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Live. Tonight, still missing,

but weather hampers the search

for survivors of the stricken

asylum boat. Out of politics, Kristina Kenneally a slam dunk

for basketball's top job. A

new beginning for one of the

ACT's oldest settlements. And

Berwick Barnes' boot makes it a

Wallabies clean sweep over

Wales. Over it goes! What a

kick under pressure! Good

evening, Siobhan Heanue with

ABC News. Hope is now fading

of finding any more survivors

from an asylum seeker boat

which capsized on Thursday. The

search operation is being

scaled back as the mission

turns to one of recovery. So

far, five bodies have been

found, with a further 90 people

still unaccounted for. The

ABC's Jane Norman reports from

Christmas Island. In the

middle of the night, tired and

weary survivors arrived on

Christmas Island, setting foot

on dry land for the first time

in days. Dressed in protective

clothing, some clearly had

trouble walking, while others

had to be taken away by

ambulance. Customs officer

Michael Farley helped with the

transfer and says the asylum

seekers were grateful to their

rescuers. They were relieved

and very happy to be at

Christmas Island. They thanked

the crew, a lot of them shack

their hand as they came off.

110 asylum seekers have been rescued since their boat went

down on Thursday afternoon.

It's understood most are from

Afghanistan, among them a

13-year-old boy. Four asylum

seekers were so unwell, they

have been flown to Perth for

treatment. We are focussing on

their wellbeing and ensuring

that we facilitate what we call

a live call, so they can

contact their relatives. Two

Indonesian crew members are

also being detained. A massive

air and sea search has been

under way since Thursday but

rough weather has hampered

effort to find any more

survivors. It is understood the

death toll has risen to five

and authorities say there are

more bodies in the water. For

those on Christmas Island, this

is just another tragedy to come

to grips with. This is a very

supporting community and they

are quite resilient people and

they will do their best to help

out. It's a human issue. With

the search being scaled back,

the rescue operation is turning

into a recovery. As the

tragedy continues to unfold,

the divisive asylum seeker

debate has been put on the back

burner, but the political

ceasefire is not expected to

last long as pressure mounts

for the president and the

Opposition Leader to agree on a

bipartisan approach. Karen tan

reports. For such a hot issue,

the fraction us asylum seeker

policy debate was lacking

political argument today, as

the parties united. Not a word of criticism of the government

will escape my lips today. The

fact of the matter is we should

today be grieving. Calls are

growing for a bipartisan

approach to border protection.

I'm of the view and the

government is of the view we

want to work together across

the parliament to secure an

outcome that reduces the

possibility of a tragedy like

this being repeated. Not all

have backed the one policy for

all parties, as the solution.

It is the Greens and the

opposition who are currently

blocking the government's

asylum plan in the Senate. The

important thing is not to have

policies which are bipartisan,

the important thing is to have

policies which are effective.

That's what we need here, we

need effective policies to stop

the boats. We need to be

putting our heads together, not

just in our parliament but

across our region, we need to

be getting countries like

Malaysia and Indonesia to sign

up to the refugee convention.

The government and opposition

are yet to find common ground

over the proposed Malaysia

people swap deal v the Nauru

solution. It's not going to be

easy but humanitarian policy

has never been easy. Julia

Gillard will have to reverse

her direction and stop talking

about Malaysia, in the same way

Tony Abbott has to stop talking

about Nauru. We put a carbon

price on the table, in good

faith, we were prepared to have

discussions across the

parliament, that remains the

case. Almost 300 people have

died on their way to Australia

in the last two years. Clearly

there's a problem with

coordination between Australia

and Indonesia in terms of the

safety of life at sea issues.

Let's refrain from a partisan

argument, let's look at a

humane solution that also

protects Australia's borders.

Today's quiet respect could be

the calm before a big political

storm erupts again when

parliament sits this week.

The Kristina Kenneally era in

the New South Wales parliament

is over. After leading Labor to

its worst election defeat, just

over a year ago, the former

Premier says she has lost her

passion for politics, and will

take over as the head of

Basketball Australia.

