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(generated from captions) her violence on cannabis. The convicted killer who blamed trigger mental illness? This morning - can using marijuana Inside Syria. mission to liberate his hometown. We join the rebel on a courageous from a country the world has forgot. An eye-opening account is this married pop star A foreign affair - next first lady? on the way to becoming North Korea's And a question of taste. to the music of 50 years ago? How does the music of today compare as Weekend Sunrise begins now. A generational battle - # Reach out for the sunrise BAND: (SINGS) to the big sky. # # Put your hands in this is Weekend Sunrise Live from Studio 52, and Andrew O'Keefe. with Samantha Armytage Good morning. Quite a big crowd outside this morning for a chilly Saturday. Is there any wonder, Sam? We have got croissants. Good morning, everyone. We should get Kim Jong UN's new wife into play with the band for a week. Marching - we can do some high-knee margin. Wished I had that gone Dancing. You did wear that army uniform one week. A little bit Kim Jong Il! What are we talking about today? The link between marijuana and mental illness. App of the Week is scary. I'm going to scare all of you. He's been taking photos of us before the show. Through a peephole. Not true. Good morning, JT. We will be leaking things on Bondi Beach as well, Iceberg's swimming pool with the coldest day of the year - trying to warm things up with a beef on an ice rink. Nationwide, it looks like it will be fairly wet today except NSW which looks like it will stay dry but I will have your in-depth local weather after we hear the news from Jess. weather after we hear the latest

Good morning. are accusing each other The government and rebels in Syria worst massacres of one of the country's 16 months ago. since the start of the uprising In the village of Tremseh have been slaughtered - hundreds of men, women and children exactly how many is not yet known. Another atrocity that is shocking, but in Syria can come as no surprise. For what is reported back Trans it is a familiar story. A village surrounded so there can be no escape, and bombarded before gangs loyal to the regime moved in to complete the butchery. Whole families have been massacred and killed at night. That happened and, between them, there are children and the people. It follows a pattern - attacks on Sunnis sparing neither women nor children by pro- government militia. By April, forces claimed they left up to 62 people dead. a month later, 108 people were killed, and last month 78 people died here. Today, fighters, but the rebels do not authorities have blamed rebel

have the weaponry the UN says was used. This involved units, indirect fire as well as used. This involved mechanised

helicopters. The killing sparked anger in many Syrian cities but, ahead of the week of fresh diplomacy, it seems unlikely to forge effective international action. to roar down the French Alps they were going to die. have described how they thought on Mount Maudit The massive wall of snow Germany, Spain and Switzerland buried alive climbers from Britain, who were roped together. Nine people lost their lives. kind of, I think. I felt like I was above it, it was hitting us... But then, it was all over, because I thought I would die. ..and that was terrible will be held tomorrow A special church service in memory of the victims. on stand-by to use lethal force Britain's Air Force is now on rogue aircraft over London being enforced under tight new restrictions two weeks out from the Olympics. into the protected zone - Planes that stray and don't respond to warnings - could ultimately be shot down. Well, in order to protect London a safe and secure games, and to deliver understand what everyone is doing it's really important that we the potential threat so that we can detect the abnormal, and then investigate further. Security surrounding the Olympics this week has been under the spotlight to call in 3,500 extra troops after Britain was forced shortfall in private security staff. to fill an embarrassing last-minute over an industrial dispute Legal action at a Melbourne Coles warehouse to the Victorian Supreme Court has been escalated for an emergency hearing. have won the right Hundreds of striking workers from Fair Work Australia grocery chain's Somerton warehouse. to continue picketing outside the which manages the Coles site, But Toll Group, hopes to finally end the blockade to be heard today. by applying for a court injunction, and conditions. Workers are striking over pay to a notorious Perth paedophile Police have spent the night speaking fight at an internet cafe. after he was caught up in a knife a knife on a fellow customer Bradley Pendragon allegedly pulled of downloading child pornography. after he accused him had bought a ticket It's understood Pendragon for 30 hours of internet use. what are you trying to do, mate? Bro, put that knife away, What are you trying to do? yesterday afternoon He was taken in to custody of the computer he was using. after an analysis hope 500 supporters will be on site Anti-nuclear activists in South Australia as a 5-day protest at Olympic Dam gets underway today. the planned $30 billion expansion They're demonstrating against uranium and gold mine. of BHP Billiton's copper, they can deal with any problems Police are confident a major security operation, and have begun the area a protected zone. closing several roads and declaring In finance news.: a new addition. And a zoo in Ukraine has welcomed expecting the white cubs Staff at the zoo say they weren't from their normal-coloured mother. in the zoo director's office For now, the pair is living with a white tiger cub born in May. where they've been playing So if we can't have a panda let's have some lovely white tiger So if we can't have a panda story,

cubs. Beautiful. And they have been born in Ukraine. There is a lot of genetic mutation. A white tiger cub has already been born there. They are gorgeous. Chernobyl isn't far away. So if you are a target in the Ukraine... Get your suncream out. I like your turn of phrase on the London Security Chief. It was very reassuring - "we can identify any irregularities and investigate further" - that is, we will bomb you out of the skied if you don't respond! Ahead this morning - the TV presenter accused of pushing an alcoholic mum to her death. But next - Finals hopes are fading fast for Carlton after a dismal loss last night. And JT has your local weather - live from Bondi Beach. MAN: What do you expect from your car insurance company? WOMAN: I'd like a company that listens. We listen because at Youi we get what you expect from us. Go to and join the conversation. Sounded so good. That our new band, White Tiger. A little bit Siegfried and Roy. Yeah, that's right, we released white tiger cubs on to them. Makes them play faster. They love it when we tease them. Didn't he get his face mauled off by a tiger? Simon, tell us the Wallabies won or something! A 7-goal haul to Drew Petrie has lifted North Melbourne to a telling 53-point win over Carlton. Petrie kicked four in the opening term as the Roos powered to a 29-point lead at the main break. Midfielder Aaron Joseph was forced out with concussion after colliding with Jack Ziebell as the Blues battled to stay in the contest. This was the best of three goals from the mercurial Lindsay Thomas. COMMENTATOR: Ohhh, wonderful goal! The man who couldn't kick a goal last year kicks the impossible goal. Blues skipper Chris Judd faces possible suspension after being reported for a bizarre chicken wing tackle on North's Leigh Adams. To the NRL and again it was the Ben Barba show when the Bulldogs defeated the Eels 32 to 12 at ANZ Stadium overnight. The in-form fullback went the length of the