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Live. he

Tonight - the carbon tax now

a fact of political life. Australians can look

around and see the sky hasn't

fallen in. What do you think

of this carbon tax? What do you

think of prime ministers who

tell lies before elections?

Well, this is your chance to

pass judgment. A new monument

to commemorate Australia's

worst maritime disaster. We

renew our pride in what they

did and we honour their

profound sacrifice. The Brumbies cement their

Conference lead with a win over

the Western Force.

And happy birthday, Aunty -

the ABC turns 80. Good evening.

Siobhan Heanue with ABC News.

The carbon tax came into force

at midnight and with it a

renewed campaign by the

Government and the Opposition.

Federal ministers have been despatched to debunk Opposition

claims that the price on

pollution will ruin the economy

and bring industry to a halt.

Tony Abbott has promised there

won't be a carbon tax under a

government he leads. Here's

chief political correspondent

Mark Simkin. CHANTING. This is

C-Day. The start of the biggest

and most divisive economic

change in more than a

decade. Ditch the witch! Julia

Gillard fronted a friendlier

crowd. The most important

person in Australia. Yes, and

one of the bravest. Pleased to

meet you, Julia.

Thank you very much. In

miserable Melbourne, the sky

did seem a little lower, but it

was definitely still up there. Australians can look

around and see the sky hasn't

fallen in. Around 300 companies

will pay $23 for every tonne of

carbon they produce. The tax

will flow right through the economy. Everything on this

table is going to be more

expensive under the carbon

tax. There will be

compensation, but Tony Abbott

insists he will repeal that and

the tax itself. Great to be

here in Melbourne today to

officially launch my campaign to rid Australia of this carbon

tax. He won't take carbon

pricing away. He will engage in

a little Fidel, a little fudge

to kind of pre tend, but carbon

pricing will still be here. The

Government isn't ruling out

changes of its own. Well, if

some tweak something justified,

of course we'll consider it. It

will be months and perhaps

years before the full impact of

the tax is known, although the

electricity shock will start

immediately. The ABC has

obtained the Government's state

by state breakdown. It shows

power prices are going up by as

much as 18% in some states. The

weekly hip pocket hit ranges

from $3.35 in Victoria to $6.ho

in New South Wales. Only part

of that is the carbon tax,

though. Labor estimates its

contribution is more than $4 in

a week in the ACT, but only

$1.34 in South

Australia. Australia, this

campaign is now on. It's now

on. The campaign comes complete

with mobile billboards and

television ads. There will be no carbon tax under the

government I lead. Labor lied

and now we're all being hit

with a carbon tax. The

Government is also hitting the

hustings, despatching-the-Treasurer to a

supermarket The same price as

it was last Friday, $20. And

two ministers to Whyalla, the

steel town the Coalition warned

could be wiped from the map. 3, 2, 1! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

We're still standing, yeah,

yeah, yeah. Kevin Rudd's

support collapsed behe didn't

put a price on carbon. Julia

Gillard's collapsed when she

said she would. Labor is

desperately hoping the next few

weeks are game-changers but

it's telling some ministers

spend a lot more time

criticising Tony Abbott's

criticisms than they did

spruiking their own

policy. With the carbon price

comes carbon compensation and

tax cuts designed to offset any

pain to households, but big

businesses are still opposed to having to pay for the pollution

they generate, saying it will

hurt productivity. The

Edgecombs have two children

under 5. They live on a single

income of more than $of 5,000 a

year. With the Government

compensation and tax cuts, the

family will be about $49 better

off. If the effects and the

cost increases are going to be

as minimal as the Government

says they are, then I don't

think there is going to be

major issues. They agree with

the carbon tax, but are still

worried with rising costs. You

can turn things off at the

plugs, you can turn lights off

and heaters and airconditioners

off when you're not using them

and when you already do all

those sort of things to try to

save money, there is not much

more can you do.

Middle income families on

$90,000 a year will be $219

better off with tax changes and extra at the same time

payments. Low income families

receiving $45,000 a year will

be better off by be better off by $93.

The compensation package that

the Government has designed as

we think got all the elements

of being fair and

adequate. Those who have to

pay the carbon tax, big

businesses are saying it's not fair and far from adequate.

They are are warning it will

slow economic growth and make

Australian companies less

competitive internationally.

