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(generated from captions) More Australians are out of work it would slash 100 jobs. after Myer announced has blamed tough trading conditions The department store for the cuts, roles at its Melbourne headquarters. most of which will be back-office rate hit a 3-month high. It comes as Australia's unemployment in June It edged up slightly to 5.2% due to the loss of 27,000 jobs. for their reaction Joining us now are our Big Guns of Politics - in Sydney Environment Minister Tony Burke up in Brisbane. and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey is clearly struggling. Tony, the retail sector There are these cuts at Myer at Darrell Lea. and also the 700 jobs under threat about it? What is the Government doing I think the way Kochie framed it a few minutes ago when he went through those unemployment figures is exactly right. What we have got at the moment is edging up from some very good figures a few months ago, in long-term averages, it's still low. But there is a softness at the moment and retail is feeling low. But there is a softness there the brunt of it. The most important thing to remember here at the same time, is it's more than 800,000 jobs that have been established since we came into office. Jobs have been an absolute centrepiece of what this government is about. But there's no doubt at all, particularly with what has happened with the dollar, we have had an economy where some sections like the mining boom have been absolutely going gang busters and you've had other sections like retail which have found it much tougher and that's why we have made sure in each of the different taxation changes we have taxation changes we have made, particularly the mining tax that we are spreading the benefits of the boom. If all those - that revenue remains hived up in remains hived up in the mining sector and doesn't make its way across the economy. Let's just hope the mining sector keep their profits up. Joe, when you look at it though, and look at it though, and have just down a bit after comparison here on unemployment rates around the world, for example, the world's strongest economy, Germany, unemployment 5. economy, Germany, unemployment 5.6% United States, 8. economy, Germany, unemployment 5.6%.

United States, 8.2% United States, 8.2%. Spain and Greece of course, are absolute cot cases. But even the UK, 8. cases. But even the UK, 8.1% cases. But even the UK, 8.1%. Prime Minister says our economy is cases. But even the UK, 8.1%. The still the envy of world leaders. According to those figure, it probably is. I was the last Coalition minister for industrial relations. I left this mob a 4% unemployment rate. The Free GFC. OK, so it never happened. So let's Crowe about a 5. Crowe about a 5.2% rate or 33,000 full-time jobs being lost last month. I can tell you as someone who has worked in business, unlike in the Labor, I can tell you what has worked in business, unlike many the solution is, less tax so you don't have satisfy carbon tax or a mining tax. Rest regulation so you don't have this this complexity of financial advisors, stop making it harder to employ people and get with the job of allowing business to harder to employ people and get on take risk. That's the bottom line. Business isn't going to go out and employ more people if they feel as though there is another sledge hammer coming their way in the form of new taxes and regulations. this morning News Limited is reporting with a tax on a tax we're being hit and other companies applying the GST with power suppliers on top of the carbon tax. Tony, are you double taxing us? Well, let's remember the actual impact of the carbon price. We talking about 0. talking about 0.7% on the household impact of the carbon price. We are bills. So, That's a - we are talking about a double tax. Why should GST be applied to the impact of a carbon What we are talking about here, tax?

Kochie, is 70 cents in every $ Kochie, is 70 cents in every $100 is your total impact. You've got the pricing where

pollution is actually occurring and then at the retail end, you end up with a GST but it has been blown up. I'd rather keep my 70 cents than give it extra to you. What we are talking about, With the carbon price, the here.

alternative is to have a situation alternative is

with pollution is free. That's the alternative. Tony, the double tax is fair you saying, that's right. We should all Tony, the double tax is fair you are accept The mechanics of how the GST works accept it. across the entire economy have set down for more than a decade now. across the entire economy have been So that's a yes, yes. OK, Joe. You remember we used to have whole sale sales taxes. What we did was, we abolished those because they were embedded taxes and when we introduced the GST, it was meant to be at the end of the food chain there were no embedded taxess along be at the end of the food chain. So

the way. The only area where you the way. The only area where you have

have taxes on taxes is insurance. A huge percentage of what people pay in insurance goes in taxes to the state and Federal Governments. But the best way to get the best way to get efficiency in the economy is to have only one tax on a product, not an 'em on a product, not an embedded tax and another tax on top of it which is what is happening with the carbon tax. Foreign Minister Bob Carr Now South Korea has assured with its scientific whaling program. it won't go ahead have you had a win? Tony, as Environment Minister This is a massive relief this one. We were looking a year ago at the prospect of actually going on the - a week ago of Gold Coast prospect of actually going backwards backwards. The position is very simple. There is nothing scientific about harpooning a whale, two up and eating it. The claim that about harpooning a whale, chopping that can be done in a scientific way is rubbish and I'm really glad the Koreans have decided to not go down that path. Let's hope they can convince the Japanese to do the same. Gentlemen,