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Tonight - stunned survivors

arrive at Christmas Island but

many still missing as the

search effort continues. People

can survive out there if

they've got a lifejacket or

they can hold onto a bit of

debris. A 20-year Matt Seca for

one of the Bali bombers. Police under scrutiny over another

death in custody in Alice

Springs. The ACT's three racing

codes unveil their supertrack master plan.

Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. Survivors of the

latest asylum seeker boat

tragedy have begun arriving on

Christmas Island. So far 109

men and a 13-year-old boy have

been rescued but 90 people are

still missing. Three bodies

have been recovered and survey

yans planes are spotted more

body in the water. The boat

capsized in Indonesia's search

and rescue zone as it made the

journey towards Australia. Three asylum seekers were

evacuated on a plane bound for

Perth. They were rescued along

with 100 others in waters north

of Christmas Island. The full

impact started being felt on the island last night.

Survivors were flown in and

treated in hospital. The

Australian Government says all

those onboard were male. One

survivor was a 13-year-old boy. We found about 40 people

that were on top of the

upturned hull and other people

that were holding on to debris

as much as three nautical miles

away from the scene. Four her

chant vessels, two navy ships

and five aircraft are involved

in the search in the Indian

Ocean but they have only found

bodies. Time is running out. This morning's search has

not recovered any survivors

unfortunately. We have had up

to six vessels involved and

five aircraft today and we have

confirmed sightings of deceased

bodies but none of

survivors. Earlier reports said

the ship was en route from Sri

Lanka but the home affairs

minister said there appears to

be mostly Afghans onboard. The

ship they were on issued a

distress call and capsized 120

nautical miles north of

Christmas Island yesterday

afternoon. Obviously, as is the

case whenever there is deaths

at sea, there will be a full

investigation to make sure that

everything that should have

been done was done. That is

about as political as it got

today. This is a very

distressing and tragic

incident. We don't know the

full details yet but clearly we

have lost a number of lives in

a very dangerous journey from

Indonesia to Australia. This

is a terrible, terrible

tragedy. Our deepest sympathies

have to be with everyone

involved and caught up in this

tragedy and our support and

encouragement for all the

rescue personnel who are doing

their best to minimise loss of

life. While it looks calm

behind me the rescue is

happening about 100 nautical

miles away where conditions are deteriorating. Authorities plan

to continue the search until at least Saturday afternoon but as

time goes on hopes of finding

more survivors are fading.

Australian officials have now

confirmed there is another

missing boat. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has

told the ABC that Indonesian

authorities were sent a warning

about a different boat on

Sunday morning. They say they

don't know what's happened to

this second boat. There will be

more on that story in

'Lateline' tonight. While

political leaders put policy

issues aside today one Liberal

MP made a passionate plea for

both sides to work together to

stop people smugglers. Mal

Washer has urged his own party

to consider supporting the

Government's Malaysia solution.

He is backing a compromise deal

to process asylum seekers in

both Malaysia and Nauru. The

simplicity of it is that

Malaysia and Nauru may - I

throw up every time I hear

this, the Australian public are now getting sick o this. I

don't want to be part of any of this organisation unless they

start cooperating to stop

this. He will raise his

concerns in the Coalition party

room next week. Independent MPs

Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott

are also pushing for a

cooperative approach. The

Federal Government welcomed the

20 year sentence handed to Umar

Patek. His lawyers say the

murder Matt Seca was too hach

compared to others involved in

the plot. Matt Brown reports

from Jakarta. He's usually

smiling and waving for the

cameras but on judgment day

Umar Patek was more restrained.

It has been nearly 10 years

since he joined his friends in

Jemaah Islamiah to bomb Bali

killing 202 people, including

88 Australians. He's admitted

mixing some of the explosives

but tried hard to minimise his

role in that and a string of

other crimes. He says he argued

against attacking in Bali

because it is not an active war

zone. He has apologised to all

of the victims. While the death

penalty was an option

prosecutors requested a life

Matt Seca and finally the

judges gave him 20 years in

prison.Patek's lawyer, Ashludin

Hatjani, said his clients is disappointed with the Matt Seca

was it is the maximum jail

term. I think it confirms the

seriousness of the Indonesian

Government about prosecuting terrorism. Umar Patek was also

found guilty of preparing bombs

for a string of Christmas Eve

attacks on churches in 2000. He

failed to report the existence

of a terrorist training camp

discovered in Aceh in 2010 and

had an illegal handgun while on

the run. His lawyer says others

who played more serious roles

received lighter Matt Secas and

he'll discuss appeal options

with Patek later today. Umar

Patek's led an extraordinary

life at the heart of terrorism

in south-east Asia. His Matt

Seca is the same as the one

handed to Schapelle Corby for importing marijuana. With good

behaviour he will probably be

out in less than 15 years.

