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Tonight - mining tax battle.

Queensland joins the High Court

challenge. Scammed - how the

internet has given criminals a

helping hand to steal your

money. Signs of new life in one

of Africa's most famine-ravaged

nations. And seventh Heaven for

Federer but Andy Murray's Grand

Slam treatment ends in tears

once again. Good evening, Craig

Allen with ABC News. Queensland

is putting its money where its

mouth is. It's decided to spend

hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting the mining

tax. The Commonwealth says it's

a waste of money at a time when

the State is crying poor. The

Prime Minister is spending a

week in the sunshine State. But

Julia Gillard and her Cabinet

haven't received a warm

welcome. Queensland supporting

a High Court challenge against

the mining tax that has been

launched by Fortescue. That is

what we are going to be

doing. The Queensland Premier,

Campbell Newman has been

cutting Government spending and jobs since taking

power. Campbell Newman says he

hasn't got any m money

therefore he has to sack

thousands of workers in

Queensland. Yet he's got enough

money to fund an expensive High

Court challenge. It will cost Queensland taxpayers up to

the interest of $300,000. This is to protect

Queenslanders. Not all

Queenslanders are

interested. It will only

benefit the mining companies.

They are doing well now. I

agree, we can't afford

it. Queensland isn't the only state intervening. Despite

reports to the contrary,

Western Australia has put up

its hand. Wayne Swan is adamant

it will fail. The challenge is

futile. Not so says Tony

Abbott. The mining tax targets

the resource-rich States. If

the States in question wish to

challenge it it in court,

that's a reasonable thing for

them to do. It's not expected

the case will be heard until

early next year. The National Crime Commission has found

Australia's high rate of

retirement saving is making it

a target for investment fraud.

In a new report it says 2,600

Australians have lost more than

$100 million over the last five years, mainly through cold

calls and fake websites. As

Jeff Waters reports, it's

prompted a big mail out to warn

retirees of the danger. Michael

- no surname provided - was a successful investor for 15

years before he received an

unsolicited call from a

financial adviser. They come

across like all financial

institutions, they call you because you have had your

information with some other

investor. Three months later he

lost $250,000. I was going to retire in the next two years

but that's unlikely

now. According to a new Australian Crime Commission

report, Michael fits the normal

victim's profile. Fraudsters

target men over 50, often self

investors who are otherwise

financially literate. Scepticism, due diligence, if

you see a problem, do something

about it, follow up and report

it. This is going to be a big

superannuation funds continue problem for Australia. As our

to rise, we become a bigger

target for criminal syndicates

across the world. And that's

the main problem. While a small

number of arrests have been

made in Australia, the great majority of the criminal

syndicates are overseas and all

but impossible to catch. All of

these people in foreign

jurisdictions, that will not be

possible. That will not be

possible and not stop these

organised criminals. So the

Government is planning a

massive mail out with warning

letters sent to every household. The more information

we get to the Australian

public, the better chance we

have of preventing criminals

getting that money off

Australian citizens in the

first place. Is that enough? I

don't think this fight will

ever stop. Nobody would say

exactly how much money the

Government would commit to

attempting to stop it. A fatal

crash in south-west Sydney five

months ago which prompted a national investigation into

illegal practices in the

trucking industry had a court

sequel today. Vincent Samuel

George faced manslaughter charges. The prosecutors

alleges George was under the

influence of drugs and his

speed limiter had been tampered with. 34-year-old Vincent

Samuel George is facing three

counts of manslaughter and

driving his B-Double under the

influence of Methadone. Police

allege his speedometer had been

tampered with when he crashed

through a guard rail into on

coming traffic. Now a heart

broken Garry Logan is looking

for answers. His mother, father

and brother were killed in the

crash. But Trisha and Don Logan

were 81. Calvin Logan was 59.

The ramifications are massive.