The carbon tax actually hits those sectors which are already

undergoing significant

adjustment pressures and job

shedding and a carbon tax will just exacerbate that

process. This is the day that

we begin to seriously tackle

global warming and to price

pollution. Today also means

changes to the private health

insurance rebate. Singles

earning less than $84,000 and

families less than $168,000

will still be eligible for the 30% rebate. More

More than 65 ,000 people

have prepaid their premiums for

up to 18 months to avoid the increase. One charge families

won't have to pay from today is

the flood levy. It raised about

$1.4 billion to rebuild after

Queensland's natural disasters

in 2011.

The Government and Opposition

will spend the next few weeks

in a de facto election

campaign, travelling the

campaign, travelling the

country, arguing the pros and

cons of carbon pricing. A short

time ago, Tony Abbott spoke to

our chief political

correspondent Mark Simkin. Mr

Abbott, the sky hasn't fallen

in, has it? Yes, but

everyone's prices are going to

go up and up and up because

that's the nature of a carbon

tax. It will hit everyone's

power bills. Later it will hit

power bills. Later it will hit

everyone's transport bills.

It's just going to go up and up

and up and from today people

are paying the price of Julia Gillard's betrayal. But do you

accept some of the Coalition's

claims have been exaggerations?

Roasts aren't going to cost

$100, are they? But they are

going to be significantly more

expensive and that's the point

- everything will be more

expensive under this bad tax

based on a lie. Julia Gillard insisted

insisted today you wouldn't be

able to roll back a tax as

tomorrow pli Kated as this one.

Can you give an absolute

guarantee there will be no

carbon tax under a government

you lead? Yes, I can, Mark, and

what the Parliament has done, a

future Parliament can undo, and

on day one of an incoming

government, we will start

preparing the repeal

legislation, and on the very

legislation, and on the very

first day of a new parliament,

we will introduce the repeal

legislation. Even if you do

manage to remove the tax, how

can you force businesses to put

their prices back down? When

the GST came in, the ACCC

ensured that while, yes, some

prices did go up back then,

manial other prices went down

with the removal of other

taxes. Now, it will be doing

exactly the same kind

exactly the same kind of work

once the carbon tax is

removed. The carbon tax isn't

the only new financial pressure

with many local taxes and fees also rising. Most of the

changes were announced in last

month's Territory Budget as

part of the massive shake-up to

the tax system. While some

charges significantly increase,

others will disappear. It's an annual affair as

annual affair as the calendar

hits 1 July, the cost of living

rises. Today is a very sad day

for Canberra families. Fuf' got

a couple of kids, if you're

paying off your home, today is

the day that your government

slugs you even harder.

This is a balancing act.

There is no perfect system, but

I would be very surprised if

anyone who is in government is

in a position to say that fees

and charges won't

increase. Rates for most

Canberra home owners are going up, as the

up, as the Government's

overhaul of the tax system

rolls out. On averages, it's an

increase of $123 per household,

but it varies widely from

suburb to suburb, and as usual,

most other charges are increase

from rego and parking to

electricity and water. Today

gives you another bill for $62.

That's what they've - for $642.

That's what they've declared.

When you are introducing

significant change, you try to

do it as fairly as you can, but

we are ra not saying there

won't be an impost. We would

anticipate because of the cold

Canberra winters, there will be

more people needing

assistance. While some tax goes

up, others go down. Landlords of low of low and medium-priced

properties will get a drop in

tax. Duties on insurance will

disappear and concession s

schemes for those on low

incomes are being

expanded. That's a welcome one,

but there are certainly still

we think a lot more that can be

done in the area of looking at

concessions. From today, one

concession is being granted to

everyone - the library fine ledger has been

ledger has been wiped. Over

$700,000 worth of library fines

on our books. They will be waived from today and people will be able to return their

books without fear of fines

. The catch, however, it

tougher penalties for overdue

items in the future, but at

least you know it's one charge

you can avoid. A fugitive

wanted offer a murder in New

South Wales has been caught in the Northern Territory. Police

have been searching for

Jonathan Stenberg in bushland

on Darwin's outskirts for

nearly a week. Officers

surrounded the 46-year-old who

was hiding inside a camouflaged

camp. Police say he was armed

with hand guns and a rifle. He

had managed to conceal himself

in a reasonably elaborate camp

set-up which was extremely

difficult to spot. It's alleged

Stenberg murdered 54-year-old

Edward Kelly who was

decapitated at his home on the

northern New South Wales coast

in late June. Police say

sentence brg is undergoing a

medical assessment, but is not

injured. He is expected to face

the Darwin Magistrates Court

tomorrow for extradition

proceedings. World leaders have

agreed on a new plan which will

call for a transitional

government to be set up in

Syria, but the international

summit in Geneva ended without

a plan for President Bashar

al-Assad to step down. Middle

East correspondent Anne Barker reports.