He was placed if proing

theive custody because he was

so intoxicated but soon after

being put in a cell at the

Alice Springs watch house

Kwementyaye Briscoe was dead.

An inquest heard police ignored

cries for help from other

inmates. The man's family is

now considering a civil lawsuit

and the case has sparked calls

for a royal commission.

These are the final moments

of Kwementyaye Briscoe's life.

Police security footage shows

the 27-year-old being dragged

through the Alice Springs watch

house because he was so drunk

he couldn't stand up.He was bleeding from an open head

wound when he was placed

facedown in his cell but police

admit they didn't get him

medical treatment. They also

admit they didn't check on him

for more than two hours,

instead they were playing on

the internet or listening to

music. By the time they did

check he was dead. Somebody

died on their watch and didn't

die because of their actions,

they died because of their

inaction. The inquest heard Mr

Briscoe most likely died from alcohol intoxication and

suffocation from the awkward

position he lay in. Officers

admitted they ignored calls

from other prisoners in the

surrounding cells to get Mr

Briscoe medical help. To think

that my nephew might be alive

if they had snapped out of it.

I hope they will snap out of

it. I don't want any other

family to go through

this. Police say since his

death changes have been made at

the Alice Springs watch house

to prevent a similar incident

but Mr Briscoe's death is the

fourth at the watch house in 15

years. The last death was

Cedric Trigger three years'

ago. This footage shows Mr

Trigger drunk and hand curved.

