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Tonight - lost at sea. The

search for survivors is called

off as the political blame game

begins. A Brisbane father

charged with murder after his

baby son drowned. Too close for

comfort. Black Caviar wins by a

nose at Ascot. And adding

insult to injury, the Raiders

lose Josh Dugan, and to the

Cowboys. Good evening, Siobhan

Heanue with ABC News. The death

toll from the asylum boat

tragedy has risen to 17.

Authorities have now called off

the search with more than 70

people still unaccounted for.

While the recovery operation

continues, that hasn't deterred

other asylum seekers from

making the treacherous journey.

Another boat, carrying 60

people has arrived at the

Australian territory, this time

unscathed. Jane Norman reports

from Christmas Island. Just

after Sunrise, HMAS Wollongong delivered more bodies to Christmas Island. Forensic police on board the ship

photographed the dead before

loading them into blue body

bags. The death toll from the disaster has now reached double

figures. We are expecting,

however, that the tragedy will

continue to evolve. Overnight the Australian Maritime Safety

Authority called off the search

for survivors. A Navy ship

continued to look for bodies

but late in the day that

operation was also suspended. The bodies that have been

recovered are being stored in a

makeshift morgue behind the

Christmas Island police station

where specialist officers have

begun the task of identifying

the dead. It's very important

as part of the coronial investigation, like I said

before, so that fax list who

have lost loved ones get some

closure. Parts of the wooden

boats have been retrieved as

well as life jackets to the thrown asylum seekers during

the rescue. The survivors are

still recovering here on

Christmas Island. 110 men were

rescued, including a

16-year-old boy. 18 are also claiming to be unaccompanied

minors. Most are from Pakistan

and Afghanistan. Police have

part of the criminal begun interviewing survivors as

investigation. I can confirm two crew men have been identified. They will be a

focus of our investigation. Up

to 70 asylum seekers remain

unaccounted for but it's

unlikely their bodies will ever

be found. The Federal

Government says it's open to

compromise to help resolve the political deadlock over asylum

seekers. But finding a solution before Parliament breaks for

six weeks is still unlikely.

The Opposition Leader, Tony

Abbott, has indicated he won't

give any ground and neither

will the Greens. The Prime

Minister has arrived home,

flying into a gathering storm

about asylum seeker policy.

There was a shaky border

protection truce as the tragedy

unfolded but now the gloves are

off. Tony Abbott says the ball

is in the Government's

court. It's not the Opposition's policies that have

failed, it's the Government's

policies that have failed. The

coalition and Labor agree with

off sure procession but the

Government says turning the

boats around has worked in the

past but. If they know their

human car goes aren't going to

get to Australian territories,

but are going to be detained in

Malaysia, it's a huge

disincentive. The Government is

willing to compromise, open to

the idea of sending asylum seekers to Nauru if Malaysia

can also go ahead. I hope this

week we can reach out across

the Parliament and settling on

something that's satisfactory

to both sides. I don't think we

can keep seeing these sorts of

human tragedies occurring and

really the finger pointing and

point scoring is well past its

use by date. Despite some unrest on the Liberal

backbench, Mr Abbott isn't

budging much. What's needed

here is not more bipartisanship

but effective policies. It

doesn't appear the Greens will

give ground either. Offshore

process is an absolute rejection. Finding a boarder

protection solution was one of

the Prime Minister's top

priorities when she took over

from Kevin Rudd two yaers ago

today. But little progress has

been made to stem the number of

asylum seekers arriving by

boat. And finding an acceptable

place to deal with them when

they do is just as elusive.

Parliament resumes tomorrow.

It's the final sitting week

before a six-week break but a

resolution to the political

impasse is unlikely. A baby boy

is dead, his father charged

with murder. Queensland police

are investigating how a

38-year-old man fell from a

pedestrian bridge in Brisbane

south with his baby son. The man resurfaced without the

infant. He is now in custody

and will appear in court

tomorrow. Police say they were

alerted that a six-month-old

baby had fallen from the

pedestrian bridge early

Saturday evening. The child has

subsequently failed to surface.

