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Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome

to A Current Affair. First - the

tradie who's just turned 70 and

been told he's too old to work.

He's fit and healthy, and has no

desire to retire. - much less live

off the taxpayer-funded pension. Look at this. I'm Look at this. I'm 70 years of age. off the taxpayer-funded pension.

Fit as a fiddle. Please let me

work! I want to! It's very common,

and it's very negative in its

effects on all of us. We older

workers demand an answer, because

we want to work. We want to be out

there. Hilary Gonsalves is one very

fit senior who is only too happy to

show off his toned physique. Of

(GIGGLES) course! No worries! Away you go.

flies off his back. Any chance he gets, that shirt

70 years young, huh? Going on 25!

And you've got the muscles? I often

take my shirt off and go for a run

all the time. Not just for TV

cameras? No. For girls to look at

me and say, "Gee, he's not bad." As

a matter of fact, today is his 70th

birthday. Happy birthday, Hilary.

Thank you very much, Margaret. We

got you a cake.

But fit and frisky Hilary isn't in

a partying mood. Do I need to ask

you what you just wished for? I

wish that some insurance company -

stop to this. or the Government - could put a

# Try to see it my way...

This self-employed joint sealer

says turning 70 means he can no

longer work himself on building

sites, and all because of insurance.

I need to have public liability and

income protection. It's a must.

While his broker was able to find a public liability policy for him,

income protection was out of the

question. 70 years, and that's it.

Finished. Full stop. Without that

insurance, Hilary says building

companies don't want him on site as a contractor.

# Life is very short...

Unless they insure me, I can't do

any work. And I love my job. You

know? Most men at 65 want to retire.

I don't. I've got a young,

beautiful wife. I want to provide

for her. And I want to live. Here's

a photo of Hilary and that

beautiful wife, 33 years his junior.

We used to go running. She can't

even keep up with me. It's just so

hideous to think that everybody

who's 65-plus is a liability. Shane

Higgins started,

a website aimed at finding jobs for

mature job seekers. He's calling

for a national committee to be

formed to solve the older-worker

insurance issue. He's got no hope.

And he can't get anything. He can't

get superannuation. Can't get

income protection insurance. Can't

get workplace protection insurance.

Of course it's not fair. It's

discrimination. Discrimination to

the highest. It is age

discrimination. A lot of employers

and insurers don't like to say it's

that. Susan Ryan is Australia's Age Discrimination Commissioner. She

says insurance companies are behind

the times when it comes to insuring

older workers. We all have to get

into this and be realistic about

the fact that we're living longer,

we're living healthier. Many people

in their 60s and 70s want to work,

can work, and we should take down

these age-discriminatory barriers.

The Commissioner says she's working

hard with Government and insurers

to get income protection insurance

policies changed sooner rather than

later. The person should be

assessed on their health, on their

willingness to do the job, and not

on how many birthdays they've had.

He wants to work. And we're

stopping a great guy getting out

and doing some work. Hilary is

prepared to undergo-year-old

medical exams, even pay extra, just

so he can get insurance and get

back to work. By doing this,

they're killing me. They're asking

me to lie on the couch and not work,

and go on a pension. What would you

say to the insurance companies who

you think aren't giving you a stair

go? I feel they should not judge

people by their age. Just people by

what they are capable of doing. I

don't have a walking stick. I run

every day. I exercise every day.

I'm as fit as a fiddle.

He sure is. That doesn't make sense,

does it? We'd love to hear what you

thought of that story. Let us know

on face mk or on Twitter.

Coming up - how to escape the

winter blues - cut-price cruising

for just $50 a night. No cooking,

no making beds! No washing up!

There's been a key development in

the violent attack on an elderly

man we told you about recently. It

involved a pensioner being pushed

off a balcony. Now the neighbour

pleaded guilty. accused of attacking him has

Do you want to apologise to your

neighbour? Mr Rangi? Come on, don't

hit the camera. Are you going to

apologise to your neighbour? Have a

good day, mate. It's the nasty

neighbourhood fight that could have

killed one pension, and will likely

see another behind bars. I

sincerely hope he does go to jail.