field for an early try and had a hand in three more, making it seven in a row for the Doggies. They are on fire. He's just maturing as a footballer and he's finishing our set pieces really well. While 32,000 braved the wet in Brisbane to see what at times was a brutal match between the Broncos and Warriors. With all their Origin stars back, the home side just hung on, grinding out a 10-8 win. The Reds' finals chances go on the line tonight when they host the Waratahs at Suncorp Stadium. Queensland needs a bonus point win and last-round results to go their way to stay in the hunt for a finals berth. Regardless of whatever happens it's a massive game against the Waratahs and we want to win purely for bragging rights and all the history and tradition that goes with playing New South Wales. Meanwhile, the Brumbies can cement top spot in the Australian conference this afternoon if they stay within seven points of the Blues in Canberra. Aussie Matt Goss's hopes of winning the Tour de France's green jersey have suffered a huge blow after being stripped of 30 points for moving off the line in a sprint finish with Peter Sagan in stage 12. Sagan's lead in the sprinter's race is now 56 points. British veteran David Millar took out the stage while Bradley Wiggins maintains the overall lead, more than three minutes clear of Cadel Evans, in fourth. MotoGP championship leader Jorge Lorenzo has dominated practice in windy conditions at the Italian MotoGP ahead of fellow Spaniard Dani Pedrosa. Honda team-mate Casey Stoner was back in sixth. Hector Barbera overcame a crash midway through the session to finish fourth fastest heading into qualifying. Who is that? We haven't heard of him before. He's been around for a while but he has a tendency to while but he has a tendency to come off his bike. How did he finish fourth after that? He got back on the bike, yeah. Took off. He didn't even need the MotoGP to attend to him. The boxer of love. The Doctor of love? Yeah, you are the doctor of love. I see. A beautiful morning in Bondi Beach. A little chilly but otherwise beautiful. The best part of this job, apart from the sun rises, but often I start and think it would be great if I had one of Australia's best cooks to whip us up some breakfast on the barbecue. Good morning, Fast bed. It is beef- giving day today. It might be cold but with a bit of beef you can feel toasty warm and delicious. We've been doing a couple of these crosses from the winter festival where the ice rink is set up. What is it with beef? Nothing is more tasty and easy to get your lips around than a good beef stew or around than a good beef stew or was a Creole rub. When it is cold, get a big bowl, and everything is great again. What are we cooking this morning? A beautiful Vietnamese style yellow curried with bamboo shoots, beef stew and all sorts. You will They build them pretty tough here because there are a bunch of people who have come down for a swim and they are lining up for some of Ed's delicious curry. We will check back in half an hour. I was in the water yesterday and I could have done with some Creole beef. It was pretty chilly. I hope you weren't having your breakfast when he said that. Maybe an Iranian kebab. A shift about. White tiger. They are from Iran but they could still be made from white tiger. Coming up - we join the air-conditioning repairman now making homemade bombs to save his family. We'll explain later in the show. Also on the way - when do comedians cross the line? The joke that caused a global backlash. But next - the married pop star and the Supreme Leader. The North Korean romance that has the world talking. Today we'll be offering... (HISSES) They're gone! (WHISPERS) What do you mean, they're gone? The snacks - they're gone, they're missing. Well, they have to be here somewhere. They're not here.

They can't just get up and walk away. Alright, only...13 more hours to go. (BEEP, KNOCKING) You're gonna have to hold it. (TYRES SQUEAL) Ahh... VOICEOVER: Allianz - it's one word Australians think of for travel insurance. (SINGS OPERATICALLY) # Meatball... # # Pizza Sub! # MAN: For a limited time, the Italian BMT Melt is just $7. So now there are three classic Italian $7 Subway footlong subs. WOMAN: Introducing Pine O Cleen Scrub and Wipe. Killing 99.9% of germs, it has a smooth side for every day touch-ups

and a new scrub side for tougher mess. New Pine O Cleen Scrub and Wipe - the wipe with a flipside. It's not clean unless it's Pine O Cleen. Two kids aged 2-12 years can fly and stay for free when you book a selected family holiday package to Hamilton Island or Fiji with two full-paying adults. There are direct flights to Hamilton Island from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Flights to Fiji depart direct from Sydney. The sale must end at midnight on Monday unless sold out prior. Conditions do apply. To book, visit She's the mystery woman who's got everyone talking. The companion of North Korea's Kim Jong-un popped up a few weeks ago. She's accompanied him to several public events but her identity has remained a mystery... ..until now. We are lifting the lid. Well, we can now reveal that the dictator is dating a married former pop star. Our foreign affairs editor, Dr Keith Suter, has all the saucy details. Good morning. Tell us more about this woman? We know very little about her. We don't even know his age. We think he is 28, we assume this woman is in her early 30s, bearing in mind Korean women look very attractive at any age. The rumour is that she is married. She is a former girlfriend but the late father disapproved of her so separated them but now that he is dead and the son has taken over he is able to select who he wants. Like Camilla and Charles. Romeo and Juliet - sort of. Some say she has recently left her husband. Others say the term "Left" might be putting it mildly. A husband hasn't been seen for a few months. Absolutely. We are dealing with one of the most secretive societies on earth. The North Koreans have now heard their leader speak, whereas many North Koreans never heard his father speak in public, so it's a very secretive regime - we know next to nothing about the private lives of their leaders. So what is interesting about this and the fact that they wrote this Disney World sort of event - without Disney's authorisation, so, if the country gets opened up, you will imagine Disney's lawyers will be there with invoices - but what is interesting about the concert is that he and his female companion were seen so publicly, at the end applauding. What is interesting for me is that this regime is anti-American but they love American culture. If you think back to what happened over 40 years ago with the Chinese, anti- American, but it was the American table-tennis team who got in the year ahead of President Nixon. You go back just over 20 years ago and the Soviet regime was brought down partly by fashion because the Russians weren't listening to the boring propaganda. They were watching West German TV with Dallas and Dynasty so they said, we want that way of life. Larry Hackman brought down the Berlin Wall? It is called Soft Power. Militarily they were in Moscow but their hearts were in Hollywood. Is there a sign that he intends to do anything definitive his predecessors? He is moving very slowly. Remember, all those men, sitting in the concert behind him, keeping an eye on this young fellow, but this guy was educated in Switzerland, knows what the outside world is like, and we think he is slowly wanting to reform the regime. This is an event some of us will look back on, just like the table tennis team in China in 1971 - this might be the harbinger of this type of era of change. Maybe we shouldn't be giving him this sort of hard time. Maybe he is more Western and liberal than we thought. A maybe not too liberal because he has to maintain tight control over VAT regime. His dilemma is, how do you loosen up without a whole thing falling apart? Gorbachev thought he could introduce reforms and a whole thing unravelled on him. A can't wait to here some of her songs. There is one called Marching to the Sound of Revolution and the racy sounding "He was a Discharged Servicemen". Ahead this morning - tracking the link between marijuana and mental illness. Also coming up - Paul Marshall gets set for London 2012 by going back to London 1948. But next - the clam that seasons itself. VOICEOVER: Dishes not drying properly in your dishwasher? Finish Shine & Dry actively improves the drying process, leaving sparkling dry dishes straight from the dishwasher. Shine & Dry from Finish. These aren't just any oats - these are Uncle Tobys Oats. in something beta-glucan, which helps lower cholesterol reabsorption, which means Uncle Tobys Yep, just oats. So they're the natural way to lower cholesterol reabsorption. So join me in the Uncle Tobys Cholesterol Challenge. For plenty of online tools and tips,