CHANTING. As world leaders

were meeting to try to stop the

conflict in Syria, the killings

continued. EXPLOSION

Opposition activists said

Syrian troops fired a mortar

bomb into a funeral procession

in the capital. More than 30

people were killed. The amateur

video was posted online as

Western and Arab leaders agreed

on a new plan for a

transitional government in

Syria. It could include moments

of both the current government

- members of both the current

government and the opposition,

but Kofi Annan says it's

unlikely Syrians will agree to

include anyone with blood on

their hands. I will doubt that

the Syrians who have fought so

hard for their independence to

be able to have a say in how

they are governed and who

governs them. The new plan

makes no explicit demand for

President Bashar al-Assad to

kooed power, although Europe

and the US say they see no new

role for him in any new

regime He needs to hear loudly

and clearly that his days are

numbered. But the meeting has

again high lited the rift

between Western powers and

Russia which opposes what it

calls foreign meddling in

Syria's affairs. Russia says

it's not for the outside world

to dictate what happens in Syria

TRANSLATION: The document

adopted today says that the

fate of the country should be

decided by the Syrians

themselves. But the Syrian

Opposition has always said it

will not participate in a

government with President Assad

and he has never spoken of the

possibility of a democratic

solution to the crisis. With

700 people killed in the past

week alone, both sides appear

to be in the grip of a

prolonged conflict. In Egypt,

Islamist Mohamed Morsi has been

sworn in as the country's first democratically elected democratically elected

President. Backed by the once

banned Muslim Brotherhood, he

has promised a new Egypt.

Ironically he was sworn in at

the same military base where

other breerhood members faced

trial during Hosni Mubarak's regime.

TRANSLATION: Today, together,

we start a new phase in the

history of Egypt and we turn

over a hideous page and open a

new shining page. The new

President was flanked by

generals at a military parade

where he was formally handed

authority to govern the nation.

He has vowed to reclaim powers

recently stripped from the

presidency by the country's

powerful military. The former

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak

Shamir has died at the age of

96. He served twice as Prime

Minister in the '80s and '90s,

and gained a reputation as an un compromising opponent of

Palestinian statehood. He also

took Israel into its first

talks with Syria, Lebanon,

Jordan and the Palestinians at

the 1991 Madrid international

peace conference. Mr Shamir had

been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Islamists linked to

al-Qaeda have destroyed several

ancient Muslim shrines in

Timbuktu. The attack came just

days after the United Nations

agreed to put the fabled city

in Mali on its list of

endangered World Heritage

sites. The UN feared the

country's cultural treasures

would be damaged after rebels

ousted the country's government

in March. Militant groups have

imposed strict sharia law in

parts of the West African

country which was seen as a

model of democracy before the

coup. It was Australia's worst

maritime disaster. More than a

thousand prisoners of war and

civilians were killed when the Japanese ship, 'Montevideo

Maru', was sunk. Today 70 years

after the Second World War

tragedy, a new monument commemorating those who died

has been unveiled at the

Australian War Memorial. The

'Montevideo Maru' was torpedoed

by an American submarine whose

commander was unaware the ship

was carries allied was carries allied

prisoners. In one night in

1942, nearly twice as many

Australians lost their lives as

did in the 10 years of the

Vietnam War. They, their

families deserve to be

remembered. The men who died

will always be in the hearts

and minds of their loved ones,

but now, in this special place,

we have a tangible

reminder. Thousands of people,

including relatives of those

killed when the ship sank,

braved the cold to see the

memorial dedicated. It also

commemorates those Australians

who died defending Rabaul in

Papua New Guinea. Cadel Evans

has started his Tour de France

defence with a solid ride in

the prologue is the Belgian

city of Liege. The Australian

finished the time trial in 17th

place, 17 seconds behind the

winner Fabian Cancellara.

Duncan Huntsdale reports. Commert comment

commnt he has more sweat coming

off his face than Niagara Falls

there. The BMC rider was 13th

in the 6.4km time trial. The

man expected to be his main

rival made an inpressive start Bradley Wiggins has

picked up over the latter part

of this course. The Englishman

was second fastest, second

fastest behind Swiss Fabian

Cancellara and so seconds ahead

of Evans, but the Australian

wasn't concerned. Wiggins, his

background is short, efforts,

no good, not bad, happy to get

it started. The Tour remains in

Belgium for stage 1, a 198km

trip from Liege to 15 reng.