He was later put in a cell and

died. Civil libertarians want a

royal commission. It is the

most dangerous, most badly run watch house in

Australia. During the inquest

police broke down as they apologised to Mr Briscoe's

family for failing in their

duty to care for him. My

family's not a vengeful family

but I think what should happen

is that this should never

happen again. The family is

considering civil proceedings

against police, the findings

aren't expected for several


Legal experts have attacked

the cuts to New South Wales workers compensation calling

them a breach of faith. The

reforms passed through state

parliament in the early hours

of this morning. After a noisy protest yesterday firefighters

and paramedics won an exemption

but critics are concerned that

other workers will bear the

cost. Firefighters were back on

duty today secure in the

knowledge they had won on

exemption from tightened

workers compensation laws. It

was almost 3 o'clock this

morning when the bill was

finally passed and by then some

were showing the strain. Then

remove me from the house. Speak

to the motion that is before

the house. The Christian

Democrats joined the Greens in

the upper house to make sure

the fire brigade and paramedics

were given the same reprieve as

police. Clearly the laws take

workers backwards. The

Government has argued for urgent reform on the grounds

that the Workcover scheme was

paying out too much and getting

into billions of dollars of

debt. The Premier insists under

the new scheme the most

seriously injured workers will

be paid more while cutting

compensation to others will

make them return to work

faster. I did put in place what

I think is the most important

part of the reform, a work

capacity test because

ultimately if people can go

back to work that is good for

them. The bills as they have

passed parliament last night

significantly reduce access to

medical care and rehabilitation

for injured workers. It really

provides a power imbalance that greatly favours the insurance companies over the

workers. Unions say true reform

could have put the onus on

employers and insurers to help

with rehabilitation . They

don't really have any

responsibility to find suitable duties for workers who are

trying to come back into the

workforce after an injury and

that's where we think the focus

should have been. Business has

welcomed the cuts but agrees

more changes are needed. The

primary focus of any changes

should be about everybody

involved in the system working

together to get an injured

worker back to work as quickly

as possible. The new

legislation will be reviewed in

two years. The President of

Ecuador says WikiLeaks founder

Julian Assange can stay in his

country's London embassy for as

long as he likes but Rafael

Correa says his Government will

take its time before deciding

to grant him asylum. Meanwhile

the Australian Government has

rejected Assange's claim that

he hasn't received help from

diplomatic staff. As a handful

of loyal supporters conned

their vigil outside the embassy

Julian Assange was telling

Radio National he'd had no support from the Australian

Government. These are empty

words. When you hear the words

consular assistance I have not

met with anyone from the Australian High Commission

since December 2010. What are

they talking about? He says

text messages asking if he has

concerns are all he has

received. The Australian

Government insists he has been

given the same kind of help, if

not more, than any other citizen. The consular officials

have dealt with Mr Assange's

legal team. They have certainly

been available to meet with Mr

Assange face to face had he

wished to occur. Spending his

third night at the embassy

Julian Assange is sounding

optimistic that Ecuador will

eventually grant him asylum. We

hope the final application will

be viewed favourably but now it

is a matter of gathering

extensive evidence about what has been happening in the

US. The 40-year-old is wanted

the in Sweden for questioning over sexual assault allegations

but says he has taken this step

to avoid what he believes is

the alterior motive,

extradition to the US and the

possible death penalty over the

WikiLeaks documents dump. This

is a hot, ongoing active I

vestigation. As of a few weeks

ago. Police remain posted

outside the embassy. Scotland

Yard says it will arrest Julian Assange when he leaves the

building. Legal experts say

that will happen whether he's

granted asylum or not.

Papua New Guinea is in the

grip of political fever ahead

of the weekend start to its

general election. In the past

the intense competition has

sparked violence and a massive

security operation is under way

to prevent a repeat. There are

still fears of bloodshed in the

Highlands as Liam Fox reports.

Election campaigning

PNG-style. In a dusty

settlement a band belts out

tunes to drum up support for

Janet Sape. Politics is

traditionally a man's game in

PNG, she is trying to convince

people women can do a better

job. I believe the to bothers

are the backbones in the family, in the community and in

the country. The two men, who

have spent the last year

battling over the Prime Ministership have been

crisscrossing the country.

Peter O'Neill was given a heroes welcome in his village

in the southern Highlands. We

all want Peter. We all like

Peter. The man he ousted, Sir

Michael Somare may be 76 but he

still has his trademark wit and

charisma. In the past voting

has sparked bloodshed. To keep

the peace this time round 8,000

police and soldiers have fanned

out across the country. These

officers are off to the

Highlands and they're warned to

be on their best behaviour. We

do not want to have any drunken

people down at the ATS. You

make sure you are sober when

you board the plane. We are

confident we will rise to that

level and make sure that it is conducted smoothly. Others

aren't so sure. I do have this

strong feeling that the level

of violence in this election

will be greater than other elections. One thing is

certain, with all the rallies

and feasts it is not a good

time to be a pig in PNG.

The Opposition Leader says

the South Australian Liberal

Senator Mary Jo Fisher has done

the right thing by resigning

from parliament. Senator Fisher

announced her resignation in a

statement last night citing an

ongoing depressive illness. It

has since emerged she is facing

fresh shoplifting charges. Both

sides of politics have wished

her well. She has done the

honourable and courageous thing

by herself, her family and the

parliament by resigning. I

think the best thing we can do

now is wish Mary Jo all the

best as she puts her life back

together again. I was concerned

about her behaviour sometimes

but I'm not a medical expert

and maybe people should be

trained to recognise the signs

of mental illness. Senator

Fisher was acquitted of a

shoplifting charge last year

because she'd suffered from a

panic attack. The West

Australian Government says it

will take part in a High Court

challenge against the mining

tax. Miner Fortescue Metals

launched the legal action today

saying the tax discriminates

between the states under the

constitution. The WA premier

says there are grounds for a

challenge The menials resource rent tax is fund meantly

flawed. It is a dreadful

taxation proposal. It

discriminates against the

states, 65% of this revenue

will be raised out of Western Australia. The Federal

Government says Fortescue's

action is not a surprise and

that it is likely to fail. To

finance now. The global markets

took a hit overnight after 15

of the world's top banks were

downgraded and as Alan Kohler

reports more evidence has

emerged that the global economy

is slowing. Moody's downgraded

15 banks including the big US

and European ones. It was after

the close of trading on Wall

Street but investors knew it

was coming and there was a lot

of angst ahead of it. This was

a key reason the market dropped

more than 2%. On top of that

was what's called the Philly

Fed Index, an index of

manufacturing put out by the

Philadelphia Federal Reserve.

That fell sharply. New home

sales fell and there were much

weaker purchasing managers

indexes from China and Europe.

