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(generated from captions) Kiev. Good morning, it's Monday, 2 July I'm Andrew Geoghegan. And'm h'm Karina

Carvalho. The top story, the

Prime Minister's begun the

fight of her political life to

sell the new carbon tax but

she's facing an uphill battle.

The latest opinion poll

suggests it's more unpopular

than ever. Two-thirds of voters

surveyed by the kneelen survey

don't support the tax. Tony

Abbott has gone into campaign mode Prommising to scrap the

tax. But the Prime Minister

says the fear campaign will not

succeed. People will be able to

reflect on the past 12 months

all of the claim s that have

been made and you will be able

to judge for yourself and, in

the months ahead, I think as the dust settles from this debate, Australians will be

able to see that we've done the

right thing to tackle climate

change and See seize a clean

energy future. The most

positive message that positive message that I can

give to the Australian people

right now is that, if they

elect a Coalition Government,

there will be no carbon tax on

day one of a new government the

instruction also go to the

public service, start prepare

ing the legislation on day one

of a new Parliament, the carbon

tax repeal legislation will tax repeal legislation will be introduced. Joining us on the

phone now is the Opposition's

environment spokesman Greg

Hunt. Good morning. Thanks for

your time. Now, Whyalla wasn't

wiped off the map, the sky

didn't fall in. Are you due to

visit there any time soon? We

have Simon boomingham going to

the Whyalla this week and I am

in the Hunter now. Whyalla has

already had to be bailed out by

the Government. Geelong has

already been bailed out by the

Government. And the Latrobe

Valley has already been bailed

out by the government. So the

64 million dollar question for

the Prime Minister today is why

did she and Greg Combet have to

give OneSteel which runs the

Whyalla steel works $64

million? Jewly Bishop was on

Channel Ten a short time ago

and she said the Coalition

would remove pension rises

soerthed with the carbon tax.

Is that the Coalition

policy? We will make a formal

statement in relation to tax

cuts without a carbon tax but

we will have tax cuts without a

carbon tax. So will pensioners

will worse off? No, our

guarantee is that what will

happen is that Australian

family, Australian ers an

Australian senior s will be

better off and right now each

and every pensioner, each and

every family is paying the

carbon tax through watching

this program on television,

running up their heating,

turning on the lights, turning

on the kettle, opening the

fridge door. So at the moment

the carbon tax is more

unpopular than ever, precisely because Australians know that

they're the ones paying the price

price for Julia Gillard's

election deception. Let Let's

sticks with the pension rises

which have already been brought

in. How exactly will the

Coalition go about taking away

those pension rises and then

instituting their own pension rise? Wouldn't it make sense

just to keep it? What we will

do is once we've seen the final

position of the budget whether

it's after the next budget or

during the election period, we

will set out very clearly how

we will leave Australian

families better off and Australian pensioners better

off than they would otherwise

have been. The first and most

important thing to do is to re

the carbon tax. That is what we

will do. I think Australians

know they were deceived before

the last election and they know

wroefr the tax starts now it

goes up and up and up because

that is what if Government's

designed it to do and they will pay it through their

electricity bills and their gas

bills and their tip bills and

that is why the carbon tax is

more unpopular than ever. OK,

so just for exact

clarification, will the pension

rise that has been brought in

associated as part of the

compensation with the carbon

tax, will that remain under a

Coalition Government? We will

protect pensioners and anyway

will be better off under ution

and we will make it absolutely

- us and we will make it

absolutely clear once we've

seen the financial details z to

the particular elements. But

let us be clear we will be

remove the carbon tax and

families be better off under

us. You sailed this was the

worst possible time for

businesses to be facing a

carbon tax. Yet just this

morning we have seen nearly 300

businesses launch an advertising campaign supporting

the tax. What we see right

around the country is tens of

thousands of small businesses.

We see industrial firms, we see

numerous firms that have deep

issues with the issue of a

carbon tax. There are some

banks and traders that are

going to make money carbon

trading. Good luck to them but

they are not going to be doing

that under our because our

focus, our concern is un

apologietically focusing on the

fact that there is a better way

than a massive electricity tax

which hurts families and is a

reverse tariff and it's a

breach of a fundamental

election promise. Greg Hunt we

will have to leave it there.

Thanks for your time. Thanks a

lot. In a moment we will get

the Government side of this