When you're the great British

hope of ending the Wimbledon

title drought you can play as

late as you want. 11pm was the

official curfew, but Andy

Murray was given a few more

minutes to finish his

third-round match against

Marcos Baghdatis. I think

that's maybe the first time

that's happened here, so I

don't know if the tournament

gets a fine, or health and

safety - ask them if it's

OK. Marin Cilic also worked

overtime, defeating American

Sam Querrey in a five and a

half hour marathon, the second longest match in Wimbledon

history. Stars of screen and

greens watched a hair-raising

experience for Serena Williams

as she overcame Zheng Jie.

There was drama on the first

turn of Dutch MotoGP with championship leader Jorge

Lorenzo taken out by Alvaro Bautista. Casey Stoner made the

most of the mishap, seeing off

a challenge from team-mate Dani

Pedrosa to record his third win

of the season. The Australian

is now co-leader with Lorenzo

on the points standings. A

bonus point win for the

Brumbies over the Force has

ensured Canberra will remain on

top of the Australian

Conference for at least another

week. Overnight in South

Africa, the Stormers beat the

Lions and the Bulls defeated

the Cheetahs, while in Perth,

the Brumbies held off a

second-half comeback from the

Force to earn a 28-17 win. Ben

Lisson reports. With no final

spot to play for, last night's

home game for the Force was

veteran Nathan Sharpe's swan song. COMMENTATOR: That's a

great try to start things for

the Brumbies. With their top of

the table spot truly threatened

by the Reds, the Brumbies raced

to an early lead looking to

secure a bonus point. Alexander

on the line. Try, the

Brumbies!. The goal kicking

from Zack Holmes left a bit to

be desired. His passing,

though, was right on the

money Super What a try! . The

free-flowing backline play from

the Brumbies yielded results

and the four-try bonus point

before half-time. Nick Cummins

forced a fightback after the

break. Two quick tries turned

the Brumbies' cakewalk into a contest. Cummins has a

double! The Force had some communication issues and the

Brumbies were strong enough

when it mattered. Two late

penalties from Holmes secured

the result. Steers it through.

Was probably a little bit

rusty with some of our

defensive pattern stuff, but a

lot of that was really good

footy and I'm really proud of

the guys. We take away 5 points

here which is a good

result. The win puts the

Brumbies 5 points clear a top

of the Australian Conference.

They will meet the Waratahs

next weekend, while the Force

travel to New Zealand for the

final two rounds. Delays at Sydney Airport couldn't keep

the Blues from making their way

to Brisbane for Wednesday's

Origin decider, but it cob the

Maroons who have missed the

boat after dropping Dave Taylor

from their squad. Taylor was

instrumental in the pp South

Sydney win. Dave Taylor was

released from the Queensland

Origin squad, but the Maroons'

loss proved to be the

Rabbitohs' gain The big man

goes into score. Taylor was on

a mission, to prove the

selectors wrong and the

Panthers were his victims Dave

is a great player. If he had

another chance for Queensland,

he would respond exactly the

same way he did there. Two

tries gave the mountain men

some hope as they went to the

break trailing by 2. The

Rabbitohs were never seriously

threatened in the second half.

Tries to Andrew Everingham and

doubles to Nathan Peats and

Nathan Merrett gave the

Rabbitohs breathing space as

they retained their spot in the

top 8. The Cowboys were always

going to struggle against the Warriors without their

superstar Johnathan

Thurston. He finds Ben Henry

and the Warriors will score

first at Mount Smart. Down 12-0

in as many minutes, the cows

boys halted the onslaught with

first-half tries to Kane

Linnett and winger Ashley Graham. The leading scorer in

the NRL keeps the tries coming. Nathan Friend put the

Warriors up by 10 midway

through the second half. New

Zealand banking the 2 points

after Lewis Brown put the

result beyond doubt. And the

Knights have found some form

under master coach Wayne

Bennett winning their second

game in a row for the first

time this season Steps him.