The Lennons trucking company

became the first of several

major companies which are under

investigation for unsafe

practices. Today the Magistrate

acknowledged it was a complex

case. The prosecutors told the

court there's quite a deal

about standing material:

Inside the court the former

truck driver glanced briefly at

Garry Logan who lost both his parents and his brother in the

crash. Given the seriousness of

the charges, he now faces

Vincent Samuel George was

granted conditional bail. Mr

George will not be permitted to

travel and will have to report

to Tamworth police station

every day. The public execution

of an Afghan woman by the

Taleban has created

international outrage. The

shooting death occurred in the

Ghorband Valley. Officials said

the woman was married to a hard

line Taleban group and was

accused of adultery. We will

find the culprits and those who

are behind this act of

terrorism and brutal act. The

woman was shot several times

after being paraded in front of

jeering villages. Britain SES

Foreign Minister William Hague

said it was shocked. The hard

won gains of Afghan women must

be protected. East Timor's

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao

said he might retire to become

a Pumpkin former. But the

former resistance leader and former President isn't showing

any signs of stepping away from

politics yet. On the weekend,

Xanana Gusmao's party won the

majority of votes but will have

to seek a coalition partner.

The United Nations has congratulated East Timor on

running a peaceful election.

It's planning to withdraw its

peacekeeping mission from East

Timor by the end of the year.

Aid agencies say there are

signs the relief effort in

famine-stricken west Africa is

starting to pay dividends. More

than 18 million people were

facing starvation. Africa correspondent Ginny Stein

reports from the village of

Koulikoira in Niger where farmers harvested virtually

nothing last year. Once a week,

the mothers of 'Courier Mail'

line up to have their children

weighed. Special formula chood

is given to malnourished children. TRANSLATION: They

gave us and told us it should

only be puff given to the

babies because there is

medicine in it. There had been

three crisis in Niger in a

decade. If judged solely by the

lack of food, this would be the

worst. TRANSLATION: The reason

this year's food crisis is

worse than before, this year

some people have only been able

to harvest two bundles of mill

et. We've never seen it like

this before. This is now the

peak of the lean season when

families have run out of food

an are waiting for new crops to

grow . But in this village, the

signs are promising. Very few

children have died from

starvation. In Niger, the

response to this crisis has

been swifter than in previous

years, not just by the

Government, but by the

international community. In

Koulikoira, for many children,

that's meant the difference

between life and death. This

village gives me enormous hope,

with 18 million affected, we

have only seen two deaths of

malnutrition because we acted

quickly, we got the clin ek

going and feeding the Mall

nourished children. It's good

to see what action does. The

rain has started to fall and

farmers hope in this

climate-challenged nation,

perhaps this year their crops

will make it. TRANSLATION: I

received special seeds and I'm

ploughing to try them to see

what they will yield. While

much aid is needed, aid

agencies say proof early help

is money well spent. A number

of organisations are running

appeals for the people of west

Africa. If you would like to

make a de nation to help with

the food crisis, you can

contact the aid groups listed

on your screen. The lawyer for

actor Matthew Newton has

revealed his client Security

Council being treated at a high

care facility in United States.

He is yet to answer aconsulting

a taxi driver. Matthew Newton

is accused of assaulting a taxi

driver in Sydney last December

but two matters in the United

States are perhaps more

pressing for him at the moment.

There he is accused ofs

trespass and assaulting a hotel

Clark. We heard from Chris

Murphy his lawyer in court who

said his client is in a high

care mental health facility. He

is said to be making some

progress on his medication but

he is under 24/7 supervision

and in Chris Murphy's words, he

isn't going anywhere. The US

matters are due back in court

on 25 July and Chris Murphy

told the court it would be

adjourned to four to six weeks

after that date. He asked that

the taxi case be adjourned to

reflect that timeframe. He grew

frustrated with the Magistrate

when she insisted that it be

adjourned until 6 August. Chris

Murphy told the court that the

case was getting out of control

and that his client was being

driven mad by the court.

Nonetheless the protests didn't

result in any change of heart

and Chris Murphy will be back

in court to represent his

client in August. People who

regard themselves as

transgender will face fewer

legal hurdles under proposed

changes in the ACT. The

Government is considering 34

recommendations aimed at

improving their legal and

social recognition. There will

be more gender options to tick

on official forms and the legal

requirement for a physical sex

change will be removed.