You've pleaded guilty. Have a good

day, mate. You're off to jail...

At first he denied it. Now there's

no dispute - 69-year-old Gordon

Rangi has admitted to a magistrate

he pushed his neighbour, Barry

Purvis, off a balcony. His 4m fall

was broken by a plastic pot plant,

leaving him with suspected spinal

injuries. Isn't that fair enough?

You could have killed him when you

threw him off the balcony. No

comment. Shush. Come on, Gordon. No

comment. An apology is warranted,

surely. Just leave him alone. At

least treez tige control his temper

this time. (BLEEP) off! Hey, come

on. (BLEEP). Why did you throw him

off? Gordon, put the chair down.

This is what we copped the first

time we tried to ask Gordon about

his stoush with neighbour Barry.

All Barry wanted was for gourden to

stop making so much noise at night,

because it was keeping everyone in

their Housing Commission complex

awake. Got me by my houses and my

jacket there, and tipped me over

onto that pot plant down there. It

became very clear in court - the

magistrate believes she simply has

no alternative but to send Gordon

Rangi to jail. He faces a maximum

of two years behind bars. He

recently did seven months jail,

also for assault. So hopefully this

will bring peace to the

neighbourhood. Despite the guilty

plea to assault, Gordon is still at

it. He's up to his old tricks? He's

up to his old tricks. Rangi is

still keeping his neighbours awake

with his bizarre nocturnal cleaning

ritual. 3:33. I've just heard the

first banging upstairs. As you can

see, his bathroom light is on. He's

just been out - chucked a bucket of

water over the balcony. Every

night! The vacuum cleaner going,

the dragging the - because he moves

night. every piece of furniture every

Now the ordeal is almost over,

Barry is still on the mend, and

hoping to return to his quiet life.

How have you been since the ordeal?

Surviving. Still got a lot of pain.

Lucky that I got away with my life, quite frankly.

Gordon Rangi will be sentenced next

month. If you're having a problem

with your neighbours, let us know.

Send us an email or give us a call.

Her name is Chrissy, and we

recently told you about her

lifelong struggle with an extreme

case of eczema. When we last saw

her, she was setting off to the

other side of the world, to a

special clinic that helps treat

this chronic skip condition. How

did she go? Brady Halls has been following her journey.

It's a pensive look - the look a

mother gives a daughter who's

suffered for far too long. She's

handled it so well. I'm so

impressed with her. And Christina

Prior is not alone. One in three

Australians suffer from eczema -

just like her. It's been a positive

outcome for me. But sufferers here

say there's something in the water

- and it's helping them. This is

like the Holy Grail, to someone

who's suffered from eczema for 20 years.

This is the tiny village of Avene

in the south of France. Thousands

of people flock here each year to

breathe, bathe and drink from its

waters. Among them is Marie, who's

brought her daughter halfway around

the world. She's definitely

repairing her skin. We introduced

you to Chrissy a few weeks back.

Sometimes it's hard to see the

little 7-year-old girl who's just

wanting to enjoy life. Sometimes I

have to stay home from school and

Mum bandages me up. She has had

infections which required her being

isolated in hospital. But her

Sydney dermatologist discovered

something that may just help. While

I was a sceptic before I went, I

went there and saw how many

thousands of people who'd been

there and the benefits they got

from it. Having tried so many

medications and natural therapies,

they head off to give this French

one a go. But in the dry in-flight

cabin air, eczema wasn't about to

let go. Chrissy's broken out on the

first leg of the journey. Soon

enough, though, she's at the Avene

Hydrotherapy Center, a place that

offers no facials or manicures, but

is devoted entirely to easing the

miseries of troublesome skin

conditions like eczema. The

centre's water blasts her body,

scalp, and face. For 21 days, this

is how it is. The condition of her

skin has improved, so that when she

has a flare-up, she recovers faster.

After a lifetime of scratching,

something is happening. This is the

first time in her whole life she

hasn't had to be on a steroid. So

that is a miracle for me. When the

water stops, she's moisturiseed

with Avene water-based creams. You

love all this pampering? Yeah, I

feel less itchy and a bit not dry -

I don't feel dry. Yes, she's come

halfway around the world. Do you miss home? Yeah.

Like so many other young ones here,

who are trying to find a perfect

world where pain and scratching

ends. My Mum said, "You look the

best ." You've seen people worse

than you? Yeah, they've got lots of

cuts and scratches. When the rain

falls on this picturesque little

village, the water's journey takes

more than 50 years to make its way

through the rocks of these

mountains, slowly picking up

minerals along the way before

finally coming out in the town's

spring. And from there, it's pumped

straight into the showers and baths

of that clinic. They say here that

warm water has just the right

composition of magnesium and

calcium - perfect anti-inflammatory

and anti-oxidant qualities. And

Chrissy is not the only Aussie girl

experiencing it right now. Well, I

came here last year after quite a

bad flare, after the Queensland

floods. There's a leasia from

Queensland on, her second tour of

duty battling eczema. Most of the

doctors and people in the workshops

said the effects are cumulative. So

if I came back a second or a third

year, I'd get a much longer-term

effect. So I've come back a second

year, and they were right in that,

after a week, my skin is virtually

eczema-clear. And then there's

Richard from Perth, who also claims

the journey has been worth it. It's

been fantastic. I've found my

skin's not been so irritated whilst

I've been here. I've been

scratching less and I've been

sleeping much better as well. I've

usually got really bad lumps around

a large part of my arms and legs.

The lumps have actually gone down.

The long-term benefit of the water

is an average of three or six

months after the 3-week treatment.

The centre's director, Marie Ange

Martinseek, claims there are

cumulative effects for those who

return. The patients come back a

second time, a third time, and this

is the reason that they can relate

to the benefits of the treatment.

But of course, not everyone can

come to France. So from this tiny

village, laboratories have been set

up, and its water-based products

are sent to more than 130 countries

around the globe. I am so happy

that I can come home and say it's been worthwhile.

It is a month later. Your neck

looks beautiful! Your hair looks

good. That French water and

moisturiseers are part of Chrissy's

daily routine. You think it's made

a little bit of a difference for

you? Yeah, a lot. My skin feels

much better, and it's a lot more

clear. Eczema is genetic. There is

no cure. But Chrissy and others say

this treatment is giving them

enormous relief. Woo-hoo!

She does look happier, doesn't

she?Ed if you'd like more

information on that treatment, just

go to our website. With the cold

weather upon us, setting off on a

holiday cruise is becoming a

popular option - particularly with

the seniors market. And prices are at an all-time low.

# It's my time

# It's my life

# I can do what I like

Yeah, it's great value for money.

We're both pensioners and we can

still afforder. It We've seen

prices as low as $50 or $60 a night,

including all the food and

entertainment you can have.

Some welcome drinks for you...

A cruise for less than it costs to

stay in a hotel? Once you've bought

your ticket, you don't need to

spend anything else. At $50 a night,

it's probably less than it costs to

stay at home. It includes your food,

all the entertainment, events

onboard, childcare - if you have

kids - as well. It's great value.

Peter Taylor is from one of the

biggest cruise companies, which

includes the 'Pacific Dawn' in its

fleet. Well, here we are on top

deck, where you get a bird's-eye

view of the whole ship. Peter took

us on a tour starting with the most

specific - the luxury suites -

which are still cheaper than an up-

market city hotel. It costs less

than $200 per person per day to

live like a king, and each day you

wake up to a brand-new vista. We go

away for weekend trips, and this is

as good - the money we pay - on a

weekend trip, and we can have seven

days. We unpacked the suitcases

once, and then all the activities

are onboard, and everything's paid

for up-front. It's great. Great. No

cooking! No making beds! No washing up!

Hi, I'm Shiela, executive soup chef

on the 'Pacific Dawn'. Here's an

example of what you can get for

lunch here on the 'Dawn'. While

food is included in the price,

Wendee Long -- Quentin Long from 'Australian Traveller' magazine

says cruise ships clean up when it

comes to the extras. Cruise ships

make their money by what you do

onboard, how you spend your money.