So all up it was a bad news

session. In Europe the bigger

markets fell a bit but Greece

and Italy went up and in

Australia the index fell 1%

with solid falls by resources

stocks and banks. Fortescue

Metals went against the general

trend after the company

launched its High Court

challenge against the MRRT.

This chart puts into context

the relationship between resources sector and the

industrials over the past

decade or so. It more or less

matches what's happening in the

economy since mid-2003 the

industrial index has fallen 6%

while the resources index is

still up 150%. The Australian

dollar is down more than a cent

today against the US dollar in

line with the big moves on

share markets but it is up

against a weaker euro as the

European economy's clearly

heading south no matter what

the politicians say. Check out

this breakdown of Australian

consumer confidence by voting

preference. We know overall

consumer confidence is weak but

it is the Coalition voters who

are dragging it down. Labor

voters are pretty happy.I'll be

back on Sunday with 'Inside Business'.

For many aspiring cricketers

it is a dream job they would

probably do for free but

Australia's cricketing elite is

in line for a big pay rise

thanks to a deal between the

Players Association and Cricket

Australia. As Nick Bailey

reports there has been a big

drop in the number of players

who have been given the top

level contracts. After a year

of negotiations finally both the Players Association and

Cricket Australia were happy to

sign on the dotted line. It has

come down to the death knell

but I think the significant

outcome here is we have a

five-year deal and we can

concentrate on other issues now. The new deal for

Australia's top cricketers sees

a number of big changes with the percentage of cricket

revenue players receive to move

from a fixed percentage to a

new variable one which is

dependent on the team's performance. The number of

contracted players drops from

25 to between 17 and 20. There

will be more state contracts on

offer. This year selectors offered to award contracts to

17 players with Mitchell

Johnson the surprise inclusion

and test opener Ed Cowan and

Twenty20 captain George Bailey

the surprise omissions. Throw

Cowan and Beh are likely to

eventually qualify under a rule

that sees any player who plays

three tests automatically

elevated to the list. Theyer

this of them had Cricket

Australia contracts last year

but were upgraded by the time

the year finished and exactly

the same opportunity exists

now. We need draw the line

somewhere and for those that

played the games they will be

rewarded. The base salary for

the bottom listed player is

$230,000 while the salary for

top ranked player and Australian captain Michael

Clarke is estimated at close to

$2 million with the opportunity

for all to be awarded

substantial bonuses and match

payments. Once again that is

very heavily slanted towards

test cricket so the total

package for a test player is, I think, significantly more than

for the other formats. There

will also be 26% of revenue

from the 2015 cricket World Cup

set aside for the establishment

of a past player welfare program.

Greece will be looking to

continue its fairytale run at

Euro 2012 early tomorrow in the

quarter finals against Germany. This morning Portugal became

the first team to advance to the semis with a victory over

the Czech Republic. The winner

was scored in the 79th minute

of the match by Portugal's star

player. And it is - of course it is - Cristiano Ronaldo!

Portugal will now play either

Spain for France or - or

sprans for a place in the

tournament decider. Wallabies

forward Sekope Kepu is expected

to play if tomorrow's rugby

test against Wales despite a

bad case of the flu. The team

completed its captain's run

this morning. There is a return

to the Sydney Football Stadium

where organisers will be

rewarded with a sellout crowd

of 45,000. Skipper David Pocock

says a series sweep against the

Welsh would mean a lot. The

boys are excited. A sellout

crowd on a Saturday afternoon

is special in itself. Kurtley

Beale will also be out to impress having been cleared to return from his shoulder