Transgender people in our community do face

discrimination and often that

is simply because of the

complexity surrounding their

sexual identity and their

gender identity and how that

can best be reflected and dealt

with by governments. These

changes are fundamentally about

the way that people live their

every day lives and they are

fundamentally about the role of

government in deciding big

personal decisions that

individuals make. The

Government says there are not

likely to be any changes before

the October election. Thousands

of marine scientists from

around the world have signed a

statement wanting - warning

that coral reefs won't survive

unless urgent action is taken

on climate change. The

consensus was reached at an

international reef symposium where scientists warned

Australia was losing the fight

to save the Great Barrier Reef.

Conor Duffy reports. A warm

traditional greeting war for

the world's marine experts. I

would like to welcome you here

on behalf of my mob. Followed

by a stark dose of reality. I

think everyone who has come

here is extremely concerned

about the future of reefs, that

is why they are come from 80 different nations to

attend. These are the world's

brightest marine scientists.

They have achieved a rare fate

- consensus. 2,600 have signed a document calling on

governments to do much more to

save the marine environment. That's

unprecedented. It reflects the

level of concern among the

coral reef science. It is most

threatened by climate change,

say the scientists. Today's

discussion turned to the nearby

Great Barrier Reef and despite

being acknowledged as one of

the best-managed reef, scientists say it's lost more

than 50% of its coral cover

since the 1960s and they want

to know how they can stop the

decline. Opinions vary but

there's agreement that the

crown of thorns star fish needs

to be removed. And the turtles

and dugongs of the reef are

still endangered. Scientists

blame coastal development. We

know what to do. We need to

have the political will to do

it. The reef's managers are

working on a knew long-term

assessment. With that privilege

comes a real responsibility,

the responsibility to protect

those values into the future.

After all, if we can't do here

in Australia, who can. They are

big challenges but there's a

good deal of hope it will be

worthwhile for the next general

race of divers to head under

water. The veteran US actor

Ernest Borgnine has died of

renal failure in a Los Angeles

hospital. He was 95. Borgnine

came to prominence as the

vicious 'Fat so' who beat Frank

Sinatra to death in 'From Here

to Eternity'. 'Marty' won him

an Oscar. I'm a fat ugly man.

I'm ugly, I'm ugly, I'm

lugly. He changed his image

again in 'McHale's Navy'. In

1958 he starred in the film

adaptation of the Australian stage classic, 'Summer of the

17th Doll'. But the casting of

an American in one of the key

roles caused a stir with

critics accusing producers of

diminish the story vl. Ernest

Borgnine made over 60 times

like 'The Wild Bunch' and 'The

Poseidon Adventure'. He was

still working earlier this

year. Hundreds of

subcontractors owed up to $80

million have been dealt a blow.

The New South Wales Supreme

Court has ordered giant building group Reed

Constructions to be place in

the liquidation. Creditor

groups fear if it stays in

liquidation they will be left

with nothing. A draft report

into the collapse of the Hastie

Group's Middle East operations

says a prp'sal made last year

for a managed wind down was

ignored. The report recommended

a controlled closure and

ordered the Hastie board to consider how to handle the

dismissal of more than 1,000

local labouring employees. Here

is Peter Ryan. It seems the end

game for Hastie's operations in the United Arab Emirates were

well in play before the company

collapsed back in May.

According to a document

obtained by the ABC, the Hastie board appointed Deloitte last

year to come up with a strategy

to reduce its exposure in the

Middle East. On 17 August

Deloitte advised there was an

opportunity for a managed wind

down or a controlled closure,

while highlighting there were

employee dismissal issues that

needed to be considered.

However, an earlier post-mortem

written by management on the

ground, said those urgings were

disregarded. Around 1,000

Indian and Bangladeshi

employees are yet it see a cent

of their termination payments

after $3 million was drained

from their bank account in

Dubai days before

administrators were called in.