Hindmarsh in chasing. Hindy

won't get there and he goes the

length of the field. Parramatta

closed the gap to 8 points with

10 to go, but that's as close

as they would get. The Canberra

Raiders will face their

whipping boys, the drag gons,

tomorrow night at Canberra

Stadium. With Josh Dugan ruled

out due to an ankle injury, Sam

Williams returns to Canberra's

halves for the match. St

George-Illawarra hasn't lost to

Canberra since 2000 but that

winning streak is in danger

with Canberra in poor form

heading into the match. The

Raiders have won just two of

their last 8 games. In the AFL:

This evening, the Kangaroos

are leading St Kilda. Earlier

the Lions had a big victory

over Melbourne, while it was no

easy win for the Cats. Nick

Bailey reports. Freezing

conditions and a dull day

greeted fans and players alike

at Kardinia Park and things weren't all that much brighter

on the field. Honours were even

after a scrappy first quarter

in which Geelong managed three goals and Port Adelaide two. Though the skill level was low

and the majority of the and the majority of the second

term certainly wasn't one for

the highlight

reel. COMMENTATOR: Give it is

to Christensen and he can't

roll it through. It is a comedy

of errors at the moment. After

16 goalless minutes, Geelong

found the middle three times in

quick succession to take

control. Port continued to

waste its opportunities and

went goalless for the term. The

lead for Geelong was 25 points

at the main break. The Power

has won double the number of

third quarters they've lost in

2012 and once again the period

after half-time was kinder to

them. The Power kicked 4 goals

to 3 to be in the running at

the final change. Westhoff out

of nowhere and it's back to 20

points. Geelong was far from

its best but was always doing

enough to get a more

comfortable spot inside the top

8. A goal after the siren made

it 5 goals to 2 in the final

term and 38 points was the

final margin. In the North

eastern football league,

Queanbeyan earned a 21-point

victory over Belconnen.

Queanbeyan have been the

surprise packet of this year's

competition and today at home

the team continued their

impressive run, leading by 4

goals over the Magpies at

half-time. The visitors won the

third quarter to narrow the

margin, but the Tigers had too

much class and drew level with

Sydney at the top of the

Eastern Conference with today's

83-62 win. Well, the ABC is

celebrating a very special

birthday today. In 1932, as the

Great Depression gripped the

country, the nation's

broadcaster was launched as a

radio station in each capital

city. Fast forward 80 years and

the ABC has well and truly

embraced the digital era, informing and entertaining Australians in more ways than

could have been imagined by

those early broadcasters. Lucy

McNally looks back on the

broadcaster's history so

far. In the beginning, it was

all about the wireless. It was

just a remarkable piece of

nation-building, to create the

ABC in 1932, at the height of

the Great Depression. In 1956,

an exciting era dawned - television. There are bound to

be a few little moments of

panic and tension. We're having

one right now. And Aunty, as

it's affectionately known,

captured pivotal moments such

as the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

The following decade saw the

birth of 'Four Corners', a

leader in investigative

journalism. The '60s gave rise

to another popular show, this

time on the entertainment side

of things. Set in a small

Victorian town, 'Bellbird' is

considered Australia's first

successful soap opera. I take it all back. You ride very

well. But home-grown drama was

threatened in the '80s in the

threat of, in the face of

massive cut threat s for

cuts. The ABC has led the way

on children's programming with

'Play School' remaining the

longest running Australian

kids' show. Channel Two as was

known for so long was home to a

wide range of Australian shows

with many recent dramas

returning top ratings. Its

coverage of international news

is unrivalled. The ABC has sent

correspondents to all the major

hot spots that have shaped the

last eight decades. It's now 7

hours since this all

started. In the 2000s, digital

technology changed the media

landscape and the ABC launched

News 24. At last we had a

service that delivered on

television and news around the

clock. The ABC will always have

its critics and even those

within the organisation say it

could be better, but after 80

years... Where would we really

be without this thing called

the ABC? Happy birthday, Aunty.

Time for the weather now on

your ABC and it was a cloudy

day in the national capital

with intermittent light

showers. We reached 11 degrees

after a low of 1. Across the

border there were frosty starts

in Bega and Cooma. In western

centres there was heavy cloud.

Wagga Wagga got to 11. Around

the country:

A front is drawing a cold air

mass across New South Wales,

leading to showers in our

region, and snow as far north

as the Blue Mountains. A large

low is generating brisk winds,

rain and high land snow in

Victoria and Tasmania of the a

high is keeping the remainder

of the nation mostly clear. In

the capitals tomorrow:

And that's the latest from

the Canberra newsroom. Thanks

for your company. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI.