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(generated from captions) was defeated by Jo-Wilfried

Tsonga in straight sets. John

Alexander is a well known

Australian tennis name both as

a former player and as a

commentator. These days he is

in the public eye through his

role as a Federal MP and he is

concerned about the current

state of Australian tennis. This has been a sad

trend probably since the early

70s in Australian tennis where

our fortunes have been

declining. Bernard Tomic's

defeat was perhaps the worst.

He admits he did slacken off,

what do you make of his

attitude? Well, as the famous

BBC commentate or used to say

of talented players, an artist

of a tennis player with a

temperament of an artist. He

has his ups and downs. His

preparation wasn't great. He

had the flu in the lead-up

event and had to withdraw. He

looked rather tentative. He

allowed gof gof to dominate -

David Goffin to dominate and

play his way into the match. He didn't endear himself with the

crowd either it

appeared. Lleyton Hewitt lost

as well. Is it time for him to

call it a day? Lleyton will play as long as he enjoys

playing. I don't think he

especially needs to play for

any other reason but you'd have

to think his days at Wimbeldon

are numbered. What can be done

to ensure there are the future

champions coming through the

ranks, the development of

Australian tennis? What's the

state of play there? I think

the loss of good fortune in

Australian tennis is just to do

with the loss of facilities,

the loss of courts, the loss of

participation. Those things are

also commensurate with our loss

of producing tennis players. We

are celebrating 50 years since

Laver won Wimbeldon for the

second time in 1962 when he won

the Grand Slam. In those days

we had more tennis courts per

capita than any other country,

we had the highest levels of

participation. We had no elite player development and we

produced the world's greatest

players. It is not the case

anymore. We have to build from

the ground up if we are to

dominate tennis again. Quick

word about Sam Stosur, our female representative left at

Wimbeldon. Can she go all the

way? Sam can. I said in 2005

that I thought Sam could win

Wimbeldon one day. She hasn't

done that. She has been a

finalist in the French, won the

US. She has had a great opening

round match where she gained

confidence. Confidence is

essential. Sam is athletic, at

the peak of her powers,

anything could happen. John