Hastie administrators have had

to defend a decision to allow a senior executive to take $100,000 from an emergency fund

when he fled the country the

day the company failed. A

former executive has fled to

Norway, fearing serious jail

time after post-dated cheques

with his signature ban began to

bounce. Finance now and Telstra

shares jumped to a 3.5 years

hydabut the rest of the market

fell for the third day in a

row. Here is Alan Kohler. Telstra shares are like

fixed interest bonds, 17.5% dividend yield. The shares went

up 1.1% today against the

market down by that much.

Miners and banks all fell but

today's prang was Aluka which

shoved out a statement

revealing that sales in 2012

might be a half to a quarter

below 2011. The share price was

cut by a quarter. Investors are

in no mood to be for giving. As

they showed in the United

States, there are new concerns

about the health of the global

economy. The latest depressing

news was the June employment in

the United States which missed

expectations for the third month in the low leaving the

unemployment rate at 8.2%. It looks like Australia's

employment demand is weakening.

We saw job advertisements down

1.2% over all. By the way, I've

compared the job numbers with

the All Ords index. It is an amazingly close match,

especially in recent years. If

you want to know what's

happening with jobs, look at

the share market. There was

some sort of good news today.

Chinese in plagues fell sharply

which means the Government has

more room to stimulate the

economy, although it also means

the economy isn't too flarn.

And the Aussie doll are is down

slightly. To finish up today, a

chart of real estate demand and

supply in Australia. ANZ

economists are expecting a big

increase in the shortage of

housing. That depends on the

level of immigration staying

where it is, which is high.

Without that, housing demand

would be flat. That's finance.

Indigenous people from East

Arnhem Land are sharing some of their ceremonies with students

in the Top End. The dispute

resolution course teaches

traditional ways of solving

conflict but has sparked

discussion about whether

customary law should be

included. Yolgnu people dance

odd a giant sand sculpture to

mark the start of a week long

course. In recent years they

have revived an ancient

ceremony. It's called Mawul Rom

and used for peace making and

mediation. So two parties can

talk about and try to come into

a type of reconciliation. The

Mawul Rom course is part of a

master's degree offered by

Charles Darwin University. List

tone where other people are

coming from. Students from

around Australia are learning

how Yolgnu people solve disputes. Many have jobs as

lawyers or teachers in

aboriginal communities. Two

cultures come together and

understand how to interact with

each other. Customary law has

not been taken into courses.

Some believe it should be

changed again. By ex-you had

cluing customary law and

aboriginal customary law across

the board, it compromises

aboriginal people's faith in

our system. Yolgnu elders say

courses like Mawul Rom help

relations between indigenous

communities and the legal

system. Really has an understanding and try and establish a common ground in

our discussion. For the next

week, students will camp with

Yolgnu people, getting a rare

insight into ceremonial life.

The British dreamed of

crowning their own men's

champion for the first time in

76 years but Swiss great, Roger

Federer, spoilt their party.

The 30-year-old captured a

record-equalling seventh

Wimbledon singles title defeating Scotsman Andy Murray

in four sets. The win returned

him to the top of the world

rankings. This was the day for Roger Federer and Andy Murray

to shine after a period

dominated by rivals Novak

Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. The

Swiss maestro had been 16 going

on 17 Grand Slam titles for 2.5

years and the Scott's rising

star had all of Britain on

edge. The 25-year-old brought

an aggressive game plan. There

was no point trading Palestinian blows with the

six-time winner. Federer seemed

more nervous. In the opening

set he made three times as many

unforced errors. His ascendency

carried deep into the second

set. It appeared Fred perry's

1936 win might not be the last

time a British man won the

Wimbledon singles. But Federer

eased his way into the contest,

saving break points. And

breaking Murray to take the initiative late in the

set. COMMENTATOR: The master,

Federer. The finesse with

sprinkles of magic was back in

two exhilarating points of the

final . The rain Kaymerly in

the third. The roof was closed,

delays worked in Federer's

favour. It was no breeze but

Federer maintained control,

making the decisive break in a

marathon 6th game. And going on

to take the third set 6-3 and

the fourth 6-4, joining Pete

Samaras as a seven-time

champion. Murray slumped to a

fourth Grand Slam final defeat.