The male person surfaced and

was taken into custody. Police divers, Swiftwater Rescue and

SES crews launched an ex-deny

sieve search of the river and

its banks. The pram was still

left up on the bridge. The

38-year-old father has been

charged with murder. The drop

from the bridge is 15 metres

and police don't believe there

were any witnesses. At dawn

they continued their grim

search. Police foumpbd the baby

boy's body about 1.5 kilometres

downstream from the bridge, 14

hours after the incident was

investigating whether the reported. Police are still

father intended to harm

himself. Forensic crews have

examined the scene at the

popular recreation spot near

the Pacific Motorway. Terrible,

terrible. It makes you feel a

bit sick actually. The baby's mother, father and four

siblings had been staying in a

nearby house where detectives

continue their

investigations. This is

obviously a tragic set of circumstances and there were a

lot of different ages involved

and no doubt there will be debriefings to address those

issues. The man will appear in the Beenleigh Magistrates'

Court. The ACT election is

still four months away but the

mud shrinking has already

started. The ALP has accused

the Liberals of misusing

taxpayer money, printing a

brochure which it says amounts

to electioneering. They have

sought permission to use this

brochure last March and then

produced it and put another

sentence into the brochure

which was not approved. That

that offending sentence singles

out ACT Labor which the party

says is against the rules. The

Assembly Speaker is looking

into the matter. A spokeswoman

says the gist of the brochure

was approved. Last year the

Opposition Leader, Zed Seselja

was forced to apologise after a

staff member mistakenly used

Assembly resources to print a

public event. Papua New Guinea

has begun its voting. There are

reports of election-related

fighting. PNG correspondent

Liam Fox filed this report from

Corot bar. Election observers

say three election boxes have

been destroyed N two other

locations they were hijacked

and held for several hours.

They were returned stuff world

completed ballot papers. Local authorities have described the

incidents as minor. It's not

just cases of fraud that are

emerging, but also

election-related violence.

There is an unconfirmed report

a man was killed by fighting.

Elsewhere, several houseses

were burnt to the ground. It

could be a sign of things to

come. Polling is due to move

elsewhere in the high lands but

in the past most of the

violence has occurred during

the counting face and when the

results were announced. Turkey

says its fighter plane shot

down by Syria was in

international airspace and not

over Syria. The Turkish and

Syrian navies have been

searching for two missing

pilots. Turkey said the war

plane crossed into its

neighbour but was clear of Syria when it was attacked

without warning. It's promising

to respond

decisively. TRANSLATION: We

will wait to clarify some details and then, of course,

everything that needs to be

done will be done. There shouldn't be any doubt

regarding this. The military

jet burst into flames after it

was attacked by Syria's Russian

supplied antiaircraft defence systems. The ACT's drug

treatment services are working

to remove the stigma associated

with Methadone use as the

number of patients increases.

Canberra has more than 800

Methadone users. Health workers

say the ease of collection is

helping users to lead more

normal lives. But the number of

Methadone users who start world

heroin is falling, as other

drugs become more popular.

There is also a problem with amphetamines that far outstrips

heroin but, of course, we have

Methadone and bupramorphine. We don't have pharmacotherapy as

yet that's useful for methamphetamine. Those involved

in treatment a admit one of the

hardest tasks is overcoming the champion association between

drug addiction and crime. More

than 120,000 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer this

year. But a new report shows

it's not necessarily a death

sentence. New technologies are

being developed and survival

rates are on the rise. Brian

Snelling thought he caught his

skin cancer early but soon

discovered it had spread to his

Adam's Apple and lungs. 20

years ago his survival would be

slim but today the situation is

more positive. There is a new

drug on the horizon which is an

angiogenic drug. There are new

things all the time. A report

card by the Cancer Institute of

New South Wales shows survival

rates in that State have jumped

from 49% in the 1980s to more

than 64% and they are even

better for localised cancers

picked up early. Prostate

cancer and breast cancer, it's

over 95%. The same with

melanoma and thyroid cancer.