find Uncle Tobys on Facebook and make your pledge today. (SINGS OPERATICALLY) # Meatball... # Pizza Sub... # BMT! # MAN: The $7 Subway Footlong subs Italian trio. The classic Pizza Sub with cheese, Magnifico Meatballs with cheese. And, for a limited time, the brilliant Italian BMT Melt is also just $7 at Subway Restaurants. World leaders have condemned the latest Syrian massacre as a 'blatant violation' of United Nations' special envoy Kofi Annan's peace plan. There are reports more than 200 people have been slaughtered in the village of Tremseh. Human rights groups and witnesses say Syrian army troops entered the town on Thursday and began killing men, women and children. It's the deadliest incident since the start of the uprising 16 months ago. US First Lady Michelle Obama has reportedly had a death threat made against her Police are investigating a shooting in Melbourne overnight. Officers were called to a home in suburb of Craigieburn where they found a 23-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his leg. He was taken to hospital for treatment. And in Sydney - a shot was fired in the car park of the Albion Hotel in Parramatta last night. Officers found a single bullet casing but there were no injuries or damage to property. Anyone going out in Sydney's King Cross this weekend is being warned to behave or face the consequences. It follows the death of 18-year-old Thomas Kelly and a string of other violent attacks - including a glassing on Thursday night. Take care, take responsibility, tolerate others and drink sensibly. While police say there will be no more officers in the city than normal, revellers can expect officers to be concentrating on Kings Cross over the weekend. Police will widen their search today for missing Queensland grandmother Gail Lynch, who vanished on Tuesday last week. The 55-year-old's unit in Warwick remains a crime scene. Detectives have seized more potential evidence from her former boyfriend's home in Toowoomba. They want anyone who spotted his blue sedan in the Warwick area on the night Ms Lynch went missing to contact police. Liberal National Party faithful will today continue their biggest get together in the party's history. More than 850 delegates are in Brisbane to hear the direction the LNP is taking over the next 12 months. from Federal Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop and Nationals' leader Warren Truss, after being told yesterday by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott that his side of politics is ready to take over federally. An SAS soldier killed in Afghanistan will be farewelled in a full military funeral in Perth today. Sergeant Blaine Diddams was shot last week during a mission against an insurgent commander. The father of two has been described as remarkable and dedicated soldier. The Prime Minister will join family and Defence Force personnel at the funeral. Qantas has had its wings clipped - no longer ranking among the world's top 10 airlines. It's slumped to 15th spot in the World Airline Awards, falling eight places. The Flying Kangaroo has also been overtaken by Virgin, which is ranked 12th by 18 million travellers. The survey measures customer satisfaction with staff, boarding, seat comfort, catering and cleanliness. Carlton's final hopes have been dealt a huge blow after a 53-point defeat to a rampant North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium. The Blues' loss further compounded with captain Chris Judd facing possible suspension over a chicken wing tackle on North's Leigh Adams. Drew Petrie was in stunning form for the Roos, kicking four goals in the opening term on his way to a seven for the match. Our effort, our desire, it's really stepped up and it's really enjoyable footy to play. North Melbourne now sit in eighth spot on the ladder with Carlton back in 11th. Bronco Dale Copley will have scans today to determine if he has a broken leg. The young winger was forced from the field in the first half with the injury in a gritty contest against the Warriors at Suncorp. to win it 10-8. COMMENTATOR: They palm it dead and the Broncos enjoy a wonderful victory. While the Bulldogs made it seven on the trot at ANZ Stadium. Fullback Ben Barba scored a spectacular length-of-the-field try and had a hand in 3 more to defeat the Eels 32-12. Australia's Mitchell Watt has received a confidence boost just two weeks out from the Olympics, taking out gold in the long jump at the Diamond League meet at Crystal Palace. Watt leapt a massive season-best distance of 8 metres 28 to win ahead of Britain's Chris Tomlinson. Aussie Collis Birmingham was edged out for gold in the men's 5,000 metres. in the defence of his Olympic title, failing to register a jump. You just need so much confidence. It is a remarkable sport and he has struggled in recent months with getting that confidence right, planting the pole and getting up there. It has been quite a public struggle, that one. He has been quite open with it. And he was raining so it might be difficult to see the little thing... All those things. You know all the terminology. I should be a pole- vaulter. JT in Bondi Beach with his beef. They are calling today beef-giving day so we are hanging out with Fast Ed, cooking some nice meals to keep the swimmers warm. No-one would know better than you that you can see some unusual sight. There are some pretty trendy, fashion forward type folks. This is clearly getting beyond a joke, isn't it? Honestly, is this the next trend? It might be if you park a Channel swimmer. This is Doreen Miller, a local originally from the States, and you are about to attempt two Channel crossings. England-France, back to England. How long will that take? 38 Ks, one way, in a straight line, I'd love to average about 10.5 hours per leg. But it could be over in 24 hours. We are not talking about in a cage or a wet suit. Like this, on your own, in the water. Cap, goggles, regular costume. I want to chat about what you are wearing. Let's look at the National for cut first. -- forecast. I thought this was to keep you warm but actually it is not. It offers protection from the salt. You get a lot of friction with the salt water and your costume, and bit really tears up your skin. Also you get that extra sun protection. It is incredible, and you haven't just dressed up for us. You are about to jump in for a training swim. The about six hours today. And you are raising money for a particular foundation? The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's disease. All the best. Between the six-12th August, is that right? While the athletes are doing their thing, you will be doing your thing. I hope you will enjoy a nice warm Neil after your swim, I'm sure. Lucky it is beef-giving week. A double crossing. A tumble turn at Calais and straight back. Do you have to land on the beach? You have to tweak the Frenchman's moustache. Or break a baguette. Exactly! My dad's cousin crossed the English Channel. 