He even deerd himself with

style and good humour. I'm

getting closer. He's not bad

for a 30-year-old. I I couldn't

be more happy. If deals great

being back here as the winner. Federer's world order

had been rescorednd the British

can wait one more year. Nick

Kyrios has tasted victory

alongside Andrew Harris, the

17-year-old won the boys

doubles titles in straight

sets. Their second Grand Slam

boys doubles title of the year.

Well done. Mark Webber has

closed the gap on Fernando

Alonso after a thrilling win in

the British Grand Prix last

night. Webber executed a

perfect passing manouvre to

beat the stand yard. The

Australian is in second place,

13 points behind Alonso and has

extended his margin over Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian Vettel. The

Silverstone track is around the corner from Mark Webber's home

but the Australian was lucky to

get to the first corner in last

night's race. COMMENTATOR:

Alonso and Webber almost

crashing. Maldanado and Sergio

Perez clashed early. Fernando

Alonso held off Webber for the

majority of the race but Webber

closed the gap, taking advantage of harder tyres and

with four laps to go, he made

his move. Webber swoops around

the outside. Mark Webber leads

the British Grand Prix. With a clear track and clean air

aheved, the 35-year-old cruised

to victory. Another win for

Mark Webber. The win was his

second of the season. Sebastian

Vettel finished third. Stoner

and Dani Pedrosa finish ed

third. But with light rain

beginning to fall, stoner lost

his grip on the final lap.


Cameron A the championship

blown wide open. Pedrosa went

on to win while Lorenzo claimed

second place. Stoner's crash con signs the Australian to

third in the championship. In

the Tour de France, there was

more carnage as Olympic road

cycling champion Sanchez went

out of the event. COMMENTATOR:

The race doctors looking at

him. Cadel Evans launched an

assault. Cadel Evans is trying

to get 11 seconds to become the

leader the tour. While the

tour's youngest rider Thibault

Pinot couldn't get a win, he

couldn't hold back Bradley

Wiggins. NASA has release sod

sp spectacular images of Mars

which it says is the next best

thing to being there. The red planet has never appeared like

this. The pictures begin more

than 800 images taken from a

panoramic camera. They show the

terrain surrounding the Rover

while it was stationary for

four m months during the

winter. It used a low sun angle

for an impressive view of a

large crater showing the giant

basin in the distance and the

shadow of the Rover in the

foreground. To our weather now.

It's been another fine and

mostly sunny day. With some

high cloud and very cold

overnight temperatures again.

Minus 5-15 degrees the range.

Across the border:

There is increasing cloud

over the eastern half of the

country with a trough of low

pressure on the way to our region. The next few days will

be a change from our recent

sunny with weather. We will

have a rain band bringing

showers and snow to higher

parts. It will remain that way

until next weekend. Most of the

eastern capitals will get rain

at times tomorrow, just 13 with

showers and strong winds in

Melbourne. 18 in Sydney and 20

for Brisbane. And it will ab

cool and wet day across our

local area with temperatures up

around 15 degrees along the

coast but cooler than that west

of the ranges. Goulburn and

Cooma 10:

Before we go a Bree recap of

our top stories. The National

Crime Commission has warned

that Australia's high rate of

retirement saving is proving

attractive to international fraudsters. And Roger Federer

is back on top of the tennis

world after a record equalling

seventh Wimbledon singles

title. That's the news for now

. You can keep up-to-date 24

hours a day on ABC News online.

But stay with us now for '7:30'

with Leigh Sales. Thanks for

your company. Goodnight.

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Welcome to the program.

Tonight - web of deceit. The

cyber rip-off schemes costing Australians millions.

They ring through cold calling, they're very

convincing. They actually

falsify the regulators and the

police. I think it's quite

disgusting how they hide it.

They close ranks. They pass the

buck. And - the Catholic

Church accused of not

fulfilling its duty over sex

abuse allegations. Telling the

victim to go to the police does not answer that duty. This Program Is Captioned


Australian vestors are being

ripped off by a new wave of

sophisticated on-line sums

which are costing sum their

life savings. Investors have

been milked for well over $100

million on nonexistent or