Sydney's Kings Cross The unrest over violence has hit boiling point. notorious party strip to be audited With every bar and club in the over the next few days, stakeholders was held overnight. a crisis meeting with key Kelly was killed by a king hit It comes after 18-year-old Thomas in an unprovoked attack. Federal Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull on the State Government has been putting pressure to resolve the chronic violence. from Kings Cross. And he joins us now Good morning. from last night's talks? Are you happy with the outcome Are they a step in the right direction. It's definitely a step in the right direction. It's great that George Sauris was there not. He has already taken action. I think the meeting was particularly helpful. It showed the State Government and of course the city government, the depth of feeling in the community. There were well over 600 people, most of them residents of this area at the meeting a demanding stronger action. You have to remember that this is a party strip, that's true but it's also home for thousands of people, David. Yes. King cross is you're electorate, you blame the State Government for a lot of the on the strip. Why? Because a lot of Government for a lot of the problems the criticism in the past has been directed at the city council, the fact they are too slow to put up the CCTV cameras and the like. David, I haven't been blaming State Government, that's not right. David, I haven't been blaming the The problems here have developed over a very long period of time and I think there is plenty of blame to go around. At the core of it is this: Both state and city governments have had policies to get more people to live in the city and more people want to live in the city. So there are many more families living here, many more people living here than used to be the case but at the same time, there has never been - there has been a big increased in licenced premises in the capacity of those-licenced premises and the hours in which they trade. So the whole set up here is designed to attract lots and lots of people hour here to get drunk very, very late at night. Yet, the last train stops at 1. train stops at 1.44 am. So you get thousands of people here drunk and tired and can't get out. You wonder why you've got problems, David. OK. So, that's transport is one solution. What other solutions would you like to see put in place? We need more CCTV cameras. I think

we need to see more police on the street although I recognise the police are facing constrained resources. They do an outstanding job here. One of the issues that to be addressed is enforcing the job here. One of the issues that has responsible service of alcohol rules, more fick effectively, Don weather burn spoke about that last night. But there is a big issue about the concentration of so many huge licence ADHD premises here. Now, huge licence ADHD premises huge licence ADHD premises here.

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huge licenced premises here. Terrific point. Yeah. And the auditing of the clubs and bars I think is a real step in the direction - right direction as you say. Malcolm Turnbull, thank you for joining us. I appreciate your time. Rdgets