Really important people

participate in screening. Even

lung cancer survival rates have

jumped from 27 to 36%. Better screening and treatment has

been crediteded with the I am

from proxths There will be more

effective treatments on the

horizon for all cancers and

that would impact significantly

further on reducing the number

of people who die from this

disease. But not everyone is

benefiting. The outcome for aborigines and migrants

continues to be poor. Recent

studies suggest aborigines are

five times more likely to die

from cancer than non-indigenous

Australians. We need targeted

programs in these special

populations so that we can get

their cancer outcomes up to the

same as everyone else in Australia. Specialists hope

these results will drive more

Government dollars into cancer

research, treatment and

education campaigns. Plant

search researchers at the CSIRO in Canberra may have developed

a more environmentally friendly

alternative to fossil fuels. Petrochemicals are vital for

the plastics and industrial oil

industries but soon flower

seeds could be used instead.

This spiky flower has a secret

bounty. The relative of thinks

will is far from popular. It is

quite an ugly plant. Farmers

don't like all the thinks also

on it. But the seeds of this

new flower are rich in oil and

more than 90% is mono

unsaturated. We believe it is a

world record and also for the

purity of anyone fatty acid in

any vegetable oil. The mono

unsaturated oils are in high

demand to make plastic, paints,

and car components. Currently

they are object tinned from

fossil fuels. But this new oil

is bio degrade analyst and more

stable in the environment. What

we are able to plough in Sav

flour seeds is unrivalled in the petrochemical

industries. It's looking

good. The super plant was

created by genetically

modifying Sav flour seed. It

produces Polly unsaturated

oils. The scientists believe

100,000 hectares of the new

flower could be

planted. Farmers will look at this as a new opportunity,

going into a new market in

terms of an industrial market rather than food and feed which

is a more traditional base. The

implications of the genetic

modification has to be assessed

but if approved, it could be a common sight across South Australia. Black Caviar has won