19. Unbelievable. He was a remarkable swimmer. Indeed. He used to cover himself with whale blubber. Unfortunately it went into the family gene pool and we are born with whale blubber. Anyway. Well, you've got to take it with a grain of salt - the world's first celebrity clam. The question is - would you eat it after seeing it? Jeanne Moos explains. This is the story of a clam that did not clam up - and that did not clam up - and that little slurp launched an internet star as it slithered across the heavily salted table-top. The video doesn't appear to be fake, just not very nice. It is one of those images that, once scene cannot be un-scene. Its biggest event was to gross people out and make them swear off seafood but some saw it as seductive. One website dubbed it wonder clamper, the first celebrity clown ever, if you don't count man- eating West Allahs and characters from the Little Mermaid. 1 YouTube, the caption reads "Consider clams flavour themselves before being beaten". In fact it is trying to save its life. So says this marine biologist. She says clowns do this all the time when they are disturbed. And that "Tung"... It is its foot, a strong, muscular tissue. Clams used it to move or bury themselves in the sand to hide from predators. As for the sold, it agitates clams. A YouTube used a shared his technique of sprinkling sold down a hole for a razor clam to serve us. Others force-feed a clown to beat a potato chip. It would be like rubbing sound on a wound. It is much more concentrated than the sound in the ocean. When you eat a clan, you eat Fat Foot - technically you've got its foot in your mouse. The moral of the your mouse. The moral of the story - take talk of salt eating clams with the grain of salt. We can assume this clown is not as assume this clown is not as happy as a clam. Not even close. Even the marine biologist admits she its clams but adding salt would just be an insult. It is 7:42am! That was very graphic, wasn't it? It is a whole foot. And now it's time for... (SINGS) # It's time for App of the Week, App of the Week. # It's time for App of the Week App of the Week. # If that was a bit confronting... This will be very confronting, yeah. It's going to help us stay on the wagon during dry July. A line going to have to redo that shot I took of you before. It is called drinking time machine, this. I'm going to take a photo there. Use that. This was commissioned by the Scottish Government. That's quite a nice photo. To look at helping women in particular to see what they might look like if they could project ahead a few years - say, if you drank a glass or two... A day? You've put on a bitter condition. This is down the track a couple of years. If you drink not quite a bottle. This is around 10 years. A little bit of weight, some capillary stuff going on. If you drink more, a bottle or more a day... Don't look at me! I look like I've had a mouthful of clams. We are going to save that. There are some we have here. Can we opt for whisky? This is wine. A couple we have prepared earlier. Sorry, Sam, to do this to you. That's terrible. I know. Look at all those lines on the forehead. That was a bottle or more. This is Jess. Just a glass or two over about 10 years. Knocking pretty good there. Jess, you are looking pretty good. Sam, that photo of you wasn't much chop. I'm not saying mine was great. This is why I gave up smoking years ago because of the ageing aspect. But look at me. Look at Reevo! Serial killer! It's called Drinking Time Machine. And apparently in this got burnt it has had a big impact. Women are sharing this on Facebook. The sad irony is that, when you see that photo of yourself or your partner in 10 years' time, if you have a couple of glasses, it starts to look a lot better. Maybe you need to blow into the machine to test if you are sober before you look. But it's more about vanity than health. If you confront people, it works better. That's with all health measures. People don't take on board long- term effect but if you can show them right now... Be like that one, Simon. I don't like what you did to me. You are looking good for an old lush, actually. I'll see you over at the Chambers of to the show. Coming up - we go behind-the-scenes of the pet wedding of the century. It's certainly the most expensive. We know you want to see it. But next - is life getting you down? Don't miss our proven solutions for stress. We have great brands here. The best quality at the lowest price. Smoke alarms, $17.90. 4L Taubmans Endure Interior paint, $61.90. Stanley tape measure, $9.86. 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VOICEOVER: Harpic White & Shine. And for quick touch-ups,

try new Harpic Flushable Wipes. The stress that comes with it is costing this country a staggering amount - up to $30 billion a year. So what can you do about it? Let's ask our resident GP Dr Ginni Mansberg. Ginni, how much of a problem is stress? A huge problem. It depends on the person. Some people are complete beanbags and nothing stresses them out, and other people, just going to work stresses then, but for the average person, a 3-day use a year lost from stress alone. What can cause it? Our bodies are built to have short-term stress. Let's say you see a robber coming at you with a knife. Your body is brilliantly equipped to deal with that so you release hormones and your muscles get ready to out run the robber and you shut down your Digest and because you don't need to do all of that. The problem is that our bodies are not ready to have that every day, so if your boss is a tosser, a dreadful relationship, that sort of thing - those hormones wreak havoc and that's how you get into problems. If you are seriously stressed-out, what are the symptoms? You might be snapping at people, you might not be sleeping well, you might be losing the plot at work and thrown in something that your computer - that's a common one. But you might not realise it is taking its toll. Things like cardiovascular disease, a low immune system - if you get every cough and cold going, that can be a symptom. Diabetes, obesity, skin problems, but also a huge problem for the mind and it changes the chemistry of your brain so you are prone to anxiety and depression. It can kill brain cells. Yes, and it also stops your brain's ability to create new ones - that neurone plasticity we have talked about before which is how your body repairs its own brain when it loses brain cells naturally, particularly in areas involved with a motion but also memory. Sometimes if you find you are reading the same words and your brain is not functioning that well, your brain is killing of some vital cells in that area where you think properly. I can't remember the next bit. How can we reduce stress? It will probably be different for everybody and there will not be a one-size-fits-all scheme. For me, my dog is a stress reliever. But for some people their kids could be causing stress! Your husband might stress you out. You have to find a thing that works for you. What is universal is exercise. There is a lot of stress about having to exercise and the doctor is telling you to do it, and it is one of those things you don't want to do beforehand, but afterwards it is so good for you. 30 minutes a day is a no-brainer. Beyond that, if it is music, yoga, being around people you love, whatever works for you. I like that in the notes it says laughter - simple, cheap, free. But sometimes, if you are so stressed, I went to Ted, the movie, but it may not work for you because you are so stressed that it doesn't go in. We will talk to you