injury. Canberra's racing

industry could be set for a

massive boost, the Government

is considering merging all flee

racing codes, the gallops, the

trots and greygrounds and

moving them to one supersized

track. It could be a punters

paradise, the horses and the

hounds all in one place. On a

site that allows those three

clubs to have the facilities

that they require and

need. Canberra's racing

industry is the smallest in the

country making up just 1% of

national activity. An

independent report handed to

the Government found that with

New South Wales planning to

increase prize money soon

racing in the ACT is in a

precarious position. So it's

players say it makes sense to

pool resources. At the moment

we are maintaining three

separate venues. The

maintenance costs of those

venues is quite expensive. The

greyhound track at Symonston

has seen better days and the

trots have to share space at

the showgrounds with a whole

host of other users. Now the Government is suggesting the

idea of moving all three clubs

to a new location. The

benefitses of the greenfields

site is that you start from

scratch and you build the

facilities purpose-built. The

Government own the lands the

racetrack October pies and

given its proximity to the city

and new suburbs it would no

doubt fetch a pretty penny if

it went up for sale. Modifying

thror bred park is an option

too. All three clubs are in

favour of the new

superracetrack.The three clubs

all hope that the move will

boost profiles and profits for

sport but it is not Garnedeed

to be a smooth journey. The

track at Goulburn recently went

through a similar process and

was riveren with problems

including managing potential

clashes of schedules. Merging

multiple clubs has happened in

Tasmania where it worked but in

Queensland the agreement fell

apart. The Government will

start considering its options

next year. Until then it is

business as usual. The

Australian mens and women's

basketball teams have been

named for the London Olympics.

Both teams got a taste of

London when they arrived for

the announcement, first on a

double decker bus and then

braving the wintery Melbourne

weather. The women will be led

by Lauren Jackson. She and the

Opals have won silver at the

past three games. They have

been hit by the loss of Penny

Taylor through injury. The

Boomers have never finished

better than fourth at the

Olympics and are missing a big name through injury. Andrew

Bogut's absence has left Canberra's Patty Mills in

charge. It is only fair for us

to have high expectations. That

is how it has to be when you go

to a big event like this. There

are a number of times where

we've gone over to compete. I

think that has to change. I

think personally we have to go

over and just not compete but

really have a crack at it. Australia's rowing team has

also been announced and Pippa

Savage isn't in it. She had

hoped for a spot in the double

skulls after being sacked from

her quad skull team last month.

Selectors have decided the fast

improving Kim Crow will race in

both the single and double

skulls events. Everyone loves

an underdog and the Australian

men's volleyball team's dream

run to the Olympics could have

plenty jumping on the bandwagon

. It is a young team with high

hopes of upsetting the world's

best at London. That would be

quite a feat considering the

squad's qualification for the

Games stunned many other better

nations. Australia's volleyball

team always believed they would

qualify for London but they

were in the minor write. We

went in there with a clear goal

to qualify. We knew we had a

strong group of guys and

believed we could do it. Ranked

number 22 in the world

Australia might seemed to have

simply got lucky but in reality

this team has been built up

over many years. One of the

most amazing things is this

group is on court 22 years old.

That means we have a big

future. We have such a young

team and the potential is huge,

you know, so we don't know

ourselves what we can achieve

and Olympics is just the first

step for us. Getting there was

half the battle. A rigorous

do-or-die tournament in Japan

culminated in a final match

against China, ranked 10 in the world. Victory secured their

place in the Games. We showed

our real character. A real

fighting spirit and the excitement after the game was

huge. Now back in Canberra the

squad is throwing everything at

their Olympic training hoping

to produce more upsets in

London. Everyone is working a

bit harder because it is such a

huge tournament. It is as good

as it gets for volleyball. It

is so exciting that every

training session is so useful -

reach, you can see the players

improving week by week. The

team will face Argentina in

their first match. A side that

includes their coach's son. We

will be there at the Olympics

but with my son is something

that you feel really proud, you

know. There will be no conflict

of interest though, this team

is on a mission to stand tall

at the games. To the weather

now. The cloud made for very mild overnight temperatures but

it has been a pretty windy and

cold day with gusts up to 60 kilometres an hour this

afternoon and a few showers

around in the mountains.

The worst of the cold front

has passed and it is clear on

the cloud chart behind that

system with specmented cloud

indicating a cold air mass. A

second front will pass the

south-east tomorrow but it is

not quite as strong and a high

pressure ridge will bring a

return to high weather after that. That's all from the Canberra

newsroom for now. Stay with us

now for 7:30 ACT with Ross

Solly. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Closed Captions by


This Program is Captioned

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lot of whimsy. It has all the

haul marks that we haven't

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Hello and welcome to the

local Edition of 7:30. I'm Ross Solly. Coming up tonight - the

new suburbs of Molonglo are

taking shape, surely without

the problems of Gungahlin and

we'll take a look at the

surprising amount of animal art

in public spaces around the

capital. First though, there is

now little hope of finding any

more survivors from yesterday's

asylum seeker boat tragedy. It is believed more than 200

people were on the boat when it