Kristina Kenneally has always

made headlines. The state's

first female Premier, the

biggest electoral loser, a

devout Catholic and now a

sporting chief. The next step

is to take on the role of CEO

of Basketball Australia. After

10 years in parliament, she has

lost her passion. That level

of energy and commitment as a

politician isn't the same for

me. Ms Kenneally became the

42nd Premier of New South Wales

during a controversial and

chaotic time for the lathe. She

rolled Nathan Rees, who

described her as a faction al

puppet. I am nobody's puppet,

nobody's proper at the Jay,

nobody's girl. Today he said

she should be proud of her time

in state politics, as did John Robertson. It's always

difficult if you are a Premier,

you suffer a defeat like the

one we did, to stick around.

Christina did the right thing.

He she wouldn't rule out a move

to Canberra. You never say

never. Bob Carr provides an

example how someone years on,

if the time is right and the

circumstances are, that you can

return and make a

contribution. I think she

served her side of politics

well. She was probably done a

disservice by being thrust into

the leadership before she had

matured as a later, but she

will do well in whatever she

does in her life. Like all

women in the public eye, her

looks and hairstyle received a

lot of attention. Recently,

you added hair extensions to

your appearance. That was over

a year ago. What influenced

that and why did you do it?

Who the hell is asking that

question? A change is as good

as a holiday. There will be a

by-election for the southern

Sydney seat of Heffron in

September. Ecuador has

recalled its embassy from

Britain to discuss what ta do

about Julian Assange. The

WikiLeaks founder has spent a

fourth night in Ecuador's

London embassy. He has asked

for political asylum as he

seeks to avoid extradition to

Sweden to sexual abuse allegation, amid fears

Stockholm will send him to the

United States. The embassy has

met British authorities to

discuss the stand-off. The

Ecuadorian president says he

will take into account

Assange's claims that his life

could be in danger if he is

extradited, before deciding on

his asylum request. There's fresh hope that the Australian

lawyer being detained in Libya

is a step closer to freedom. The International Criminal

Court has apologised to the

Libyan Government, which should

be enough to secure the release

of the four ICC lawyers. Donna

Field reports. Melinda Taylor

and her International Criminal

Court colleagues have been in

Libyan custody for more than

two weeks. Those close to her

say it's a traumatic time, and

they are anxious for a

solution. Immediate release of

all four of the delegation, and issues, the misunderstandings

can be resolved afterwards.

Hopes have been raised after

the Libyan Attorney-General

travelled to the court's headquarters in the Hague.

This is a step forward. Talks

between the ICC and the Libyan

authorities, I hope that

contact between Melinda and her

husband and her mother and

father is allowed very soon.

Libya has accused the delegation of smuggling

documents to Saif al-Islam, the

former son of leader Moammar

Gaddafi. The court says it

will fully investigate and sanction anyone responsible for

misconduct, but that can only

happen after their safe

return. It has also issued an


We have some fragility in

the next steps and we have to

hold our breath until we get

what we want, namely the

release of this Australian

lawyer. The court says it has

a commitment from the Libyan

authorities that they will work

towards a release but there are

concerns that will be a

complicated and fraught

process. Melinda Taylor's

daughter turns 3 soon. Her

family wants to celebrate

together. Syria has admitted

to shooting down a Turkish jet,

which could provoke a serious

crisis between the two

countries. Syria says it was

within its rights, as the jet

was over its territorial

waters. A search for the plane

is under way and Turkey says it

will respond decisively once it

has established what happened.

Relations between the once

close allies have deteriorated

since the uprising against Syrian President Bashar

al-Assad broke out last year.

The trial of Anders Breivik has

ended in Norway with a mass

walk-out by families of his

victims, so they didn't have to

hear his attempts to justify

the massacre. In the final

stage of the trial, lawyers

argued over Breivik's sanity.

The defence said he killed 77

people in July last year

because of his political

beliefs. The prosecution says

he is insane and should be

treated in a secure psychiatric

ward. The court was closed to

the media while victims gave

their final statements but most

of them left when Breivik took

the stand. We feel we do not

want to be an audience for

them. We feel that it was a

very dignified ending of the

trial, to have focus on those

he affected, and let that be

the end. Judges will deliver

their verdict in August. It's

been a turbulent 12 months in

PNG politics. As Peter O'Neill

and Sir Michael Somare fought

over the country's top job. Now

it's up to the people to decide

who will lead. Voting is off

to a slow start, with problems

reported at several polling

booths. PNG correspondent Liam

Fox reports from Tari in the

southern highlands. It was a typically Papua New Guineian

last minute affair. On the

morning voting was due to

start, authorities in Tari were

still organising the dispersal

of ballot boxes Anne papers.

