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(generated from captions) of applying the same. I know

that you have a position and

I respect that, but I ask you

to give serious consideration

to the amendments so that

those rights of people who

travel and take the risk to

come to this country are

considered, that where we

send them to in that offshore

process, if we make a

decision to send them to

another country, we collectively commit to the

protection of the rights of

people who seek a life in

this nation. Nobody in their

right mind would not want to

come here, because we have so

much to offer, but we also

want a process that protects

our borders and yet, at the

same time, show the

compassion that is needed to

ensure that we guarantee the

safety of anybody that we

have who travel s those

oceans to come to this land.

Prime Minister, I know that

decisions are tough at times,

I know that there are

political agendas, but this

time I appeal, as the first

indigenous member of this

chamber, to your kindness and

consideration and to look at

the truth and way in which we

strike a common accord to

afford people those privilege

s that are absolutely

critical and vital. They are

privileges I would not want

to have relinquished if I was

in their situation. So, in

terms of all of this, I would

hope that we look at the

amendments to protect those

who are most vulnerable, to

protect those who seek a better life, but, at the same

time, ensure that our

standards and our obligations

to protect our borders are

equally in place. So, Prime

Minister, I appeal to you to

give serious consideration to

the Morrison amendments and

that we reach a solution that

is for the good of this

country and for the good of

those who come across the

borders. Thank you, deputy

Speaker. We're going to leave Parliament there briefly to give you another

update of where we're at. Live Captioning by Ai-Media