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Tonight - Tony Abbott admits

turning back the boats will put

the Navy in harm's way. Yes,

it's dangerous work but that's

why people join our armed

forces. Wheat windfall. The US

drought increases demand for

Australian grain. Still on top,

the Brumbies pull off a rare

win in Sydney. And back to her

best - Serena Williams claims

a fifth Wimbledon crown. Good

evening, Siobhan Heanue with

ABC News. The federal

Opposition Leader wants to turn asylum seeker boats back to

Indonesia when it's safe to do

so but he has admitted could be dangerous work for defence personnel. The Prime Minister

has criticised Tony Abbott's

border protection stance and

labelled him a coward. It comes

as a boat with 28 asylum

seekers on board arrives at the

Cocos Islands. Tony Abbott's

solution to stop the boats is

understand scrutiny. He's

conceded turning them around

and forcing them back to

Indonesia could be dangerous

for the Navy. Yes, it's

dangerous work but that's why

people join our armed forces.

Though go into harm's way to

help our country. The coalition

won't agree to the Government's Malaysian solution because the country hasn't signed the

refugee convention. Neither has

Indonesia. Mr Abbott says

that's different. They put

themselves in Indonesia. They

didn't put themselves in Malaysia. Mr Abbott says

Indonesia knows about his plan

to turn boats around but is

refusing to say if he discussed the issue with the Indonesian

President when they met in

Darwin last week. I accept from

time to time Australia will do

things that the Indonesians

don't particularly like. The

Prime Minister says that's a

no. He He was too much of a

coward to raise with the

President of Indonesia his

so-called plan to turn back

boats. The Opposition Leader

has also indicated there will

be no coalition members taking

part in a multi-party committee

working to resolve the impasse.

He should have the decency to

put the national interests

first, particularly when he

can't explain to the Australian

people what his policy

is. There's not just tension

between the Government and the Opposition. Labor's New South

Wales state secretary, Sam

Dastyari has taken a swipe at

the Greens. He says they are

not open to compromise and has labelled their policies

extreme. He says Labor should consider preferencing them

last. Questions of preferences

are for the organisational wing

of the party. If the faceless

men want to tear down the

Gillard Government, they should explain that to Labor members

around the country. Senator

Milne said the Greens will

continue to give the Government

supply and confidence in the

Parliament. At least 140 people

have been killed in floods in

southern Russia. 30 cm of rain

fell in the Krasnodar region

near the Black Sea. The

downpour flooded Tomes and

inundated streets. Locals say

it's the worst flooding for 70

years. There are fears the

death toll will rise further.

Many people in Libya have voted

for the first time of their

lives and celebrating the first

free election in 60 years.

Jubilant voters marked a step

towards democracy after last

year's overthrow and killing of

Moammar Gaddafi. It's a great

day for me because we have

victory with Gaddafi and now we

are very happy. 200 members of

Parliament will draw up a new

constitution which will then be

put to a referendum. It's been

another day of fruitless

searching for a missing

helicopter in Papua New Guinea.

Two Australians and a New

Zealander were on board when

the chopper difficulties apared

in the country's rugged

Highlands. PNG correspondent

Liam Fox has the latest. The Hevilift Bell 206 and the three

people who were on board have

now been missing for more than

48 hours. The helicopter

disappeared shortly after

leaving a drill rig site 130

kilometres south-east of Mt

Hagen, its intended

destination, on Friday afternoon. Conditions were fine

today and Hevilift again

mobilised its planes and

helicopter toss scour the thick

forest in the area. People in a

village near the drill rig site

also helped to search from the

ground but there's been no sign

of the helicopter. Australia's

High Commissioner PNG met with

Hevilift had staff today to

offer assistance. Liam Fox

reporting there. One of Perth's

oldest primary schools has been

gutted by fire overnight.

Flames were first seen coming

from the Mount Lawley Primary

School around midnight. More

than 60 firefighters battled

for several hours. It's still

not clear how the blaze started. New South Wales police

are about to get even tougher

on officers suspected of

illegal activities. Under a new

proposal all police will be

forced to under go drug tests

and if they fail, they will be

suspended immediately. 5,000

officers were drug tested last

year. Eight were found with

cocaine, steroids, amphetamines

or cannabis in their

systems. We know that 60% or so

of young Australian males smoke

cannabis, a considerable

proportion take ecstasy and the

police are drawn from that population. Currently officers

under sus pish on p on on of

illegal activities have their

urine samples sent off to a

laboratory for examination. Now

there are calls for all police

officers to submit to instant

testing. The cup Sam will that

we use at the moment gives us

an immediate indication and we

can stand that officer

down. One officer from the

professional standards command

which administers the test has

been suspended for alleged use

of ice. He's my demand. I have

the drug and alcohol unit. He

was suspect to a random test.

He did try to interfere. He is

now before the court. The drug

law form foundation says an

officer should only be punished

if they are under the influence

at work. I don't think the

police should pay a penalty if

they took cannabis while they

are on leave. Police say how an

officer obtained the drug is

relevant to the performance of

their duty. The test can

determine if someone has taken

cannabis within the last month.

But drugs such as cocaine and

ecstasy pass out of the system

much more quickly. A decision is expected later this

year. Australian wheat growers

are expected to reap the benefits of eex treatment

weather overseas. United States

crops are withering under a

sustained drought and that has

triggered a spike in prices

here. Ed Simpson is a third

generation wheat farmer. For

the past few decades it's been

a struggle but now the table

has turned for the Simpsons and

other growers as the United

States faces a dry hot summer.

Wheat prices have surged in the

past month to meet global

demand. Six weeks, eight weeks

ago the price was very poor.

Over the last month we have

suddenly seen a spike of up to

25% more for our wheat forecast

in the coming season. It's

welcome news after a decade of

misfortunes. With the winter

crop starting to see sunlight,

farmers are making the most of

the good prices. We don't have

the single desk any more,

farmers have to do the

marketing of their own crop.

They have to look at the risk

and price their crop accordingly. Before the crops

head to the silos, there is

hope the prices will increase

further. Analysts are warning

farmers to be cautiously

optimistic. It will depend on the weather conditions in the

US over the next couple of

months. The fragile state of

the market means farmers are always wary. Without the

correct dose of rain, the

quality of the crop could be

downgraded within a single day

and that would be a disaster.

For now this spike can't be

ignored. Expectations of a 25

million tonne crop with the

stocks we have on hand means

Australian exports this year

will be very much dependent

upon to make up for that

shortfall. With so much at stake, wheat growers are

keeping a close watch over

their flourishing crops.

Indonesia and Australia are

forging new ties. It's been

more than a year since

Australia's decision to suspend

live cattle exports strained relations. Now a new Northern

Territory program is helping to

mend fences by giving some Indonesian agricultural

students a taste of an

Australian cattle station. From

the Indonesian archipelago to

the dust ty cattle stations of

the Top End, these animal

husbandry students are getting

a taste of the live export

industry. It's given me many

new experience and everything

is new. New knowledge. Showing

them the ropes is the rigs

family who run a cattle station

500 kilometres south of Darwin.

The station is one of the first

to take part in a cross

training program with Australia's northern

neighbour. It's a great

concept. We got wind of it in

January that it was going to

happen and as soon as we heard

that, we stuck our hand up and

said yes. There is a serious

side to their visit. The

relationship between Australia

and Indonesia came under intense pressure when the

Federal Government suspended

live exports after a 'Four

Corners' report about animal

cruelty. What happened last

year should never have happened. Now we have got the

hard yards to do to mend

relations. I see this as a

great program. The Northern Territory cattle man's

association funded the program

and says it's a grass roots way

to build new bonds between the

two nations. This is really a

basic, commonsense human

relations exercise about

allowing people to communicate

and understand each other

better. I can learn many about

cattle. The association hopes

the students experience will

prove invaluable in promoting

the Australian cattle industry

back in Indonesia. The official

opening is still months away

but hundreds have already

explored the Sen ten tri-themed

national Arboretum. 86 of the

100 planned forests have been

planted. Complimenting them

will be 100 gardens. While

construction continues, monthly

open days are there for curious Canberrans. Even in the winter

months, there are so much to

see with the little trees

growing into bigger trees,

evergreen trees. Once you get

the benchmark of what it's like

and get to know the site, you

can come for the seasons. The

Arboretum will officially

openerly next year to coincide

about the capital's centenary.