Some polling officials didn't

have transport to get to booths

outside town. We have to walk.

They told us to take a walk.

This attempt to set up a booth

in nearby Tebi village summed

up the situation. Ballot papers

and boxes could not be dropped

off because the police who were

supposed to be providing

security had not arrived. In

the end, the locals decided to

start without them. Just up the

road, villagers were getting

frustrated because no one had

turned up. They have travelled

for 2 or 3 hours and it is

12:00 or 1:00, so people are

thinking of walking back.

Voter fraud has been an issue

in the past and it looked to be

again, with children casting

votes. Are you really 18?

Yes. Are you sure? Yes. PNG

is known for election related

violence and to combat that,

there's a massive military and

police presence in the area.

The commissioner travelled to

Tari to inspection the voting first-hand. I am confident

they will cast their votes in a friendly manner. So far there

have been no reports of

violence, but it is early days.

Polling will continue around

PNG for the next two weeks. In

the past, most of the violence has occurred during the

counting period., The old

television sets just keep flooding into Canberra

recycling centres, creating a temporary graveyard of the

analogue era. Dumped, stacked

and wrapped, recyclers expect

to collect 3,000 old TVs at

Mugga Lane and Mitchell this

weekend. In the past five

weeks, 850 tonnes have been

brought in for recycling, more

than the whole of last year.

You have watched so many things

on it and had to upgrade,

pretty sad. A lot of them put

"Rest in peace" on their TV and

have a date on them, so they

have "1984-2012". Even at the

current rate, it's expected to

take at least another six

months for Canberrans to clear

their homes of the old

technology. The ACT village

of ourure is now officially on

the map. Don't make the mistake

of calling it a suburb of

Canberra. After being virtually

destroyed in the 2003

bushfires, they have rebuilt

and today marked a new

beginning for the tiny

village. No school, no shop

and total bliss, if you believe

the people who live there.

Until now, Uriarra has been

missing from the ACT map. The

community came out to celebrate

in style, with a bit of neighbourly competition built

it in. It's been a long way

back, after the devastation of

the 2003 bushfires, which left

most of the community scattered

around Canberra. Some were

lucky enough to remain, when

their homes escaped the

firestorm. We had to do a fair

bit of cleaning because the ash

came in, but the house was

still in good condition. We

lost back shedsings but that

was it. For Nicky Houghton's

family, the new community has

been a welcome development,

bringing other families and

children back to Uriarra. The

newcomers appreciate the

misgives some original

residents may have had about

the plans to change the

village. It is difficult for these guys, because they have

had the place to themselves for

a long time, they grew up here

with a certain way of life.

Just the way of life many of

the newcomers are looking for.

What you have is the relatively

small extent, but with very

high quality design and enough

people here to sustain it as a

rural village. Today was a celebration for many reasons,

not least of which was to

finally have an official

address. Ambulances, emergency

services, we need them to be

able to find the place and come

here. We need to get our mail

delivered correctly, which

wasn't necessarily happening.

Today was one big party for old

and young, as the pipes and

drums rang out to herald the

ACT's newest address.

Alcohol's association with

sport may be coming to an end,

at least for 12 sporting codes. Instead, the Federal Government

will pay to promote a

responsible drinking message.

The sponsorship dollars will

continue to flow to the three

big footy codes. The drinks

industry and top flight sport

have been bedfellows for a long time.

# I feel like a Tooheys.

# Alcohol sponsorship is a

prominent feature for many

competition. Today, 12 of the

country's sporting codes pledged to shun alcohol

sponsorship in exchange for a

share of $25 million in

Commonwealth funding. We are

all sick and tired of reading

the papers on a Monday morning

or seeing the news over the

weekend of the effects of binge

drinking in society. The code,

which include Swimming

Australia and Netball

Australia, have agreed to

promote the government's

anti-binge drinking message. I

know how much of a role we play

in sending out the right

message to young children in

the community, so it's great to

be part of the initiative. The

big three - the AFL, NRL and Cricket Australia - haven't

signed up. They say they

already fund and promote

responsible drinking programs.

