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(generated from captions) and 100,000 others like her While Debra affordable accommodation, struggle to find her local member, federal politicians, along with all our are enjoying very fat pay rises. is the local MP in Debra's seat. Bob Baldwin his pay has gone up by $97,000 As a shadow minister, to $239,000 a year. he'd still be doing well. If he was demoted to the backbench, Their pay has gone to $190,000. That's almost $1,000 a week more this time last year. than they were getting workers get a $17 a week increase, at a time the nation's lowest paid Christine Milne, others, like Greens leader in the Newstart allowance in the Newstart Allowance are embarrassed that an increase has been knocked back. for parliamentarians, If we can afford a 3% pay rise for Newstart. then surely we can afford $50 Let us know what you think. their pay rises? Do politicians deserve or Facebook page Jump onto our website through Twitter. or send us a message