Why, all of a sudden, are cruises

going cheap? Lots and lots of

cruise ships are coming to

Australia. We're a growing market

internationally. Also, the Aussie

dollar being so strong, a lot of

these people are operating on US

dollars. It's a great time to pick

up a bargain. Family-friendly. It's

everything rolled into one. It's

fun, fun, fun, party, party, party!

All the activities, all the shows

they put on. We cater ages three to

17 years old. Childcare is often

free. Children's club was a huge

bonus, being able to place them in

the children's club and do our or

thing as well. But you have to pay

to go here. Hi, I'm Ren. Welcome to

the aqua spa on the 'Pacific Dawn'.

It's like staying at a resort. You

can spend a few dollars more and go

to the day spa or one of the

signature resorts onboard. The real

tip is to book 12-18 months out to

get the best value for your dollar.

I'm off to another cruise in

September, and I'm really looking

forward to it. Pensioner Merle

Edmonds has worked out another way

to buy a cheap cruise. Once you've

been on a cheese cruise, you have

access to -- cheap cruise, you have

access to the mailing list and to

the great deals coming in. At $50 a

night, you're probably going to get

what they call a quad internal room.

That means there's no external

porthole. You also may have to

share with three other strangers.

If you're happy with that, it's a

steal. I've heard of ladies that

have shared with people, and they

have a wonderful time - especially

if they're on their own, because

everybody includes them. We had

more than 500,000 Australians

taking a cruise holiday last year.

We expect 1 million to be taking a

cruise by 2020. It's time to buy. It's a great-value holiday.

For more information on those

holiday cruises, you can go to our website.

Next on A Current Affair - Jamie

and Scott are back together again

for a very special reunion. It's

the four teams from 'The Block' 2012... (SCREAMING)

We wanted to know if our new Sweet Sesame Crunch Chicken was just as good as we think it is. So to be really sure, we thought we'd ask a town of experts. So we've come to Kentucky, New South Wales. G'day. You want some chicken? Freshly prepared, crispy chicken with a sweet Asian-style glaze and roasted sesame seeds. Yeah, lovely and crunchy. MAN: Yeah, just a different flavour. MAN: You know, you keep licking your fingers and... It tastes fantastic. We should have a KFC right there. Try it for just $2.

Meet the men of Australia's 4x100m

freestyle relay team.

And the return of the great cash

giveaway, tomorrow on 'Today'.

Now, to a reunion of our two

favourite TV shows, 'The Block' and

'Domestic Blitz' - who join forces

for a very worthy cause. We've got

a big job here. We have, but it's

certainly a worthwhile one. Jamie

Durie - Very big project. It's

going to be massive, inside and

outside. I want you to get those

tiny cogs in your head... And Scott

Cam, together after so many years.

It's starting again! (LAUGHTER)

It feels like we just shot a show

yesterday. Literally, being back at

Nine again, you know, Scotty and I

have just gone back together like

clockwork, as if we worked together

yesterday. It's amazing.

Transforming a home for a family

whose story pulls at the

heartstrings. The Wilson family -

Kellie, the girls and Hugo - lost

their father six months ago on

Christmas Eve. Young kids. It's

just a tragic story. And they're a

beautiful family. Paramedic Mick

Wilson gave his life on a difficult

and dangerous rescue mission at

Kangaroo Valley. He always placed

the needs of others first. He was a

true hero. Very close-fit family.

We thought we'd try and make life

better. We never claimed to solve

problems, but maybe we'll make

things a little bit better for them.

This is a surprise planned over

months, with great care. Imagine it

- the whole street knowing what's

about to happen, but sworn to secrecy.

It's the four teams from 'The

Block' 2012! (CHEERING)

They are going to be doing over

your house inside and out! Kelly your house inside and out! Kelly

and the kids are surprised to find

themselves suddenly being whisked

away to a place in the sun. And the

team is off and running.

Lunch! 'MasterChef's Julie Goodwin

stands guard over some of her best

work - 'The Voice's Darren Percival

will make a special appearance.

There are camera crews, producers,

grips, tradies, and the teams from

'The Block'. It's getting bigger

than 'Ben-Hur'. I've gone a size,

I'm gonna point out. That's good,

mate. Yes, I used to be XL. Now I'm

a large. You must be Mick's mates

from the paramedics. We can't do

enough for Kell and the kids. It's

the least we could do. All of that

has to get up into the back yard -

about 200 stairs. Are you sweet?

Also lending their weight - 20 of

Mick's colleagues. And it's just as

well - there's no end of stuff to

do. We're going to open up the

kitchen and, it will flow on to his

new back yard, and it will be

terrific. Because Kellie has said

to us that she wants a little bit

more of an open plan in the house.

There's a lot of walls and doors

and hidden nooks and crannies.

We're going to open that out, take

some walls out. It's raining cats

and dogs, but they only have four

days to finish the lot. And in the

middle of this sweat and turmoil, a

youngster's wistful message written

on a bedroom window catches Scott's

eye. There's certain things that

happen in life, and you move on. I

think there's a great quote in

Eliza's bedroom: "If you think bow

bout yesterday, you can't get on

with tomorrow." The last minutes,

and a hundred finishing touches.

Any family would be proud to come

home to any room in this home.

Kellie Wilson and her children will be be getting the surprise they

deserve. Open your eyes! Oh, my

God...! Oh, my God!! Oh, my God!

Look at it! It is divine!

Think she likes it. That special is

on this Sunday at 6:30 here on Nine. Think she likes it. That special is on this Sunday at 6:30 here on Nine.

After the break - the island next

door to Australia that wants to

take our boat-people. Looking at the facilities here, they're ready. Good evening, An extensive police

operation, has found two men to be

allegedly involved in a drug

trafficking ring. ACT Policing has

been investigating the Oxley and

Macgregor residents for three

months. A senior science adviser to

Barrack Obama believes the eyes of

the world are on Australia, waiting

to see the impact of the carbon to see the impact of the carbon tax

Despite this Dr Jane Lubchenco

stopped short of endorsing the

policy while in Canberra today. And

in SPORT, Shaun Berrigan could be a

late inclusion for the Raiders late inclusion for the Raiders clas

with the Storm tomorrow. More news

in the Late Edition.

Next week on A Current Affair - the

refugee solution that is right next to us.

Boat-people in our back yard - on A

Current Affair, we reveal the Australian suburbs now home to

asylum seekers. Detention centres.

Homes, even hotels are full. So why

are we ignoring the empty island next door? These

next door? These buildings were

custom-made for asylum seekers.

That special report next week, only

on A Current Affair. Until then,

have a great weekend. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live.

We start with an absolute beauty of

a match at Allianz Stadium tonight.

The Tigers will play host to the

Canterbury Bulldogs. The race to

finals football is beginning in

earnest. The Bulldogs have won five

in a row. The Tigers had last

weekend off but they are trying to

avoid their third loss in a row

this evening. The Origin decider

was very exciting, one by

Queensland in the end. I was blown

away by the performance of all the

players. Every time, we think they

are pushing the limits and in the

end, Queensland, they were the

champions. The coaches have got to

be commended for what they have

done this series. They have got to

be congratulated. It was very close.

Josh Morris, the best of the Blues,

he is taking his place tonight. He

will be looking to repeat of what

he did only a couple of nights ago.

Robbie Farah is out for the Wests

Tigers. That will have a dramatic

effect. Yes. Robbie Farah is a very

important player. Though Ryan will

become the fullback. Everything

will be coming off Benji Marshall

tonight. Tom Humble was very good

as well. Yes, if he can replicate

that, they have a good chance. Sam

Perrett after 148 games with the

Roosters will be receiving his jersey

jersey for the Bulldogs. When you

look back as a player, you can have

good luck and bad luck. Krisnan Inu

has made a great impact. Same for

Sam Perrett. He will make that

Short flays dials so effective. --

short play style. Been playing with

the forwards has been remarkable.

Des Hasler should have a pat on the

back. He has all of his four wins.

Even Frank Pritchard was able to

dominate on the edge. It was before

the line. You have never seemed...

There are always players around the

ball. They tested them on every

side. Des Hasler will be very

pleased with the defence. In round

10, that was 25 points. He will be

really happy with their defence.

Let's hear it from Des Hasler. You