Obviously each of the sports

carry responsible drinking

messages, so we are all working

to the same end. Alcohol

companies point out most of the

12 sporting codes pledging to

go cold Turk y have never

received alcohol sponsorship in

any case. Looking at the

quantum being offered, that was

significantly more than we

would be willing to pay, in

some cases up to 10 times what

we would be willing to pay.

The deal does not affect

spectators, it will not stop any of the codes from serving

alcohol at games. The Raiders

have headed to Cowboy country

this afternoon, but there was

to be no repeat of the

Newcastle victory. Instead the Cowboys found Canberra's

defence wanting, running in

tries at will. Late in the

game, the Raiders are trailing

by 14 points. In a further

blow, Josh Duigan has been

stretchered off with what

appears to be a serious ankle

injury. The Broncos celebrated

Petero Civinoceva's 300th NRL

game with a 14 point win over

the Rabbitohs and two late

penalty goals saw St George

scrape out their first win in

three games. A late penalty

to fly halve Bern persons has earned the Wallabies yet another nailbiting win over

Wales. The win sealed a 3-0

series sweep, keeping intact

Australia's 43 year winning

record against the Welsh on

home soil. Mike Harris last

week, Berwick Barnes this week.

Over it goes, what a kick!

It was deja vu for a

heartbroken Welsh team. The

Wallabies once again were one

kick winners over Wales. We

did what we needed to. We were

loose at stages and that hurt

us, but when our backs were

against the wall we found what

was needed to get us on top and

will take the one pointer. The

game began in a carnival atmosphere as international

Rugby returned to the Sydney

Football Stadium for the first

time in 14 years. A sell-out

crowd watched as ill discipline

forced the match into a penalty shoot-out. Leigh Halfpenny's

effort kept Wales in touch.

That's incredible, it's over.

Kurtley Beale had little impact

early as the forward tried

their hand at some running

play. The bruising encounter

forced Sam Warburton from the

field. Execution from both

sides was poor in the first

half, with the Wallabies

leading by 3 at the break. In

the second half, the Welsh

created chances. The Welsh

pack got on top and Ryan Jones

crashed over for the game's

first try in the 61st minute.

They went the direct route,

over! More than a penalty goal behind, the Wallabies tried

their hand in attack. Rob Horne's hands were just good

enough to give back the home

side the lead. Horne, slight

stumble. Leigh Halfpenny's

near flawless day with the boot

gave the visitors a chance but

the Wallabies were again better

at the death. In the John I

Dent Cup, Gunghalin produced

the upset of the season to

defeat the Tuggeranong Vikings

by 17 points. In other results,

Uni North made light work of

easts and wests were narrow

winners over Queanbeyan. The

Sydney Swans squandered another

lead but took home the points.

Despite Geelong's comeback and

the see-sawing final quarter,

the Swans kick the winning

goal. The Brisbane Lions

thrash the Western Bulldogs and

in this afternoon's late game,

Collingwood is hanging on to a

narrow lead. For the second

game in a row, Sydney had

something to celebrate the

morning after its match -

just. After the bye, you want

to put in a good performance at

home against a team we have a

great respect for. To come out

and play the way we did, we

were happy with our

performance. The Swans is one

side best placed to wrest the

premiership cup from Geelong

but the Cats showed they won't

be releasing their grip on it

willingly. Sydney stunned

Geelong with an opening term of

7 goals to 1 and it look like the result would be a

formality. Lewis Jetta

continues what he's done so

well for the last month.

Geology had its moments but

couldn't get within five goals

for most of the game. In the

third, the reigning premiers

blasted four straight goals to

take the lead and they were

again in a thrilling tussle

against top 8 opposition.

Andrejs Everitt wasn't a name

most Swans fans were familiar

with, but after being subbed on

for a weary good good, he was the mannest moment at the SCG.

I was down to play 70 or 80

minutes, and luckily enough the

bloke who came on for me kicked

the winning goal. With the

Giants and Brisbane to come,

the Swans can look to drop

anchor in the top four and the

Geelong will play Port Adelaide

next week. It took some footy

magic from Jason Ackermanis but

the Tuggeranong Hawks have had

Brownlow Medallist made his a win in the NEAFL. The former

first appearance for the

struggling Hawks against the

Greater Western Sydney

reserves. The 300-plus game

veteran was put through his

paces against a much younger

squad but was able to steer the

Hawks to a 29 point win. In

the first quarter, they missed

a lot of shots, which helps.

