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(generated from captions) to break the stalemate Can our leaders move politics aside on asylum seekers? with the Coalition. have been at loggerheads Up till now, the two parties seekers to Malaysia. over Labor's plan to send asylum Tony Abbott. I'm joined now by Opposition Leader willing to negotiate. Julia Gillard said she's Your colleague is quoted in the ,

papers to today wonder whg last week's tragedy had have been avoided if he had voted in favour of the Malaysian solution. Do you agree with him. Look, Kochie, I think this is a very difficult problem but let's never forget that this was a problem that the Howard government faced and the Howard government solved by putting in place rigorous processing at Nauru, temporary in place rigorous offshore protection visas and the option of turning boats around. These were the policies that worked in the past. I think they can work again in the future Do you agree with Tony Crook that it future and may have been able to have been avoided if you had let the Malaysia solution go. You had voted for it? Let's never forget, Kochie that there have been 8,000 illegal arrivals since the 800 for 4,000 people swap was put in place. Now, the best cow say of Malaysia was that it was a band Dade on a bullet wound. It was completely inadequate wound. It was

to dealing with the scale of the problem. There were no human rights protections. The government wasn't going to send juveniles and women back to Malaysia. It was just a dud deal for Australia as well as being a cruel deal for both people. So is Tony crook a bit misguided in thinking that? He is a very decent human being and all of us are right to consult our consciousness in the face of tragedy but having consulted my consciousness, having discussed this with my shadow cabinet, I am very confident that the position that the coalition has had for a decade and which has stopped the boats is right one. Would any Would any amount of negotiation change your mind. Julia Gillard is saying, let's put this above politics. I think most Australians would agree on. Will you put yourself above politics. Will you negotiate? I think the Prime Minister is playing politics with the best of them right now. She hasn't picked up the phone. She hasn't dropped me a line. There hasn't been a email. If she do, will you negotiate? Kochy I think what the public want here is not more talk. There has been plenty of talk. They want effective policies. That's sort of - I only need a yes or no from you on that. Will you negotiate? Well, what is there to The Prime Minister just wants us to accept a dud deal. Now, She hasn't moved on at all. So no.

her halfway? If she does though, will you meet

Well, if she wants to put good policies in place obviously we will support good policy but we are not going to support bad policies. The job of an opposition is not to make weak compromises with a government that's failed. We might be able to negotiate here between our politicians but it seems to me Indonesia is sort of at root of this. The amount of to me Indonesia is sort of at the

corruption in that country that lets these boats leave is absolutely staggering. When you look at the timeline of last week's tragedy, the means basically left them alone after that first distress signal. Do we need to get toufr with Indonesia and say "don't just give us the and say "

boats leaving your country." talk, act to help us and stop the

is the way the government has I think one of the big problems here

relationship with Indonesia. Instead completely mishandled the

of talking quietly with the mean, they have engaged in Meg phone diplomay, What would you do with Indonesia? Well, they have done the same thing with Indonesia that the Prime Minister has tried to do with Minister has tried to do with the

coalition now. It's negotiation through the media. That doesn't work. What you've got to do is show genuine good faith, sit down, with the people of Indonesia, work genuine good faith, sit down, talk out what they can do, what we can do

Haven't been doing that for years though? Certainly that is what John Howard and Philip Ruddock did and Alexander Downer did. That's why we had a relationship that did enable to be effectively turned around. relationship that did enable boats What is different in dealing - I part from the mega phone politics, what did you offer under the Howard regime, the people of Indonesia for them to be serious about this did you give them extra aid or money? We treated them with respect. We treated them as equal partners. We treated them as people who were fair dinkum with them as we were fair dinkum with them. That is what it will hasn't been from this dinkum with them. That is what this government. This has been a government that just doesn't get it on anything. It hasn't treated the people of Indonesia decently. That's the difficulty. Tony Abbott, it will be a fascinating week leading up to the winter recess. I appreciate your time this morning.