Rain, rain go away. While

Britain is well known for its

grey skies, the record spate of

wet weather couldn't have come

at the worst time there. Is

concern London could become the

rainy Games. This is Britain's

summer 2012. One downpour after

another. Backyards turned into

lakes, music festivals churned

into mud. There's been

lightning, hail and even a

tornado or two. We've had a

hideous summer so far. Even the

spring was pretty dreadful. We

had the wettest April on

record, we have had the wettest

June for over 100 years. We

take our sport seriously and

spend many hours trudging in

puddles or sit on a rain-sodden

benches waiting for play to

start. Britain has a long

history of ignoring the weather

in pursuit of sport. The

Queen's Diamond Jubilee wasn't

going to be interrupted by a

mere downpour but what if this current drenching continues

through the Olympics. Already

the Olympic Flame has been

extinguished by the rain We are

not put off by a bit of rain.

We are hoping with a bit of

good spirit the clouds will

pass. It doesn't put a dampener

on the actual sports. It's not

just the athletes with a stake

in this, London will be crammed

with tourists from around the

world. The un predictability of

it all is a worry. But hardened

by damp experience, locals take

a more stoic view of a wet

Olympics. We put up with it. We

have rain gear. It's not so

bad. So if the skies do reflect

what is to come, the 2012 may

be the soggy clps, but whatever

the weather, the show will go

on. This is Horse Guards, the

ceremonial heart in Central

London but in three weeks time

this will be transformed into

the venue for the beach

volleyball and organisers say

only lightning can stop the

show. Thousands of thrill

seekers have taken part in the

first day of the Running of the

Bulls in Spain. They sprinted

ahead after group of fighting

bulls in the cramped streets of

Pamplona. One elderly runner

was gored in the leg and had to

be taken to hospital. Another

five runners were slightly

injured, including a

26-year-old Australian man.

There are still another eight

days of bull running to come.

The Brumbies are just one

competition point away from

securing a spot in the Super

Rugby finals for the first time

in eight years. The ACT side

scored a narrow win over the

Waratahs in Sydney last night.

In the other games, the

Stormers defeated the Cheetahs

while a late come back from the

rebels wasn't enough to win

victory in Johannesburg. The

Brumbies were eager to land a

knockout blow last night and

clinched a Super Rugby finals

Bert but the Brumbies

controlled the ball. COMMENTATOR: Plotteded

out. They won't stop him. The

Brumbies went to the break

ahead, pinpoint penalty kicks

put them 9-5 off. The radar was

off for Berrick Barnes. He had

more luck charging the ball. He

slams it down! With their lead relinquished, the Brumbies

sprung to life. Over the top he

floats it! Sack Holmes

conversion under pressure put

the visitors in front. A

bizarre refereeing decision

handed the Brumbies a crucial stage. That's terrible decision. But the Brumbies,

even on an off day were too

good. We did well to hold them

out to the single try in the

first half. There are so many

positives out of that game, I

don't want to get too

disappointed. In Johannesburg,

the rebels trailed 42-0. But

they charged back. COMMENTATOR:

A try. The Melbourne side were

denied victory in the denying

minutes, a late try sealed the

win for the Lions. The Stormers

earned a gritty win. It

clinched the South African

conference title for

Capetown. Two years after

battling a potentially

life-threatening illness,

Serena Williams is celebrating

her fifth singles title. She

over came her Polish opponent

to claim her first Grand Slam

title since recovering from a

bloodclot on her lungs. 13

grand is slam singles titles

versus a maiden finals

appearance, it shaped as a mismatch and played out that

way in the first set as Serena

Williams monstered Agnieszka

Radwanska. But the plucky Pole

wasn't over awed by the

occasion. The 23-year-old won

the second set to bring the crowd into the

contest. COMMENTATOR: Oh,

that's special. Williams

reasserted her dominance in the

deciding set, acing her way

through the fourth game. There

it is. Like older sister Venus,

Serena Williams now owns five

Wimbledon singles titles.

Serena is the Wimbledon

champion once again! She's the

first 30-year-old female to win

the title since Martina

Navratilova in 1990. Is 30 the

new 20? Oh my God, of course,

hello! After winning in 2010,

Williams was out of the game

for a year with illness and

injury. Her world ranking fell

to 175. This one obviously is

special. It's a huge comeback

for me and, you know, I couldn't ask for anything

else. Apart from winning the

doubles which she did with

Venus, their 13th Grand Slam

title will together. Not since

bun any Austin introduce shorts

to the All England Club has a

British male made a singles

decider. Andy Murray isn't

weighed down by the

pressure. When I've been

playing here, I've always

enjoyed the challenge and

enjoyed playing in front of a passionate crowd. It's helped

me. Is this an omen? Frederik

Neilson and Jonathan March

abecame the first men to win

the doubles since 1936, when

Fred Perry gave the men its

last singles title. And the

Australian duo of Andrew Harris

and Nick Kyrios are through to their second boys Grand Slam

final of the year. They easily

disposed of their fourth seeded

opponents in the semi. There is

still a fortnight to go but the

big two are now on top in the

Tour de France. Favourite

Bradley Wiggins and defending

champion Cadel Evans are first

and second after the 199

kilometre 7th stage. A small

group broke clear of the

peloton during a tough climb

over the final six kilometres.

Closing in on the finish, Evans

took the lead but was overtaken

by Chris Froome in the climb to

the line. COMMENTATOR:

Christopher Froome crosses the

line. I gave it a small nudge.

I couldn't believe when Cadel

didn't follow my holes. I

thought wow , I this could come

off. I've dreamt about this all

year. You go through the

process and put too into action

and do a day like we did today.

It's an incredible feeling really. Tonight's 8th stage

will head into Switzerland with

Wiggins leading Evans by 10

seconds. South Sydney, Manly

and the Warriors have begun

their post Origin surge with

big wins. Last night the

Warriors trounced Titans. Today

the Sea Eagles were impressive

before easing off against the

Eels. The Rabbitohs scored six

tries to three. South Sydney

managed only seven wins against

Newcastle in their 32 meetings.

This was the day for the

Rabbitohs show they are more

likely to make an impact in

this year's finals. Souths

created a big margin during the

first half. COMMENTATOR: Isaac

Luke. Cows Houston's cut back

gave them hope. Souths kicked

back clear again. Big Brit, Sam

Burgess delivered a telling

blow with his welcome to the

big league charge at debutante

Kyle O'Donnell whose brother,

former test forward Luke, had

no doubt warned him it's a

brutal game. Manly coach's face

said it all. His Sea Eagles

gave up an early point. Earlier

Manly was in express mode

against their bottom-placed

rival. Has he got it? Yes he has. David Williams went in for

four tries, a performance which

equalled many club greats but

fell one short of the record

set by Les Han damage against

kron you will in 1967. The

Titans were without their

Origin stars. It was a

different story in the second

half, Warriors centre Conrad

Hurrell feasted on the defence,

adding his name to the weekend

list of multiple try

scorers. He has a hat trick! He

scored the game's last 28

points. Going to the line,

he'll score. That win lifted

last year's beaten Grand

Finalist into the 8. The Sea

Eagles and Rabbitohs have

consolidated their positions.

To local league and West

Belconnen has claimed their

second win of the season

beating the Tuggeranong

Bushrangers at home. Both teams

are hoping to a avoid the

wooden spoon but Tuggeranong

crossed twice through cheeky

blind side plays. In a tight

opening half, Paul boar - poor

ball tries. But had helped West

Belconnen to a 2-point lead.

From there the Warriors

confidence grew, running away

with the game. In the end 16

points separated West Belconnen

and Tuggeranong. In the other

game, Goulburn held on for a

2-point win againstias. Greater

Western Sydney has suffered its

biggest loss of its inaugural

season, demolished by Hawthorn.

GWS kicked just four goals as

the Hawks racked up a cricket

score. But the AFL's new kids

Gold Coast caused an upset

against Geelong. Fremantle defeat theed the Western

Bulldogs while St Kilda

thrashed Essendon by 71 points

and the Crows prevailed. Nick

Bailey reports. The day started with positive milestones at the

MCG. It was Kevin Sheedy's

900th AFL match and 10 minutes

in Lance Franklin slotted the

500th goal of his career. From

then on the milestones were

downright brutal to witness.

There is only so much you can really say about a game like

this. Hawthorn are very good

and the Giants are getting

tired. COMMENTATOR: That is a

calamity. There were 28 goals

for the Hawks with 14 separate

goal kickers, six of them were

mutt I am and Jarryd rough head

led the count with six.

Hawthorn's new percentage, a

league best 152% after leaving

14 points today. Many expected

a similar blowout on the Gold

Coast but someone forgot to

tell the Suns. The AFL's almost

Newcombers were hard at the

ball early. The Suns led by 12

at quarter-time. It looked as

though the Cats were finding

form as they ran down Gold

Coast. Showing serious fight,

the Gold Coast took the hit and

responded to lead. It turned

into a goal for goal affair

after half-time briefly and

then the Cats finally decided

they had enough. Their lead

built up to 19 points by

three-quarter time and in the

end they did enough for a

14-point victory, which puts

the Cats two wins clear of 8th

place. In the north eastern

football league, the Sydney

hills defeated Tuggeranong

today by 17 points. Australia

has lost its one day cricket

series against England after a

dominant English display

overnight. Australia is now

facing a 4-0 whitewash with one

game left in the series. In

overcast cast conditions X the

tourists were sent in. Only

David Hussey and captain

Michael Clarke showed any

resistance with Hussey top

scoring with 70. COMMENTATOR:

Another full toss. Through

again. Another ball I think.

Yes. Leg injuries to Shane Watson and Brett Lee hindered

the defence of Australia's

modest total. Clint McKay

battled hard for two wickets

but England coasted to victory

and an unassailable 3-0 lead.

Casey Stoner has continued his

good form by taking pole

position for tonight's German

MotoGP. Stoner is the equal

leader with Jorge Lorenzo and

clocked the fastest lap. The

two-time world champion will

start ahead of Ben Spies and

Dani Pedrosa. The Formula One

points winner, Fernando Alonso

has pole position. Mark Webber

was second fastest. In most of

Africa, football reasons

supreme but in the West African

nation of Senegal, it's the

unlikely sport of wrestling

that is number one. It provides

both entertainment and

exercise. In an impoverish ed

country, it offers young men

dreams of fame and fortune.

Ginny Stein reports on a sport

which is big business. These

are training partners, one a

boxer, the other a wrestler.

Both have dreams of making it

big. In a country br

unemployment among young people

is pushing 50%, wrestling

represents a chance at a

future. TRANSLATION: It's a way

to fight against joblessness.

If you can succeed in

wrestling, you can make money. He started out boxing

but with no competition and no

way to make money, he switched

sports. At this training

academy young hopefuls and

their trainers work side by

side. TRANSLATION: Now boxers

can use their fighting skills

in wrestling. It's a very good

way to win. Wrestling has been

practiced across the continent

for hundreds of years but what

makes it different in Senegal

is that fighting has been

brought into the game.

Bare-fisted punching, kicking

and car ate kicks are all fair

game. One of the real risks is

getting injured along the way.

TRANSLATION: When someone has

a medical problem, he has to

rely solely on himself to pay

for treatment. There is no

other option. For some, there

is shame this generation should

invest so much energy and

vigour in such a sweaty

pursuit. But in a sport fought

by fishermen onshore leave and

farmers in their idle season,

young and old, wrestling still

offers hope. TRANSLATION: Very

no guarantee I will make money

fishing. But if you become

famous as a wrestler, you can

be a millionaire. In triumph or

defeat, in Senegal wrestling

remains very much a way of

life. To the weather now. It

was another sterling winter's

day in the national capital. We

reached 13 degrees after

dropping to minus 5 over Nate.

Across the border, patchy light

cloud out west:

A high pressure system is directing showery

south-easterly winds on to the

New South Wales and Queensland

coasts. That high is keeping

much of south-east Australia

clear. On the synoptic chart, a

trough is crossing southern WA

producing areas of rain and the

odd storm. In the capitals tomorrow:

That's ABC News. We will

leave you at Melbourne Zoo

celebrating the 9th birthday of

one of its Sumatran orangutans.

I'm Siobhan Heanue. Goodnight.