I'm happy with the intent, a

lot of contest Ed Balls, and

that's what we need to beat

them. Akermanis was expected

to play three games for the

club but player transfer regulations means today will be

his only appearance in a Hawks

jumper. Of In other results,

Queanbeyan were too strong for

Ainslie. East lake came from

behind to defeat the Hills

Eagles by 32 points. Greek

hopes of a morale boosting win

in the European football

championships have been that

warted by Germany in the

quarterfinals. Though they

dominated throughout, it was a

right foot strike by Philip

harm to put the tournament

favourites ahead late in the

first half. Greece surprised

with a 55th minute equaliser,

but three goals in quick succession ensured there

wouldn't be a boilover. A

wonderful goal by Khedira. The

4-2 win puts Germany into a semifinal against either Italy

or England, and led to raucous

celebrations in Berlin. France

faces Spain in tonight's

quarterfinal. Black Caviar's international debut is just

hours away. The mare will line

up in the Diamond Jubilee

Stakes at Royal Ascot, aiming

for a 22nd consecutive win.

Rachel Brown reports from

London. I never thought the

horse would bring us around the

world. For Black Caviar's

owners, just getting this far

is cause for celebration. Even

their London ride paraded the

champion's colours. It's

getting scary, nervous, very

nervous. The so-called wonder

from down under has captured

the world's attention. She has

been described as the best

female sprinter in horse racing

history, so it's a big deal for

her to come and show how good

she is. Trainer Peter Moody

was reluctant to bring the

prized mare to the other side

of the world but it was her

owners dream to see her race at

Royal Ascot. We thought, why

not. Black Caviar has a draw

closest to the grandstand. It

gives her free running. If

there are a couple of quick

horses, she can tuck in behind

them. The racing community says Black Caviar's career has

been a fairytale, regardless

what happens next. Her record

will still be there, no matter

what happens in this race.

There is no question she is a

world class sprinter and would

have been in whatever age she

was racing. Up to 15,000

Australians are expected at the

track to cheer Black Caviar

home. Returning to league,

the Broncos, St George and the

Cowboys have had round 16 wins.

The state of Queensland

grimaced as much as Justin

Hodges in last night's match

against the Rabbitohs. He

suffered a rib injury after

cart, the ball up in the 47th minute of the second half. He

played the rest of the game.

Today official Broncos

spokesman said their potential

match winner will be right as

rain for game 3. The same

applies to Titans Ashley

Harrison, who hissed the entire

second half for what the club

described as a toe injury. He

looked fine in his last hit-up

before leaving the field.

Harrison will have scans but

the Titans remain confident he

too will be selected when the

Queensland team is announced on

Tuesday. The Titans were just

edged out by the Dragons last

night, 8-6, after Jamie Soward

converted a controversial

penalty in the 71st minute. The

visitors were unlucky, after

what they thought would be the

match winning try was

disallowed. Aiden Sezer,

gives the ball to Idris, to

Graham, who scores - I this.

Sezer was in front of the

kicker and deem to be offside.

The Dragons had escaped, but

only just Tonight, the reared

made a tremendous start to

their clash with the Cowboys,

scoring the opening try in the fourth minute. North Queensland's response was

swift, thanks to the effort of

winger Ash Graham. The

leading scorer in the NRL has

provided a real highlight! His

teammate on the opposite flank

was just as productive, Antonio

Winterstein's converted try had

the Cowboys galloping away.

In the Canberra Raiders Cup,

Belconnen handed the Queen bean

Kangaroos their first loss of

the season. Woden defeated West

Belconnen by 12 points and Yass

were too good for Gunghalin.

Time for the weather. Mostly

sunny, though a gusty wind

picked up this afternoon,

making the top of 11 degrees

feel even colder. Across the

border, cloud in the west,

clear on the coast, Wagga Wagga

only got to 10. Around the


On the cloud chart, cool

south-westerly winds are

triggering isolated showers in

Tasmania and parts of Victoria.

A low pressure trough is

triggering showers near the

Queensland coast. A high

pressure ridge is keeping the

west dry. In the capitals


That's the latest from the Canberra newsroom. We will

leave you with today's Walk

Together event, where

Canberrans celebrated diversity

and welcomed migrants. I'm

Siobhan Heanue, thanks for your

company. Goodnight. Closed

Captions by CSI.