the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at

Ascot but in the narrowest of

victories. Her jockey blames

himself saying he made a rookie's mistake but the

nail-biting finish has the owners questioning behalf it

will be the mare's final

race. Among the almost 80,000

race goers, a sea of salmon and

black. Go Black Caviar! Go! Everyone in the

mood to celebrate. 22 from 22

coming our way. I'm so excited

to be here. Even the bookies

had given it up. If Shia is as

good as they say, she will win

by half the track. Little did

they know how close it would be

that her first race on foreign

soil almost became her first

defeat. Jockey Luke Nolen

admits he let her coast home at

the end of a gruelling run and Black Caviar gave him the

fright of his life. And now he

eases but there is still quite

a few strides to go. Now he

gets a response to the

mare. The big engine shut down

and I shit myself duly. It was

a heart-stopper and among the

first to pay her respects was

one of racing's most

enthusiastic fans. The owners

had taken the biggest risk of

Black Caviar's career, bringing

her around the world to race

the very best. We don't need it

that tight. Coming all this way

and having it like that it's scary. The champion apps

trainer is disappointed the

crowd didn't get to see what

she could really do. She's got

a great determination, a great

will to win so she was always

going to get the yob done. It

wasn't going to be pretty but

she was going to get the job

done. Luke Nolen blames

himself. It was a rookie

mistake but I never paid a

very, very dear price for being

a bit relaxed. The British

press were scathing of his

efforts. A job done, mission accomplished. But the

heartbreak that could have been

an absolute disaster. But it

wasn't. It's taken more than a

year of planning with anxious

moments thrown in but this is

what it was all about - Black Caviar's dominance is now

indisputable. But that's her

last race on English soil. The greatest sprinter in the world

is heading home. I'm hoping

what we saw here today was the

trip, not the filly telling me

she might be coming to the end

of it. The chance this might

have been her farewell ensures

this victory at Royal Ascot

will forever be a defining

moment. They are the wounded

Raiders - Canberra has emerge

from its embarrassing defeat to

the Cowboys with an ever

growing injury list. Josh Dugan

might be out for the rest of

the season. Joel Thompson has a

broken hand. It's an unusual

week if the Raiders don't suffer another

injury. COMMENTATOR: Let's

hope it's not a broken Ange

kel. With Terry Campese out for the season they could be

without Josh Dugan. The 22-year-old will have scans

tomorrow to find out the extent

of the injury. He knew it

straightaway. It was another

nightmare night for the

Raiders, despite starting

brightly enough. Reaching out

in the corner. They hit back, a

finger tip costing Canberra the

lead. From then it was all

North Queensland. The Raiders

left side defence was exposed time and time again the Raiders

failed to stand up in

defence. The play is running

out wide. They have left him go

through up the middle. With the Cowboys taking their foot off

the pedal in the second half,

the Raiders scored consolation

points. Ferguson slams it

down! Queensland were a class

above or at least Canberra a

class below. We have to win

every week, no game is more important than the

other. Canberra has conceded 30

points in six of their last

eight games. Today the Sea

Eagles and Bulldogs have

confirmed their premiership

credentials. In Mackay the

ladder leaders, the Storm were

battered by the Bulldogs. The

Sea Eagles blew away the

Roosters while the Eels beat

the Panthers with a golden

point. The Roosters defence has

been brittle this season and it

didn't take long for the Sea

Eagles to capitalise. It's a

try to Manly's winger, George

Tafua much Anthony Watmough

scored a try. It was 18-0 at

half-time and the score line

was only going to get worse for

Roosters fans. Five second half

tries turned defeat into a

thrashing. I think he's won the

race! It was first against

second in the clash of the

premiership heavyweights but it

didn't take long for the Dogs

to break their ducks. He gives

the Dogs a dream start. The

high ball was a lottery until

Krisnan Inu claimed the prize.

A try was scored by Anthony

Quinn but the match was as good

as over when Ben Barba split

the Melbourne defence in half.

The Queensland flyer was at it

again. He sit up a try from 110

metres out, but has to be a contender for the longest

four-pointer in history. Away

from cam submit, Ben Barba

kicks on his wrong fit. The try

of the season looming! Last

night's preview of the battle

for the wooden spoon was a

golden point thriller.

Parramatta trailed the Panthers

by 12 before Jarryd Hayne's try

forced the game into extra

time. Someone had to be a hero

and it was Chris Sandow. Sandow

strikes it! This one is the

winner! To the ladder, and with

a game left between the Tigers

and Knights, the Storm leads

the competition with the Eels

in the prime spot. New South

Wales has named its squad for game three of the State of Origin series against

Queensland. Brett Morris joins

his brother Josh in the team

and comes in at the expense of

Newcastle wpg winger, ewe at a.

Tony Williams return from

injury and Beau Scott has been

named 19th man on stand by for

Glen stay oort. In the Canberra

Raiders Cup they held off the

Bulldogs. After a bye last

week, the Bulldogs made a

sluggish start to muster a

comeback in the 56th minute.

But it was all too late as Tuggeranong held on for the

win, their second victory of

the season. Another week,

another big loss for AFL

rookies Greater Western Sydney.

The Demons comprehensively out

played the Giants after

quarter-time to post a 78-point

win. North Melbourne

comfortably beat the Crows and

the Bombers picked up a rare

win in the West against

Fremantle. Nick Bailey reports.

Colombia While the Demons fans

off the ground were trying to intimidate, on the ground, the

Melbourne players were making very sure the Giants felt

anything but at home on the MCG

and there were no surprises as

to who their chief far get was,

a former Dees favourite. But it

was Tom Scully's team-mates who

responded. The Giants burst out

of the blocks. COMMENTATOR:

Back he goes and this is a good

start now. This is a five-goal

opening quarter for GWS! It wasn't, however, a sign of

things tokm as the Demons

responded with the next six

goals. In fact between quarter-time and three-quarter

time, Melbourne managed three

else goals, GWS, one and went scoreless for the whole

time. That's not for the

highlight real. Whether

Melbourne can take much out

remains to be seen April. But

even joining the winners circle

for the second time this

season, something could be

salvaged. The Swans are waiting

next week. Last night, sdepon

broke a number of hoo does and

it was an emphatic way to

record victory in June for the

first time since 2009, break a

six-game Subiaco Oval losing

streak and break a two-game losing streak in

2012. COMMENTATOR: He sailed

I'm faster and more athletic

than you will ever be. There

was an 11 goal shootout in the

first term but it was the

Bombers who eventually won. Jobe Watson stood tall and

Michael Hurley booted six

goals. Matthew Pavlich did his

part for the home team. The win

rein vig rates Essendon's

season. South Korea, Harry

Kewell has ended his stint at the Melbourne Victory deciding

to return to England for

personal reasons. The

33-year-old hopes to continue

playing and will look for a contract with a non-Premier

League club. At Euro 2012,

Spain was looking to secure a

spot in the semifinals with

victory over France. It didn't

take long for the reigning

World Cup champion ta take the lead. COMMENTATOR: Xavi Alonso

celebrates his 100th cap for Spain. Spanish substitute Pedro

was coming down. He slotted

home his second goal of the

match to give his side a 2-0

win. Stuart Appleby will be

chasing his first win in almost

two years on the US PGA tour

tomorrow. Heading into the

final round of the' event in

Connecticut, Brian Davis holds

the lead. He landed six birdies

on the front nine and chasing

his maiden win. Appleby will

start the final round two back

using the putter which helped

him to his last win in 2010.

COMMENTATOR: He's gone back to

the putter he shot 59 with. He pours that one right

in. Appleby's best finish this

season has been tied for 21st.

The world's biggest short Film

Festival has made its way to

the Big Apple. Thousands of

people packed brient park in Manhattan to watch Tropfest,

which began in a Sydney cafe 20

years ago. Actor Hugh Jackman

hosted the event on a balmy New

York night. 4, 3, 2, 1

Tropfest! APPLAUSE. Film is

not new to New York. It is a

film-loving sit youy. They will

see the way Aussies celebrate

film It's very e galtearian. A

film about people recycling

cans won the top prize. If I

have to collect cans and

recycle, I will. Tropfest will

soon be launched in Southeast

Asia. One of Australia's most accomplished actors is taking

on one of the theatre's most

iconic roles and see terrified.

Colin Friels will be channel a

modern day Willy Lowman in

'Death of a Salesman'. The play

is more than 60 years old but

Friels says the story still

rest mates today. I want kind

of some stress of reality. Colin Friels and director Simon stone do final

blocking as the actor throws

himself into one of the most

challenging roles. You see the potential in the role and you

are terrified you will be found

wanting and that consumes

you. For the first time he is

playing Willy Lowman, the

broken man at the centre of

Arthur Miller Pulitzer Prize-winning play, 'Death of a Salesman'. I'm not interested

in stories about the past are

or any crap of that kind

because the Woods are burning

boys, you understand? I was

fired today. The last time

Belvoir produced this play was

in its previous incarnation as

Nimrod that theatre, starring

Mel Gibson more than 30 years

ago. The company says the time

is right to give a new

Australian treatment to Miller's indictment on

capitalism. It struck me while

I was reading it it was a play

put in a time capsule waiting

to be discovered post GFC. You

didn't see him, did you I did

see. You insulted him, didn't

you? Friels says bringing Willy

Lowman to life is a personal

endeavour. I think all you are

in life is what you remember

and you get older and think

jeez, I hope I remember the

right things, that's all. You

hope you remember the right

things. All Willy can be is the

accumulation of my life. Colin

Friels says the play is a

masterpiece in exploring the

failed dreams of ordinary

people. It might not have been

as chilly as Canberra but by

Overnight the temperature Darwin standards it was frigid.

dropped to 14.7 degrees. What

passes for winter clothes in

the top end were brought out as

locals and tourists did their

best to rug up against the wind. Freezing, yeah, I didn't

even have the aircon on last

night, just the fan. It's

unprecedented. Unprecedented

indeed. The weather bureau is

forecasting a few more nights without the air-conditioning. Our high was

the same as Darwin's low. We needed air-conditioning of a

different kind as it was a very

crisp morning. Across the

border it was clear and cold

around the region. Much nicer

on the coast.

A developing trough along the

Queensland coast is triggering

patchy rain while a large high

is keeping the remainder of the

country dry. In the capitals

tomorrow, rain is predicted to

reach Hobart, Melbourne and

Adelaide. Brisbane will be fine

and mild:

Before we go a a brief recap

of our top stories. The death

toll from last week seal boat

tragedy has risen to 17. The

recovery operation has been

called off leaving 70 people

unaccounted for. A Queensland

father has been charged with

the murder of his baby son

whose body was found washed up

on a river bank. That's ABC

News. You can keep up-to-date

24 hours a day by following us

online or on Twitter. I'm

Siobhan Heanue. Thanks for your

company. Goodnight.

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