soon. The latest from the newsroom is coming up. Also on the way - is there a proven link between marijuana use and mental illness? We have the answer. And next - did this TV host force a mum to take her own life? Make up your own mind - right after this. If your dog is suffering from unsightly tartar buildup, try doggy dentures. You're kidding, right? Just give me DentaStix. Scientifically proven to reduce up to 80% of tartar buildup when fed daily. DentaStix, from Pedigree. Experience Air Wick's Scented Oils from the new seasonal collection. With essential oils bursting with fragrance, the captivating scent will wrap your whole room in a warming, indulgent aroma of gingerbread and shimmering spice. (DOORBELL RINGS) The new seasonal collection from Air Wick. It's not quite the moon but it feels like another planet Sun-Times. To America now and a shocking story - a mother has set herself on fire and killed herself after being ridiculed on national TV. To find out more on this let's join Mike Amor, who's in San Diego. Hi, Mike. What's the background to this story? Andrew, Toni fell asleep on her baby boy after drinking a fifth of a bottle of vodka. There is a very controversial TV commentator by the name of Nancy Grace. She went on her show and began a six-minute tirade demanding she be charged with premeditated murder. She is so drunk of a fifth of vodka, she doesn't even know her baby is laying there dead beside her. Nancy didn't hold back did she, Mike? The mother must have already been in a bad state without seeing that - what was her response? The question is, did Nancy Grace go too far? The mother was despondent already after losing her child, and she happened to be watching that segment, and three weeks later doused herself in flammable liquid, set herself alight and died. Nancy Grace is not commenting about it but it shows the dangers of media commentators, if they go too far - did she? Did she cope any criticism before the mother committed suicide? No, certainly not. She is a very controversial commentator, so she is no stranger to controversy and criticism, but she certainly caught that criticism. It was about three weeks later when the mother committed suicide. There's been another sad story surrounding the escape of two chimpanzees in Las Vegas. Can you tell us about that, Mike? The chimps escaped from a home in Las Vegas. I don't know why chimps were being kept in a home in Las Vegas but they started bashing a police car and appeared to start running into a neighbourhood where children were playing, so the police shot one dead and tranquillised another. There are a lot of wild animals in this country that has been kept in normal homes - one of the strangest parts of America, that people can keep lions and chimpanzees - and this is what can happen. But there's been a much happier animal story in New York, hasn't there, Mike? Do I hear wedding bells? $150,000 as a lot to spend on a wedding, especially when the bride and groom are both dogs. Happy to announce that baby Hope Diamond married her long-time bow, married her long-time bow, Chile, in Central Park, and a lot of people were invited, $150,000 spent, and I'm told that has created a Guinness world record. It proves some people have more money than sense. Oh, it's just the most adorable example of the obscenity of wealth disparity, isn't it? Thank you for talking to us. But right now, it's news time with Jess. Good morning. World leaders have condemned the latest Syrian massacre as a 'blatant violation' of United Nations special envoy Kofi Annan's peace plan. There are reports more than 200 people have been slaughtered Human rights groups and witnesses say and began killing men, women and children. It's the deadliest incident since the start of the uprising 16 months ago. Survivors of a deadly French Alps avalanche have described the terrifying moment they were swept away. Nine climbers from Britain, Germany, Spain and Switzerland were killed when the massive wall of snow roared down Mount Maudit. Thomas had dreams of reaching the summit of Mont Blanc. He was only a few hundred metres from realising that dream when he looked up and saw a wall of snow coming towards him. I feel like I was above it, kind of, I think, and then one or two seconds after it was all over, just hitting as, and that was terrible. I thought I would die. Thomas was swept 250 metres down the mountain. He survived because he was at the edge of the avalanche where the snow was not so high. He dug himself out with the Crown ponds that now sit at his bedside. It was 1.5 hours before help arrived and he managed to rescue two of his fellow climbers and recover the bodies of some of those who were not so lucky. The worst thing, of course, was to see these people that got hit by it. The people that were dead and the people that were really bad, broken legs and stuff. Daniel is the mountain guide who was climbing with Thomas. He was dug out of the snow with a dislocated shoulder. It was terrifying. You have only time to see your life. Thanks to an extraordinary escape, their lives will be longer - Thomas and Daniel, the luckiest man on the mountain. Britain's Air Force is now on stand by to use lethal force on rogue aircraft over London under tight new restrictions being enforced two weeks out from the Olympics. Planes that stray into the protected zone and don't respond to warnings could ultimately be shot down. Well, in order to protect London and to deliver a safe and secure games, it's really important that we understand what everyone is doing, so that we can detect the abnormal, the potential threat and then investigate further. Security surrounding the Olympics has been under the spotlight this week after Britain was forced to call in 3,500 extra troops to fill an embarrassing last-minute shortfall in private security staff. Sydney police are searching for a man who glassed a convenience store owner early this morning. The 33-year-old was attacked in his Darlinghurst store while attempting to stop a shoplifter. He received a cut to his eye and was taken by ambulance to hospital. It comes as police have flooded Kings Cross in a crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence. Officers on horseback patrolled the party strip last night. It follows the death of 18-year-old Thomas Kelly, who was fatally punched in an unprovoked attack at the Cross last Saturday. Police have spent the night speaking to a notorious Perth paedophile after he was caught up in a knife fight at an internet cafe. Bradley Pendragon allegedly pulled a knife on a fellow customer after he accused him of downloading child pornography. It's understood Pendragon had bought a ticket for 30 hours of internet use. MAN: Bro, put that knife away. What are you trying to do, mate? What are you trying to do? He was taken in to custody yesterday afternoon after an analysis of the computer he was using. Anti-nuclear activists hope 500 supporters will be on site as a 5-day protest at Olympic Dam in South Australia gets underway today. They're demonstrating against the planned $30 billion expansion of BHP Billiton's copper, uranium and gold mine. Police are confident they can deal with any problems and have begun a major security operation, closing several roads and declaring the area a protected zone. but scientists say there is no need to worry. NASA captured images of the storm beginning with the eruption of a massive flare yesterday. The blast of charged solar particles is heading towards Earth at over 1,300 kilometres per second. NASA says it will only be a minor event that's unlikely to disrupt power grids or communication systems. There are some big things going on out there. We are just specks of dust. What it is a chicken wing tackle? It came from the NRL. It's where someone gets their arm behind them and pulls it up. So it if you are lying on the ground... But isn't that allowed? It is allowed on chicken farms but not the rugby pitch. In this case, Chris Judd looks like he has pulled the shoulder almost out of its socket. He went pretty hard, thought he would correct that... So he is doing the right thing. He should be applauded for helping his opposition. Well done, Chris Judd. Don't listen to them! Chris Judd is facing suspension following an incident in Carlton's 53-point thrashing by North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium. The Blues captain pulled the arm of North's Leigh Adams in a move resembling the NRL's outlawed chicken wing tackle. as the Kangas kicked six unanswered goals in the third quarter and a remarkable 24.5 for the match. COMMENTATOR: Wells. Oh, brilliant! North Melbourne's Jack Ziebell can also expect attention from the match review panel after this hit on Aaron Joseph. Chicken thighs and breasts and everything there. Bulldogs coach Des Hasler has switched his focus to next week's match-up against former club Manly after Canterbury were far too good for the Eels at ANZ overnight. Ben Barba once again starred for the Dogs, setting up three tries and going the length of the field for his own. COMMENTATOR: His second touch of the ball and he's run 100 metres. While the Broncos pulled off a gritty 10-8 win over the Warriors at Suncorp Stadium. Origin star Corey Parker backed up with a gutsy man-of-the-match performance, racking up 55 tackles. The Reds' finals chances go on the line tonight when they host the Waratahs at Suncorp Stadium. Queensland needs a bonus point win and last-round results to go their way to stay in the hunt for a finals berth. Meanwhile, the Brumbies can cement top spot in the Australian conference this afternoon if they stay within seven points of the Blues in Canberra. And the Hurricanes have stayed in the running for a top six finish after snatching a last-gasp 28-25 win over the Chiefs in Wellington. Matt Goss has suffered a massive blow to his campaign for the green jersey at the Tour de France after being penalised 30 points for dangerous riding. Goss out-duelled Peter Sagan for sixth spot but came under scrutiny for riding off his line. British veteran David Millar took out stage 12 while Cadel Evans had another tough day on the bike and remains in fourth overall, trailing leader Bradley Wiggins by more than three minutes. No chicken wings, just beef down at Bondi Beach. It's nice to have a partner in crime. This morning I've got the cooking world's beef cake, Fast Ed. I'd like to combine our shows every week and if we could have a Better Homes and Weekend Sunrise every weekend... Well, it is beef-giving season and beef-giving day today. We've got ways for people to warm themselves up in the middle of winter so we have a beautiful Vietnamese style yellow curry of beef and bamboo shoots. And here we have the classic, beef Bourgignon, and an Iranian-style beef kebab, and Louisiana style slow roast beef. The barbecue is not just for summer. It is great in winter, too. Very quickly, the difference between a kebab and kebob? Want is wrapped in bread and the other is on a stick. What sort of the rub is that? Put coconut on that and you'll have a Lamington! She is about to do a double channel crossing, and that might be shark bait. We won't do that. Don't eat curry and then swim 6Ks. I don't know many sharks that like dukkah. A British woman was this week sentenced to 22 years jail for randomly stabbing a 13-year-old to death in a park. The court heard the guilty woman had been suffering from mental health problems caused by cannabis. But how sure can we be of the link between cannabis, violence and mental illness? To answer that question, we're joined by a leading expert on the subject - Dr Matthew Large from the University of New South Wales. Matthew, first of all, could you just put into context how common this kind of random attack is? Well, this sort of homicide committed by this woman is extraordinarily rare. My colleague, Olaf Nielsen, and I conducted Olaf Nielsen, and I conducted an international study of homicides by people with severe mental illness and we found the sort of event is one in 14 million per annum, so in Australia you could expect to have one, perhaps two, by mentally ill people per year, and by contrast that with the road toll which last year was over 1,300 people, so it is really a very rare way to die. Can you contrast that with the writer, side by people without mental illness? I suppose in NSW, the writer, side is falling. There are over 100 per annum. A few of those are committed by people known to have a mental illness and most of those are of people that the mentally ill person knows quite well. Very few of them are strangers. We know there is a lot of research being done into the link between cannabis use and mental illness. How strong is that link? It depends how much you smoke and how old you are when you start smoking. If you are 12 or 14 then you start smoking cannabis regularly, your likelihood of developing schizophrenia probably increases by two to five times. The incidence has of schizophrenia, or the lifetime expectancy, it is about 1%, so as many as 5% of people who smoke marijuana heavily starting at an early age get a psychotic illness such as schizophrenia. A lot of the literature seems to suggest the smoking of cannabis, or the ingestion of THC, would in itself cause schizophrenia or depression but may trigger those illnesses in those who are predisposed towards them. Is that a fair reading or are we stepping beyond that to say there is a cause and effect? there is a cause and effect? That may be true but no-one knows - we can't tell who is predisposed. Certainly if you were young person with a family history of severe mental illness, you'd be very wise to stay away from marijuana entirely. My own research has shown that, if you smoke marijuana and develop psychosis, you will on average develop psychosis three years younger, and that could make a difference to your life. Those with early-onset psychosis have a worse prognosis than those who develop it later in life and it might stop you getting through school, having a relationship, travelling overseas. Even if marijuana causes no additional cases of schizophrenia, that's not the end of the story. My view the end of the story. My view is that it is extremely unlikely marijuana causes of schizophrenia. I think there are people who smoke cannabis and develop schizophrenia. You have seen first hand the effects of cannabis. In your opinion, should it be legalised? That's an extremely vexed question. Cannabis being illegal hasn't stopped people from smoking cannabis. I think, if you were to decriminalise cannabis, it's giving a free kick to drug dealers, but if you were to make it legal, what would we do? Have British and American Tobacco marketing cannabis? I'm a doctor, not a social policy analyst. My main brief is to make sure that people who start smoking cannabis are informed of the potential dangers. As it happens, most people who start smoking cannabis start at a young age. I doubt that very many of them have really thought about smoking cannabis before they have their first joint. They are handed it by their older brother or his friend in a garage somewhere, and I think we have done a poor job in communicating the dangers to young people. Thank you so much for joining us this morning and talking us through that one. Ahead this morning - is the music of today as good as the music of 50 years ago? Two sides head-to-head. You can hear the girls screaming for One Direction. Speaking of times gone by - up next - our Paul Marshall meets the Aussies obsessed with Olympic history. 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Gerry McGinley collects and sells interesting things. Someone's cut that by hand, so it would have gone onto a Scottish light horseman's cap. From the Boer War? Yeah, supremely rare. Medals, coins, cards, photographs. So that's Adelaide when... I reckon it's 1867. Very important group of dignitaries here. The foundation stone being laid for the GPO. How long have you had the shop? This one, 10 years now. And it's just full of stuff. It is. It's my bent on a terminal disease. I started collecting and it's expanded to all this and more. It's sport that Gerry really loves... Must look for some Port Power stuff. ..the history of it. There's old Quinny there he won two Magarey medals in 1938 and '45. Gerry, what's that? David Hookes's baggy green cap, probably one of four or five. In his hand, DW Hookes in the centre there. But it's not just other people's history... This is your grandad coming into the stadium. Yep. I proclaim open the Olympic Games of London celebrating the 14th Olympiad of the modern era. At the 1948 Olympics Gerry's grandfather Herbert Martineau competed for Britain in the 50 kilometre walk and Gerry, the collector, heard about these pictures. Hallelujah. Just silent newsreel to which I've added some comments to give you an idea of how things were in the Olympic Games in 1948. That's John Parlett talking. He ran in the 800 metres. There was a huge crowd there and some of the weather was quite fine as on this day and the sun was quite hot. Start of the 50k walk. This was a particularly hot day. Oh, yes, there's Dad, yeah. There he is. There's your grandad. Australia is home now. But Josephine was eight years old when she sat in the Olympic Stadium and watched her father. Number 387. Just a glimpse. His parents were terribly proud of him and his sister was but I was used to him walking and I was of the era of little girls should be seen and not heard, so... (LAUGHS) These are the walkers on their way. Having refreshment, which was very well needed at that time. In 1948, London still carried the scars of the war. Britain was broke and the Olympics that year became known as the Austerity Games. London still had food rationing. When my father was chosen to be a competitor in the Olympic Games, the Americans sent food parcels to British Olympians. So these wonderful parcels used to arrive with the postman and the thing that I remember most of the parcels was the ham. There were tins of ham, absolutely beautiful. And back to the walkers, they're now coming up to the stadium. In the lead was Ludrom of Sweden and he wins way ahead of the others. The next one in the stadium was Govan of Switzerland. He was quite a character. He didn't realize that he'd got another lap to do. Now everyone's standing up to see the entry from the British competitor Lloyd Johnson, who came third. Johnson was 48 years old. Herbert Martineau came fifth. I think he hoped that he would still be walking in the 1956 games in Melbourne because he thought it would be a great adventure to go to Australia but he'd given up by then. He was a member of the Surry Walking Club and when an Olympian was selected they were given this - a beautiful pewter tankard, which is one of my favourite things. I drank his last Guinness out of this. Terrific. Isn't the walk a great event? It's good to watch. Very tricky, though. One foot on the ground at any point. I think they should introduce the hop. They have that, in the long jump. It's just part of another event, though. I mean a long-distance hop. mean a long-distance hop. That requires quite a bit of doing, too. Very strong thighs. And call. Really? Speaking of history, we'd forgotten until now - it is Bastille Day. So, yes, hope everyone is having a good time if you are of the French persuasion. Ahead this morning - just a day after yet another massacre in Syria. We join a courageous rebel on a mission to liberate his hometown. But next - a story that's no laughing matter. Should some topics be off-limits to comedians? VOICEOVER: When you have a cold or flu it can turn your life upside down. (WHIMPERS) Act quickly -

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Daryl has a bit of a Gallic look about him, doesn't he? Oui. Happy bastille Day. We are storming the Bastille today. Have we got time to show you the footage? We were talking about a hopping race. We are sending that to the IOC. I have hopped in over 50 countries around the world. And then you had to dance back to the start. It is time for the news. Good morning. The government and rebels in Syria are accusing each other of one of the country's worst massacres since the start of the uprising 16 months ago. In the village of Tremseh, more than 200 men, women and children have been slaughtered. The government has blamed rebel fighters but the rebels don't have weaponry the UN says was used. This involved mechanised units in direct fire as well as helicopters. The killing has sparked protests in many Syrian cities. And stick around - we'll have an eye-opening report from a Syrian rebel coming up shortly in the show. US First Lady Michelle Obama has reportedly had a death threat made against her by a police officer who worked as a motorcycle escort for the White House. he would shoot the First Lady and then produced a picture of the gun he would use. He's since been moved to administrative duties. The Secret Service says there was no immediate threat to Michelle Obama. Police are investigating a shooting in Melbourne overnight. Officers were called to a home in suburb of Craigieburn where they found a 23-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his leg. He was taken to hospital for treatment. And in Sydney - a shot was fired in the car park of the Albion Hotel in Parramatta last night. Officers found a single bullet casing but there were no injuries or damage to property. Legal action over an industrial dispute at a Melbourne Coles warehouse has been escalated to the Victorian Supreme Court for an emergency hearing. Hundreds of striking workers have won the right from Fair Work Australia to continue picketing outside the grocery chain's Somerton warehouse. But Toll Group, which manages the Coles site, hopes to finally end the blockade by applying for a court injunction to be heard today. Workers are striking over pay and conditions. Police will widen their search today Traffic cameras at Roselle Park in New Jersey have captured incredible video of the moment a drunk driver crashed his car into a pole and became airborne. Amazingly, he walked away with only minor injuries. He was later charged with drink driving. Police have released the video to encourage people not to get behind the wheel after drinking heavily. Or drinking at all. Exactly. and Carlton's hopes of finishing in the AFL's top eight have suffered a big setback after falling by 53 points to North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium. Drew Petrie the star for the Roos with seven goals. A Ben Barba-inspired Bulldogs have made it seven in a row, defeating the Eels 32-12 overnight. And the Broncos have hung on to win a thriller 10-8 over the Warriors in Brisbane. But it's come at a cost with winger Dale Copley getting scans today for a possible broken leg. And Mitchell Watt is flying high two weeks out from the Olympics, bagging gold with a season-best leap at the Diamond League meet in London. Steve Hooker continues to struggle with form and failed to register a jump in the men's pole vault. That long jump is a really good opportunity for a sock manufacturer to sponsor them conned because they don't get a look in, quite often. That's true, and they all have those compression sock things. And you don't want the sand going down when you are hopping. Geelong and Collingwood tonight on Seven and seven mate. For the final time this week, beef- giving week. And also Bastille Day. To celebrate we've come to Bondi Beach to see if we can find some French backpackers passed out with a mouth full of sound. Unfortunately this morning there are none to be found but we have found a bunch of bronzed Aussies, the Amateur Swimming Club, tough enough to go swimming the even in the middle of winter. Made up of a bunch of swimmers from Iceberg, some local life-savers, but they swim every morning. It is still brisk as we have a look at the national forecast. Brisbane, rain. Sydney, sunny. A shower or two for Canberra. Rain for Melbourne. Hobart, rain. for Adelaide. A few showers for Perth. Mostly sunny for Darwin. Tomorrow we've discovered a place in Sydney where the country meets the city. We are spending the morning at the farm which is lots of fun. Think baby animals. On beef-giving day, should you wrap the beef before you did it? You could wrap In prosciutto and sage. Comedians often push the limits with jokes that are racist, sexist, or simply inappropriate. It's their stock in trade. But how far is too far? American comedian Daniel Tosh found out this week when he really crossed the line on rape - and copped plenty of flak for it. Maybe some from our Masters of Spin, advertising experts Jane Caro and Dee Madigan. Good morning to you both. Jane, there's no video of the incident but plenty of recounting on line. Who is Daniel Tosh and what did he say? He is known for being outrageous. Basically he was arguing that rape jokes can be funny, and a woman yelled from the audience and said actually they can never be funny, and then he said the thing that caused all the trouble - he said, "Wouldn't it be funny if this woman was raped right now by five guys?" Hilarious. What's interesting is that there is no type of this. It broke on Twitter. It came out and now everybody is talking about it. I don't know this guy. We haven't got vision of this actual incident but it's not the first time he has mentioned rape. Let's have a look at another routine. People say I have a sixth sense of humour. I assume it is relative. If you are comparing me to Carrot Top, I'm a little blue. My sister is off the charts. I play practical jokes on her constantly. I replaced her a pepper spray with silly string. Anyway, that night she got raped. Comedy, like some other arts, in some ways has a special place in that it allows us to take our fears, humiliations, prejudices, our darkest impulses and control them. By laughing at them. But I can't begin to conceive of a joke about rape that would ever be funny. I think there are plenty of jokes about rape that are funny and in a really important way. Sarah Silverman did one where she said "Raid Jones are always OK because who's going to complain about them? Rape victims report the crime". Rape victims report the crime". And the right culture can be funny. Borat said "in Kazakhstan our culture's are table tennis, rape and disco-dancing". Of course they can be funny as long as you're making fun of the rapist. It is never funny when the powerful make fun of the powerless. That's fun of the powerless. That's the equivalent of kicking someone when they are down. Every joke has a victim in some way, and who is the victim is the question to ask. The problem with Daniel Tosh, the first rule of comedy, it has to be funny. That wasn't funny. When you get heckled, it must be hard to come back with something. We shouldn't have tried in that situation. People in audiences have all sorts of experiences. It's perfectly possible that one and might have been raped herself or knew someone who had been raped. That's the danger as soon as you get into making fun of what is an awful situation for any human. Do you think once a comedian has to apologise - he said on Twitter that: Does that make up for it? No, but 10 years ago he'd have made that joke. Those women would have walked out and the rest of the audience stayed and he would have thought, oh, well, they've over-reacted because everyone else stayed. Now, thanks to social media, he might think, that was offensive and he will learn to sell censor himself because freedom of speech doesn't mean saying anything that comes out of your mouth. I have sympathy for anyone who has said the wrong thing on the spur of the moment but I think the apology - # Babies - it's got a feel like he has gone, bow, no, I've gone too far. It is like "If I've offended you, I'm sorry". Exactly. Like the naughty schoolboy apologising with IFS fingers crossed behind his back. I think people need to understand that rape victims, people who've had dead babies, for example, are not some discreet group of strangers, they are in your audience. The do you think this kind of incident prevents comedians or any one from raising certain issues per se? It is about who is the powerful, the powerless, the victim. Censorship would be a far worse thing. But Tim Minton does his lullaby song about a baby in which he says he hopes a Wallaby grips its fat head off. Everything is up for grabs but being funny is the first rule. That's the first rule. We have to leave it there. Thank you for joining us. Ahead this morning - what's better? The music of today or the music of 50 years ago? Glenn A Baker and radio host Smallzy will debate it out. But next - we join a rebel inside Syria. Can he liberate his home town? An eye-opening report. Ooh! Extra Active with dual crystal strips helps give you a clean, fresh and healthy mouth.

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It's testing that ensures Colorbond doesn't just LOOK beautiful, it lasts beautifully. People say that if you can keep looking good out here, you can do it anywhere. Naturally better. We all know getting active is great for your wellbeing. So with thanks to Vitasoy here are some great ideas to get out and about this weekend. I'm kicking off my active weekend with a soy latte. For more info on how to live a healthy and balanced life, head to The senseless violence in Syria shows no sign of ending. Another massacre in a rebel village claimed up to 200 lives late this week. But the rebels are growing in strength, as Richard Engels found. He managed to get where few Western journalists have and found big changes in the uprising. It is Faure end in southern Turkey and Ali ruckman is preparing to liberate his home town. His parents are refugees and he is saying goodbye to them, possibly for the last time. Ali is leaving them to go back to Syria, back to the front line. At daybreak, he and a few of his men quietly crossed the barbed- wire fence and leave Turkey for Syria. He kisses the ground, thankful he is back in the fight. Once in Syria, a drive off as the men are left - an early sign of the rebels' growing popular support. TRANSLATION: We have finally made it back to Syria and, God willing, we will not abandon the cause. 32 years old, Ali was an air conditioning repairman, but this is now his life. Ali is a commander of the citizens' militia he founded. A fight against President Bashar Al- Assad's brutal dictatorship. TRANSLATION: They insulted our honour. It was time to take up arms. But taking up arms has a price. After Ali joined the Revolution, the Syrian government burnt down the homes of his parents, his grandparents and his uncles. Every time they killed one person, the rebels grow in number. Every rebels grow in number. Every time they burnt a house, the demonstrations multiply. In the year, Ali's force has grown from 15 to 635 fighters, and they don't work alone. Ali and his men leapfrog from one rebel unit to the next. Surprisingly, they operate openly, carrying weapons, using the main roads. At rebel checkpoints, his fighters are given safe passage. The rebels' move so confidently because Syrian troops have mostly withdrawn from the countryside and pulled back to their fortified positions. This is new. T